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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 4

Detroit, Michigan
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Saturday, October 17, 1868
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THE DETROIT FREE PRESS. SATURDAY MORNING, OCTOBER IT, 1868. NEW FORK. The Protestant Episcopal Convention, Proposed Reduotion of the Number of Representatives to General Conventions. The Resolutions Reported on Thursday from the Committee on Canons Debated. PRESIDENT JOHKSOfl TO VISIT ENGLAND. Session of the Protestamt Episcopal Board of Missions, A CILL ISSUED FOR A COLORED RATIONAL . CONVENTION. ARREST OF WORH4LD UD O'BILDWET. &C, Ac, Ac. Nit Yost, Oct 18. O'BALDWDi AXD WOBMiLD ABBESTED. Botli Wormald and O'Bildwin were arretted feirly this morning as they were about leaving lor jUKera island to engage at inelr contem. plated prize fight. BiXB OF GOLD. Three hundred thousand dollars of cold were awarded to-day by the Aselatant Treasurer at 137 51100 to 137 57-100. There -were bids for over 3,000,000. TUB PBOTESTANT EPIRCnPIT, eOTTVXKTTOS. In the Protestant Episcopal convention to-day 8. B. Buggies, of New Tort, offered a resolution proposing to amend the second article of the Constitution by reducing the number of diocesan representatives to the General Conventions to three instead of four dele. gates. He also advocated adding a clause providing that when more than fifty dioceses are represented in a General Convention the rep- iGBCuwuuu ui eiui DU&ll OB reaucea VO IWO delegates. This action, he added, was made to meet the antlcipatedincrcase of new dioceses under the proposed canon. It was laid on the i&Die. Kev. Mr. Hedge, of New Tork, offered a res olution to amend canon n, title l, by adding the following : Sec. 3. Eo minister of the church settled orer any Parish or eonErpvatlon. or in temnonrv chars. thereof, shall Invlle or permit any person not having uaa Apiscopaa oraioauon, lo omciaw wiLn mm or m his place on any occasion or worship In the church or congregation over which he Is settled or In charge. Sec 4. No minister shall invite or permit to officiate as aforesaid any minister ordained by a rsisaop not in communion wild tms cnoren, nmess aacn person snau nave Deen roceivea as a minister oi uus ennren unaer canon v, oi uuei. Beferred to the Committee on Canons. Ambrose Todd, of Kansas, offered the fol lowing resolution : Saolved, Thatit be referred to the Committee on the Prayer Book the expediency of erasing from the communion by a Bishop to a Presbyter the following : In prayer in ths service for the4ordalning of Presbyters, tho words " whose sins thou dost for give tney are lorglven, ana whose slnsuiou dost retain they are retained." This dircusslon awoke a wide dlscncslon and was finally laid on the table by a heaw vote. Bev. Wm. Adams, oi Wisconsin, offered a resolution assing too uommitiee on canons to present for the interpretation of the House oi Bishops the phrase " Presiding Bishop of inis ennren- as it occurs in canon , section a, title 2, and to report to the next convention their decision on its precise meaning. A motion to lay on the table was lost. Hamilton Fish, of New York, ofiered a substitute, as follows : Bctolvtd, That the Committee on Canons bs directed to inquire as to the expediency of striking out the words, "of this cnurch" after the words, "presiding Bishop." The substitute was adopted. Rev. P.. H. Paddock, of Michigan, was granted a few days absence to visit a sick family. Ber. A. N. Llttiejohn offered a resolution to amend article three of the Constitution of the Board of Missions, by substituting the words, "at least equal in number to four times the number of dioceses," lu place of the words, "four in number from each diocese." Adopted. The chairman announced the following as the special committee on the provincial sys-tern: Bev. Dr. James Mulcahahey, of Mississippi; Bev. Josiah P. Duslln, of Michigan; Bev. Dr. Charles B. Dana, ot Mississippi ; B. H. Treat, of Illinois, and H. A. Schroder, oi Alabama. The special order for to-day, for the amendment of canon twelve, was postponed and the resolutions reported yesterday from the Committee on Canons, and signed by Bev. Dr. Head, were taken up and debated at length. !- A substitute offered by Mr. Welsh was rejected, when the following amendment to the report was accepted by the committee, by adding to the 2d clause of the said article the lollowisg words : "And such consent shall not be elven by the General Convention until it receives satisfactory assurance of a suitable provision tor tne support oi the -Episcopate In the contemplated new diocese." The debate continued up to three o'clock, wheg a vote was reached on a motion to 6;rike out the foregoing ana me motion was lost as iouows ; Clerical votes Dioceses, ayes 2S, nays 4, divided 5 ; Lay votes Dioceses, ayes 33, nays 3. Adjourned. COLORED XATIOKAL COSVEMIOK. A call has been Issued for a Colored National Convention to meet at Washington, January 13th. TEH FBOTESTAST EKSCOrAI. SOASD Or M1S-SI05S. The Protestant Episcopal Board ol Missions held a session last evening. Bev. Dr. Hill, Veteran Missionary from Athena, read a report on the Greek Mission urging large contributions to tne cause. Bishop Whipple, oi Minnesota, read a report on the moral and temporal condition oi tne Indians, which ad vises the nation to change lis policy, to fulfill its agreements with the Indians and treat them witn loudness, ine reports were ordered printed. Adjourned. SHiF-BnrLDrKG. There are signs of a revival of ship-building here. Mr. Webb recently made a contract . to build a largo ship for the Liverpool trade. IKVMTK3ATI02J OF TUB WHISKY FRAUDS. The Congressional committee continued their investigations into the whisky frauds to day. Several witnesses were examined. Hinckley is sUlI contumacious, and neglects to produce any papers or give any Information. Ball. INCREASED. " The bail of McHenry, accused of perjury in the Bolllns conspiracy case, has been raised to S5.000 to secure his appearance. MAH. SOBBCB COMMITTED. Geo. Atwlll, a moil messenger in the New York postofQce, was belore a United States Commissioner to-day charged with robbing the mails, and commisted to answer. A 6EEIOCS CHAEOE. Alfred Brodhead, of Hoboken, aged nineteen, is under arrest charged with violating the person of his aunt In August last. She is said to be encienf. DAMAGED BY BIBS. The distillery of Leon Acanter, West Nine, teenlh street, was damaged $50,000 by lre today, caused by the burst ol a receiver. corjsTEHFsrnsQ establishmest sup- PRESSED. An alleged counterlelting establishment In Mulberry street was suppressed last night. Two arrests were made, and about $5,000 in spurious fifty cent stamps and greenbacks secured. PERSONAL. The family of the late Nathaniel Hawthorne Is about to sail for Germany to reside. HEADQUARTERS TRANSFERRED. The headquarters of the Department of the Atlantic nave, at the request ol lien, iiaucocc, been transferred to New York. PRESIDENT JOHNSON TO VISIT ENGLAND. The London Standard states that President Johnson has informed Mr. Thornton. British Minister at Washington, and Mr. Beverdy Johnson, of his Intention to pay a visit to England as soon as his term of office expires in March next. FEATURE OF THB PROTEST A2tT EPISCOPAL COSVENTIOS. The feature of the Protestant Episcopal Convention to-day was the reference to a committee of the proposals lo amend canon 11, title 1, forbidding clergymen of other denoml-J nations to ouiciate in .Episcopal churches. A determined attempt was made by the low church members to table the resolution, but it failed. This action Is important, as It foreshadows the defeat of tho Tyng party. cricket. The cricket match resulted in favor ol theJAll England eleven In one inning, with eight runs to spare, their Jeeore being 143 against 135 for the United States. BASE BALL. The base ball match between Englishmen and the ex-champlons Union takes place at . Hoboken next Tuesday, after which the cricketers sill for Europe. CLEFEUKD. Convention of tba Vounjr Men's Chris-. tiaxt Association. ClSVILAXO, O0t- 16. The twenty-second State Convention of the Young Hen's Christian Association commenced its session here to-day. H. Thane Hitler, of Cincinnati, presides. Thirty-seven associations are represented. The associations recommend the formation of pew or. ganlzatlons in neighboring towns and villages, and maWlng them permanent. In the evening addresses of welcome were mode by the President of the Cleveland Association nnd others, which were responded to by President Miller, after which the question, How can women best old In the work before us?" was discussed. The associations were advised prayerfully to consider the qnertlca of admitting women to membership, each to decide as Providence may direct. Coroner's Inqnelt. Philadi trHiA, Oct-16. The coroner's inquest In the case of tbe boy Perkins, killed on election day, returned a verdict that he came to his death by a shot fired by Joseph Flanagan, deputy sheriff. EUROPEAN. News by tlie Cable. A Mixed Commission for the Settle ment of the Alabama Question, The Scarcity of Food in Spain Abating. UI. CHILDREN BOBS OF 8 LAVES AFTER OCTOBER SETESTEESTH TO BE FREE. THE LONDON "MSES" ON THE CHINESE mission. AO: etc. MINISTER JOHNSON. Liverpool. Ocl lfl Ton AmMnn nii.m. ber of Commerce ol Liverpool will offer Bev- oxuy douusou an aoaress on the 23a. SPANISH AFFAIRS. Madrid. Oct. 16. A decree ordering Uons for, the Cones in the colonies will soon be issued. Slaves will not be permitted to vote. The colonial deputies will be allowed to propose a planfor the abolition of slavery. Free schools In Spain have been reopened. The estimates or the Bureau of Public Works are only half of those of last year. Madbid, Oct. 18 Admiral Mender Nunez has been appolated by the provisional government Capt. Gen. of the fleet. His former fLie uuiucr, viiu ajsuo, was appoiniea to tne com-mand of the Spanish sanadran In tho Prifie The scarcity and consequent high prices of ivuu uuu nine me auaung. Madrid, Oct. 16 The central junta have Issued a decree declaring that all children born of slaves after the 17th inst., shall be free. In theapolnlment of deputies for the constituent the Spanish colonics are entitled to send four representatives. Pabis, Oct. 16. The enoe asserts that Gen. Prim is intriguing to gain the prime power, but that Espartcro. who is daily ex pected in Madrid, disapproves of the influence ol Gen. Prim In the government, and will do bis utmost to thwart his designs. The Gaulois predicts that the European cowers will soon recognize the provisional junta as the de facto Kovernmeot oi opain. THE LONDON TIMES 021 TIIH CHINESE MISSION. The Loudon Timet to-day In an article on the Chinese mission, thinks that the fact that Mr. Bnr'Jngamo is not a native of China, will be no obstacle in bis success at the courts to which he Is accredited. They will forget it 11 ne aocs, 11 no aostains irom interference with political intriirues in which China can have no healthy interest, If be acts as uiougn mere couiu De no separate national interests In Europe and America, as Indeed there are not so far as relations with China are concerned, and if he accepts it as the primary functions of his mission to discover and explain what are the best lines or trade both for China and the western countries he will have accomplished much for China and something for the rest of the world. No state can have so personal an interest in success of this sort as Great Britain and none could be more willing to contribute to it. TUB ALABAMA QOESTIOH. Lokdos, Oct. 16. It is understood that the basis agreed to by Mr. Johnson and Lord Stan-Icy for the settlement of the Alabama question is that a mixed commission shall be formed which will hold Its sessions in London, and pass on all claims preferred by English and American citizens. FRANCS. Paris. Oct. 16. The Senate and Corps Leg islator are summoned to meet on the 11th of November next. FINANCIAL. London. Oct 16, evening. Consols, 941 i stocks quiet; 5-20'a, 72; ; Illinois Central, So ; Eric, S2J. London, Oct, lb, evening. The money mar ket was quiet at the close to-day. American securities were qnlet at the close. r bankfobt, Oct. 16. United States bondB active at 77. xAbis, Oct. IB. The Bourse is Arm. Kentes, 69f 80c COMMEBCIAL. Liverpool, Oct. 16, evening. Cotton closed quiet and steady. Sales of the day 10,000 bales. Middling uplands, 10d ; Orleans, lid. Thc-sales for the week ending yesterday, were ou,uou Dales, including i,uuu Dales lor export, and 11,000 bales on speculation. The stock Is estimated at 407,000 bales, including 03,000 bales of American. The amount at sea Is 493 000, of which 170,000 boles is American. tireiattatu corn, easier at ses 3d. iour dull at 26s 6d. Wheal declined; No 2 red 10s. Barley, 5s. Oats, a 6d. reas, 47s. Provisions Laid. 70s. Cheese. 62s. Pork advanced to 91a Beet declined to 97s Cd. Bacon, 55s. froauce relrolenm cosier; spirits, lis : re fined, Is CJa. Naval stores unchanged. Tallow, 49s 3d. London, Oct. 16. Sueor quiet and un changed. Petroleum refilled, Is 5d. Sperm oil, 98. Uaveb. Oct. 16. Cotton dull : tret erdin. "re;iS5f. Maxchesteb, Oct. 10. Market heavy. Antwerp, Oct. 16, evening. Petroleum closed at 49Jt Liverpool, Oct. 16, eveDlng. Cotton market, closing quotations. Middling uplands on spot at 10d; middling uplands to arrive at lOislOid ; Orleans on spot at lid. Havbu, Oct. 16, evening. Cotton closed quiet at 1351 lor (rej ordinaire. marine. Southampton, Ocl 16, evening. The steamship Westphalia, from NewJ York lor Hamburg, arrived about 7 o'clock this evening. Quebnstowh, Oct. 10, evening. The steamship, Cubt, from New York, arrived at 2 o'clock this afternoon and sailed for Liverpool. WASHINGTON. Assembling of the Radical Junta, Bat Four Senators and Eleven Representatives Present. AN ADJOURNMENT TO NOVEMBER TENTH ANNOUNCED. CE5ERAL HOOKER PLACED 09 THE RETIRED LIST. &c., 4fec. &c.i Washikotov, Oct. 10. I5TEENAL BEVEKUB APPOINTMENTS. The following storekeepers we appointed today : Joseph O. Stewart, and Daniel Cashing, Second District of Ohio, W. E. Blair, Ninth Kentucky. CONGRESSIONAL. In the Senate Messrs. Cole, Cameron, and Patterson, of Tennessee, were the only mem-bers present. The President called the Senate to order audi afterjprayer by the chaplain declared the session adjourned till the 10th of November. In the House ot Representatives the following Representatives were present : Messrs. Col-fax,ofIndiana;LlncoIn,otNewYork; O'Neil, nf Pennsylvania; French, North Carolina; Kitchen, ol West Virginia ; Oorley, Coss, and C. S. Beck, oi Kentucky ; Prince and Edwards, of Geergio, and Delegate Cavanaugh, of Montana. At noon the Speaker called tbe bouse to order and alter prayer by the.chaplaln declared the house adjourned till the 10th November. GEN. HOOKEB PLACED ON THIS RETIRED LIST. Gen. Hooker has been placed on the retired list with full rank. Major General- PERSONAL. Speaker Colfax lelt for New York, thence for Indiana. - Commissioner of Indian Affairs Taylor has tetumed from Chicago, where he has been attending the Indian Peace Commission. PBOTSST FILED. Butler & Carpenter, stamp and bank note engravers or Philadelphia, have filed at the Post-office Department a strong protest against the award ot tbe contract for postage stamps to the National Bank Note Company of New York. SOUTH AMERICA. EARTHQUAKE SHOCKS STILL FELT AT ARE-QUIPA AND ARICA. Il DI31BTB0CB EARTHQUAKE FEARED IS CHILI.. tC, ctC.t 0. Niw Yoex, OcU 18. A Lima, fjrn, letter of September 23th says shocks ofearlhquke are still felt in Arequipa and Aries, but tbe cities are so thoroughly ruined that no further damage can be inflicted. A recurrence of tbe yellow lever was apprehended at Lima and Cailao, and strict sanitary measures have already been introduced. Baits had Issued a proclamation pardoning all the officers whom Canseco had banished, and returning them to their rank and giving them their back pay. This includes, among others, Padro, the deposed President, who has been exiled In Chili since the surrender of the grrrison of Humayti. There is nothing new irom the seat oi war. A Valparaiso letter stales that great fear prevailed that a diststrous earthquake like that ol August last Is to visit Colli, as the same circumstances that preceded that terrible calamity In Ecuador had been observable for several days. The people of Valparaiso had in consequence voted, according lo custom, for a patron saint, and had elected the Savior. Bodies K covered. WoaofSTKa. Oct. lfl. . The bodies of Ave men who were buried In tbe central shaft ot the Hoosoc Tunnel were recovered to-day. THE WEST DOIES. Conflict between Spanish. Troops and Insurgent m Cuba Dissensions Among tbe IlcvolntlonlsU In Baytl, Etc. , , Ksa- Tom, Oct. 16. A Havana letter Bays the Captain-General will not trust the Spanish men-of-war any more than to have one day's rations at a time to pre-veni their putting to sea, as they might other-wise do, it they should conclude to recognize the new government at home. Santa Anna hod oeen ordered to leave tbe island in consequence or his Mexican complication, a Juarlst spy having unraveled all his plots. He was Elven thirty days to leave, and Is so poor that his friends will have to pay his passage. & Havaba, Oct. 10. It is officially announced that on encounter took place at Tonus between Spanish troops and a band of Insurgents. The latter were de. feated and took to flight. Several ol the insurgents were taken prisoners. Tbe party was beaded by Pedro Aquilera. All the other districts of the iiland are tranquil. Advices Irom Haytl report that bitter dissensions have broken out among the revolutionists. Gens. Domlnquez, Saget and Bebec-ca have each been proclaimed president by their respective troops. The towns of Petit Guave, Disalme and Jerenic are In possession ot Gen. Salnave, who is daily gaining ground. Clos of the Bangerfeat at Sandusky. S AUDITS ET. Oct. IS. The German Sangerfest, which closes to-dav. has been a complete success in every respect. Between 3,000 and 4,000 delegates from singing societies abroad, were present and took part in the concert last evening. To day has been spent by the visitors on Putin-Bay isiana. Kerosen Explosion--Two Frsons Burn d to Dctb. Bpsissrtax.D. Oct. 18. Mary Clnnon and a daughter of John Esgan, oi winasor .locks, tJonn., were Durnea to aeatn yesteraay oy an explosion oi Kerosene. Crosbv & Davis' new block at Brookfleld- Mass., occupied by dry goods and millinery elores. was destroyed by Are this morning. AiOSS $iu,uuu. Fall Trunks and Absent Hnananda, It was a quiet little village ; just such a place as you, Maaam, witn yonrsix children, seneiDiy clod In calico, would like to have enjoyed the Bweet summer days in. There was no "dress;" there were no "hops," in hot halls, by gaslight; there were no masquerade balls. Everybody was in bea by iu o cioce, save a lew smoKers, who profaned the sweet, odorons quiet with their vile fumes. There was plenty of driving through the bewitching roads, plenty tit walking, some gossip which I have ascertained has no Bex some croquot-mg anu crocneung, but no coquetting, because thero was a grtat vacnum where beaux boouiu De. .aiicgciner, tho city-residents of Frog-ville were a sensible set. But, alas! one unlucky day tbe shrieking cais landed at the door of the principal boarding house a woman. That was not an event or itself, but this woman was accompanied by many trunks. Nobody knewwhenceshecame, but conjectures. was rlfo as to the contents or the f miiks. Brfiaklast. next moraine, solved the mystery. Mrs. Fire-Fly for she was a Mrs. none the lees dangerous for that on tho the contrary ! swept into the dining hall in a train about six yards long. The train was white and spotlcsB ; tbe floor was not. The ladv carried her coffee lo her lite, with diamond-girdled fingers, steadily, with an eye to her delicate ribbons, Sclplo, who handed her beefstake over her shoulder, had no time to consider snch trifles. Little puddles of milk lay in wait on the floor for the Bpotless train. dexterou;Iy coiled, by Its owner, like an anaconda under the table. Pools of milk, tea-drippings, and bits of omelette, dislodged irom their moorings, oy not-nasie in serving, were dotted, hero and there, in the path she would soon be called upon to mop on her exit. At length she rose ! Her train followed at a respectful distance. The eyes of the dozen or two sensible women, clad lu sensible raiment, followed that train. Its dainty owner, with a disdain of economy, born of many trunks, and their ample contents, did not so much as lilt it with one of her jeweled fingers. On she swept, through the coffee-pools through the gravy-drippings through the milk-puddles, out into the hall. The sensible women present looked after her spell-bound. Then they gazed into each other's eyes, and murmured rans r- -aias i tne serpent in fairest guise had entered the primitive Eden of Frog-ville. The sensible matrons looked now, through different spectacles, at their olpacas and calicoes, now mean in comparison! Their trimmings, how "dowdy I" The fit of their boddices, how awkward! Dinner time came, with added newness and added splendors. Cobweb tissues, with froBt-work trimmings, and train loneer by two yards than the breaktost train. And such ribbons! And such jewelry ! How tasteless was the beei that day; how disgusting the mutton; how prosaic their gingham-clad, rosy children ; litrw t&me and hum-drum was life generally. And then this dainty lady had a "maid." They had no "maids." They had never felt the need ol a maid till now. (How had they ever combed their tresses ? flow had they ever fastened their own dresses? Pshaw! their dresses! How unworthy the name mere wrappets. Gracious ! how miserable were these heretofore happy women. Never till now did they know how miserable they wero. The dainty lady's husband, 'tis tme, was not with her. She bad to do without him, while they had theirs with them. Her husband was in the hot, smoky city, earning more money for more "Paris" dresses thBt is, he was corning money duriDg the day ; what he did with his solitary evenings or nights the dainty wife did not inquire. Blio was satisfied; she was brimming with content, that Ehe alone, amid all these wives and mothers, had "Paris" dresses "I really must have some clothes," said one of tbe hitherto sensible matrons, "the next time I go into the country. I didn't know, till Mrs. Fire-Fly came, how very shabby was my wardrobe." "I would rather," Bald a friend at her elbow, "that you, tbe healthy mother of six healthy daughters, 6hould have Bald ; ' I didn't know, till Mrs. Fire-Fly came, how sensible and befitting tho country was my wardrobe, and how proper and right it was that my husband sbonld be taking his rest in the country with mc. instead of divorcing himself at the risk or our mutual peace, to furnish me with nine trunks full ol Paris dresses.1 " Xhi Chemistry ot Candles. The production of sugar plums on a manufacturing scale has caused swifter modes of fabrication. The small items, such .as rings, scissors, shoes and hats are cast in starch, moulds, and tbe delicate sweets, containing some essences, such as pineapple essence and pear essence, are made in the same manner. It puzzles older heads than those of the children to know how this drop of delicl ub liquid gets into tbe center of the sweet. Like many other puzzling matters, it is very easily explained. The flavoring essence is mixed with the liquid sugar, and when poured into tbe mold tbe latter crystallzes Immediately over tbe former. These essences, so nice to the taste, ore the most remarkable examples oi tbe power of chemistry to transform very repugnant material Into rare delicacies. For instance, fusel oil is the base of the pear essence, and pineapple essence Is obtained by diluting ether with alcohol. The chemist In his laboratory with great cunning manufactures scores of these essences, which are supposed to be the veritablo product of delicate lruite. Some of tbe pretty forms that arc made to take the lancy of the little ones ore simply punched out ot flat films of engsr rolled ; some are cast, as we have before mentioned ; some are pressed into shape, when soft, between engraved rollers. The drops and sweets that are quite clear are boiled bo long that all tbe water has evaporated out oi them. Such sweets must be Immediately bottled up, or preserved Irom the air, otherwise they absorb water and become semi-liquid. Barley sugar is an example in point. It it Is not hermetically sealed down in tins, it delquesces, and losses all its crlspness. It is as well to know that tbls is the purest .of all sweets-being absolutely clarified sugar, and therefore the most wholesome for children. On the other hand peppermint drops are the most open to sophistication. They made ol crushed white sugar, mixed into a paste with gum. But the temptation to adulterate1 is too great for the dishonest trader to resist ; consequently, in order to supply the cheap market, one-half plaster or Paris is mixed with inferior sugar. One can quite understand the sickness that overtakes children sometimes after sucking these comfits; tbe wonder is that snch a mass of plaster does not interfere more signally with their digestion. Julabes, those flexible lazennes which stick so in tbe teeth. contain a large portion of gum. They ore poured into tins cool,stoved for several hours, sliced Into sheets and then cut by scissors into the well-known diamond shapes. The HKRBTsa TonTDEE in Russia. iL Em- lie Andreoli, who took part In the last Polish insurrection, and on his capture by the Bus-!ana was sentenced to twelve vears' Imprison ment in Siberia, has just pnbushed In the Be- vue Moderns the urst part oi ms prison recol lections. In which be describes What no cans the hemng torture, practiced by theBussIan police. HesayB: r Uvirw several who underwent the latter. sad they told me that nothing could compare with the sufferings they endured. They were confined in a well warmed apartment, enlted herrings with bread ana water ior me nrsi ihw Ur heino- their food. Iftbev refused to an swer the questions of the examining commis sioner, the bread was nrsi oi auwiiuurawn, uuu then the water. whereuDOn the torture of In tense fblist commenced, depriving the sufferer of all moral strength, and even making him abandon the resolution he bad formed to die. Tery rarely did any one remain mute when brought before the commissioners a second time. Tbe sittings were usually at night, in a splendidly lighted apartment, w!tb refresh-men ts of all kinds temptingly displayed on the side tables. The president would usually be most gracious. "By-uud-by," he wonld say, "we will, it yon like, ask you to have something to drink with us." The lever and the vertigo caused the prison era to lose their reason and they generally yielded. Hunger would not have brought about the same result as thirst, which loosens tbe torgue for more readily than drunkenness does. THE CAMPAIGN. The Upper Peninsula Good for a Large Democratic Majority, THE DEIBOCRSCY OF IONIA COUNTY FULL OF HOPE. Spirited Democratic Heeling at Fenton-tine. Good News from Washtenaw County- Changes to the Democratic nwfc in Oakland County. HOUOHTON. On the evening oi Saturday the 10th Inst, the Seymour and Blair club of this village wero addressed by the Hon. 8. L. Smith. The meeting was an Impromptu affair, and Mr. Smith was not Informed until a few hours pre vious to the gathering of tbe large audleence, that he had been publicly announced ss the speaker of tbe occasion. But not' lihatanding the short time for preparation, the gentleman did not disappoint his friends. They expected him to move npon the works ot tbe Imported Bepubllcan talker. Ferris, and demolish them. and he did. This man Ferris is making use or a very seductive parallel In which he supposes himtelf tbe government, and us poor ouisioe wreicnea tue people, auis Air. omttn humorously characterized os the attempt of a Iilliputian to swell himself Into the dimensions or a giant. "But," said he, "it Is an essentially Republican Idea." "We poor people reel that that the Bepablican party has been indeed the government ever since It came iulo power, and it is the mission of the Democratic uartv to make tbe Radical government understand that they are the servants ot tne people, and not their rulers." The financial question was ably discussed, and the fallacy so persistently urged upon the masses, that tho laborer pays no tax, fully exposed. Every man present felt tbe force of his arguments, and. there is not a Democrat In this district but will regret tbe business necessity which has called him away, and will probably deprive ns ot ms innuence aunng tne remainder of this campaign. We shall have another rousing meeting next Saturday nighty IONIA. The news of election, as far as beard from definitely, does not discourage the Democracy in tbe least, and as far as the Republicans ore cor-cerned tbey do not reel like exulting. Their loss in Congressmen and in majorities Is anything but pleasant to tbem, and is a ralr in dication that, although the States have gone Republican In their State elections, with the same effort on tbe port of the Democracy tbey may reasonably expect to carry those States In November. It should only stimulate us to more untirinir exertion and a more vicroronn prosecution ot the campaign. Our chances are yet good to elect Seymour and Blair, If we only wur&.. n. FENTON. On Wednesday last the Democrats of Fenton raised a beautiful hickory ISO feet long and were addressed lu the afternoon by J. Riley, Esq., ol Detroit. Mr. Riley, although a young man, and now engaged In his first political campaign, bos a clear and logicaljmlnd and discussed tho question ol the day with marked ability. In the evening the large hall at the Fenton House was filled, and N. Beeve, Esq , oi Detroit, and Hon. E. H. Thomp son, ol iiilnt, addressed tbe meeting. Mr. Reeve went over the whole hnancial question, explaining the Federal power of taxation irom the commencement of our national history, and showing tho rapid tendency toward the centralization of tho money power and the creating privileged monopolies by national charters. Mr. Thompson with his usual ability dis cussed tbe reconstruction measures, and the meeting was held together until eleven o'clock without a sign of Impatience, r entonville is one ol luo most rapidly in creasing towns in tho State, and bids fair to soon deserve tbe name of a city, and we are glad to find that her Democratic vote is increasing even more rapidly than her population. WASHTENAW CODNTT. A very Jarge and enthusiastic meeting of the Democracy or Western Washtenaw was held iu Sharon on Wednesday afternoon. It was by far the largest that this town ever saw. Early In the day large delegations began to arrive from Manchester, Brldgcwater, Freedom, headed by over 300 horsemen In uniform, and by 2 o'clock tbe scene presented was iu striking contrast with the attempt made a few days since by tbe Badicals to drum up the taithfnl on the same spot. Soon after the crowd began to arrive a beautiful hickory was raised, and speeches by Capt. Baylis, our candlJ ate for Secretary of State, and Edwin F. Uhl, Esq., of Ypsilanti, followed, in tho evening of the samo day Mr. Uhl addressed the citizens of Bridgewater at their town hall, speaking to a crowded house. The Democracy here are doing a good work, and Washtenaw is Bale for 400 Democratic majority. H. OBION. If tho changes to the Democracy are as nnmerouB all over the States as In this section, the election of Seymour and Blair Is beyond a doubt. Tbe Badicals, seeing their unexpected small majorities in the late elections, are fast becoming disheartened. They now begin to perceive the hand-writing on the wall, and are daily Becking admission Into the ranks of the Democracy. Radicalism in this section has become a dlssoiving.yiew, ana is last passing away, and by the third of November little will be left to show that such a party ever existed. A. summit. An enthusiastic rally was held Thursday evening at the Draper school house, In tho township or Summit, by the Democracy of that town. The Summit Guards were out in f oil uniform and paraded up and down tho street preceding the speaking, presenting a fine disnlav. The meeting was addressed bv Thomas Wilson, Esq., and William D. Fritts, Esq., ol this city, wno presented tne issues or tho campaign in an able and candid manner. At tho closo of the meeting, two men who have alwavs been staunch Republicans until now, said they were just getting their eyes open to tho truth, and did not think tbey should vote tbe Radical ticket without forthor Investigation. FROM ORION. Correspondence of Tha Detroit Treo Press. Obioh, Oaklasd Couarr, Oct. 15,16M. A fire broke out about four o'clock this (Thursday) morning in the stables belonging to Mr. Enoa Hlxon, proprietor of tbe Canan- dalgua House. The fire was not discovered until the oulldlng was enveloped in flames, but by tbe heroic action of the citizens tho lower portion of the stable was cleared of Its contents, consisting ot horses, wagons, buggies, &c. The upper portion, containing about five tons or hay, was a total loss. Qaitb a large amount of corn and oats were also consumed, together with a quantity or lumber and Bhin-gles. The loss was appraised at $1,500. Tbe fire was without question the work oi an incendiary. No insurance. Your correspondent also learns that a valuable horse belonging lo Mr. Seely, oi this vil lage, oiea suaaeniy last mgni irom poison administered by Borne Ecamp. Tho crops In this section are being rapidly secured. Tho corn and potato crop is unusual ly large, notwithstanding the severe drouth that prevailed to such an extent. Apples find a ready market, the prices ranging irom three to four dollars per barrel, according to the quality. W. O. A. FROM. JACK SOS. Correspondence of Tho Detroit Free Free a. Jaoksok, High, Oct. 12. This morning, just btfore 12 o'clock, a store house, near the Central Depot, owned by George Kellogg, in which was stored quite a quantity o! coal tar in barrels, caught fire, and before the engines could be brought to bear, the tar bad become Ignited ana mo ouuaing was burned lo the ground, tnouga not unm most of the tar had been removed. The large ninatpr mill owned bv Mr. Kellose cauebt fire on the roof once or twice, but tbe mill was saved by tbe timely arrival oi tno steam engine. Th hnlldlne- was not very valuable, and tbe loss consists principally in the loss or a number ol barrels or tar. hah. Immunity for Negro Crime. The telegraph told us the other day, of the banging of awhile man, named Perkins, for an outrage of a terrible character upon a white woman In Virginia. Associated with Perkins In the crime waB anezro named Jefferson. Both were tried, convicted, and sentenced to be hanged together. At tne lost moment tne Kao-lcal Governor Wells commuted tho punishment of the neero. and left the white villain to swing- Tbe reason or this discrimination appears In a dispatch from the district where tho crlmo and execution took place. It Is : "Tbls Congressional district gives 7,000 negro majori ty." ijommeub we uuer dui. Thb Paciiio Ratlho ad Apfeoachikg Com plbtioh. The rails have been laid across the two great ranges oi the continent tbe Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevadas and are be-In? ranldlv trashed onward along the interven ing valleys. Twelve hundred miles ot the route between Omaha and Sacramento are made by the locomotive, end the gap ol about 500 miles between the eastern and western portions will be farther reduced by 250 miles before Jan-nary. The Central Pacific Railroad Company who have In charge the Pacific end ol the line, have built more than 200 miles since the first of July last, and have 100 miles graded In advance of their track.: . FINAHCXoi. Gold. Maw Yoax, Oct. 187 P. M. Gold dosed at 137 Boston av'fng Btoelta. ? Reported for Tax Fan Fuss by Thomas J. Lee Hill. Boston.! salss a ras ssoCTEa'BOAan, aosvor, 1,050 ibsrea Alloner Mining Company at 7X7X; 100 snares Hancock Hinins; Company at 4; luo shares Phtenlx Mining Company a-. 10. Haw York Financial and Stock Intelligence. Haw Toax, Oct. 10 7 P. K. xoirsT sum. Honey Is active and steady at 67 per cent. BTZBLrra xxobahos Staling exchange U dull at lC931C9j. OOU MABX1T. Gold is lower; opened at 127,,', and closed at 137.V. GOTHBlnuXT BIOtnUTTSB. Government securides are active and higher. Henry Olewes Go. tarnish tho following closing 4:30 p. m.) prices: Cp '81 U5XU5XCp'65,new.U0U0K Op'62 UMUiH I Op '67 .. . .llOXeilOX Cp'61 Ul?,'ism iOp'88 Ill H1,V Cp'SS ..113 all2,'lO-tOJ........105,106 BOBS1K STATS BOIBS. Border Btate bonds are active and higher; Mia-Boorl'B, 02; old Tennessee's, 70X372; new Tennes see's. 70jK70X; new Aorta Carolina' 87G3; old Virginia's, 89X; new Virginia's, tSgSBX. flTOOXS. Hallway stocks are active and buoyant, with an Intense speculative mania In a few Western snares, which advanced S9 per cent. 2tew ITork roads are quiet. Win. Heath & Go. report the following prices at o:su p. m.: Canton. 51K 62 GamberUnd.. 35H 36 Quicksilver... 2iX 2 Mariposa 8 & 8r Mariposa, ptd HX Ji' Pacific MaII12SXegr28X WUTel 37JS S7K N. York Cen. 129 Erie 43JO 49 Encpfd 70 Hudson 1353133 H 123 Beading 89X3 S9X Ode M 31X4 32 Wabash 67K 67 X Wabase,pfd.. 78(s) 80 St. Paul 113 (8114 St Paul, pfd.lM C4117 HlehCcn 118 USX Ulch Hontn.. !k 111 Cen .M4X146 Flttebunr 91XW B1K Toledo 106X01053,- RockI land.. 108 ij109X If W. 97S(o) 97,'i N W, pfd 97X a ft wayne.M.titf tajutuf BH&E 27.' 28 Terra Haste.. Wia iSX ITerre H, pfd. 68 CM&A1I....I54 Cn!&Alt,prd.l56 lakb Bnoreiw Sioux City 95 St. Jo.ptd.... 10 XFBSBB BBAB8B, Exnress shares are active and hlehcr Vvells. 20 X 2t; American, 48X0347; Aainu,51X(351H; United States, 48&49; Merchants' Union, 2323,S. msiao STOCKS. Hlnlnz stocks aro quiet: Smith & Parmalee. 684; Quartz Hill, 108; Gregory, 490; Montana, 81. GOPFaS BTOGKg. The fallowins aro the ouotatlons of eoDoor stocks at Boston : Copper Falls. 17; Franklin, UK; Hancock, 4JV; Minnesota, 2; Qoincy, 17. HUBTI1I1SU.I HTHESMT. Tho recolota at the snb-treaearv to-dav were: $3,519,388; payments, (2,303,285; balance, 197,153,-338. Gold, Silver, S. Y. Exchange, Land War rants, College Scrip, U. B., State and County Bonds, Revenue Stamps, &e., &e. Quotations carefully revised each day for Thb Da- thoit Fan Paiss, by David Pbisto & Go,, bankers, 72 -Woodward avenue, DotroIL Buying. Boiling Bxehango anHew York. Xdl. .par. Exchange onChIc3go.................dla. par. Exchange on Cincinnati.... Xdis. par- U.B.s-2tw, large, '62, int. to buyers USX 114X U.S. t-20s,', large, Int. to buyers 111X 112X n.B.S-20s, '65, old, Int. to buyers 1U 112 U.8.6-ais,'64vralyanttJan.,lnuto buyers 110 110,' rj.B. 5-209 .'S7 110 1lfl U.S. 6-20s,'S8 110X 111, U.B. IMOb, large, int. to buyers 105X WBX U.B. eomnonna a ntr nnnu.. ftl ... Mlch.BUte7s,warloan,lnt.toscUer....lOO 101 Mich. State 7s, duo 1890, Int. to solIer....l01X 102 Baglnaw 10a, Int. to seller 100 Wayne vounfy 7s, Int. to seller......... S9 Detroit City 7s, 20 years, int to seller.... 69 Bevenuo Tax Stamps, 9100 and upwards, 100 100 aa percent, commission... American Gold 187 138X 138 135 133 N. Y. Gold Exchange. 130 X American Silver, XsandXB 133 Oanadlan Honey 1S6X X.A1D WABBAXTS. BO BIT. ITO. 40s War of 1812. 4 45 80s do 96 48 98 1(4 191 157 88 120s.... 138 100a, war 1812 180 100s, Agricultural College scrip,... .... aucrziganswanipianasontneaollAr.... 7o COMMERCIAL. Fbeb Pbiss Orrtci, Oct. 167 P. M. The arrivals offlouramountedto 6,946 bins, and of wheat 10,172 bosh. Flour Is quiet and unchanged. Bales of 200 bbls. choice superior at 110 60 ; 400 do at $10. We quote : Choice white superior 10 00 10 60 aieaium uo. ao. ............. u oa (ce 9 75 Cnolceauibcr . ,, 9 00 9 25 Minnesota spring........ 6 60 8 25 Illinois and Wisconsin spring...... 7 75 $ 8 00 Low grades to superfine 6 00 7 50 Bye 7 60 7 75 Wheat Is in bolter demand, with prices firmer and l2c better. At .lie closo ot tho Board S2 11X wai bid for No. 1 white. Sales nvo cars of extra white at 2 28; 1 do.at2 27; 10 cars of.No.l white (next Wednesday) at (2 10 ;1 car on spot at210;! do at 52 11 ; 4 cars of So. 2 white at $1 93: 4 do at 32; 1 do at il 01 ; 8 cars of No. 1 amber at 1 89. Com Is qnlet at 1 05 from store. Oats Are In fair demand at 66c Barley Is In active demand, with prices firm. Sales of 900 bu. ati; I cut do at f 4 10; 2 cars do on p. L; 225 bags do at $1 21. Rye Is In Improved demand, and buyerB are paying $1 10 for all offered. Applas There Is only a moderate demand for fruit, but prices for choice winter varieties are steady. Wo quote at 3 504 per hbl for cholco grconings and spits; to wagon ?33 25 is paid. Beans Tho market Is bdng better supplied. We quote at 33 45 for goo.1 to primo hand picked; to wagons 3223 la paid. 12 bbla good at $3 per bush. Battar Tbe market is in fair supply, nd prles ru'e steady. We quote cho!c3 at 3738c. Occa sionally a few packages of prime roll command 40c. To wagons 36937c Is pild. Sales sundry crocks at 35838c. Beeswax Is nominal at 20S5c, according to quality. Cheese The market continues firm, and cboicc Is In good demand at 1819c for New York factory ; Ohio do 17Xc; Michigan do 17c. Cider There are a few arrivals which are held at (0 507 for cholco. Cranberries Aro In moderato demand at 814 14 50 por bb! of three bueh and ono peck. Clover Seed At seed stores It is held at 10. Street price, S8 50. Corn meat Is steady at former rates. Kiln dried, por ton, (46; lino, 144; coarse, $42. Cooperage Pork barrels wo quoto at 1185; half barrels at $S7c81, and applo barrels at 35c Dreaaed IhTeats A few hogs are offered which are taken by butchers at from S10ll. Beef we quote at 809. Drlad Applea Very scarce, prime Michigan would bo quick at 12X15c to first hands. ErHb Are In good demand and prices atu urm at 20c for fresh from store. Street price, 25c. Feed Bran at 20 ; coarse middlings al$24; hno middlings at (34. Fih Whito Hen are quoted at(8250 60; trout at (6 2535 50. Fruits We quoto white poaches at 60cl for small boxes; yellow do at (12; sweet potatoes (4 50 for Ohio, and S55 60 per bbl for Jerseys; grapes, Isabellas 9c per lb ; Catawboa 16c per lb. Hay Market Is firm at (19 for prcssod ; loose from teams at (1217. HopB Aro in good demand at 14KlRc for No. 1 and 16c for extra. Iitme and Cement Waterllmo steady at (1 661 75, and Rosedalo cement at (3 per bbl. Xiemona Malaga are quoted at (910. Palermo ntiSffis. Malt Is hold at (2 40 por bush. Onlono-rContinuo In good shipping demand. Held from store at (4g4 76 ; to wagon (1 201 40 is paid for red and yellow. Potatoes Aro doll and inactive ; tbey arc slow at $2 00 per bbl for choice peach blows from store; to wagon 65B0c per bush Is all free buyers are of fering, bat a tewloads of choice are token by grocers at 66o. Provisions Market quiet. We quoto : Heavy moss porE, (31; light mesa pora, (30; prime mess pork, (28 ; necks, (23 ; ramps (23; lard, 20c In barrels and tierces, and 21e in kegs; hams, canvassed, 22c; plain 18c; shoulders, canvassed, 16s; plain, 13Xc; break fast bacon, 16c; mess boof, (17; dried and smoked beef, 28c Poultry and Game We quoto spring chick ens at 6075e per pair ; ducks, mallards, 66o per pair ; teal and wood, 40c; plgeocs 75c per doz; partridges (1 per pair; snipe 76c per doz ; prairie chickens (1 00 por pair. Peas Nominal at $1 75. Salt Is steady. We quoto: Saglnawnne (2 60; On ondaga fine (2 60; do coarse (2 60; dairy per cask, with cotton bags, (4 80; without bags (I. Bales, 3 cars at $2 60. Tallow Tho demand la steady with prices rang, lng from 1213c Bales of 5 bbls. at 12Xc Wood We quoto cargoes at (5 50 for hick ory; (5 lor beech and maple, and (250 for soft Yard rates are ta 75 for beech and maple delivered, and(725forhlokorydellvered. Beech and maple at (5 26 on dock ; hickory (5 75 on dock. Receipts The following were tho recelnta of the articles named, via tho various railroads for tbe day ending October IS: M.C. Flour, bbls 3649 Wheat, lbs ... 629442 Wheat, cars Barley, lbs... 90068 Oats, bogs Oats, lbs- 97160 Feed, lbs 24880 Bran, hags .... Barley, cars...... .... M.S. 6'S 124662 D.&H 922 90 15500 10 1 uora, i os. ...... ... Wool, lb 41520 40779 3807 3209 !4 4 10 4 15 1 1 Beed. lbs., Apples, bbls - Potatoes, bbls Onions, bbls Butter, tubs Lumber, caia Staves, cars.. Ta low, bbls. Whisky, bbls... . Eggs, bbls Gheeso, boxes Hides, lbs, : Tobacco, bhds ., Tobacco, lbs Trees, cars OUV cars.. , Dead Hogs 53 41 92 10 67 18 16075 1 1 67S S3 natrott 1.1 -ra Block market. roa mrin irorsarimAT,ooroBBl6 xrso's flATVLX TABSB. The arrivals this week foot up 532 head of cattle and 2,515 sheep, mv. i.-r tn thn nast week has been dull, the sunnlv moro than cquiling the demand. Many were lelt unsold. The demand for shipping was light, as there seems tube a full supply lnaunssiera markets. Tho following drovers were In this week Welch 44 King 23J- Martin Dean & Imrabs ..23 8. Putnam....- ...22 ...10 J. lliddlesworth 12&LoveIocK ..26 24 19 S. B. Marcy lljL- ureen.... Etead & L9wamore....27 I. Joseph C. Ulrich 17Hall&ltoe 21 a Boo 22IJ. en-en O. Fieshman S7eo. Fisher....... N. G. Morcan 14Haywod ciBUey... ,17 ...16 .-29 Usher &Bassctt 32L Gray L. Strickland 19Sundry persons ,.28 Total i 3 OATTZ.B SHTPPBO BAST. The number of cattle snipped East was as fol lows: Belknap Drake.... -1811". Green .....19 Usher & Bassett.... -20O. E. Benton 20 BBBVES. Salea were mode at the following rates: First quality ..........15 00 6 60 Second quality 4 00 4 50 Third quality.. . 2 60 3 25 SHBBr Aro dull and of poor quality. We quote them at (13 par 100 pounds. Saturday Retail Market. Tbe following are the prevailing retail prices for fruits, vegetables, meats, for family consumption as revised dally at the meat and vegetable market: Apples (choice) per peck..... .....20 025 Apples (cookiDS) per peck 30 40 Cabbage, perhead 6 10 Carrots, per banch 3 Cauliflower, per head 10 (325 Celery, per bunch....... 5 8 Citrons, each. - 8 10 Cranberries, per quart.... ..........20 Beets, por iKck 20 gg plant, each 6 Grapes Catawbas, per lb.... .......15 " Isabellas, " 12K " Delaware, .............. ..20 Mushrooms, per quart... 1Q Onions, per quart....... 8 Oyster plants, each 6 Parsn ps, per peck 20 r1 Potatoes (peachblows), per peckl........-20 Potatoes (swaet),pcrpeck................7S Pumpkins, each 10 Badlshes, per bunch 5 Squashes, each ..10 25 Turnips, per pec& 20 ggs,perdoz 30 Butter, per lb 40 015 Fresh trout, each 12 Fresh white Ssb, per lb 12 Fresh pickerel, per lb.... 8 Sea Salmon, per lb... 40 Fresh Halibut, per lb 16 Smoked Halibut, per lb 16 Mackerel, per lb 20 30 Biuo Pish, per lb 16 Froph Cod, per lb. 14 20 Sbloln roasts and steaks .....20 Porter-house roasts and steaks 20 Bound roasts and steakB .......15 Cut meats............................... 8 10 Veal cutlets 20 Veal roasts 16 18 Mutton 6 15 Lamb 12(320 Porkre.h, 14 Folk (salt), 12 Chickens (drcsced), per pair 75 Ducks (wild), per Draco .....40 75 Ducks (gray), per brace... .....30 ySO Squirrels, caph 10 Wholesale Groceries. BROOMS. Extra (4 50 No 2 U 00 No 1 4 25 No 3 3 60 OANDLBH. Stcarlno 22(324 ITallow- 14 dUUAttH. SWrdcrushed.l6X616XExt:a G cofleo.. 15 Ston'dnowdcr'dl6X(916K Yellow coflee...l4 (SUV Bion'o graniat'axutsiojttirorto (BH4i innuuru jx ioa Cuba 12 14 A cotleo... Olrclo A eouee. B coffee 15)4 Phuadelnhla.. ..10X Bilk 15K Oxnard'a ex. O. 11 153 Oxnard's yellow 12 COFFEEB. Rio, common. ...23 24! Blo,goodtoprlme25 27; Laguayra. 20 28 Java, fal r to good .. .34ia3a Java, old Gov't... .38(310 Uocfta 46 MOLASSES. Porto Blco 70(3 8018 H Molasses Eorasfi New Orleans... ,.901 00 Muscovado 6070 tit. Croix .idv w SYRUPS. N. V. Svrnos... 70a OOlHllvor Drills iais AmbcrSyrup... 85100 Golden Syrup... 7&(i 90 Philadelphia syrup 56&5jExtra Golden do 98 Golden Drips. . .1 00115lBoston Golden.. 80 Aji.n. Young TTyson, best 1 751 80 Young Hysou, good.. .....1 &0165 Young Hyson, lair. 1 10(31 35 Young Uyson,common.. .................. 801 00 Janau. vcrv best 1 2G(cl 30 Japan, good 1 151 20 japan, common.... vscuuu OuuDOWder. verv best Ol 80 Gunpowder, good. 1 40(a)l 60 Gunpowder, common... ............. ......1 2031 30 OoloDg, vciy best GUI 50 Oolong, vood 1 3C1 40 Oolong, fair 11041120 Oolong, common... 803125 fuaaiui-i niuiiu. Raisins. layer. Figs In drams. Dates Prunes. Turkish ISO 11 172 16 38 1 15 now ( 5 GO Do sccuics, per mat 10 50' Do, M R 4 403 Bananas, per French plums. uurons........ Zante currants bunco. NUTS. Eng. walnuts... Grenoble do.... Brazils Filberts, new... 16916, 20 Sicily Almonds 8 l-canuis, raw.. .a 7o(g do baked.4 00(34 50 1617, uocoa nuts, per Tarazonn Al- iw... 9 00 24 nionas........ aotsai Pecans. Lnngueaoc Almonds Chestnuts 40342 K1UK. STARCH. HVICorn lllSilver gloss.... 9 Fox's F1UH. Klugsfd's pure Pearl Wood's 13X 13 9 Codfish, ner 100 Mackcrol No 1 ( No I DryBank....( 8 00, llnnn-eB Bank d 8 001 12 CO, 10 60 Wbitensb 6 50(2 fi 76l No 3 0 45 Trout 6 50( & 75'Ucrrlng,bx.l. 40 Scale Herring, uo. salt wator box "01 per bbl 8 00(310 00 Ids per X hbl 4 00 5 00 ariuoe. Penner... ...... 38 Nutmeg 1 4SB1 60 Cloves (J 10 Ginger Calcutta. 30 Allspice 36 Cassia 85 Ginger Af. SO Detroit Lumber Market. First clear, f m (45 Second clear....... 40 Third clear Stock boards 18 oca ., oo .. 30 oo .. eoa .. Common boards. 10 Fencing boards 17 Call boards 8 Clear llooring, dressed............ 35 Common do do 26 C0310 0040 00(328 First clear siding 24 Second do 23 Common do 16 00(326 00 .. 00 .. 0030 00:311 Long joists .. 20 Short joists and scantling 10 BllIstiUT. 20 Deck plank Shlngles.ahavcd. 4 Shingles, sawed 6 Laths, $ 1,000 pieces 3 Cedar post.......... 15 Cedar stable, do -. 00346 35 00(3 7 60 6 25 3 00 2 MAKKETfl BY TSUI GRAPH, 9w York Market. NW YOBI, Oct. 187 P. M. Flour Receipts, C34 bbls; market opened rather more stendy and closed dull and drooping; Bales 930 bbls at B'50S7 for superfine Stato and Western; $7157 90'for extra Htate; $78 25 for extra Western; $8 6Q10 for white wheat extra; $7 70lQ for round hoop Ohio; $810 for extra Bt. Louis; $10(31-1 for good to cholco do. California without change; sales 480 sacks at $510 75. Bye flour quiet; sales 800 bbls at $68 30. Corn Meal In fair request at s7. Highwines Brandy wine at 88 40 6 65. Whisky-Market steady; soles 250 bbls at $1 25 1 27X ferfree. Grain Wheat-receipts. 10,400 bush; market 23c better and lens active; sales 53,000 bash at $1 aZH for No 3 spring; $1 efiffll 73 for No 2 do; $1 60 for No Ido; $2 42 for white Michigan; $2 60 ior wmie uaiuornia. uye is a snaae nrmcr; saies 9,500 bush Western at $1 6031 C5; 1,200 bush Stato at $165(3170, but tbo la:ter la an extreme figure. Barley Is firm for prime and dull and drooping for common; sales 12,600 bush State at $2 2532 32 for two rowed. Barley malt steady. Corn receipts, 13,300 bnah; market lc better; sales 91,000 bush at $1 141 16 fur unsound; $1 171 18 for sound mixed Western. Oats receipts, 2,000 bush; market firm, with some little Inquiry for export; sales 08,000 bush at73X74Jicfor new Western, and 76c for malt-Groceries Rica firm. Coffee unchanged; sales : 6,000 bags Iilo on private terms. Sngar la moderately active: sales 850 hhds at llli&e for Cuba; llXI2Kc for Porto Blco. Molasses dull, llops Dn'l at l25c for American. Petroleum Finn atl5X18aforcrude,and 29 3Qc for refined In bond. Unseed Oil Quiet at $11 03. Turpentine Quiet at 44'(i44Xc Oil Cake Sals of 60 tons Western at $57 E0. Provisions Pork market a shade firmer and quid; tales 1,250 obis at 23 9CHS29 12 for meu, closing at $28 OS, cash; $2 7C23 85 for old mess; $24 50 (325 for prime; $2828 60 for prime mes; also 250 bbla prime meas,aelier for DecenVber.on private terms. Beofhei.7y; sales 125 bbls at $1119 for new plain mess; $10(323 25 for new extra mess. Tierce beef dull at $283129 for prime mess; $31 33 for India mess. Beef hams quiet at 25'd33c Cut meats steady; sales 14 pegs atl213JVc for shoulders; 14X19c for hams. Middles nominal; sales 100 boxes long cut hams for Govt ruber on private tirma Lord quiet and steady; sales 450 tierces atl7X19?o for steam; 19X20cfoT,kettlercndered. Butter steady at 3036c for Ohio, and 4047o for Btate. Cheese steady atl317Se. Freights to Liverpool Without decided change; engagements per steamer of 25,000 bush wheat at 1 8d. Litibt Fldur market clcsod dull and declining for medium and common grades. Grain Wheat J2c r.ctter, with a very limited supply. Bye quiet and steady at $1 601 61 for Western. Oats firm at 74J$o for Western afloat. Corn firm at 1 141 10 for unsound; $1 17tfl 18 for sound new mixed Western afloat-Provisions Pork Is very quiet sales of mess at $28 2928 95, cash and regular. Beef nominally unchanged. Cut meats qnlet and without decided charge. Bacon steady Lard dull at 193190 for fair to prime steam. Eggs steady and In fair demand. Chicago Market CnioAOO, Oct 1G-7P.M. Flour In moderate demand: sales of spring ex tras at $837 87tf . Grain Wheat ooened strong and 3c higher; sales of No 1 at $1 451 47; No t at $136X1 S8, closing at $13701 38Jf for No 2; tineo 'Change nothing done; No 2 nominal at $1 37. Corn firmer at llHohighcr; salasoZHolat 91H9!B(c; No2 at 9C91c; cloelng qult at 91XQIXe forNol; tales this afternoon at SIXc for No L Oats fairly active and easier; sales of No Let 60g5l jfc, and rejected at 49c, closing at60X51c for No L Bye active and steadv : sales at $1280129 for Koi. nnri nia 125 for No 2. Barley firm and active; sales of No 2 at $1S5197, and rejected at $1 70(31 75. closlnz Hinhwines Market nominal and nnlhino A-r, Provisions-Mess pork Quiet at $30: mess beef 12c Lord steady atl8X!8c " Lake Freights More active at 8c for oorn: 9a for wheal to Enflalo, . Boceipta for part 24 hours 10,653 bbls 'flour, -live bogs Dried hides, lbs. Cattle, bead - 97,938 bash wheat, (7445 trash com, VlifiW bush oats, 1219 bnah rye, LBOO bush bailor. ; Shipments for tba past 24 boars 11,659 bbls flour, 100,964 bush wheat, 118 673 bush ccm,U0f100 XVXXXXO HABBXT. dsiOAaa. Cirt. ISO P V. Wheat market to-night Is do!L Corn la quiet at QIU,. Oil. nnl.t Enl'a,1 Cincinnati asurkat. Crsarnxn. Oct. is 7 P. M. 371our Market dull and unchanged; fanilly at $3 80(39. Grain Wheat market unchanged, bat held firm, lyat (1 90. Corn dull at 97S98c Oats dull at 69 60 lor No 1. Bye held at (t 40. Barley Is tending upward; sales at Si vm t xor nuue spnng; a. o sn fnr Cxnada. and 12 So t or xalL Cotton Market la doll and prices lower at 24e tm mlildllnir nnlanda. Whisky Market irregular; soles at (1 2(1 25 for TwliTn-ITm Ttfirk afarket dull and prices drooplnz. with holders amicus to realize: safes at (30 25. Bulk meats ofiered at Iiseitc, with' node- TTiann. &CUU UUU, iO tut wiuuiuctr, auxj, 17c for Bides. Ifird doll, and offered u lSXo without buyers. Batter firm ol 35c Bggi declined to OUs-55tned oil doll, and pricnomiiialatti;05 (ml 00. Applea Plenty and doll at$24 por bbl. Bnflhlo fflarfcet BiIJF-U.0, Oct. 18-7 P. IL b-i a. 1 4. ! AtrVniVtfi rinah H7a " flmcfipo UllaiU-'iUtUa,ak, Btuci iu wivvv ' P 16,000 bnah No 1 do at 1 631 tM, aloaiDg tcady jom uuu anu wen, bwmko .m j 7 i iMJSi pars Aaieaa. u-m Du-auy u a..- II-"""1" NUbB UV.WV W14"" ' " J . ' V .1 8,000 bash No 1 and 2 mixed at $1 41. Barley doll; MAlealiaht Canadian at 52 20622X5. U me r articles T . TTi?. . Tl 1AMA T.Vf aiAtWl Tittsth jMxeipia b luur, uui, ajv wj.v.vw i Mm. .rvnwi- rvnttt. vtn oOQ tin ah : borler. 00.000 btun. o v 1 1 -nrn a imam nm A lYMl bash : Oat , 18,000 buali ; barley, 18,000 ; rye, S.OtQ. fivignuB firm; tvneat, ioc, corn, , ijovt.. oat, loKc to Kew York, closing with upward tea-daccy. Tolido AXarlcatU Toisxno, Oct. IS 7 P. JL Flour Firmer bat qnlet. Grain Wheat Marset for red 1 cumber 2c and aniimr lG22e better, oales at No 1 white Mlchlsan at $2 21; white Michigan $1 SO; amber Michigan at 91 tttf!i co ; no x rea at ?l ; xto ; rea at 71 J 63; No 1 ffprlncat $1 No 2 da at $1 37(3137; So 2 do at 1 27. Corn lc better; sales No 1 at 93c, and rejected at 96c Oata atcadnheld at &7c for iHchlmn: fiOc for No 2. Bye unchanged: salea No 1 and Ulch- i(mn ai nozai 91 a a. iJiriey za Deuer: aaiea Bute at i2 12. Lake Frelflhts 5c for wheat to BaHalo : 8c for corn 10 Uflwt'Ku. uoceiDU iornaat 24 Hours lour 3.00 odIj: wheat. 12,293 bush; corn, 8,8CO bash; rye, 2,823 bush; tar- ley, B,Dto dubu ; oau, inijo ouid, Shipments for past 24 hoars Floor, 6,005 bbls wheat, 7,763 bnah ; corn, 800 bnah ; oats, 700 bush ; rye, 7,200 bush. KW York Drv Goods Slarkat. Nw Yoar, Oet.18-7 P. M. Drveoods continue Inert eenerallr. with market a little weak for certain styles. Cotton goods Sprogno andDnnnellpiInu 12c, and Augusta, yard widj brown sheetings 14c. Other classes of goods aro without Important change, except Osambnrgs, which are scarce and wanted at enhanced price. The Phtxnix have advanced from 16 to 17ic: the Mil ledgeville ncll readily at 20c, Howard 21c, and Al-bmton at 22Xc for 32 Inch. Broadway sheetlngB are selling at 12Xc, Cabot A at 11 Kc, and Cohas- Bau&naAi:aai:c -a. as 10c ctnpes are naraiy so urm; -amentum 011 mguoc, i-oornayso ana wanton-don at 2dc. and Massabcslo at 2 1 (2 22c. Bins Dili Denims are firmer, and bring 15c Fepperill Corset ufuuB lane ijacooia urown canton nannei lfl ru uuced to 19c Cleveland Market (Tl.BVCLABD. Oct. 167 P.M. Flour City made held at 912 for triple extra white ; 9 6010. 50 for double extra amber ; S 55 (SO for donblo extra red; $fl9 25 for double extra spring; $7 7558 for extra sprlug; country made range at jb 3j(p.if id ior aouDie extra rta an i amoer; jam w torao 1 oie -extra spring; ? 10 otKgu ao ior ooaDie extra while- Grain Wheat; Bales 3.200 bush at $1 01. Oat held at 6263c Bye held at f 1 401 42. Barky-No 1 Canada at $222. Petroleum Market stead? and nnchineed: refined held at 272Sc for round lots, and 2S33uc for small lots. Milwaukee Market. Mii-waukm, Oct. 187 P. M. Flour Market steady and prices unchanged. Grain-Wheat market irretralnr at SI 40 for No 1, and $1 37X for No". Oats weak at 62Xc for No. 2. Corn nominally unchanged. KeceiDta 4.C00 bbls llonr. 69.000 bush wheat. 3,000 hush oat. Hhipmeute 7,000 bbls flour, 63,000 bush wheat, 1,000 corn. Chicago Live Stock fifarkt. Chicago, Oct. 187 P. M, CaUlo Market in IlBhtsuDclv and outot: salca at $3 7&1 55 for common to good cows and steera. Hogi Tim market Is moderately active and easier at $7 909 for light to choice smooth. ieceipi o.uta nogs. Shipments 6,302 begs. Cleveland Oil Market. Clitilhd, Oct. 167 P. M. Petroleum Market stead v and nnahaniec' Re fined la held at 27328c, for round lots, and small Iota sell at 29(g30c Pitta bar;; Oil Market. PlTTSBUBG, Oct. 10-7 P. M. Crudo Oil Market better feeilnsr. hut few transac tions; sales for October at 12c; spot nominal at 1 c. LoulavUle Tobacco Market Lotus villi. Oct 167 P. M. Tobacco Bales tobacco light at 35 50(213 50 for lugs to medium leaf. Barley lo Canada Toaoaro, OcU 167 P. M. Barlpv RfcelDta on the street abjut 2.000 bush at $1 451 47. Cincinnati Tobacco Market. Ciscimkiti, Oct- 167 P. M Tobacco Firm. Salea 0 f 164 hhds. SI. Iionls Tobacco Market. Br. Lonis, Oct. 15-7 P. M. Tobacco feeling rather better, but unchanged. POET OF DETUOIT-Ootobir 17. Vessels Passisq Da thoit. The following ves sels passed this port yesterday : Up-Bark Louisa; echra. N. P. Goouell, U. Fitz. hngb, Jamaica, Algerlne, Victoria, Mediator, Pani dora, New Lisbon, Exile, Lime Boek, II. Johnson, A. G. Morey. Down Props. Brooklyn, Mohawk, barks Major Anders on, Kata Darley, Golden West, J. 8. Marsh ; scors. Van Valkenburg, Dauntless, Wm. Q randy, Nightingale, Montana, H. J. Holly, Gold Hunter, A. Mosher, Elvlna, Home, J. E. Gilmcra, C. G. Breed, Oak Leaf, J. F. Card, J. B. Martin, Jamea Piatt, Q. J. Whitney. Wihd asd WiATHsa. Weather changeable. Wind northwest. Ovxrdui Ybt. The steamers duo from Lake Superior up to a lata hour yesterday bad not reached here, which may be attributed to fog?y and adverso weather. The Concord and Keweenaw only aro expected for tho present. At Clark's Dbt Doci. The propeller City of Detroit has been receiving a now wheel at Clark's dry dock, and is again In running order. Tho tug Kasle has also been having an overhauling at tho same plac?, and left -yesterday fer Saginaw. Rapt Abbivid. The tug G. H. Parker arrived here yesterday morning with a raft brought from the Bauble for Loud, Priest & Gay, which came through without loss or detention. Of late the weather has Interrupted business of this character to a considerable extent. MorsifBHT or Tco3. The tugs Bweepstakea and McCIellan passed down with towa Thursday nigh. The Eate Williams and Quayle, dewa yesterday, with VP(iRp!a Thn tntro niom-iHa Tifanttnh m u and Bed Brie passod up. Towing on the rivers at tho present time is by no means brisk, for tho reason that there aro far too many In tho traffic, caused chiefly oy a few that have been absent return.!,? tn this point. The Boor of a Sailob Fouso. A day or two since Capt. Nicholson, of the propeller Montgomery, picked up tbe body of a sailor la Lake Huron, not far distant from False Presque Isle, which, without a doubt, was one of the lost crew from the schooner Persian, which went down In that locality. It was decently interred at Preeque Iale, wtere further Information may be obtained ; also Irom Capt Nicholson. Suxdxt Itb1 Tho tug Stranger, a day or two since, picked up near Point an peioe the jlbboom of a large vessel with a chain attached to it, and one end painted green. It maybe had on inquiry at the marmo reporter's office. Tho propeller Adriatic Is In port, making repairs to her boilers. The tug isagie left here yesterday for Baginaw, wilh barges In tow. The bark Bessie Barwick, schooner Goodell and Ada Medora wero at this port yesterday. The tug Castle coma through irom Baginaw with tight oargea w tow, arrived here on Wednesday, and not acorn, as previously reported. MOBB BAILOlla T)itnvtfin XT71r,t A .t,n'Tt. post a number of Instances of sailors being drowned have been recorded, on Lake Michigan, but in very few. Cases haTB tho namo nf tVirt l.f v..-. A sailor ships on board withoutbelngrequlrcd to alga i is snown 01 him from that time onward Is that his name is Jack, Torn, Harry, or soma other first name, which, in the event of his being lost, simply amounts to nothing m m.h are becoming by far too numerous. In the first place, ... v. rntju 1 ailing overooard, there aro five chances out of ten of hi Twinn... . .... t.vaeu mill a 1UO preserver at hand, sad again when first coming on hoard, tho master shonld nol omit recording his In earlier times was Invariably tho mle. TWa dnty is kT una snoma, under all circumstances, LAMFMiOTj.-Capt O. K. Dixon reports the 1 cow Emily, hay, Bt Clair to An Bauble, at $2 50 per ton ; then loads at Duvil BJyer with lumber for uicve:and at 83 75 on rsiL At CmoAoo, 16th. The followlm charters are reported: Bark: Cream City, coal, Buffalo to Mil-wankee. j.t 76c, free ; schr Darion, coal. Cleveland to Milwaukee, at $140 per too; senrs Kenosha and Queen of the North, lumber, from Georgian Eay to ionawanda, at $d per m on rail, towing paid up and down Niagara Hlver. At BtjTTALO, 15th. Freights were doll but steady at previous rates ; Charters include the following : To Buffalo prop Nebraska, bark Pensauee and schr Champion, oats a' Otfe: barks Unadllla (vester-day afternoon). Naomi, both wheat at 9c To Oswego schr Jennie Mullen, wheat on p. t: tchrs , Tracy, J. Brooion, oats at lie. BUSINESS DIRECTORY, At the request ox a, noracer of the proolnr.; Cm fneas-ond Professional House, Tai Fua Pzasj win dorota a portion of lta apace to a Bojlssas I!. rectory, In which trill be found tha cards of many of onr most enterprising estabiiahmonta. BANKERS. DAVID .FaESTOH i CO, Baniera, DoaJera in Coin, Load Warrants, OoUego Berip, Gov ernment Boods. BATHS. EL30TEO HOT ASD COLD TIc BATII3 In succtsstul operation at 180 Gratiot street and on Qrtswold streat. in rear of Bo-srard Bouse. BOOKS AMD STATIONERY. W TSiB2P, co- Stationer and VBoonacturera, 90 Woodward Av- BOOTS AMD SHOES. R IOHART) H. FTF3, W T UWWUU BYtUlUQ. EDWARD L?AVOUB. Wholesale and Betll Dealer in BOOTS andSHOsa, los Woodward avcrrae. COAL. AND IRON. JAMES E. FITTHAN, Dealer In overy varlst; oi Coal nnd Pig Iron, Foot of Case street, Detroit. COMMISSION MERCHANTS. r BO. B. DIOKINSOIT, CT PHODUOE COM1IIB8I01T MERCHANT, Board of Trade Building, Detroit. Agency of Cleveland Flro and Marina Insurance-Co. and bnn lasurance Co., of Cleveland. Cash advances on Eastern shipments. A. BOTffFOBD t Commission Kerehasta, Toot of Second street, Detroit, Hicu. DENTISTS. WEIGHT &. WA.TTON, Dentists, have re-moved their office to Ko 2 Fisher bloca. for merly occnpled by J. J. Damon. Prices rcasoDabl. and work warranted. Gr, K THOMAS. Dentist. 138 Woodward ave . Gradnato of Penn. College of Dental Bnrgcry.- ENGRAVING & LITHOCRAPH3NG. TILS CALVERT Lithpgraphino-, Sngravtns and Map Publishing Company, N. E. comer or Jof. fatson avenne and Griswofd sircet. FISH DEALERs JAKBS OBAIG Wholesale dealer In Fresh and Salt Fish (on tho dock between Casa and Wbjtw streets), Detroit .Michigan. CEHTS FURNISHING GOODS. GEO. a CHANDLEB,ITo.lLarned6trcctwcit, Iberia Gent's Famishing Goods. Perfect Pit-tin? French Yoke Shirts mado to order. HOPS- R. HAWf.Br, JH., 4: CO. nmi BM Id HOPS, 43 Bates street. INSURANCE. MAS8.MirrnAi.LiPEiNatrBANCJ:co. or. gardaod in 1851. Assets overS2,000,Oi!0. HSIf. RT PIJiSSNEB, General Agent, 83 Griswold street, Detroit, Mich. AN BUKEN 4: SON. General INSUBAN03 auaaxa, 74 unsworn street, uetrolt. JEWELERS. M, JKWiCIERS AND 8ILVBS9M lTKflj FB OONKLIN, Jeweler, corner Woodward ave. and S arned street. MATHEMATICAL INSTRUMENTS T BIlAOK & CO., Opticians, 1M Jcflerson ave. AAAiiuik cum wuuiunaio mm reuiu, au sonos DrGUhUnan'alnstnunontaandTools. Photographs Pictures, Albums. fcc. (3EDICAL. LUOT SL ARNOLD, If. p. Office and residence, 23 Farmer stroet. MUSIC AND PIANOS. J HENRY WHITTBMOBKitjCo., Publisher o Music and Gen. Agent for the renowned Wobei and Vcso celebrated Pianos, Burdctt Organs and Melodcons , No. 177 Jefferson avenno OPTICIANS. LBLAOK & OO ltHJelTersonavo Importers and Manufacturers of Concave, Convex. Peri-scoplc and Double Vision Spectacles, Opera Glosses, Microscopes and Art HI rial Eyca- PHYSICIANS. JW. KKBMOTT, M. D.t devotes especial attan- tlon to Diseases of the Lungs, Catarrh and other Chronic Affections. OlHce, 214 Woodward avenue, Detroit. ROOFING. JAKES GIDDAT & HON, dealers in Blate Booiing, No. 6 Ledyard street, Detroit, Michigan. Orders left at Findlater fc Brnntons Btono Yard, next below 1. fc M. K. K depot. SEWIfwC MACHINES- W HEELKR WILSON SEWING MA uuirt-Ktt, lia jenereon avenne, uetroll. WEcJT de COMLT. General Agents. FLOltEKCE BE WING MACHINES. E. W OLaiana. Gen'l Agent. 158 Jefferson nvenno. STONE. FIND LATER & BRUNTON, Dealers In aH kinds of Bonifh and Wronekt Stone, rirnn Tromill promptly attended to. Office, foot of Brash street, neit below D & U. B. B, DepoL P. O. Drawer 105. WALL PAPER. WALL PAPER HOUSE. ADAM ELDER' Wall Paper, Window Shades, Mirrors and Prtnr. VmniM. iftl .Jaffannn iv.pnnn. BAHSOABS. BEAT WKSTERTi RAILWAY.-On aui niter Aunst 31. 1S63. Tmfril tnr Tm-nntn wu. gar Falls, Bullalo, New Yorff; Bob ton, Phlladel phla nnd Baltimoro loavo Windsor daily, (Grea; Western tlmo) as follows: Morning hsxpross, 4 33 a.m.; Day Kxr-ress, 9:50 a. m. ; Detroit Sxpresj, 11:30 a. m. ; Nichfi Bxprcaa 1:41 D. a. Morntnc Exnresa rnna on Gnnd-ivi nn.-i arrives In New York at 7 a. m. Monday. " iti aanway erry leaves jjcitou i.uetxoit time) as follows : "oot of Seventh street, 4.-05 a. m.; MJch-lifan Central dock, foot of Third street. 8:4a a. m 10:i5ajn and 6:35 p.m. : Detroit 4 Milwankeo and Michigan Southern doclr, 8:50 a, m. and 6:65 p. m. (Sufllcient lime for meals allowed while crossing tho it mi. ueutifM itckui. una r oilman's c ajace oieep lng Car office, corner Jefferson avenne and GriBwold street Detroit Trains arrive at Windsor at 6:30 a. m , 0:30 a, m., 5 p. m. and &55 p. m. THO 8. 3W1J3 YARD, GorieraTaCanagsr. JAJSSES CXXARIiTOJS, General Agent ocSltl Hamilton C. W. MICHIOAJlCpNTR AIj RAILROAD, iixprcaa Trams leave JJtiiiiOiT for CHICAGO At 6:iS and 9:45 x m.,1 J5:45 and pB:26 p. m, 45 a. m. for Mason, Lansing, &c, ate. 14:10 p. m. for Dexter. Sunday nights for Chicago at 9:26 p. m. p Dally dally except Sundays; TDaily except Baturdays and Bon days; ion Saturdays only to Jackson. aiwiu muioiiuui jaAJJXJJ aiO.40 SUU 8:25 a. m., 6:55 and 6:15 p. m.; from Dexter at 0:00 Bleeping Cars, with luxuriant bedding, Ac, on U1M UV UOItlO. Rnttan's Ventilators and Heateia on all trains. For details aa to Intermediate stations. stares, Ac. see posters in pnblicplacea. ' STKS?KS n. -is. HAKttliNT, lien. Bnp't, w. K. HOTR, Chlcaga Assistant Gen finp't, Detroit miB GRAMD THUNTt ItAILWAY.-JUNB, 28 1888. 'IV.' - fnr Vr. n.M. T J T. . n . . uu.wu, u,iiuuu, fans, Toronto, BnHalo, Montreal, Portland, aU places In New York and New En eland Btatea and Canart. 1.-. daily, except Saadaya by Chicago timov aa foUows . 6:00 a. , MprnliK Express. 9:45 a. m Day Expreaa, 5:46 p. re, Night Express. . tuiuyi. cyuaocuons maao at mumo with the Erie and Now Tork .Railwaya: at Ogdensburg and Mon-treal with tho Vt. Central Railway, 4c. Comfortable Sleeping Cars on night traina,with clean beddirur, sbeeta, pUIows, 4c Berths can bo secured at Union Ticket Ofllce, Wood, ave- Detroit. .w.m.M .uaQ uy any otner ronic. JKTiy0 10:00 5:55 P.m., and:S0p. m. ED WARD RKLDT, Passenger Art. , Dctroiu C- ifSSkg? DlrecS; Montreal. ?f,fvKS5?--fft-. Montreal. Detroit. May 11th. 1863. novlS-tt DK3?5yT. It'WAUKEE RAD, ROAD AND BTEAMHHtP t.tkk 1808. . QAQ (l T.l T ...... .l . , , . " " i vi,r. J a" 'ave nrnsn at. De-poVDetrolt, aa under: Tr Y. "fc - Ior Baginaw and Bay Citv. Mall, at 10:30 a. m., for Lansing and Milwaukee. m:43 p-.m,-' for B? ma St John's. SfSSf-84 tt P-"Tft'Onnd Haven, 4o Mixed,at 2.-0e a. m., for Saginaw. . --r f a, AAA., i rum n Sleeping Cars on Throngh Mixed. . THOS. BELL, Gen. Bnpt. D. ec M. Offices. 1868. ' arij 1868. "SS"5 1888. ffr... IDro. Bxpreaa Trains Uiv Detroit for Chicago dally. Sunday s excepted : . 0:10 a. m.,B:30 p. m. Arrlvo at Detroit from Chicago: 8:30 a. m 635 p. m. Trains for Toledo, Cleveland and Cincinnati leave 7:00 a. 4:10 a. m., 150, 6:S0 p. m. Trains arrive: 8mo a. m., ZSOp. m., tt35, 10:58 p. m. Bleeping oars for Chlcagoand Clndnnctl on night trains. Ticket office, Merrill Block, earner Jefferson and Woodward avenue. P D. COOPER, Bnpt., DstroiU O. y. Hatoh. Gen. Snpt Calcaao. brS-tf SOAP. TTTirjrjAil B. HACK, of he late Arm o v v Mack at Co, and THOHAS eIRBT, of tho old Arm ot Plrby 4 Wood, Soap Manufacturers of many years' standing In Detroit, take, pleasure in announcing lo ths public tnat they aro ttgether In bnslness, and have formod a copartnership under tho Urm of Mack 4 Cos for the manufacture of 3XA.CS: &. CO.'S Celeteated Soap ani WasMns Compomifl. We have secured to our bnslneas tho servicei of Mr. John R Condon, 10 favorably known to tho trade as a manufacturer of Bo up and Candles ; and it Is our Intention that combining capital and experience, we wilt, In our business, give to the trade perfect satisfaction, both In goois, and in prompt attention to their interests. Factory and Oflloo 23 BtAntolne st, WM. R HACK, sepXS-eodSw THOS FliiBY,

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