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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 5

Detroit, Michigan
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Wednesday, August 29, 1866
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1SE DETKOIT FREE BRESS. -WEDNESDAY, AUGllST 29t 1856J 0Cl INTELLIGENCE. WAttrj The Democratic electors of the JVui are nqicf ted to meet on Thursday even-Aw"1 SOth. at Vi o'clock, at No. 1 Engine WPe, to elect threu delegates to the County Con-radon- cf tSe TTard Committee. toosn Waed l'he Democratic electors of tie Ward are requested to meet mt tUe City Hall S-edEtsday trenins, August 21, at "iii o'docSf, to ap-" t delegates to the County Convention. JaMIS L. HATTHKWS, GlOROS HiBOEK, 1 EMMAS P. BttAZSL, Ward Committee. Tgnti) Wakd 'I he Democratic electors of the kifd Ward are requested to meet at the house or j-ed- Gic, comer of Congress and Brush streets, on u'f&isdiy evening, Augist anto, at 1H o'clock, to j?t ttrcc d"Iega'.ea to ihe c unly convention. aot John T. Mildedm, Chairman. pccain Vaed. The Democrats of the Fourth jfsrd arc requested to meet on Wednesday evening, il half last stven, at August Tyler's store, comer of TtMtTE and Congress ivtreets, -for the purpose of :uw; celibates to trie ccnuty convention. " JfEPfl WlTTEL! BSROEB, Chairman Vfaxd Comruittce. jTn Wann Caucus. The Democratic electors ptiiio Sixth Ward a-e r quested to meet at the iorjc of Jacob Stor, corner.of HastlngB and Co-laobla etreeta, at7)i o'clock, on Wednesday evening teit, the 2)-h instant, for uepnrpose of choosing nee delegates to attend the County Convention to 5e held on Saturday, the 1ft of September next, to appeal' delegates to the State and Congressional ocwom.. j Cjua.An, Chairman. Chasls' Metkbs, D B. NlOBfLB, AtOrs PllAH-TALLIS, L-.tru rTleSB, word Committee. Ditscit. Anf . S3 ISM. Sitcth Ward The Democrats of the Seventh yrud are nqiested to meet at Wm. Honaghan's CDcatitutioeal Hall, comer of Orleans and Lafayette streets, on Thursday evening at half-past seven, to tppoint delegates to the County Convention. Yalektikb HnsEHOEsmt, il! KBT GCDIHAD, Fbask Blum. Ward Committee. SieETB Waed. The Democratic electors of the EgLth Ward are requested to assemble at Engine House No. 4, on Wednesday evening at half-past seren, to appoint delegates to the County Conven-ticc F. Shahahah, Chairman Word Committee. Terra Wakd. Tho Democrats cf the 10th Ward are requested to mset on Thursday evening at half pat seven o'clock, at the honse of Henry Bourgeois, comer St. Aubin avenue and Chrogan street, to ap. point delegates to the conntv convention. W H BOASTST, B CZITP, G3XB0BT NOLAlf, Committee. Detroit Manufacturers Michigan and Indiana Bolt and Nut Manufacturing Company. This establishment, situated on Lamed street, near the Detroit Locomotive works, was established soma three years ago by Mr. J. A. Briscoe, who carried on the business for two years, when a joint-stock company was formed, of which Jno. S. Newberry was elected President and J. A. Briscoe Secretary. Their business consists of manufacturing bolts, cold pressed and hot hammered nuts snd washers, which are in great demand throughout the West. As this is the only establishment of any size in the West, they are constantly receiving orders from Michigan, Indiana, Iilinoi?, Missouri and the far South. They have in operation six machines, consisting of two hot hammers, two cold presses, and two double washer presses, empbying in their attendance come eighteen men. Two tuns, or twenty kegs, of washers and nuts are turned out dally. They have purchased the exclusive right to use Koch's i'ateut Nut Machine. In nuts of this msnufac hire, the great desideratum so long sought for by hot press mami actnres has been attained to a wonderful degree of perfection, while at the same time they receive a perfectly finished exterior, giving them all the advantages of rxith cold and hot pressed, with none of their defects. Each nut, in passing through the ma chine, receives fourteen blows from hammers mdswadgss, thus tending t solidify the metal, especially around the hole, giving the thread a tenacity not attained by any other manufacture. In washer machinery they are using the patented device of two punches working towards and Into each other, and sating Instantaneously on the hole and outside of the washer, which ensures perfectly true tod straight work. There are only two establishments in the country, besides this one, using this peculiar washer machine, and for correctness of work they cannot be surpassed. Thk Presidential Party Local Ar- K ANGEMENTS FOB THEIR RECEPTION. The Biddle House is undergoing an entire over hauling for the reception of these distinguish ed guests. Mr. A B. Taber seems disposed to render their stay with him as pleasant as possible, and he is doing everything in his power for their accommoiation. The Biddle Is being repainted and frescoed; fifty rooms hare been re-carpeted, and an iron balcony is being erected on the corner of Jeffirson avenue and Randolph street, which, besides being a great convenience, will add much to the ap pearance of the house. The President will occupy parlors 24 and 26, Qen. Grant 21 and 23, and Mr. Saward 28 and M. These rooms have been furnished entirely new, frescoed and repainted. The carpets are furnished by Abbott, the furniture by Weber, and the painting done by Laible and Wright, which is a sufficient guarantee that it will be well done. Prize Fight. Oao of these disgusting affairs took place in "Windsor on Monday. The parties engaged were a well-known rough from Detroit and a bounty jumper who makes his abode in Windsor because he dare not show his face on this side of the river. The fight was for the paltry sum of ten dollars. Ten rounds were fought, when the Detroit rough was declared the victor. The select audience 1 attendance were so exasperated that they Pitched upon the winner, knocked him .down, and so violently assaulted him that be walks the streets witn his head bandaged. An Improvembst. Mr. Seutemore, who owns the dock in Windsor above the Hirons House, is now engaged In driving spiles pre paratory to Increasing his facilities for receiving and shipping freight. The old slip, which has been an eye sore for many years to the denizens ol Windsor, will be entirely closed op, and vessels and steamboats, as well as the citizens, will be benefited by the enterprise of Hr. Sentemore. COMMON COUNCIL. Sewerage and Fire Department Matters. City Hall Contracts. PUBLIC BATH HOUSES. Miscellaneous Business. . The ordinary meeting of the Common Council was held at the City Hall last evening; the President, Wm.' Brodle, Esq., in the "chair. . . . ' r . , Present Aid. Allison, Codd, Considlne, Field, Henkel. Hoek,sHowe, Knight, McGone-gal, Megtnn'lty, ' Purcell, Ejhmlttdiel, Sri Aubin, Weir and Gies. ..... . Petitions. From Jas.Mansfield and others, for the widening of Arch street. Street Openings. From Mark McGraw. and'otbers, to remove a frame building. Granted. From several petitioners, asking exemption from lateral sewer assessments. - Referred lo .Committee on Sewers. Other petitions for permission to make improvements in frame buildings wero appropriately referred.- From Daniel Shee-han, claiming $1,060 for injuries received by his children through being, run over by the Hook and Laddertrnek in July last. City Counselor. Communications. From the Controller, that in reply to the notice inviting proposals to construct, the foundations and basement of the proposed City .Hall, four proposals have been received, viz: Charles Stange, who is the lowest bidder, proposes to furnlth all the materials and per form the proposed work according to the plans and specifications far $58,625. All the other proposals, except that of Mr. James Ycung, of Toledo, were considerably more than the above. Mr. Toung's bid was $625 less, but his proposal was informal, and no bond was furnished. Mr. Stange Is therefore the lowest bidder under the notice. Accepted and Controller ordered to contract From the City Counselor, reporting relative to the construction and assessment for a sewer between Porter-and Abbott streets, that there can be no doubt as to the power of the council to have the sewer constructed and the ex pense assessed upon the lots benefited thereby. Accepted.' From the acting City Attorney, A. (i. Boyn- ton, Esq., in reference to the resolutian directing Wm to report a resolution for the opening of Lafayette street, that the Committee on Street Openings, to whom the communication had been referred, had not yet re ported relative thereto. Referred back, with instructions to bring in the usual resolutions. From the City Counselor, that in his opin ion the Council can compel the occupants of lots to construct private drains or sewers to connect with public drains, and that the Coun cil has no power to construct lateral sewers upon private property without the consent of the owner. That if the owners of private property construct and dedicate to the city in proper form the necessary land for the purpose of constructing and maintaining, the sewers with right of ingress and egress for repairs, connections, etc., a lateral sewer may be constructed upon private property, in the same manner as through streets. Accepted. From the same, that there can be no doubt as to the power of the Council to construct a sewer between Howard and Abbott streets, and assess the expense upon the lots benefited. Accepted. From the City Clerk, that James Sherlock had filed his official bond as Collector of the Third Ward. Reports op Committees. From the Committee on Ways and Means, in reference to the question of public baths, in favor of locat ing one in the river in front of the water works, and the other at the foot of West avenue, with bridges connecting them with the shore, each to consist of a raft divided into three apartments, one for females, another for males, and a third for boys. Eacu apartment to be surrounded by a close board fence twenty feet high. The construction of these floating bath houses will save the expense of buying lots and building expensive houses. The ef-tabliehments will obviate many evils now practised by those who expose their persons on the river front, by affording to all convenience and privacy. Recommending that the Controller be authorized 'to procure plans and specifications for the above structures, to be ready for use next spring, and that he place an estimate of $4,000 in next year's assessment Laid over under the rules. From the same committee, in the matter of ftia compensation of the Cass Market clerk, that the revenue of that market, and the duties required of a clerk, will not war rant s large compensation on recommending that the clerk ba paid $12 per month. Adopted. From the Committee on Streets, ad verse to granting the prayer of the petition of T. McGraw & Co., and others, for permission to retain signs on their buildings, and allowing them to extend over the sidewalk. Adopted. In favor or allow ing Mr. Ives to put down a sidewalk on Gris-wold street. Adopted. Adverse to petition of Harriet E. Francis and Wm. Earl for ex emption from arssssment for paving Croghan Btreet Adopted. From the Committee on Fire Department, in favor of grafting the prayer of the petitions of T. J. Noys, Dr. Moree Stewart, Henry Knowles. In favor of allowing tha wooden office to remain as petitioned for by A. Ashley. In reference to ttaa communication of the Controller, in relation to the construction of the cistern on the corner of St Clair and Fort streets, that the work has all been completed, except a small portion, and the Committee were unable to form' any opinion of the character of the material Used, or i the manner in which the work has been done. ,r) ' been ' : mmrmed ithat the contractors are willing to wait for pay ment for a sufficient length of time to have the work nroDerlv tested. Adopted. , From the Committee on Sewers, 'adverse to granting the prayer of the petition of Louis St Aubin rand against tne remonstrance ui aw zens on Michigan avenue, for relief from late ral sewer asse sment in alley south of Jlichl gan avenue between Second and First street Adnnted. . From the same, In reference to the report of the controller referring to the Stanton Btreei sewer box in the Ninth Ward, that the sewer is more of a benefit to the general public than to the immediate locality, and recommending that $600 be appropriated from the public Bswer fund to apply to the said Bewer. Aid. Purcell moved that the Controller be directed to take the amount from the contingent fund, snd include the same In the -estimates for 1867. , Laid over under the rules. From the Committee on Taxes, in reference to the petition of J. H. Jones and others, for relief from a lateral assessment that in the opinion of the City Counselor, the Council has the power in the premises, and recommending no action In the premises. Adopted. Special Aid. Ccdd.from the special committee to whom was referred the petition of John Flanagan for a new side-walk pn. Whit ney Btreet, reporting in favor of the same. Adopted. Resolution By Aid. Knight, for a crosswalk on.the south side of Orchard street across Eighth. Adopted. "' By the same, that as tho burying-grcund for the interment of the city poor in the Sixth Ward, owing to the growth of that part of the city, is fast being surrounded by buildings, and that the graves which are being opened from time to time contain more or less water, In some cases enough to fully immerse the cofiin, common humanity, as well as a regard to the public health, re quires that some more suitable place be provided ; that a special committee be appointed to make the necessary investigation arid report a suitable ground for the final rest, ing of the poor who cannot pay, and place a lot within the reach of those who cannot pay at a nominal price. Adopted. By Aid. Codd, for new sidewalks on Miami avenue; that the Sewer Commissioners advertise for proposals for constructing a lateral sewer in Beacon street, between Beaubien and the western terminus of the rawer recently built; that the Street Commissioner for the Eastern District build a new crosswalk on eouth side of State street, across alley between Farrar street and Miami avenue, and to repair the crosswalks across Miami avenue, Boutheast Bide of Grand River, across John R southwest side of Miami avenue, across Miami avenue northwest tide of John It street, across alley north of John R, between Miami and Madison avenues. By Aid. Purcell, for repairs to a crosswalk on the west side of Sixth street, across Con gress, and for a new crosswalk on the south Bide of Porter street, across Seventh. To put blinds on the windows of Engine House No. similar to those on No. 4. Adopted. By Aid. St Aubin, for a plank crosswalk across Campau street, south of Jefferson ave nue, and to raise the sidewalks in that locality to the proper grade. Adopted. By Aid. Considlne, to appoint Michael Shaughnessy Superintendent of Sewers during the pleasure of the Council. Laid over under the rule. By Alderman Schmlttdlel, that the Fire Marshal report by what authority an old wooden shed has been moved on the lot corner of Dudley and Fort streets. .Adopted. .-, By Alderman Gies, that the Sewer Commie- sloners report if the contractors for the exten sion of the 8t. Anbln street sewer have filed their bonds, and at what time the eewer is to be completed. Adopted. By the same, that the Fire Marshal report at next meeting why he has not reported con cerning the cistern at the corner of Clinton avenue and Chene street. Adopted. By the same, for crosswalks across alley on Bouthslde of Locust street, between Fifth and Sixth, and across alley on south side of Spence street between Sixth and Seventh. By Aid. CodJ, that the attention of the Committee on Pk3 he called to the condition of the park between Randolph, Center and Grand River streets, and report some plan fur tho improvement of the same. Adopted. By Ala. Meginnity, that the City A ttorney examine into the title of any the city has to Lafferty streot, from Fort street to the river road, and Godfrey avenua. Streot Openings and City Attorney. By the same, to purchase half a dozen chairs for the use of Enelne House No. 3, Fire De partment. Aid. Purcell, from the Committee, immedi ately reported in favor of the resylutlon, which was adopted. The Council then adjiurned for two weeks. Wayne County Republican Convon tton. The Republican County Convention, held at Dearborn yesterday, elected the following de legates: state convention. 1st District Detroit Wm Jennison, jr., Edward Lefavour, John Ward, D F Waltz, R A Alger, Arnold Kalcben, J W r-'unse, Samuel ti Usvaey, Jas w outiou, oiarit iuu 2d District Isaac Colby, of Grosse Point; nvednrii-k Buhl, of Snrinewells. 3 J District John M Farland, of Dearborn; Col W Wight, of Keurord. 4:h District T P .May, of Plymouth; OB in-tin. nfWavne. 5th District E T Slocum, of Monguagon; J B Smith, of Taylor. revsriRKSSIONAL CONVENTION. 1st District Adam Elder, Jos P Whiting, John J Bagley, Wm.Tillman, Ervm Palmer, E G Allen, Christian Jaoobs; Peter K Morris, John Ford, Milton Frost A county committee was appointed, consisting of John J Bagley, William Jenulsonj jr., George O Robinson, George W Swift, T P May. The Committee on Resolutions, by its chairman, Joseph Warren, reported the following decidedly radical resolutions: RESOLUTIONS. . WTiereas, Andrew Johnson, acknowledging a stronger feeling of sympathy with traitors than with loyal men, and a keener sense of gratitude for thoBe whose great crime made him fresident, than for the party whose votes made him only Vice-President has betrayed the interests of the people, and thrown himself Into the arms of the enemies of the Union ; and Whereas, He has not only violated every pledge he" made "and deserted every principle he professed during the canvass which ended in his election, but has treasonably encouraged another civil war. If necessary to carry out his reconstruction policy, by threatening the existence of Congnss, by the appointment of Southern rebels to office in preference to unconditional Union men, by prompting tho indiscriminate massacre of the loyal people of Louisiana, and by using the whole power and patronage of the Government to make loyalty odtoU3 and treason honorable; "iVTitreas, In view .of these; alarming facts,-we believe the very existence of our free institutions, and indeed of the Government itself, depend upon the triumph, at the ensuing elections, of the party which carried the nation safely through its long and bloody struggle wl h Mr. Johnson's present friends, and by euch an overpowering display of popular indignation as shall drive him from hia treasona- hln mirniispa; wherefore. j?n7,u.l That desDiBine his bribes, and de- ! fying his threats, we, the representatives, of the loyal people of Wayne county, having enlisted for the war. will not lay down our arms, or relax our vigllancf,until the principles of justice, humanity and equal rli-hui, for which 300,010 of ourfathers, sjns and bro&ers offered up their lives, are lastingly secured. jtesoii'ea, mat we re now, as jonnson was before he was seduced tram his fidelity to bis country and his pnrty by the eopperneaxfr serpents who have worked their limy way In-to his coufidcuue, unalterably in Civor of 'punishing traitors and making treason odious." JJesoiUtJ, Tuut we lepuuute the Jotinson theory that oca truitor U tcii'.kd to tho name pilltieal i: fluencc as two loyal men, 3nd therefore we will resist to the bitter end tho policy which conlers upon the six millions of Southern rebels as many reprrsentatlves In Congress as twelve millions of Northern loyal people are authorized to elect Hesolved. Therefore, that we are in favor of the amendments to the Contitutlon submitted to the several States at the last session of Con gress, proposing the same basis of representa tion ior tne rebel as exists in tne loyal suites. Resolved. That we are firmlv ormosed to the admission of representatives from rebel States into Consress. until, by the adoption of this just and equitable amendment, they prove their wililngn ss to accept the generous boon on the same terms as those who have never for feited their lives as well as their political rights by treason to their county, a a guarantee of their future loyalty to the government Itesolvtd, That the President having i-bame-lessly avowed his purpose to betray the country into the hands of those who, for four years, labored with such malignant zeal to destroy it, we accept the issue thus tendered us, and pledge, If need be, '-our lives, our fortunes and cur sacred honor" that loyal men, and not traitors, shall continue to control the uovernment Bfsoifea", That the self styled Democratic party have always proved false to the Government and enemies to our republican institu tions In the hour of trial and danger, and are, therefore, utterly unworthy the people's confidence. Resolved. That Cons"res bv it? five vears of unfaltering devotion to the Government and by its bold and patriotic resistance to the disloyal and treasonable ihem'ss of the present unscrupulous Executive of tne nation, has entitled itself to approval of all the friends of the Union, and that we will exhibit our confidence in its fidelity, honesty and ab.lity, by earnestly laboring to sustain it in its struggle against a wicked and treacherous Administration. Hesolved. That we owe a debt of crratitude to the soldiers and sailors who, by their heroic services during the rebellion, have saved the nation from destruction, which no time can obliterate from our memories, and no sacrifices we can make and no rewards we can bestow can adequately repay. Resolved, That we have no fear that those brave and patriotic men can be bribed hy the stale bread and butter, or be seduced by the hypocritical lla.tery ot Andrew ooanson, to aid In destroying the fruits of their four years of sacrifices by voting to restore the Govern ment to the hands ol conquered but unrepentant rebels. ifesoi'ed. That as Republicans, our feelings are warmly enlisted in behalf of all races and people struggling for national independence and their political, civil and religious rights; and tnat we tnertiore snare in tne nopes ana sympathize in the efforts of the Irish peojale to shake off tne yoke or tneir oppressors, as weu a In their Indlenatlon at the treachery of An drew Johnson in using the whole power of the Government to crush out tneir recent movement for a national existence, alter he had solemnly assured them of his earnest approval and solemnly pledged them his moral support- Resolved. That the course of lion. jr. rsea- man, during six years' service in Congress, upon the great questions before the country, meets our coruiai ana unq'-iauuiu approval. Resolved. That the lnte"ntv. fidelity and honesty of our State Administration entitle it to tne continued connuence ana respect oi me loyal people of Michigan. jResolwd. That the Stars Convention to assemble in Detroit on the 30th inst. be respectfully requested to appoint a full delegation to the Convention of Loyal Southerners which meets at Philadelphia September 3d. Tlie Turr. The weather yesterday was as proplteous as the most ardent sportsman could desire for racing, a pleasant, coal easterly breeze from Lake St. Clair tempered down the effects of the August sunshine, producing that delightful medium known as bein "neither cold nor hot" o much aJinirud by worldlings in the physical worl'l, and so scathingly denounced by professors of ultra-isms aspiring to supor-mundane spheres. Racing affairs being totally mundane, and the goal presenting no other prize in view, man making the best "three out of five" which entitled the successful competitor to a purse of filthy luchre containing five hundred pieces. It is no wonder that men of the earth earthy, as well as men of the horse horsey, went In with a special zest for three or four hours keen enjoyment The track was in a condition which profes sed sports could find nothing to find fault with. After the usual preliminaries, which in part r suited in Grey Eagle's winning the inside track, ank after a false start or two they got wellaway, Lady Ellis just lapping the "Hoary Bird of Jove," as they Ecudded around the course, the lady decidely after. The first two hundred yards there were Bome very lair efforts on both Bides, but the Ergls came in a decided winner of the first heat in 2.33. In the second heat the contest was a close one. Lady Ellis pressing on Grey Eagle bo closely that he broke up badly and she passed him. He again, however, was got to his work and closed in, but fretting under the pressure again "lifted," which alluwed his lady rival to score that heat asainst him in 2:361. This was decidedly the best heat in the rsos Gn the third heat they both got wall away together, Grey Eagle, as usual, leading at the start, but the heat on the whole, was unsatls- frctorv. bath breaking several times. The Eagle came in winner. Time, 2:3SJ. notn-ing to brag of for either. The fourth heat waa made In 2371, Grey Eagle winning without much difficulty. It will be seen, however, that the best time, 2:361, was made hy Lady Ellis in the second .heat, which rather, on the whol?, surprised everybody, for Grey Eagle Beemed on every steady trial ofdownrlght speed to leave ner,ana she seemed only to gain over him by her steady power of endurance, and square sticking to to her work. Facts seem to hint that neither of them are trained to their full capacities. On the whole the contest was interesting, and the excitement particularly at the home. Stretch on the second heat when .LadyEllis came in in 2 36J, was decidedly fervid. Wb think that wa can nromise our readers something worth seeing to diy, when Patchen and Dexter enter the lists for the $2,000 purse SuPEETNTEJrrjENT Dorr. The. Ann Ar. bor Journal contains the following compli mentary notice of Dnane Doty, Esq., the able and efficient Superintendent oi Schools In this city: We hear the name of Doane Doty, Esq., of Detroit at present Superintendent ot the Public Schools of that city, mentioned in connection with the Democratic nomination for Superintendent of Public Instruction. Mr.Doty was raised near this citv. where his lath er's family now resides. Ae ls a graduate of our University, of the class of 1856.- He bag spent the most of the time since his graduation either In teaching or In pursuits imme- dlately connected with education. About a yea ago he was elected Superintendent of the Public Schools of Detroit s most responsible position, which he has filled to the satisfaction of all concerned. His nomination as Stte Superintendent would be a source ot gratification to his many friends in this vicinity, as well from the knowledga of hia firnew for the ncition, as from feelings of friendship and local pride. Attempted Rasch.ii v. There are men in this age of moral reform and professed sym-pathy for the poor, who delight in grinding the faces of all whom they can get within their power. Such a case, which occurred lately, came to trial yesterday, before Justice Austin. Mr. Gisler, 117 Lamed street sold a sowing machine to .a woman named Jane Vann, for $53, on condition that it should be paid for In six months. If not- paid within that time $5 more was to be added to the price. She paid $20 down and $20 more in one month, when she was taken sick. A few days after the six months had passed Gisler got out a warrant of replevin, with the intention of taking the machine from her, but on a hearing of the case the Justice returned to her the machine and rendered judgment in favor of the plaintiff for the balance due of $23. Inquest. Coroner McCarthy held an in quest yesterday on the body of the young girl who died on Monday morning from injuries received by burning with kerosene oil on Friday evening last She was at the house of a neighbor engaged in washing, when, in order to start the fire, which was not burning very well, she threw a quantity ol oil Into the stove, which instantly blazed up, enveloped the poor girl and burnt her so terribly as to cause death as stated. The jury rendered a verdict accordingly. The girl was not quite' fifteen years of age. Youxg Men's Hall, A large and fashionable audience greeted the Eecond appearance of the fair comedienne, Lotta, despite the unfavorable weather last evening. Katty O'Sheal, Middy Ashore, and the concluding farce, were presented In a splendid manner. Miss Lotta is bound to be a favorite with the Detroit public. To-night Uncle Tom's Cabin will be presented, and as this play always draws a large house, we expect to see Young Men's Hall completely packed. Reckless Shooting. Charles Bigley was bound over at the Recorder's Court yesterday for trial on the charge ot discharging a revolver repeatedly In a saloon full of people, on Monday night, while in a drunken fit of semi-insanity. It Is to be hoped ha will be punished, severely. Drunkenness is held by the highest courts to be no excuse for criminal or lawless acts. A Museum. Parties from the East have been in the city within a few days, consulting with a gentleman long connected with the theatrical business here, in reference to opening a first-class museum-upon the plan of Barnum's In New Yorir, and of Wood's in Chicago. A new building will be erected, and everything done to render the place attractive. Excursion. A large party of excursion ists, gentlemen, ladles and children, arrived in town yesterday from Port Huron on the Grand Trunk road, and alter spending the day in visiting the many points of interest around town, returned last evening. Base Bali The Detroit Base Ball Club have sent a challenge to the Forest City Club, of Cleveland, to play a home and home match. We hope the challenge will be accepted. The Forest Cityites may rest assused of a generous reception if they conclude to come. The Presidential Reception. Atten tion is called to the notification of the Chair man of the General Committee for a meeting ta be held at the Mayor's office to day, at 12 o'clock. A full attendance is desired. Watermelons. A splendid lot were for Bale yesterday, by "Wm. Davis & Sons, under the RusBoll House. They were brought from Southern Illinois, and were all large and ripe; one of them weighed 31 lbs. Base Ball. The match which wa3 adver tised to be played between tho Athletic Club of this city and the Peninsular Club ol Ypsl- lanti, on Monday, will be played this morning on the grounds of the Detroit Club. Hasonio Norrcs A pec:ai communication of Zion Lodire, No. 1, F. & A. M , will ba held at Masonic Hall, this (Wednesday) evening, Aug- 39th, at 1 0'ciocff. Bi oraer oi ue n . m. b. Q. RAND, Secretary. Masokio Nonet A fpe-ial conunnnlcatlon of reutniaiar unapier, no. io, it. a. jn.,wui ou aeiu at Masonic Hall this (Wednesday) evening, Aug. 39th, at 1 o'clock. By order of the H P. C. HUTTON, Sec. HARRIED. In this eUy, Tuesday, August 38th, 1866. at the residence or me onae's lamer, dv we imv. ueorge Dufdld, F S Lawbkisob, Jr., Memphis, Term., nno Clara A. Pease, of rnls city. Bocaester, N.Y., and Adrian papers, please copy. ' DIED. In this city, this morning, at 4 o'clock, Jomt T xreiss, aged 44 years, brother In law of Joseph The fnneral will take placo from the residence of Joseph uranger, no.bu Aoams Avenua wear, -eu-nradi? moraimr, at 10 o'clock. Vrienda of tho family are invited to attend. At fit. Clair, Mich., Aug 23. Maud, aged nine months and two days, only cnuaot A. u. ana uuth L Linda vv. Baneral on Thursday, Aug. SOth at 4 p.m. , from the residence of her parents,. No. 110 Lafayette St west, iie:roit NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Burk's Advertising Agency, 63 Griawoid ptreet, is anihorised to receive advertisements for the Ftu Prttt and all papers throughout the unitea states. CUSXOiH-tlOIJ.NE, DETKOIT, CoLLECTja'a 07rcE, Anir. 33, 1366. it'ntlip Is hornhv riven that 1 nhil ex -MSG f tr sale, at Public Auction, in front of the Cuau m-hon-e, to tne city of Detroit, oa aiturday, aeptemner aoo, at 13 o ciocK m., mo louowing namtu piu-.w-j, so!z;d for illezal importation, v'zr 14 yards WorBted Dress Hoods, 8 yards Glngtsam, a pur n-m muifeo, 5 pir Hose. 13 gallons Alcohol, 1 Row Boat, 1 Barrel, 1 Keg, and Sicks ; Whisky, 43X eHons-HENHY A JlOKBO . nn?W lawSt Collector if Customs. lOB STjinnrtiort CITY- The new, low-pressure, side-wheel steamboat KEWEENAW, - Caftaik Auei&T Stewart, wnUeave for thi above porr, Bayaeld, Ontonagon, and all interments to laaa aupjnor pons, On Tuesday, September -dLtli at 8 o'clock pm. For freight or passage apply to " 8. P. BRADY & Co., Foot ot Woodward Mi' XbxsIWabu Hunger. , angu-td NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Important Caution TO DEALERS AND TUB PUBLIC. The actmowledged excellence and immense popularity of BURNETT'S COCOAINE For tho Hair, has caused many Inferior imitations to bo thrown noon the market '-H"g both elegance and merit The Inventors of COCOAINE, by a scientific solcctloa of other ingrodlents-those which will chemically conblno with para deodorized ' ' ' CBCOA-NtiT Sit. as a basis havo presented a Topical compound peculiarly adapted for the toilet. It Is nnriialtd in delicacy and arjreeabloncsj. cooling In .its natore, and possesses snch a penetrating arRalty for tha secretions ot the skin that ii is rapldlj absorbed. . It allays irritation, removes all tendency to dandruff, promotes the growth, while its erttxt npon the glG3-fitness and richness of app-jarance of the hair, renders it the be-t most cleanly, and c'aeapest One HAIR DRESSING and Invigoratoi in the world . Wholesale by FABBAND, SUELEI & CO, and Kid by all firat-clais druggists. angSJ lt 1866. 1866. SEASON AhUtANGETjErXT. 8AGIN&W", SUSAN WARD, CDt P. Kenyan. Capt. W- B- Comer. One of the above fine new, low pressure, sidv wheel boats will leave the Dock of JOHN HOTCH-INi 8. foot of iirlnwold Street Xtxry Twad-tyr Thursday, and Saturday, at 10 o'clock o.t ,, Tor 88x11137, Bayfield, Huron O ry and Port Austin, taking! passengers and freight t owrate. and with great care and despatch. EBBH WARD, myfl-tim ' Manager. RECEPTION OF THE PRESIDENT. There will be a meetingor the General Commute on the reception of the President at the Mayor's Office, at 11 o'clock a.m., On Wednesday, the 3t)tli lxiafc,, to hrar the report or the Executive Committee, and to transact sach other business as may ba brought before the meeting. A prompt attendance is rcqaested. JAMES D. WEIR, Chairs an. B. M. Cbszvib, Secretary. Detroit, Aneust 28, 16C6. aoMt YOUNG .HE.VS Mr. J. B. Healev. Stage Manager.......... Mr. J. R. Spackstan. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Curtain rises at 8. Parqnette, 90c; Gallery, 33a Secure seats at D. 3. Amsden's Music Store, Jefferson Avenue. Wednesday Evening, Aug. 29, 1889, The great moral Drama, UIVCIaE TOM'S CABUT, on LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY. Topsy, with sontfl. breakdown MIm Lotta. banjo solos, -J . In rehearsal, FEMALE DETECJ1YB, AND FANCH02T. angl9-tr JAMES NALli, Jr., & Co. NEW FANDY STOCK d b y g'o o r r DRE;3 GOODs, BLANKETS, FLANNELS, BBAWLS, DOMESTICS, BALMORALS, Also CAHPjRTB. Large variety a: nopalar prices. aug-9 lm ONE ITIUliE GRAND PLEASURE EXCURSION ABOUND IiAEE eUPUKIOB. The new, ccmmodlous steamer IRONSIDES, Capt. J. B. Tuarrxa, will leave Detroit On Friday, September 7 til; At 13 o'clock midnight, on her last excursion for this season to the cool, healthful regions of Lake Superior, where invalids and pleasure seekers can. so comfortably and prorttably spend their ti no and improve tneir neaitn, ana avoia uie smirr, Baoocai-in?, hot weather which September will bring, Instead of having it in August. A PINE BAND OP MUSIC ON BOARD. For freight, passage or rooms apply on hoard, or to B P. BRADY CO., Foot, of Woodward Ave. W. HsBBTrr, ranfeneer Agent- augJS-td pcrioa sale W. Gc McGREGOKTS LIVERY STOCK, DETROIT, Monday, September 3d, 18QQ, Consictiig of HORSES, CARRIAGES, LIGHT TOP AND OPES BTJGGIE3, Portland. Cutters, Slelsns, SILVER BELLS, FANCY ROBES, Double and Single Harnesses, Sheets, Blankets, Bug.-y Coverings, t together with all the entire sundries contained in tne Livery Stable cf W. G. McGregory, No. 46 East Lamed Street, Detroit. Evenr article will nositivelv ba sold to the lushest bidder. Bale'poslUve and terms cash. commence at 10 o'clock. PATRICK HcQINNlS, AucUoteer- angaeodtd C1HC CLERK'S OFHCF, Dstboit. Arnrust 39th, 185. Notice Is hereby given to the owners and occa-pants of any land acd lots adjolnlrg the alley between Fort and Lalayeue streets, frtm Beaubien to Brush street; alley south oi Adelaide street, Between John B. and Frusn meets; Lafa-eitc street, from 8helby:to Grtswold street; alley between Abbott and Porter, and Seventh and Elkbth streets, la the dty of Detroit, that an assessment hss been ordered by the Common Co incjl for the purpose of defraying the eipecse of building Ml- & lateral sewers meaidaTleys and street; snd that all i errors Interested In any lacd or lots adjoining p1d alleys, claiming to have the same exemptea from assessment for building said lateral sewers, are required to show to the Common C undL at Ua next regular session after the expiration of five days troji tie date of this notice, that their lot or lots are anfflr dently drained By ordr of the Common Council. ans9dot HENRY STARKE Y. City Clerk. For Hew Adyortlsments see Sth page.

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