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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 1

Detroit, Michigan
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Tuesday, October 8, 1861
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VOLUME XXY. DETROIT, MICHIGAN, TUESDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 8, 1861. NUMBER 111 WAIiKBR & SEITZ, POBLE5HEBS AJ(D PsZOPBOCOUS. IT. IHS1 Free Pita SSi Tri-WwMy, $3j tt ARREST OP HE, ARTHUR E A.N-KIN, M. P. P. ALLEGED BREACH OF THE FOREIGN ENLISTMENT ACT. OB 18 RELEASED ON BUI.. Fran lis Toronto Globe of yesterday weleara th3t on Saturday Mr. Arthur Rankin, H. P. P.for Esaer, paid a visit to Toronto and took np his residence at tbe Bln Eopso. Bundsy Bftornooo, at four o'clock, ho wis arrested In the reading-ro:m of theEoealn House by Bergeant Kaior Mc- Do sen, armed with a warrant leaned by George Gnrnett, Etq., Police Hrgistrale, ohcrglng blrfl with having committed a breach of " The For elgn Enlistment Act," passed in the 59 i year of Ela Msjesty Kins George tea Third; ohsp. 68. Too warrant vatisauei on on ";nforjnationnnsd before tho Police Magistrate, and sworn to by lir. John Wilson, confectioner, Crhurob, etroot, better known as "Bsgar John." The "information," which la given below, was recognized ea being In tho handwriting of Mr.' George Shep-pord, who has be acting us editor of the Leader for tho past two months, ant! was before that a " southern cytna'.h!" In Washington and Richmond. When Mr. Rankin was arrested, Bergeant Mr j ir McDowell Informed him that be had been Instructed to state to him that ball would be ac cepted for his appearance at the Pollco Court on Tuesday himself In $1,000 and two sureties In $500 Mr.Bankln said "ha wished to learn the narae of his accuser, and for that pur pose accompanied the Bergeant Hejor to the rcsldenoo of tho Police Magistrate, jarrls street. He was there Informed that the lnforaatlon bad been "sworn to" by John Wilson. The HsgUtrate Inquired If he was raady to put in bail for his appearance on Tuesday, when Mr. Rankin asked if the care could not bo tried cn Mondoy, bat the Magistrate stated to him tn reply to this question that time would be required to procure witnesses. A carriage was tben procured, and Mr. Ear tin proceeded to lock for bail la oharge of Bergeant Mrjor McDowell. Hr. tayor Bswes and Mr. Allan N. McLean returned with him to the residence of the Police Magistrate, when the necessary bonds were signed, and Ur. Itinkln liberated from oustody. It may b: proper to mention that Mr. Mayor Bowes '..came one of the sureties on the understanding ust another was to be obtained to take his place tola morning. Tho rums on the bail bonds aio Me. Rankin, $1,000; Ur. Mayor Bower, $500; ana Mr. A. S. McLean, $500. Ths Investigation will commence at the Polloe Court on Tnesdjy, at ten o'clock. Tho news of the arrest web known ail ever town last evening, and created considerable talk, and it was currently reported that the informa tion had been sworn to by Hr. George Bheppard, As wo hare Esid before, however, Mr. John Wil son la the nclual oomplainant. The following Is the information sworn to by Lira: Canada, City or Toronto, to wit : Tna information and complaint of John Wll-i on, of the said city, gentleman, taking an oath before ms, George Gnrnett, Eq . Polloe Magistrate of said city, this Cth day ot Oatober, 1861. Complainant, upon his oath aforesaid, saith that he has been informed, and believes, that one Arthur Biikin, lately r-izidicg In the county of Essex, in the said Province, and being at the preset:'. In the said city of Toronto, Esquire, the said Arthur Rankin being a natural-born subject o! Her Hrjesty the Queoa of Great Britain and its dependencies, has takes, or accepted or agreed to take or accspt a military commlislon, and to en ter Into the Ecrvloe ol a foreign State, to wit, of the United States of America, without the leave or license of Her said Majesty for that purpose had and obtained. And further, that tho said Arthur Rankin, within the Province of Canada aforefald, to wit, (a the ciry of Toronto, and other places In said Province, lias within the period of three months last past hired, retained, and engaged or procured, cr attempted or endeavored to hire, re-talD, engage, or procure, several persons, being ns'.nra'.-born subjects oi Her said Majesty, to en list, or to serve, or to be employed as cfSeers or soldiers In the service of the Foreign Btate afore bald. The said acta of the cold Arthur Bankln being la vitiation of the laws of the land, and espc-c?Uy of the provisions of tha Imperial Btatute, passed la the 59;h year of Hts Msjesty King ;eor?e the Tnlrd, chap. 69, Known aa "xno f oi elcn Enlistment Act." Taerefore, oomplainant prays that a warrant may leaue against tne saia Artnur amain, in order that he may be called on to answer to said 'haige, and to be further dealt wHh eccordlne to 117. jim'ii, Srorn before me, Gio. Gce-vktt, Poiioe Higiztrate. James Porter Assault our Reporter and comes off Second Best, lie report that appeared in this paper on Bun- cay morning, in reference to JameB Porter's ttaelty to hla family, arroused his wife-chipping propensities, and he concluded to try his Balance span cu: reporter, In Windsor, yesterday after- aeon. This burly coward thought, because his opponent was cmill, he oould thrash him, aa he 1.3d threatened to do during the day. Sow to the tight. Our little man was standin&ln oompany with b couple of gentlemen, in the door of one .of the itorea on the street leading to tho ferry, wnen tne brave man came along and grossly assaulted the little one. Nothing daunted, little one sailed In at a square stand-up encounter. After two or tires passes, the claret flew from the burly one, and he started and ran, but was soon brought to i time by being overtaken and compelled to face tie music Tho result was, that he begged for 'i-arters by flinging out lustily, take him off. He Sad but one friend in the numerons crowd, who csme to Mb rescue, and he is worth? of him. for tiey are well matched. The varqulahed presented a oiry plight, having a beautiful black eye, and the- bridge of his noee and upper lip decorated win the impression of the victor's knuckles. After the wounds had been dressed, he caxe to his antagonist end made a moat bumble apology, comes-ing mat ne was wrong oau meriisu &u ce received. . This riohiy merited chastisement that he hss received will teach him that, In futuro, the press and those connected with It. must not be Intimi dated, threatened or muzzled, when they are In tho right. Strango as it may appear, It is a faot,that this city contains a man of a similar stripe as this valiant Porter, who had tho assurance to present to this nfflco a statement purporting to be written by ,Krs. Porter, to the effect that he bad always provided for his family. Oar reporter immediately -at to Mrs. Porter, and ahe states that this person and Porter came to her with n garbled itata-oient, vtlch she most positively refused to sign. :'i be would-be frimd then cut off all excepting foar or Ste lines, and after urgent entreaties and promises, notto say threats, the was compelled to sign It. Fellers at Grsnd Hnplds. Daniel Ball i Co., of Grand Rapids, failed on EaturSay morning last. A full statement of their Wjeta and liabilities will be presented to the pub :' He et aa early date. Tho firm have made an aEsignmont providing L ' - r tie circulation of thtir papSr first, end secur-L . lj lot their depositors. She currency Is taken at ; K by the bankers of Grand Espids. It is un-? Cswood that althongh they hive made the above ' Bitment, they will resume payment In a few day : vow v?xTKI!.Rjiigon, services t fort ' r. mv wtlI,K Bsnl3th oonancted by -v. v.. tt'itiaaou,Captiin of the Borneo Guards. . The sermon ru preacb(ia ta lhe oreaoon, A ; iuge enmbw of the .aUler, Vgtuai ottsnaTeIy ,toil.eercta8. ThereSioealhaj01ieth(ra68aa 4 one men, nearly the required complement Arching orders are expected thu wak, when .I: regiment will proceed to Washington. I las Ectekoj CorJEr. The October term of Ecpreme Court oommenceB its asaion to-dav. W UB f0rty CMes 08 tJ"1 5ocko asjorltyof HIoWQlN ANSUiL COHFERBBCB OF THE METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHDBCS. TWENTY-SIXTH SESSION. AnBlvereary of i&e SissiDnary Society Address by Dr. Ilarris-Eermon By Bishop Ames-Ordination of ' Beacons--Anni-versaiy of the Sunday School Daion -Ordination of Elders Beports of Committees The Tract Society-Albion College Colin Seminary. &C, &C &C Trom Our Owa Ee porter. BiTrLB Cezex, Oot. 5. The aunlvoreary of the Hisaioiory Society was held on Baturday evening. Bev. N.Abbott began the regular exercises by some brief but pertlsest and very happy remarks on the importance of themissonary cause, and urged especially upon his hearers that the sork must be prosecuted vigorously, the ohucb must b3 aggressive, it must meet the enemy on his own grounds, never must it be driven from foreign fields to its own shores, there to orgs a defensive war. Or. Harris, Aasistsut SJcrotaxy cf the Mission' aryBaard, stated that the church has at ;thla time foreign missions tn China, South America, Boan- dlnavia, Bulgaria, Indie, ana Germany, never has there been a period in the history of man when missionary labors have been snore fruitful A latter received recently from Bouth America, whloh has always been a BeJf.Bustalning mission, states that the calls of the people from tho inter! or are urgent for more laborers. Tho people axe not only anxious to have, but are willing to pay, for the preaohlngof the gospel. India has contributed upwards of $16,000 on conditions that a Ilka aura be appropriated hero, and that more missionaries be sent out This explains why more help has been there re. cently. PresEPB have been sent to China and bocks arc to be printed In the language of the common people, which differs from the court language. The manner of appropriating the funds raised for missionary purposes was explained. As many distrlota are formed as there are bishope, from eaoh ono of these one man is ohssenand these form the committee whloh decides what amount 1b ne- cosa:ry and where It shall be applied, the amount (inalterable, the places of dlstriSutlon stTjeot to the concurrence of the Missionary Board. This committee at its last meeting deolded that $3C5, 4G0, an Increase of $23,400 over toat of last year, should be raised. They had reasoned that no backward step shall be taken,' and that to main tain a firm foothold and make an advance required a larger amount. This chnroh generally had sustained this view. The Board had set out on the year with a good heart Owing to canaea wh'oh aro patent to every one, there had been a falling off in the receipts from the Baltimore, East Baltimore, and portions of the Philadelphia and New York Conferences, whloh, combined with the increased appropriations, leaves a deficiency of $10,000. How must this c efloiency be met? Up to the present time increased special contributions have materially aided In making it good. A second source of aid is the increased contributions received from the West. A third sourojls the appropriations whloh have been placed to the credit of the various Conferences, and have been given np by tho respective Confer-enceaj. In this way $13,000 have been realized. Honey whloh hsc been in the preachers' own power to use for their own personal relief has been generously given up. It is an Instructive fact and one which should stir the ohnroh to Its foundations. Of this $13,000 the Datroit Confer-ence has contributed $2,100, and the Michigan Confirenoe $1,900. As on illustration of the growth of domestic missions the speaker cited that of the western States. Thirty years ego ono Conference embraced the Btates of Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa and Wisconsin, extending to Lawresceburg on the south, Galena on the Mississippi and west indefinitely. This vjst area was traversed by less than one hnndred ministers. To-doy there are twenty Conferences, 2,131 pastors, 3,000 local preachers, 278,860 members, and church property to thesm-nnt of $4,141,000. -'f After the singing ol the Missionary Hymn, Eav. Wa Taylor, of CsllfomlB, was introdnced and made a abort address. He said that even in this country many people thought it an easy matter and ell right that the minister and his family should exemplify piety in their conversation and actions, but that it Is quite a different thing for a man immersed In business to spend his time at prayer meetings, and aot eooordlsg to the principles of religion. This Is precisely the argument ot the heathen In foreign nations. A Christian minister oomea among them, and they are contented to believe that bis religion will do for him, bnt that after all their own Is mnoh bat ter for them. People oi foreign nations are prone to think themselves the best of all on earth, and that other nations ore barbarians. This Is especially true of the Chinese; but when the Chi' natnan comes to this country he soon lays aside wooden shoes and fantastic dress, and adapts him' self to English customs; and, if he la converted and educated, he la just the man to beoome a missionary among bis own countrymen. Califor nia contains a large population of Chinese, and In view of the above facta is ons cf the most Im portant fields tor missionary labor. The importance of obildren as missionaries to convert men at home was nrged; they have a naturalness, a directness ot appeal, that older persons do not pouesa. It ia not the muscular man that can manage the terrible beasts, but the Bible Bays, " A little child shall lead them." It Is net the Doctors of Divinity cr the dignlta' ries of tho church that most easily persuade men Into the heavenly wBy, but the simplicity end earnestness of children. Don't dUcourege them by telling them they can do nothing In the great work ot evangelizing the world. Give their little hands something to do, and you will find that they are among themnat Efficient missionaries for Christianity. After the exercises the follo-ing were elected officers of the Conference Missionary Board for the ensuing year: President D. Burn p. Vac Pmidt'tH. W. Johnson. Secretary J. W. HoblDiOn. ZWmurn L. B. Edmonds. BcKDiT Moaning, Oct 6. The church was filled to overflowing, on But-day morning, by those anxious to listen to the discourse by Bishop Ames. The text taken was: John, xxi. Si. iai then ire also muy othsr things vh ch Jesnx did, tbe which, if tbey shoa:d bo written, erery one, I euppose, that ereu tbe wcrld itcftlf could not contain the books that should b written. The speaker said, in introducing the subject that there Is a large olaaa who, like Thomas, are Blow to believe. It had been the greatest plague of his own religious life, this went of faith. On the principle that ministers Generally Bpeak oftenest and most warmly on BarJcta that they are most deficient, ho had obosen for the subject of bis dis course one which might not interest the members of tbe Conferenoa, or those of the audience more advanced in years. Many effict to look down oontemplnoutlyupon the followers of the Bible, as though they might obtain tome higher elevation upon which to pin their faith. Tbelr prcatloes are tnt the modern stamp of the old form of infidelity, of which mention is made where It spojka cf wizards who peep and mutter. He had met one of these persons, who had reprosoh6d hla for clinging to the gospel when a newer revelation had been made. He said to bin that tbe first lesson that his Puritan mother taught him, as he sat upon her knee, was to revere the Bible. Ia that votom9 he road of one who carried his delusion to bell, end there, while euffarlng the punishment of his it JI necked obstinaoy, he lifted np bis eyes, tad asserted that God had not dona enough to save him, pertinaciously obstinate be besought him to eend one from the dead to earth, that they might believe, bat God Bsjd they have Hoses and the prophets end, u they hearken notto them neither will they believe, though one ries from the dead. The Bi. ble, the speaker said, sua anfflcieat far him. If tho dead oould he called back there was no need of: their presence; they fulfill ed their mission while on earth. . A curious fact, Illustrating tho foresight of God, in meeting the doubts of any in reference to th e truth of His word is, that twenty-seven works have been penned by fifteen persona, eight oi -whom have written different accounts, all of which perfootly harmoniss. Oonld it have beea possible for tho same number of false witnesses to so perfectly agree In ell the little details ol their etory? Again, tbe story Is simply told, there is no. attempt at ornamentation, at dressing up the narrative. "Thus .eatth the Lord,1' say the prophets. Still more atrongly, If possible, ia the. .Impresa of truth stamped on the writings of the Apostles, for they narrate their own follies and little mean. ceases, their contentions aa to who should be the greatest' their petty strifes. No such thing oould be found tn & hero's delineation in fiction. In no works, beside the Bible,' can be found that simplicity of statement that eo bcara upon Its face the mark of truthfulness. : . Voltaire said ha was tired of bearing that twelve illiterate fishermen had established a relf gion that should rule tho world. It ahonld be .eeen how a French philosopher mignt ovennrow l Tet these same illiterate, down-trodden nan ermenhave furnished tha only perfect specimen of humanity ever given to the world. Is there anything like this in all the range of literature? Have even the most highly oalUvateQ ana oru llant authors, In all their attempts, ever auoeeed- ei in producing a hero who never ottered a foolish thing or did a wicked deed? In the New Tor taaent yon find one who never was swayed by human passions, who spoke as never mas spake. and who ia all bis career, waa blameless, without spot or blemish. That so perfeot a ch;raoter was draws, can only be accounted for by the reason that the specimen was before their eyes, and that they but noted every-doy events as they occurred. It is very rarely the esse that two or three oc temporaries write the history of a mas or state, Ofteser is it reserved for oome one. who lived after the facts of which he writes have ocenrref . Their data is made np of Btate documents, of state' menta that bava been warped and twisted by par' tlsas pre judlce; asd when these fall the historian launches out into probabilities, and, these falling him, he sails boldly into the immense sea of con" jeoture, and there fishes up material to be wrought into the wJb or his work. But, In the case of tbe Saviour, we have the written testimony of these who were contemporaneous with the events nar rated. It la the beat evidence, for it is tbe writ ten reoord of the transactions. Physicians tell ns that tho substance of the body are' continually changing, and that the ma terial ot whloh we shall a few years hence be com posed la now Casting in the air, swimming in the sea, growing In tbe ground. Tet our identity Is never lost Oo with the Churob; lta identity Is the same yesterday, to day and forever; although twenty centuries remained from Calvary, jet we stand on the earne foundation, from the tame platform we let down tho came pitcher Into tho game well, we have the same inheritance, and here in the saored writ we have, are our title deeds, with God's own signet etamped tn miraclea upon them The Bible contains sufficient in itself to show lta authority. It Is & bard thing to make up a false history. The speaker gave several familiar Illustrations of this, end went on to say that, 1' one believes the Bible to be false, he must first believe that twelve lllilerato men have Invented a, false story with so much ebllity, posseeaing such consistency, that learned men, felling to discover any Saws, have believed it. How could belief in Christ ever have got a be ginning? By miracles. A miracle Is a suspension or alteration of a law of nature, something whloh appears directly to the senses. Can any one imagine how God could have authenticated the gift of His Son. except by miracle; 7 Away back in former ages may be found gigantic Intel' lects,who had worked out the problem of tbe great first cauae. They believed the Old Testament the book of nature, but In no other way tbon by miracles could tbe truib of revalation have been brought homo ti them; God, in giving the law to Moses amid tho thunderlnga of Blnal, seemed to Imply that Ha gave ns to understand that He who put together theso mountains, who fashioned these works, the Author of nature and the God of revelation, is one and the seme. Nioodemus said to Christ, thou art a teacher; how did he know it? Why, no one oould do the works he had done without God helping him. Pe ter said of him a mas approved by signs and won dera which God did through him. Christ did thcea mighty works in the presence of His enemies, He wrought miracles to convert sinners. God woried by theso.mlractes, for shall He come down from Hla high and holy place to argue with man? His deeds speak for him. A glorious thing ia life. O ften bad It filled bis soul while gazing up on the mighty forest stretching cntlts moss covered branches from tho trunk of a thousand years. One Is lest In gezlng npon the various wonders of vegetable and animal creation, and can but say what a. thing is life! Yet far more glorious above these rise the city of the everlast ing God, pinnacle upon plnnaole, Bpire surmounting spire. Its beautieB oome Hooding the soul with delight and It says, soul live forever, that ye might have life everlasting. This is tbe boon that the soul may have If It but have faith In God. The speaker alluded, in closing, to the hardships which must bo endured ilka good soldiers by tho mlnlstera of Christ and exhorted them to have faith to tbe end, " for these light sffllctiore, whloh ere hut for a moment shall work for them a far more exceeding asd eternal weight of glory." At the conclusion of the sermon tbe Bishop, as-slated by Bev. T. H. Slnrx and Rev. H. Peefield, ordained as Deacons the following: E. Marble, H. M. Joy, George D. Lee, James H. Dayton, Amos O. Wheeler, Jonathan A. Sprague, Uri Mason, Andrew B. Van Wyck, Gaorge A. 8herman, IraB. A. Wightman, and Joseph Jones. SUNDAT ArTIBNOOK, Oct. 6. The anniversary of the Sunday Bchool Union of tha Michigan annual Conference was held at 2 P. M. After prajer by the Bev. T. H. Jaookes and singing of a hymn by the school, the Secretary mido the following report: Number of schools . 325 Knmber of Bible claiies 20O Numb-rof officers and teachers 2,914 dumber ot scholars . 13.864 Number of infantaeholars... ........ - IjlftS Number of conversions . 177 Nnmbsr of Tolnxnes in libraries.... . . . 40,033 Sunday School Advocate taken 4,034 Rem ived of 1 Sunday School Onion .$145 VI Eipenses 1,890 90 Addreagea were delivered to the children by Bev. Mr. Bitohcock, of Cincinnati, Bov. B C. Crawford, and Bev. Wm. Taylor. After the oonoluslon of the exorcises the fol. lowing were elected officers of the Society for the ensuing year: President E. Crane. Vice Prtiidal Wm. Crawford. Treasurer H. Lyon. Recrtlttry h. 8. Bennett Board of DrrtctoriJ. BoyntOD, 11. Liw, N. Fassett, J. Jennings. Sunday Evbniho, Oot 6. . Tho evening dboonrse waa delivered by the Bev.U Hitchcock, of Cincinnati. 1st Timothr. IV. 8: "HollutsalinrentaMtinalltnlrcs hi-rtcc tne promise of the life that now Is, and of that which is to come." He showed clearly the advantages of the Chris tian religion in this life, and discarded the notion that piety necessarily implies a downcast spirit and a sour and solemn frame cf mind. After services followed tbe ordination of ElderB The exercises, whloh were solemn and impressive, were conducted by the Bishop, assisted by presid ing elders Jacokes and Eidred, Dr. Poo, B9V. E H. Piieher and Esv. H, Law. The following were ordained Elders: A. O. Hsz 3rd, G. W. Chapln, J, Fowler, A. W. Torrey. M J. Smith, A. Coplin, T. J. George, John Hoyt L.M. Edmonds, J. J. BceU, A. Gore, W. Danst, A. B3ach John CInblse, G. O. Palmer, L. J. Griffin. Battle Cbmk, Oaf. 7,gg The Conference opened at 8 o'olock, with the usual religious services, conducted by Bsv, D. D. GiUett, The Bishop presented the certificates of ordi nation of those who were ordained Doaoons and Elders yesterday. Lsava of absence waa granted to too committee in the esse of Bev. J. M, Pratt "Bfft, E, H. Day made a verbal statement of bis labors, aa Agent of the Muskegon Chorphj also, a report of the financial condition of the Church. The report elicited somo diBCUsalos, and its adoption was postponed for a tinia. ! ,:. Bsv. J. A. Ormsby, formerly a pastor In tho Wesleyaa Methodist Church, having, takes the usual vowBjWaa recognized as an -hitter asd a moabsr of the Conference.; - ' - The Agent of the Muskegon Church resumed his report' He stated that the entire Indebted, seas of tho Churob, at the present time, la $4,. S8054. He could not state exactly tho sassta, bnt bellST?d the amount to be somewhere near two thousand dollars. B)V. D. D. GiUett, formerly Agent of the Chnrcb, made a lengthy ' review of the report tending to ezonlpata himself from blame, which tho report seemed to cast upon him. Oa motion, the financial statement which was made by tbe Agent, was accepted and ordered placed on file. Bar. J. Bannett as Treasurer of the Tract Society, presented the following report: Bxcxrrrs Kalsmiroo Dbtrlot $ 8 03 OoWwater District, 12 18 NUes District H c0 Grand Bapids Dislliot 2 00 Law, .'. :. 6 00 Total, .$38 38 Total amount paid out- -- 33 28 Cash on hand,. .......... JtOOQ Bsv. H. B. Oambnrn presented the following resolutions, whloh were adopted. Whereat, oert&in papers have bees presented to this Conference, Invoking the moral character Bin. A. J. Eidred and H. Law, Instigated, as wo believe, by an expelled member of the Methodist Eplzoopal Churob ; and Wh jtaj, It may be necessary to u.33 said papers to secure the honor and integrity of the obarob; therefore, Retolwed, That tha Secretary be, and hereby is, instructed to permit the above brethren to see said papers to secure the aforesaid objact (Signed) O. Sural, V. H. Jacokes, K (Irase, T-B. Bangs, Gsorgs Bradley, W. O. Comfort, H.Lair, A J. stored. Tne eighth question, who are tha superannuated preachers, was taken np. Bsve. B Babin, J. H. Pitezsi, H. p. Barker, E. Crane, and J. C. Abbott were continued in the superannuated relation. Bavs. B C. Woodward and B, Westla:, were, at their own request, made t ffjotive. Eev.T. H. Jacokes reported, on behalf of the the committee on the Colon Beminary, appointed a joar ago, that, in oonrcquence of the financial embarrassments at present existing, they deem It inexpedient to urge tho adoption of the preposi tion heretofore presented to tbe Conference, but bold the same in abeyance until a more i avora ble time ; meanwhile, they recommend as a Board of Visitors, to examlno into tho condition and management of the school, the preachers in oharge of Three Blvere, Gestxevllle, and Sturgis. The report waa adopted, Bav. P. Boynton, from the Committee on Al, blon College, reported that this, our long oherish ed institution, is still orjojtog a high degree of prosparlty. Since our last session the foil pow ers cf a college have been procured by an amend ment to the charter. The financial condition of the college is euoh as to Insure its success during the present crisis, but preoludea tho InoreaEO of the endowment fund at present It la hoped, however, that ere long this may be done. They submitted the following resolutions: Resolved, That we are highly gratified with tho present prosperous condition of this Institution, flud renew onr oft-repeated pledges for lta sup port a-n pationags-Reiohtd. That we heartily approve tbecrono sl lcia to enlarge the endowment fund to one bun dree thousand dollars, and will cordially co ope rate witn ice xrusiees in tms important worjr, Tho oorgmlttoe recommended S. W. Walker, E-q.acd Bsv. H. PenQeld oa Trustees. They wero so eleoted by ballot. Tho Bishop appointor) T. H. Blnex President a ; d 0. C. Olds Professor in the Albion CoUege, gOn motion, Rav. M. Carpenter was granted a lo' cation. Tho committee is the case of J M. Pratt reported that, as tbe accused could not bring in certain evidence at the present time, they re commended tte referring of tbe whole subject to another seleot committee of fifteen, to sit soma time during the Interval of the Conference. Tbe report and recommendation of the committee was adopted. The eermon this evening will be delivered by Bav. Mr. Taylor, of California. The Conference then adjourned to meet at 8 iO' morrow. l'orsonal. Major O. Goldsmith, in behalf of several gen tlemen at this city, recently purchased a Ken tacky thoroughbred etalllon, and presented it to Brigadier General Williams. The following acknowledgment baa been re ceived: Detroit, Sept. 30, 1861. Major 0. GoLnsaHn Dear Siri I beg yon to make known to the gentlemen who united in pur chasing for me the thoroughbred horse, "York shire," my most heartfelt acknowledgements of this costly token of their regard. I reoognize In the list of donors, long known and valued friends- There is to one, leaving home under clrcum stances of much responsibility, a high asd espe- olal value of encouragement of approbation, Of friendly oheerlsg In these gifts of esteemed friends, which no one cos fslly realize without experience. I feel it now to Its full oxtont, and gratefully ac. knowledge the pleesnre and encouragement this mark of regard asd es'eem has given me. It will be my endeavor not to forfeit the good opinion or friends, long known asd ranch loved. Thanking you for your personal interest in this matter, I beg yon to believe me, Your faithful friend and obtdlent servant A. S. WHJJA S. BsooBBaa's Coubt. The Ootobar srsi'.on or the Recorder's Ccnrt commenced this morning at tte City Hall, Hon. Henry A. Morrow presiding. Tho following Is tho list of c2ses: Johanna Dennlm Using Isaultlsg language. Dlsoharged. John Galliuer Using InsuV.lng language. Aof pros. Anthony Shnol Uiing Insulting language. Dismissed. James Nsnahsm Using limiting language. Bot tled. John Kempt Using Insulting language. Con tinued. Andrew Dale Using Insulting language. Fined ten dollars or twenty days House of Correction. John McPee Using Insulting language. tFined five dollars or ton days In House of Correction. Bridget Leddy Using Insulting language Dis charged on entering into her own recognisance to abstain from liquor for one year. William Moore Maintaining a nuisance. Con tinned. Mary McKesale Keeping house of IB-fame. Capiat order to issue. Joseph Bredy Information fur posBlng coun terfeit bill. Plead not guilty. Thomas Bums Assault and.batlsry In resisting an ofiloer. Plead guilty. Alcrzo Bohinson Larotny from porBon. It will bo observed that tho notorious Mrs. Mo- Etnzle, who has been eo often brought before the notico of the pubilo, has left to avoid her trial. At her late examination before the Police Court, Bhe waa admitted to bail, and thus escaped the punishment Bhe bo riohiy deserve?. What induced the Police Justice to take the boil which he did 1 This la a question that has been repeatedly argued, end as often avoided. There ia a mpstery about the case whloh should ba cleared np, that people may know who is to be blamed, and who is not AIobbo Boblnson simple larcony. Withdrew hla former plea, ..not guilty, asd plead guiity. House of Correction for three months. Mary Johnson recognizance forfeited. George Hamilton end George Erwin infonnr. tion for larceny from shop In day-time. Bath plead not guilty. Separata ftlsj asked, and granted. Mary Johnson reoognlsanco forfeited. CoEPfl of Enoihesbs. On the reoommccda tion of onr most prominent men. Major General Fremont has authorized Captain Chadwlck, of Battle Creek, to organise a corps of engineers and mechanics for oorvlce In Missouri. Persona wixtuag to iota tola jmqdunltt inako tjaa. dlatoanpuoauon. An ",1 afforded olvil engineers, malhematlolaiia, mater meohanlce, and accountants, to enter a branch of service in whloh good service to their country can be done. ' ; RESOLUTIONS ON THS DEATH OF CJPT HcKERNMT. To tha Editor of The Detroit Tim Preaa. V 1 WAnrjKBTOH, Bept 26. : At a meeting of the commissioned officers of tho Seventh Beglmont Michigan Volunteers, held on the 26th day of September, 1861, Col. J. B. Grosvenor was eleoted Chairman asd Acjutast H. B. Lindon Secretary. The death of Capt Phillip HcKemas waa announced by Col. Grosvenor in some vary feeling remarks, alluding to the deceased aa a true mas asd an excellent offioer and soldier; whereupon a committee, consisting of Major Eldridge, Captains Darrah asd Baxterj and Lieutenants Ennt and Zaoharlah, were appointed to report reaolo Hons expressive o.' the feeling of said cfBoera upon the death of Capt. McEoman. The committee reported the following, whloh were unan-imouBly adopted: Whereat, We have raoalved the painful announcement of the death of Capt Phillip HoKar-non; and whereas, he wss universally esteemed by every officer In the regiment aa a mas of ability, an excellent officer, asd a frank and kind companion; therefore, Raolaed, That, in tha death of Capt Phillip HcKeman, the regiment has lost ono of Its, best officers, his oompany a kind oommander and warm friend, and tne officers a noble-hearted companion. Ruolstd, That, while wo feel that onr sympathies will do but little toward blunting the keen edge of that grief which the announcement o! his death will convsy to the bosoms of hla wife and children, yet we cannot but offer them, in tho hope that in futuro years, when time shall have done lta work, they may know that their tin-band asd father was respected asd loved by hla com-panlosB in arms. Resolved, That In token of our respect for the dcosased, we will wear crape upon our sword-nilia for thirty days. Resulted, That a copy of these resolutions be forwarded to tho wife of the deceased, and furnished for publication in the papers at Detroit Monroe and Maion, Michigan. MAJOR ELDRIDGE, Chairman. Captain HcKsrnan was a graduate at our University, a fine lawyer, young asd full of en ergy and hope. He left a wife and two children. He commanded Company B, asd every member of hla company loved him almost aa children love a parent He was seat homo to Mason, Ingham county. - N. B. E. NrjuBin op Michigan Boldisbs ih Hostttal. We publish below the number oi Michigan volunteers in hospital at Washington, according to the lRiostaccounts: At General Hospital on E street, Washington, Second Michigan, 3; Fourth Miouigas, &; Fifth Hioblgan, 1 total, 9. At Seminary Hospital, Georgetown, First Michigan, 1; Bscosd Miobigan, 2, officers and privates; Third Miobigan, 2; Fourth Michigan,! officers and 20 privates total, 36. At General Hospital, Georgetown, Second Miobigan, 2; Third Mlohlgan, 18; Fourth Michigan, 14 total, 34. At Columbia College Hospital, Wsahlcgton, Seoond Michigan, 1 officer, 14 privates; Third Miobigan, G; Fourth Miobigan, 2; Fifth .Hlchl-gan, 1; Ssventh Michigan, 18 total 37. At General Hospital, Alexandria, Sacond Michigan, I ; Third Miobigan, 1 total 2. ; At tbe Hospital for Erruptive Diseases, Kalo-raraa, Second Michigan, 1. Aggregate, Michigan sick and wounded, 119. The whole number of sick and wounded at the above named hospitals, Including members cf the regiments from other States, as well as from our own State, waa 605. This Bhowa that Michi gan has one-fifth of ell who aro sick and wounded. Boaed op Education. The Baard of Eiuca tion convened in regular session at the Cliy Hall last evening. Present the following: Messrs. Adams, Bond, Hall, Hosmer, O'Connor, Baymond, Shepord, Warner asd the President Reports of Committees Or. Bond, chairman of the Committee on Sobool Buildings in the Eastern District, roported that the committee bad visited all the buildings asd premises in that district and found the same in good order, and, owing to the industry and good management of the messenger, that there had been a saving of half the nauol expense. Accepted. Mr. Bhepard stated that the sewer nearihe Fifth Ward Union School was in bad condition, and that the water therefrom waa in great danger of causing Injury to the basement of the build ing. On motion, the subject was referred to tho Committee on School Buildings in the Western District .ftMofuiioBi By Mr. Hoamor, that the Finance Comsittoe be Instructed to file their report bo- fore the next masting of the Board. Adopted . The Board then adjourned. BlCmOAN BOLDIIBS FAL3SLY CHABQSD Col- onel D. A. Woodbury, of tho Fourth regiment, has written the following note to the New York Times, whloh corrects a statement put forth by one of the correspondents of that paper: "In your special correspondenoaof tha 2D;h u!t, 1b a statement that the 'Fourth Michigan men, mis taking the CaUfornlaus for rebels, fired into them.' In justice to the members of the Mlohl gan Fourth who were on duty that night permit me to make a oorrectioi.'. The plckota of the Mlohlgan Fourth extended to the road on which the California asd other regiments were passing! and wore between the fires of the two regiments' but knowing that there was a mistake being made, ussd every effort to prevent the panic-stricken BCldiera from firing upon eaoh other, and did not firs a gun. Truly yours, D. A. WOODBUBY, Colossi Fourth llicbigin Volunteers. Bh-Opehib. Leonard May re-opened hie bil liard hall last evening, which baa been doted sometime for repairs. Tho ball Is newly fur nlshed with Brussels carpeting,and ie-palsud asd varnlshod so that the room la really ono of the first billiard hallz In the West A large number of oltizina were present on the occasion of Mr. May's re opening, and all expressed themselves highly delighted with tbe arrangements whloh he has made for the accommodation of billiard con-noitteurs. It fa reaUy ono of the moat attractive places in the olty, and the genial and enterprising proprietor takes every pains to improve the accommodations of hla patrons. MssTBto of Isiaa-AMSBioAKB. At a meeting of the Irian-American citfzans of this city, held last evening, to take into consideration the reception ot the gallant defenders of Lexington, Com. pany A, Jackson Guards, of Detroit Anthony Mitchell in the ohair, the following gentlemen were appointed as a committee of finance: Charles O'Nell, M. J. O'Donnell, Joseph B. Boyle, Patrick Cri ruining, Patrick Dollard, and Jomea Pnroell. HSTEOPOUTAH Thsatss. Tbo manager of the theatre is making laudable efforts towards tbe elevation of. the drama In this olty. Mies Maggie Mitchell, who la too well known anions theatri cals to need comment at our hands, has baan engaged aa announced heretofore, and will make her appearance this evening. The theatre will be closed Monday evening, to allow oome new arrangements to ba made Is tho scenery, &c. COUTAJIV FOB Cor-OKBT. KlLLOGO'S ElCOHD EsoDarsT. A company, of whloh the following are the officers, has been formed: Captain C. Hihwood. Fast Lieutenant 0. 0. Leonardesn. Siccmd Lieutenant VL Miller. Fob Lakh Bothbiob. Tlo fast low pressure steam-boat Cleveland, Capt F. S. HUlsr, will laave for Ontonagon and Intarmsclata Ports, on Wednesisy, Oct Oth, at S o'clock P. M. For freight or ptntgs apply to Jonrr Eurcanaa & Co , foot of Qrissrold street DIED. Hn. Harjraret J, wits of J. H. Arm strong, dlrf this mornlngat 8 o'olock, aged SS years months and 6 days. Tnneral to-day, lhe 8th, at 2 o'olock P. M, from tit-John's Ohmch, corner Woodward avenns and High street Frlenasof lhe IsmOy are invited to attend jn this city, oa Hondsy, October lib, Join Can, aged 65 years. , Fonartl sill take pltee on WetaMdty,fith test., from lis residence oa Fif.h street, fcetwten Abbott and Porter stmt Friends of the lambr sis respectfully invited to attend at o'clock A. M. - .ulbB .EcHotS. beting buuuujot log imported into Eagland at the rate of also YESTERDAY'S I THE WAIlV" COLONEL RSHKIH ARRESTED fiT TORONTO. - lie is Charged with Breach of the Neutrality JLaws. THE REBELS IN FULL POSESS-ION OF ARIZONA AND NEW 1VIEXIC0. Out Secent Victories ia Western Virginia Believed to Have Made the Union Cause Secure There. A FULL ACCOUNT OF THE LOSS OF THE FANNY. ill Contracts and Appointments for tbo West to oe made Hereafter at Washington. Gen. W. K, Strong Authorized to Make Such Changes in Missouri as he Deems Proper. ATTORNEY GENERAL BATES PRONOUNCES FREMONT'S RETENTION A PUBLIC CRIME. The Steamer Bermuda Carries Gunpowder, Bittes, Cannon, Shoes, Clothing, Quinine, and Morphine to Savannah, GEN. MANSFIELD GONE TO HATTERAS INLET TO TAKE COMMAND. 5i (Sc., Special Dlspitch to The Detroit Fres P.-eia. Tobokto, C. W.,Oat. 711 A. H. ABB18T OF OOL. EAHK1H, Colonel Ranklo, member of the Provincial Parliament and authorized by tho Federal government to raise a regiment of Lancers, to rendezvous at Datroit, was orreated here yesterday for breach of the neutrality law;. He left home at Windsor Friday evening and arrived here Saturday, a severe penalty la attached to the offence. Wabhdiqtoh, Oot". P0BTB3B3 MOMEOB IHB FAWKSS. The steamer Philadelphia has arrived from Fortress Monroe. All Is quiet there and on tho Potomac A vessel goca to Fortreaa Mcnroo to-day with a large quantity o! shot and shell. The Pswnoo la sow at the navy-yard. Niw Y03X, Oct 7. FMPOBTAKT ASSIST. Thin morning Captain Barry, late oommander of the steamship Columbia, was arrested and sent to Fort Lafayette, charged with being in the cm ploy oi the rebels. The police have bees search ing for him slnco September 2itb. He is tho Captain that hoisted the palmetto Sag on his vessel is Charleston harbor las' winter. TUB NATIONAL DSBT. A apeolal to the Commercial, Washington, .7, Bays: It ia estimated that the national debt will be three hnndred millions cf dollars, on the first of next December. AE1ZOKA AKD NSW H2XIC0. Tna eeccsalootsts have full poBaeaslos of Arizona asd New Mexico. ran duioh cacbb hi w23T2bm viboikia. " The roault of the recent battles in Western Virginia art) thorjggt here to have rendered that entire eocUod to the Union. OTJB UX2B. " Oar liaea are now extended below HustcrTo Creek in tho direction of Mount Vernon." LOSS OF THE FANNY. Dispatches to the Associated Press. Wabhiuotok, Oct 6. The following la tha statement of the master cf the Fanny: Hattseas, Oot. 1 I loft in the Fanny for Loggerhead Inlet Arriving thero at 1 P. M., we anchored and waited two hours asd a half before we got communication from shore. About two. thirds of tie way to the shore we saw a steam-boat to the westward about 4 P. L, which proved to be one cf tho enemy. Bhe was standing to cut off our retreat, and In a abort time two more appeared, ataarlsg directly for us. The first ono then steamed in and commencod tiring upon us, asd aa coon aa the other two osme sp they did the same. We returned the fire with nine shots, BtriklBg one of their boats in tho bow. Then Captain Hart of tho Twentieth Indiana Begimest suggested a surrender, saying it ia so use fighting against euch odda, and requested us to hoist the white flag. The mate oi tha boat and the few toldlora than turned to and threw over board come 30 cases of ammunition, wbonCspt Hart forbid them throwing any more overboard Captain Hart than suggested that the chain te- Bltppod end the boat run ashore, Tha white flag waa then hoisted aad tho crew left is their boats. Wo endeavored to get boats to carry off tie sol diera of tho Fanny, but could sot do bo. To the boat of my opinion they had plenty of time from our arrival to that of the enemy to have got everything on ahore from the Fanny if BufSoient boats had been employed In the transportation of the stores so that we could have destroyed the veEseL ESCAPE OF PBISONEBS FBOM RICHMOND. BALTmOBX, Oct 6. The Old Point boat brought np a nnmbsr cf refugees from Norfolk, Including some released crews from priza vessels. CoL Da VUller, the instrsotor of CoL Ellsworth, who waa taken prisoner by ex-Governor Wise in Western Virginia, came up in the boat having escaped from prison, asd made bis way along the James Elver to Newport Now?. He escaped along with twelve othen, who were arrested and takes back. He, by disguising bimBelf and effecting Iamesecs, succeeded in escaping. He describes the sufferings of the prisoners ca great asd their treatment as barbarous, oce of them having been shot from the Btroetby a woman. He has gone to Washington with much important information gleaned on hie Journey. FBQH WASHESGTOS. Nit Yobk, Oot 7. The President boa decided that hereof ter al! contracts asd appointments for tho Westers Department ahali bo made in the regular way and through the ordinary channels. Brigadier General W. K. Strong will also b3 authorized to make euoh changes in Missouri aa ohief of the staff aa be shall deem best Nothing but the Imperative demands of pub- lie interest will induce the government to supersede Fremont The Attorney General is unreserved In hla expression of cplaioa concerning General Fremont end does not hesitate to; pronounce bis retention apubUo crime. A full consultation on the whole esbjeot will ba held to-morrow ia a.Cablset meeting. - "The publicity given to the violation of. tho Savannah blockade by the British steamer Bermuda la said to - navo proceeded from Lord Lyoaa. dinner table. Information from tha .'villsge o! Thomson, Conn., gives mo rea-Boa to": believe that a jsait. of. ffca freight of tola vesssi waa seventy tons of gunpowder, ccventy thousand Enfield, riflsa, ton riBed. oasnoo six hnndred and five pair shoes, asd a large quan tlty of blankets and clothing, asd an extraordi nary amount of qulnino asd morphias. . Bemon- strasoea against her tailing and completing her cargo wore issdo by Charles Francis Adaai is London, but the Foreign OSes did not feel at lib. arty or would not ess lta obligation to arrest the unlawful voyage. u Colonel Bir John Do Couroey, distinguished in the Crimean war, hsa been conusisalonsd by Governor Denaiaon, Colonel of the Blxty-eighth OhloBegtmeat asd will leave to-morrow to take command. Captains John Masoa and Crook, ol the regular army, are also to havo Olio Colo nelcies." The Tines dispatch says: "Gov. Bpragua of Bhsdo Island will, it la understood, bo promoted to a Major Generalship. Ges. BioseiEan, tho chief of cavalry In Gase-ral McCIcllaa's Btsff, will to-mcrrow order all Colonels of cavalry to report to tho Examining Board for examination ag to their qualifications- This excellent move will be followed up by similar oraora to the Lieutenant Colonels, Mrjors and company cfBoera successively. "There will be to-morrow tho grandest artillery asd cavalrv review ever witnessed cs the con tinent. It will Include six regiments of cavalry, asd twenty complete batteries asd artillery." FBOM F0BIBE89 MONSOE. Fobt Mossoa, Oct 6. The steamer Spauldisg baa sailed for Hatteras Islet Gsneral Wool returned to Old Point this morning, asd will doubtless remain. General Mansfield goes to Hatteraa Inlet cn the Spauldlng to assume chief command. Commlsaary John Clark, late editor of the Boston Courier, waa on tho propeller Fanny, but left with tha 2.-31 boadioad of etorea and thus escaped being made a prisoner. The ..captain of tho Fanny is severely censured as it appears. Tbe rebel vessels were not seas until within four mUia of tho propeller. On Thursday, two tug-boata having tho Susque hanna's launches In tow and laden .with the re mains stores of the Twentieth Iudlena B3g!mesr, left Hatteras Islet for the escarsprssat ot the regiment but it was rumored before the calling of the Pawsce that they bad abandoned their position and wero on their way to Hatteras Islet MOVEMENT OF GES. BANKS, DABSZSTOWjr, Md., Oct i. Thla morning guns were heard In the direotion ot Conrad's Ferry. At three o'olock thla P. M. General BankB rodo thither, and hsa not yet returned. It is ssrmkod tha firing was from our guns to protect tho preparations said to ba progressing there for crossing tho river. The First Brigade, commanded by Ges. Abercrombie, is now resting near Dswaonville. AFFAIB3 IN HI830OBI. St. Louis, Oot. 7. A spaotal to the Democrat, Jefftraou City, 7m, aay a: "Little doubt la entertained here that Price Is on his way South with tho main body ot bis army, the force reported to bo making ia- mosatxatiosa sear Georgetown and Bedalia being merely a detachment for the purpose of keeping our advance engaged. When last heard from, Price'o advance guard was at Clinton, ia Henry county. It is supposed Price will push on to the Arkansas line. Gen. Fremont will follow him closely and give him battle wher ever he can And him. "A force of between 3.000 and i.OOO rebel cav alry wore ceen near LHton to-day, whose obj3ct la presumed to bo to get between on advance asd this place and fall upon some stray regiment or transportation train going out " Colonol Coffee, of Bcosevllle, passed through here tie other day for 8t Lonl!, but it has since been aacartaised that he la on hia way north wit1 important documents containing tbe cfSc'sl record of the procecdinga of tho mock Legislature held a: Leslrgton. "A Bcont from Llnn Creak reports the probable death cf tha notorious rebai leafier, Bev. M. Johnson, who, while moving some of Torbot & Co.'a powder, Ffldoy night, waa dangerously wounded by tho explosion of ono of the kegs. "Gea. Fremont and staff will probably Iea?e for Befialia to-morrow." A special to theStLoula Republican eaya: "It seems to be the belief in military olrclcs here that Price will avoid a battle with Fremont if possible, but othera en tertain the opinion that bo Intends 8 sur prise epos Borso poist the least pro tected, and that wo shall havo a fight In a few days, Fremont deaigna to follow tho rebfi army into Arkansas and fcrce them toSght wherever ho can enoonstor them. Th3 Paymaster who bronsht ono million two hundred thousand dcllarB to pay oil the troops to the 3l3t August, have discharged their duty and returned to Bt. Losis. " Clcib Jackaon ia reported to ba cn route for Texas. " The farmers of Peitio county recently offered to furnish Gen. Fromont, gratis, t;o hnndred and fifty thousand dollars worth of grain for his army. " Capt Champaon, the rebel who waa hero laat week, has been arrested as a apy in Georgetown and is now a prisoner." A 3jargo Expedition fitting out Against Mexico. Nrw York, Oat. 7. Tho Times' dlapatoh Bays: " Highly important advices havo been received from Cuba by the steamer Karsai. The Bnaslah war steamer Leon was waiting at Cadiz for the resslt of tha Cabinet conference relative to the European coalition against Mexico that advices of the ultimatum of Spain might be Immediately dispatched to tie Governor General of Cais. In tho meanttmo as expedition is being fitted out at Havana for Mexico under pretext of going to rsi: Domingo. The expedition consists of six batteries of howitzers end 10,000 men, and will be ready to Btart by the latter port of next month. It la given out that Bpain is taking these steps against Mexico on her own lOEponaiblllty, but the advices to which I hwe access Btate defisltely that the English and French aro to Eend their quota of men as well as co-operate with their fleets In the Gulf, Tho whole country will be startled by the extent of this movement and the end in view. The regulation of Mexico is its least Important object It looks further north." Appointments. WASHHtSTOH, Oot 7. A. M, Motherhead, Of Indians, was yesterday appointed Cossul to Leipzig, and Thomas Foster of Minnesota to Tahiti. Turk's Island Salt. Nar Yosx, Oct 6. Turk's Island datea of September 21s", sot telegraphic Btato that there had bees fl moderate demand for salt that week, asd moat of it bad been sold for cash. The quantity on bond is steadily diminishing, as the rains prevented any quantity being gathered. 74 Q 8 cents are the present prices, tha export duty being j cent Biot at Hudson, IT. T. Nsw Yobs, Oct. 6. A serious riot occurred in Hudson city Saturday night between members of the Barney Biflea, quartered In the TJ. B. arsenal, and Bomo 300 c'.Sz;d?, whloh, i: ia feared, may yet land to very serloca result A number of persona were Injured, Including the Mayor of the city. While trying to quell the disturbance, he was stabbed five or six times abont the head and body, and is very seriously if not fatally lrjored. There wore serious apprehensions of a riot yesterday, and the military were ordered to hold theniBlves In readiness. Treaty with the Delaware Indians. WASHisffron, Oct. 4. Tha recently cosoludad treaty between the Delaware Indians and tbe United Bates, is officially proclaimed. It provides for tho condltiossl pur-ohesa of tbe surplus lands by the Leavenworth, Pawnee & Western Railroad Company, o! Kftnaw. in aid or the oonstrnctioa of s railroad through their borne reserve. Tha nnmbsr of acres la nearly 221,000, at aa aggregate valuation ot 5287,000. ' Hew York Bank Statement, Nsw Yobe, Oct 7. ' Inoreasa df loans, $22,417,262; lsorcsse 10 specie, S1,S6,79; lnomtaeslnlcircalaUon, 24c, 276; tnoreaio In deposits, $21,035,051. THE LITEST BY fSLESBrlPa. THE WAR. OUR SPECIAL DISPATCHES. FREMONT TO BE ALLOWED AN OPPORTUNITY TO RETRIEVE THE UHION CAUSE iH MISSOURI Belief that the State -will be sacrificed in Consequence. GEN. WOOL RETURNED TO FORTRESS MONROE. FEDEUAi OFFICERS TA-KJSiV TO KJCH.UOAD. SKIEMISE OB THE MISSISSIPPI at., SpecW Dispalclu3 to TiB Detrol: Ftm WAaawaros, Oct. 7. TBS CSBAH3B3 PHILADILPnU AXD BALTIU03S Tho steamer Philadelphia haa arrived from FortrSa Komoe. The steamer Ealtlmoro haa i!-M-,t ,-,. slarge amount of heavy shelia and shot. 0?mcjS3 0BSS32D TO DUTY. Several cEcsrililo of ths Pnm n,m , s .... been ordered to duty on HIsalaaippt gua-boa-. TBOCPB AT WASHlxaTON. During tho last ten da to pour into Washington es rapidly as before Tha adrairablo arrangements for camplag aroua the city would convey the idea tiit tiers ar is troop3here,sof3wa.-3 seen lasedistejy ia ts. utiy. OSN. TOOL. Gn. Wool has returned to Fcrtreaj Haarce. G3IT. HAN3FISLD, Gor. Man&field bds Hatteraa. P3E!o:rr. Fremont sill be allowed trleve the Onion ennso in M'unnri. iw-,-.-. .. recalled. This determination of the AdruisL trauou IS regarded with universal diafaTor cerr. It la thouga; that Missouri will be sioiiaciid ft,, tha sase of Fremont, who has pr07Sd uf.ariy i; competent. OBDEKED WiltiT. Dispatclie3 to tha Assodatsd WAsassaTos. 0;v. .'. Capt. Dore, late of tie Pacaiuuta-i, -u bco-ordered to tho wC3tsrn watsra far du:y. rb.-Pocanontas Is at the yard to eichio acr pr-ejnt armament fcr a hea7icr ol?. LINCOLN CAT ALKY THE BALiiiSOUS AS-OHlU BALLKOaD. Wasiem3T0.v. Oy. 7, A special to tho New York Co-nnzrcial a;y,. "Tho Lincoln Cavalry, 1,430 strung, were lu . spectcd and reviewed by G3a.McC;eiian to d:7. "The Eaiaraora and Oilu KMlrod Coapis, aspect eaon to risamo wori; oa tho aec-Jja ht-!7rcca Harper's Ferry and Cumberland. Tie,-have O3surancoa of government protection." DI8E3I SETTS PRO a RICHH05ID. Nsvr Toss. Ooi. 7. Wrfl. u.Hard,T7hc pjifirat otSjer u; n irK Gieu, of Portland, JIrt, o'iptared by tu-j private: Diile on the 23 J of July iasr, arrived ln'thhi cit-tc-day oa hid ivay to Portland. Ho waa reieinj : on parole sndtaSsn under a Sag cf aces to Fori Monroe, whence ho reached Biidmoro and csn:.-to this city by railroad, hiving been in Kictunoc 'cut fivo weeks, and, not being closely watched, L -became acquainted with a considerable nutater c : Union prisoners. Eo ata:e3 tha5 he saw Coo cvci man Ely two or three days befora leaving Bio monu on baturday last, aad that Hr. E;y desired aim w say that ho aaonld stand arm to- the U-it. Mr. Hard brings a lis: of tho Federal ciSinti tafcn to Eichmoad slaw iho depiriare or '.i . surgeon recently released. Among them or -Oapr. Jarsea Bern, Comnony I Tenth Ohio Ea?! ment, residence, Cincinnati, Oslo; Lieutenant ;. a, calffer. Company F 31r-h Oalj regltunu:-. Lieutenant Jamea Farron, Company D Firs: Kn-tuoay Regiment, residence. ClnclEnitl; CaptLia Thca. Cos, Company I First Eegiment, Kentucky; Dr. Wm. B. Fletcher, Slits Indiana Regiment arrested aa a asv: C3Dt RlDh Hnnt. n.,m pasy E First Kentucky Regiment, residence opnognaia, uaio; lieutenant B. F. Hsnccct, Nineteenth Indians P.igimenr, residence, Sconce; Indiana; Lleuwaant C. GiUnan, Cosrany C, Sixth Ohio, residence, Cincinnati. BKIEJIBH OS THE illiaiSiirPi. Caiho, Oot. 7. Tha gunboats Tyler and Lsslnstcn recosro! trr d down ths river to-day, and fell is with tho rebel boat Jeff. Davis, and chased hsr irlthiu two mlle3 of Colunte!, whon tho battoriea oa 'ia Esntnci7 shore opened on theis. Xia rebeLs used sons twenty grx3,ani tarns o: ielr rliie.! cannon. She engagement lasted ac hour. Nj damage was done to tho boats. Tie ;-ebl losa U not ascertained. GENE3AL HcDOWELL KEGSIj JiCKEXb. WASntsuroN, 0;l. 7; Ges. acDowell Is to bo cade i:j Ujniral o, volunteers, Rtel plckota aiuzc In the day to 8 hill a mile bsyond Fall's Caarci, asi retire farther bach from the hill at uisir. THREE DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE., Arrivallof the Steamship Bavaria ANNOUNCEMENT THAT ENGLAND AND FflANCfc WILL INTERPOSE IN MEXICAN AFFAiRS. Great Consequent Excisemen!. upon hi) Foreigu Slaa'kttt. EP-OIAXi aKT3L,IG3SC3. aSh ss ac. Cat3 Bac3, ii Siclrlllo, Oo:- J. Tho ataaEiahlp Bavaria, f.-am Hamburg, ta Southampton the 25th of September, waa board ed OH the Capo as 10 o'clock this (sitnrdsjj evening. Ths Tbr.es1 city artlolo, 0." tie 25,a, 337a that great excitement pT97ai'.cd iu lia ioralgu marie;: consequent upon a distinct repetition oi tho an nouncement that France and Spain will Iater7eui. In the affairs of Mexico. 21es:caa stock advanced more than 2 per cent, aad -aa? qaotei a; 2;5 . A downward tendency In Ejsllih funds coatia- ued. Consols 93Jg92i for money and S3 j for account. Ylrginis 6'j, IiHsoii, sad Erie shares ha i alvaacod. Japan. An attsapt coa rcsio at KiTrogiasa. by armod sazasalia, July 5:U, 10 murder tin tn. mates of ths British Legation. Tao wero wouad ed and the rest escaped. LrraarooL, 3ep- 25. Cotton, salea Mjsds? and Tuesday were 55,000 - bales, laciuilcg bales to speculators exporters. T22 marie: has bean esclted, and prices ia3dh-5'w.- slnca Friday, aad at tho closs prics3 were atlil tesiisg coward. Advices from Maachsat&r rcr:;;t a sght ad? vanca in all dsstsiptloia of good but tho sites wero small. BaBAnsTOSPa tsndlss downward, aai all de scriptions lower. Wakeaeld,N33h 4 Co., Richardson, Bpence & Co, roport flour dull and decline.1. 63. Bales of American at 28:230!. Wheat ay. JdJ lower; red western. 103 oiQiu io; ret; southern 12i12a 3d; white trestora lfcfiiaiSdr whits southern Ut13e. Corn eiater, missd 30s fld30J Od; yellow Ms; whita. 3553Ts. Provisions dull. Beef duli. Pork r:ii;C) tCcaUassd oa tha -lit WUUaUUiU JVA. nlll"S"'

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