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Brooklyn, New York
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Waaklnrian Cerresp enHesiea The CORONER'S OFFICE. Andrew Johnion't organ In Tennessee, I.ONU (BLAND ITEMS. efia, opera, I WEDNESDAY, HAT 28th. TUB OPENING OF CimiJETT'S HOl'SB, No. TiLLaav graa.v, (between Fultou and Weabluatou stretta.) Brooklyn.

Tbaeo who have Dot taaeived Circulars or Cards la rotation to the lutaudsU luaugurelumul lae above oioutioned etabllbnjsut US TUlKlSUAY, at AT 90. 1B0J, are resnrettully Invited to partake of BrlreaJtmauU wlib tlw rrouiUtur ou tbe day lusntiourd, whin every possible effoi wilt be made to please all who way tiittik proper to participate In 1 the eereuioulala orduuiily lueldaul to ausk ueca-slons. royllS it ATLANTIC BANK, BUOOKLYN. May So, IS "4. Ibe Annuel tlretloa for Thirteen Dlreotors of this Bank and for Tbrte Inspectors of the uest ensuing- Kleflfton will held nt the Hanking House, on TL'KdUA viis 11th pay or Joss mia-v.

Tbe Poll will be opened at 11 aud elowd at 1 o'clock P. si. myHT Id WM. O. RUSH MORS.

Cashier. On Saturday last the opera of La TravUtta was presented in this city at tbe Academy of Musio by a troupe of which tbe principal per sonages were Miss Emelle'J. Boughton, Mr. E. C.

Boaghton and Sig. Murine Tbe audi ence was a vary fair one as to numbers, and we noticed many of the regular habitue), among whom tbe Directors of the Academy and of the Philharmonic ware conspleuous. As to the representation, (which seems to have given cause for numerous editorial jeers and gibes even where the authors certainly were not present,) we feel a pleasure In assert ing tbe truth the plain unvarnished unpreju diced truth that it was as good as many we have witnessed of late, and much batter than several we could name which have received the atereotvned aanptlnn nf the nnu mnlv because they took place a little more en tg'lt than did this one. We should perhaps except in this asseveration the singing of Mr. whoss short-comings should however be over looked in yiew of his love for his daughter, and for whose advancement he certainly seems willing to make extraordinary personal sacrifices, such however as will undoubtedly eventually bring tbeir reward to so devoted a pa rent.

Miss Boughton's performance although of course not quite as mature a one as that of L-iuorae or noeoiomlni, was yel a marvellous triumph for one so young snd inexperienced, ana it is astonishing to see able bodied men, merely because tbey happen to bold a so-called a Cobmkb Stone or New Tawx Hall. At a meeting of tbe Commissioners held on the 19th the following committeo was appointed to make arrangements for laying the corner stone F. A. Potts, Charles le ver, u. w.

Cox, George C. Baker, and B. Prince. Addresses may be expected trom several prominent citizens ot the coun ty. The ceremony will take place at 2 o'clock, P.

on Saturday, inst. Articles intended for deposit should be handed to some one of tbe committee as early as practicable. All interested in the progress and improvement of the town are invited to attend. Particulars next week. t'ltuhing Journal.

IlTPaopuoBiA. The celebrated trotting stallion Enterpjise, belonging to Wm. Dur- land, Jamaica, died of hydrophobia a Wedniay. The horse betrayed SVmP- turns of illness several days ago. and acting Buuinwuai sirangeiy, several experienced.

terriers were called, who pronounced it hydrophobia, which developed itself most ino- quivocally on Tuesday nigbt and Wednes day morning, by raving and biting, until nualiy na broke his lower jaw square off, shortly after which the animal exnired. Tbe hone was supposed to have been bitten by a small dog some time since, which it is supposed was rhad and had bitten several other dogs. The people of Jamaica are I much excited at this circumstance, and on I Wednesday some twenty dogs were killed, I A vessel is ashore some thirteen miles I from here with a valuable cargo of sugar. our v''n Agassis 7 Perhaps this vessel bas contraband of war" under all this sweetening. Perhaps she intended to run the blockade.

There may be other per- .1 .1 unpocs. uou mo cuiier was nrnt station ed here we were officiously as well as offl- I cially told that she would prove a terror 1 10 evil doers I As ner exploits since that I "ma nare Deco confined to terra firma, why not furnish her with the necessary rolling stock, strike across to shinnccock liar. seize and confiscate tbis sweet and valuable cargo We need tbis cutter here lost oritic's pen, base enough to write the scandal- I VVe ara aware that this is within tbe dis-ous stuff they have written against so young I Port of New York, but where is v. I. i rtt 1 1 I I I.

Ml lie' I I I t' '1 IV: about as much as the monkey needed IhelVANOY Prorrietor. RE Editcr, A. J. SPOONEK. Tha Star hu a largwr Circulation la fa t.

mlllea, and among Tax-Payara, It Brooklyn and on Long-Island, thai aay othar Daily Papw pnbUahad it this City or New-York. TO CORRXSPOXDBXTS. TVe eannot undertake to publish eominnnleetioue mneting to state fact, unless by responsible address, a guarantee of their truth, ma to return lueh contributions shall no ourselves of. i. SEE FIRST PAGE.

Tata Frealdeal'e Proclamation. Tbe advices of this morning are such ai should not only set all hearts at rest, but confirm the feelings of all true men to the height of exultation in the strength, accu- 'rity and glory of the Union. McClellan before Richmond is making hi approaches to sure victory. With his series of successes to ensure success, he finds on trying tha enemy in skirmishes at detached points, that they are demoralized, and enable to stand before the determined forces of the Union. If the Southern troops are exasperated by the rancor of prejudice and the bitter ness of spite, our glorious and intelligent soldiers are filled and actuated by enduring prineiple.

This war wuh them is no thing ot politicians or slaveholders, or of sheer impulse. They have been reluctantly aroused from their fields and workshops to aeie.uu lae great punier ui tucir Vuu.hh- tlonal Freedom and Duty, which alone can secure the peace of their homes and their present aad future prosperity. They have been challenged upon Southern ground, by the very cavillers and whinors who now raise their hypocritical and canting cries against them a. invaders. They invade but as tha Sheriff invades the dens of robbers, to re-possess for tho Union the monuments of its strength and character, the forts, arsenals, and custom bouses, which lawless rapine, with mob- I violence and traitor-bands had They invade to plant once more on the I State Houses, the Court Houses, the Public Buildings and the bill-tops, that good old flag, the talisman of peace and joy, whose symbals are drawn from the skies, and which it is difficult for the free heart to be hold without rapture.

That flag is nowmoving as the cloud by day and the fiery pillar by night over the South, and as a rebel leader said, it makes the Confederates" weak in the knee to see it. The South says it has made a sad mistake in not clinging to the old flag and asserting their right to it. They have made many grave mistakes, the principal one of which is mistaking the faith of Northern dough- r.j fn, of freemen. Some of their associates in Congress and me oonin, uuiuiuk whu iuimubiiuu to orerpast idea, with all their revelations or nosiniiyanauangerroiiiewjiisuiu.iou, and seeking to restore slavery witn all its encroachments, ana powers oi evil. These havo been prompt to proclaim dis sensions in the Cabinet, corruption in tbe tArmies, and various troubles, which give aid and comfort to the South by showing a want of unity in Northern sentiment, the National council, and the Union arms.

How barren of all force except that of I forlorn hope and idle conjecture the revelations of the past few days must show. At tbe slightest symptom of necessity, troops numberless are on the wing to the point of danger. The President after a long time of patient endurance by the mem bers of his Cabinet, all of whom have been fiercely assailed, chooses to come out before the Nation with a manifesto, the purpose of which is to relieve his co-adjutors from un. deserved reproach, and to tuke upon his I broad shoulders every weight of responsi bility which belongs to the conduct of the war. This is characteristic of an eminently good man as well as of our Republic.

Such documents are unknown to the Courts and experiences of the old world. It is too much the custom of potentate, to make their ministers the scape-goats of their errors. History turns the maxim "(lit king can do no wrong," Into fruitful il- lusirauons oi meir pernuy ana Inability to ug rigiu. cut mis "tyrant" as the whin- ing presses of the South deliubt to dub I "honest old Abe," will have the honor of I i I I I I I I I I I i I i I i I of a to ty till get and talented a girl, while they let Hint. De so easily" sfter her down right Jiaeco at the N.

Y. Academy a short time ago, a tauy at least twice her age and who moreover had been unblushiugly puffed before ber appearance, whereas Miss Boughton came upon the stage modestly uuueralded. As to the rest of the accessories, every body who was present and who knows anything about operas must have been struck with the unusual size and excellency of the chorus and orchestra, while as to tbe "tiermoal" of the evening (Sig. Morion,) he was certainly ooe ui iu ueai we oaveevor naara, ana is one we know personally to be a well-trained, careful and conscientious artist with a voice worth ten of suoh as is possessed by Sig. Ferri or Mancusi.

In view of the undoubted talent of this yoang and ambitious ar lisle who at the earlv age ol 17 has already mastered between eight auu a uuaen opens we oau lime and space we could abow bow these dastardly venal newspaper scribblers have lied in tbeir very teeth reirardiiiK ber. and wilhVbat vile injus tice they have, written about her when compared wiih other amateur efforts in public. We should like to know why their virtuous amnio luuignauon was not shocked at the nrttnnttMma nraltniinn Doctor who advertised an oDtra coranoinl i. uiinmi sumo iwa vfuirs mini. nArnirniwi naian.

it aioir mr me ait. Vernon lund at the Aletropo- uent composer had "not aver ba in write down." and which we bioen tit kn waa scorea lor orcnestra ty a Lrerinaa for tbe f2u0! And then again more lately that ridiculous farce at A iblos saloon by a Mr. lioywood. who was Limn un in th. w- Kreai iuoi oi oimseii tor tne cause oi chart and that in so reilnod a ooinuiunitv as can boast of I iljh who is too vile to spit on sucu criucs anu not nonor thero by spitting uiu meiu.

oureiy no one. paieruai regain ior nis daughter nor is ha craven in i.rii- ih. n. Ti a York and Brouklvn press to sunnort him. end because ne snows nght like solid independent up-eou-uowu American as ne la, and scorns me notions oi siooping all macaroni con- SS1 Paper9' In general the performance nf a better one than we have bean usually favor- ed wiih.

No one refused to sing, the audience were not kept waiting three-quarters of an ao uuu, we nau no rusuo peasant dances in "Dalatial balls Aii a douftle chorus, a fine orchestra, a pleasant '(iermont and a "Vbletta" who young as she is most undoubtedly cast Elise llensler and Wl "Tb I predict. brUli.nt future for Miss Erne- lie Boughton, and congratulate her on hayTng she sue neeus only to persrre to triumph, and thus make Aruuneu ski ihucd uitoriui wratn. ana neriucce force the critics to respect her, since it seems tbe boasted National chivalry vi Liu uuuutr uas uui uone so oeiore T. Consreaa le.terdar In the Senate yesterday, a resolution was I I I I 1 I I I i I I I I I I I I I I I I I the Natkvillt Union, of the 17th of May, bai published an overwhelming denunciation of the Addrcai of the fourteen mem ben of Congress in favor of reviving the Democratic party," and doe not hesitate to stigmatize the address at in all respects dangerous, disgraceful and ill-timed. Th noble appeal will ahow where the true Southern Democracy stand in this crisis of I our country's fate.

Andrew J. VaUaudigham, a brother of the secesh Congressman from Ohio, has been arrested at Clinton, Missouri, for ma' rauding upon Union citiuns, horsestealing, robbery, bushwhacking and jayhawking generally. Among honorable men he worthy of quite as high respect as the Con gressional guerilla. llldgewood UeservolvfL'el-o, Mud Oi Moon-uns, blaeiau Mb. Punch regret that the Iiidgi wood water had an "ancient and flslilike taste" a few days ago and he can scarcely express his delight at the solution of tho annoyance, which only consists of a "milky weed" which at "certain periods" rises to I the surface many of the boys may be called "frog spittle." Mr.

Punch sug I gested some time ago, that the open stone I walls of the Bidgewood Reservoir, which I were laid without cement or mortar, would I make fishing good, in due season. But the I "lor Commissioners, much against their inclination, cemented these open walls bv tha of ment EV.Mri. By this means the eels and other fish were much restricted in their usual haunts. Therefore, It was not surprising that the commissioners and Aldermen tailed to ob- uin a fuU supply, although the did obuin a miraculous draught of roua son risH about tub size or half a oollab, and "KL UicH" "till more miraculous draught obtained one ii jolitABY LITTLB BUS PUB." The eels more fortunate than the little sunfish, could glide through the net, and I 1 i torn which was their to hold, occupy, an(j posjcg," It is a matter of curiosity to know how the one little eel was caught, and whether BarnuiaV aquaria. Mr.

Punch begs to infarm the Commis- sioner, allJ he Adermen. tha. balance I of the eels slipped through the meshes of Dh ana at once beld an indignation meeting, nnanimously passing these resold lions Resolved. That onr thanks ks presented to tne water Uommissiunera. fur the facilities.

allowed tbs tisb in Ibis reservoir to make n8tSi baskt bags, ic, to take from" as eur inalienable to lile. liasuiTvu, iuu ucroaiior oo eel ue aiiuweu in tha reservoir, whose size will not allow an escape through the niesbes of the net, whenev er aaaailea by our lues, as in that we see our safaiy. Kasulved, That the "Keeper" of the Beser- voir has our thauks, for he is reported to be a kwpiD the premises in order" as fa shown by bis ready "Sweepers xlospiuilty which we take to mean champagne, cracker ana cheese, wbicb articles, we suppose be found on tbe premises, the remnants of old Juoke.ings, which were lormeriy neiu, lo convince quest- Iioning parties of tbe goodness, durability and other Qualities of the progressing: work. Kesoivea, inai our manna he lenaereu to the generous people who so freely imbibe tbe water which passes along and who pay so liberally for refreshments whenever desired, reiresnraeuLs are no uouUl as gooa as ash. Kesolved, That an investigating committee 10 ascertain whether these so- uasketa, willed wen brought to Uke away tti fish.

iiwwicui ut uw iuu tuts reaejrvuir ith mactl concern tbe comblaints of muuuy water, ana wouiu earnestly remonstrate atjainsi covering me oonoin oi me reservoir completely exclude us from our homesteads. Kesolved, That our sympathy, in view the horrible fate which befel the one poor eel, taken from us at so early a period of his life, is most overpowering, and is felt more pensiblv as its only crime was iu voraciously eating the vile frogs, poiiy-woirs, cats anu uoga coming into our stone wall enclosure. Kesolved. That two eels be delegated to vis. If hv mir underirrnund tnliulur rnnH tin board of Water Commissioners and tbe Board Aldermen, to ascertain when any future raid may oe auempreu to catch us or to "hola, occupy, and possess our quarters.

Kesolved, That a Committee be also dele gated to visit ibe new fountain in the City Hall Park, to make inquiry regarding the expense incurred in placing the fountain in its present position how much any Individual iiave Docketed in its construction bow mam Engineers have been employed upon it. and who pays the bills, and also to whether the job is completed. Mr. Punch admires the jAblic feelin manifested at this -spirited meeting, at its economical views and its regard for our ta payers. And he suggests that the next time the Commissioners and Aldermen want a fishing frolic, they prepare them selves with eel-bobs, and that tbey start on moon-shiny mgnt.

i-eis are know be as voracious as any Alderman, aud may therefore be inclined to bite. If this should not prove successful, then with plen of champagne, they need not go home morning and if they did not happen to the eels tight they might get tight them selves. I'lncu. SiottiFioAKT. We clip the subjoined from a pro-slavery letter written from thi; city "Tbe abolition organ here calls for an enact ment br Caress 'suspending the fugitive slave law during the war, or abrogating rabid element, with a rank effort to put it turougn under wnipand spur, rossibly, bow- ever, such a step may be pretermitted 'wiih a view to bring about the same result substan tially, through a sweeping conuscation raeas- The reader will not fail to notice a single-quoted passage.

According to this writer a stringent conhscation act will be, in effect, a repeal of the fugitive slave law. Now thero is no confiscation bill before Congress that proposes to free slaves of loyal men of course then, this correspondent is afraid the rebel) will be harmed. It is the rebelt who wish to make use of tbe fugitive slave law therefore it should not be repealed. IJ rr aeningiun jntpuoiican. Suit was brought in the Superior Court at Cincinnati, by a Mr.

bhultz, against the liittie Aiiami iiauroaa Uompanv. for deterioration of plaintiffs property, caused by the manner in which tbe corporation used that part of a public street along which their road was laid. Un a motion for new trial, Judge storer remarked that "where a railroad company obtains leave of those who have supervision ot tbe highways, to use a road or street for the purpose ot running their cars, tbey must take care that the appropriation is not so exclusive as to take away from the adjoining Jotholders the benent of the enjoyment or that road to the highest point consistent with tbe right granted to the company. This principle be did not think was sufficiently before tbe jury at tbe trial, and tbe motion lor new trial was granted. in of ers.

of not and eral and by from have Case of Sergeant Holmes. Wasuisotoh, May 26, 1862. KBUEAKT HEM BY HOLMES OI TBB HlB A few days since the correspondence of ibe Tribans contained an item, to tha effect that the writer had learned from the Un ion prisoners at the "Soldiers Retreat, recently returned from Iiichmond, that Holmes had been hung for counterfeiting Confederate notes, being copied into tbe Brooklyn Jingle. On reading it I put my self about sifting the matter for the truth, I made several visits to the "Retreat," and found many that knew Holmes two that were in the same Tobacco warehouse with him one, Veter T. Romain, of the 14lh who made his escape at the time Holmes did, but was subsequently taken, and because he would not reveal the whereabouts of Holmes, was ordered to be shot, the time appointed, he was placed in position the would-be murderer fired a revolver twice without effect, then dropped the weapon thinking tbe fates were against him in bis inhuman act, he was afterwards ordered handcuffed' bucked gaged" and placed in close confinement, until be told where Holmes was, but with their threats and in human treatment, he proved true to the last, he managed to bring the hand-cuQ away with him.

Now with all I have seen and all I can learn, there is nothing to lead to tha supposition that Holmes has been hung, or being engaged in counterfeiting Secesh notes. Holmes is an accom plished engraver, was employed by tbe V. Bank Note at a high salary, aud if he ever did imitate one of their notes, I will guarantee it was of more value than the genuine. He bad often been importu ned by the rebels to work at his art for them, but would never do so. All the prisoners agree in saying, that if anything of tbe kind had taken place, or have been proposed they would have known it, as they read the papers daily, and they were as late irom itichmond as any one, tney thins, tne story, started Dy a person recent ly discharged from Richmond, out of sheer wickedness.

In consideration of tbe above remarks, I think tbe family and many friends may rest assured that the whole sto ry is a wicked boax, they think be may have been seut lurther south, either to sal' bury, S. C. or Tuscoloosa, Ala. A CLOUDY DAY AT XHB CAPITOL. There is a great deal of congregating to day in regard to tbe future at Washington Some imagine that tbe whole of the forces from Richmond, tbe retreat of Banks, and little trouble in Baltimore, have caused some excitement.

'I he Secesh feel good and are rather bold, in most of their talk at the tables in Boarding bouses, but they must be a little careful. It was wrong in drawing of tha forces from Banks, he remonstrated at the time, but I apprehend no fear of Washington. I hardly think they could supercede as. Gov. Andrew's response to the President, manifests the true feelings of tbe whole of New Eugland, and the West, and will have its good effect, such are the real feelings of every true lo ver of bis country, and baler of this rebel- lion.

CONOBESS TO-DAY. This will be an exciting day in Congress. The lata news will tend to spur np the tardy ones respecting confiscation. After fin ishing this letter, I shall be a looker on among the law makers. CONTBABANBS.

There have been many conflicts respecting the taking away the escaped negroes- Marshal Lamon should not retain his posi tion for a day, and it is unaccountable wby be should be retained. General Wordsworth, I am confident, will not allow this man to interfere with his duties respecting these poor creatures. The General is true to the cause of humanity, but a great deal now depends on the Executive. You, lay, Why can you, as an act ot charity, send on some contrabands that one thous and servants are wanted in Mr. Duvall informs me that at present the machine' has stopped, ibey don give out any, as the small pox bas broken out among them, but that in a few days will be working order, and if arrangements could be made for the transportation, the thing could be accomplished, a few at time.

WILL TUB BLACKS riOHT I have received a letter recently from one the staff of General Hunter, respecting the enlistment of black men. He informs me of the anxiety of them to enlist, and notes several instances ot their sagaoity and courage. NO HALL TO MEW YORK. I have just learned that Secretary Stan. ton bas stopped the train running to Balti more, therefore I don't know when you may obtain this.

Xhe excitement here increasing. i. WAR NEWS. David's Island bas been procured by the Government, to be exclusively used as an hospital for the sick and wounded soldiers, who are expected to arrive in New York in such large numbers that the present quar ters devoted to them will be insufficient. Advices received last evening at the War Department from Gen.

McClellan an nounce that he has captured Hanover Court-House, a town on tha railroad between Riclynond and Fredericksburg, about eighteen miles northof Richmond. No par ticulars are received, further than that our loss is small, while that of the rebels is considerable, in killed wounded and prison. One of the enemv cannon was also captured. Among the reported killed in the retreat Gen. Bank's column, is Lieutenant-Col.

Wm. H. Browno, of the 28th New York Regiment. But we hope the rumor will prove to De true. uoi.

Brown was a practicing lawyer when this war broke out, resided in this city. He served as a Lieutenant in the New York regiment in Mexico, and distinguished himself on sev occasions. He was a gallant soldier a true hearted friend. On the 24th instant, in conformity with articles of organization, the Stillwater Ellsworth Zouaves, Captain J. V.

W. Vanden-burgh, of Albany, visited the grave of tho lamented Col. Ellsworth, for the purpose of paying their respects to the noble dead. Keligious services of an appropriate character were held, and an address was delivered liey. C.

L. Lewis, of Troy. A loyal citizen of Carlisle. writing that place, May 10th, says The rebellion has done more damage to the neero property of Kentucky than the abolitionists ever done, or could do in a hundred jean, r. i a to ot a a tbis was on Ing beef, fat mau OOOTOB THOMAI P.

NORMS, GO RON KB, Has sua Orrica im MoaTaaca Hall, Roua Mo. T. tf patent abated bread, wm. hTplumb, HZOLUIIVH MAHUFAOTDKIB, No. ana 110YT 8TBKKT, Breeklrn.

FBOM DkTaYBITS. BaooxLM, Jan. 10, 1849. Htvlug carefully examined the process of man afaetorlof Aerated Bread at your establishment, aid after using tt la my family, I take great pleas-are pronouoelnf tt unsurpassed In quality, flavor sod beeluuulnea by aujr specimen of the staff of bis' wblth has hitherto eoaue under my notice In hlaoountry, Wlills the aualltr of the lnaredlaots used Is I maintained at ilia nnuant Uu.Lrd. rour establish I mant tliMVsi nktmiisatvav.

sltisl thai nuhliai will I ataud tndabtedto you as its benefactor. Yours very truly, DAN1KL AYBBa. ruhJO lrid Crnyll tjel uTT. Rxbve, BL'ILOEB, 00 Boaaaasaaoaa Breeav. teit CaT M.

B. 8wezky, CARPENTER ANU BUILDHB, 111) Bonuasaaoaa Ivaaar, Near lloyt, Rrooklra. Repaint aad Jobbing attendea to, la ail Us branches. enU II NEW FORM LANDLORD AND TENANT AOREEIf KITTI. A Naw Posa or.

Aoasiasm, MORS PROTECTIVE AND BINDING, Has beea prepared by R. I. CHURCH, Est) and aur be had al Us Of floe of this paper. Kuqnlrs for CUL'RCH' AGREEMENTS sjar Lamdlobd AKD Tbhaht AOBKEMEBIT BLANKS, With graaiAav PsoaBaauaes or aVacnisay, FOR SALE AT TUB EVCNINO STAR 0FF1CC Corner of Fultoa and Oraoae its. CAKE AND BREAD BAKEKY, No.

602 FULTON AVENUE, Opposite HajsiMoa Baoou-va. tW Tbe ondentgned would sail tbe sttentloa of the publle ta the ft St. ibat at lae above named es-tabiUhiDral eiey bs sJwayi found Urge assort saeul of PLAIN AND FANCY CAKES. Vlir RSORIPTIOM Or BRl AD suae frosa the best Flour la las market. tar- PIE3, OP ALL KINDS, constantly on hand JalO tfl O.

R. SCOTT. -IJLJ-1 1 la BSSBsgaaBBasMBarMestasg-a Arrival ind Dtoartare of tht Jaili from Brooklri. The foUesrLn( Is the arrival and! ecrterture at Malls from tha Post Office, Brooklyn, M. Laava.

1, at 8li A. U. Ule; P.M. 4. 6i 8, Aaatva.

1, at 1 A. M. 4, P. M. 4, Sunday Arrive at IH A.

M. i Leave at P. M. Long Island Railroad Mill Leave at A. M.

Arrive 4M P. It. Platbosh and Flatlaoda Arrive at 10 A. M. Leave at I P.

afl Port Hamilton, Maw Utrecht-Arrive at A. M. i Leave at 1P.M. Oravesend and Orwoo An Ire 10 A. M.

I Leave P.M. Rut New Tork-Arrlv. at I A. M. Leave at I P.

M. Poet OrVs open front A. M. to I P. M.

Sua day. fro IVtslHA. only. AMUBKMKHT8. ''HE rOLYPHONlC SOCIETT will give a MUSIC A I SL SOBEE, At Banaren Koona corner Court and Jefmlenoa streets, on TUL'ESDAT SVKNI.NU, Mat 89, 18S2, At 8 o'clock, Aselited br Mn.


mia.nun.fc, U. r. SlAi.1. Al'BAT, K. A. urr0K1''- Tiokctb lul p.m TlOKSTO. t- I. M. LOKPli Conductor. CONCERT is fLYMOUTU CUUIiCH, (Her.

Heaai Willi ON TULK3DAY EYKNINO, Mat I86i, nv 160 PtPlLS OP PUBLIC SCHOOL No. JS, Coder the direction of D. p. UOKTON. A.

MKSSENQKU, Plan lit. Anaiaaiow 'J4 Cuts. Doors open at o'clock i Concert will commence at quarter before 8. tav Proceeds to purchase a Piano for the SohnoL Imj'ti St TI1E PAVILLION, 1S2, 104 1S COURT STREET, (Opposite WyckoB street). A Slllendid Sumnur fierdeu.

fltt.4 nn of expense. CONCKKT by a Foil BRASS BAND, EVERY onuai.inusiuar and Arc HO AY EVIN- 1NO. Ladles and Oeallrmsn desirous of passing ereuing pleasantly will do well to attend. UKAUN SuKLLWOKTH. lw Hronrletors.

POLITICAL. FIFTH WAR1 BEPUBLICaVN Association. A Rngalar Monthly Mooting cf the Fifth Ward Republican Aaociat en will bs held at WEBER'S UOTEL, corner of lludaon arouue aud Prospect sueet, on TUESDAY IVENINO, Mav I7tb, 1IS1, At 8 o'clook. JOHN ELLARD. PreeMent Prrsa OsAWaa, Secretsry.

my6 Ste MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. THE CALENBERG CO. 0VEK3TKUN0 URAND AND SQUARE PIANOS. Are now considered ss tbe best manufancnnMl. end biglily reoommended by the most eelebrsted artists ana ludges in thui country, warranted for Ave years The public are rMpectlully Invited to eall and examine these truly wonderfuLinstruments.

Tbey Pl" sod astonish all wboeonslder themselves judges of Piano Fortes. SAWYER THOMPSON. SOLE AGKNTS s'OK LONG ISLAND, Warerooms. No. 00 Fulton ven.


Pianos tuned, repaired, polished, removed, stored, PIANOS TO LET, aim aniT aLLOWKD ir pdbobasbq Sawyer a Thompson piano, sawykr a thompson piano. SAWYER A Thompson push Largeet tork of Sheet Music In Brooklyn, land 8m BOARDING. IJOABD. A GENTLEMAN AND hu or single gentlemen, or ladles. oan ontai.

comiortabls noard aud real borne, by oalling at No. 84 Wlilsugbby street, eorner of Duf- ueia rrice 01 4ra wm bs reasonable, Dui ae- enwee or rooai. ny.i DENTISTBT. IS GETTINO TO BE PKETTY well understeoi or lstb, that the BUSINESS a DKNTI8T cannot be done by deputy. large scale, without Loss of Public Conhdence and money.

The steady inorense of business at tha OFFICE! OF THIS BUBttCKlBKR Is due to a strict nereonal attention to each patient, and one CNI- FliKM LIST ot" PRICES, to which may be added oonstant desire to bs among tbe first to adopt all improvement, without resorting to ine shallow busineas tricks common among advertisers, who one list of prices in the papers, and a "1 Imwrtin. Fullor Partial TBKTH and WITHOUT CLASPS, 1 another SETS TBKTH and wrmuu ULABrl), $8 00 FILLINO TKRTH WITH GOLD, $1 00 AND PRARL FIIXINOH, tw eta. Call and sm my spe. almane. Da.

T. FRY, ISO PULTON STRBHT. in 6 New 04' THE COMMISSKJNliKS OF '1U RkXIKF r'lNU, No. IU Court street. Tbe Board of Supervisors havlog negotiated a Loau, tbe Uellef Commissioners lael aulburlai-d tu aiiuouuelog tliat tbey will be ready to eomnieuce the dl.trlbutlou of It at IU s'clak A.

on TULKIillAY sat, Mai Wtu, at llielr office, No. 10 Court tnwt. The toteuded to be relieved will call on Um seme days ol tha week as for uiarlr th I altera IJUtrtct as w- ll as tha Western. In order to prevent disappointment and euufu-slon. Ilia Coiuuile.lour llnuk it Ust lo publUh the Teruia and Conditions upon whtoh the Money was raised, aud the dlroctious lo be followed by tben la lla distributloo I Kesolred, Tbat the Ri-llef Commlsslouers bs re-quested to rosume paynieot under their former Rules and hVgulatlous, eaosif that tliry shall be oounoed to tne wives of voluuleers who have Children under 14 years of ago, aud sura ol(uus as are actually Intlrui by age er skkners II will be seen by tbe resolution that tha former Rules aud Regulations are lu lull force, ne new apilicanU be rteelvil aud of tliuae on the books, volunteers wives who bavo little cbU- dren, aged pareuts who were eutlrely di peudetit on the volunteer for support, and suit persona abse-hittty eoiiflued and unable to support Itususetvee, can be rtllsved.

WM. M. HARRIS, JOHN K. CAMMKYKR, JOHN i. VANUKUH1LT, LOUIS UKNUI-U C-'mnilwIoners of the Relief Food.

Brooklyn, May ai. n-yyv si TAVEUM AND NTOHK KKEP-JL ERS Tne Coniinleilonors of Kxoiae f-w the County of Kings will meet at the County Judgo'e Cbanibrrs, City Uall, Brooklyn, tai tua Ullb day of May, ISi'i, for the purpose of graoUug I'ae aud Store License. Blanks eau be obtalued at tit Fulton street. 111,011 LAIT.HUN, WIU.KI' JAKVia, TUoMAS MLltfllY, mr99 Ct Commwionerf, ELECTION SOTICK BHUOKLVN 1-lRE lNttLKANCK An nual Election lor Twel.ty-Oue Directors and for Three Inspector of I he neat annual elee'lou, wiU be held at the etnas of tbs Couipouy, No. 11 Oouit slroet, In tlie City of Brooklyu, ou MONDAY, las tO UV JUHB SHI, The poll will bo opened el tt and eloeed at 1 o'clock If M.

May lSlh, 13 'J. tnylt id WM, F. LF-aORTT, Soeretary. ECHANICS' BANK, BKOOKLVN, HI May IV, lsos. KLKC1 KIN Tbe Annual Election fbr Thlitn Dlreotors ot tbis Bank, and for 'litres of the neat ele-tion, wiU be held et lbs Hanking Hmmo on MONDAY, tub un tui tie mr" vj tt xv in i Km uauifr.

L'LATHUSII AVENUK. ALT. l'EK- 17 sons hevlug elailus, or wbe hare uiaoe dain-s for damages done to bulldinga, owing to the rt-gradtag ot Flathush avenue, ara nntiued to produce their Title Deeds, at tbe olnos of the Coumlaslou. era, tb Fulton street. J.

O. JOHN M-NAMKK, WM. O. LAWKKNCK, Jail tf Conimiaslonore. OTICE TO SOLDIERV FAMI LIES I The nndenlgnod has roeelved from Waahlnotoa tbe appolntnieut of WAH CLAIM AGENT for Brooklyn and King, County, to collect for feral.

Ike of volunteers. Beck Pay, Peusions, Damages, Ac. I'brac baeiug clajma againat Oovernmeut will be furnished with tbe requuila blankn and their mou-ey eolUtded at once, by applying to LUTttAR KAMbH, War Claim Agent, No. Couit street, btooklyn, oppmlic Cliy Hall. P.

S. Those who nrit apply ais lint paid. myia Sra ASSAU WATER DEPARTMENT. Registrar's Office. Rooms 8 end 4 Hla.v' Huildlng, SIS Pulton meet, Brooklyn, April 1Mb, ISeH.

WATER TAXNctlee is berrbr zlven. to all owners and occupants of property locstM on streets piped with the Water Melna, that IIh Water Ha tea lor 1H0U1 will be due and payable at thb office on the Fiasr dav or Ml, Oue per cent, default will be ended to all bills lor regular Water Rates unpaid on the first dav of June, and one eaut. ou Ibe Sist day of each snonlb Uierisafter until paid. Tea peyers will materially ouhanre their eornfort and convenience by paying their bills early in Uie mouth, aa they thereby avo the crowd In attendance duriug tlie but days ot the month. Hours tor reostriug.

from o'clock A. If till 1 o'clock P. M. Bankable money or certified checks only rncelvrd. apIS tJeSO CUAS.

W. WILL 14, Regbtrar. JOSTKK'S CELEBRATED TAR SYKLP, fr'or Colds, Cona-hs. Asthma. Bronchitis.

Caniumn tloa, and all diseases nf the Lungs. Till, la also an excellent remedy lor Whooplug Cough, Croup, aw. i ice, zu cenrs per Dome. Also, "BlTACK SALVK" for Cuts, Bruleea, Corns, Ague in tbe Breast, Proton Limbs, Ac Price, IS cants each. Also, "'PAR OINTMENT.

for Burns, Scalds, Plies, Munipe, Broken Hrosts, Drerslug elous, Ae. Por Uslls, and Scratcliee en lloraes. Cows' Sore Teats, Mange on Dog, It has no Alio, PLAsTKItb" for Pain or Weakuess In the Side, Back or Breast. Price, lioui IS to cents each. rav Directions with each article.

For Sale at uo and SUM Fulton street, and at the Franklin lluuee," Brooklyn and at Hooks," under the Fulton Market, also at Farrar A Lyous," 01 South street. New York." my9 drtwtf TE00KLYN HEIGHTS X-' WATER-CURB. SWEDISH lIOVEllE.VT CVItEy CHRONIC DISEA8E, amtso ay CHAS. II. BUBPARD, M.

D. lr JUSTICES OF THE PEACE OF-Kings, Queens and Suffolk Counties We bav. had prepared by oue of the County Justices all the Busiaa required for tbeir use, such as SUBPOCNAS. WARRANTS, fall doscriptlonaj KISCO0NIZANCK8, COMMITMENTS, SUMMONS, LANDLORD AND TENANTS' A0KEBMENT8 witb Suaaaav Paoosunuies, which are for sals at the usual prices of city blanks Justioes In tlie Counties, by remitting any tun from $1 upwards, may have them seut by stages, or any way tbey may direct. St.


Bookkeeping, Commercial Arithmetic, Commercial Law, Penaianehlp, Correspondence, practically taught. Business hours, 9 to IU A. M. 1 8 to aud 7 to P. M.

These Institutions are comprised In the National Chain of Commercial College, extending from York to St. Louis, and present superior facilities for acquiring a thorough business education. Scholarships good throughout the chain. The public are invited 10 call and examine our (acuities. For Circulars, addrose, at either nolnt.

BRYANT, STRATTON, PACKARoTpENNg, d2a dftc6m THE CENTRAL INSTITIITR. adopted asking information of the becreta-1 the 12th Regiment sick and wounded, com-ry of War as to how many officers and men I posed mainly of our Long Island boys, opera glass, but while the great commercial ntcrcsis of the District of the Port of Sag Harbor," rejoices in the presence of this terror to evil doers." why not mske her available to maa-kind? Sag Harbor corrector. The unusual mortality in this village for ibis year is tha subject of considerable re mark. The number of deaths since the 1st of January last, are already within three or four of tbe whole number for tbe year looi. m.

The whole section of country is suffering from drought. April showers have been I 'he exception this year very few and far I V. i I uvinccn. jii labi. ukiu nuuuuu ui until I the rule.

10 CoxriPEXCE. Although matters do not work quite as smooth as one may roasona- biy wisn, yet the reduction of fare on the Railroad, and the increase of trains, is strengthing the confidence of people that i. i iu mo career Ot rirnffrcu. Innmrma i Pperty are growing more numerous, and we several negotiations in progress mat at mis writing bid tair to be consum mated. lb.

lMPBOyauEirr MAvernI flnA Villa mi. dences have been erected in tbe south part of tbe village tbe past winter. On Maple avenue a tine villa residence is in progress. and another is on the tapis, on the Lynch property at the head of Jaggar avenue. At indication, of progress and The hens around Flushing are laying eggs at a shilling for ten.

The hens are not quite so mean as last year. The meanest of all things, except the scandal mongers. t. -ill 11 asparagus. It willnot grow at much less than "talk.

lb. The first complaint for carelessly setting the fire that started at Bailing Hollows was made last week by Pat. Cahil, whose destroyed, against Jhn he case was tried before Justice Corwin on Tuesday last 0 ,1 iut Iayton fo' plaintiff, and Downs and Wick ham for defenat. Decision reMrYed Riverhtad Union. Our Ladies hare sent two large boxes of various articles for the sick and wounded soldiers, to the President of tbe Committee, which bavebeen duly ackknowleuged.

The articles will be distributed mainly amour to- The County Temperance Society met at Northville on Tuesday of last week. There was a large attendance, and they had an unusually interesting time. The renorls evidenced a decided advance in the cause of temperance. lb. Heroes.

The war is bringing heroes to light, not only among the whites, but among the blacks. The colored pilot of iiianesion is one ot tne last named. Here is another When Burnside unfurled tha alara and stripes In siubt of Knanuke. ha saw a Nttle ca noe paddling off to bim, which held a single iiiaua man, ana in mat contraband band vic tory was brought to the army of the United nf Am.rir-a laA Kv llMrnai.1. II.

nn to the Rhode Islaud General and said This I8 deep water, and that is shoal tbis is a that is firm land, and tbat is wood r.e thousand men here, and one -ugio iwwuuufc fore. The whole country was mapped oat. as an engineer couiu not nave uona it In a month, in trie memory or tbat man. And Burnside was loyal to humanity, and believed him. Disloyal to tho Northern pulpit, dislov-al to tbe prejudice of race, be was loyal to tlie instincts or our common nature knew that man would tell htm ibe trulb.

and obeyed bad. Ibem, the vessels anchored in the deep k. 1P. nun. ine soiaiers roraea wnere the negro wee pianneu, ii mere was sny strategy about It, the brain of tbat contraband, and to-day he "ands at the right hand of Burnside, clad in before Hunter armed a negro, With tho nlerlira nf tha fienaeal as he lives and bas anvtliina- to eat.

the man mat eavo mm jtoanoae snau nava ha a lost. Yet there are men among ns who would have permitted an army to be destroyed, ra ther than have used, or trusted in, a negro. IT atnittffion itrp. A Competent Jodob. Mr.

Noell. of Missouri, delivered a very able speech in favor of confiscation in the Ho use yesterday. was in raanr resnecta a singular snectar-le. More than one Northern man has snokan a I L-ongress against connscation as being I unisii, icrcic, nnu uruci uiiuu tucreneis. I mr.

jmocii eighteen months ago was a I Breckinridge Democrat, representing slave State in Congress. He comes from a district where the rebellion has ran riot, ana ne Knows wnat is needed there to pot down the rebellions spirit. He was very eloquent in depicting the barbarities of the rebels in Missouri, and in urging unou Congress a stineeot confiscation act. Mr. Noell is an ahle Inwvnr.

and aronorl iha constitutional nninta Invnlvpd in th. k-n. Wlm much force. TT k- i 1 of a real aiit Is not unlikely, therefore, that to-morrow restored country, a united nation, and of I w'" the initiation of sucb a measure by the Doionging to me regular or volunteer lorces I are now in tne renitentiarjr of the District of Columbia, together with other intorma- lion reiaung to mem: i ne rost-Koute bill area nedaoil Th ra jI A I r. Dy.

menu under the act providing for the pay- ment of troops in the Department of the West was considered and amended so as to provide that the Commissioners shall report wuuiu sixty unys. ii was men lam nsule for the lax bill, which was considered un til the adjournment. In the House, a bill granting to the State of Calafornia the tract ot land known as the Colarado Desert, that a sufficient supply of water may oe inrroaucea over the same, was introduced and referred to tbe Commit tee of the hole. be Senate bill, provi ding tbat contracts for surveys of public lands shall not be binding until approved by the Commissioners of the general Laud Office, was passed. The Speaker then laid before the Houso a Message from tho Presi- ffpnt hriprlo rot-re niv tn tha.

hia.n.n I :s.r j'tT the commencement of hostilities aud his exercise of tbe broad powers of the Consti tution to preserve the Capital of the coun try during the absence of Congress. Inci dentally with tbis, he refers to tbe arrange ments with Qoy. Morgan, Alex. Cummings ana others, with a view to speedy and elli- cient protective measures. By these means he be leves the Government was nrevented u- k.j i- i IJ ivim vTBi.uiun, no uuu uu jtuowicuge i that even a dollar was lost or wasted.

Tbe I President quotes the House resolution cen-1 suring Mr. Cameron and says that not only J. himself, but all the Heads of Departments. are responsible for what ever error, wrong or lault has been commit ted. 1 be Message was referred to the Committee of the Whole on the State of the Union.

The went into of the Whole on the bill to purchase hospital in the District ot Columbia, when Mr. Dawes, of Massachusetts, replied the attacks on the credit ot the Govern ment made by Voorhees, of Indiana, and Vallandigham, of Ohio. He made a state. ment showing that the actual expenditures tne (iuvcrnment at present are less than million per day. Tbe correctness of bis figures was called in question by the gen tlemen alluded to.

Tne debate, wbich took wide range, was continued nntil the ad journment, Bull's Head. Now York Cattle Market. Tuesday, May 27. Owing to the severe rain storm, and the failure to get in all tbe cattle designed for this market, tbe intention to mule the closing dav was frustrated, and trade I so dull throuuh the day tbat all the stock I sale couiu not be sold, even at tbs reduced I I I 7. "'-r vruicu was fully half a cent a pound, net, below tbe open- I price of Monday morning.

Prices rang. to-day at 7 a BKc oer nound for net wek-htof to-day at 7 a BXc per pound for net weight of stinking: offal, and none but v.rv steers bring ti.s highest rate. nd th. aatl. of weights is all In favor of buyers, I It in yw dui and securing present confidencetand good will and the blessings of posterity.

Tile Citr Hall Jfoiinlalu. This has been again renovated. Variety Is the spice oi lite, first it was a mere column of water, sometimes clear, some times turbid, like the fountains of Justice in the City Hall. Tbena new job was made, and it took a fan shape, squirting broadly to tbe right and left. Now it rears itself in gradual basins, looking something like a Vestal Virgin in a snowy crinoline.

It is graceful, and we hope soon to see its drop ping waters communicating freshness to, the torpid atmosphere of June. We like fountains, and would delight to have the popular taste cultivated by sur roundings of artistic elegance. But, let the Police be vigilant, lest incipient radicals hurl stoues at the delicate corps and frame work of this central ornament of the Park. The small basins will be very inadequate provision for the old boots and bottles which erstwhile sought concealment in the ooze of the larger pool. But courage.

We will try the beautiful fabric. If it fails before the onslaughts of the vandals it will give opportunity to further encouragement pf art, and onetfwjA," I 111 OXFORD STREET, near Foltom AVI-aua, furnishes ample facilities for the liberal culture of Young Ladies In Art, Science and Literature. Special care Is given to the Primary Department wbiiat nothing Is spared to make the Higher De partments equal to those ot the best Seminaries. FRENCH Is taught without extra charge, by Madame 0. BOULIAU, a lady of Parisian birth and education, and of late years a succeseful teacher In a popular seminary of-New England.

Accomplished Professors give instruction la Vocal nd Instrumental Musio- Terms reasonable. For clrculara, call .000 arte If A. BURRO Wg, PrlnaiDal i 1 Pon 8 i ol le 1neS81t'' confiscation act the rebel is most excellent 0P excellent I authority, as he comes from a rebel State. I bis loyalty is unquestionable Watk- ingtm RrpMuan. OP orroarrs mwbw wh mmwrnjutm, sauv if.

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