The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 23, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, July 23, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER 1NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTIfEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXV11—No. 109 BlytheviUe Courier, BlythevlUa Dally News, Blytlievllle Herald, Mississippi Vnlicy Loader. KI/VTllKVFl.LB, ARKANSAS, WKDNKSDAY, JULY 23, Wit) SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS HUNDREDS PERISH IN ITALIAN QUAKE ' ~ .—..-- — ,„' i— — ii—ii i i Arkansas Derby Entry First at Little Rock Leads Air Race Regains Lead in National Competition Which He' Lost Yesterday. \ i LITTLE ROCK, July 23. rUP)- - I Lee Gehlbach of Detroit, pilot ot | the "Little Rocket," Little Rock j entry in the All-American Air Dcr-'. by, led the field of pilot 1 ; on the ! fourth lap when he landed here n j 11:56 a. m. today. Local Girls Join Race • I; For Tree Sitting Honors Watch your laurels, boys! Three girls with designs on the • "tree sitting" record climbed a big : tree in the yard of the U. S.Uran: sen home at Main and lllh streets i this moinlny ami announced that j Answers Debate Invitation j ?!"* ,™! l!d " oulslt " lhclr mascu ! . _. • n " lie rlvals o! Upponeilt 111 Kepre- The girls, Martha Ann Lynch. 11. I Anna Jane Branson. 12, and Vlr- ! ginia Martin, 12, have as their sentative Race. , ground crew, Cecil Branson aiu' A statement that he favors re-1 Hampton Urlt. •apportionment of ihc state to give; The Burns boys, Dick nnd John', ccunty the rcprescnta- j nnd Morris Bailey passed their I—When Jack Rlttlemeyer. 11, step- Jay but dismounted from his perch Monday night. TrollKiche Forces I«uiillng EAST ST. LOUIS. III., July 23. | (UP)—A toothache forced the champion tree sitting team of Cinrence '"Smoky" Smith nnd Arthur trc? perches at 11:30 a. in. today j after nearly 302 hours ill the air. | Texan, Married 14 Times, Tells How Lo Win 'em Leader in Ouster Campaign IL.I; LtJiiuriji O;INISI ILUII f\ i , . , _ _ . Quick out of their mnple! AgaillSl Mayor DOWICS """ Shot Dead in Motel Lobby Tree Slltfr Falls 33 Kcrl MEMPHIS, Tenn., July M. <U!'> tio;i In the general assembly to] lOOth iiotir in a big tree at 328 .which it Is entitled is contained lii; Uongan avenue at noon today and Making tin; flight frcm Cincinnati a letter by E- E. Alexander to W. i show no signs of weakening. In to Little Reck in 3 hours f.nd 5? Pant Marsh, his opponent in the: fact the youngsters declared they Gehlbach reported a strong head : !ni " ules . !-fc Gehlbach, piloting the race for representative from Mis-1 were enjoying their lengthy rest Wind slowed UD his flieht from Cin-' ! Uu>f Rock entr >' '" l ' :lc All-Amer- sl:?.!pp! couif.y. a copy of which , period, clnnati today's 's-artlne poini I lcan Air Uerl) y' "gained the lead was furnished the Courier News to-. Virgil Wright, who has been sit- today's 'starting po Gehlbach completed the lap in hours, 5fi minutes flying time. in the race for the $15.000 prize for ;day by .Mr. Alexander. ling in a sycamore tree on South All 'the planes leaving Cincinnati i '°" te across lhe nation. •'except one, piloted by Larry Brown . of Los Angeles, had arrived here at 1:45 o'clock this afternoon. Brown was believed to have been delayed by storms. Herman Hamer of I.a Sftlle, Til.. who had been leading in elapsed time until today when Gehlbach .went into the front, was forced to land "at some town in Arkansas" he reported upon his arrival here. The planes will take off at 9 tomorrow for Houston on the next leg of the derby. ' ' the fastest flight over the 5,200 mils : In his letter Mr. Alexander an- \ Franklin street since early Monday i sxe.-s the invitation of Mr, Marsh I morning was joined today b- to ir.?et him in public debate, and ', Chariest Noll. Virgil's brother, <Vtr- " I "on, embarked on the endurance j title quest with his brother Men- states his petition on' u. number j non, embarked on the endurance of public issues. Doubts Public Interests The le:ter. follows.-, "I received your invitation ped CHID a tarpaulin Instead of a limb of the tree in which lie had been silting for 102'.:. hours early today he plunged 35 feet to the earth and was slightly hurt. DETROIT. July 23. (UP)Gov Fred Green, apprised ol the killing of Gerald W. Buckley, flew from Holland, Mich., to Detroit In an airplane today. He wan met nt the airport by heads of the police department who took him to Ihe police station. Rltllemcver was attempting to better the record of Slanhy Mar- DETROIT, July 23. lUP)—Every; "~ 11-year-old "sitter," who at 10 a. m. central standard lime today passed his igctli hour aloft. Margaret Jones, 9-year-oUI girl, had been up 42 hours at the same hour. o • OpnngS • to | j share the platform with you at '. ManiU. but it was 'tco late for me i to reply so that you would receive I it before going there. Judging from T i the audience you had at Leac'n- leacher ; ville. which according to authentic | eighteen, I am con-; believe that the public LUNKEN AIRPORT, Cincinnati, July 23. (UP)— Pilot R. A. Hosier of Detroit, contestant in the All' Held for Shooting of Pll- | "rained to" pil's Father, Brother. n:t very ; tearing political speeches. I think HEBER SPRINGS. Jtilv 23. <UP)! nl >' lecord cf fl " een 5' car5 sre "''f .; is such that the people of this LIBEL OTIS'; LIIISEQIE leve that tne public if -i , .-,. p. ,. „ much interested in 11'lbune S Llty Ldltor OUCS American Air Derby, was injure:' Fon ' today when his Simplex plane nos- etl. over., aa_ the '12 ships remaining in the race took of! on the fourth k ,- -Ar k . . -I. T. Cannon. GO. farmer, and his i !•„.«, , . . -. ,. . I ;o Herald and Examiner for $250,000. , CHICAGO, July 23 (UP)— News- here. Allegedly the result of a fam-1 lwl " 1 mucn ' T am willing for you ; papCT warfare belween thfe CWcaga ily altercation with Leilas Mur-! to d!sclls s niy record many town- ;rrYj<jjm» the . Chicago Herald aiU phree.-farriier and teacher. sh 'P * t!le county, and as J told .Examiner over- the manner in Hosier's injuries were .not imme- Murphree surrendered to officers vou personally a few days ago. if which the Lingle murder case in- ere"sn'o'i"to'de"aTn to- ! cmml J' eitller approve it or reject day at a rural sc h 00 lhouse near ' "• al!tl P llblic SDeecnes w ° ultl not diately determined. He shot away 1;ere shortly after the from the starling tape with hir nate for preliminary hearing was i ">>' i-cf"" '=. * ""' «i"mis m E»^ | inreatened today to engage motor wide open but (he ship ap- withheld pending the filing of for- iV° u the Journals of both the House | pa]X , rs | n a . bitter legal battle. e shooting > ou liav e all l' doubt about what j vestigation is being conducted neoring w«si m >' record ls - J am w»"nE to 8've , threatened .today to engage the two mal charges. According to eye witnesses Mur- and the Senate, which W'ill show Notice of a 5250,000' libel suit how I voted on every issue pre-1 against, ihe .Herald' and Examiner paremly refused to respond to hei rudder and nosed over. Hosier was able to climb from the wreckage prlree emptied his .32 automatic B! sented to the General Asrembly. | has been filed 'by -Robert T M "£«V but was badly shaken and was re- llle pa j r when lhc eldcr cannon : "I favo r the re-apimrtionment of ci t y e dit6r of trie Tribune moved to a hospital. The plane was | attempted to draw n gun following , the State so as to give Mississippi j . L(, C charged the Lingle case edit- demollshed. ; nn argument, information was that! ccunty the representation in the Dr jal' carried yesterday- on the The other eleven plnnes. all thai * cannon and others in his family : General Assembly to which we are j ffont page of : the Herald and Ex- were left of 18 ships that hopped • attending the school to assist in enlitled. I favor the Income Tax : a mfher under the banher line head- oft from Detroit Monday, took oil arra nging a schedule for the con- Law. which I helped to pass. I ling, "Who Killed Lingle and Why" without mishap. i eluding semester sough; to question favor the Martineau Road Law, Hoover Confers With Leaders on Huston Case WASHINGTON, July 23. (UP) — Three of President Hoover's closest political advisers conlerred with him at the White House today regarding the status of Chairman Claudius Huston of the Republican national committee, whose time limit for the promised action regarding hl s retirement is fast expiring. The three associates of the president, James Burke, counsel of the committee, James R. Nutt', treasurer, and Walter Hope, assistant secretary of tho treasury, left the executive offices by a side door and declined to discuss their visit. In (lie leader was Herman Ha- j Murphiw regarding the punish- ; which I also was instrumental lit mer. Chicago, winner of yesterday's | ment of cannon's daughter. Mrs i passing. The question for the peo- lap from Roosevelt Field. Hamer I Murpnr(!e a i so a teacher, was re- : pie of the county to decide is this: also holds first place in elapsed ported to havc reprimanded the ' Which cue o! us is best qualified , , tune, leading Lee Gehlbach. Lull.- gir] ,. ece i lUy . ! lo gel re-apportionment, and' toi ljb Rock, who had been in first place ; Tne |)UHi5 i le( i gil -i aml i, er sis . otherwise serve the county and j sle by half an h \ r. : lcr wa yi a i(] Mrs. Murphree and at- 'state as Representative? lacked her. it was said. Because ol i Will Make Tt.-ioe Own Way County Cotton tlle trouble Murphree is said to | "Now, Mr. Marsh, I am willing implied that he knew that Alfred Lingle, Tribune reporter, was engaged in rackets that paid Lingle 3CO,000 P a.year on the side. The article which resulted in the bei suit notice declared that in- i stead of finding out "Who Killed ! Lingle end Why" the grand jury • was furnished nothing at its initial Township Chairman Named .To Head Study of Co.'s Handicapped Children. An organization to conduct a county wide survey of "physically. 'he H-ouble Murphree is said to, "Now, Mr. Marsh, I am wiing Eession yesterday but the testimony m Cn nn "I™ , planned to arran 8 e Ior the to you 10 go ahead and make all ! of H Brundidge who was be- in UO-Op schools closing today. The Can p the speeches you care to make, | fore tlle inquisitorial body for sev- - - nous today questioned the teacher ! but T prefer to conduct my "cam- | cral },„„„ presumably telling In dc- rnterest in the service to be ot- j about the incident. A heated argu- i paign in my own way and if I de- u a ii of racketeering charges made fared by the branch office of the i nirnt resulted. It was learned, which I c ide to make any speeches I would r by nim aga i ns t Chicago newspa'p- Mid-South Cotton Growers assccia- ' was climaxed by the shooting. be more than glad to have you • ermen ,„ a series of "articles tion to be established in Blythe- j The Cannon lamily is well known j attend, and I assure you that if ! _ 'ville was expressed by farmers and | in this community, having resided j do make any speeches I will : 'ville was expressed by farmers and | n s communty, avng resided j do make any speeches I willii ij 5 • '{ business men of Kennett and visin- : here for years. Murphree wns grad- 1 make no statements In your ab-'nOIQ Services lOr ty at a meeting last night attend- uated fiom the school here lastj se nce that I would not gladly make ed by a delegation of local men May, later marrying. interested in the proposition. E. D. Ferguson, president, and J. Campbell Will Speak at R a l, v "oujr Mell Brooks, secretary of the Bly- tlioville chamber of commerce. C. G. Smith, director of the Mid-1 South, County Agent J. E. Crit?. and Joe Carter, field man for the: j : in your presence. "I prefer to go out and mingle with my friends who have been Funeral servi' with w through the years thS. afternoon for inin ii,i, k**i "«'o- » j fniiT-_fooT-_rilH r\ a f at Oak v»an , b. held thls Beatrice Warren, Tom Campbell, candidate for the ; doing for many years. I prefer to icmination for United '•- win this race by the sufferage of ed at the family home in the Half Moon- community last night. Services will be held at Black aw enforcement agency in Mlchi- 1 gnn wns 'Concentrated in Detroit I oday in an elfort to solve the murder of Gerald W. Buckley, attor- ley and radio announcer of civic affairs. P'oltce advanced the theory Uuck- ey was tlie victim of powcrTVi! {nmbling interests against which he had waged an incessant campaign, He wns shot to death In the Lr Salle hotel early today two hour; after he had broadcast over station WMBC the results of the recall election In which Mayor Charles Bowles was ousted. Buckley had favored Bowies' recall, charging he was allied with underworld characters. Three men walked Into the hotel lobby where Buckley wns seatrr' reading a newspaper. Without r .word they formed a seml-clrcl; (ibo'ut him nnd 'began .firing. Eleven Slugs hit him. 'The men dashed oil and drove away In ah automobile Buckley recently had received threatening letters and had (old fellow workers at the radio station he feared he was a marked man. He had secured a permit to carry a revolved to protect himself. Indications today were the Buckley murder would create as great a stir In Detroit as (lid the Lingle murder In Chicago. Buckley, former St. Mary's. Kansas, college student, and once ar attorney for the Ford Motor company, .was well known throughout Michigan for broadcasting caustlr comments on state and civic affairs. No one was safe from rndir denunciation if guilty in Buckley's eyes of working against the public good. He was a champion of thf SEGIET DF LOVE Naples in Shock Area, Bui ! Toll There 'Is Relatively i Light; jVesuvius Erupts. , NAPLES, Italy, July 23. (UP) — |A wide area of southern Italy was [devaslaled early today by an i cnrtliqutKc that extended from ! Naples on the Mediterranean side ' to t'.ic province of Foggla on the ; Adriatic, spreading death and dc- i vaslallon over several thousand i square miles: Reports of casualties poured In I steadily over disrupted comnvuni- ; cation lines from the stricken area. | Indicating a death list of hun- jdrcils with more than a thousand I Injured. I Incomplete official lists this afternoon showed more than 210 j dead and about 1,000 Injured. Naples Ucnth List Small I Naples was In confusion tcdny {but death list among nearly 1,000.000 Inhabitants was mlraculous: ly small. Preliminary reports from ; hare and surrounding provinces I Indicated about 20 dead and prob- I ably several hundred injured. The five provinces most badly i hit were Napoll, Benevento, Avel- llno, Foggia, and Potenza In the northern section. . ThoM five provinces have a total urea of 8.442 .'.qnare miles and a population ol 3,843,178. Mefli, a clly of 12,000 in Potenza, .was reported almost completely destroyed with a preliminary estimate of 100 dead and 330 injured. Many, other sections were also affected.' * . ' . I It was reported .today without I confirmation that towns of Villa | Nova and Monte-Calvo. both In the \ province., t oX,jVi!!lilW - ^ere ^otally,, destroyed by the earthquake? Eighty per cent of Villa Nova's population of 5.000 were reported killed, which would mean 4,000 dead. However confirmation was lacking. The earthquake came at about 10 minutes alter 1 a. in. Preceding the shock two violent explqsloas occurred In th2 sulphur springs at. Find Their Weakness and PomoU on the bay of Naples. Mud v • r- YOU VS hot M i a em Und -'vnm-t xpeit. By N'EA Service " i boiled out like a. geyser. | Thankful For Escape ! Regions services' of tlmnksgiv-. | lng ror i he mcnpe of tue clly from I greater damage will he. lisld .in i ilie Naples cathedral and other •'" " mentally socially handicapped" poor. most rDccrd nUcnlnl [o , gc casting period to the cause of thr anil-recall forces. Automobile Collision Causes Injury to Woman | was expected to attend the meet- dress tomorrow morning at 10, age'of those who havc seen this ing here this afternoon at which o'clock. Mr. Campveil spoke this'county develop from, a wilderness Mr. Smith and C. G. Henry, man- afternoon at Manila. wh.?n we had practically no drain-1 rn""' !> ager of the Mid-South, were to : . a2 e. practically no roads, praclic-- a> * lc ' !> outline in detail the program for ; C POQ/.O Incti™ • a ' 1 - v no school nouses- In the rural _ th.2 office and at which plans rc-i rorrner rcace JUSUCB , sections up to the position of First j i. • lative to the sign-up campaign: Ssntenred for Murder ; County in the State from, ah ag- namSOn The deceased Is survived by her several brothers and necessary to secure it were to be made. PRESCOTT. Ark.. July 23. (UP. riciiltural standpoint »' in ' llis " ccby " I want to Talk at LOSt Cane children ai Mississippi county was completed Monday night at a meeting called by Dr. A. M. Washburn, county chairman. The survey Is sponsored by the child welfare commuiSSes of the Arkansas departments, American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary, and Is designed, when completed In every county of the state, to furnish information essential to intelligent planning of the state's child welfare program. Township chairmen, who will form their own local organizations for making the survey, are: Neat, Mrs. Leo Prewitt, Leacfiville; BI; Lake and Little River, Mrs. George Roth. Manila; Carson Lake, Scott. Whitien. Troy. Golden Lake. Pecan Point and McGavock. —!rs. F. P. Jacobs of Grlder and Mrs. C. R. Rhodes of Golden Lake; Chtck- asawba and bowcn, Mrs. Ernest Roe, BlytheviUe; Hickman, Mrs. C.; J. Little. 40 and 8: Canadian. Mrs W. C. Wahl. Armorel; Hector.'_ , , , , <frs. T. F. Martin. Deii; clear jrrench Abandon Autos .ake and Burdette, Mrs. J. F. , Tompklns. Burd'clte; Fletcher and I 3wayhe) -Mrs. T. .F) Hudson. Lux-' >ra; Monroe. Mrs. Sumner. Osceola.; PARTS. (UPi—Carrying absent- EL PASO. Texas. July 23.—Take i churches this evening, it from Bruce W. Sleclc, who has! While fefugecs streamed .into been divorced 13 times and is now j Naples this afternoon from lib de- on the verge of getting his papers ' vuslated area stretching across the for the Hth time—when a man . peninsula from sea to sea the ifcit'i really sets out to make a woman j less earth continued 'to tremble torlnv hv i tove nlm ' tnclc ' 5 nothing the wo-| and the inhabitants wer I'd Buckle-- ! mal1 cft " do about - u excepl give ln - i stant fcar ° f further di Buckley" was revealed "™^^"?C^n\ "Women are al, allke/'says-Stee,,! The activity of Mt. Vesuvius, ' nffor», Vsrim in ri.vnin i, 1 h.™H ' ' Tve hl < d enough experience to i which has been to. eruptions, was SlISi?. I 2 ':™ i° ?f. v .° l . e ..!S *?± know. Find their weakness and yon . increased, although no dangers have them." ; officially apprehended from Ve- Steele is a plumber. He was first ! suvius and the earthquake was not married—"Yes, Mary was the first i attributed to Voicanlc activity." one," he says—In 1011. and Mary '• I To Vaccinate 2000 W. S. Lasley of the Forest Grove com- •• "We'd hit a town and I'd get a ; munity was seriously injured Sat-' girl crazy over me and we'd be ' This week's schedule for the '. nrday night when the car In which : married." he explains. "Then I'd ' Mississippi county health unit calls she was riding, driven by her son i move on and she'd gel a divorce ;for tnc vaccination of approxlm-• Ray, was struck by a car driven by 11 married some of tile show girls." • ate 'J' 100 ° P e °P le u > the '"tensive E. C. Hay of Arbyrd. j After various marriages involv- : campaign being conducted through- The accident occurred on High-1 ing girls named Ruth, Goldie, An- : mlt tne count y against typhoid way 108 near the Pentecostal n | e and Rose, Stecle married one , fever ' . . church. Both cars were badly dam- Fannie. In 1914, and stayed mar- ' The Widner farm, near Yarbro, aged and were towcrt to Jones : ried until 1923. Then Fannie di-! Df'ver. the Woodard farm on the Brothers garage for icpairs. Mrs. vorced him. charging infidelity, and • Red Line road out of Osceoln, the Lasley was given medical attention | he married someone else. He was, West rud B e community. Shonyo. -. ,»«.«. ftt * f^ * I U I/I III 11. UtlllUJlD, -Jt. IUI IILCl JUS* . I •( _ L- --_ i-l. lf\rt -Jill U. i»l»> L 1 JVll, •V.I.ILU.MUI.-U .-Chinese Constitution .«cc of the peace, faced a 21 veari' le cotton ,"™ my own way of' 00 ™ 1 ? and P"* 3 ' 6 J udBe of Mis ' IT J L rU'^fc ; P'' ison sentence following his con- : ^ ta . rs n "" . L .' ,, ," 1>nn . h . . *.,. i sissippi county,' discussed the two Urged by Chiets vicUon ln clrcuit com -t yesterdav ; *° m S it hnd it is not by mak -' mn ,7 0 i untary tax . entered this year . on a cliarge of killing Mildred Jobe.: in S speeches to cm P l > ,i r-mirlpr i n B air >st all property In the county. :incsc; 15-year-old daughter of a deputy ,.''Tr.e Blv ; hertne Dai yuoiine nd th( county convlc| . farnl| ,, & I yesterday atternoon, stated that PEIPING. (UP) — The Chinese people should be given a real con-! sheriff. . - stitution without delay, and the, The girl was killed when shc- vou had llantled tlACI " a excuse of a "period of political stepped in frcnt of her father as a >' ou r tetter to . me , . _ tutelage" U no longer valid, In the, gun was fired by Daniels. Daniels >' ou w ' ul not ob j ectl m™ nf i campaign talk at Lost Cane school copy ui - . . „,_,,, j house last night. With reference to the county opinion of Right Wing Kuomlnlang • contended he fired accidentally. : tr "™ a =«?>' of m y. re .P Iy and a ?" ! leaders In Peiping. The girl's father. John Jobe, and ! Burning lhat you will have no OD- They urge that the people de- Daniels, were arguing at the time.! Jection I am taking farm Mr. - Harrison said that rec- tne serve a constitution, and that it should be formed without delay by i a national asembly. This is a re- ' of giving them a copy ot my re-: mnd( / no ords of the county treasurer iihorK' show ed that Brlnkley brothers lloe ' •. county convict contractors, had '. with the coun- Has Canning Classes | ty for fines assessed against prisoners committed to the farm since i last November 4. LABOR PAULEY URGED | ply-" TOKYO. <UP> — In a recent versal of the previous policy of the | meeting of the International Labor : Ktiomintang, which was that China Conference in Geneva, a resolution : ihould be a Republic In name only , demanding that a Pan-Ariatlc until the people have been edu-i Labor Conference should be held in Miss Cora Lee Coleman, home j Sprnnr! Trial OrHcrer] •mnnKtrator. is conducting classc.'-. '"-«•""« " "«»«> "» "r''" catcd for self-government. j the near future was submitted by . demonstrator, is conducting classc. i the Indian Labor delegate, accord-1 in canning at Hatcher school anrt! I Ing to the report reaching Tokyo' West Ridge today. for George W. Davis j ! ASHDOWN, Ark., July 23. lUP : SPRINGFIELD, III. (UP)—A new —George W. Davis, 55. will go t< — i form of Insurance is proposed in a ! trial a second time Monday on '. FAYETTEVILLE, Tenn. (UP) —! suit which wns scheduled to be charge of murdering his bride o children, forty-six grand-children , Roses blooming from plants raised , tried in circuit court here today. s i x weeks, and 26 great-grand-children. Her | (ran teed planted in April wcra j It consists of a! group of men who . The woman'Was found In a wel Imscand, William Hillenbrand, died i reported early in July by Mrs. D. Insure together and name a trus-: At Davis' first trial the jury dis n years ago. Among the children | M. Goodlier of Faye tie ville. The ] tee to handle funds paid by the i agreed and was discharged. Davl is John Hillenbrand, member of I seed plants grew only a few Inches j insurance company upon the death I contended his wife accidentally fel LEAVES 80 GRANDCHILDREN EVANSVILLE Ind. (UP)—Mrs.! Office for the International Labor ^Catherine Hillenbrand. 84, who; Bureau, died suddenly at her home here, left 80 direct descendants, eight the Evanflville clly council. | before buds ind brooms appeared. | of one of the group. I into the veil. 1 divorced again and a year later '«" c° lorc[i >* ho01 nave a!re . adv he remarried Fannie, who divorced fc e en vis| ted by Dr. A. M. Wash- him once more after only a few i turn, unit director, and his asslst- months of married life. A year or' ««ls. Dr. Waihburn is adnunis- so ago he and Fnnnle were mar- ! terine typhoid vaccine to pupils at ried a third time, and now Fannie thc Wilson colored school, the Eudy is suing once more : fari " and Mclvin farm P' 011 P 3 near , , , ; "Watch me brln? her around." ' Sandy Ridge this afternoon. Thurs- In addition to the various town- ; mlndedness to the pn'm of forget-1 53} . s stce ] e ..^u bl]t s ] lc dismissef : dav tne Gilchrest plantation. Lis- lip chairmen Monday night's | ling one's automobile, preoccupied; tne sl|( j j cn|1 ma ^ e an y woman I ton and Crigger farm near Bar- neeting was also attended byCoun-! Porlsians are becoming Hie despair; do wnat ' T wnn( . lf 'j w(int lhcm to • field w m be visited and negroes at now „ h r now ni ner P r »fprr'c Prelect S - 1 J QVC mc tncy | ove mc ]f f wnm ; Grider. Cunningham farm in the y Judge George Barham. County j of the Frenc'.i Prefectur? of . Igents J. E. Crltz and Miss Cora I lice. i them to get a divorce they get it • rfodena section treated. Friday the Lee Coleman, Rev. E. K. Latlmer, ' Already with stores I "A woman has long hair ant" j A - •>• L 1 ™' 15 farm ln the Bnl5h Ar " president of the-county tubercu- ot j^t an d forcotlen nmbrcllis,' short brains. Find her weakness • bt)r community. Perry school and osls association; Mrs. H. A. Smith, pocket-books, fountain-pens, and .and you have her. With some wo-i the negro school at Joiner are to Parent-TeacV-- association leader: | packages of all varieties, the guar- mc n it's music; with others, hooks I be visited. Saturday vaccinations Miss Sally Crowe, county nurse; l d i ans O f the law are now com-j etc. Just find that weakness and . wil be given at the unit office Miss Winnie Turner, county sup«r- ; p ] a ini n g that 1.052 automobiles,! play up to it an dyou've got 'em. ; here. visor; Roy Walton, Red- Cross i abandoned or forgotten on the' "I married Nellie twice and Fan-: chapter president; F. P. Jacobs of strceUi arc now in the hands of the : nie three times as an experiment.: Odder, C. R. Babcock, Mrs. Roy | Prc f ec ture officials awnlting the ' Walton, Mrs. Cleveland of Manila i and Mis, Howard of Leachvllle. i me : uiu inrue Limes as an e.\p«iiuem. : ^ r I • re- j to prove that I couM get them bock. I UfCater at. LOUIS ; I'm out to beat King Solomon's' f nmnlarpc ! vfpnrA \T7n»v,an ,,-Vtn 1/M'n vtln IrAan I \*OmU!ClC5 turn of the owners. ; I'm out to beat King Solomon's '• rnmnlatoc ")nA Hav j record. Women who love me keep i Completes £Tia Udy I on loving me. The only reason they | _. . i get divorces Is Jealousy. j ST. LOUIS, July 23. (UP)-The etbook containing S35. lost eight j Five of steele's divorces have: endurance monoplane Greater St. CURRENCY SAVED ZEELAND, Mich. (UP)—A pock- i get divorces Is Jealousy. Drives to Death Through Guard Rail' of Bridge years ago. was recovered this week j been granted In El Paso. Others ! Louis, piloted by Dale Jackson and ..,._.. , by the loser. Back in 1922 Jacob have occurred in Dallas. Portland.. Forrest Obrine. flew lazily over .Singh was assisting his brother-in- Ore., Globe. Ariz., Seattle and Sal' Lambert municipal flying field to- REVERE, Mass., July 23. (UP)-1 Uw Koene vondcn Bosch, near i Lake City. * day Believed to have dozed at the! H£ . r i em harvest hay and lost his ' -• --~ - - "-- •• wheel. Arthur C. Rowe, 24-year-old pocketbook. Vandem Bosch last South Lancaster mushroom farm- ffee it while cultivating corn in the er, was plunged to cdeaih in the • £amc . f^id £ pi c d the pur?e. so worn property damage from fire At 7:12 3. m. the flyers had SPRINGFIELD, 111. (UP)— Loss of | pnjsed 48 hours In the air. life from burns totalled 417 and was er, was piurmeu iw rueam m tne • £ame field spied the purse, so worn properly damage from nre was Pines river early today when his|t t [ e ii apar t when handled. It wns 1424.000.000 last year according to! WEATHER light sedan.-crashed through a i carefully kept together and brought guard rail on tho bridge between' (r, u s owner who turned it over hera and Lynn.- ' to tnc United Slates treasury <ie- . - Rowe's body has not been re- parlment for redemption of the covered, currency it contained, figures contained In a proclamation Issued here by Governor L. L. ARKANSASr-Partly cloudy nntj Emerson, in which he deslgnsted, somewhat unsettled tonight and the week of October 5—11 as State | Thursday; not rnuch crunge In. Fire Prevention. Week, j temperature,

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