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Nanticoke, Pennsylvania
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R7S PAY 362 CITY AXE 01 mem WKATHKR RAIN AND ItlSSUU.T 8NtlV TO MUIIT, Ct'U'KH BIN DAY. Mine Schedule lldei working Moeday, Oiaon er, Gtai Lyon, No. wrllnc day. All Atdea colHeri idle Monday. Kutkok DJtj rrm EiUbtUhri May 1, 1WI 3ccMdiac Th Kaatkotu Nm, ErUL2sSna 1ST IN I kit HEART UP THI NANTICOKE, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 4.

Vol.2. Number 183 mm UVJUVJ ill PROPOSED QUIZ EHDSABRUPTLY Coal Companies Pay City Taxes On $4,626,168 Judges Demand Meeting Be Held This Afternoon If Negative Attitude is Maintained by Doctors Deckley and Norstcdt in The School Issue, Judges to be Notified Monday 9:30. Court en today, practically H'tie rnut built b.t Glen Alden Coal Company Bears Brunt of City Taxes; Susquehanna Second in Line. City Tax Duplicate Year Ending January iw iaxui lections in City. Miner Injured At Glen Lyon Adam Flekl.

of 13 12 New lort fttreet. Glen lon a miner at Number Colliery of Susquehanna Coal comptt received an Injury to his left foot when he was truck by a fall of coal yesterday afternoon. He was admitted' to Nantlccke State Hospital where his Condition at Coon today wa fair. Albert M. Greenfield, chairman of the Pennsylvania Constitution Jl.m..fU.

ap pealed to the 6,000 clergymen of the state to gtwspeclal rccognl tlon to Ratification Day on Sun day, December 12, the 130th annl versary of Pennsylvania's accept ance of the United States Constl tut ion. Pointing out that PcnnrylranU's prompt action ratifying the Constitution strongly influenced its ultimate adoption, Mr. field said: "The fact that the anniversary is on the Sabbath makes it es peclally fitting that the churclut of the Commonwealth observe the occasion." "As chairman of the rennayl vania Constitution Cominemora lion Committee, may I remind you the sltfnidcanee of Decern 12 a. a milestone In the history of the nation, and urge that you cooperate by VUing aside some part of that tiny of worship to commemorate the event." STATE CLERGY APPEALED 10 BY CHAIRMAN solved the problem eo frcntng the members of the city school dls-trleti A hearing was held In chain-lers this mornng and a meeti waa ordered this afternoon at with Dr A Norstedt Dr Harold Berkley being complied to appear at the high a-hool. One thing settled and that Is that the court has demanded the MILL PROPOSE NEW LABOR BILL The wage hmir bill waa taken out of committee ai landed In the Iftp of the lower of Con.

gress today. Proponents of the nNisure believe they ran muxter votes to pass tb bill be fore December IS William Green and his a is strongly opjyosed to the bill In its prese form and will sub. The present assessed valuation of tblt cltr $12 028,500. Thia the basis of tax collection levei for the city alone. An odd feature la that the a-m amount aoe" "Ul apply to the school district due to tt fe.

that city valuations pj bulked with peril al and property valuations. The school board, due to th personal levy person is not computed la a like manner. Oonl companies In this city bear .82 per cent of assessed valuation The Susquehanna Collieries Company assessed on a basis of the Glen Alden Ooa Company $3,24 570, aggregating a grand total of $4.66,168. The re malnder of $8,302,42 is chargel against property owners and indl-vlduals. Early Morning Chimney Fire Lape and Hook and ladder rie Companies answered a telepha'e call at 8:45 last evening.

The firemen discovered the fire was cous. ed by a clogged chimney "I soon extinguished the blaze with practically no damage. AKXHBACITB ANNUAL DRIVE Canvassers Will Com. plete Work a Week Henoo; Collections Fair. chalrmon Leon Schwarts and Hhe board of directors of the Fed kratiiv.

Welfare Drive, met last night and reviewed what had been accomplished thna far in pluses and donatio during the two weeks. It la expected when final tabu latlon is made that the total rmant t4edcd wtl be about the me last year, approximately $20,000. Due to oreee- condition! over which the committee had no con trol, developing during the past weeks It was agreed to continue the drive another week. There will be another meeting in the near future, it was announ ced this morning. After that pre paratWi win be made to pay all bills and close the drive for funds for another year; Marine Corps Desire Men Colonel 8 Berry, Tj Marine Corps, Officer Charge of the Eastern Recruiting Division of the Marine Corps, with headquarters in the New custom House, rhlla.

delphla, announced today that the Marine Corps will Cii tlnUc to ae- tept qualified applicants for en listment oat of Harrisburg from attorney general Marglotti's office. County detective Miles Butts, of tbb; county who has been Secret ty working with them had the three defendents arrested Tester day and placed them behind Wy Barracks bars. Various charges have been pre ferred, one being the padding of highway payrolls and receiving $103 by fictitious methods. Anoth er charge is that money was receiv ed from the highway department while air receiving $125 from PWA- Another charge is that of forgery. AB in all $500 Is alleged to have been received by devmns methods.

Io Schall, 100 Abbott street, Plulns; David MeCorralck and Wll Dam Jubdek of Plains ore alo named in warrants issued. mem ii FEDERATION TO CONTINUE IIS A Price Three Cents the new board who will form a nm-Jority on Monday right. The order of the court Is that in the evci a negative Is made by both doctor! Berkley and 1 Norstcdt th aftern.ion. the ihT faction consisting tf Kee. mil and Koronkwci must report the mat.

ter to the court at o'clock Monday mof.lng All teclinlcalitle were wcd slde nj a rent bulcM ielun engngrd nirmliers of the bench. The Kew annex positively aured to students en. gaged high aehooi studies tnit a bill of his own next a a'siibstitute The preKent bill sd-v real es a tationai law making 4o hours a week and 40 cents an hour as Its chief factors. The O'CoM'or Mil dtr'ers to the propped bill in th-tt sjion sors 40 hours week 411 cents an hour as the minimum wage. Tliis bill, is opposed to hy practl.

cully all labor unions kt the coun. try. Labor leader are preparing for a titanic struggle before the (' Cost or bill enters on its at I stages of congress nex( week. shout by the Greater Nanjicoite Hoard of Co')neoe unl all Hie caulpmnnt, w-ireS, bull's wfrc placed in atornge wiij be used liKttln this year. an ef-fort will be made this year to dec.

oraje the street with spriire. or which win aid grmitly jn the nppeuranee of the street lldits. "ery metuhor Is urgc4 to make a special effort to attend fh0 mem b(rsiil meeting on Monday nf.d of. fer his co operation the completion of this Christmas progrntn. 7 More Days to Buy Christmas Seals Gjjidyou that tuberculosis kills one individual every eight mtrrutes, end two-thirds of these persons re under 45? 1937 West Nanticoke Resident Injured Benedict Kearney, So, of 13 East oplar street, Wet Xnl.

dike. Is In a serious cunrtltim in Nanticoke state niIUI. suffer ng from an tajury to his right leg and pelvia, receded when he was atrwek by a fall ot rock Ism on at while working at Number 7 Colliery of 8uuuehanna Coal company. Mr Keart ey Is a laborer. FINAL TAPS David L.

Williams Life Long Resident Dies Before Daybreak To day. David Williams, age i. died this at 4 o'clock. at his home Hj l.oomls street. Deeeaseo hns been ill for some time but his death was not expected.

In ItiOS, when war was declared on SpaH'- by Prestden. William McKlniey, Mr. Williams Immedi atoiy enlisted and saw serMce lie was an adhere of the Firt Bap- tlst Church, city and was a mem ber of Camp Simeon, Spanish War Veterans. Mr Williams lived his -tire life in this city and was a son of a prominent Welsh family. is sur vived by his wife Elisabeth, aid two aons.

Melvin of Lea'Js South Dakota ami Roslyn of tleke; also the following brothers ana sisters Mrs Mary Hampton, city; Mrs Fred Thlmm, Mrs Fred Foiev, Wilkes Borre; Mrs Charles Camp bell, Erie William Williams, city; flomer Williams, Sun Francslco, California LAST NIGHT Polish Lady Resident 50 Years Answers Final Call. Mrs Stella Grzymskl, 5l, of 70 Lower Broadway street, died lat nipht at 11:45 at the family home following an Deceased was born In Poland and resided in Nanticoke for the past 50 years. She was a member of St Stanislaus Church and lis societies. Survivi are the following chil dren: Mrs Viola Kubovclk, Lark-s- ille; Mrs. Blsnche Eitoclc, Wilkes Barre.

Julius of Plymouth 1 Bern. ard, Edward Hd Sylvester at home; also 7 grandchildren 1 ulster, Mrs. Anthony Komorfskl, of West Kanticoko, ininoral will be hd Tuesday morning at from tlie home. high nius of requiem will be celebrated in gr Stanislaus Church by the Rev Intermen't. In parish esmet.ery.

SPANISH WAR 1ET ANSWERS PROMINENT WOMAN In on De INTITE roday's Examination For Unemployment Compensation Service Deferred. Word received from attorney Joseph Finn of Bngar Notch las night declaring all schedueo ex atninatlon to be held at the My rrs high school, Wilkes Barre to day bad been canceled, caused disappointment. "wal DenoirnUc leader nnJ applicants ia thia city were stua Bed when thy received word to this affect Officials said papers containing the questions and an had In tome cryptic man ner reached an applicant, thereby nullifying the proposed examine tlons to be given 12,000 men and women In the state. Chairman of the Unemployed Compensation Board of Uevlew. Robert I Myers announced that Frederick Kissinger, chief of civil service testa bad been suspended and the case given the State Mo tor Tatrol for a rigid Investigation.

Kissinger is from Philadelphia and the position htd by him paid $3,600 a year. Myers said "We could not retain Kissinger until his responsibility or his lack of responsibility bag been established. "He added, "I don't think there fa any money involved at all, merely a case of personal intr--t in the applicant." Attorney Joseph H. Finn, gu gar Notch who has charge of exam lnatlona in this county said oday that a special guard will be tfae ed and that extra precautions hud been taken to avoid a similar occurrence here. The seals to the examinations will "not be broken until classes have beet assembled on the day of the teste.

After the tests have been com pleted the. papers are placed in a epeclal receptive and sealed with special gealg and then forwarded to Hnrrlsbiirg where averages are computed. It was expected that 200 In this area were ready to take the examinations that were called off. Wanamie Boy Dies Friday Clarence Demyterko, aged 8, of 69 xewpcrt street, Glen Ly0n, died at te last night following a two weeks illness was horn 'e" Iyon is the son of Mr an1 Mrs John Detnyterko He is survived by hig para ts and the following brothers and sisters; paullne, John Jr. Mabel and Leonard and bis grandmother, Mrs Mary 8rev0na.

Funeral will be held Monday af-ternoon at two from the home. Rev Douglas Fletcher, pastor of Glen Lyon m. E. Church, will officiate at the services Interment in Edge-hill Cemetery. $206,152.05 For Fiscal The duplicate for 1037 for dty purposes calls for tax collections of $206152.05.

Thus far this year, only no per cent hag been collected with the result that a period of re. treflchmrr.f has been established by the mayor and city couneilmen A disturbing factor about the hmiiret r.ow heln ni-enared la that r- i. In the event the 44 hour Taw clared constitutional an Increase In the personnel of the police force and all city employees win necessitate an oddltlcnal boost In the millago for 1038. The superintendent of finance and accii.r.ta has asked various departments for their estimated operating castg for next yea Unless better tax collections are made It Is more than probable that lere wl11 "pay'css P4? days" experienced by city employ ees the balance of the year. No temporary loan may be ne gotiated until the budget has been completed and then Only, may th numbers of city.

council be in i position to offer the 108 Ux du plicate and anticipated collections as collateral for sufficient funds to pay city employees that the tax collector shall ap-point his own clerks, but it does rot give the tas collector the right to establish their salaries The bonPl members enjoy this prerogative. During the administration of Anthony Werth and John Karboskl, al taxes were collected by the elected tax collector. There has been three collectors of county taxes. Bichard Pratt, William H. Jones and Can Horiacher, the iucumbent.

In former years when all taxes were collected by one person the position was a lucrative one net ting the collector in commissions approximately $20,000 annually. The feature of the act which concerns the recently elected tax collector Adam W. Olszewski, is that the board as constituted by the act failed to function in sped tying the number of clerks and miscellaneous expenses to be paid in officiating as collector. It has been announced that Mr. Olszewski will seek legal advice to his personal rights in the premises ami other features of the aet Tax Collector's Pay Under New Law In Status Quo Membership Boost By Greater B.

of C. Scheduled Dec. 6 Arrangements For Ideal Christmas Shopping Festival Under Way. Established Board Remiss in Their Duties by Not Naming Number of Clerks in Tax Padded Payrolls Bring Highway Workers Grief County Prosecutor on -Trail of Men Engaged in Felching State Funds. Office.

City officials have discovered thit the Position of tnxcollector of al tax divisions in the ty and county is not the rcmuncra Ove one anticipated under the act governing tax -collections in the future. Thia year is the last one where by county poor and state taxes will be colected by a separate tax collector. For many years these taxes were collected by an appointee named by the county commissioners. The position was lucrative one netting the collec a gross income of per Many expected tinder the pres. eot setup the position would re ceive additional compensation.

This is not the case however. The new act specifies that the sal ary of the tax collector will be the same at present which is 5,000 per year. The act also pro Ylde that one member of the Khool board, one of city counei' and a member of the board of rcunty commissioners shall estab dsn the safery of the collector belt Hi JerHon, It aiso provides Final arrangeme ts for the bershlp Meeting of the Greater jtantlcoke Board of Ccmmerce were completed yetnliiy. A Mcr- chants Committee nioeting was hold yesterday nine lug at bend- qnnrtors 0 formulate a ChristmiiK program for the stores of Nanti coke, whlob will be presented at the Membership Meeting for dis cission and approval. IflHt year Santa Clnus was ti lted to Nanticoke and waa given great welcome by the kiddles.

A similar program Is to be carried oui this year with the arrival of Knnfa about December IB. He wl lc Kreeted at the Per eylvimla Station by a large group of Uld'lieo and ifrown-upa. A pnradfl win follow and fcanta will the-i remain Nanticoke until Christmas, rur-rher details of the program win be forthcomi after the meeting Monday. De.f Ite arrangHtnents will also made for the erection of the Htreet Ughl Nuiitlcuke will aguln he a beuulful spectre after dark, With the eo.ooru!lon of the merchaits of Nuiitluoke, the streei lighting program at the Holiday Season Uit year hr)iiglit Startling disclosures were ua earthed yesterday when three State Highway employees were ar rested yesterday in connection with alleged padding of payrolls and other misdemeanors. Three resldon'j; of Plains were arrested last night and grilled at the state barracks at Wyoming by members of the State Motor Pa trol unit.

District Attorney Lson Sch wartz stated lat n'ght that there would be "other prosecutions." Bergt. Theodore Enoch of the state police nwore two warrants kst night and assistant district uttorney John II. Dnndo took lm mediate charge of the prosccu tion. The investigation Is being made by Department of justice agents.

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