Statesville Record And Landmark from Statesville, North Carolina on November 19, 1928 · Page 8
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Statesville Record And Landmark from Statesville, North Carolina · Page 8

Statesville, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Monday, November 19, 1928
Page 8
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, PACE EIGHT, THE LANDMARK. STATESVILLE, N. C. omens MpNDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1928. o cws and ,-BlJ^ Overalls tvt Wowen Gain Favor in Mil! « New Bedford, Mass. -- A few years ago it was smocks. Now it's overalls for women. Overalls as a working) costume for women in cotton mills not only are approved but suggested by one of the cotton 'mills of this -textile city and Fall Hiver. It is a safety measure, intended to obviate the danger of dresses catching in moving machinery. The women workers have reacted favorably and many .already have donned this working costume of Girl Star-Gazer Now Specialist The spectacle of overalted -women trudging to and from work through the -streets is t*ot part of the picture i yet, however. The overalls are seldom worn, outside the factory. | Wearing of the garments is volun- 1 tary." Several styles and colors arej available. They may be unbleached white, khaki or regulation blue. A [ sample costume shown may be worn either full length and reaching to the ankles, or bloomer style, buttoned tightly around the knees. Christmas Exhibit We are exhibiting marry la e Tavannes models jn varying shapes, some^ -plfe-in, sWe ornate. The-perforinanc» of the^e timepieces^ has created a sensation in the watch world. $2830 to $75 and up. D. H. LAZEN8Y JEipert^Watcl Repairer Prng Co- Engraved And Printed Calling Cards At Home Cards Invitations Brady^ Printing Company Sherril! - White Company Boys' School and Every Day Shoes We are showing a wonderful line of boys' school and every day Shoes. We have them in black and tan leather or Gro Cord soles, medium or heavy soles. Boys'Lion Brand Shoes $2.95 to $4.25 a pair. Endicott Johnson's Boys' Shoes $2.25 to $3.50 a pair. Complete stock of Boys' Boots, leather or Gro Cord soles. Priced $2.95 to $4.95 a pair. --Phone No. Sherril] * White Shew. Co. Skot* Hosier* Me*'* Furnithinfft - Operator tie asked him. | "It was a 'CQ' message telling all Cannot Remember 8hips we m ^" ne ed hefp and to " lis Refi to Ghre Details of Vestris ·r--Admits Message May Hare Been Sent Sunday by Capt Carey Announcing His Danger. ten for us, on Monday morning/' MacDonald replied. ' I '·About 9 a. m,?" I "About that time." "When was the SOS sent?" "Between 9 ; and 10--near 9, I'd say, but~I couldn't swear to it." New York, Nov. 17.--From an 18] "Wasn't any record made?" year-old wireless operator who twist- "No. There is of ordinary · mes- ed in the witness chair like a scolded sages, but when one like that comes child, United State* Attorney Charles along, the only thought is to get it | H. Tuttle yesterday wrung an ac- out. We don't worry about time." knowledgement that "maybe"' the' ''Then nobody knows definitely captain of the steamer Vestris had an- when either the 'CQ' or the SOS went noanced-by wireless that he wa s in out?" difficulties more than 18 hours Spawah Queen Prefers' Preach, Dolls Maria-Cristina jind Beatrix to the as Gifts * j Duchess of Cjnnaught and her chil- FrSdoTlsV^^ the Queen of Spain and the Infantas relas. __ ..._ before the ship sank and 14 hours before the formal SOS. "It isn't necessary to know." "But nobody does?" "No/' "Before the 'CQ' mesage, was there message to the Lamport ar.d Charles Veschere, the young Scottish assistant radio man of the Ves(Tr -,. ,. ., . _ ,, tris, was the first witness at yester-« H( ^ T TM« °* ** agen * s j -lay's session^ the investigation into Not that I know of . the disaster 'before United States . 'When did you leave the radio cab- 1 Commissioner O'Neill. The phrases m * 01 the last time? ' __^_^. _ A woman ~"*'ho began loving the s'ars when she was' a~IIttle~ girl is cow regarded as the foremost astron omer of her sex. Miss Annie J. Cannon (above) is author of a catalog which classifies 225,300 stars, and the new volume will list 23.000 more. Cambridge, Mass.--A small girl of a million stars into 40 different di- who once studied the stars at an open visions, according to the abundance attic window, with a smokirg candle of hydrogen, helium or other gases in I don't know," "I don't remember."! "f was workingr the key. O'LaughUn "I forget," ran thickly through ail his'"" 1 ' We }'« t '°" e a11 *? lat M » ^ a ° ne ' testimony I Come on ' O Laughlm went cut on j "Who told vou to forget?" Tuttle the hi ^ h s5de - and X nn the low side shouted at hbi» at last and the pale l.* 1 ^ do . wn the deck and « ot into a jou£h shouted his answer back: 'No one." Couldn't Kemember point Veschere couldn't Tuttle in lifeboat." The final witness was Arthur S. Costigan of the Radio Marine'corp- oration, connected with the R. C. A. [He said that, at Tuttle's requestj he been searching for told in mv office; whv now?" f . exasperation exclaimed: from and to tl f V estris, and that about it you forgotten o illuminate her book of astronomy, the stellar atmospheres. She lists the has become the foremost woman positions and the magnitudes, which astronomer. Her work provides data are degrees of brightness. Only about for stellar investigators in observa- 5.000 stars are Fright'enough to oeito you before this hearing » * - *·» i -- -·* 1 . · *t T j. .1-^ l i I i . 1 » - ~* his search was not yet completed. To Summon Others After court had adjourned, Tuttle mi . r . , . ,*ij tci cuuii. iiau aujJurueu, ± U U L I U Thon. turning to the commissioner, I toH ieporters that he would subpoena the federal attorney said: "Your hon- ft commanding officer of the Vol- or, this be?rs out a statement I made' foln . 0 ^ 1n ,,.,,,,,, ~ f ftlo T- minr * OTI J began." tions all over the world. , visible to the naked eye. j Q nd the commissioner remarked! She is Miss Annie J. Cannon of' TJie spectra are tiny, narrow rib-1 does." l i Harvard observatory, now writing" the bon-shaped images on glass photo- "Are you sure you understand the tenth volume of her astronomical (graphic plates The lines in these seriousness f of your oath?" the com- jgimte. ( images, examined under a microscope,. missioner asked Veschere and the When she was a girl in Dover, Del., reveal the star's composition, which is ; youth nodded slowb'. ' h a r mofher taught her tbe fascination i fundamental fact in modern asiron- j At the verv opemno- of the session' of star study, and at the same time omy. , Tuttle told the eoro*rii==iorpr that he the principles of household economies The catalog- lepresents, in time and had reports fpom confidential sources as practiced br a generation of girls resources, an investment of a quarter which made if necessarv for him to f t p whom business careers were en- of a million dollars--an industry ennour'-e at that time that anyone J tirely unknown. ' greater than many a business woman who attempted to prevent .any v i t- S Years later, wh"en* Miss Cannon handles. Preparation and publication nes^ps #from telling the whole truth j went to Harvard observatory, then of the first nine volumes of the cata-1 in the investigation would be severely I one of the few places admitting TO- lo? required 13 years of work. ~ They dealt with. taire, flagship of the -Lamport and Holt line, and radio operators of the American Shipper, steamshin which brought the rescued Vestris radio men to New York. Ke said he would also submit to the ceurt the official of the bat*Wm p Advance Showing GIFTS Of Quality. A most attractive selection now ready, and you are invited to call and inspect them. astronomers, she turned a tram- were issued in 1924. T'-ttle's efforts were »11 directed to- jed talent for household management Mis; Cannon has received various 'w^rd an alterant to firrt iust what j into an aptness for high astronomic scientific distinctions and numerous wireless announcement of distr"-:; ha"1 honorary degrees. Oxford university, t been =pnt mt prio'- to the SOS Enrlanrl. made her a doctor of sew to whom they were directed Sh'e took wtat was then a. sideline in a=tronomv, study of the' hoto- and rnc». which was the first time that^vhether any instructions w^re sent to .p-raphs of star s-peetra, and with its institution had conferred this honor the Vestris in r6=TTise which might air 1 nroducei a universal astronomical upop a woman. She is a graduate of 1 p-v-nlain wbv the- SO^ wfi»i not sent un- ntiuty. a monnT"pntal catalog of nine '·"'·'lleslpv. and a member of numerous ' "I th° miflrHp O f Monday vo'umes.^assifying nearly a quaiter_club5 and_scie_ntifie_organizatiohs. _ fcur bo-irs before th« shin pant *~~ ~ |r.o Ts^ie vess^s -within many miles. SHIP DISASTER LAID TO AUTOMOBILES Dislodged by Pitching, Vehicles in Cargo Crash Buikhead and Cause List--Storm Most Severe. New York, Nov. 16--David Cook, vice president of Sanderson and Co., Inc, agents for the Lamport and Holt J Steamship Company said that he be-j heved the shift'ng of crated automo-j ~_J!L~ The Store of Quality Phone 80. STATESVILLE DRUG COMPANY. ^^ biles and other cargo had started the [ -^n*(ir\gt\J\f FASHION NOTES By Hazel Eeavis ·is--The most feminine frous- frous offered since the war are indi- Mr. Jackson P. Horton Dies -- Other, i News. I Statesville, R-l, Nov. 19. -- Mr. Jackson P. Horton died, at his home here, at 11:30 o'clock. Tuesday morn- v ,, m ^ n ^ November aged 75 years. , 1 _f - * , t ^ i l l U i .! U VCIUUCX -L'JUi, aKCU t J VCO-LC. -- "oycoS; 8 ^ *· H-rton ^ been sick for several -** for wear at Anthem resorts. T'ffeta does not figure as largciy m the new fashions as it did in the collections. More satins, soft two of the most IP T-TS on r"irv * T om 8 to 12. d»v aM Tiiyht find that fro*" ·'·"He time +he shin le^ N°w York until if «anV he" sent or'v one message othei- ·njxtBon^orc report to ones was a weather T -fnT-r -I ore ifrnm their showings, Th" «ofter fabrics ^^e largslv r"e- fcr th» softer lines of the are essential 1 ;; feminize, with mtifh }"-"ii trimmm" "*-?V°T heirs, anrols fulness around ] : n"s ^aw " tendency toward '··s convent o^al lines. Red is en the cnf-gohv tide at One lar^e house, rc- the popularization of "T but -\va! for church and bmial in the Shady Grove ceme- Troutman, pastov the Amity Hill Lutheran church, of 'faille's"end*crepe""satin^arTiased "for whieh Mr - Horton was a member, had · ·- - p-jxi evening dress charge of tne burial services. He was ass-sted by Rsv A C Kennedy, taffeta entirely paster of Wesley's Chapel Methodist church, and Rev. Mr Bessmger, pastor of Salisbury Lutheran church. Mr. Hcrton is survived by his widow and the following children: Mr. Sherril! Horton and Mrs J. P Cline, of Sal's- . .bury; Mr. Ivey Horton, of Cluster j ^"1", Springs, Va.; Mrs. Wash Kennerly and Mr. Locke Horton, of Ro»van county; Mr. Ernest Horton, of States- xi 7 lc; Mrs. Clyde Arthurs and Mr. Bnce Eortcn, of this community. He! also leaves one sister and three i sho^s f"K OPP red r*os- brothers and 2S grandchildren. We ex- j TIP-- «;or °? of mod"! 5 , tend to the family oui sincere sjm- "· eh^'nst 0 r~*(\ enHre'v. pathy. on th" other he"' is ; in fie The farmers cf this community still a favorit 0 ha-ve been taking advantage of rhe Fhov.'=: -no sorn of pretty weather, tiving to get their "i-nt v r--v before «Ta T . although pale cotton picked before it gets colder. i" dresses are more Mr. rnd Mrs Ivey Horton, of Clus- than p%er. f t e r Springs, Va., arra-ed here Tuts-,"'nc» von lac- for evening in the day. The were called here on ac-j i^1 -^'*«- s. r-^tie sat n t)rom- count of the senous illness of Mr. · l^-rlirr m^terbl for ( HOI ton's father, Mr. J. P Hortcr.. "T r dresses, but faille i« | Thare seems to be quite an epidem- ' ,ic of colds in this community. A num-, T n ; ~ j her of ths school children have been I out of school this \veek on account of j colds and sore throat. New York --Sunl i -n has become so ' Our school has been running- on fash'onaFe t^at *«· summer will sec short schedule, but will begin ran- it simulated in shoes 'nmg full time next Monday, Novern- a'most equal'" A- Not Sure w*«: s-"" 1 0 oth^r sort of f "*~ia'£s' r " Tuttle said. "T'm not sure" "Didn't vrvn -t^n m° ''own stair 5 ? ~" was one reading 'We may neef' you to forget'" message? it "fore vo" cfl 1 ^ 0 : -ht at 8" o'clock'" -. ld of on dutv mes- , ·« i* tMt the or i"- the an" it e^t efforts to es*»blish it flip file ~of the on fp-i»ral P A - th° "'or'K p^s fac° dut" 7 f ^ o ff duty aid saw t to the newest. Stm' irn Shoe Set for Next Sumr--. "T" r* ^"·0 7 " Oil"- 1-T10W " p "* vnn «pid 'nt ·l'^V'5 b^ rtT1 ajo l* Sundav." no rpsnon*;" a f the Sun-tan snides have been added to j ber 19. color card of leather tanners arrl R e %- A . C Kennedy, the new par- will make th^ir snnearancs m calf, tc-r at Wesley's Chapel, filled his ap- leP'-'e and kid skm«. pointment there last Sunday. We Although a few blues and ereens, welcome Mr. Kennedy to our commu- vm rouge,' ard another reddish tone. nity and hope we will have a splen- or tv.-o are included, the leather mak- c ] lc j j ear ' s -work. "sunburn I Mr . and Mrs _ j w gimpson spent pagne and sun-scorched hues. l Mrts. Will Arthurs, last week Mr. Ivey Horton returned to his Veschere was TIP-UP. Charges Denied ' While Tuttle's heanne was in nro- TCSS in the federal buildinp-. Captain Frederick Sorenson, a shin's master who w»s a passenger on the Vestris, was tpllinp. at a steamship inspection service hearing in the Customs ouUd- i T vr, a storv that differed sharply from that IIP was reported in the T°x*"TaTprs as telling when he landed WpHnesday. Captain Sorenson denied that "he bad said on arriving here that the 1 'febo«ts wpre "rotten" and inpropc-- 1v eruippp^l or that the crew had list, which caused the steamer Vestris to sink off the Virginia capes j Th° automobiles and other cargo dislodged by the violent pitching of 1 the ship went crashing through a j steel bulkhead separating a freight i held from the forecastle and caused a heavy list to starboard, he said. ' Mr. Cook's formal statement, issued after a conference wi b legal advas- ers for theJLamport and Holt line, follows in part: "At 3-45 p. m. last Saturday the Vestris left her pier at Hoboken bound for South America via the j p-"-hadoes. She carried a full cargo, which ha^ been loaded bv T. H^'a", and Son, stevedore s of ' he highest | i-epute. who have sto\ved all our cargoes f° r years. "Early Sunday morning the snip encountered a heavy northwest wind, wh'ch rapidly rose to a gale. The ship continued on her course, but the storm was so severe, that she was . forc2d to heave to ' [ "Sea s broke over the forward deck, i Ventilators were smashed and carried j away. Window^ on the main deck were broken. One of the lifeboats ·was sto've in. The pumps were worked continuously and the water made no substantial gain till 1 a m. Mondav "The violent ni'chmg of the ve-j^el caused automobiles and other cargo n No 1 compartment after the water I "ine on the sheltered deck to break; thioujh the bulkhead, separating that i "omnartment from the forecastle and j fetching un on the starboard sid°, j causing o 1 st to si '·"board. The offi-1 cers $ay tha 1 n^ver in their whole experience, had thev seen such gigantic "In the course of the morn'nj, it became evident that the ship would have to be abandoned and propara- M ons to this end were b°enn. Thp ship carried 14 lifeboats, wi'h a total canncity of 700. The lifeboat^ were of the most modern type and made it nossible to launch the boats readily All passengers were embarked first, *he crew followed. "Blindfold Test" Dispose" How Much Smokers Do Not Know is your Loud P'a-.ds OfferH for Winter Rehome 5 " Cluster Springs, Va., Satur- beon cov ^ Tdlv bpforp t he vessel f «nr(o i da '- AJrs Horton and .two children Wo ,*;A ^ v;c, !,,,«*;««· fV,.,K ^ Paris--Noisv nlaid -jackets snort wear zt winter resorts ar» f o r l v ' H l sta ^ here 71^ Mrs ' Horton ' s an ' ient5 ' Mr - and Mrs - J - W - Simpson, of mirj-g-eason style shows ! urt]1 aiter the Christmas holidays. Miss Lcona Arthurs, of Mooresvillc, semi-shaneles-? s P ent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. S. Arthurs. Fire-Flies Gift to Princess. he~' Most of them are affairs of indeterminate leneth meant *n b" p?.rments W'th manv uses. Some of the-n are lined hut for the most oar' th-v are a single thickness ^ f ,, , nnn c ,,. Onp ton.* shows a nlaid iack^t o f ' J i° re than 3,000 fire-flies were re- three-oaarter }f"fttti finished with a cent 'y snared by members of the ju- fr--»n jrstpH of a hom It goes with ven)le Red Crc . ss society at Gifd, Jc- a chprrv r'ed ^"ool sk^t. ^'co fringed P an an( ^ Den ^ m *- w o bowls as a gift and a contrasting wool sweater. ( t o ^ e emperor's daughter. Fireflies A plfid infVet at another place can' a r e usc ^ * or Lght in seme localities wiih a one piece dress de-! nilc * a ^ ro ^ or peisonal adornment. He said at h* knew, hparin( , that . ^ f ar the Vestris' lifeboats v*ere in first cla?«! condition, and that Nov. l(i. -- What ^-t, and whv 7 ' Well, the odds ?re 99 to 1 you don't know whv and if vou r'o vou are nro^^bly fooling ourself, blindfolded or not Surh is th° hplief of Dr W. F. nrrri"r. apsjst- n t cur^on general of 'h» TJ. S Public H«ilth Denf»rtment, was in As"hpville atte^dinig the Me'lical Association con- Bv "T^nts ~npnt ?T,f] e a. f*«t= for his of experi- amuse- prescribed coui«- y' He s^id he th^u^ht th" Vostris crew TvrobfifVIv launch**^ the lifeboats *"!- pfficientlv as nostiWe in view of i . the time at their disposal. He s"ifl he 1T1ri ·"·** fn 3 boat lhat sank im-T°diat^'vl J" 101 "^ ifter striking the ·wat"^, but the sink- "! n to tfre li-f"boft when it thp side of the Vestris while .Tgm°s Dr. t"it thp avcraire smoker is of the most nomilar brands or tvinttr-rent cigarette 1 ?, in rnd himspif "that it knov,-s his own four of r-y --- oftn j, th TT-s -f-»vo r ito trick is to pi-- prntt^- of f" n r brand in a I f"r it. or as a s°"arate wran. There are moie than 80 species. TV plaid drps-j has n nlaid scarf but-, . .. :r."--TTT; .77~ . , · - · L I . - - - I toned to the blouse Re a wide rever. Another thing thats getting to be| dj , v ,,,,. co j d ---- j a sort of unwritten law in this coun-1 -, r ,j ne #;$ TVi^ pol'ticians aiT.'l Ihe onlv ones ^ '-s that no prohibition enforcement! unabV t/) meet thp farmers' de- a # ent can ^ «^ uilt y of anythii-g O f minds. Thp automobil" fact^rifs are w °rse than a misdemeanor, even if rronths behind now.---Council Bluffs thc snot Proves fatal. -- Ohio State! (Journal. ou In Tutfle'sr investigation, anp f her rndi" ·' to the 70 first choo«" hi- f p of each cisraret, Al- J « M »V Pfnri»«f1i-v* TO Tl" okc of it to tioborlv anot^i- IV']' near it mentioned *^ of one or two as being unbear- "·« until the morning 1 R "' e ' On of th° litera-v cr'tics sa'^s that fill new booVi ure forerotten within a the day t" shir* sank. First M«ssav« w»s the first m»««!5i7« by passenfeW Mr. Tut- v eat M row them.- Mi t'no^e who bor- York Evening Post. RAMSEY-BOWLES COMPANY STYLE AND STORE NEWS. "NEW COATS AND DRESSES Special purchases of Coats and Dresses make it possible for us to offer some unusual values at this time. Included are fur-collared and fur trimmed coats of line quality and tailoring; tailored sport coats for those who have their own furs. Dresses in silk, light-weight wool twesd and wool georgettes. v , This special showing offers a splendid opportunity to complete your winter wardrobe at worthwhile savings. We urge you to call and inspect these new arrivals. NEWKNITGOODS For'infants and children we are showing some new thingp in sweaters, sweater suits, tarns, knit leggings, booties and other knit goods that will help keep baby comfortable and healthy during the cold months. HANDJVIADESLEEPING WARE AT $1 Quite an assortment of hand-made p-owns arid pajamas for women is now displayed on our second floor. They are in white and tints, very attractive and priced at only $1.00. You will want several wnen you see them. A STATIONERY SPECIAL Last week we placed on a table a special in fine stationery, and half of it was sold the first day. It's a real good value--One pound of Ripple Bond paper and two packages of envelopes, all for 59c. Get a supply while it lasts. LINENS FOR THANKSGIVING This is the time ol year when the systematic housewife replenishes her stock of linens, and never has our showing been more complete or more tempting. There are snowy table cloths, napkins, towels, sheets, pillow slips, bed spreads, in abundant variety at prices most reasonable. For women who love to embroider we have scarfs, buffet sets, vanity sets, pillow cases, luncheon sets, card table covers and many others--and these will make splendid Christmas gifts, too. A full line of boil-proof Royal Society Embroidery Floss, and also Unoriginal · D. M. C. RAMSEY-BOWLES CO. f SPAPFRf /·SP4PFR1

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