The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 22, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 22, 1930
Page 5
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SIX i;oi.lRil«:h-Nir.vvs .|(J1.;Y- 22. BILL TEH IS "Memphis Bill" Terry Hitting and Fielding of ; • Southen Gent Rank Him j Close to Sisler. BY CLAUICE NF.A Si-nice Sporls Wrilrr It's a good subject fcr debate someday, this question of Ihe greatest first ba. r «uan of nil linn-. But if yon brine It '''Bin down l " the present, there can ho but fi-.v arguments. Practically all of the smart fellows will oast lhe!r vnin. icr Mr. William Harold Tc-rry. a southern geiulfiiian oul o[ Mom- phis, Tenu. Big Bill from Mc-mphl?, probably | would rank a few |x>!nts below the i "real Hal Chase in a cliavl show- i ing their relative merits. Ho :iLv> might be a few points shy of tin' great George Sislor, who had his heyday with Ilic Browns .several years ago. But uxiay— well, Si.«I(-r. Gehrlg. Foxx. Grimm, Bottunilry ] and ail those first, basing Mlow.-; rails I look up to the bin, B0-;ii-ln*.- "i'ng athlete who checks 'cm off :il the initial station In John McGraw's orchard. Terry has been n Giant regular only since 1821, or since McO raw- decided that Dill co'.ild do n bHtc-r job on first lhan George Kelley. But. Terry had been playing baseball many years then. Bill took \ip baseball as his profession in 1014 in Atlanta, the lown of his birth. During the next three- years he performed in the Southern Association, the Georgia-Alabama League, anil the Texar. League. Then he jumped into free-lance pitching, running loo.*; through the mountains of Tennessee from 1918 until 1921. Remarkable stories-about. Ills pitching lor • backwoods teams vouched Mc- O'raw's cars and the Giant sent n po.-,se into the hills after him. American Asrjcdation baseball . provided Terry with his next adventure. He pitched and played first base for Toledo: he even man- nged the club part of one season. And then he moved to the Polo Grounds, where he became bench warmer, understudy lo George Kelly tmd later, the greatest all- around first sucker in either league. I won't arpue thai Terry drives n baseball as far as First Bnscmnii Foxx or C.ehrig. However, he i-: one 'of the best batters in the gome today. His average '-f -IT.! in BRUSHING TJP SPORTS By Lanfer OOKS llrri-'s lloiv They Do U Would you know that those. Calt- foruiaus already are talking! aboul winning the I. C. 1-A track and field ciiAiiipliuiships In 1M1? And o soon after Southern California nd Stanford placed one-two in tlie Kiunrs at Cambridge little more han a luautli a^a. No wonder Ilie easl ba.s l>ceu ablc o grab only one title in the last 10 .'ears. Tho^e wcsloruerr.—Stanford. Southern California and the Unl- I'crslty nf California—talk '.rack and Held atlilrlirs (he whole year iiround. Stanford already is lining up her weight inc-u. hurdlers and sprinters to; 1 next spring. When school opens in September. Coach Uluk 1929 included 220 hits. His fielding average was .994 and Included 50 more chances ami 10 more nutouls than any other National League first bcscrnan accepted. To date in the 1330 campaign he has showed a batting average around the .380 mark. "Memphis Bill" can do truto around first base that wr.uld make your eyes pop out. Agaiiiit the Phils in n recent Polo Grounds contest, he scooped up a wile throw by Llndstrom and stabbed a wicked grounder from a hostili bat— a pair of stunts Dial jolted the customers right out of the! seats. And he does those thing; right' along; Terry not only is n gcod first baseman but' a smart one. •fTerry's fielding cuts off base hits every day we play." remarked Dave Bancroft. McGraw's aid. recently. "He makes Liiids'.roiu. Jackson and Critz look good even when they have an off nay." Bancroft ought to know a little about that; he plugged the shortstop gap for a time this season while Jackson got all swelled up with a ca=r of mumps. Just a little more than a year ago, Bill's bat boomed out his lOOlh hit of the season. Hie first National League player to reach ll'.e century mark 'in 1929. Chuck Klein of the Phils beat him cut of lhat honor this year by a single clay. O HOOTING dh O HUTE Denny Shute Templcton will issue a call for candidates. Quite a number of those who will answer his summons will he men whn tnok tin; long ride cast to Cambridge In Mny. The rriiinlnd- cr will bo freshmen and men whn utre on Ilic yc-iirlint; squad hi ihc 1030 season. ^Vlth the championship lucet 30 months away. Templcloii already is predicting sreal things for his Car- dmals. Thry say prospects are ; briuhtrst in the history of the Palo Alto school, in spile of the graduation of those two Bis Bcrllias. Mavlnw Hollifrl ami Krie Kren/. \Foolball Season Nrars While I'm on Die subject of intercollegiate athletics, let me re- nhul yon that the days are gelling j-hortcr and the time is drawing nearer lor the bis football samr>s that will be slaueil before millions lans this fall. At those Institutions where fool- ball is a big industry— Illinois. Michigan. Noire Dame. Stanford. Southern California, Pitt. Pennsylvania. Cornell. Yale and some others — the boys who handle grid affairs have been pulling in long and tedious hours cell Ins evevylhinij rc.icly for the rush tiiat starts earl.v in September. To its managers, football knows, no oil season. Notrr Dame will open her new swdinin this fall. Purdue has added several thonsar.d seats to Rosc/?rte bowl. Other schools have re placed cl;l turf with new srccn c^r. ):c:s of Br.iKS. closed up ends ol sla. dm that ptcviously were open, car ried an exlejifive painting and dec oralivc operations, and last- but. no least, fixed up press coops for th pror guys who .shiver at their type writers so tint' you niny read abou the g;unc in tlie pa\jcrs. DID YOU KNOW THAT— Peter B. Kyne, creator of Cs]>- ny Hicks, is now a horse racing an . . . Tal I'ciKlleton. Princeton's former Ail-American grid- der who made dough In Tcxus oil. Is siwndiny (iiiile a lol of it down there on tiis siring of IhonniRlibreds. . . . Zev Is not the yrentesl inoncy-winnlna liorsc of all lime x . . His honor is limited lo American circles . . . Ksar, a French animal, ucu $3^1.3-10 in 15 starls . lie won II races, was second once . . . Two English nans. Islngtass and Donovan, cut In nliciul of Clnllanl Pox wflh 5M1.- 215 and S217.'2iri respectively, relegatlun the Woodward colt to fifth place in an International rating . . . Anyway, six American horses arc listed unions the first 10... with Display Victorian. Exterminator and Man "' War occupying sixth seventh, eifihlh and ninth places. Altogether, 20 horses representing the UnHcd States F/nnce. England and Australia have won more lliau S200.000 Camera Must Leave U. S. His,Manager Announce: STEUBENVILLE. O., July 1 (UP)--Prlrao arncrn, Italliin heavy•eight boxer, will be deported by lie United Slates Immigration de- atincnl. Leon See. hli manager aid here, today. Carneia left Sleubcnvillc with .ee for Cleveland en route to Canda. The Italian boxer's visa expired une 15. Ills managers requested i 00 day extension bin the govern- ueut has refused lo grant H. Robins Split 2 Games and Drop to Second Place; Nats Lose to Browns. NEW YORK—The chlcarjo Cub- swept Into llu 1 Irad In the Inrrit! National flag race yesterday, winning as Hie ilrooklyn Robins halvr-cl a pair ami >.lip}>ed from thtrir [led/'Stal. In the Amerlean circuit the Ir-adlni; Athletk-s last 1m the Nats failed to lake advaulugi of the. break, dropping one .to ;tiu Browns. Haack Wilson's bat and stend: pitching by Pal Malone shot Hi Cubs inlo the National lead. '|'h Cubs gained a C lo 6 decision ov>> the Cilanl.s us Malone applied Ih whliewasli. Wilson crashed tw homers. The Hoblns fell back a step win nlng the first .game of a doub! bill from the Cardinals 0 lo 8 bi dropping the second encounter ' to 10. Tli? Cards made- fou r cii ' cull drives In ihc first game bi 'one by Harvey licndrlck of the 1 Uobins proved the margin of vlc- lory. The Cards scorched four Brooklyn pitchers for 18 runs in the second and coupled them with numerous errors by the Dodgers lor tl«li- top heavy score. Clever pitching by Lester Sweei- land enabled the Phillies to take a game from the Pirates, 7 to 2. Kramer was driven off the inotmil by the Phils who went ahead In Uw first inning and stayed there. The Detroit. Tigers hopped on George Earnshav,- for' a T to'Hi riiimph over the leading Mac'k- nen. Llltle Charlie Gehrlnger irov.^1 the hero of the Tige r llue- ip with ^ triple and 'double at ruclal moments. WhiUjhlll suc- ecded in holrtlnp; • the' Athletics .own. The New York Yankees walked ver the Cleveland Indians yester- lay dL-i3 to some extra base hitting >y Babe Ruth, Ochrig and Rice. The final score with Eddie Wells he winning pitcher was 7 to 3. .The SI- Louis Browns counted "ive runs off Washington pltch- ng In the sixth inning to^o ou: h front and return with a 0 to -1 verdict. The Senators used three pilcl«rs in an effort to cop the contest. B6slon's Red fiox broke a three game winning streak of the Chicago White Sox when they defeated the White Hose 3 to 1. Horncc Liscnbe,? limited the Chicago team to five, hits while IHs males got but six off Thomas and Walsh:' WG YARDS DOtUMlfie FAIRuM IN'fc Popular Price Show'at Athletic Arena One of Best So Far This Season. Tn one of the best, fight cards presented here this season Olio Young, highly touted nfgrp featherweight, barely managed to eke out a win over Jamb. 1 .' Macklin, un- othcr local negro, in the main taut. Macklin gave the favored. Young la wugh fight all the way through the ten rounds and Young had only a -bare margin lo show at the finish* Young appeared to be listless while Macklin on the other hand was strung and seemlpg'y in •xcellcnt- shape: Macklin opened a tut near Young's left 'eye . thai caused Hie latter considerable rouble. • .> •' in the second half the double wind-up Kltl Pritchard of Sleele and Babe Latterly of Caruther.s- vile, Mo., fought eight rounds lo a draw decision. Prltchard had the ndKc but the fight was good all the ray with both boys opening up and slinging gloves. . ... Kid'. Boyd of Yarbro gave Noel Lambert of Dlytlicville a neat lacing in four rounds of -action. Kid Detroit and '-young 1 Horseback" negroes, fought a torrid four round baule to a draw decision. The "James Boys" of Steele scrambled about the ring for four rounds throwing a variety of gloves. These youngsters weighing about, 75 pounds each showed a good knowledge, of how to push leather. foxyphann HE MNN WHO »R A MAJg, OFTEN GETS A cSri\PPERj; School Boy Find Travelers Win First Game of Night .Baseball So many, many golfers. II seems to me. fail to make the pivot correctly, simply because they refuse to let their left side work as freely as it would like to in the process of ATLANTA. Ga.—The Little Hock Travelers defeated the Birmingham Barons ill the llrsl game of night baseball In the Southern league nl Little Rock last night. The couleil went ten innings before the Pebbles succeeded in copping. 9 to 8. A hit by Eddie Rose in the lenth turned l-hc trick for the Travelers, scoring the winning run. Pitcning honor. 1 ; were aboul even yesterday between Sanders of Nashville and Barnhart of New Orleans but the Pelicans made their hits count for more and won. 4 to 2 Sanders gave up only five hits and Barnharl six. Memphis .... Nrv. Orleans xBirmiiigham Allaula xLlttle Rock Chattanooga Nashville .. Mobile x—Night game; slniidliv terdny. National League W. Chicago 52 Brooklyn . New York St. f.ouis Pittsburgh Boston Cincinnati .. Philadelphia NEW SPANISH PAPtitt ALBACETE. Spain (OP)—A now Republican publication, "I,a Vo?. el Pueblo." the Voice of the People, recently was founded here,- li is a weekly. . '. Philadelphia Washington New York Cleveland Detroit •hicago Si. Louis Boston MESONS, "&Ve \ToRLEMJb .. (TALOM6- THANSFORT FOUNDERS From Diamond to Fairway Big Jess Petty, former'big league southpaw pitcher, now in the International League plans 10 become a golf profe.ssional when his baseball days are ended. -' '"' LtSBON. (UP)—The .Danish transport "Dana-'recently' foundered in Lisbon harbor after a two- year voyage of scientific, exploration beginning at the Madiera Island and extending to the Caribean Sea. the Cook, Samoa, Fiji, and other islands. The expedition was head- d by the noted professors Johan- ies Schmid and Brumi.: American Soccer Profitable Where Bull Fighting Is Failure VALENCIA. Spain. <UP> In Valencia. where the bull-lighting taking the club back in Ihe back-1 swing. The succcfsful shot depends so much on the .pivot, an unrestrained twisting of body, shoulders. hips and upper legs which utilizes the utmost in power and weight. The left arm. which carries back the backswing. should be rigid 01 nearly so, and the toes and bails o! the- feet should be kept firmly on | !s:i soccer championship the ground. The eyes, of course. Madrid team. should be kept on the ball, which | After several weeks without bull pressario was in financial difficul ties at tile beginning of the seasnn. the Valencia l-'ool-llali tjlub ha.s announced thai its se.uau's profits amount, to 110.0CO pesetas, more than $20.0*0. The Valencia fix>tball team had a good season, being eii;nina:cd in the seuii-final rcv.mtl nf ll'.e Spanby the LOGAN, Ohio. iUPi—A bupzlng bee sent two persons to Chcrring- lon hospital and wrecked three cars on the Nelsonville road, ton miles south of here. Grauvillc Ber lin. Logan, struck at Ihe bee whei it Hew into his car and he lost con trol of his machine. His auto col lidcd with one driven by Huper mbrcy, Gloucester, and a thir smashed into the wTeckage. * , '"" *~ will tend to keep the head from swaying and give the body an axis around which to revolve. Those are the only limitations on the action of the body. Shoulders and hips should be given free rein to twist, the weight shifting to the right leg, then back and to the left leg as the swing is finished. A feeling of freedom in bringing the clubhcad down to meet Ihe ball also has a lot to do with taking tension from the shot and tor that reason is a aid to good golf. ghts on account of thf iir.presF.i- io's inability lo meet l:k obliga- icns. the provincial authorities ar.celled their lease of Ihe arena •uid made a contract with a concern. Oh, jYeah? Experts are predicting that Jim my Poxx, Connie Mack's youthfu slugger, eventually will snrpas Babe Ruth's record of major leagu home run drives. ', I COCKFIGHTlXCt KESl'MEI) BILBO, Spain lUPi—Cockfights prohibited five years ago by th Dictatorship, recently were le-mr, rd at the Salon Terr.i/a. DYES POISO\ F.VKS PARIS. (UP)— Wholesale cases blood poisoning for de!erti\ dyes used on shoes, clothing an furs have been rcnorterl to t h Academy of Medicine. The Pub! Health Ministry has ben Informii nnd proper precautions are be:: .studied. CLASSIFIED V ^*f*3e=st>. Uncle S.nn probably can find n ilaee o;i bis Olympic swimming ram iii 1932 for IG-yoar-oM John Paiilsen. above, the schoolboy sensation of Southern California Paulsen's breast stroke swimming or Santa Maria. Calif., high schoo attracted wide attention among \csteru swimming critics this past year. He holds junior national in- dcor titles for 220 yards, in addition to Southern California A. A. U. marks for the 100. the 200. the 220 and the -HO yard marks within CO-fool tanks. 35 Pel. .057 .026 .589 .500 .408 .393 .385 .301 Games Today Southern League Atlanta al Memphis. Birmingham at Little Rock. Mobile at Chatlaucoga. Nashville at New Orleans. American I.rague. Boston al Chicago. Washington at St. Lcuis. Philadelphia at. Detroit. New York at Cleveland. (Two gamcsi. National I.capir. Cincinnati at Boston. St. Louis at Brooklyn. Chicago at New York (2 games) Pittsburgh at Philadelphia. Read Courier Dews Want Ads. TAKES TO AIU NDEKSON, Ind. <UP)—fohn W .amberl, credited with building Hie first auto powered by a easoliue cngine. rode in an airplane at Anderson as part of a celebration o the 45th aJiuiversary of his wedding. Mrs. Lambert refused an invitation for the flight. Two years before Ehvood B. Haynes, Kokomn. built an auto, it is claimed that Lamberl constructed and operated one at Ohio City. O.. in 1891. Read Courier r\e\vs : want nds. RITZ THEATRE Monday and Tuesday ' -with , Sue Carol, Jack. MuNjallj El Brentlel, Mftrjorie. ft^hite, Richard Keenc ami Walter Catlclt. . . : Singing, ^ Dancing With Good Talking. Comply and. Sound News!' : - Admipsion Matinee 10c-30c ... ..Nit'ht-.15cr40c->•-.r.- ., SEBASTOPOLE. Crimea. USSR. (UP)—An expedition has been organized here to scnrch under water near here fcr an ancient Greek town believed to have been submerged by the shifting of earih strata. Objects washed up by the j Black Sea al this point seem to I support the theory which led to ; the organi7alion of such an expedi- j tion. No adulterants 100 per cent pure Anheuscr -Bosch Budweiser Barley-Malt Syrup LIGHT OR DARK RICH IN BODY NOT BITTER COMING Wednesday and Thursday RAMON NAVARRO in . DEVIL >MAY-CARE Coming Friday and Saturday WILLIAM POWELL in SHADOW OF THE LAW Hr IJors "Fr«k" SUmf "Freek" Owens, a rookie on thf Seattle Indians team of (he Coas: League, has hands large, cnougi to porform a feat few can do- hold seven baseballs in one trand. Rend Courier News Want Ads. Wednesday Only WASH OUC DIXIE JECVICE1TATICN Phone 315 Cor. Ash & Broadway Coming Next Week N LAWRENCE T1RRETT in THE ROGUE SONG HOME THEATRE Monday and Tuesday The News from Home ... and don'l ... tor your own satisfaction . . . lose the opportunity to keep up with BlvthcvtUe happenings while away this Summer. The Courier News will bring; a scnsr of familiar llilnjs to slrause places, and at "> c salnc lime Ir.-ive you free from the rarcs and rcspcJisibilllics of Uic home job. Effort you leave, call 300 and Ull the circulation desk of your temporary address ehanje, COURIER NEWS ANARY MURDER CASE WHIUMFOWIU JtVltS HILL LOUIICF. HOOKS JKXN With Good Comedy Admission Jlalince and N'iglit 10c-25c

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