The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1942 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 22, 1942
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MAY 22, 1942 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS By PETER EDSON Courier News Washington Correspondent What all this rationing, this conservation, this price-fixing, this increased taxation, this enforced saving and this effort to control inflation amount to is simply that the federal government is taking over the management of your standard of living for the duration. In pence times this would be known as socialism or communism. PAtiE "THREE 1 Looks as TougK as His Tanks Phone 42 Bo x Office Opens 7:30 p.m Show Starts 7:45 p. m. Admission Always llc-23c Tax W Friday-Saturday Mat. Sat. 4:00 p.m. Charles Stan-ell, Knssell Hayclen 4 Westof Tombstone 1 \villi CUIT "Ukulele Ike" Edwards, Marc'L'llu Martin Chapter 9 "Captain Midnight" & Shorts. SATURDAY Midnite Show 11 p.m. They Live—and Love—Recklessly! 'Steel Against the Sky' ln Europe it would be known as life under a dictatorship. The short and ugly name for it under a democracy is war. If jyxi are accustomed to worrying about your standard of living the way you worry about your hips or waistline, your falling hair, teeth and arches or your hardening arteries, you should decide whether you like it or not. If you discover that you can take a government standard of living all right, when comes the revolution after the war is over, you'll be that much more content. What does this government- imposted standard of living do to you? The responsibilities of your government in. managing your standard of living, rationing your goods and writing your tax bills, are primarily three: 1. The supply of civilian goods available for distribution among the people must be equitably apportioned. There must be no more of this X cards for congressmen stuff. '2. Price ceilings must be rigidly enforced. If bootlegging and black marketing of scarce supplies are permitted to start, not only inflation will develop, but chaos as well. 3. Every income group must be equitably taxed and assessed for savings. There can be no class exemptions. States which now permit husbands and wives to file separate income tax returns in order to escape the higher surtax rates of a joint return are simply allowing their citizens to welch on a national responsibility. COST 40 PER CENT What this full responsibility amounts to. according to some of the government economists who are planning for the management of your wartime standard of living, is that the average family in the next 12 months must be prepared to set aside some 40 per cent of its income for taxes and savings. That is an unprecedented amount. Before the war, any suggestion that the American people could set aside 40 cents out of every dollar would have with Alexis Smith, Lloyd Nolan, Craig 1 Stevens. I 1 iK'omplaijiing \oun^or Geiiemtioii Doesn't Nced--or Want-Any Sympathy KY KDTII MILIJ£TT • II you are middle-aged and inclined to sit around and feel sorry for tlu» young folks who are having their lives disrupted, their plans interfered with, their futures risk- 'i'd—lift better acquainted with the young folks you know. They don't want any .sympathy, figuring they don't need any. There was i\ period when young folks s:tt around and felt .sorry for themselves and blamed the old folks because they dldn'1, have what they used to refer to us ".security." I Jut. the war put an end to that period. Today, young folks aren't espirU plaining. They figure they have a job to do before they can f>ei on ally worried and they aren't eom- wiih their lives and their plans but that doesn't keep them iroin making the plans. The attitude of this young eou- le is typical: The young man Ki'K in M. D. in June, when his HaiU'ee inishes her second year of college. NIEV THINK ITS DANDY The young nuui has a years in- erneship ahead of him before he ioes into one of the braelu'.s ol the .service. An older person minht hink those young folks don't have i v?ry bright future, since durlrtu tlu> year he has left, flu- young nan won't be making enough to uipporl a wife. Well, the young folks themselves think everything is dandy. They're going to be marrlud the day after graduation, start across the conn- w/m BUNDS Our army spells and pronounces it punton, not "pontoon", as you do. I J ontcm bridges cost all the way from $15.000 to $700,001). The smaller bridge usiiui individual motul pontons is pietm-L'd here. The largest ponioa bridge is l.OBO foot limy ami is made of rubber instead of aluminum. Mnj.-Gon. George S. Fallen, Jr., appears every inch the soldier and then some IKS ho watches tanks maneuver at the Army's desert training center in California. He's commanding ofiicer of the first armored corps. lotion; wash' In the morning and apply the lotion and after that a zinc-oxide foundation cream. The emulsion, which cleans and softens, Is muds of lanoline, white wax, vegetable • oil and cholesterol or extract of- lanolin. The night creum. .whjch softens, is vegetable oil with, carotene In it and some tomuto juice. The oily skin lotion is tar to safeguard against infection, alcohol and resorcin and water for drying effect. STEAM BATH Ol'KNS PORES The Czech's chief treatment is "cleaning the skin" — she opens the pores with si steam bath done with ehamomile, the softening old-fashioned home remedy for a rash, und then she applies an atringent. Of course, none of these prepu- U.lons alone will reclaim a bad >mplexiun which tells of poor oalth. if you have persistent kin problems, you need to con- ilt a physician. With good gen- rl physical •couditlon, you should .two a fresh complexion, and with- ul, fussing too much. In Maine, a ditch-digging crew overturned a rock, and ; found 66 snakes of different sizes and varieties. Read- Courier News want ads. One small bridge lias a weight rapacity uf l!fi tons, using about 2,000 individual metal pontons. The smallest is used only tn lake troops over smaller streams. J!ul whether our army uj;es the smaller or largest punton, our engineers need plenty of them. It you and every American invests at least 10 iiereent oC income in War Bonds every pay day we can supply our 1i;',hliiij; forces with these try in an old car (with fairly -good essentials lu a victorious war. tire.s) to the city where the yoimu man has his mU'mcship. There his wife will gel a job—and the two will have a year together. Then, if the war Is still on and they both count on it continuing.. below them. Also bear in mind I to 75 per cent of the food items the young doctor will go into one Sunday-Monday Heroes unmatched for courage... History unequalcd for glory! Errol Flynn, Olivia DeHavilland 'They Died With Thier Boots On T with Arthur Kennedy Charley Grapewin.. Gene Lockhart Directed by Raoul Walsh Comedy and News been considered preposterous. The way this works out for the average person now is something like this: With total national income for the coming year estimated at $117 billion, to be divided among about 130 million people, that makes the gross per capita income around $900 a year. Put 40 per cent of that—$360—in savings and taxes, and it leaves $540 a year for the per capita spending money which will be left for the necessities on this government-managed standard of living. Bear in mind that these are average figures. Some people -will be considerably above those averages. A lot more people will be way West Main Near 21st St Prices always lie and Z2c Sat. staits 12:45; Sun. starts 1:45 Night shows 6:4i Continuous shows Sat. and Bun, Thursday & Friday DOUBLE F E AT U RE Two features for Hie price of one. lie and 22c Box office opens f>:45—show starts G:00 p. m. KIT 'Slightly Tempted' —with— Hugh Herbert, Peggy Mnran, .lohnny Downs. ALSO 'A Girl, a and a Gob 1 —with— Lurillr Ball, George Murphey, Edmnml O'Brinn. Bargain Mattne«s Every Day Ei cept Saturday & Sunday. Show Every Night 7:00 Box Office opens G:45 Continuous Shows Sat. and Sou Listen to KLCN 9:00 a.m., 12:45 p.m., 4:30 p.m that these are averages per person, man. woman or child. To fit them to. a family, multiply those per capita figures by the number of people in your family. For an average family of three—mama, papa and the baby—it would work out as an income of $2700 a year, with $1080 of it going into savings and taxes and $1(J20 of it left for the family to squander. SAME QUANTITY What kind of a standard of living do you get for this money? Tn general, the idea is to give you about the same quantity of food, fuel and shelter that you enjoyed in the past, with certain obvious exceptions and certain Ideal shortages in various areas. Sugar and probably most of the imported foodstuffs like coffee and tea and bananas will be down in consumption generally. And in defense areas and war production centers where there have been big and sudden increases in population, shelter accommodations will be reduced. Where you will be .hit hardest will be- in the shortages 'in services * jj like deliveries, the shortages of^LOHg FftCcS consumer goods such as house fur- enishings and- clothing. Interpreting that in terms of stuff you can buy in the stores, it means that you will pay more are covered by price freezing orders. What you can buy in clothing stores, furniture stores, hardware stores,^ drug stores, filling 1 stations" and general merchandise emporiums will be a darned sight less. • * • WASHINGTON DOWN BEAT Waste Paper Salvage for Victory campaign has actually produced a surplus, but don't stop collecting. Idea is to maintain the surplus... Q4V is a new slogan meaning you should perform your job "Quicker for Victory.". ..Red Cross has sent a million hypodermic needles to Soviet Russia... Cashew nut oil from India can no longer be used, in brake linings except for armed services. ..Stoppage on manufacture of blackhead squeezers saves 110.000 pounds of steel...The steel which used to go into manufacture of barber shop and beauty shoppe furniture will make GOO light tanks _ .. .Hereafter pencils—the outsides • not the leads—can be finished only in black, white, domestic earth colors and blue. No more yellows of the branches of the service, his wife will go home to her family and finish college at their expense. (They always told her they would nit her through school.) And, when he war is over, they will go on ith their marriage. To them it Is ius simple as that. Old folks could find all kinds of laws with the plan, could .sec all orts of reasons why il. might not vork out, But what all the youni 1 ; oiks see is that they ure in love vant to marry, und that tlii'y have \ wonderful year ahead of thorn. So, don't feel sorry for them, riu-y are as light-heartedly happy is only confident, courageous young 'oiks—who arc sure life will never irk them—can be. Simple Tivalmenl dun (vivr INalural liruutv To Skin Shipyard Workers G«t Hard Hats By Color PORTLAND. Ore. i UP)—Every mploye of the Willamette Iron nul Steel .shipyards whose work muki'.s him liable to head injuries has been i.ssued one ol 1 21 dllter- ent colored hard hsiLs. The multi-colored helmets signify {he type of work the wmrer is engaged in. Colors range from aluminum for plate hunger?; and black for sheet metal workers to the more tasteful hue. 1 ; of creum yellow, electrlcltms; French gray, pineilUer.s; and bull' orange for machinists. Visitors, along with Inspector.'; und timekeepers, wear white. Read Courier News want ads. UNITED LIQUORS Wholesalers' —*' Distributors Little Itoi'k - Ft. SmiUv Last Times Today WHEREVER AMERICA'S GLORY HAS BEEN WON -THE MARINES HAVE Also—Universal N<nvs. Saturday 'The Durango Kid' _ w |th— Charles Starrett. IVIarjorie Cooley ami "Sons of the Pioneers:" Comedy—"Tug Boat Mickey" Serial—"Drums of Fu Munchu," Chapter 10. SATURDAY Midnight Show Rox office opens at IO:-!5. 1 Was a Prisoner on Devils Island" One woman and 3000 men where only the law of the jungle reigned." News & Selected Shorts. Saturday or food, • whether you get it nt lie grocery or in a restaurant, or the reason that only from CO Bargain Night Every Nlfjnt Excep» Saturday. Show Every Night 7:0fl Kox Office Opens 6:45 Continuous Shows Sat. & Sun, Last Time Today This Headache News CHICAGO (UP)—Here's cheering news for people with long faces. Dr. Edward A. Fisher, New York believes you are less likely to suffei from migraine headache then people whose face length has beer shortened by loss or excessive weat of teeth. Writing in the May issue of the Journa,-! of the American Denta Association, Fisher explained tha loss of teeth or excessive weai causes a backward movement of the lower jaw, producing pressure against the structure of the ear and setting up a painful nervous disturbance. He cited several cases in which inlays or onlays to restore the normal relationship of the jaws had "relieved" migraine headache. But he warned dentists against, making their patients faces "too long." il und healthy .skin mure e.ssrnllai. And Kiwanis Group Has Fish Fry Last Night KiarsSans had a fish fry last, niyht at the American Legion liul. instead of the usual Thursday luncheon meeting at, Hotel Noble. , At the informal stag affuir, ,spt;- dial honor was paid J. L. Terrell, a member who will leave Sunday for Chicago where he is to undergo treatment at St. Luke's Hospital. Hy ALICIA 11 ART NKA Servlt-e Sluff Writer Now that natural beauty i.s In style, a, i.s all there's no myr.iery and precious little effort lo having one—if you eat, properly, rest enough, and get .some exciri.'i?. Direct care ol the skin requires just three thing;-;: keep it clean, k'eep it .soft, keep it. from getting too dry or too oily. A C/.ech pharmacist who made a name for herself on the Rue de la I'aix before the war, i.s winning lasting friends here now by stressing simplicity and candor in advice to her clients. She maintains yoi l.-et along very well indeed with two .skin-care preparations. From lur. if vonr skin is normal, you ^ct this fieket: pietist witsh with soap and water a night, apply night cream; and It the morning, use a little skit emulsion. Nothing ei.<;e execp makeup. Dry-skinned ladles are advised to use the routine, except, to omit Kie .soap and water washing several times a w,-ek. For oily skin NOTICE I take (his means of notifying the public that I am withdrawing from the race for County & Probate Clerk of this County. I do this for several reasons, principally, that my opponent has served this County in various capacities lon^ and well. He is an eflicient officer, a good citizen, and 1 am informed in ill health at this time. Under these circumstances, I feel that he should be re-elected. I desire to thank the friends of mine who voluntarily offered their votes and support to me. It is a good thing to know that one has many friends and I wish to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of them. health, wash at night and apply . , , YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO FIGHT.. i VIRGINIA BRUCE JOHNBMYMORE JOHN HOWARD CHARLIE RUGGLES OSCAR EOMOLKA Also Comedy Saturday NOTICE OF FILING OF APPLICATION FOR LIQUOR PERMIT Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the Stnte of Arkansas an application for permit to sell and dispense vinous or spiritous liquors for beverage at retail (or wholesale) on the premises described as North Main Street, Luxora. Application is for permit to be issued for operation beginning on Lhe first day of July, 1942 and to expire on the 30th day of June, 1943, as prescribed by Bulletin date" January 7, 1938 and Supplemental Regulation No. 19 effective July 10, 1937. ELMER HALL M15-22 Applicant. Also cartoon & serial "Gang Busters." Continuous Showing. Cartoon & Serial "Holt of Secret Service." Continuous Showing. Sally Filers and Donald Wood. Sunday & Monday 'HERE COMES MR. JORDAN 1 — with— Robert Montgomery, Claude Rains> Evelyn Kcyes and James Gleason. Comedy— "Tickled Pinky." Also— Universal News, Sunday & Monday FHE GREAT THRILL TRIUMPH! Paramount News & Comedy Sunday & Monday ORCHESTRA The MILT HERTH TRIO NOTICE OF FILING OF APPL1 CATION FOR LIQUOR PERMIT Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas an application for permit to sell and dispense vinous or spiritous liquors for beverage at retail (or wholesale) on the premises described as 124 East Main Street, Blytheville. Application is for permit to be issued for operation beginning on the first day of July, 1942 and to expire on the 30th day of June, 1943, as prescribed by Bulletin dated January 7, 1938 and Supplemental Regulation No. 19 effective July 10, 1937. ELMER HALL M15-22 Applicant. The KING'S MEK IRIS ADRIAN DON DOUGLAS MARJORIE GATESOK Original Screen Play, Robert Leet ano PrH Rinaldo, Arthur V. Jone* ond Dorcot Cochron Directed by HAROLD YOUNG Alioclai* Producer, JOSEPH G. SAN5ORO A UNIVERSAL PICTURE Fox News & Comedy. A Cordial Welcome Awaits You at The Beauty Bar One of the flnest, most modern shops la Northeast Arkansas. Gtencoe Bldff. The men in our armed forces are out there fighting every inch of the way. . . lighting for your riyht lo the freedom for which this nation stands . . . freedom the axis hordes would take away! Our fighting men need more planes, more tanks, more guns . . . they must have mere and better weapons than our enemies have, if America is to smash through to Victory! We can . . . we will . . . \vc must provide them. WAR STAMPS AND IJONDS give each one of us an opportunity to help win the war... an American way to find the billions needed for Victory. Every Stamp and Bond you buy will help our boys at the front...and keep the skies over America clear of Axis raiders. And remember, your government guarantees that your money will come back to you with interest, as much as $4 for every S3 when Bonds are held to maturity. Send more of your fighting dollars out to win the war. Give our boys in uniform a hand! BUY U. S. WAR BONDS AND STAMPS CONVENIENTLY AT— THE FIRST NATIONAL< BANK IN BLYTHEVILLE The Only National Bank In Mississippi County MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION

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