The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1934
Page 2
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PACK TWO NEWS .Social ,Ca!encJa » ! FRIDAY'S EVENTS .»* Woman's club Hireling 2:30 p. in. £X\club house. ., Woman's auxiliary First 1'j-esby- fierian church meeting willi Mrs. jEva Morrison and Mrs. Virginia iK«k, 2:30 p.m.. "Adcock-Ward. « Announcement. has hccn mado j-oi Ihe marriage of Miss Hazel ^Ward. daughter of .Mr. and Mrs. oliichard S. Ward, ot Sllllwater, rOkla.. lo Mr. Llo.vd Adcock, of "Armorel, Ark. TJsj wedding was •.colcmnlzcd August 2C at Conway. "Ark., with the R"v V. w. Weber Breeding Ihe vows in the First u Presbyterian clmrcli. - The bride, who was n junior £ In Ihe schools of tctcnce and ]li„ c-rature nt Oklahoma A. and M " crllegc, was active In campus ac- JJ tivities. She was a member ol \t Ihe Players club, Orange Quill •• Xnppa Phi, and for the past two ^ years -has been souply editor ol - the O'ColIeglan. She is a mem- ^ rcr of the Knppi UelU sorority f The bridegroom is the son of ™ the Bcv. and Mrs. W. M. Adcock , ol Charlesion, Ark. H= rcci-ivcd «.- Ill: B. S. and M. A. degrees from J Oklahoma A. and M. college last „ June and was a ii'miber o! Alpha K Zela, honorary ngilcuUural fralcr- " iiity. " He is superintendent ol the u. Armorel school wrv.-re he and hi- bride will make '.heir home. *•" ' * * * " Entertains Club •» A Valentine motif was used b> £ Mrs. W. J. Wimdorlich when she. ^ entertained members of llic Weit„ nudity Bridge club and :i yiu-st u Msr. Elton W. Kirby, for the iisim' - luncheon and bridge «amc. » Mixed bouquets of spring flower; ^ and heart. tallies emphasized (he ... next holiday. t The inrize, a double deck of V cards, went to Mrs. W. H Mills'; yard. '; « « * - Jewish Aid Metis .'• Mrs. Adolph Meyers and Mrs *• Herman Hess entertained (he Jcw- •• Islr Ladles Aid society last eventiiR •; at'the Hess home. ,".- The 40 present were entertained - by a piano selection by Vimlla 2' Saxe. n vocal • solo by Herman ^ Graves nnd a pinno solo by lioh- . c-rta Herman. The mem tore and two guests, "Mrs. Sam Graber and -Mrs.. Z. ^ Jicdel, were served a salad cmnsc .. with hot-chocolntc.• • " Current Events - Club Has Meeting • .*. A- slndy of Imperial Russia un- ,-r der the Ozats and Jlupsin- i» up£ Iieaval during Ihe world war. and J the revolution of 1017 was i:lvcn s. by members of the Current Event.'; ~ club in a meeting !n.u cvcnlni; at 2 the home of Mrs. -Samuel p Nor_ ris. . » Mrs. W. H. Miuyard, tlie Icadi-r, " was assisted by Mmcs. W. J. I'ol- How One Woman Lost 20 Pounds of Fat Lost Her Prominent Hips, Double Chin, Sluggishness Gained Physi-:;il Visiir— A Shapely Figure II you're fat—nisi remove . (He ' cause. Take one half Icasponnful ol • KRUSCHEN SALTS in a glass ol ' l.ol water every morning.-in 1 . weeks get on the tcatcs und note • l'<.w many pounds of fat have ' vanished. i Notice also that jon havu fain' . in energy—your si;in is clearer • you feel younger in body—KRU; SCHEN will give any fat person . a Joyous surprise. ; Oel, an 85c Iwttlc of KRU; SCHEN SALTS ft rn any leading : druggist nnywhere' In 'America • (lasts 4 weeks). If MILS first bottle [ doesn't convince >•.-.: this is llu • LOflcst. safest and surest way in • Ir-sc fat—your money gladly le' lllrn cd- - —Adv.-1,1 ll's Time "For A Permanent If .your rcvmanent i.. partly grown out itt u." put in a fo\v curls where they are needed. Tlii? will-, tide y.u over unti you get your regulai spring permanent. Margaret Decu Beauty Shoppe Ingram Bldg-, Phone 106 iird, Malt . Monaglum jr., r 'heslcr Caldwcll. It wns decided lo meet '11 lay of jiext week, became ol tl-.e Ji'ldec toitrnaincnt Wcdiu-.tdiiy, ;it', :hc home of Mia. Mona^haii. wlii-n' Mrs. Morris will be lc-;u!er. Defure 1 Uiat lime members of llu- club plan lo read "New Hu»la'.s Prlm-l M 1 ," which explains the five ycar| plan. "Soviet liu.s.slu" ;iud liu^ia'ii' Future 1 are the .-ubjccts to IK- tak- ; en up und n ni'iicral dUr.iiF.slon of llic live plan will leiiture Ihe i program. To Have HiiiRo I'urty There will be a biii-;u putty this evening, u o'tlork. al the .social hall of the churcii of Ihe Immaculate Conception. (-imlirll-AMrs. Announct'jr.c-nl :: i:- l;rcn m.:di: <,t the nmirlaijc .1! Miss nciiL- Abies and Emvl (.'.•univll. Ijalh »l thti dly. Tlii- !>• v. H. M. Wation pi-rlmmcd u-.r cci-i'inony un Januai-y n. » » » .Surrrlls-Ili'a.sli-y. • Miss fiL-rllia M.n- I!r:islr.v unrt Vcrl Sorrrllh. IKI-.I nl HiilfiiKin, weie imitcct in ni:iiii.i;:<- Jaiiii.iry liv Till- Kcv. a. .M. Wul.siin lead ihc service. 'I'll,- \Vaiimn'« c'n'.) will have its' clrrtinn of olflriT in a nuc-llny; l-"rld;iy a(U:ru;>ijii, ^::iO rj'ciwk, alt Uic club hoii-.e. I'ri'-Sclinol r. T. A. I'OFlpOIH'S Ml-l'llll); Ttie mcrtini; "I llic 1're-Si'lionl P. '!'. A., Ncheduli.-d tor tomorrow,! luis bren ixisipoiiL-cl. j <-tiib llru-.s Hunk Knlru- "Mte BLsliop" by ik'.-.s Slrivler. Aldrleh. was lnli-:i stiimly reviewed; l>y Mrs. H. I-'. Kli.slmi'i- i« a IIHT|-' Inf of tlie P. I-:. O. chapter vvcrt- nesdiiy ufleiiiwin nt Ihe homu of Mr.s. J. A. Lecrh. In addition lo the mrmfci-rs Mvs. flic Proper Thing" O. I>, Moss iUHl Mi.,. MJIK JJ 1 ., ivprt* cuol.s. A xt];«l C'nirM 1 v.-iis. sfcn'cd from a-visli Tennessee. School at Half Moon Opens on Tuition Bam The Half Moon school opened Monday morning on a tuition buiis. The charge Is $1 per pupil Bits oj NeiCs Mostly Personal •rclrf-| -is a considered -fashionable lu '.•mm- lulc nt-:the theater? y iiiul [ L | S w ,.y |, n(I . t()r|]1 [u llr| .ji.,, i; lt . U. ,s. Ui.uron. in-foiiipanled hy In. iiiullu-r. Mrs A. M. II. Branson, und his daiiuhirr. MKs Maiirine, were In Mcnijtliih duiins; the first i)l llu: wed:. Dr. A. M.!nirn Is 111 nt Ills h<.-mt- on Wc.-i V/r.lmil street. C. K. Crlsuin- uttrmlcd lo biiii- iu-;.s in U'i!^n;i \i\-.u-rday. Mrs. L. N. Hi-nbPM and dau^li- U'r have ii-t-.:i:ii'd from :i vLsil in .IiidM/ni:i. AC,:. Mr. :iml Mrs. Ilcn- Ix-sl have- iinivi'il from 720 West Wfilnut .--Irri-l tn Hie Simon iipart- mi'iiLs over Kirby Drug store. Mrs I,, s Willlamii lias ri-liiin- rd from Miirlhi and Niishvllte, 'iVnn., when- >bc vlsiu-d relative!; In; tin- tan weeks. l-)dsv:ini iu:d Ann. Weklman, who l.jvi: In-ill i): fii-i.i me.isli'.-i, have .s very a .Jorin to nrrive lit any public enlerliiliunciil. is unavoidably, one sliouNl wa ' : O. Slevenson. Tho" LCI.-, aprai, MIC lime nr-xl ineL-tliig will i llii- home-, of Mrs. I. L. ..„....,.. Mr. and -Mrs. Eurl Wlmberly and snn. Joe Eurl,.or Bly-hcvillc were , n-Kk end guests of Mrs. Whnber- !iys parcnls. Mr. and M rs L " F : OlllcWWJ. ' ' • Mr und M,. s . L ,, j.^, •in McmphU on business Friday : Mrs Uonald Lutes.and son und <l!iui!hn.-i-.. Larry and Joan, wee, ; miesls Saturday of Mrs. Lutes nar-l : nits. Mr. nnd Mrs, Tom Edwards ' jMiss Lucille Samford iicconipaiilcd! ; thrill here following a visit with' relatives In lilylhcvlllc. ; . > I Holland News Notes • Miss OIi'iii- li':»kiT rnlrrlaii'icci with :i lilrtlu!:iv purty al her home Kaliuiiiiy ni.:lii. Out of town quests wire Floyd Smith. Chirk Tiapn.- iillll Hal K'.cjry (.1 Stl'L-li! irnd D.'K. llud^mt of Nrw Sufvi-y. Mr. and M::-. Knu-st Grunt of Murk-y, Mo. vislicd (lie fnrmf-r's fisllu-r. Dr. Wan en Smith, Him- tiay. Mr. and M:.s. Luther lliiyi-.s have Help Kidneys e !( i -itly funi-cicninn Kiilnry* arj I :«.!.!. , I..*,.,- >.»• mitn fr,™ Crlriiiir Ulil.i^li!.. NL-IVOIHMIM. Illiciinmi- ® ] jln*. .Sf:;Tn,-i.^. liurnifiK. Hjjiarlinic. Ilf!.!iif.(.f Aci iily iry llm |;ii3ranlil.! -' Hospital Notes : Miss Inez Campfcll. city wns admitted lo Hie lilylheVllte lias- Uital. and C. B, Mosby, Munlla l-'ny.Jiandolph. McDeaiman, and Miss- Hosle Writjlit, Cooler, Mo., were' dismissed. ' 'TOO I,ATK TO CLASSIFY"" / "Shoiikl :i woman ullov. a man nol a n-lalivc lo pay (or lu-r meals i'ii u Lraln?" A woman traveling alone may projierly accept, the invitation ot a mull! acquaintance for oiu- me;il In the. diner. If the trip i-xleuds long enoiieh for 'more im-ils en- roiilc. she should noi tuku udih- lional meals with him, or if she allnn-s him lo accompaiiy lu-r ;^iu- should puy for her own mc-.ils. NASAL CATARRH ...SOOTHING CQMFORTING 'REI,IEF. : . .':', . THURSDAY, JANUAnv 2C> In3 ., l«r mqnlh. Mrs. Emery Jolinslon! meet at 6-30 p m will Uach classes through the Mr. Redbum -1,1,1 cracie. ceola ; Taylor house. , „ ™ ^ of Os- Uu: ol:ie . ; APJIUI ^IUUK. The Rev. Mr. Walters will fl!l : Mr. and Mrs Tn,, „ '• """'ntment here Sunday and family of D^ii v ^ c ' d "^ ^ night. The leajjuc will Mrs . Porilock Sunday Mr ' nild CtEAHS HEAD QUICKLY LICiHT IIousekccViuB room' an t.'ctircoins. lioss licavers, 1'3 t> 51 ''. kl Avcry I 'lows and l.ijjht Always-A-Iirad- Fceils, Higli- cst ilmlc Field and garden Sicd. HiiiilliiB, 'Fencing, liar-'.' nets, rli-. STORE: co. 115-17 1 For Cash--Friday, Saturday and Sunday $116 Niixated Iron 69c Woodburys Facial Soap, 25c size l(lc i|J.(IO Citrocarbonate 85c 5c Frostilla, 2 for •49c Doans Kidney Fills 5 ( Jc CIGARETTES Luckies - Chesterfields - Camels Friday ami Saturday — Limit 2 Sl.SO Pinkhamt Veg. Comp. 25c Kleenex 17c 60c Norwegian Cod Liver Oil Tablets 83c Glovers Mange Remedy $3.50 Sleclric Clocks 1.99 Alarm Clocks Yellow Bole Popes 1.00 S1.5C Pinaud's Lilac Veg. 99c $1,00 Super D Cod Liver Oil 79c acc Powder, 50c Perfume Free. Both 50c Recipe Cocktail Shaker |L19 49c EOc Bicycle Playing Cards jjflc Palmolive agmpoo __ 25c , .11.00 Wine Cardui ' 8Jk V $ »v l-lcrlrit (; n , p( | s Tna.slur . . S |_.;,, I)( )'c. 3'o;isltr 4(fr Castoria Me SfiSEi Main at Broadway: Main at Second EXTRA SPECIAL I'ritlay - Saturday - Monthly HwiHlifully Imported !> inches in Diameter OTHKK HOWl.S Kit Bon Franklin Store (.Irncr Alain ,V : Hrcmdwuv We SUIT BWTHEVILLE! This Is Suit Headquarters '.. . . .for so many well-dressed wnmwi (and has l)«en for so lun«) (hat now we lake it as a pleasant obligation to bring Hl.v- thcville the newest and smartest suits in the largest possible variety. This season . . . starting today • . . we've outdone even our own past accomplishments along those lines. So now. that you know what to expect, we'll be expecting you in early today! ..Swagger Models • Short Jacket Models Finger Tip Models Long Coat Models 5* „ 8 39' 5 Jqst-.'-Rei'civcd a Large Shipment of Neiv Spring .Coats, Dresses, Millinery and Silk Undies. NEW YORK STORE -Ap Itemized Cash Raster Slip With Each Purchase! — ---i-i ~_...fc, TI '^iL •-'•(•vii i ML viiuac i GROCERS Specials for Friday. Saturday and Monday ', Juicy, Dozen 19t PURE LARD ' /v 1>urc 1>ork - Madc Frcsh and Clean. Pound i Large and Finn, Fancy Heads. Each Large Bottle Each lOc BANANAS Fancy. Large, Ripe Dozen RAfflM "^^^^ S " irt ' s 0ri( > I c or Evurgoud 4 <% 1 Sliced. Pound Pure Cane. We Will Sell Sugar Ic LESS O-N 10 l.BS. ThiuTAny Adv. Price! 0llif ASPARAGUS . Crisp Stalks. Libby's Picnic Can lOc PEACHES ""*' 5™ e2 K 15c POTT101) MEAT >O1C| VIENNA SAUSAGE ^ ;ln ;'•• :'?. £2 I 'Can Siveet, Plain 4 O** I'iM <!(. JL9C ({(. CRAPE FRUIT Large Si?.e •I for 18c HAMS ^"KiT \Half or Whole, Po iialTiO V Cnrcil /'Center Ciils, I'oun nmd --- Hl-c 'ound - - - - iSc Fresh. Med. Size Snow White. Lb. 2 Van Camp Hahy or 3 Tall Cans 17c SOAP ..,1'almolive , I5ar.-- 14c PORK STEAKS >tc; " ^ lOc FLOUR S"" 1 - $6.60 ^ 85c 2 °- oz - Box Sc HENS J 17c MUSTARD SALT MACKEREL ' ...... - 3 C E^."""" n ...... VEAL ROAST I5c lM)i'C(|uarter I'd und lOc 53C Maxwell House or Canova r'onnri __ SNOWDRIFT !Ibs 3Sc 6 S n 65c GROUND BEEF PEANUT BUTTER S Can' Or Hamburger Poimri • 2 ' 'inl L- Quart 12c Teiais Grccn - •' VIcd - n?rd s ' 1 ' N". 1 Full Cream yellow. Pound Anicriciin Can 3c lil.ACK l'i;!>|'l-;u •Loose, l.b. 19 (: SALT ll/i-Lb. IJox OU Li 1C SALT MEAT BestGL ±t2-°- Tic SOAP P. & G. or Big Deal 7 Giant Itars _ PIGS FEET Pickled 2 for 5c MOPS / Pride of \ 1 Lli. ifl c V Memphis / 2-LI>. BI>\ - - - - Iflc Heavy Twine. 12-0/,. Each

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