Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 31, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 31, 1896
Page 6
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LIVER ^KIDNEY DISEASES Are 'manifested by BACKACHE, RHEUMATISM, LOSS OF APPETITE, FOUL TONGUE, BAD BREATH, WEAKNESS, LOSS OF ENERGY and CHRONIC CATARRH OF THE THROAT. Dr. J. H. McLEAN'S . LIVER and KIDNEY BALM Is the remedy you need, of equal service in all .mild or chronic LIVER, KIDNEY .and FEMALE TROUBLES. For sale everywhere at $1.00 per bottle. THE D(. J. H. McLFAN MEDICINE CO, - St. Louis, Mo, feT^^^ I This is the very best made. BlackwelS's Genuine DURHAM You will (In;! one coupon InsMo O : nuncf IMIR niul two coupons Inside oncti -I ouncu IJUR. Buy 11 bn^', KM (lie co'.i|icm und ,iui- How to nut your ohuru ol'j'i'ilJ.uOO In prwnts. M^^ For Keeplns the Systorn In a Healthy Condltton. CURES Headach*. CUKES Constipation, Acti on tho Llvor and Kidneys, Purifies «>• Blood Dispels Colds and Fovera, Beautifies tha Complexion and I* PJessinr and Refreshlnc to the Taste. • SOLO BY ALL DHUQQISTS. J3-A. nir-clv illtii'trau-il cifflity-paftc Lincola Story Root ei»oa to every parcbaser td I jasJtaze of Lincoln l\-x Price ZSc. Aslt yoar drtitrslst, or LINCOLN TKACO_ Tort \Va. v ae,I«A For Sale by B. F. >-""^Nrf''^^N^N *-SX^-^\ = -A Nerve Tonic . . i ,'; An Invigorant ... ? : A True Anti-Malaria I scon is THIS rciiE IIKDICIXAL BKxrucK \V1HSKBT MADE iir TIIE.OlB-l'ASUIOSED 3[ETiIOI> AT iOBETTO, KT., AXD KSOWN A3 THE C/ummins & Co. T T y Hand-Made Sour-Mash Whiskey SOLD O.V1.T )!T I)I1UOGI?T3. SEB THE CHEMIST'S C OX EACH UOTTI.K. A. KffiFER DRUG CO., Indianapolis Sole Controllers and Distributers. VITAL! THE NEW FRENCH REMEDY. THE ABOVE RESULTS. 20Jh Bay mn l . Iorlf.,-.00«-Uh f-.irmn-.ini™ to <•«'" o» Kciuua For sale by Eon Fisher and B. F Keesllnj?. •r""" v: v. ioing For A skeTrip? WILL MEET IN ST. LOUIS. Jlr. Bfnnloj- Anticipate!) No Clumgo In Convention Flans, St. Louis, Jlay30.- r -Mr.Hiiiilfiy,cliair- mnn of the subcommittou having in charge all arrangements .for the hall for tlic rejiublican national convention, said lie hud received tivo clispfitchcs from St. Louis stating- lhat the convention hall had not been iiijiu-ccl and that it wnihl be ready for the convention on the lGth, of June. Tie added: "In my judgment-, • the committee does not possess the legal power to defer the convention or to change it. I have no doubt but that the convention, -will meet in the convention hall erected for the purpose in St. Louis on tho IGUl of .T lino. I'alniyrn! \Y!s.,'!lay :iO.— tui-oy J:o\vd hnsbveii arrested on the charge of rr.nr- doriiv his lirothor, Frank llmve, of Darit-r., ago! IS years. They vent, to u meetiKj,' of the Modern Woodmen the previous evening mid the -brother v.-:is found dead by the roadside the next you'll fully en toy all of Its flelii;bt :t you tuku OHO or the MICHIGAN-AND LAKE SUFEK10J TRANSPORTATION CD'S iANT STEAMSHIP li-js between Chicago unJ Muckinuc . :iii lour times every week. -••i»-.V.'''. ''' /•;>.:; \'--'" ECW stcol steamship "M*nltou" Is a - 'unlace. Travels 'twlxt Chicago -"..:.•;, Harbor Sprlnjs, Petoskey • ir. lalandi «te- •-f.T' Write Cor -our-roailab'.c X 1 ' reading mutter, true, or ask your nearest agcur. Address Jos. Borolzliuiui I L.AKE MSCH. AND I.AK2 SUVKUIOH TBANS. CO. Rush and N. Water St., Chicago. Brazilian Bialm cures colds, old coughs, cronp, bronchitis and pleurisy like magic. - ••' ,. To J.';ns It Ovnr the Veto, Washing-ton, . May 30.— The house committee on public lands by a vote of seven to one hns decided -to recommend to the house thnt it pass over the veto of the president the bjj] chang-infc; the fees of registers and receivers o£' hind offices for talcing depositions from fifteen to ten cents n hundred words. D«pow for Chairman. Spring-field, 0., May 30.— It is authoritatively stated here that Chnuneey Ji Depew is Alaj. McKinley's selection for chairman o£ the national republican convention. A man who is in the inner councils of the McKinley managers said that Ur. Pepew would be beyond all doubt the man choseo. TUoy Muiit Huns-' Des Maine.-, la., Miiy 30— The su- nrewe court' has refused to grant a re- henring in the case of Gcorg-e V? earns and John Hnmmill, convicted o£ murder and sentenced to hang. Ilifty n-re- not yet 21. years of a^e. A year ago they. tried to hold rip Lucius Uidpath,' and lulled him. when heTCSistcd. • BASEBALL.;. 6th^ilt(*'iV <•!' thn ViirJourt OJul)»— KoiK'lit Oiim The following tables show thi; ir.im- bcr oC fruitics \von and io>st and the JILT- cor.tnjri! o£ the clubs of the lending base- bal'l orffaiiixatioiis. National len-jue: CL-JHM. Won. Lost. 1'tret Cleveland ........... . ....... Boston Phll.idulphlu 17 Chleapro ..................... 1" Wnshlnston ................ 1^ Brooltlyii ......... . .......... M New York ................... 13 St. Louis.'. .................. 11' Loulsvlllu ................... 7 Western league: Detroit ...................... 20 St. Piuil Kansas City IiHll.-inapolls Minneapolis Mllivoiikoo Columbus Grand Rupkls \Vi-s: ern iissoeiutioii: Des Molncs l-eorla Dubinin," UooltCord St. Jos-iili Cfdnr Biiiikls J'lirllniftoi: (iuincy 17 IS M 17 H 9 10 -111 13 M 13 '' '' If 20 2£6 10 11 'j' 1:> 1C 23 '23 2 9 II '12 13 'IS .333 .212 .6C-. . .021 .020 .CU3 .67' .-I'" 1 .S3i National leiiguo Alines on Vridiiy: At i'hiladelpliia 1 — l-'liiladeiphia, JO; St. Louis, li. At Ijaltimoi'U—iiiilliinoi-e, 4; Oineir.nuti, 1. AfiVuw Vork—.Veu- York, 0; Louisville.-, 7. AT Washington—Washington, 1.1; rill.sburg-h, G, At fjrook- lyii—Chicago, 10; Drosklyn. 9. At Boston — liosron, 7; Cleveland, 7' (game called in 12Lh iniiiii;,'), Western league 1 : At Indianapolis— Indiiinnpolis. 'M; Milwaukee, 2. At Grand Kapids—St. Vaul, M; Criind T!ap- jds, j. At Detroit.—Minneapolis, 12; Detroit, -1. At Columbus—Kansas City, G: Columbus, S. Western association: At Rocktoi'd— llocki'oi'd, -1; Codar Jl.ip.'ds, 2. GIVES UP GOLD, rrcsliltnit of a J>i:w York Hunk Miiltcs mi Xcw York, May :JO.—The National rark bank depositi-d $i.U(i(i,COO in gold in the siibtreus-'iiry Friday morning in exchange for k'p;:il tenfliira. The dp- posit was made by 1C. '£. Poor, the prc-si- rl en to I' the" bunk, ',n person. It is understood that tin 1 olliccrs and directors of ihe bank thought it would be a good ::ient's gold i-f serve at this time, hi view of the hcavj withdrawals for export, and, ns llic bank had more than $-1.000, • DOUof gold in its vaults, mostly (twi.'iim- liil.fd since irs pnymer.U on aeeount of ihe last p-ovt-rnini-nt ii-Siii', it was tin-' •idee'! to turn $1.000,000 t>f it into the s"b;-re::siiry in t'.soliiintfc for greenbacks. L. Von Hoffman & Co. will ship io-c!ay SJ.HlO.OuO in gold. By order of tho director of the mint the premium on assay oil ice g-olil bars for shipment has l-.L-c'n riilin.nl fj-oin Lhri'.i-sixteeiuhs per cent, lo one-eighth per cent. DISTINGUISHED HUNTERS. I'rusitimit und t^.iljinot to Yi*K \Vlr*cousln In tlio Full. West Superior, Wis., .May .'JU,—President Cleveland and the members of his, cabint't will be the yuests ol' Senator X'ilus this suiniia-r and will lish nuO hunt along the Urule about Si) milet Iron: here for about 30 days. A letter \vas received here a few clays ag-6 from Senator V.Jas iriviiiff instrut-tions for Lhu entertainment of the Vilus cottag-e iir.cl.for making othti-.-irniiip-tinents for the .core of the distbg-uisbed visitors. Tlic letter does not yive the i;:imc.s of those who will com pose the party, bur states that an invitation was extended to the liri'sidejitaiiil !i'S cabinet, which was r.ct-i'ptoti. H also stated lhat some other prominent int-'n, probably close friends of the president, would be in the p.-n-ty. They are expected about the first of September when the deer sea- sou will be opt-- 1 !"]. A Ixn-cr's Criiu* 1 Clevchuid, 0., -May 30.—Tony Scare- mcillc, an Italian, ag-ed 2G, on Friday stabbed and terribly ni-tiluted Cai-olinn Abbey, an Italian yirl i(i years old, living at rU'/i Hill street, with whom lie was in love. He then drew a pistol and scuta bullet thronyh his own brain, dy- infl- almost instantly. The tragedy resulted from the refusal of the girl to marry Senronicillc. She is fearfully cut, but may recover. JutlKii i'ouko Xot Killed, Vanchilia, 111., Jlay :10.—Judye Jacob IfbuUc, oC this city, juclg-e on the circuit, bench oil the Springfield ..(IJ1.) circuit,, who was reported among the dead of the St. Louis cyclone victims, wn? brought home Thursday night. The •jud«i; is severely bruised, both externally and internally, but his injuries are not considered necessarily fatal. He is resting- comfortably. Dcnniarlc'n EgJ Trade'. -Denmark's foreign egg- trade' has grown to a tremendous size, mainly with Britain.. Twenty years ngo the annual Danish export of eggs was 900,-. 000: now it, is reckoned at 111.000.000. ITTLIi IVER PILLS SISK HEADACHE Positively cnrcd by these Xlttlo t»llls. They also relieve .E jtress from DyspcpsJ*, Indigestion and Too llcar^ Eating. .A per. feet remedy for Disilntss, Nausea, Drowst nes», Bad Taste in (he Mouth, Coated Tongue Pain ir (he Side, TORPID LIVER. They Regulate the Bowels, Purely Vegetable. . SPRING is SIM.\\ONS LIVER REGULATOR—don't forgot to take it The Liver gets slu^gisl' dunng the Winter, just like all nature, and the system becomes choked up by the accumulated waste, which brings on Malaria, Fsver and Ague and Rheumatism. Yo;: wan; lo \vakc up your Livei now, 'jut be sure you take SIMMONS LIVER REGULATOR to do it. ' : ;it aisc regulates the Liver—keeps it properly at work, when /our system will be free from poison and the whole body invigorated. ' You get THE BEST BLOOD when your system is in Al condition, and that will only be when the Liver is kept active. Try a Liver Rsinedy once and note the difference. But take only SIMMONS LIVER RfiGL'LATOR—it is SIMMONS LIVER RFGUUTOR which makes the difference. Take it in powder or in liquid alreadv prepared, or make a. tea of the powder; buttakesi.V.MONSLlVJER REGULATOR. You''-' «-J the RED f. on every package. Loci; fc.r it. J. H- VCiiilin & Co. PJaiia-de'^lJia, Pa- TELLTALE ."FORCE OF HABIT. Thin IlHHli Clerk Cncon»clounly Ilevcaled II li Occupation. They were both students at the new school of psychology, physiog-nomy and ijietaphysics. .They dropped into an all- nig-hl restaurant and were talking- of hypnoiism. says the New York Press. •"See that, young man over there near the ice-box?" asked one. "Yes, why?" answered the other. "What bus'inessdoes he follow?" judging from scientific observation?" "He is either a night operator or a ambler." "liy \vhiii reasoning?"* "Because he is pale and nervous. The sun riovor shines on him. He has a vocation that keeps his nerves at a hig-h tension." Tin- sludi'rits left the contemplation or scii-uiiiic iT.senroh to investigate the uiPri'.H of two flam chowders. "I'll tell you \vhatlineofbusinessthat man fiiilnws." said tho second philoso- phi'r. after a long- pause. "Well, what does he do for a living-?" "I'ayin;j teller in a brink." "How do yon know?" "1 \vaU-beJ him when the waiter brought his pnncakesa iniiHitcag-o. He dampened his lingers and ran them over to see if I hi' count was rig-lit," THE HUMAN EYE. Like tl:c Arm, tlic Ono Tliat In Most B»ed Yon arei'itlior left-eyed or right-eyed, unless you are the one person out of i'vi'1-v 1.1 who has eyes of equal strength. You also la-long to the small minority of one 0111 of t-very ten persons if your eft eye is sivuiigcr t!;an your rrglit. As a rule, just us people are right-handed, thi-y an-ritfhl-eyi'd. This is probably due to the generally greater use of tbe organs of the right side of i lie'body, U.S. for example, a sportsman, using his right arm and sbon.Vler. uses his right eye to sight his •gun. thereby strengthening it with exercise. Old sen.captains, after long use of the telescope, find their rig-lit eye much stronger tlinn t/ie left. The law is confirmed by the experience of uiimls. If a person who has ears of equal hearing has cause to use one ear more than llie other for a long period, the car brought into requisition is found to be uiucb .strengthened, and the ear which is not used loses its hearing in a corresponding degree, RAILROAD'S GENEROUS ACT. Soud Out a Spcci-.il Train "In tiic Xuturcst of Suffering numaaltf." An interesting incident in connection with the. shooting of the- two rrinccton students last spring has just become known. When the wounded men were examined it was deckled that nothing- could, be done to save the-life of one of them except an immediate operation. A telegram was sen,t to Dr. Bull, of -New York, fie received the message afier midnight and at once went ro the Pennsylvania, railroad station in Jersey City. Ke v.'as informed that he would be oblig-e-d to pay a. deposit- of $200 for a special train and also promise to meet nny further bill that the company might present. Dr. Bull assented to this proposition a-nd the train was made up. He waited for some time for the bill frpn the company,'and finally wrote, asking that one should be sent him. Instead of receiving a bill he received a check for the $200 he had paid and a note saying that the company would make no charges for the special train, as the service was "in tbe interest of humanity." Transparent i/io»rcllji«. Umbrella making is among: the most interesting of industries. Something like 1,000'patents have been taken out during the last 20 years. The most recent inventor, who, if successful, will eclipse all rivals,vis n maker who claims to have contrived n. transparent uru- brella.which.wliile being equally waterproof with silks and alpacas, will have, the great adyantoge"of allowing the wayfarer in a rainstorm to avoid collision with lamp posts and other obstacles along the way. Correct Proportion*. 'Some gleaners of human family sta- :i«fii!.<i say innt a raan or woman of cor- iv.M nynpnrtions is six times ns uiffli as A Fast Walker. In proportion to its size, nfly walks SS times as fast as a human bcinf. INDIANA NEWS. Told in Brief by Dispatches Various Localities. Her HccrothcU Lover. Indianapolis, Ind,, May 30. — >E : ss Mabel Couduitt, daughter of. A. H. Conduitt. and John A. l?,oyd. until recently a- member of the firm o£ Boyd A .Tones stole invny to Cincinnati and were married, The union causes a flutter in society circles. The girl for several years hns been betrothed to Dr. Frank Hutchins, of the medical staff of the ~i2;ts'.vrn Indian.-! hospital tor the insnne, at Richmond, and cards jinnouncir.jya marriage June n went issued dm-ing the present week. Neither Dr. 'Jlntchins nor the parents of (he bride knew of the :iti:ich' ;neut which has culminated in the marriage of Miss Condiiitt and Aft-.. Tones. WJIM-IJ In a C;m of TUIUHIOC.". Indianapolis. Ind., May 30.— 1!. S. j 0'1/rien, a repovter on the Indianapolis Xi;ws. on his w:iy home from work ptiruljiiscd H couple of onus of tomatoes at a small corner grocery in the suburbs Upon open ing- one of (lie cans his wif discovered the end o.f a -watch chain. She lifted it out and found on the oll end a woman's solid gold watch, worth nbout ifT.'i. A woman's name was t?n- "raved nu the ease. It is supposed the ivatch belong 1 * to some woman employe' 1 , in a. canning- factory, nnd r.cciclcnially got. into the can. To 1'rcv^nt Incendiarism. Muncio, Ind., -May :10.— An atu-mpt was made to burn the grocery of Abraham White at Cowan the other night by throwing 1 lighted rags saturated with oil under the floor of. 1-ho store. Thursday night a note reading: "Clear out nl, 'once or take the consequences." and signed "Vigilant Committee." was poked under Mr. White's door. A number of White's fricnds-liave armed themselves, and ;ire patrol! ing- the town. Fiinr of a IvR Porte Mun's SuToty. La Porte. In^, May 30.— Frank \Va!i- rcnbnrg, o£ this city, has been missing for several days a'id as he is deranged and had threatened suicide prior 10 his disappea.ra.ncc, fears are felt that he has taken his life 'by poison or drowning, His wife found a quantity of poison in his pockets the day he disappeared. Olliccrs in surrounding 1 cities have been notified. \Yahrciiberg- is a re tired farmer. Windfall for an Indiana <ilr). La Porte. Jnd.. May 30.— The will of the late L. D. Webber will not be contested in the courts. In this document Ihe testator failed to adequately provide for. a granddfhighter, Miss Whit taker, the. codgil giving her but $100 out ot an estate value d at $200,000. Preliminary steps were taken with a view of litigation, but under the settlement Miss Whittalser will receive 525,000. Doi-tort* Elects OHlcem. Fort Wayne, Ind., lUa.y 30.— At the meeting of the Indiana State Medieal society the following officers were elected: President J. IT. Ford, Wa- biish; vice president, W. A. li.-itscn. Ladoga; secretary, F. C. Heath, Indianapolis; assistant secretary. Dr. Kooker, Shelbyville:: troasnrer. Dr. A. 1C. Kulson. Fort Wayne. The lu-.xt meeting will be held in Tcrrf Haute. : ' Old J'coplo Celebrate. 'l3urk'r. J'inl.. M;iy :;().— J. J. Gunsen- houscr, who is well known in nortliern Indiana, celebrated his 00th hirMida.y Thursday with TO of. his children and grandchildren present, nnd :;!so eight friends who live v.'ithin a mile of. his home whose ages average over SO years. His wife i-s SS years old and they have been married 00 years, and came to this place CO .years ago. Iilvnl rolitSi'liiuH Fight. Gi-eensminr. Ind., May 30.— A bitter flight took place Friday between ex- Senator Cortex Cwing. son-in-law .of (jov. Matthews, and Councilman-elect E. II. Miuear. The trouble originated over the, recent aidermanie contest in the Third ward, which was decided in favor of Mincar (rop.) Tuesday by a special election. Koth men are wealthy and highly connected. Takes 1'olson to 1'lrnsc a Friend. .Fort. W'ayne, Ind., May 30.— Jei'sie Tcoples, a companion of May Stevens, who committed suicide three; weeks ago, swallowed a tlosc of. morphine Friday night. with. suicidal intent. This is the third attempt, to carry, out a promise she said she made to May Stevens. Jessie is in a critical condition, but may recover. Get' 'J'u'J Y<M.rn In the Pfu. Portland, Ind., May 30,— Lorcnx Tarp has been found guilty of «n attempt to murder his brother. !D:in Tarp,-and sentenced to two years in the penitoTitinJ-y and to jay a line of one dollar. A few mouths ngo lie met his brother on the road and shot him point blank with a shotgun . The- wounded man -recovered. Will Plead Sclf-DofcnBC. JLa Porte, Ind., ainy 30.— A jury has been secured in the Marshall county circuit court to try Samuel Stewart for the murder o.C John Swoverland ill January- last. The tragedy was the outgrowth of'a.u old feud. Two shots were fired, and Swoverlnud was instantly killed, Stewart will plead self-defense. IJonblc Murd'or nt n FcntioiL ' ''North Veruon.'Iiid., May 30.— The-'report has reached here of -n- fatal atTray at Hayden, seven, miles west -of here. It occurred fit"a festival.- A yotiifjj->nun. named Cobb shot* .two '.j-oung, .brothers, named Graves, killing both of them. Excitement runs high, as the victims were of a prominent family. May Jlc MIsBlnc. Indianapolis, Ind., May 30.— Zella Nicolaus' mother thinks Zella was buried in the ruins of the tornado-swept house in St. Louis. Bella's insa-ne sister died Fridaj-. ^ _ Takc» Pni-ln Green. South Beml, Ind., May 30.— Churles Buysse, long connected with the city post office and a veteran of the 3at<; war, committed suicide by taking pans green. A NOBLE Lfrt SPENT FOR AND WITH SCFFER- ISG AVOHEX. <V Life's Work Perpetuated through ft Faithful Daughter, and Records of Priceless Value, What a vast amount of misery and suffering has been prevented by the c\ .:x: headed foresight of one noble woman! She had struggled, labored, ami sacrificed for the welfare of her SON. The eyes of the women, of ihe world were upo'u her. As fii<! recalled the past, and tried to penetrate the future, a smile of supreme satisfaction passed over her honest face as she remembered lhat her life's work would be perpetuated. The room in which she sat contained hundreds of volumes of records; and, iliirning to her daughter, she said, — i "31y daughter, tliis room, as yon well know,"contains Ihe records of r.iy life's 'work, in which for- mam- years you have so diligently assisted i;ia. " By earnest application yon have compassed my methods; and it is a h.ippi- jjuss to think that when I leave, the glorious work will, through yon. £0 on. •• The mission is a noble 0:10. l;o as I have done: never permit a woman's ay- peal lo go unheeded. i; These records tell of every CUM eve: submitted to me'; and it is i.-.y with i'.-,at tl-.e facts they conlain shall in liKic provi; a inneh-rieerti'-.i i/uucatiou 10 thi -or.ien of the world." Thus did Lydia E- I'inkhare handover 10 he.- rtniijiiler. Mrs. Chsrlos K. Pink ham, what may be termed the r.ruv.iuou of her ry?x; and thai, wondc.'fui ix'nifdy, Lyili". £• Pin Milan's Ve.irfir.ljie Compound, wliiik a!! <2rujr.?:s:s consider as standard as, Sour, goes en rciiccniJiis hundreds of women :>om ihe fo.-.nul consequeuces o£ foaale diseases. The COAST LINE to MACKINAC ——S~-HTAKE THE-*—f—~ TO MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO Z New Steel Passenger Steamers Tlic Greatest Perfection yet attained In Boat Con»truction--LuxnrlOBS Equipment, Artistic Furnishing, Decoration and Elflclent Service, insuring the highest degree of COHFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. FOUR TRIPS PER WEcn Brrwccn Toledo,Detroit^Mackinac " tOW RATES to Picturesque Mackinac «nd Return, including Heals and Berths. From Cleveland, Si8; from Toledo, $15 ; from Detroit, EV£RY D'ENiNQ Between Detroit and Cleveland Connecting at Cleveland witli Earliest Trains for all points East, South and Soutlin-cst and at Detroit lor all points North act! NoitliwesU Sunday Trips Juno, July, August anil September Only. EVERY DAY BETWEEN Cleveland, Put-in-Bay $ Toledo Sc-jil for illustrated Pamphlet. Address . A. A. SCHANTZ, a. r. ».. DBTBOiT, HIOM. Ttis S8iro!t 2nd cieypiana steam M. Co. ONE-HALF SIZE OF BOX. POZZONI'5 'COMPLEXION POWDER! I hus boon tho standard for forty yoars imd" IB moit) popular lo-d:i7tbaa cvcrbo/oro. ' rozzoxi's 11» lie (deal complexion poirflcr—beaatlfrl-^,, rcfrcsLinK, cleanly,- healthful and harmless. . | A dtilcaUi.-lnTlMblc protection U) tho laco. With CTCFV ktoxof POZZO.vrs a mag I nlilcfnt ScovIU'n CWI.n 1>KFF UOJK 1» invcn tree of charge. AT DKUGGISTS AXD FANCY SIORES. ju. Kittinger, a leading physidan „. ., Jmington, Del., asked lie propzie- tor of Brazilian Balm to send him a dol- M bottle. A few weeks afterwards the doctor said: "I had a couple of cases of old Cough on bead that completely >affled me.- I had got to the rod of jny •tring. But the Balm made a prompt, cure in both cases. It is a remarkably remedy." gtlne* of Insect*. For the stin»s of bees, wasps «ad hot* nets bathe quickly with Brazilian Balm. ;t kills the poison and stops the pain *»» •tantly.

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