The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1938
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2, lO BLYTHBVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS i RECEIVE N' in(i ^ ars ^railed f" Missouri Train Wreck ' l"%5'/fe~'7''''v^>%4^ : '^3SSSS^^"^! Chancellor Severs Marita Ties In Session This! • Week A iiiiinhi'r eif divorce; dcnws j were eranlw) lu-rc thi.s ivfr): !>•/ | Clr.inctllor J. F. Oaiiuu-y nf ,|o,)c:.- j horo. Decrees wore niuditii•<( iu>.| ! . iiitcrluriiloi-y dfo-i-cs i^.-ijiiK) in ' other citscs. AL\\oluto d.'<-r...': V..-I7 1 vuinvd in Ilir folloivlin; r.wi; ji u/ .,.| |.],j[. lips from Alburt I'liillijis, indiK.-i:- lii-s, custody of child; Mrs. K-jinii: freiin Adam lliij:], indltjnmcs; Wf-Mii.- Coi>\> .-i- ^ J.. 1 . II. Cobb seriion; Joe Ilurncti trom I,il'.i(. BuriKitt, :lescnlcn; w. Francis Crojiiu from HoSe/ri:, Cr(;iiiii, <!, - .sr-nion. j llm-oUl R. from V/aniln M. Walker, inrilinilii-.s; May Olu '• CJuuid fiojn'rv (luar^j. jjidivnf- ; lii-s; Uthcl Jurreli from Tom' • l.-m-i'tt, i!Hli|;niti»s; Adelle Hoovur i Irom II. C. llixji'tr, i;i(ligtiiiics; . Mntllc Piirry Irom Friink Perry', ll indignities. A ic-mpr/rary r<:>trainiiif! eirelfr .ibtained earlier by Mrs, Nora Robinson against Tig ret Hoblnson was dissolved and the defendant wus ordered to pay S'20 foi- Mrs. Rohin«on's court cosls. A' citation was ordered against Duwey Miiy foj- failure lo compi}- wilh a court order in his suit against Mrs. i-orene May, Sixty days was; allowed for payment, of S!8 by ihe defendant in Mrs. cleo Tinman's suit against Louis Tillman. Mrs. Willie M. East's suit against Charles.H. Bast was heard on a contempt citation. Suit of Mrs. Eula Belle Utcker- .Staff against, William Aubrey liick- crstair was dismissed by the caurt. children, .lean uiid Joan, weiv! Ki'esls of Mrs, linker's broliier, Dr. I "• J. Uli> unit family in JoiK'.v I Iwro, Sinuluy. ' , f'toiBf 11. Dfi'i, .Mi|>:'i-|Mti'iidi'ni i of dly MO.-wh, M w|:,. u( ,|ie Meih- ! .' (•ilisl .'hiire'li .Sunday nMii in ih-1 ll.wlK-i' tf tin. nasior, |],,, n,. v ' H <;. Mim-lie'ied, wiui win di. •>'•!'. ami n:is. Aonu : b.v.viOl »i •I iiv. 1 , l.oul.vmu. ,,,e e ; e lor a vl.sli win, Mr. Miuimiv. M ,!,•!• J. A. l'i(j(. and Mr. l'i,; K , inlc Himn siii'iit the v,.'i'X i n i" f'1'i'inidii. MKs us Hi | , l( i i his until, Mr.,. T. JI. Kldiaid,.,!, Mr. "nil Mrs. R K. •|•(ll)l^)^. 1 ,,^ ,,.. anied ,))i'lr diui^l.n-r, Juv... On Lookout for Spies PAGE THRKlfi- A laiir.iiui Ciildui , 11;iinii["ti r<);orU'< ;s.-ri the v,T.'i:k r it v.enl to work on six ol the nine cars derailed wild) Mmiti-d, Chicago-bound Rock Is;aiid passenger train, was wrecked near Heed, Mo. Hint no pas«ni!erii we twiousiy injured and that they believed a broken call Tin- observation car vas ihe onl/ couch to remain upright, the others Kvlcrlng c.'itiy. their Ir.ll cushioned by the sof! .should :r along the tracks. Heed is a village In i.hc northwestern purl of Missouri. Sunday School Council Is Organized At Byes'j DYESS. Ark.. Mar. 1.—The oifi- ccrs and teachers of the various Sunday schools ol the colony met at the community buildins last night and organized a Sunday school workers council. The mcet- r i .1 |i-| IV T . i i i , c I^Jniishcs I'llms With All. Autos-From 1900 Up to Date HV 1'AUl, UAKRISON NKA Service SlalT Correspondent HOLLYWOOD. Mar. 2. — For "riiarai-ter" niitcmobilc.s—old cnrs. fr-i'd^n cars, fancy cars or anything else in the line of unusual motor vehicles—the studios call Joe Wll- h?vber. Joe can send 'em anything I'rcni top-heavy. onc-Umgcd chariots lo sleek, super-charged, Hullmnn- likc .special jobs of today. If Wilharber doesn't happen to cv.n just the type of car wanted. ho can select it from his listings o! some 300 privately-owne:l foreign r -.- "s and domestic relics. Almost, the only unusual vehicle r.ot included in these listings is the nig was called to order bi r tiie Rev. wicker-bound mobile showcase own- TI„„,„., , ..... ... .. r(1 I]Jp Cons(rinc( , uen nclt . she's in I. usiness for herself. Several foreign cars are being i! K\ at Metro for "Three Com- .':>elcs." the Erich Maria Remarque r.tiry of post-war Germany, and of them callee! "Baby" has a supposed to Il«rvcy Gray. Rev. Lymau T. iv.\r- gcr was electc<l temporai-y chairman. 'I lie following officers were elected: superintendent.. Miss jielen Shaw, assistant superintendent, Rev. Lymnn T. Harger; secretary- lre.-isii.-ei-. M. M. Hlnesley. The ad- ! ,,-omlnont role. It's visory board is to be composed of ' have teen built by ihe comrades, the four superintendents, Q. A. Rcbert Titylor, Robert Youn« and Billiard, Community Center; Frank F.-ancholl Tone, and is the love of lyler.^Fern Salyers; Bert -Math's. - Mieir ydimj livcs-imtll Margaret >ad Sullavan comes along. Tlien it's of , used, and finally sold, to save her ••iii-H month was voted as date for life. '-regular meetings to be held at the j .p,i-,. community building. L,. : . '< New ftope;. .L. ! 'D. Wilson.: no: Seven?'The last Monday night On March Mhlraniu j T '/Lson. with a four cylinders, four fcrward speeds, and more gadgets Sunday's lesson. Each discussion is to be limited to five minutes. Each Sunday sciiool superintendent will have three minutes to make a re- hour Fit as a Fi.lelle I f:imd Wilharber sitting on the 1313 Fiat raul.steV. which port of their scnool. its progress. ! K one ol llis I'^ts. He has owned it problems, etc. Another objective of i '"'' about 12 years and rented it for the council will be the advance I Lllp ni">'"g of -Hell's Angels." preparation for the special Sundays Bllt !llc Introducticin of sound s the specia of the year. A religious census of the entire colony will be taken .Sunday afternoon. March 13. by sixty members of ihe workers coim- Arcltc Owl Driven South dclnyed release of Ihe picture •until 10301 that the stu:!!o was s-early frantic when it telephoned l:hi) three years later and sal;! that Cic Pint just HAD to be found, or j rebuilt, or something, for a lot of jict.ikes ivlilch wore lo be made for he talkie version. SARNIA, Out. lUPI-Thc. white-! There was great rcjoiciiv when Unthcrcrt Arctic owl is being driv- j (he auto man assured them that posses- ill south into the warmer Ontario the roadster was still in his .'•eglons because of a shortage of i s.ioii and fit as a fiddle nnce -in the Far North. Scientists | Some other cars in '-Three Coin- say the mice on which the owls j raeles" are a couple of ancient laxi- dme (He m large numbers every cabs ana a lumbering Merceries .o::r or five years. limousine. Tile latter, model of 1314, Delivers New Break!asl Food once belonged to Carl Lnemmle, rounder of Universal. Other famous chariots of Hollywood's flashier days which Wflliar- bcr has acquired arc Mary pick- ford's 1922 DeUxge lo\m car, Ru- clolpli Valentino's roaring Isotta- Pi-aschinl. and D. W. arlfflth's lofty Pint. Willmrber tried several times to Ijuy Flatty Arbiickle's fantastic Pierce Arrow, which was equipped with a liar in the tonneau. But it disappeared. 'J'he Hislory of (loll)'Hoocl Hie full history ol almost any of these costly old cars probably would be a fascinating story of n profilgnle aje, and of ambition and heartbreak, triumph and failure. The real ttings and queens of the movies Osceola Society — Personal Methodist Circles Meet Twealy-four members of circle "A" of (he Methodist Missionary Society were 8 ll(v! 5's of Mrs. George Abrey In her home on Monday afternoon when Mrs. W. 8. Flnn- nigan, chairman, conducted the business session and announced plans for a food market lo ue held March 18. Mrs. Susie Kelser con- dueled a Professor Quiz contest in Ihe socinl hour In which Mrs. O. B. Segravcs was winner. Mrs. B. p. and Mrs. Webber were ns new members, diesis Stanton enrolled , were Miss Mary Kelser o f Carlisle and Mrs. Abner Maxwell of Slimy, Louisiana. Assisting Mrs. Abrey were Mrs. Susie Kelser, Mrs. O. T owned them, rode in them, ntid | Ocsewich, Mrs. Walker and Mrs made loyc in them, dreamed great ~ " dreams in them, sold them. Once out of the hands of their original owners the 'cars usually have been sold many times. They arc expensive to operate and almost prohibitively expensive lo repair. Willmrber. though, maintains a slaff of skilled mechanics to keep his 28 "character" automobiles in condition. Sometimes these men have been able to cure breakdowns b/ substituting modem American engines nntl transmission units. Often they've been forced to fashion special pails by band. The}' had to ilo that, with (he 1000 bids- mobile and the 1802 Heo. both one- cylinder vehicles. Rent for $50 a Day The casting director tor cars got inlo the business by accident. Thirteen years ago he oivnccl, for his own use. a stutz Bearcat which n .studio insisted upon renting for Mrs. Wallace Reid's use in "Human Wreckage." He made a lot of money from that picture and began to invest it in other flashy cars which lie knew would be outmoded soon. A sport mode! Mercedes with an all-brass body was much in demand. So was an Hispano-Sitlza, which more than paid for itself, at $100 a dny. during trie filming of "The Clreen Hat." with Orela Gaibo. The lop figure for almost an,v character car now is $50 n day. although Constance Bennett, still gets S1CO for her fancy Rolls. Elylhevillc families in the next few days are going to make the acquaintance of Shrcddcrt Rnlston, the new whole-wheat breakfast lood in the convenient "bite size." In every city where Shredded Ralston has been introduced, single samples of (his new cereal have convinced customers (liat here at Inst "is something new for breakfast" ... an absolutely new taste anel flavor never before achieved In a dry cereal. v House to house sampling of Shredded Ralston was started yesterday. Special messengers will carry the good news to every Jiume In the city, leaving a three-ounce box of Shredded Ralston with the housewife when she opens the elnor. Beautify Grounds Around Negro Exhibit Building The negro exhibit building nt Walker park and fairgrounds has been beautified by landscaping, which was done yesterday after negroes of Mississippi county had laised the approximately $200 spent. The large building was landscaped on the .south and west side with evergreens, blooming shrubs and 32 rose bushes, which were massed at the southeast cornc: •against a background of evergreens. The twc lai-ge doors marked by low plantings which extend in front of the taller slmibs. L. W. Haraway, principal of the Arinorel school, was chairman of the committee in charge of the project. A. C. Boone, W. L. Curlie and A. Lester were other members and they were assisted by W S. Barabin, county agricultural agent. U. L. Nallling Mrs. D. Fred Taylor, Jr., assisted by Mrs. E. L. Holes. Mrs. W. C. Mason and Mrs. C. H. Weathersby entertained twenty-seven members of circle "B" at the Taylor home north of town Monday afteniuon. Mrs. c. M. Harwell chairman, opened the meeting with a brief devotional, in Hie recreation horn- led by Mrs. J. P. Reinmiller, Mrs. W. D. Kelly was winner of an advertising contest. Guests were little Rosemary Kelly ami Hobbl Banks. W. M. II. Studies the Homeland . The progress of missions among llic races, early methods of home missionary work among the Indians. Negroes and oilier races was Ihe subject of Hi e program led by Mrs. J. T. Rhoaeis nt. the Baptist W. M. U. meeting in the home of AIix. C. C. HOK-CII Monday afternoon, when fifty-eight members were present. Abraham As An Example". Gen. 12: i-9: n-ig . devotional led by Mrs. Ho Ihe . Dillunl. Those taking part on the program were Mrs. John Edrinc- lon. Mr.s. J. p. Moorelicad, Mrs. c. P. Mauley. Mrs. J. J. Best. Prayers were offered by Mr.s. F. M. Sangster, Hfrs. J. S. Douglas, Mrs. I. S. Burton and Mrs. William Stewart. The sheaf of wheat ami the trumpet, awarded each month to the circle having the largest offering anu the largest average attendance at all meetings the previous month were both won by circle No. 3 of which Mrs. J. j. Best Is chairman. Mrs. Jettlu Driver was enrolled as a new member. Guesls were Mrs. Marshal] Strong. Mrs. W. B. Marshall, Mrs. Charles Hampton and Miss Cora Hogan Miss Emma Cox was n tea guest. Co-host esses Mr.s. Bowen He»a Courier «ew» Want Adi It is Dangerous It is dangerous to soil a SUBSTITUTE for 666 Just to make three or tour cents more. Customers are your ^bcst assets; lose them and 666 Is jon lose your business. COTTON SEED D. P. r.. No. U First Y?ar From Breeder Custom Ginned BRAXTON GILL were Mrs. J. S. Douglas. Mrs. p. M. Sangstcr, Mrs. Pleas Uiie):sby. Mrs Cecil Ovci'turf, Mrs. J. J. Hulitnrd I nud Mrs. Lulu Morris. Havc liirlliilay Tarty Mr. and Mrs. Everett Reid were liosts to twelve couples of tlic teen age group for a scavenger Juint in Friday night honoring the fourteenth birthday of (licit- son. nil- lie Reid. Give Shower Mrs. Ed Pittinnn and Mrs. Floyd Reere were hostesses to Miss Clarice Little and seven members of the Home Economics class or the Carson Lake School List Friday afternoon for a miscellaneous shower in honor of Mrs. Eugend Gohlc. a recejil bride of the community. The gifts were handmade articles made by the class under the direction of Miss Little. Mr. and Mrs. Aldcn Baker and Meats and Groceries At A Savings Shop and Save Here We [iay Highest I'riccs on Poultry at all Times. GAINES MKT. 118 W. Main St. Phone D3 •;^&, M.'.vs Alury Kelser u | ejur!!'.!. ,, j '»"• "'I' ll ONI Will! )|..f .-,1',1,-r-ni. j 1«V.. Mr:.. Kiiil,. K ( .|srr. j •'• >'• Ilium null ,1. (;. s u!-i;;."'.< ' HIP III MOSCOW, llnlls-tnil UMll <!•()- M..UUI, -in, .. . ' r. C), Cwyn anel hit ,i ,• ! W. W. WiilMin ol KciM'i liavi: • • ncel from Ki'tini'lt, Mo,, wiicn- '• lli.'.v mieiidwl the w.d.llnt: <,! Im'.r \ ^.."'''^^/toi.'r 1 ''' 1 , 1 ; 1 -;.. U..M M ••;"«; "'^"l M.I.* ->m of ,,Mm .-„ ,, t ,nv p.Mn.o'Mat.onu, ,it ,,,',^1^, pius • 11(1] I I'd UltCI t ' 1 \t\ I 111 ini SP r I'll '('i. Ir-i til .,:. i.... ....... K';ul CoiiiU'; Ni:w, Vv'ailt Ail 1 * ,"""'""" "^ ""; > " <l '" "" ' m ' »• '"" '"•'»>' »MlJ*rllU- S l» -MUWM, U cte; wtch Oliv^on, ... '" '"' ' v ""' lu '" lv A " (IV1 ' !1 " " rm " 1 «'""" I-" > lu,, |i |. 1 , ! ii car ,l,.,>arii, w Mlm M IU-l,ul MM I, I '"• compiiriiiB ii with "cliork-ln" <| ; ,ia tnkcn v.hcn it ' ' • • •. ... 75c Listerine nlo ol 100 ^\ = HINKLE ^ ANACIN PILLS I TABLETS /n c [IT 20cSi»o MIDOL TABLETS 16 e TOILET TISSUE 313 808 Bayer Aspirin Esther Cream 39c r. SilO flTCH SHAMPOO With CQc Site ITALIAN BALM c Professional Hair Brushs 39c-79c-98c BROMO Quinine TABLETS, CriOVE'S. 35c Sit. H«>vy O MINERAL OIL REVELATION TOOTH POWDEB. SOc Siio TREE! Koiio Glaus All DISH •"H: 2ic Si PHttlJPS' TOOTH PASTE BURMA SHAVE SHAVING CREAM, 3Sc Sli. Tubi Bolllo ol ASPIRIN TABLETS LUX TOILET SOAP 3 19 Evening IB Pufe ANGELVS MAGNESIA MILK OF. Full Pint Botllo Sylvici Facial Cleansing Pads 59c Cleansing Tissues Boltla of 24 BAYER ASPIRIN 19" RUITMADE ¥ CHOCOIATES ' Tooth Bnuh 12 e ABDG CAPSULES 100 "Horiithai" POKER CHIPS 10c Razor Blades Ty»on COMBS d Stytt Want Quid Relief? BAUME 8EHOUE 78c S!.. Tub. 1n, Tin ol 30 . . . 19' MDHUfEioiKYEB V»l«ntin« HAIR TONE 6'OZ. 3IZE I'iirfi^. br Itial CERADYNI TABUTS SALTS 6 ox. Cond. ruHuc . . .37' SH _ _. Oi«.S>n,cho!c».4>tyl»39 INNUtCIXAN 80e Si,, .. 43 Gainsborough — _ _ 10cH.irN.ii.. . 3>-25 •* 40c Si« LISTERDIE TOOTH PASTE c FITCH SHAMPOO _._ 73c SI,., 6 Ounc.. . . S9 C 1.00 Size IRONIZCD YEAST TABLETS LJOHTER Finn) Cerlain-Safe MODESS Sanitary N^pldni UNION LEADER ~ CT "^° 590 TOBACCO POUCH «<u./ Sciopl,,., O.l-ftl, VALENE Deilior DandraH THIS EASY WAY&= j^,, .^ ....... 1001** *£«*" « > ||C *\\& * •ftftV' tt * ^d^^p $1.00 Nujo! 2Sc Calotabs 19c $1.00 Fountain Syringe 49c SScVicks 25c S5c Lady Esther Powder 39c $1 Mar-o-Oii Shampoo 79c $UO Hot Water Bottle 49s 1125 Pinkhams 89c POOR APPETITE May Mean Round Worms Prescriptions A re Cheaper at Kirby's KIRBY DRUG STORES Cash & Carry Specials for Tfntrs. • Fri. - Sat. 2nd & Main Broadway & Main Division & Main

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