The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1946
Page 3
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WKDNKSDAY, A PHI I, .'5, 10-tG BIA"riIBVl],I,15 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Fommye Dean Halchcr ' Engaged To Avaiy Flier Mrs. Mays KnUn'tains iVkssion Study Group Miss Irene Crowdcr announces i the uieagenii'iit of her niece, Miss Toinmye nc'an Hatcher, to Li"lll. Mrs. KusseM Hiiys was hostess j Monday afternoon to 18 members or th e Mission Study Group ol Kobe. Pate Taylor of Ivor. Va.,' u, e woman's Council of First Chris- i\nd '" ' * " ' ' '"*'" Wright I-ielti, Ollio, .son of Mr. and Mrs. H. 1'. Tnylor of Ivor. Plans loj- the wedding, to IK' an inlcre.slint> ovenl of tile'r srayon, will In' nimoiinced Inter. Mixti Hatcher, member of a well known Dlyllievillc family, ri'ci'iuly H'tnrned from India v.-'^erc she served with Ihe Army Nurse; corps. The dausliter of the late Mrs. Llllie Mac Hatcher, she was graduated from Blythcvilli" Hist" School before entering the Memphis, Hospital School of Nursing. U]>pn (jnulnation there in 19-14. .she was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Army Knr.sL 1 Corps. .She was discharged recently alter eight months foreign .service, prior lo returning to her home here. Lieutenant Taylor and his bride- elect met while he was stationed iit Illylhcvillp Army Air Kiclil and slit? spending :i vacation here. He wiis graduated from Virginia Polylec.hnical Institute. Blackburtr. Va.. before entering the Army Air Forces. l?eceiviny his wings and commission at Blylheville Army Air Held in December, HM-I, he served overseas with the 13th Army Air Korce.s as a pilot with of the lime' spent in Italy. Now stationed at Wright Field, Ilnytou. Ohio, he and his bride \vill make their Siome in Osborne, Ohio, lie |s transiemm: to the regn|iu- Army, having chosen ])ermancnt careet 1 . tian Chureh. Mrs. John C. Mcllaney wns in charge of the program presented on medical missions with the theme, "medicine opens doors." Taking part in the playlet presented, "Oh, To Work Miracles," were Mr. Hussell Durham. Mrs. W. I). Cobb Jr., anil Mrs. J. Cecil Lowe. Mrs. Geo]'ge Harluim, mission study chairman, president, mid Mrs. | H. C. gave the devotional. After the m'oup \viis dismissed wilh missionary benediction, Ihey in pairs to mnke calls for Iheir KasU'r .Sunday School campaign. They returned lo Mis. Hays' home al 4:UO o'clock to make reports. Mrs. Hays was assisted In' Mrs. Cobb. Table decorations carried <nit the Spring and Easter molif with flow- er.s and individual pansies. For each person. Ihere was a favor ol an 'Easter bunny's nest' with candy Refreshments were angel focxl cake topped wilh lemon filling, whipped fleam and a cherry. MM v- cd with ice drinks. Bi'ide-lo-lx 1 Monovi'tl Wilh Party Uvst Ni«hl Miss Vcrna Wheai, bride-elect ol Harold Wood, was honoivd last night with a surprise shower uiven by Miss Iva Ixmise Sony and Miss I'Yt'ldH O'Neal at (lie O'Neal liome. XUS Carolyn Street. The home was decorated with Spring liowers; yellow jonquil:;. and Bits of News Mostly Personal . other decorations carrying mil a yel- t)\v color scheme. Games were played during the 'veiling with Mis. l-'iunl: Seay win- ling the pri/o. Miss Wheat was insltitclod io follow a thread ihnni|;h several room-, Iicj;mnini4 endini; at Mrs. O. Hhonyo, Mrs. 10. W. fi Mrs. lamina Nolell FACE THIitifi this mornint; fur lloonevllle niul llol Splines, where tliey plan lo spend Several days. Mrs. Nolcn is Holm; l» Huuneville especially lo visit her brother. S. C. Mouie. who Is seriously ill al the sanitortuin there.' Mr. and Mrs. Horace 1^. Thomp- iit the chandelier, and'son of Little Koek spenl yesterday concealed spot where in Hlylheville. Mr. Thompson, lov- Criiflon. Jaek Mil rM i Jr. hus reHlvned home after having spent the past several inonllis In Hletmioiul. Cnlif.. where he was employed, He plans tu enter ihe University of Arkansas, KUycUcvlllf, Condition or Abner Aslicrafl.yvliu nnderwenl u intijor o|Wi'tUiou yesterday at Walls Hospital, Is fair. He wus crilieally injured In a Highway m iiecldent a week ago and yet is unable to Inwe visitors. Hunter alms, sou of Pr. uiut Mrs. Hunter (•, Hlms, Is suonOlnij '» few days here with Ills parents. He Is a slmlcul at the University of Tennessee. Knosvllle. Mayor I-:. U. Jackson Is III ut Ills home H1'2 West. Main, Mis. Ted Km'./, and sun. Teddy, of Little Hock, are here ti fey Ouyij ''" vls " lu>1 ' l»»'i'»ls, Mr. liiul 1.. M. Kmta, and she Is Ihe Arkansas Dlslrlul I'reiU'ht'i'h CiMivenUun of the of 4it, Ma'^atene, belnt; field litre ni HIP J'lrst Church of the Nuwirenv. Ac J companylnu Mrs. Knit?, to ut|em the Convention were Mrs. C)mrle« iner presltlenl ut' Arkansas Slate College, Jnne.sboni, is the Internal. Revenue Collector for the ;;tntc of she found lied m daitity packag (jilt certificates for crystal In her pallern. The packages were tied in yellow ' Arkansas. ribbon to carry out the color trhemc. I Mr. untl Mrs. K. I,, llule of Arnio- Miss O'Neal and Miss Seay were j rel have as Iheir iiuests a few days Mr. Dale's brother, Dr. P. J. Halo, ami Mis. Hale, of tfll/abclhlon, Tenn. To Attend Convention assisted in serving the salad plate and drinks by Mrs. ,1. D. Widncr. Mrs. Slovens Most ess Io Cltih, Four Guests Mrs. Coleman Stevens was hiis- tc.s.s last ninhL to mc-mbi'i's of l.altist flos|iltal llu-re. Wilson also of and Mrs. llerbt'it Duiiteh, ittle linck. Coming Events \YKDNU8PAY At The Jllvthfvllk |los|>l(al Admitted: led lirooUs, city, , Mrs. Jewell Mnyo, city. Dismissed: Mrs. Jiniie.s Rubiink* Jr., elty. Mrs, I von Funnln, city. HiThert Hail Mlleliell, city. Mis. Mclvln lislep. city. Walls lliiM'H.'l Adinldi'd: Mailhii ,lc 4 nn Anderson, city. Mnry rtlU'e' Jnmc.s, Id. 2, ully. lo Chapter N. !'. E. O. Sisterhood. Junior TVltowalilp C'.roup of First Methodist Cihuh'h {iieellnij ul the church, U:4!> o'clock. Mrs- R- H. Mathls. city, - L Mis, Paul Seympje, Latonia, Ark;" .-* Wf E. RoffTii, Btowah. ' /' ',!' " *•*•* Dlsmlsstd: ' i * Mrs^ Edna Lesions, city, , Mi'J. E. G. Swalford, pity. ^ Mrg. Joe Baker and baby; nt. 3,' -3L city. ' " ^* Rend Courier Neu-n Want Ads!" THE BEAUTY CLINIC M»r(>rct Dttn Smith, Owner ttUf. Phon* KU Alphu Alpha Cliapt^i' Qf SiKina I>l|l mi'iitlnB jit the hpiiie of Miss Kya fjcorijc*]!! Luxorti, 8 p.m. ,, , , , , Mrs, Cleo LanKs.|oii entertains Mrs. Norman Punish has (rone to Town rind Country Brltiac Ohib empliis to sneud (lie remaindei'of Wednesday lliidfce. Oliib inepllnit this week with Mr. Patrish's mother. Mrs. O. H. Parrt:,h, who underwent this Mrs. Roy Speaker At PTA Session The second and last of the Senior Purcnl-Tcachcr Association lessons on the "Family Uuild.s the Future;" wns pre.sciilecl Monday nijjht at (ho home oi" Mrs. Matt Monaghnn. linssell Bnrhrun, prRsicionL of the Associution, \vas co-ho-stcss. Mrs. James Roy, Dlylhovillc attorney, : ^HVC a lectuiT nn (opics under that s\)bjcct aiul Ifi^l the roundtable Uistlission which followed. rncUuIrd : in the tojiics <iisnus. •\vere the social prpbleins of yunlh and prpjiKUct-'S. Mrs. Hoy, when speakihg ta the 20 members present., pointed out (hat one aid in family'harmony and future sncce.s.s was the ability to control "onp's moods. "The mood should not control the person, but he should control his moods," she .said. After the lesson, Ihe hostesses .served refreshments. Mrs. W. C. Higginson Mas Her Club, Guests Mrs. W. C. Higginson entertained yesterday afternoon \vith a bridge party for members of the Tuesday Bridge Club and two other guests. f' Mis. Chester caldwell and .Mrs. V. G. Holland. Mixed Spring flowers decorated the lligEinson home. 1303 West Chjckasawba. \Vhen bridge was played; liigli score prize went lo Mrs. Murray Smnii and second high lo Mrs, Jessce Taylor. Itefreshments were served. Mrs. B. A. Bugg- and Mrs. P. I,. Husband will attend the district neetiiig of Women's Clubs in Helena Friday and the meeting of the executive board Thursday uhl. , Mrs. Husband is District Safety Chairman and Mrs. Bltg<j is District Nutrition Chairman and she also will represent the Blylheville Woman's Club as the official delegate. They plan to return Saturday or Sunday, after having E;one to Memphis today to 'begin llu 1 trip. Mrs. Robert Porter Has. Double G Club Mrs: Charles Biltner and Mrs. Max Usrey Jr.. played bridge last night, with members of Double C. Club. Mrs. Robert Porter was hos- l?ss lo the group at her home with her pa.rcnts, Mr. and Mrs. B. A Lynch.' 1115 West Main Street. The hoine vvns decorated with, tulips ami other Spring liowers foi Ihe occasion. In bridge games, high score pri'/e was awarded Miss Frances Litlli and Mrs. Patty Shane Wright, wot " C Nueve Chib an<l four other liucsts, Mrs. Lewis lliekmau. Mrs. Dale Shaffer HtigKs. Mis. Cecil llransoii and Mrs. Robert llarliaan al New York City, i;uest of licr parents. Mr. uul Mrs. C. W. Alllick. i . \\ F hen bridge was p'aycd ilurini; he eveniiiy. miest I.lull pii/.e went o Mis. Ilicknuin and club lii^h lo Mrs. Newell G. Jerome. Second liluh' .warded Mrs. John W. Thomas. The hosli'ss served a salad plate wilh a beveraiie. V « f uikl Mee! Al Church "Gardens," an Easier story, was Mrs. Maude Melton's subject when the Wesleyan Guild of First Methodist Church mel^Monday .iiifjht at (he church. Mrs. Jack Vlisliip and Miss Delsie Stewart were liostesses. . The meclim; o])ened wit-h a sons; niul Miss Mfn-y llublcr led .the opehin:< prayer.- Rcfreshinenls were served during the social hour. Stickmons Have Son Dr. 'I'dna Nit's Mpenl Moiuluy Memphis. Mrs;. Phil U-sii' y\\':iuU in Memphis lit drinks were 'eipberi; nnd Miss Cc- tre spending Iwo days i.n\ business. Howard Iliuuens. USN. has returned to Holder. Colo., wliere he is stationed, after spending, four days here with his sister. Mrs. William missel] Middleton. and Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Blickmon are receiving congratulations of friends ' he since tiiey have taken as their son a baby almost si>: months of age. The baby, who arrived here Sunday, has been niniU'd John Richard. Miss Tjunia Ayeork and MLss Wanda McHrli'e have none lo Memphis for a brief visit wilh Miss Aycnck's sister. Miss Willie Ploy Aycocl:, who is employed there. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ihunplu'cy antl son. jimmy Dean, have cone to Mat-on. Ga.. lo make their home. Another danithU'r and son, Shirley Ann and John Wayne. HIT In Rip- lev. Terni.. wllh their Kmndpnr- eiils, Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart. They \vill stay (here unlill tlu'ir schoul ilismisses foi' the summer. Mrs. II. Hess is spending a few days in Mi'rnphis on business. Mrs. lielle M. Wood rotllrhed yesterday from Carlithersvillc. Mo., where she hud s|«Mil. n few days with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Adolf F. Itciniekr of St. Louis silent the weekend •with her molht'r, Mrs. S. 1 sdliy with Mrs. W. II. M'nya THUHSDAY Mis. M. Fily.slniliinns hostesf to Kill ic Noils Chib. Liullcs Bible Class of First Mclluiillst Chuicli mi;etl|ig (it t|'m chureh, 7:30 o'clock, for business session uiiii |wt-juek supper, Al])bu Betn Hnnco Club wllh Mrst Ilcrman Turner Mrs. Kverett. 1!. Gee hostess to Thursday Club. Mrs. Henry Humphreys hostess to Tlmisday Contract Club. Mid-Week lirldKe Club mectlni; vilh Mrs. M. O. Usrey. Mrs., C. F. Tucker entertains the Octette Club. Mrs. II. C. rilankenshlp hostess tc GNB Club. Gleaners Sunday School Oluss a: r lrsl Uapllst cimriih meethiK will ills. Mni'ruy Hinarl and Mrs. I^loyi allckmen at Ihe Sniui'l hoiiic." o'clock. FRIDAY Fi'ldny Rook Club meeting will Mrs. Coi'tiellus Hchercr. Mrs.. Monnie Shuljcy lioalpss I nllliil Club »( the home of Mrs. inhel rm:\i weather" is only a mnii- standard, usually an games. served durin, ^ s " vljitl ' u ' 51 ' H ' lio " s of nl)mu .Son Born Monday Mr. and Mrs. Hershel K. Carter are parents of a son born Monday at Mcnlmis Methodist Hospital. Their second son lias nol yet been named. His brother was bom while liis father served as a flying officer in the Army Air Forces and long was in a German prison earn]). With Mrs. carter and baby are her husband and her mother. Mrs. B. Harrison. She is Ihe former Miss Jean Harrison. MKSI-AID FOR SCALP-SCRATCHERS If dry ecnlp itches rub on n few drops of Moroline Hair Tonic. Helps remove loose, unsightly dandruff flakes, MQROLINE HAIR TONIC >tvUJ,C H T EN "'- "'.. 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