The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1930
Page 6
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gw^H'-v^'v^":'''^'.'-'.',; RLYTHEVILLE. Distributing Food to New .York's : ^ V- Planned by a Number of 5;•;:;:Arisiericah Manufacturers ?.V'';i...iT'.'Bi, ISRAEL KLEIN ' ."•'" >'*iS«fcnre Editor, fi'EA Service X •'$ DETROIT.—With .the New Yorkj '•'f^ulcjnpblle SlviK approaching, anj •i nutoincWle manufacturers due to] .exhibit their newest productions,j , loperts' and rumors about the com-! .: :-in% models are ilying 'thick ami • §'«nc of the:? already arc'cslab- /Ytehed facts. Some..have a. >jreai !• 'Seal .of truth' In them. And ,ll!» . "'".'rest. n;ay be reeve rumors—rumors . "Jhat'.may have come tasis for their 'circulation but which can still us "' : 'dSjcouDtcd for. their vagueness and '••Improbability: .'However, without mentioning any "names, lv>'rc arc the mo:,t perslst- .' ent of these that I happened lo • I**:"? while mating my rounds : "of the 'automotive Industry: 1. That the free wheeling-'dovlr.e Introduced by one ot the large independent manufacturers \vlll be ; fiirifcar-j seen the Rnlff the yenr ls\ • •foiir. more eights and two sixes, and . -that .as many as 10-manufacturers arc-to include thb device in their products by late spring.' • One. Eight Out—Another Coming? '..•2.',That a. V-type' eight, which ' liacj madV^'such a-'sonsatlonal. ap: Fia'nmcc • ehly two.-, years a?o, has : rbebn permit ted to die a quiet death I just as., the comparatively new six -of/anottvir manufacturer had been • .commuted to extir.o'.lcr. !c_«l ^um-. .-.' That a new ; V-type eight, costing .less than }1000, will be intro',; : duced fcy one <& the leading small .'car manufacturers. .' - . ; : 4..That, th.2 -samo 'manufacturer . will greatly ' Increase the power of : his 'present mod els,.-as one of several .Important 'developments. ; '•••.".S. 'That the same innnufacturcr .also buildliig-a high-priced eight .will .reduce the price of this pro..duct so'as to compete with other eights a step lower Jn price. ^.-- 6. That the tame' cisht, nmons ?other reflnen-^nts, will Include free Tlie mall handled every .year in England amounts to more than pieces. > ,. '• ttrcets, Is male:! by thtf- fact tl:n'.' iinolher m.inlifuctliwr has employ ed one of il'e misiiiecis'wh'o helped develop ilic flr.'i jwphlar [rjsit drive aur int')!'.:. . . : There fh'.u'.il l:a ho • o, therefore, If the camlnj sjibws i" January irvi-al a new front di'lvo. '].TO;ib!y a r.iw 12 or, 1C. FRIDAY; NOVEMBER 21, isqo RITZ THEATER Last Time Today Pnrt:nges of food [or New York City's needy families now are being distributed throughout, the city • by.police ii'ml members of-the depart- mcnt of sanitation. This photo shows one of the lines as hundreds of aged nnd unemployed persons received cartons of provisions from the centers of distribution. During- the. first two dayV ol the new rellc-f plnn. 14,000' families..were '(jlvcii 000,000 pounds ot food. The Nfnyor's Committee hits .determined to 1 order an • additional 4,500,003 pounds lo meet the .csllmated requirements of the., remainder of f.ic ^ . year." - ' - weight in steel,.and will therefore'try ' Whether thto will be seen this brinj about , eroatci- speed and coming-spring Is oiiblful, since the , x ... "AHf.AIuminmn Cominp! '7. That an all-aluminum car, en-, gins..chests and body, will be introduced by an tild established In- dependent manufacturer some time : next ' ' '" . That^more. new .1831 models .will -;appear.with'-. the.'type of front first introduced. by one of the front : ;drl?e""m*riufacturi;ra.'.'•".' . " . .g ; -That a. '"•w& : establlsbed six will ;£nclude •- among its Improvements; ;»j.'.'the time : cf the -show, syncro- mesh- transmission and downdraft carburetlpn. ' • ' .' . 10. That one of tho larpr manufacturers Is working, terlonsly on :boU»-a-tront-drive car and a 10-cy- .llnder model- ''••'.'.- ^ • ' ; .Considerable interest and dlscus : sif.n has'been aroused by ths intro- duction'of a, 1 hew European small car,''the.«problems and possibilities ot the -on?:, already here and ths f urt r.3r. chaiices of "immigration for a third;European car, this one of the..larger class. ' . • .".- .;•'. .j'-.-Another Come-Back ';". Mystery 'surrounds the activities nf a >.promlnent automobile executive who has taksn a leading part In the development of the industry and who. at present may be trying to "come-back" with a new scnsa- .tton; . : .There.are alro reports of further refinements and body design on with greater ec:nointc5rln'opcratlon. En- Blue block, plstorls, shafts!, clmssk, axles and body—All.'will l>e of this aluminum alloy, li Is reported. ' f''ront. r^rlyes ani! S|xteens' In addition, to 'stiirdhiess of con- f-tnictlon, v/c3 ' may exiiect greater .c'mfort :and pleasure in 1 'our "'new c^ir;;. frc:r..- a. glance at., those that have already appeared In advance of 'the show And, from- descriptions of those -that are 'to . CQITV:. Tlic modernistic ' .trend In interior flt- tlnss and hnrdwnr e will prevail, while greater rfoinlness will be furnished not only by lengthening the wheel-base and thus enlarging the body," butrby pushing- the tack of the rear'sent-.further"-Into the body. •' lh?re'd muph tiflk,' loo, of front, drive and 16-cylinder automobiles. At nresehl there are two 16-cyllu- ler cars on the mtirket.'th'e second 3rte having just cbtrj' In. But it is known that at least one other manufacturer Is experimenting with n nrger engine,'In view of tackJing he finer car iWd.' ' ' I As for. the front drive, one man- ifacturer'holds the'American list 1 ,' -...•.v,., S ; mt rights t» a type that has not! r'*..\:.ij? et been Introduced in this, coun- same mamifncturei 1 has pointed his work temporarily'In another radical direction. That .the front drive Is seriously behvs rriisider.xl elsewhere, and may soon be expested on the FAST '. AND : S mM OVn with" Frank Morgan Matinee—2 o'clock' 10 and 30c. Night—C:-15 and 8:30 10 and 35c. RITZTHEATRE Sunday and Monday "GEE!! TM LUCKY JN LOVE!" •-. / Bargains for Saturday Only Fancy Quality Golden Yellow Fru t BrookfieSd or Clover Bloom Pet or Carnation Ib. 5c | ORANGES ••^••^••^••^ISMf^HB^ia^^Hhi^^HiBi 6 Small or 3 Lan Medium Size. SVveet . and Juicy Cozen POTATOES -a Ib. 2c UGfiR IQIbs. 49c Sweet Potatoes fb.jg CRACKERS e » s 25c many of the 1931 cars, .slight reductions in price. • The system <tf radiator oil-coo ..luig, such aa exists on the Frcncl Renault, Is to be seen on one of the • finer eights of a prominent rnonu facfurer. when the New York show . opans. The same cur builder wil chafige.the design o£- his bcdies somewhat, .beside;! improvtog his engine and, chassis. LubricGti r >n and pow.^r arc be ing'considered furiously by engln .ecrs- .As a resuit we find them devising several meanj for keep ir.g the oil cool and heavy,, thereb swing consideable wear en .the en gine and .reducing the cost main tenarice. We find other having reacted the limit of powe to the cylinder head, trying to sc cure. more po\\^r from enlarge* bore, reshaped' pistons, added ois- -t'p rings cr Incr.^asin^ oil coolmj faoilitle.';. . Grills Replace Shutters One of the marked changes in the. 1931 cars will be a movement away "from" the radiator shutter, and. enhancement of the car's appearance by use of chromium-plat- ed'grills or ins;ct screens in front. Same of the nevr cars that have made" their, appearance show this change. Tn replace the advantage.- ct the shutter, one manufacturer has placed a heat jacket entirely around: the" carburator and "riser' 1 ihatl leads'to the intake manifold, so that quick starting may result In coldest weather. . . - All manufacturers have = -their new products with the Idea in mind that thia Is what one has termed'"the economy ci ! econ^tny not so much of the.-automoblle but maintenance. Therefore every car . Ki* added, more bolts to afes&A -the heaviness . . ' &> trtnse, and d r ne much more to, enhance tbe sturdiness of his pro-: ,***,•'.: .. ••' • ! '' The ttc.of aluminum alloy Is 1 . ^increasing up to the • point where] : an all-aliimtauin car may soon bei seen on the streeU. Tills car, It laj .wild, will .*ei«h half ils present \ HOME THEATRE Friday and Saturday Buffalo Bill, Jr. • in %L Ranch' Also Lightning Express No! 8 iiiut .Crirloon. Admission — 10 and 2Sc. Sunday and Monday Radio's Geo- I'gcotis Romantic Drama of the Children of Midnight! Music ! •Songs! with BETTY COJH'SOX Ned Sparks Jack Oakie Ip JA ife l$¥ •^> TOILET PAPER trmiCE Waldorf Tissue 7jc TOMATOES' 1 ^ r ard 23c Comedy and Cartoon. •n. Matinee mid Night- 10 and 23c. TJESSIE I.OVK. MAUY LAWLKR, , C1.IFK !•!). WARDS, STAN1.KY S.MI1H.. LOLA LANE, GUSH SHY w-M^cr AltTALKIMC 1 '^ HCTURS News and Comedy. (Jin- Gang—"Pups i s p up3 ». Matincc-r-2 and -! o'elock-Sclu.ol Matinee—(Sunday Only) I —Pnce—1st to btli grade?—lOc—7 ' through 12—25c. Adults—40c. • Night—15 and -iOc. • Wetlnesday — 11-25-26—''gSura'fo'xUTS".' but it s Alee. Delicious or IL O p Rome Beauty IU. Ot Corn Flakes 2 packages Pinto Beans ^ Ib. 5c MATCHES s Z? ra A!f5c count, 2 boxes ONIONS ""ESS 1 lh 51 Large Size fhiini ^kslmnn ^°* ^ 1H#* vnuin dajnipii Tail can i^c Fancy Grimes Gclden Kidney Beans J 7 reof lOc Jiip'«ri»iiilH tnw^»gS^BBBaH»iBKaSSa?r^gtg-g:-jrv-:^ SOAP P&G 10 bars 33c MEAL ^ 24 Ibs. 59e 1 Pork Sausag M ^12c NECK BONES K. C. Beef, Sirloin Round and Club SS&SC3ZSS Sugar Cured Shankless Picnic 5 to 6 Pound Average kISSZSl Fancy Sliced Ik Black Hawk *"» uri|C nLflO Fancy Milk Fed rsars; Salt Meat 12c PIG LIVER 1 Fine for Boiling or Roasting It's ThAnksgiviiiK and Fridnv—Hii inVHEADS UP'. Srturriav. Nov. 23—William JrURDER CASE". '''y Rogers mid Keleu Knne Vowell in "THE BENSON DING' i MGHT" y ' V- 300l ~ C!ni '« in "HER WED- i RIBS pound lOc| Mix.-PaniS-usaj li "Hlli.l^SEEngHBEHanniniHMaHKSMHMHBHftLBKSttHHBaBBcaaB V Watch Tuesdays Ad For Prices on Poultry and For Your Thanksgi ing Dinner

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