The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILL! (Aik.) couiUEii NEWS -- • CJmer. Gpiihtnes Are Producing Improved Staple, ^ Say Experts New Spring flat Styles . United Press /Stiff; Correspondent WASHINGTON! Mjrcli 1. iUP)^ America's farmers. .(iiust improve tile grA'J? faroS 1 staple of cotlon it tills •'oounltjr 'is to regain fully its fdrriier ; do'riiiharit 1 . poslllbh f iu the world • markets^ according : U> Do- partrricnt .of A'gHevUurc oniclals. [Oil* teSsoii tfliy "tl}o United States KaS 'declines aS'iiri "biipWter o{ cotton has been Ihe relatively Improved staple of 1 ' cotton produced in other sbcllbns of- the (voritl, partlculaj-Jy Eoutfi America, India and tlie Orl- ent.'bnicials'Eaid. nils Improvement was effected, they said, largely through import of liigher grade seeds from the United States. This country has long led the -world in improving; varieties of cotton, -.It' was sqld. Regional cotton studies inadc by Hie .department/ during (he pasl three years proved ccncluslvely that seed and; not the weather and soil largely determine the spinning quality of, cotton'.. • :,. ;;jyide Experiments JVailc •Sixteen. cotton, -varieties, selected foiv their importance In different. sections. of -th'i; .cotton belt, wen .planted at i.4- experiment. stations in iff leading; .cotton. pnx)u:li)j states In making th'o experiments -' •'Jllefvarlcttes • \voro located at •raiidorii; In -.the same block each year and were grown ijnrter as nearly :'comparab!e practices as possible. Slates : co-operating' in the study included Alabama, Georgia, North | ; Curolina,' Oklahoma, Tennessee, 1 So\iih Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas.' - -The niosl: encouraging indication 5 : of ;'thc study so far, is that the Variety', seems to be the. most im- •jJortant -single factor in determining such ' qualities sis staple 1'englh and >.- fineness, according 'to Dr. II. i : W.: Bafrc of the Unreaii of plant Industry. •_, -. . • tong : stapie collon \vas found to prortuco just as. niucb.per ncre ris short staplc.-.varieties in every section of-, the cotton belt, Barre said. Xoiijiisiaple varieties giw just as .Well in {the i dry western belt ns in the Mississippi Del In.- ,.. : • • Promhim Oitce 1'aiil : . The .length" of . .the staple anil the EraOe.'qf the. co_tlon— Us color and amounts of ieaYes' arid oilier tor- eign malter-Hictermiiics . the price received fay farmers. Foreign - spinners formeriy : paid; a premium fof Aitiericah, cotton because of Its longer staple., • . . . . .^.The 'department 'reported that of the .inore rtlmiv. 17,000,000 bales of cotton .marketed to pec. l from the 3937 ' all-time record crop . of 18,746,00.0 bales. -more than 2,000,000 bales \vere uiitenderaWe because o! Ehprl.siaple. 7 • . •.'..'.. .-Silvers pay from $5 to $10 a bile more -for. long staple .cotton than for short .staple. Income of cotton; farmers can 'be Increased 10 to 20 per cent by the exclusive' use oHong staple cotton," officials estimated.. >...:, "It. Is gratifying to note, regardless of location," that the 15-16 ilicli and longer cottons have, in the majority »of cases; : pro<lucecl "as rufnty pounds of ita't^per acre as the short- er'.h'ottoris," Bhrre said. "pn the basfs of' the present prc- : litliims''ror long staple' ami discounts fbr'sliprt^istaple, .the longer Cohorts lit aU'cases have returned h greater money value per .acre than any of the shorter- cottons," he said. WEDNESDAY, jiAitcii 2, Feminine, flattering and fresh as a Watic.iuof black shantung baku with poppy posed on thecrown and ribbon dilii. No hid .in any Easter parade- th of spring Is this an enormous Chinese red learners to tie under the lie more glamorous. Here's a dnnnlie spring bonntl 'Itinkrcs Wife" is the -hame of for luncheon or (ei It's ol slmn this uttcth lovely sprini; 'hat, 'of straw wiih i Hln(e iilK cre|te rllu n^j Ijlue fliantung b^ku. . Tlib anil ;i .iloulns Simmli hpc >ell (lowers it ll|C back are lianilmadc - . ttta< falls in soft cnscidLs met ones, ot } irlcolorcd taitctiS-. The ncclt iilid sniitllders imkmg i/hl frame for the face. veil covers the 1 face, tics in ii huge how at the back. r c IL y Smart — If If s Smartly i'relty r\ r MAUiAK VOUNl! N'l'A Seivibc; SlalT t'nrrcsiiimilciil NEW YORK.—This is -a spring when no mini can r,ay I hut your hat is silly. Hats, lib: everylhlnj else, 'isve gene fcinlnlnl'^-niid the best ones give a girl ».'pretty instead o an iiltrn-ullva sninit- look. They're Fihnrt, of course. Whch tbasied,' the jumbe-. or Vir- ginfi jieariiit contains an averaae i M'4i per "cent fat. " ' but essentially kind of iray There tire veils; galore-long, Ilo\v- in; Spanish veils, short, ones, tlios; irfiich ccv-cr the fare and tie at the lack, remlurliivj cue of Hie horsclesr carriage days. The hats of (lie hour in I'atls are tile-lilted or forwatd-narod. A pillbox ct black Panama with a dccj tack his n double ruffle of gros- orain Ilarius out at the frctft. / shallow-crowned sailor h jauntily tilted to the right. Susy puts a volumiiiuus vull in | violet, yellow and green on » ;.!rmv canolicv. On 'Inlfcol'.s lioatcr ol navy straw there'-, a while veil lo cover the face mill tic ill.the Ixick. Louise Boiirticn nils a- felt, bim-1-shaped . Wule-im'nimcd models, imly in keeping v.ith the spirit o) roiimj.ti- cism. nre lavcrel link makes sin enormous one of burnt ornn;;o straw wliicli passes the .shoulders oji cither We by at least bis inches, and Is irnnm'rd with a large black bird. Luntcn of J'.irls also approves tlic tremendous plateaus. !u shapes, liowe.vir. everything thclnc in Krik, Danlon ,-imfl/>tiixo Buurbbirii collcelionr.—and that is -of "rown:; nre lov:. K/en here ;\n e.xreplion ran be made li:x-au:;e brimless cones (if I'er:,bn iuspii.i- tit,n and briinlesr, rhape:'., l>mrj\vn;l ..oin the Armenian. Ihe url!m'-.k>>: "-"•pi"< and noraan chnrrh offlf-ials, aie. importiint. Floral trimmings nvc uwrt in prn- n '• sees them on the front «f mi upluinrd'.vl.wr.'ninssed •Ion or hijlshl, above KIM! Ijelou- brims of i;i9't Mtlor.-. 4-H Clith News Notes CJ, Uunlctle Hand, nsslslant 1 atutc 1-11 club iisfnl. wns the speaker at the 4-H cluli assembly jii'ojriun nl he Burdctlc school. Wednesday nf- :cnicon..!lls talk was on "Tlic Pos- sibililles of Self-Improvement In Ml OHib Work." . lie pDlulcU mil thai ;Mencls. scical contact.';, cD ictlvilleir-imd 1 projeci njwl jirojccl records all piny a part In the cohV- plc'.e 't-H Olub progvani, and that earh Individual n-buld get-'out of the work In prcpotlon to his participation In ttio complete program. ,K K. rtiilry. sniwrlnteiident (if dm Cui'dcllc schools. i-coii;luctcdt the :pcninj exercises, lie led (he group .n singing (lie -Hello fjong". "Keep In the Middle of Ihe Head" nnd "Sailing". illisco Rcluili Mi£co Rehab d-il club inet Friday night with' Olive chlsin pve- ;iding. Tiie Broup'saiig "Colmnnh, the Gem of the Occiin" ;uid hvo "Roinicl songs". There \\crc 71 club members. ;t lenders, ami '21 visitors present. 1'orly-one new members added to the rcll at thu a .lunior-AdLilt suv:! reglibr 4-tt rluli s-o that- more efficicitl vork might fc? dime, on the second Wednesday ni?ht of nest month the older nml (jlrls cf I he rlub will mrr oi- nii<7c the Junior-Adult unit. Ucmoiislriitlons were given \ "Carit'g for Bnby Chirks", -chatr Uoltcins", "Weaving", nnd ••, I'MiinaEeiiwht" by MK-, i,, cz K in- r;ucl. iiclne •:lcmonslrnllni Bllil I). V. M.ilocli. nsslslanl county tC k /U'C Queen of Carnival is the'honor Which-New Oilcans bestowed on lall, iklidcr, bio\\n-Iioncd Slalcolm Tullis, above,' as Ihe iouthein metiopolis threw aside wodvaday caics for its annual Mai ill Gins cchbiilion Mi«s JTuHisas the daughter of Gainer IK. Tullis, picsident of the New (Oilcans Colfon Excliange. who \\vas King ot Carnival in 1935, f'yess Jiiints .Ja=cbs. pie.iidonl ol Ihr -icsr, -l-lf club, calleil the rtuibr inontlily meeting to order Weduc;- | :lny nishl-, I'ebrii.iiy ?;i. 'I n-citty- j three clulj members, eight visitors and lour sponsors were present.. Mrs. Gowein presented the club with tin- l'J37 Charier mounted in effect:, l<> 'ni-jij, ! ? "" v; tr:1 ", lc , ;l "> 1 '"scussed the need .U1.JUI fcT co , K ,, rlca O j torl ||X (hc ( , rivr fol . I suiuthrr Cli'.nler. a II. ulllihml. ;i'-,i;,lr.ut slate club a«cnl, made an j iiir,pii;ilH'i!.il talk on the "Values liny l;p Deiivcd fiotn .1-11 -Shaily Giove A special nicctiusr concerning the planting ol thvcQ flcrcs of i-ndishes was calico of (lie Shady Grove Junto-. Adnll 4-H club 1-Yid.iy iiiijhl. Another meeting-Is planned for. the purixiso of working bul 'a home j!i-ojcct for rach member, and plans 1 were also made for the 'tntry.'ol tills group in the play tournament. The dub now has an enrollment of 24. LONDON UJPi-^TIH? policp of' Pcng;o huve, a new job. j They have to look after Olitinne' mice and SO ' Kiiiiica pigs which I featured in a case of alleged theft.: The magistrates decided that, in 1 case an- Identity Tmcslicn VV.IKJ raised, the animals should be kept In the ixilicc station. j "You must do the best you cn'.i." the ckrk told (lie harassed ser-| ycant. : ..... . . Rend Courier News W.inl i'ts. Road Courier News Want Ads. For the Second Straight Tfeoir This Sibfe Sold More LINOLEUM PRODUCTS than Anfr &tMr Dfebffer In thle S/afe of Arkansas Dnnn3&37 , Inlaid Linoleum Priced $1.65 Sq. Yd.DaidandUp Read what ifo Dfsiribiitors s I'iaih, - Straight l,iiie .& Emboss cd-Mai-bfelic- Almiobelle- LINOLEUMS I'-iiiosets & Feature LlNOlFLOR LNWALL Otir -Installations w/ual to tite BEST to be found any- \hcrc. I'RICES Right or the'; enviable, record , held would •• _ nut lie possible. | i| ARMSTRONG'S Products, ACCiOTILE, LiNJiilLE, CORK TILE, TILE. Line of Quaker Ritgs Quaker Floor Coverings, Standard Rugs, Standard Floor Coverings— ^-"^ A Beautiful Room Begins With tKe Ifetii . •. . Let AkMSTROMG Products Add to thi fifelii^ ttl Your Home for a Complete Line of Armstrong's Linoleiiat fk>ctoc?S S§S;for Detailed Information Regarding Your Individual i?rb£feni fy&l on ;J HOME FURNISHINGS MODEM TELY PRICED

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