The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1934
Page 1
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Served by the United Press KCYTHEVILLE *wm- VOL.,;XXX—NO. 2CG THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPKK OP NORTHEAST - IJally News blythovlllo AHKANRAii AND SOUTUIOAST MISSOUKl NEWS IlcnUrt HOUSES AGREE ON . S. WILL FOR IEEDT No Drop in Employment Will Be Permitted Following May First WASHINGTON, .Ian 25 (UP)- Criitinucd employment beyond Muy 1 for most of the 4.1X10,000 CWA Kennett to Get Power Plant Loan Loan and grant of S150.WJO 10 the city of Kennett, Mo., for Hie consauction of a municipal electric power plant and distribution system was approved yesterday by llu: Public Works Adininislr.ii.lon.. according to n dispatch from \Vu:hington. . i Erection of- ; .the municipal light! plant by means of n 1'WA loan' people of Kennett by an over-1 las'. November up-!'.-i' months ago. The city Is now I^ COPIES FIVE-CEN'ft$.. Verroe Good for Verrcti Drainage Improved by Clearing Ditches of Willows and Bars on at the =n achieved i» come of a dispute over continu- ;!i:ce of unit emergency program Public works, s-;,soiiiil employment, and a revival of industry '•re counted on to provide jobs alter May 1 for ii. jre than 2.000«(.' per.sons on tbe present CWA lull. But an adii'-nistration compromise seemed to he in the mak- "••:; to shift to vomc ot hcr gov- r-rment payroll th.-- luckless ones *ho do not nnd one of the new CWA was created November 8 !" compensate fo- delay in pro- \ioMng work on public works pro- i C n tS ; .. Tllro1l a>i rht Civil Works Administration thnip has been a constant now of rnady money to all parts of the i-umtt-y. Opposi- jjon to sudden ^."employment ol . —••F*"«J*IIVII t ut 4,COO,<JCO wcrkei.- is tremend- Powr-r company. | completed a bri:-l siirvev ^f^tiie [work accomplished m H,,'. vicinity [ ot Blyl::cvlllc and of ihe WD k re- imalnmg to be done. In company with o Siicnyo sii- : pcrvisor for Mississippi -in-l Poln- i=U counties, j. w. M,,yw. who lias directed the work in the vicinity ;of Blytlievllle, and Oxar Alexander Mr. Hasting inspected work [that lias been coinpleicil HIM also Authorities Question Six in,- ~. ^.^ U1 „-.„,„„,„ v * Ml Connection with Slay- 'XKni^M^ oS" ers F.xecution" ""' " : • - ~-"J "-* .LI1JL.1 Ul illtCJI- in the Immediate vlclnltv of Blv tlievllie ,,avc already bee,', |lltt ,„ HAZARD. Ky., Jan. 25 (UP)- 1 ' clas '' i Condition by malaria Authorities mrlni' niinciinn^i .-:„ I ccntro1 '.vo«crs, an white men today questioned six whose identities thc-j (oncealcd in connrrtlon will! lest mem Scott \vns lynched whil:! liis nl- right's "necktie party" [n whici. The CWA beijai. with an allot- Rcx Scott , 2l) . nei;;o, was inform- ot '54CO.OOO CtW of public al)} ' CA ' caltal fo '' fatally wound- vrarte funds to Harry Hopkins, "'" " "''"* m ™ lc-deral emergency lelief adininis- tiator. Another 5350,000 000 Is :| be spent. On November 15 Hop:ms met Here wi'h a group ol 1.019 persons, most of them may"'.! or other local public o.'ficials "Here is a chance." Hopkins told the assembled offk::ils, "to do certain things for certain types of people who. I think, had itged victim, Aiex Johnson, slill was lighting r, jr IIR. i,, Icon! hospital. .)o!n«on died cf :•• Iractured skull two hours after Srott'.s lody was cvi down. The negro was .'.hung up to a tree on the edge ?• the cemetery ;<lout 15 miles here The mob of- 300 white men some of . ------ , ^ hi 1*1,11, jji'.ve riHQ a. i_ ..... ••••_••. -3umu ui tough break during the decres- ?,. ' ' vere nia - skf f - J«* Wi" frum ston. ...It is untlilniahle that anv- , • Ocal ' jii1 ' wllil - Ms body Lody would fuse arv parl of , h iJ-" 3I1 8 i(! ^ 28 -.shots were fired into ' S<00,000,000_for -anv'' political rose." pur- :~- ,,-- .... , f Scotf.was conveyed lo the lotinei b g h cause: of this situation that the nresident is said to be anxious to .ind some better method of com- batting unemployment. Complaints that politics nndi Kraft have entered Civil Works I are being investigated with vigor i Joseph B. Keenan of the Depart-! ent of Justice arranged a confer-! ence with Civil Works officials IB- i pardlng a unifonn system of hand- 1 ling reports of such irregularities ; — : - "! Mexican 'Villagers Charge '• Neighbor Bewitched 'Em him to "say your prayers'." The negro tremblingly (he Lord's Prayer hanged. ro cited and was then ---. -HI il is estimated that by February 15 the entire drainage system serving this city and territory innnedintelv si.r- roundfng will have been fnjed of willoVs, drifts and bar*. Similar work is being done in if- vicinity of Osceola. Wilson and Keiser. in the south part ol the county and Here has also bra, S0111C worl! ln the vicinity of Manila ant! Lcach- As the work is primarily a public health project drainage in the. unmtliale vicinity of ci 'ie s and towns is given first attention Farm areas will also derive subslamial •U-proves Provisions to Close Tax Loopholes Good fortune is twins for Venee?Tcnsdale ubove Fi-sl a tammiu! tilin contract. tl,eii nnolhu contract, to wed A,!,,!,,!,, Me,,'].,,, scrc-i, Idol, n, AUBHSI. ihis w m bb Menjou-., tl.iid altv vt-iiiur, ; and Vorrcc's second. benefit,- however, both from the iuP)-Authoritics are Inxestigat-' "^ th .?,,_ chargc : i ° f . 15 resident., of I Out of Town Players Make Reservations for Event Here Next Week. • - .-Ppenred before the mayor and penal judge here and asked protection against the 45-year-old woman. The case was referred to the stale attornei general. ^ Victims of the "spells" became rigid, spoke at the rate of "a thousand words per minute and frothed at the mouth." it was testified. The witnesses also said that they saw "burros with human faces, cows with feet In the air as well a.1 on the ground, airplanes carrying nude men and women, nnd hordes of frogs and cockroaches." They charged Mrs. del Regugio Tta-tnudez gave those afflicted mystic potions and cast them into hypnotic spells. Closing Stock Prices NKW YORK. Jan. 25. (UPI—Tlie slock market closed irregular in a narrow range today after a dull session. A late rally brought, out 'cng strings of automobile issues at rising prices and most, other shares rose moderately from the lows. *• T. and T 118 Anaconda Copper ... 16 Bethlehem steel 45 3-4 Wrysler 56 Cities Service 31-4 Coca Cola ' 'jpo [_^ General American Tank 39 General Electric 23 General Motors '.'.' 39 3-8 International Harvester 42 7-8 Mlddlcwe'st Utilities .... 1-4 Montgomery Ward .... 273-3 New York Central 37 3-4 Packard 47-8 Phillips' Petroleum 171-2 Radio 8 Simmons Beds 21 1-4 St. Louts-San Francisco 4 Standard of N. J 47 5-8 Texas Co. '.. 27 n. S Steel .'. ss 1-2 number from Para' S ould. Kennett' Mo., and other nearby The tournament will be n part of the world bridm Olympic, witn Players all over the world n"{."'F_ the same 16 Contrary to popular belief tournament wili not be n f'" B a ";' !ir a , lld "in consume only i«o and a half hours, it is not n Culbertson svsle™ event inil FH Culbert,™ is but one of the leading bridge uulhoritics „„„ ^"f^ 5!" c sccril 'K- Proceeds lo the i which i ••""•» i mil I tilt; tealth standpoiiu and from tbc impraved drainig- which agricultural lands will receive and if t -Program is e.-it?ndcd sufficiently To Permit it the work will cover the lure county. -Many of t): e ditches in this part' of tlie county and some elsewhere! Fav have received virtually no , nain . | a > It-nance since they were dug 15 o- ' r n;orc years ago. As a result some oi t.icm have become so clcsged with willows and other obstructions ns to inse much of their elliciency In such ditclies wnter stands the - Mr arcinul, affording Places for mowriiirios. The contrast between tho<* w'-ich have been cleaned under the malaria control program and these which have not is startling pli-- tographs "before and after" show sucii a change that in many in- DEPOIT ITS Davis Arrests Mem- 'hian With 75-Gallon Cargo of Contraband. i' Said to Have I Ransom on Promise ST. PAIJI,. J,m. 2,1 UJI'l .Mrs j I'.nilly Hmm-r, nltrnclivi.- '.-.-If,- u[ !h<- klilna]i[-i) Kdwurd O. llrcincr. liu.s in-.i hope of sin-Inn her iius- band alive iifinln, il was li'iivnwl lurliiv as Hie el-jlitli day since the abduction c-liipstil without news. Mt-Amihllc it-jxirts were Circnlui- i I'll Iliat tin: bunker's fulhr-r. Adcilpli i ISremei. President Ituo.M-v<-ir.s' friend, had paid run.som mid ex- ixi-tcd hlr, son to be returned lali-r in (he week. A llm-i--d!iy jKrlcil of iblay ln- iwci-n the iinymeni. nf S200.COO ran-:TI-. nnd (In- relci'sc of Uicmer v.:i.'. n-portril IKS the doinand of lil; I'kdiictors In :i nok- di'llvertd n> the victim':; ffitl.:r. Tlii' il-.-mund was tin: subject ol i'i) cuiijectine nil tin- parl nf l.'.liu- inu-stljiitni-K. who called i-!.y tuch iiiucciliirr. ns "highly 1111- l.MKll." 'Iliu i»]nirt of the dcniiiiid re- ciilir-rt that blnrMlil-iins WIT;- fnuiid It' the nutoinobl'c from which 1'inniT w.js kidnnj.rd u week ago List Wi-dnefday. Pdlcc wore aware such u demand inlfjlit lolJov: un unex]iect>:(' nccidcnl In which Drenu-r .str'nlnucl liijnry. The uiiprccrdKili.d matslng ol -cili-ial deparimr-ni of liislici;! i-senls In the Twin fjltira »ns M-eii a-; a fnuur in cnualnr • f.':ch a di-inniul fo ; - delay. llelc:Lsi' i'l nri-iuei- iiiulii- such ii plan in!|jht occur lumt/redr. of nilte.s Irotn St. Pain. The nuinbL-r of federal agents woikinu on tin.- cafe could isot be uH'fti-lalneil bi|t stnr.c - ivjuirUi run '•<, high as'250. i • fur lii'JO!]ior;itlcn In bill t [, S i,,,,d (0 ,! loopholes " d to us sh u Cotton Bill After Talk With Roosevelt. WASHINGTON, .Ian. 25 (UI>1 -Sumlur Iliinkhcad IDcm. Ala.) sal.l nf(cr n uunrrrrnrr with Imldent Itcmstvull i, M l:iy !ir wuiiM prc« 1,1s Mil,,,. for J-oiiiIiulMirj- ,-onlrr.l of niUoII u'; 1 , 11 ;™ 11 ' "'"' iaint - ( " "« HliKt- House with hls ) )ro , ]!cr Kciiri-scnlatlvi; llankliod or A!:i- luina, i:ilil his aim hi Liuslilnr thr ""•xsur,. Wl » I,, kc Pn (hc * mt rnllon iirmlurlliiii In ;, U.OIMOTC 'nuxfmuin. SMIE TO VOTE IT Rumor Says Over 50 Will I lake Examination Succeed Elkins Passage of Devaluation and Stabilization Bill Appears Certiitj ' t A veto on the Ro.-Bcveli'monetary tO! The blqgcst "catch" nf n "liquor: President Reuse-.Ml will nnd ni>l rurncrMicre in recent months was: ecnrtl ' "f applii-.-.i^ls when lui' Jim UIE J..UO l;n. | -- breeding "'• !l(ic b V rlnble. last - u ^ ...... ,[, LJ| t [[|J J|l- stances it is scarcely believable that Die pictures were taken at the same spot. While tremcijjifts good h<is already been accomplished, and mucii .• Davis, deputy con-i IT'S nruinid la ar;|jolntin^ a S uc- ilsht. Davte took the 1 "'"™ to J. II. Eljins, whose com- n.ifi, K V, Mom l lhfs ™<- Bailed, inLsslon as Blylli-.-vMle's pastmiister with 15 gallons of pure grain al- j "pires April 6. cohol into custody. Itumo, l,a- ; It that more than he driver of the car. n small'•'«y aunlicanls. a lumber of them ._edan, who gave his name n.s women, have alrriidy innde pinn.s lor the conserv unty jail. ThejcfTice. which will lie held under '_ containers.l |he President's orici of July was lo'i^d in the county alrohnl. in 15-Rallon vjns stored in U,c jail The""reaVi .033. rather ,ban' under' c^iVr'' • rr » f. the car hnd been removed. rice rules. vcc. and the alcohol, in souare tin cans.: Hours of Arpunaenl To End Trial,Underway Here Since Tuesday Afer listening to three hours of argunem by oiiposnt; coimw! a circuit court Jury was to begin Us deliberation of a verdict late this afternoon in (rinl of n SI 15000 action """ "" LI mi 01 a .>jj.->.wu acitnn rhi. onnnnriAn lirnnglu by four residents of Chi- ( n'e admtoi*l bill late today ov tomorrow „ Hie latest wus the objective of ad mlnLstrntlon leadc--. as the senate IcEiin the second day of debute >'ii this momcntoui money measure. Passage of [lie 1411 w'ns conced- O'.er " rtncil>y w " s .••liould be Incoi|)oralcd Majority Leader Robinson wa.s- (onndent that the bill would be i.pproved In a form acceptable to IJ ri'ddent Hooscve'L He said he had enough votes lo defeat n |)ron:ral for cstab- lli.limnit of n boar..! of live incm- to supervise operations ol Both Houses Accejjt Report of Joint Conference ComrniUee LITTLE HOCK. Jim. 25 ( (JP)- ihi; house this nf|?vnoon follow- cti i-Cfoniiiiiuidatlnii.- of the joint 'inlerence commit^.,, and recalotl I join rciiti-iivi'i-slal (inic-ndmcnts to Hie refmullng bill u,,ci then pas-KI the measure us nmehded.. Hi-- olliclal vol? was 78 to 1C Under the riilrs i-. nnal vote In Hie senate must i* taken tomorrow morning. Iinmeillati-ly nfto- receiving word mat the house Im! accepted tile' conference report the sena o adojilcd a rCEoluUon by Senator liiT-nt-f "" CPtlnS ' h= ' rc "° rt ot Truck Ttn Cut liUmlnaW'"' Ihe committee, which met this nl cinoon In the governor's office toted to recommend tlmt the house recede from tho Mnson aincnd- nicnt, which would lower the license tax on ton nnd n'half trucks f-nsaecd In hauling farm and forest producls;" that the senate concur In an amendment providing for nn Increase In the' lax on gross weight of trucks; and that the scna e concur in the amendment which provides for the;paying'of he Arkansas go* tax (a./, cents) uy nil trucks whether the fuel Is '">uj;tit In border cities or not Governor Futrell sent ,fo' the senate today a letter declaring II would be useless to pass the re- fundlni! bill" if (lie Mason amendment lowering truck license fees' Is not struck. Would. Cost *JW,04r . ' Accompanying ;the governor's letter was one from'A; V Denny "'Fcrvlsor of, the. auW,dlytelon' of t.lio. jilifhway depdrtment,- ''^h'o e 1 !- t/ihaa-d' lhe.anie'i!dnienV''(^iuld >; i:t>- duce by $300,000 the new revenue to be raised under the bill. "The amendment will : bring about the greatest ' subterfuge In registration of trucks we hnve ever hnd," Denny snld. - : ' He referred to the Mason amendment's provisions allowing three ' trucks hauling "farm ai,d forest ". be operated by ' . . re y one believes| man. without ossessmenl of more than Die present license fee. company of lilytrcvlllo. which occupied the court since Tues- ^crvntions have been made for adjaccnt to the ditches cleaned, arc enthusiastic in Ilicir cndors-mcnl Wnrren telephoned word of his . - i:o--it.!!:re. whidi isiroid 1» Ihe rrcond cl.v . part a pen-! York Cotton s'Lbillaitlon fund. nnLi this secretary treasury. It f., rls ,,, at a bmj . d v-oi:id conlufi- n,,. fllm |. s cra . f's anil make them incffcclive The measure also gives the treasury tide (o all gold In fed- reserve banks and provides for revaluation of the dollar at be- tivccn 50 present 1 and eat gold — vn.ii: IL1IIJI Per cent of its („ sccure The senate deferred action ori the house bill taxing motor lubricants 10 cents per gallon. Lloyd Stickmon Named President of Alumni Lloyd Stlekmon has been elected president of the High School Alumni •jstrikin.- the truck whil-h "had p'ui'l- :ed onto Hi.,vway fil from n side! RecommendsAJbandonment of Evadale Branch Line Blythevllte.. — association.. Other officers, named In a meet- Ing Tuesday night at the city hall, arc: A. o. Hudson, vice president; Mrs. Joe Craig, secretary; Oscar Fcndler, treasurer. Joe Craig and A. o. Hudson were named captains of n team . to sccure new members wlthln- the next month, with the losers to entertain the winners. " ; from the dollar National Brittge Purchases the prl/c-s. Ther: One wll iifcd at prizes le t.vo scores kept be thr regular score parties DP substantirj C1 <l the t?am making the highest Sfnr " ° score. prize. The birt ,« rt 1' ' 5 ' also be a° cu icore for Di... world contest . Tlie last defendant, the final bid,) lcpll: "'t. tmal bid. the opvnint lead of th . the second lead of ihr. "pponems. and the number o -cks aken will be recorded. Regular self dealing cards «-|p be used and the names wi I „" j prtw without delay. Five Wives Join to Kill Polish Insurance Man WARSAW. JaZ~25 (UP)-The tUeVent"' iJonfo? wL" ™ ><l taken tile trouble to divorce 0 -mgcd up and beat him to deMh Ruskewyafs ntth. wife, learning ^accident of the former ma"? rtages, traced her predecessors in >,., ,.,.^.. d . s nffcclions nn(J flr _ surprise party. Mrs. Bertha Grice of Dell Dies At Memphis NEW YORK. JMI. 25 IUP1— Cct- ton closed very steady. Jan. Mar. Muy July open 1093 1105 1135 1H" 1158 1103 1111 1127 1142 1154 1165 low 1097 1097 1111 1127 1138 1151 close 1103 1111 1125 1141 1153 1165 Spots clewed steady at 1145. unchanged. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEAN'S. Jan. 25. (UPI —Cotton closed very stead}-, op;n high low close Jan 1093 1003 1090 1095 Mar 1105 1112 1004 nil May .... 1120 1127 1107 1125 July .... 1133 1142 1125 1140 Oct 1142 1155 1134 1154 Dee 115C 11M 1152 HOC Sjicts closKl s'.eady at 1109. unchanged. WASIffNOTON. — ! Thomas P. Sullivan yesterday rec the request hc "come Mrs. Bertha Grir ommended to the Interslnte Com incr'niii; at the Ifemphls Baptist t:opons are known to have beer practically all ol billed, hundreds we cemetery. The L. G. company is in rr.enLs. able limber lias been for her injuries and her lius- . „.- —•• -traffic from Yorkshire to SILWS- - .. that traffic over the line is C!tpcil5cs incit!en t to her his been paralyzed for 24 in the worst winter fog recorded 1 p ncland In years. P J Throughout a broad area the federal Agents Sei visibility was cut down until rail- trains stopned or collided. ng on the Thames came lo » halt, motor cars and busses weic MARKED TREE «* '^5^111^ urCJit Whisky at Marked Tree Testlinnny In tho rase, which had since Tuesday this rested occupied the court ue was closed about II o'clock morning wl.en l!:e dcfens- May Chicago Wheat own Mgh low close 89 7-8 99 3-8 88 3-4 83 7-8 88 1-8 38 5-8 87 1-4 37 1-4 Chicago Corn Ihe May Jjllly open high low close 52 1-2 52 3-4 51 3-4 51 3-4 n T o Kare Trumpeter Swans , I • \r n Blanton and his increase m Yellowstone F «>lh«r and son later . ftf t 1 ) flfVl A ~_1. t- - r and the plalnlifTs concli;drd wilh tnnrti\t.L> TREB. Ark — i ° y °"° rebuttal witness. ,\ I 2rg( . •igenls yesterday conflscr-led 1 194 j llllmlw r of wltiiKses including phy- Snllons of whisky m the lionn- of| siclnns - surveyors nnd car <ba!crs, J-- A. "Dad" Bl.inton. iotiner 1<1urillf >' ln g ns e.xjxTts. as well as ar- i oinsctt official hpro n.,.i .,,,..,^1. lual eve n-itr.!-»i«: i^. ih« ^..w..,. - ""« J-M.IULUJI. Polnsclt official here, aril M Blanton nnd his son. made Karl, bonds lual eye witnesjcs to the accident =ok Ihe stand during ihe Irial. Miss Albrecht su^iined Injuries $2.000 each before U. S. Coin- to her back and Mrs. Uoud "id her under the protection Three hundred gallon.^ of the t- department store, appeared it •*• " "H111.L 4 I 1C | II UK I afforded by Yellowstone Park. he courtroom rinily during tiie trial Gives His Version Of 'Missing Link' Today The Rev. Carl Basselt preached last evening t.) a large nudt- ence at the First Baptist church where hc is cond'ictlng an evan- Scllslic mreting. On hus subject "The Missing !.lnk" he said In part: "Personal-, Iv r do not belii-vc we descended 1 Undertaking of arrange- Firemen Answering Alarm Find Bedclothes Afire Bedclothes, hung ^n a back porcn line for an airing, in some manner became ignited yesterday afternoon at the home ol w. S. Bryant, 513 North Broadway, re- a call for city ftre- ; I suiting In iv i no not belii-vc we descended | lne "Trom monkeys, bir th? more 11 . !f wns px iinsuished with sot of some folks fin Inclined lot- 1 '"' 0 dama ? e resu'ting. Members think we're headed that way of the fnm "y wo '° at 3 loss lo ihink we're headed that way. Come folks when they pray should tay 'Our rather, v.ho arc up -i rocoanut Ire;.' the bcglunng man was linked to God >iy an unbrokrn chain. The day man troke one \\.T.'f in the chain that bound him to G. o That is the missing link I'm talking about to- ARKANSAS Elnnixl he I odder, free/ing night. "There Is Just one link that a can bridge the clinsm and re-unite fallen man to a holy God and that link I* Christ." explain the source of the fire. WEATHER" Partly cloudy. - - D --. north portion tcnight. Friday partly cloudy. Memphis nnd Vicinity — Partly c'oudy. unsettled tonight nnd tomorrow. Much colder tonight. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 69, minimum 37. clear, according to Samuel F. Nor- rl« official wpothi>r observer!

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