The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 22, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 22, 1930
Page 4
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TUESDAY, JULY 22, 1930 CLASSIFIED ADS BLYTHEVILLE, (AKK.)' COURIER-NEWS HUTU CHELSEA HOUSE: •rwo wag i word ror tzt\ to- lertlon and DM cent * wtvd for etch wbMqutat Inwr- tlon. No »dverUwo»QtUk(n for leu ttua Wo. Count the word* and Knd to* tub. Phone S0« PUB SALE FOR BALE—Baby Chicles, Custom hatching each week from now on. Marilyn Hatchery. 2«clc-W VACATION TIME Take That Trip In a Good Used Car. You will have the use of the car while you're there ami also save traveling expenses. Make your Selection From The Following Llsi oi Used Cars. Lowest Prices and Easiest Terms. 1829 Model Whippet Coach.. 5235 1939 Model Ford Koadsler ..$275 192H Model Chevrolet Tour. ..5135 1030 Model Kurd Couiw ... $525 1929 Model Essex Cuich .. $255 1927 Model Ford Kordor Swlaii JIGS 1930 Model i'ord Tudor Sedan $495 1926 Model Buick Sedan ... $175 1929 Model Ford Sid. Coupe ?425 1929 Model Ford Spl. Coupe $365 1928 Model Chrysler 6 Sedan $315 1926 Model Ford Touring Car $85 We will accept your old car as part payment on one of the above lat« Model Used Cars. See Us AT ONCE—Phone 811 TODAY. Used Car Dept. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford HKGIN HKHE TODAY JUDITH Gil A NT, arllM'i M««rl. luvrn AI.AN STKVSIS, .w»n \i ,l.(i ]»>c4 hi CHUMMY HOKl.KV, »r» br>l friend. ChutUM? had tovvd .S'lrrnr yrnr* HKII, and lull her mfmorr ivhrn kt w«nl Bwnyi ko* Itonck ar loir* Jyillla, Judith l»•I>|> It la kl> duly lo Miirrr Di'jinmjr. «bu rrBala< Uir wcm- nry «hr» Mkr mer» him HffnU. •)•- Jllh .1 idlo ilnurllK «HJ lin •!»<•« H *fnr In n m»«lfnl fchww ItnokM \>f KIL'IIAIIII \VVO.\l Illrr. Now- »vrr, «k* !«arn» Wjrnn la mtrrlr rn aKrnc (or KHI'IJH (ilOl'.U.S, a nnnrctcr (Tlio I. Infalunlrd nllk her. She vo\i* in »n\f wimcy unrt tiny Chlrnn hack. «n pc<i|il» will mil [kink >lir l> nlillxnlcll In him. nnmMhllr, Ulilimmr lKI«« •>»- rtlt^ tind SCeyne nir I" 'o»e •"<* JirrnKa afr HIRBK'!""' "" "" ric nl hrr mnrrlBltf. Jui'lh Tl«lla nl (lldrnn 1 . hnMf aa« la a»kr< lii JIAIlAMi: IIR TIIBOJ. hU «!•• Itr. If >hc Inli-.n. In macr; him. .NOW (i() <» WITH THE STOIIV CUAlTKIt XXXVI ADAME T1K TOHOS walked In M ADAME T1K front of Judy toward llio door The girl nollcoil Ihe llllle nerjous Jerky ilnrk movcmenls ot tier smoll liead. that were due lo 111 . \vclsln o( her great, pearMlppe diamond crown. At the door she Etoiinoi). and FOR SALE—One 24x54 Ice Box U'hest), one M" meal block, one 10 gallon water cooler. All in lirsl-class condition. Call at 105 N- Second SI. passing Judy, went buck to til drosimiB tnl:le, where Blio remove the ornament, taking out Its fasten-1 Ings—about a doicn platinum balr- pins. "lt'« so heavy," she said, while Judy wnlleil. "I'd rather die than wear » tblne like that," the girl replied, adding jcncrously: "But you look awfully •mart In it. You remind me of a queen 1 Eaw In Home. She came lo the theater. She was awfully uice lo me." Amicably chnlllne. **" lwo passed down the staircase Into the little paneled room where supper was laid. Gideon awaited them alone. roke ofl your engagement," the aid, lor toraetlitng to my. "\Vhal did you tell licrt" Thai I didn't know," "You know very well, JuJy. I Id It for you." "\'ou never told mo 10." "That wasn't necessary, You new It all right." Ills voice sank. 1 broke It off bocaitgg I couldn't land tlio girl. 1 was mad with ovc for you. And sho made scenes. I cost me a pretiy penny—two hundred thousand dollars I hail to my lhat old scoundrel, her falher. Jtherwlso slie'd have sued me." Judy shrugged her shoulders. "What a pot of money!" she ssld You shouldn't have been engaged If you didn't want lo marry lier." I don't want lo marry anybody Judy. It was a fool Idea, 1 think I wanted to mako you Jealous." "Oil. la, la!" Tlie llttlo careless exclamation halt nmusetl, half contemptuous hail liardly left her lips when, null suddenly, she felt that somelliin was wrong. She (M not kno what It was Just a feeling. *UK KENT. FOR KENT—August 1st, one of- llce, Ingram dinUing. inquire Parknurst Compaui'. uc-t(. FOR RENT—Furnished Apartment, 108 Kentucky. Phone BB3. ISp FOR RENT—Tliree room flat, all modern conveniences. 1013 Wesi Walnut St. Call 678, IDc-tl FOR RENT—Two unfurnished rooms, $8.00 per month, 505 South. Franklin. 21pM4 FOR KENT—Modern six room stucco house, bath and double (jar One and one-half lots corner Missouri and Franklin. Has been newly decorated. Rent 535.00 pe: month. Also a 'five room frame house 512.50 per month, Dr. J. A Saliba, Phone 410. 21ck2 WANTED WANTED -- Family Washings Washed and ironed by compe tent white woman. Mrs. Browr 704 S Lake St. 17ck.-l WANTED--Several congenial per sons to board and room. Coo rooms, excellent meals. Near busi ness district. 112 East Cherry St phone 602. 19p-k23 | Distric t s sister's votco, or any human She looked at Ihe man by lie iide. There was fiomclhlng nbou ils eyes that sho didn't like. H ras breathing heavily. One larg lasliy hand was straying on th back of her chair. Judy knew the signs. She kc her head. "The coffee Is boiling over," she said coolly. As he went ;'ftcro«! >lho room to lift Ihe pot, dripping with the thick, brown, strong-smelling beverage, she ruaa from her seat and walked aroiind the table. She did not think olco. "What's the matter?" iho cried, er volco shrill pitched, her skin rnlug to gooacllesli all over tier are arms.- "Where Is your slsler'f 'hero U BlieT Gideon elood uulklly In tlio doer ay ot (lie llttlo dining room. "She has gone home, Judy," ho aid very softly. "She naked me o say good night to you." Judy rushed to the front floor iho rallied tha linndlo »nd fount t locked. 'The door la locked!" Judy said Unlock 111" Gideon did not speak. "Unlock It nt once!" Tho smllo on Ills face niaihlenei her, but sho knew that nbovu nl hlnga ahe must keep her head. U was not drunX; for that he was Ih inora dangerous. "Not Jusl yet, Judy," Cildcon sail Slio crossed tho hull and rnn u Blairs Into llio bedroom where si and Madame do Toros had remove their wraps. Sha found Mailnmo do Tore cloak gone. Her diamond crow with Iho big pearl tips, which si had takcu off and laid on the dres ing table, wns gone, too. Judy ran downstairs again. Gli on still stood iu the doorway, BID ing. "Where's your sister?" she crl furiously. "A nice thing of her lo go away like that and leave me alone!" "Why should my sister (suppose that you did not want to stay, Judy?" the man asked. "Sho knows lhat you and I are good friends." 'ay. You've Ie4 mo on; you'vo 1110 on a string for iiioullis, — now it's ray inrn!" Sho wunt very cold and 6(111 Slio w him through n mitt, llo looked io n wild beasl. Klic thought of in P.? a tiger, Ikklug h!» Jaws, ic huil seen (he wild beast In him efore, but never so llcrco Hint It ould not be lamed. Fasclunted, elio Blared at him, liable to move. Ho raeanl to nnko er i>ay! lie raino up to her and put his land on her shoulder. Mo wa* mur, lurlm; a hiring of words, but eho Id not hrar one of them. Sho wished Hint sho could i'rr.y. Vhy hail no one over taught her o prayT \Vliy hail uo one ever Old her ahou' (ioil? Sho felt a dull auger the world. )UR BOARDING HOUSE "Mr. Glyu couldn't come—was prevented at the last minute," he explained. "And GossteivltECh has broken his wrist His man Just telephoned. Awkward thing lor him, isn't It! But I eipect he's well Insured. I regret you two ladles will have to pnt up with mi. H's loo lato to get any one else." "I'm famishing," Judy replied. "I'll have some of that nice stodgy- luokiuc pie," The telephone bell rang through the Hat. Cideon rose and went out. "You're wanted, Thlrza." he tald to his sister, when he came back. He accompanied her out of the room, and came back alone. "It's my sister's hushand ringing her up. lie rang up al home, and they put htm through here." he was drunk, but she knew he had had enough to drink. The flat was very silent. Sho strained her ears to catch his sister's voice talking to b« husband over the telephone. Gideon came toward Judy wllh a brimming cup. -' "I thought It tan to boil three times," she «aid. "What docs it matter?" he asked thickly. "I like my coffee properly made, IhanXs," ehe laughed. "I woa't mre any. It keeps ma awake, any. ]OW." He came around the. table to her side. She did not edge away, bu stared at him. "Judy," he said, "you know why 1 broke off with Luun Colt. I neve cared a pin about her. t nere wanted her. I only want you, Jud —yon know that. You Knowwha the world says about u»1" TIE gave her a clgaret, lit It, and "- put a light to a spirit lamp on which wns n Turkish, coffeepot—an elaborate thing that Judy always admired, made of copper, wllh golt coins let In at the lip, and a'band of turquoises nil round the rim. He camo and sat down next to her; she leaned her arms on the table. She was getting tired. She hoped Madame lie Toroi would not long. 'Your sister asked me why you S HE laughed on a high, bysicrto note. -Oh, ns to that!" "As to that." He repeated her words wllh meaning that pfiuk Into her brai very, Tcry slowly. At tho sam time be put out bis hand, towsr her. She eluded him and rnn to tli door. In the hall H was very sill Sho ran into the library, where li private telephone wiu. The rooi "I bet the telephone was all o uff! You disgusting \>rute! You it her out ot tho way BO lhat you uld"—sno laughed, rallying all cr uorvo—"so that you could play ils silly Joko on me!" "It Isn't a joke, Judy! You've een plnylng tho fool with me. H's ot to stop. Why did you go about with me everywhere! Why did ou make me get rid of Luna Coll? Vhy did you drive me mail, so that could think ot nothing but you iy night anil dny? What did you uean by it all!" "Nothing! Nothing!" "That won't do, Judy. You've goMo mean something. Como back nto tlio room here, and don't look at mo like a llttlo wild cat." "Unlock the door and let mo go, please!" she said, making her voice wheedling, llko a child. "NO, Judy. Come and bo Irlends." TTE took a slep toward her. i shall yell Ihe house down,' she said suddenly. The words ral tied In her throat. "Xot tho slightest use. There's only my man up nt Hie top, right at the cud of the corridor; and whatever he heard, bo wouldn't take any notice." The words, soflly spoken and complacenl, frightened her more than anything else. She backed up the stairs. "Please unlock the door!" was empty.' Nowhere aid. she hear' "No, Judy. You wanted It this She remembered thai Ilnn prayed. Words cumo lo her lhat she hod otlen heard him repeat They imigtcd in her hrnln. (ildcon's uoar.^e voice w;i3 closo to her r:ir. Everything wns n blur, hut through Iho lathering darkness she sav.- his eyes, bloodshot, covetous—tho eyes of a nmn who will wall no longer, Qulle suddenly and simply, without meaning to, eho raised her hand nnd tuado the sign of tho cress. Hhc had never done such n IhliiK before. It was nlmost like a mlrnclo. Gideon started hack as If somo ouo had struck him a blow. Bceineil to reel. In that moment Judy got her chance. Her brain cleared. The mists were dissipated. In a flash sho remembered that tho hrill window just ru'.ir her opened upon tho garden, nnd onlsldo wns n liny platform from which an Iron flro escape led down to Iho ground. Llko a cat, she upraug sldeu-lso to Iho window nnd flung It open. Before Gideon lind recovered him. self sho hail swung herself over tho ledge and was clamberlug down A Tip, HOGPLE.' — Hoi5T-rtUT umc-L-e BACK UP oU A -fcrtEM He ASKBP we TO GO OUT TO A MQV/IS /uiP DAnicE u)iTt/( HIM Tou> Trie OLD peuc/uiTo OUT cui A PtE-R AMD rllMSeu-F.' .—IF FOR dis AGE, TD pu-r A THAT FAM1LV i AM BALL Logics A66 A ROVAL COURT;, EGAP.' cue. AMBROSE tho Iron slntnvny lo liberty. 'Her training had stood her In ;ootl tlead. Sho was down on tlio ;round before tho man could draw ii3 breath. As her feet touched ho earth, sha heard his ugly shout of baffled rage. The shining night was above and around her. Sho trembled from irad lo foot and brpan to whimper, llko a lost child. She hail neither cloak nor money, anil sho stood with bare arms rind neck In her bright dress on tho grass. Just as tjhe was going away, sho heard a window up above her open again. Sho looked up. Flying through tlie air came her opera cloak of white satin and lace, and her pretty vnnUy bag with tho tortoise-shell mounts. And then her high spirit and her almost insane excitement made her call out in soft mockery: "TbiMik you, Mr. Punch! Good night!" Sho caught a flying taxi, and when she reached her hotel, fiho found that she had been crying bitterly without knowing It, (To B< Continued) BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES I THERE OUGHT TO HE A LAW I By Martin In the Chancery court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas. St. Louis Onion Trust Co, Piainlin vs. Robert S. Harris, et nl Defendants. WARNING ORDER The defendant, Mark M. Anderson, Trustee; Commonwealth Farm Loan Company; Lesser Goldman, a corporation; General Motors Acceptance Corporation; and H. L. Grigsby, Receiver for American Savings Bank & Trust Company, arc warned to appear in the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba ot Mississippi County, ; Arkansas, within thirty days, and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, St. Louis Onion Trust Company. Witness ray hand as clerk of said court, and the seal thereof, on this 7th day of July, 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETER, Clerk. By Harvey Morris, D. V. Reid, Evrard & Henderson, Attorneys fo r Plaintiff. July 8-15-22-20 NOTICE From May 1 to September 1 3U r denial offices will be closed »ch Thursday afternoon. IJr. I> H. Moore. Dr. H. A. Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davls- NOTICE Why wait until cold weather? Book your coal orders now, for future delivery. Get my prices and save money. See or call JOHN BUCHANAN 108 N. R- R, Office 107 Phone R» in Closing Stock Prices A. 'J'. and T 21G 1-4 Aviation 6 Chrysler 30 Cities Service 20 Coca Cola 177 Fox 47!-2 feencral Electric 1U-4 General Motors 4D Grigsby Grunow 143-4 I. T. and T 4G 3-4 Montgomery Ward 36518 Packard 147-8 Radio 44 Simmons 261-2 Unilcd Gas 36 1-4 U. S. Sice! 1643-4 imbia University economist, a rc- ent visitor in Paris. On the other and Professor Haig calculates hat the French tax on real estate much less than In the United States. He said lhal an American ecciving S7.710 yearly principally rom dividends would pay an in- ome tax of only $3.35. while a Frenchman won!c' pay $1,552. SHORTAGE OF (CENTIMES PARIS. (UP)—French Business men recently complained to the Ministry of Finance that there was an insufficiency of 50 centimes (approximately 2 cents) pieces in circulation and demanded a new stamp. The Ministry estimates there arc 446 million SO cciuime- pieccs in circulation. CALVKS A III-: TWINS LOGANSPOUT, Ind. (UP) — Ben and Fred Ulfer, Boone township dairymen, claim honors for Matigc, a Guernsey cow on their farm, for sets have been born to the cow within the last two years. All o the first two sets ivcrc females while the latest pair was a male end a female. ALPENA, Mich. (UP)—A pocket book lost 25 years ago was founc here recently with all content.'! in (act. The pocketbook was found by John Bingham, when he \vas mov ing leaves he had stored away. Hi wife, no\v dead, lost the purs production of twin calves. Three I which contained 86 cents. New York Cotton V. R, WASHAM-Tnuufer Dally trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lot*. Local Phono 851 Memphis Phone 3-S315 WERT He Makes 'Em See Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income,Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phono 53 Insram Bldg. Blythevllle, Ark NEW YOIIK, July 22. (UP)—Cotton closed barely steady. Open High Lo* Close July .... 1290 1207 1274 1394 1317 1332 1313 1326 1202 1305 1285 1296 1335 1342 1325 1337 1310 1321 1303 1312 1340 1342 1333 13i.! 1318 1326 1309 1322 1333 1343 1327 1338 1354 1361 1345 1356 Spots closed steady and unchanged at 1315. Oct. old Oct. new Dec. old Dec. new Jan. old Jan. new Mar May New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. July 22. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. July .... H53 1290 1253 1200 Ocl 1253 1306 1290 1203 Dec 1313 1322 1307 1317 Jan 1320 1322b Mar 1326 1342 1336 1340b May .... 1360 1356b Spots closed quiet and unchanged at 12DO. TAXES COMPARED • PARIS. (UP)— French income taxes are nine times higher than those in the United Stales, according to Professor Robert Halg, Co THE FOREMAN! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS lit, ao'.ws To see THAT THEY H*NC TUG LITTLE Cf.-H IS KKV SHADVS1DE. AMD THE OTV6.Q BOY l& FB£CkL6S. TU6 klO THAT RoUMDSD THAT COCMTEC.F-61TIMG GAM6 THAT YOU PR08A6'-Y \v_ KAO A BOOT— TU&C.SS W MEvfJ RoREMAhl .. JuST UiRtD UltA....SICKLY FELLOW... OOT H£R£ FOP. HIS HEALTH.. I VJANf 'iOJ gcryS To HlM....OH,l2£DDING- O5CL6 SAID HAD TD COWiE O° FOB vooa S6S-1 Mope -vtxJ 6£T WELL...>txJ LOOX AMYWW6 yrfs^x/g: BUT S\CV. TO I. HOP6 \»1TH up ueae SLAO T MEET , 80YS..- IN THE HANDS OF.THK I.A\\

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