The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 21, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 21, 1939
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, .JUNE 21, 1939 (Al»f) COUKJUK NL'WS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING mttm Dally rate per llii'e for coiisecu Jive insertions: ' ' • fine time per line •.,.,. 10 T » ; 3, times per line per day—08 pi.ree times per Itri'e per day.. ! .t)C /Jx liiiies i»r Hue per day,;..95 Moii.lH file pej- line an Cards of..Thanks.. 5»c & , . MJti!m»rii charge SOc A'ds ordered for three or si iinies Slid stopped''before ex pi hi tioii will be. charged for the hum her or limes the add appeared RII adjiisurjiint, of b'ill made. Ail Classified Actt'erllslng coj, iub'iiiUJc' persons. residing oul Bide iii the city _ must be accbin panl^'d by cast), rtatfej may be cas lly co'nipiilc'd from above table. ^Advertising .ottered for irrcsula Insertions takes the oii'e lime rpt< Nti responsibility \vlil b"c lake for mgre than one Incbrrbcl inser tlph of any" classified n'd. ' ¥<ti Bc(ifooffi riif relit, 6iilslde mirahef; Connecting bath. 1-2 block fro Main. Call 865-W. 21-ck-2 Ccol, soulii bedroom', coiiveiiiciil t balh. fell W. Main.' Call 380. 21-ek-t Fiii iilslied i-obiii for rent, 2M Davis, Call 25 or 1011W. 21ck2 4 room furnished. no\ise durlii July and August. 2 bedrooms aric bath. Electric Refrigerator an garden. Phone 53G. 15-ck-22 Comfortable bedroom. 1017 Walnui Phone 102. ib-ck-tf Cool, soiitii bc'drboin. Garage. Hea soimble. Mrs. Slmmbiis, 818 Wnl nut. S-elt-l: •^ 2 or 3 room fiirriish^ Kpartmeiii ~ . Newly decorated. 914 Hcjirii, Modern,3 r'ooin, iiiifiirnisheii apart- inciit. Msilii aiid Second. F. Siiiiori phiinb 1st. 3-cfc-t! . T\vo large. bbd'rboms~for rent. Mrs Nol_eii, 310 \v. Walnut. 24ck-tf Office rooms, gii'dbiiry JEJuiidlhg. Grhliam Siiiifaury. 27(] 3 r'ooin furnished apartment. Reasonable. UtUitles fuhiishea.-li'a? W. Ash. ; 20-i:k-24 For Sale 2 wliei. triiier. 2 extra lires 1939 licc'tise. H2.E.. tJlieriry. a.i-pk-io 7-fcot KetviiiStor iioiiie refriiera- tor. Natiortat basil Register, Burroughs Addinjr MachSiib, Safe. Al: practically new. Sabriflccti. a'l a real bargain. Gait or write Joe Ap plcbumn, at Osceola, Ark. plebamn, at Osceola, Ark. 21-ck-24 Sivcet peas and ether cut flowers. Lois' Hooper, Phone 30G or 792, Cnrtiss Air Compressor with new motor. Inquire Cities Service, S. Division, phone 567. 19-ck-2G 1934 Ford V-8 Tii'dbr. Good shapb. Private party. Call 626. 17pk-22 700 dozen used fruit jar.s, any size. Save money. Alvln Hardy, 212 E.'Main. ' 17-ek-7 7 17 Cans for jiij Fisliliig biinplele with .straps. Guaranteed won't. leak. 7!fr, cents each, naymom! Brooks, Stele, Mb. 9-pk7-9 ^Vc have a _ .iiiimbcT of attractive and desirable cottages hi Blytlie- ville, well located, wlilcli we caii sell nl reasonable prices. Terry Abstract <fc Realty Co. Phone 617 G-ck-tf Help Wanted 4 agents, cither sex, £2'0 to S30 a week. Mr. Billings, Hotel Noble, !) to G, Tuesday and Wednesday. 19ok22 Wanted Copies of Hie Courier News, dated June 1. Will pny 5c each. CASH PAID for good 1935, 1935 and 1937 model Fords. Plymouths and Chevrolet^. . Phone Howard Durton al 810. Phillips Motor Co. 29-ck-B-2U Senator Rides Hobby (Horse nigged up In costume which resembles thai ot a vaudeville farmer. Senator Henry ;1 K. Asli- urst ,,bf Arliona "g;iiibps, in place" on stationary sleeii ui annual AlfaKa Club outing in Kreclerlck: Md. Nolicc Fishing License FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE, WU ARE PRErAUEI) TQ JSSIIK YOUR FISHING OliK STORE UCiiNSk AT SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. I'honc 35 L (•hone JOHN _More ihnit e« sjibcies of inosqut- ocs arc, known to exist iii the United Slates. : LAWN MOWERS Ibarpcn'ed, fnclory method, adjilst- d ; oiled— picked up & delivered *J Used Laivn Mowers For'Sale ATKINS Machine Shop & Garage 10 S. 2nd Phone 284 In. the "Valley oT Te Smokes,'. 1 Alaska, bacon can be fried over high Icmpcraluiec fu- iiwvolcs. Rhd Bteain pressure lifts the skillet Into the air. W H Y PAY MORE Hci; liirse i:\n ainl ninvliicc vbilr- «'lf lliat yoii fiiii get n Used' Carl fill less at riilllijis. '35 Ford Gbupe New paint.. Good lives. Motor iii good condition. '36 Ford Del. Tlrbs like . new. Motor A-l. A real clean car ____ '37 CheV; Sedan (Master DcLiixc. 'J'liis air In frxci'l- Icnl condilioi). / Clean iliroughout... Ghev. Coach Master DcLuxc. Equipped wltil siiotlight. Uiw mileage. A real clean ' HOLD EVERYTHING - By Clyde Lewis " ' c, ' eiiosib rvttemlcit A feast in AJnliK, tlajpiHhiju, J.UCM bj tin Indian OH (ho mmlvcisim or llit> <lou(h of hli intMoi, „ ucuu^y mllkmnu me tucs(l , tt )io tt o.c mllod fioiii ail) yinoumlliiK \il- My. fomtlniPil 111.601) pounds of uie ludlim BWcclnirnUj, Imhwi. . ca.r, from lop to botlom '38 Chev. i-Ton Pick-Up Mud-grip' th-cs. This plck-np runs and drives like new '35 Ghev n LW.B. truth PRESCRIPT(ONS Freshest Stock . -. Guiiraiitccrl Bcni I'riceii Kirby Drug Stores Tires good. Motor in excclleiU condition. A imck that tfOCC will do Uie Job.,.. ...... JZOD Plume 810. JVc'll be happy to In-iilR any ear niil In yoiir Ivcusc for a ilciiiiiiLstniUflh. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, 5fh ,t Wnliuil 1'houc Clinton L. Caldwcll 'Incrani lildg. Blyllicvillt, ARKANSAS and MISSOURI TITt.K OPINIONS. TITLE INS1IUANCK. COVERAGE Wiirt Optometrist liB MAKES 'EM Slili" Over ,Toc Isaacs' store Phbnc 5'10 • PRESCRIPTIONS Sitfc - - Accttritlc Your Prescription Druggist. Fowler fifug Co. Main & First J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Crailii.-iln , Ojiimiib- IrlM In iilytlicvliic. (Ilnsscs l-'lllcrt Cnrrcclly than 500 pc.sons allondcd (he fu- !|,o stieeb of the e lty Th ncail wuicei of n bull at Uiekmw «<)s phccd in 4 cnflVcl! NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 l''or Prompt Uinirlry Cleaning Service Hull's Miniums Ton 501) I'UCKNOW, iiulin (III') - Morn the elctnciilary schools ot Hove,' thorn to Ink); up nsc- •Micli -an carjichlry, n nil Sussex, Eiielnii'tl, have slopped chilflreii lioiiicwork and jarcass ' dcco- icmcw cc n carl srclalti oco fancied to iJiulnnlns, the bull used j a f'l r ? r the occislon and wheeled to NMinrici whore II pleased thioi!ghl to «><lJ)WiU d.f Iho Jlayl j||i/cr ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER , SERVICE BUREAU • DON EinvAuiiii )>ruprlllor , All Muhi-s |( ,f_ uclmlli TypcwrlU'rs, Aililliif Aim h| WJI ami Ciili!uliiti>»— IScpaifliig— I'jrts— Utlilians SAFlfY'S SAKE! KKAl) THIS Al) SIT m iihil s.iie! Sivc ilcljy! H.i\f Iroiiblfj Itcfoip K»l"ir oil jour i,irallim nr Inkliip inolor liiiiS, lei us check (he following; Danger Points Cooling .System ami Knit licit , 1'Jk'ciik'iil Umkt'S, Hrtikc I'edul S: Clutch Steeling G'Ciir, Wheel Alignment anil TransniKsion PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, 1'bonc 811 ZODIAC SIGN HORIZONTAL 1 Third sign of. the Zodiac ; constellations. 2 Males amei.ds. 3 Burde-ied. •1 Inanimate , object, • 5 li is pictured as •. 6 Measure if Icnglh. 7 Note iii sc;>le, 9 Transposed. O.Piiir (abbr.). 43 TribuhSls. 1 Tlic tip. 44 Musical 2 Of the thing. character. a txclamatioh. 46 of it Pertaining to Brasses. a, focus. . 47S3UCJ-. 7 Melodies. 48 To depart. 0 Spouts forth. 43 Having a Answer lo Previous Puzzle oT its two stars. PAK I . . ,, •>»'onsiic 60 »stes bright 37 Comm Dairy . FatJ^fnctory quality and service In Dairy product.';. Cattle .free of Bang's Disease. In best of pliyslcil condition. Call Mrs. Grace Lownrr. BD2-.r. tor Halsel.r,' Grade A feaw Milk. Cream. Country. Bulter\ Bill; termllk, extfi or holiday prdefs. Inspection incoiiraged anyllme. HatKll's Daity Promised Land. Route 2 Minnows For Sale Minnows, arid fishing caiie.5.. 300 E. Main. Phone BOO. O. U. Hawks. 24-ck-6-24 Oolclflsh Minnows - F.. Brogflon, 310 KINNO^¥S '& COCK ROACHES i^rl Dnmon. Cor. Railroad ft. Ky. Personal Arouse Sliifgish i.ivcr, worfe oft (he bite, to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains and that sour, punk feeling. Take, one box of KIRBY'S .ACTIVE m-ER TILLS 25c at all Klrfay Stores. 32 Mouth . secretion. 34 Pron noUh. patella. 52 Neuter prbriouh. . . ;>5 To embroider. 54 Bitter herb. ' A'l Small tuber. ••58 To. sea tter hay. 56 Commbn viper. 57 Ancient star. VERTICAL 1 Pistol. . 2 Ancollietic. 3 Steel bar. 4 Small hotel. 5 Disregards. 6 Subsists. 7 Rotation in precedence. B Simpleton. 9 Enlrance. . .„.,..„ 39 Maple. shrub. . Romnh cloak. 10 Elder 41 Screen?. 59 The brighter statesmen of RRD.'RYrtBil OF SWOOTIMG ' ILL CALL J3E.fORE . GET 1MCRE. --• TVE JUtiBE GETTUM fd ettoor •RED RYU); R t \ LU TRY Tt FIGHT IGGAt LIKS/ .NOW JUST WAlT'LL I EVE_5 ON GOIV.CBOOY.' " THKeC .'.V' SEE ' SWELL SHUTT THIS OOP,THAT5ME.' WELL, THAT TAXES 'CARE OF NUMBER OME! Hriril fo Tnhc 1 V".ftMt: SttW TO >, i^^, B.V. WASH.TUHUS . WD 10U W\SH TO ME ME,'MR. MC.KEE? BY ROY CRANE THIBD: THE •SMALL F<?v.wvrn BRAI-S TODA.V AEE THE 816 SWOTS OF TdtWROW. TMUtC VESC JTW&COMPAMV A W/W TO WKE Aowev• A, W -^.jX^ 0056 MAr>E ' FAILiAMOMDU'RE JUSTVWrHER CLEAR ? «OLY •Maf.Vi AM' JUiT WHEIJ 1 T. THOU&HT I W/VS SITTIM' PRtTTV/ r I'UECKLES AND i WF.'RE 4 ' FIRST ^S. SAY GOODBY' . <3LAC) LIKfe IT—I RQ'URED IT WAS OUST YOUR. FLAVOR./ ., , ; Speep WAS LAST, NBHT/ HE SAID rn.wAs. WelL, X'SlJije ' ClOfc'rS. .Vr'l .' IT- , ,. . COST. 'ME EXACTLY # 1-98 KEEP EVER. SWELLED / . . IRRESISTIBLE ( .-, Japan. 11 Beinp. 18 DcgradcE. 20 Turkish governor, 21 Ncilhcr. 23 Shaky fish. 25 I Is -—• mark 'llic. stars' positions. 28 Acrid liqui'i. 28 Employs. 23 Oriental guitar. 3[Small flute. 33 Head dizziness. 36 Polished. 40 To repulse. 42 Pleats. 43 Red vegetables. 45Musical -note. 47 Point. 48 An or tu rs. 50 Impost. 5! Circle part. 53 Snilor. S50it (suffix). 58 Old Teslamcnt (abbr.).

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