The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1946 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1946
Page 2
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r*UE TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS Arkansas Cities Arrange Loans More Than 8 Million Will Be Spent Undtr Public Work* Ptan WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3, 194C Army Takes Charge Of Tokyo Orphan Made Homeless By War LITTLE ROCK, April : Thc' ; canstru<tlon of public projects—schools, hospitals, airport fa- cllll!es,'snd water and se»'»ge lines —loomed ;ortay as a major postwar activity In Arkansas. William H. Marak of the Bureau of Community facilities. Federal Works Administration, announced tlut>16 Arkansas cities plan public works In the nc-ar future costing $8,475.000, Urjder the ' pi'e.sent arrangement, communities may apply to the federal 'government through the Bureau' of Community Fa'clllties for loans lo finance plans and engineering costs of the proposed public Vprk. No federal funds are avfti(aij|f.,- .for ..actual construction, however, and .Marak said the money furnished for -planning must be repajd after construction has bc- Ths 76 Arkaitsas cities, have -re-I ccived loans ranging from $500 to S33,0£0, uhile the applications of 55 others Iwve been refused outright or have not been acted upon. 'Marak said. Applications are lurnfd down when an examination convinces (he-bureau that,the communities; • cannot fJiin'nc'e the con- ftritclioji., ( , The-^Uargeit".'...project,, receiving planning funds was the Little Rock Sl.CKW) airport improvement pro- graijij. The Jcily received '$33.000 for ".eugineering. costs. An—upplicatlon for- airport 1m- proMttlent rtt Fort.- Smith • totaling """•"" Is','"pending: : Port Smith s a'..$449,01)0 .'sewaee sys- tcmrKiid three- fire stations costing r v .;!95,000, ' Marak said. No" action'has been'Inkeri oh'an n(:p!ication of the State Board of Health asking $2700 to. pay the cost of plans for a proposed $81.000 building in I^itlle Rock:' El Doj-ado ..proposes ,a $308.000 sewaife system. Fayctteville plans to build a hospitirl costing $250,000 nnd a sewage system costing $115,ooo: • ~ •- • Other projects in the making in- olitde 'a $277,000 water system al Sprit](j:liile,-a $250,00 courthouse It: Washington County, a• $211.000-sew• aGe's'ralehrat Magnolia, a $105,000 school building at Berryville, S1C5,000 sewage system at Moun- tian" Home, a $90.000 water and sewage addition at Nettleton; a 579.000 water sytcm at Yellville, $49,000 in drainage improvements at Helena, a SM.OOO sewage system at Van Biu'en. and a $22,000 sewage system at Lincoln. By HARLOW M. CHUKt'H NBA SUff Correspondent "' TOKYO. Mar. 13 (NBA)—This Is the story of Franklin ,D. Hoose- velt Jones^-Junlor^or Just plain' Frankle to hundreds of GIs in Toyko. • Frankle's mother and father named him Minoku Shlb.ita when lie wis born seven years ago In on Its triumphant march In China. FYankle's baby 'days were calm and serene. Then the United States entcr- "cd the war, and the bombers came to Tokyo Itself. In one fliim- hig, horrible night block-busters wiped out Prankle's mother, father and younger brother, and left his home a chared ruin. Only Frankic o'clock— scrspnel wound In his cheek. The wound healed. But. wartorn Tokyo was no place for a seven- year-old child. Pronkie »te out of garbage palls and slop buckets, slept In hovels or beneath the ruins of other burned homes. Then came the Ols. Frankle watched, wondered. One night while he huddled In the dank ehlmbashl subway h« spotted bi«-, lean Corp. Emmet Gary, a 95-year-old ex-rancher from Henderson, Tex. "Papsan," cried Frankic. throwing his anus around Gary's legs. The appeal was mutual. Gary picked up the dirt-encrusted, vermin-infested youngster, nnd carried him all the way back to his barracks. There he routed out barracks middles who helped him scrub Fninklc until he gleamed They gave the boy a liberal sprinkling of OUT, broke out "C" rations for Frankie's first full meal in months, and finally bedctea him down in a sleeping bag and cot. Gnrywasnt Interested In doing a half-way rehabilitation Job on the Tokyo waif. Getting him clean, fed nnd rested was the first step. Making him a useful citizen came next. Decked out in cut-down arihy uniforms, Frankle was unofficially enlisted as a buck private, and started his basic training. I.earns toellih He had to wash himself and his clothes, clean up his share a! the harracks, make his own lied. Next he started to learn English. He learned so fast that Gary established the rule: "No profanity in. the barracks." And Gary was big enough to make H stick. Frankle was a model youngster. As a reward for good behavior lie was promoted to private first clas^ ami the -stripes -were sewn on his sleeve with due ceremony. He became such a model boy that In no time he was a brevet captain. Gary took his discharge in Tokyo In the hope that when he does go back to Texas he can taka' Prankie with him. For the next i nine months Gary will be working [ as a civilian clerk and Investigator . in the legal division of the Eco- , nomlc and Scientific Section of the SCAH. If he can't bring Frankie home with him. Gary plans to make ample financial provisions for the boy's care and education In Japan. Mciiiiwliile, T'rankle is cohceti- Lrntlng on learning to read his adopted language. While Gary Is away at his office Prankie spends his time in the Red Cross recreation room In the building w here he rtnd Gary live. When he isn't serving coffee and doughnuts to Ols, he can be found Curing over the books In the library. The American way-of-lofe agrees with Frankie. He's already gained 20 pounds, and Is constantly outgrowing his clothes. But the future doesn't worry Frankie. As long as he has his "Piipnsan" Gary, he hasn't a care In the world. , Osceola Sockly—Person*! Krankie is learning buw to read. Red Cross worker West St. Fiiul, Minu., Is bis teacher. Amtlia llenly .-.-WARNING ORDER •ijii;'" defendant, Bessie. . (Betty'i M:l£ Haniinands; Is/.hereb'y warned to Appear iu^thp. Cranccry Court for th<* ChickasawUa District of Mis-" 'County, Arkansas, within thirty^ days . and answer the. complaint of the plaintiff, William D Hammonds, filed against her in sai, coi(i-CJ:use. No. 9533. and upon hei failure so io do. said complaint will be taken - r.s confessed. Witness my hand as clerk of Eaic court and the seal thereof this 2nd day of April, 1B4Q. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk v " '* .By Mary Lee Jarratt. Reid, Evrnrd'it Roy AUys. Jor Plaintiff. Oscar '-Fendler- • • - ' Ally', ad LI torn. ..'-',;'.'.."'. ,"; : ' 4'3-io-i7-a4 "It'Pays; lo AdrertlM" SCOTT ALLEY Mr. ano Mrs. Jack Goldenberg and daughter, Jan Elaine, have gone to Somerset. Ky., to make their home. Mr. Goldenb«rg will be In business" there wltlf 1 his father. Mrs. Goldenberf and daughter have been in Osceola the past, several weeks with h«r parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Jaff«. Mrs. Justus Edrlngton and son, John R. daft, ore visiting relatives In Cleveland and Greenwood, Miss., and Memphis, Mrs. Chester C. Dancliower and V3rs. Ray B. Whitmore are visiting ill Norfolk, Va., and Washington. D. C. En route there, they stop- i)ed in Nashville, Tenn., for a vis t with Mrs. Danehower's daughter. Misses Frances and I'atrlcla Danehower. students at St. Ce- eilia Academy. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Gluner of Bradenton. Fla., have arrived in Osceola for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. B. 8*grav«s They are en route to Chicago to\ a few days visit. . ;: NOTICE OF SALE Nolle* Is hereby given that as Ad; ministrator of the Estate of Grac-( Lucille Wherry, Deceased. I will between the hours oi ten o'clock in the Frankie's serious about English He's ilerp in "Thirty Ways to a More Tciwerful Vocabulary." HuMKo COOKING FAT StstfitmAerM! Cola Whips Ice Cutlers BRANDON. VI. (UE'l—It got so cold here recently that even the ice cutters at work on Jones' pond had to quit work to seek the warmth of their homes. SIGNS WHAT MAN . .CM nnderstud how • woman uiffen dictreu frwif VEMWESS Also * Fin* tfr».cMe Took! caa poMtnty oadflM •»••« tnm ——TUT ind in this larracks Frankic's friendly nudges are ^ wekome relief from the blatant call of the busle us he routs his Imnkinatcs out of the "sack." For Negroes Only! . . ..' OPEN HOUSE at Hart's New Bakery THURSDAY from 5 p.m. til! A Special Program Has Hccn Arranged for Your Entertainment The Starlight Jubilee Singers will broadcast a special program over Station KI.CN direct from a stage at the bakery. This hroadcast will lie in full view (if the :uidience. Come and See It! Cooks Are Specially Invited A special invitation is extended to every cook in all the hotels, restaurants and private homes lo sec this bakery in operation on THURSDAY. Free Refreshments Will Be Served • Lralher Lined NOW IN STOCK! ! ! Sizes 8 to 1 2 - B Width Sizes 7 to 1 2 - C Width Sizes 6 to 12 - D Width Sizes 6 to 12 - E Width Thorout;Mjrc<ls like CURTI? snors can ahvayj l;c couiutJ i:ji,j,i for an all-around winning performance. Four gcnt-raiions of shoe craftsmen have bred inio them pace-sdting styling and extra endurance. You'll discover new shoe enjoyment [he day yi» il.irl weai ing fanious, llc.xible J0wr(r-/'7i-x Shoes — c:uiiiji\e v>1th CURTIS. The Family Shoe Store 312 West Main Phone 2342 renoon and three o'clock In the iernoon on the 15th day of April, 6, at the front door of the court- 'Use in the Chlckasawba District Mississippi County, Arkansas. City Blytlievllle, ofjer for sale at public jction to the highest bidder upon credit of three months the fol- wlng described lands, lo-wit: Lots 9 and 10, Block 0, Highland Place Addition to the CHy of Blytlievllle, Arkansas. Purchaser at said sale will be re- uired to give note with approved security for the purchase price, and 11 lien will be retained on said lands to further secure the payment of such purchase price. Witness my hand this 26th day of March. 1910. J. T. BLEDSOE,. Administrator of the Est?.<* of Grace Lucille Wherry, Deceased: 3:27-4;3-10 Head Courier News Want Ads, en for Business!. TAYLOil SAND AND GRAVEL CO. Specializing in River-Washed Sand and Grave 1 Plant and Office Located On River at North End of Bushy Ave. CARUTHERSVILLE, MO. LANE CHEST It'.s love for keeps with a LANH. So, jjive your sweetheart the genuine LANK she longs for—Ljift thai starts the home. It's the only tesccJ, uromn-tight Ret/ Or/,/; Hope Chest! Mnko y'onr selection early for earliest delivery. This advertisement is run in co-openition with LANE'S National Advertising campaign. You will want a LANE CKDAK CHKST when they are again available. Charles 5. Lemons Furniture Home Furnishings Moderately Priced 'Phone 2069 100-102 East "Main Street A NATURAL AID FOR Hypef-Acidity OK THE STOiMACH Mountain Valley Water Is a natural aid In helping eliminate wastes from ttie system. Not laxative. It works gently through the kidneys. Ask your doctor auout this famous health water from Hot Sprtogi. Ark. It has been prescribed for mor« than 5 year*. Free booklet on request. ORDER A CASE. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division . BlytheviUe, ArV. >"*!> >: Radio Service TV An«el Refrigerator Service Fred Lawler Washer, Ironer and Gas Engine Service Philip Frd Vacuum Cleaners. Fans, Irons and Small Appliances Repaired. Baby Strollers — Jumper >; Swings - >; Presto 4 Quart Cookers JJ! i*' Prcrnitim Vacuum Cleaners '£ P J'honograph RecoHs and >l Accessories >! Fans—attic, window, ped- ;•: estal, and-table types.. >• Adams Appliance Co., Inc. J. W. Ad.™, Mrr. Successor); to Hardowoy Appliance Co., Inc. Phone 2071 206-08 Wcet Main >'>"*"*^ ^ Protect your home with Safety Window Guards. Inexpensive, Substantial, durable, and will give your family (he protection lo which they arc entitled. They are available in Natural, lilack and White Finishes. Prices bejjin al S5.20 each for the average window. We will be uflad fo measure your windows and give you the cost of guards for ycur house. Charles S. Lemons Furniture Home Furnishings Moderately Priced Phone 20ti9 100-102 East Main Street

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