The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1930
Page 5
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KLYTHflVlLLE, (AKK.) COURIER NEWS 1 Rival Coaches and Some of There Aces Northwestern, Big Ten Leader J^ay Give Rockne's Boys an Exciting Game. HY CLAIRE BURCKY Knutc Rockne has said that Northweslcrn's big, heavy linemen will cause, no er.d rf trouble, and that the Purple passing attack mas- be hard to qu-2ll From -this, one MiU- the ,ldea that'"the 'Wildcats probably 'will ' defeat his Notre Dame aggregation by a touchdown or two. ;•: ' l- A correct interpretation of thesis phrases 'would show that Rockne Believes Notre_ Dame will defeat Northwestern by from 6 to 14 IKints, that the Irish will manhandle that big Wildcat line and that the Purple passing will harass hi'.i defensive backs for only a little while.- In ; fancy English, the Sage of South Bind is giving uc the runaround with his "little white lies." Sc-JrluUsFy, though, Rockne has ft right to triink Northwestern will'be His. stubbornest fee his Rockets Have encountered this season'If he entirely desregarded the unblemished . ii-Sord of the Wildcats, it is •d:ubtful if. hs could have forgotten hew Ihey'.Ecrapped it up a few years KSO wrieh! Notre'Dame had every^ fhihg arid Northwestern wao just btjlrujlng _to find out what this fcDtbJill-business was all about. Th'e' team,of the Four Horsemen, regarded as- Rockne's best' until this'fall, was'well satisfied to bag n 13 to .6 victory at the expense of Moon'Baker, Tim-Lowry and their Purple, mates back in 1924. A year later, the Irish were hard- pressed to win 13 to 10 in the esc- oiicl half. Parisian, O'Boyle, Hearn- doh and Bocringcr, Notre Dame - stars ft.: that fall, again found the Lowi-y-Bakef tunch extremely hard to tnme. If you recall, Norlh- ' western ted st the" half and during the re:t pcricd Knute had 16 re- niind his boys that "Notre Dame never lost a football game c-n Cartier Fo?ld." They went at it again iri 1926— Niemic, Boeringerj Chris Flanagan and some others for Notre Dame, cpponing Luke Johns^s, Tiny Lewis, Waldo Fisher and tho same Moon Baker. 'Again Notre Dame Won— Ihls-time 6 to 0—arid Knute heaved a ligh.of relief at tie conclusl<vn of a ,tnre.i-year contract between the twri Institutions. Pr'biii end to end, Dick Hanley's Wildcat line has an'edge both .in weight' arid experience over Notre CAPT. HANK IlllUDEH AND COACH HAStBY CAPT. TOM CONLE\ COACH nocr most of the bi? elevens resting up far b°t\V,?en thk;. week-end with frr crucial games on thanksgiving Day. However.when you take Brown-Brothers Into consideration- the Notre Damo Alabama's Tide Northwestern elash.and, the tiohal Harvarrj)Vale ba{tle it. siich,a weak p'fbgram it that," Hijre are a few predictions: P-rdyce to beat Cafnden. 'University. Ala, — Mavbe erave," biit the Brown brothers of Notre Dame-to beat-.Northwest Dbthan, Ala., arc still making ath- at the University of Yale to bent Harvard. Fordham,to beat BucXncll. Cenlenavy to teati La. Tech- Holy Cro;s to beat Loyola (Bait.) | State to beat Illinois.' Michigan to beat Chicago. Purdue to beat Indiana. N. Y. U. to beat Rutgers. S M. U. to beat Rice: •'No- Carolina to teat So. Carolina Sewanpe to beat Southwestern. T. C. .U. to beat Baylor. . Navy to beat Maryland, v Army to beat lirsinus .Vandy to beat Auburn- Wisconsin to beat Minnesota. Gridiron history is the kind the Brown brothers have goiM in for. LEWISTON, Ida., tUP) — Mrs. William F. JDea'tley shot "a bull elk al forest. His elk wsighed' 300 in th£ Clearsvater" national nation- back in 1823 when twunds' \vlien dressed. She got lost a both Yale and New York U II watt ma«*\ you.wonatr wral kind of toptteU tttma ttwy have 4 r«le and Net Yoik U, Ukiwlw, »t Northwestern: , '. i » « ', Uat .ntt Karl D»ri* -left. 'the Unitertlty o!.PHtalVih,'wS«r» Jie Uarrie's regular Oliphant, Rlley forwards. Baker, and W.codworth conciudc. .three, jeasons of^ brilliant play ori Nov. 22. Marvll, Evans and Clark fill out two -campaigns. Only Captain Conley in the Notre Dame wall is a three-year veteran. Yarr, Kurth, kosky, Culver, MStzger and ka:eis are 1 , playing their first season as regulars, after a year as understudies to Cannon, Moynihan, Twomey and others of Notre Dame's 1029 front. Notre Dame will be without the services of an All-American fullback. Northwestern will miss the playing of an All-Conference fullback. It's tco bad, but Jce .Savoldi and Pug Rentner could have staged a roal fullbacking duel if the Fates had not shelved them just before 1 the big game. Johnny Mack Brcwii first pivoted and ran to- stardom with a foot ball under his arm. He. won un- j dying .fame as a hero in the Tour-! nament'of Roses same'that Ala-i a.iWon in -.1925. Since tlKrj Jie has become the hern of.'many moving pictures. ' After Juliuny Mack came "Red," whose hip-shaking runs carried on the Broira football traditions from 1925 to 1927. With "Red" gone, Billy cam? on in lS28 : and-.he's. still uph^ilding the name of Bro'.\ii on the Alabama football varsity. •Last, buL not least, is Fred, a freshman. Crimson Tide fans who have seen the frosh team in action declare Fr.:d Is as fast and every bit as elusive as Johnny Mack, who won All-America, mention and then stepped-into a mc-vie hero's role. shortly thereafter and,wan'riercd 20 miles all night- through eight inches of snow before the found her camp the next morning. VENEZUELA TO CELEBRATE NEW ORLEANS, (UP) — The 100th anniversary' of to death of General Simon Bolivar, national hero of Venezuela will be celebrated ori December 17 and Now Orleans will Join in this celebration. This anniversary will te marked by the -payment of Venezuela of the last cent of its national debt. In 1B08, $50,000,000 was owned,by the country; and the payment of the balance this year will make Venezuela t^he only Latin-American country, with no national debt. On The Outside - Looking In By "DDKE" CO-EDS STUDY PHARMACY PULLMAN; wash., cup)—A brisk demand for feminine pharmacists has caused the schocl' of .pharmacy at Washington' State College to scan its enrollment lists for near- graduates among the few co-ed:: entering into the newest fold for women endeavors- graduates find little difficulty securing positions schcol. as soon as they finish ill Hurricane Plays Gratis The Gulden Hurricane of Joncs- boro high and former Jonesboro high players clash in a game at Jbnesfcoro tctiay. "Hot Shot" Crittenden, the slip- pery'speedster of a. couple of years ago, will lead the alumni against the Hurricanes. The game lias attracted much interest in th: Craighead county capital. And niayt; it wouldn't be a bad idea to string alraig with the alumni. The grads usually have a ton forward wall .that the high school boys can't t-ucise. which makes the youngsters rather downhearted after a few throwbacks. ^ ; F.lffrr to Bcpin In a few days now basketballs will b3 bounclnc all over the new armory when members of the four teams in th? city league and high school players begin practice. The floor will be turned over to the boys before Ions for their regular practice sossions and they arc cage-riy awaiting the chance- to Ircp a few on Blyt'hcvillc fiiit, leal modern indoor court. LOUIS WEhLKR Htllbiurk, Hpjfcell late MIL.W CREIGHTOX Giuril, Arkansas . had: MTTtd u fradukt* durlnf the BUWMful.uptiulUinf.- the Panther's pfonre**, to lalw a slmUar Sort at WMtera Rwer?*, CIe»«KuM. Davl* started but by trtvrtullnj good teams. Rcsert* took It . on the ci|ln regularly. Trili year, he kept rlfht on, tctwduUiif topitn- ere iiioh u Pitt and Oarneife Tech. In seven games, Reserve scored ij points agattist 267 by the enemy. Neit year? The dtfctor preKrltj the same medicine, .the ieuon'n opener being with Purdue, and lames with' Pitt arid Syracuse f6l» owiruj. Whit's It all about? You'll hart to watch the team's score? during the next two years to find out, • • • Al .Culw'i the Naroe The Minnesota country gave Notre Dame Ted Tworftey, a frea Uckle who didn't win a great dea of publicity by. playing wit to Jack Cannon at Notre Dame last year ftfcrh the same territory taine th man who IB [llllng .Twoiney'6 shoe this year— Al Culver, from St. Paul. Young Mr. Culver Is six feet two Ihches.taU, wtlghs over 206, has a forearm like a tteel beam, iad'ls a son of the Bill Culver' who played tackle on the North* istem teams of •92-'M. Tony, the Champ : Tony Caruorierl either has cnie ot <he feosh-awfulltit left liirifls Ifi boxing today, or Al felrijer Is a poor lighter.-Tony CanMiert hain't one of the gosh-awfullest left hands, however, which makes Al Singer look "just like Benny Leonard" will look when Benny is 94 year* old. Tony will hot be champion very long, thy friend:, even Chou there Is none more deserving than hC; '••': • * * •.' 'Or Unemployment ; ' The big leagues are going' to argue again the matter of-the prolific home run, Why don't they take up the question of the hen and the egg? • • * I Rotkne C*nsi4en' ' You probably read the other da ; that K. K. Rockne was considerin 1 an oBer to become head coach a the University of California. Yot probably read the same thing 1) 1925. And maybe you'll read i again in 1940, who knows? * T * ' V I That's Finny! , Northwestern beut Inline by tw touchdowns. Tulane knocked Otbr gla loose after Georgia had . tyutoi th« gatoe wlfh California, Orvllfc Mohler, Trojan (juirteirbackj eafafht a pass,, told a; couple of hU interfereni which,' CalHomi* men fr ake twt, and ran -.w .yards for '» OMflhdpwn, If he expects to r'e- leat that when -U. S.- 0, playi' N6- r,e D»me, he 'will: 1 ha ye .to tall 'erri night tjefoce the g&me. At TKe Cooking Sckool Nou; frigidaire gives you the MAKE THEIR BEER IN THE ' Shoot at Will Good football games arc fcv,- and WANT " .7** \ SHORTEST \ LINE \BETWEHC MRS. MYEA DOtGAN who lectures nt luc Courier News Cooking School at the City Hall. Auditorium this wceh. You arc invited. Phone 641 North Second St. frigidaire and General Motors Radio PAGBFiVI cwd ClfeGiineofSuion OARDWBUi, Mo.-The Cardwei'l Puzzlers lost their recond game of the basketball season Wednesday evening to the Lake City Indepcnd- Cooter-hgh:/ Schedule tot : ":";« • if.' Alumiit; - - NQV 2S: *t Coot*; Dec, ia: «t .Gooter; Ppe : it: Cocter at Hoi]»M; Dee. »• BHiwCtty at Copt-' er; Dec. S8; Ops*; •• Jin. -2: OpenjV Jan.- »< tbjrtt M tipMr; Jan. W: Cbottr at Haytt; Jait J»: open; 1 Jan; *: Coottr it M«tte! Feb. «: . Open; Feb. :S: Hotiand at Cotter j Feb. XI: Cooler ''at Bragjtadoclo, ; Other games to be bpoked/ MORE PROFIT YOUR COWS! M J F AXlMtiM milk pro- dticUdh can often be . obtained fey feeding a 16% concentrate in conjunction with honifi-gi-ovm grains. You'll make no mistake in adopting Quakef (16%) Dalfy Ration— a clean,pure, • fresh miiturt of just the eafest and finest Ingredients, Let's talk oTer your feed situation < . Browne & Billings C^ Inc, BlylheVitl*, Atk. This exclusive feature is found only on the Genuine Frigidiiirc . .'. unoUicr reason why Jlrs. Dougan usw this machine in her demonstrations. The "Hydrtilov" is a product of General Motors Uescareh and offers the advantages of "wet cold" and "dry cold" in the same cabinet. Tliis distinctive Frigidairc feature contributes immeasurably to complete enjoyment of automatic refrigeration in the home. Sec the Hydrator at the Cooking School this/ week. See how it restores crisp freshness to vegetables. W. P. VEAZEY "Strength atid Ability- Plus the^iljingiiess to Serve" Founded on Security Built by Service Here JrThis Bank- the honest, hai/d-wqrking young man witli a small account receives the same courteous attention as the mail"who maintains the large account. -[ "l^O - v • ••• And why shouldn'jt.he? Your Business Is Always Appreciated and Protected THE FARMERS MK & TRUST CO, The Oldest'Bank in Blytheville Under State flitd • Federal Supervision

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