The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 23, 1934
Page 6
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>AGE SIX Succeed Where Many Fail \Kf[K\ eiMlffv COUllll'K NK Johnny Mack Brown and Andy Devine Exceptions lo Rule of Failure BY ERSKINE JOHNSON A Service Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 22.-Foot • ball stars who gain lots of ground on the gridiron arc thrown for huge.losses when they try to crash the pearly gates of movie town There is a whale of a difference between side-stepping to a'- touchdown and whispering love lo a film siren In a dramatic boudoir scene. At least that's the discovery made by most of the campus heroes who have been ballyhooed' to Hollywood through their grid- Iron names. With the exception of romantic Johnny Mack Brown, former Alabama All-America back, and comedian Andy Devlnc, who starred as a guard at Santa Clara University, ex-grid stars haven't fared - well fn (he movies. Scores of fool ball players trek to Hollywood at the close of each grid season obtain screen tests on their reputations, and (hen go right back home. It's no secret that to become a success in Hollywood one must nave a striking personality nnd pleasant voice, and be nble to act And It's no secret that M 9 per cent of our college football play. . t ers lack these requirements. That's v.hy cx-louchdown manufacturers fail to kick goals In Hollywood. Aaron Weldon Hcyburn played football ,,'„! at George Wellington University ' In Alabama, but ns a Hollywood actor he wasn't so hot. Orv Mohler, Southern California's star quarterback two years back, look n screen test and then went to work for an oil company. Duke Morrison, anmhcr Trolan pig-skinner, appeared In one "blu picture under (lie name'of Johnny Wayne, but didn't make the grade. Bi? Jim Thorpe took a crack at the nickers and learned he wasn't 1 suited for the game. Olhers including the great "Red" Grange tried and discovered (he same thing. Even ns this Is being written Cnpt. Cliff Montgomery of Columbia s Rose Bowl championship team, and Bill Smith, University of Washington's All-America end are thinking about film careers Montgomery took a test during a visit to a Hollywood studio while he was in California, nud he may forsake Gotham for movie town Smith is all set to preserve h celluloid the uhyslmie and feature T the "handsomest football play er in the west. Behind the scenes In Hollywood however, several ex-grid stars are doing right well by themselves Racehorse Russ" Saunders Marshall Duffield. and "Alley Oop' Aaron Rosenberg, all former Tro- jon stars, are working ns assist ant directors nnd as proo men Alan Dwan, former All-America ta Notre Dame. Is n successful director, and "Jumbo" Pierce late of Arizona, finds lucrative pay as a technical adviser. All these buys firee Hollywood is okeh but act- Ing Is out for them. Brown, was All-America for two years at Alabama, attracted casting directors when his team plny- ?«Q Pl P clena ' s Rosc Bowl in 1929. He's handsome, romantic and possesses a pleasant voice with a heavy southern accent. He's due [SL™ \°» ">'<* 'n Hollywood's 103-1 production schedules Devlue is as homely as (hey make 'em. but a gravel throat Fcnonallly and the ability to net nave carried him to tire top since la ri "11 P ' aying dnys nt San- S^-VS&i-i^ Si^all n ™oS boulevard. Tile a" rt^tlwiSu" the and asked htm if he picture CXtra W0r>t '" " footha11 «5^«bTsr r ,^ top Official In Ring \Viil, ^Z- Wclch and Chacoma " y XEA SHV| "' Takes One On Chin. Ji.tumy Omdman, Natjr. K ;;llr-l!CI- Oil I'-,'.' CUil'.-r. !•. Mm v'lii-n it n.-j,-- ! Oj,-ii i.luiH.plon oi 19TJ. is ii'iiril 10, •;l !::• VGIV.S [here I- :>:irr.n.r j,|:,;i.- v::r, I: -Miin-j iii:: 1 '. ir.iauh shin. .Mike Clucoma, Osage Indian •*(,n a victory over Roy Welch, v>' Canadian, in the feature match o'-i lasi nishl'ji wrestling card ai the asmiiry but it was some lime Ir- tti'.i- !,e found it cut—if ever i Chacoma was knocked 'coldi'M '''"''' thai, un Eskimo's ice box. acco'rd- mif 10 -promoters, when Wclce i "1* •f.'.ckul lilrn oil the outer led-" 0 ! ' " ~ Hie ring. According („ wh;uV'. ; Tnu ,, !1uft h ni ,,, ..„,.,.„ '•'ullcX wT'eh's "li 1 ' ""I" 0 ' thlJ " ! " "'"''•' " ; "'<• 1!j: « *«'•'•'•'' '"« ; ''"" '- UHUJ Mil WL-.CII.S di.HiiialHIrriUmi • :•::-,lOiiBh/'Jils hand was raked In " lillnn " ll "' ''""' W<J." <:•'-'limm rdau-:,. "lie <.;>.;k,> i,, \:c-toYy.;.' " n,m...,. I ;;.i[d •<;«:<! pun' !•-..- ,i,n'.-. iu IIIIM. anil i:i p.jiiy Previous lo the knockout, plenty • >'" si-Id 'Thinik jou. 1 " n| aLtion was served „,, foi . j,,;, . ; cii.^oiiH'is. The Indian ( tx> ^ lllr . '• JJIM fall from Welch v;ho has -ic- .lim-ed emi S l«l,,abte of a rcput.ub,, line. Welch came back to lak.- t.e second fall. While they w ' er '- t'i;llii.r awiiy again lieferee Charle, .,!,,key. ulsfi promoier, himself • j «-r.'.sl!i.r of (jigantic prop-jrtions' |n,irk his head to:, close to the pcr- ! luriKcis and Chacoma promptly, dcah, out un iipperail th;it appar- ' Tllr f"Poaifs. Blyliii.v:i:e -uiii!-! < ir '(.' i? avc • sl " li ^ » ticket Inii;. : ' 1! '- ! ' 1 basketball t ( iisni.-t. ji., :d :. The b^trt, >„ m of - i'l l"'v tlr"11 10 " ll! KU ' ua '">»• r^.^jrysai^ liiinor ''-<1 |'V Lieut. Ouy'Meilenr^and : '.uiHs such sinis as Nick WH jPos Thornton, former * '' fi : rv;ard, Mcllenry Monk Wright, lurmtrly of c I ne l!oi,u tejin, is lv , m i eiS to » Kamc fiom the Earle ""'I to !«- a ,,. onB lhc idei-s fur the South| -'in i!idc-;icnd|.nt championship | l!ie ii-am includes sevei ; ,| former • ixliere stiii^. nuno will meet the' "Jinners hi -re in a return eni'a"e- I Imnii later. j 1 n .*'J Or;linance Prevents I It J'"-'''«'s sun sl(Kl ,,, Stiitng Debtor's Liquor' )>!",•„"!,', onTo^tllc"' | warrior,: in t|i e Hng ' erld Mars who lime made the movies th- RoMnbcrg, left, All-America «ii,,rd fro,,, -• ear, doing fnim- iwlstiint directing u-hlle \' ixilliters....lower lelt. Johnny Mack • Dcvine. Santa Clara Mar flicker r career.. ..above. J"ii-i-rn Culnnriiia ii't'" 1 J«ry, scree:i ITii.wn. Alabama i i: ;. n . ASTOR\VJOH.\? ors ns In the "Spirit of Notre Dame^ released about three years " 8 °' f ^. his efforts have not been L\ r °°' ba11 Pictures onlv. Likewise Brown played In - pictures prototype of Gerge " p ?v mer foolba " own ft ,h "° Ch ' n in oo '?*"• oth " sports characters are n swimming great Buster Crabbe, 1932 Olympic H. BENSMORE SIIOTE Is >'ne British Open golf champion" The Sierra Madiv mountains ar« In MEXICO. COLORADO recently «dopted lethal «» for ««cutlm •rfmlgalt. fey. Madbon Hquan! Garden was] just nlxim rea<ly for anything; I when Pete lu-ouchi his |)( . C uii, lr j liim up nn ,| ] ct II,,. ]„,] soun( , o( ' f • - . U wus what Gene Timnev would say was the psychological moment when fe(c pushed his -, oioiis . c ]ii;'^r,- into the Garden The Klnnfisirs color and no |sc sold him a! onre to Colonel Kll- 'flck . . . then, too, the Kli-s:"-in was reaily to cleave lo tlie Garden for one n«IU or nO Kilpalrlck MiwesLs a couple ' of "'•nwl.s as buildups . . Charley Mnsn-ra nnd Walter Neusel for opponenls. H is belm; taken for wanted thnt the Klncnsh cm, net nast Ma.vci-tt nli^'T 1 " ; • • bllt llll ' rc ISM '»p •< 0,11,1 In this corner eoncernln K Itrr Neusel. who hapiK'ns (o be n bl« strong boy from Germanv with a whale nf a wallop in both fists These buildups do not always 1'irii out nccordhiE to the bluc- prlnls ... i remember several yenrs ngo when Tex Ricknrd started a bnlldim for a ,». lM ,n llnmet | Jack Sharkey . . . for lhc km . litB. fat. John liisko was lured from Cleveland . . . R| sko ob]lgc( | by fiisllne candidate Shnrkey's cars down nnd paslini; lliem rlgiu back up again. Tex never ronlrl see blubbery Jawn as n championship conleiid- "',,•„', ,' " Hc canlt "e 1 " " "cfc." said RIckard. "but he bents all the Rood ones. Never seed milhin' like The unexpected, mnv nnt happen lo lhc Ktngflsh buildup . but looking nt this Neusel person, who is somewhat lhe same lyi>e nf club fighter ns old Jmvn this corner is entertaining some larse doubts. I'd lo throw Chncoma but Wt nap lhe rinllmi revered "thc'm'iT !i : ,:!l'' -,'^r,, !•'")•, , , Cy st "^" r «l «P ami I ii.ianiid the fall to Cr.acomu. Com-' mw oner Holand reversed sinkcv molding that the referee had ml.w"il a fall dui-ini- his nap. The wi"«"l i urs tneii went al it again with T-i- j loul by Welch resulting They , llr «' I'ualn next Monday night with t'ii'- «'hincr [o lake all, accordinl !. sponsors of the cards " ' In a preliminary match Tonv I-awo of Memphis defeated Alb-r Ihornttm, former Iwxcr Onp Vear A|:o Levlnjky knocked Imirth of a Icn-rduiiiier"' n't. They gave a novel fish dinner In honor nf John .Mdlravi- f,, r . mer manasn- of I he ni.-ini?. j n Cotliam Hie olher nlRlit. g-| J(! novcllv of U wns I hat .everyone bail to catch his fish before l,c coiilil cat. The above iilimo shows tlie "lillle gin,,,." rnt < K him. Mlf a trout iu i| le iesua,n;uit 'ivo Years Ago Today — Jack Olllesplc. nnd Sammy Mandoll llshlwelght champ, foiight a no- dcclsion battle at ludiiinniwlis Ten Years ARO Tmlay _ W- ganrt of I'rlnccton. broke the 200- yard intercollesiatc lirenst.stroke record, setting up n new mark of 2 min. 55'2-5 sec. Ads. swiintng star, are gettin G ols of work. Max Bacr showed he vas quite nn ., clor ,„ |}|s fi| Hooks anc/ Slides ROXY Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. Matinee 2t30— I Of - 2fic Nite (;:.1f>, 10-25i; _ levinsky Bnlldnp There's good clean fun in the >' fln 8 - ... Klnsrflsh Lcvinskv lie biWiiiB buffoon from Chicago s Maxwell street mackerel salons, is to be built Into a challenger for the world's hcavvivcictu championship. ' b cculd see' that comii ninn.hs ago. when Pete Reillv- cr " lmsclt a piccc ° r «"c and started to leach him few cute ring tricks . . no , v when Pete sinks sugar into a,,",,. erpnsc you can be pretty sure ts a sound investment . M r ' S ™ CXpm along ' Dlsappoinled with Mas Baer be ' mis* of his Inynlty tn .7 n rk nra"- Tuesday - Weds. Milt. 2:30, 10-25c Nile fi-An, 10-35c rhi'ow "{'iiin-fn(ioiis To Hi<. Wind in In Reply to Your Classified Ad" , «- , , - d.s .1 n,.« CT1 ..u'.-, Johnny (in,| s ] lis terrier. Ciirtoon "Oli- ]vi n c, Comedy "liper ,!i A Musical Revie '!^Mi,,? !ltS '' OV01 ' yilay w; "' ts ' ^nts urgent 'anrt ,«i«. : ' V ' l1 7. illlrt :l " ""«vor in the Courier News '" COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS

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