Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on April 10, 1966 · Page 66
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 66

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 10, 1966
Page 66
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20-C The Arizona Republic Phoenix, Sunday, April 10, 1966 ! Itfs a Big Sivitch KCAC Has Made , By EWARD W. HEATH i Republic Radio Writer : When a radio station changes formats, it can expect its ; audience to change also. But no Phoenix station has ever ef-: fected such a change as did KCAC. : Last month KCAC switched from playing rhythm and blues ' music to all Spanish-language programming. THIS MOVED IT in with KIFX to share the potential-f audience of 150.000 Spanish-speaking residents within KCAC's ; 80-mile broadcast radius. The change, said station owner Harold Lampel, was not : due to a lack of financial success as a rhythm and blues station. Instead, he said, it was because he feels there is room in Phoenix for a second Spanish-language station. Furthermore, he decided, it was better to share this type audience than to have the only station in the area which had a predominantly Negro audience. National advertisers, according to Lampel," did not believe this racial audience was large enough to merit the special appeal. In fact, national advertisers are now moving completely away from conducting special campaigns towards the various racial groups. BUT SPANISH-LANGUAGE radio is in a category all of its own. It seems to be a form of flattery to broadcast to the Spanish-descent residents in their own language. And the transition for KCAC was an easy one. Station manager Bert Martin said he knew Humberto Preciado and Carlos Burgos were available. Burgos is the emcee of "Mexican Carousel" on KTAR-TV Sundays. Preciado was made program director and arranged for hiring the other announcers, Bill Aguilar and Olivia Arriola. Preciado, as a note of curiosity, also happens to own all the Spanish-language records in the KCAC collection. These records, he said, are not readily available in the U.S. and have to be purchased in Mexico. While the station tries to present the less-talk-more-music style of broadcasting, it is not the shouting, screaming Top 40 approach. The music is the latest popular, rock'n'roll, Latin rhythm selections, as well as the old-country classics. MARTIN SAID HE planned to do more remote broadcasts from local ballrooms and also several amateur talent programs. Over-all, KCAC has a good staff and some fine music to offer. However, the Spanish language element should not categorize it as being for Spanish-speaking only anyone can enjoy listening to this sound and rhythm. Fine Music KOOL, 9:30 a.m.-Salt Lake Tabernacle Choir. Edwards: "I Know That My Redeemer Lives;" Haydn: Lamb of God;" Purcel'l: "Trumpet Voluntary." KMEO-KUEQ, 1 p.m.-Bos-ton Pops, Harry Ellis Dickson conducting, Ozan Marsh soloist. Strauss: "Die Fleder-maus" Overture; Tchaikovsky: Finale from Symphony No. 4; Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No. 1. KUEQ, 3 p.m. New York Philharmonic, Lukas Foss conducting. Beethoven: Leo-nore Overture No. 3; Military Marches for Winds; Gross Fugue; Wagner: Final Scene from "Siegfried" (soloists Gladvs Kuchta and Ticho Parly). KMEO, 8 p.m. Boston Symphony, Jean Martinon conducting. Weber: "Der Freischutz" Overture; Schumann: Symphony No. 1; Ravel: Le Tornbeau de Couperin; Debussy: La Mer. KRFM, 7 p.m. Mozart: Musical Joke; Strauss: Ein Heldenleben; Habdel: "II Pastor Fidor" Overture; Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto No. 1; Dvorak: Scherzo Capricci-oso; Mahler: Symphony No. 4. 10 p.m. Mahler: Symphony No. 2 "Resurrection." 11 p.m. Elgar: Salut D' Amour; Bach: Chorales; Mozart: Andante from Four-hand Piano Sonata in F; Godard: Berceuse. " TONIGHT CLOSING NIGHT PARTY Mike Condello Group GO GLO GIRLS OPENING TUES., APRIL 12th THE NADINE JANSEN TRIO BAND BOX On 19th Ave., halfway between Indian School Rd. & Camelback "Get wiih ffiej h, crowd I J fei x) DOG & sfpi Wed. thru Sun. fXff 8:15 P.M. $ SI P'rl-Mlltuel I w,trfh.(D; rsoneral Admission 50t Clubhouse 500 extra I epi'itt by fuik.'G)ouna iicin Circuit j on Radio KOY, 8 p.m. Schumann: Symphony No. 3; Beethoven: Symphony No. 6; Wagner; "Siegfried" excerpts. KMX, 10 p.m. Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto (Hei-f e t z) ; Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 6. KTAR-FM, 10 a.m. - Mar-cello; Psalm XV; Mozart: Credo Mass; Boulanger: Psalm 130. 1 p.m. Kathleen Ferrier. 2 p.m. Mendelssohn: Symphony No. 4. 3 p.m. Music of the Baroque. 4 p.m. Mozart: Sinfonia Concertan te for Winds; Haydn: "Farewell" Symphony; Wieniawski: Violin Concerto No. 2 (Fran-cescatti); Prokofiev: Symphony No. 7. 6 p.m. On Wings of Songs. 7 p.m. Brahms: Symphony No. 4. 8 p.m. Bayer: Die Puppenfee Ballet; CASA CARLOS Carlos ft Sally Ayala, Your Hosts Easter Dinner Special Baked Ham with Pineapple sauce, potatoes, $185 vegetable & rolls. CARNE ASAOA $1.45 MEXICAN FOOD Call for Take Out Orders lath St. A E. Bethany Rd. J74-57J0 MONDAY EVE. 7:30 P.M. ZITHER MUSIC with Henry Kolb $tUt'& Haffcnttt 218 Western Park Dr. SCOTTSDALE (OH Indian School Rd. lust across from tha Valley Ho) RADIO KOY KTAR KUEQ K I FN KPHO KOOL FM STATIONS KBUZ-FM 1047 MC KTAR-FM 987 MC KUPD-FM ?7. MC TODAY 3:00 a.m. KTAR-Radio City Easter Service 5:30 a.m. KTAR-Arlington Easter Service :M a.m. KTAR-Grand Canyon Easter Service KOOL-Moravlan Church Easter Services : e m. KOY-Suorise Services KTAR-Adventist Hour 7: a.m. KOY-News KPHO Message r Israel KOOL-CBS News KTAR News. KTAR New. N. Phx. Baptist KPHO-Prophetlc KOOL-P'stdnt). Church 1:1 a.m. KOY-Horse sense KPHO-Revlval Hr. KOOL-Chrlstlan Reform Church KTARBethanv Bible Ch. 1:41 .m. KOY-Garden Show 7:0 a.m. KOY-News. Friendly Time KTAR-Wlnos of Heailno i KPHO-Amerlca's Hooe KOOL News. Musk KPHO-Sunday Musk :J a.m. KOY-Lester s Records KTAR-Voiceof Proohecv-KOOL-Salt Lake Tabernacle Choir KPHO-News, Music l(:f aust. KOY-Sunday Records KOOL-News, Chuck Mill Catholic Hour 7:1 a.m. KOOU-Hour of St. Francis 7:1 ajn. KOY-lutheran Hour KTAR-Eternal Light KPHO-Protestant Hour KOOL-WorW of Religion : a.m. KOY-Bible Cias ft j I J f ftp in tttiiwii lm i a iiiwswimmi "We are not angry young men," said Archie Shepp. Pause. "Not angry. We are enraged." Shepp has become a spokesman for a militant group of young Negroes who refuse to accept gradualism either in society or music. A handsome, highly articulate man oi 28, he is multi-talented: musician (tenor saxophone), poet (he recorded his dedication to Malcolm X), playwright ("The Communist") and lecturer (at college recitals). HIS RAGE is compounded not only by the more overt acts of violence in the deep South, but also by the hostile or puzzled stares that greet him when he walks into a "white" restaurant even in Los Angeles, which, he says, "resembles Mississippi in many ways." This sensitivity to racial nuances is evident in his music. He was angry at the herding together into one matinee of four avant garde groups at a festival last summer when, properly distributed among the more popular concerts, they could have reached a broader audience. "AT NEWPORT," he says, "I sensed an old generation of white people trying to submerge the spirit of a young generation of blacks." Shepp is uneasy about the "avant garde" tag. "Some of the so-called jazz avant gard-ists sound like people trying Easter Dinner FROM SOUP TO DESSERT ROAST TOM TURKEY Giblet gravy, saqa dressinq cranberry sauce. BAKED VIRGINIA HAM Raisin Sauce, candied yams ROAST LEG OF SPRING LAMB Mint jelly, snowflake potatoes Vegetable Du Jour ...... Choice of: Ceff ft Pie, Ice Cream, Jello or Pudding, Coffee, Tea or Milk fktm Easier Sunday Buffet (Served Noon to 9:00 pm) Choice of: Prime Rib Baked Ham Roast Turkey Plus: 12 Exciting Salads. Last Weekend MARGIE SHEPHERD EVERYTHING from Soup to Dessert Children's Dinners $1.00 ROAST LEG OF SPRING LAMB with mint jelly BAKED SUGAR CURED HAM with fruit sauce SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN with cream gravy HALIBUT STEAK with lemon butter sauce DESERT SKY ABC HO NBC 20 740 Spanish 160 MBS 010 - CBS 60 KCAC Spanish KUPD KRDS KRIZ-Top 40 KHEP-RellglOM KBUZ FM STEREO KHEP-FM 101.S MC KMEO-FM . MC KPHO News, Italian Hr. KTAR-News, Music lt:at a.m. KOOL-Soorts, Weekend 11:0 a.ifl. KTAR-News. Musk KOY-News. Music KPHO-News. Cloud Nine KOOL-News. Weekend 11:10 a.m. KOOL-Dimension, Weekend 11:00 NM KTAR-News, Monitor KOY-News KPHO-News. Cloud Nine KOOL-News 13:10 a.m. KTAR-Central Methodist KOY-Muslc 1:0 JK. KOY-Millicnaires KPHO-News, Music KTAR-News, Monitor KOOL-News. Music 1:10 p.m. KTAR-Arlzona News 1:00 a.m. KQY-Blllv Graham KPHO-News, Sports KTAR-News, Monitor KOOL-Glants Base- Da I II l:N p.m. KTAR-Arjj. Newt 1:0 a.m. KTAR-News, Monitor KOY-This Is Living KPHO-News. Music 1:10 p.m. KTAR-Ariz. News KOOL-Godfrey : a.m. KOY-News, Millionaires KPHO-News, Muste KTAR-News, Monitor KOOL-News. Music 4:1 a.m. KPHO-Reporter KOY As We See It TAR-Meet The Press 5:00 a.m. KPHO-Reviewlng Stand KTAR-News, Monitor KOY-Monev In Your Speech KOOL-News, Sport lias jb. KTAR-Ariz. News KHO-Qulncy How KOOL-Dlmenjlon, Music KPHO-What't issue JAZZ Shepp Angry Man . . . But Not Violent By LEONARD FEATHER to put a John Cage piece togetherand JoTin Cage is just starting to find out what Duke Ellington did." He takes umbrage, too, at the lucrative commissioning of works from Third Stream musicians like Gunther Schuller and Larry Austin, and at the handing out of substantial Rockefeller Foundation grants to young white musicians like Don Ellis. ("Bird Never Got a Grant, and You Know What Happened to Him.") Shepp's music impassioned, fierce, often atonal, almost totally free of the rules of harmony, melody and tone that have governed most music of this century reflects the turmoil and frustrations that bedevil him. AS HE SAYS, "I can't see any separation between my music and my life. I play pretty much race music; it's about what hapened to my father, to me, and what can happen to my kids. They can't blow up three children and a church without it somehow reflecting itself in some aspect of your cultural development, i "It's odd, but we've had middle class black people become irate and walk out on our music. Most of the people Now it th ALIBI COCKTAIL LOUNGE Thi Sensational NOGALES BRASS "Wher tha Action U" 4139 West Indian School T y war to hear at the Organ Phone 275-7811 NNEI.S $i -yc i. w d im Child' Plate l.U J jjrV l WI 3541 E. Van Buren 1010 KRUX-Top 40 13M KXIV 1400 KDOT 1440 KHAT-Western 1480 KALF 1510 KYND 1M0 ...a... IUWI 1190 1230 . 1280 1310 FM STEREO KNIX-FM 102.S MC KOOL-FM 94.5 MC KRFM 95.5 MC : ajn. KOY-News, Ed:tor Speaks KTAR-News, Monitor KPHO-News, Western Bus Roundup KOOL-News, ! a.m. KOOL-Godfrey KOY-Alex Dreler KPHO-Wond Tomorrow KTAR-Arli. New 7:0 a.m. KTAR-News, Monitor KOOL-News, Analysis, Capitol Cloak- 7:10 .! KPHO-Lawrenc Welk room KOY Speech of week KOOL-Western Business Roundup KOY-lssues and Answers KTAR-Monftor lit jh. KOY-Ciasslc Yw Want KOOL-News. KTAR-News. Monitor l:M p.m. KTAR-Back To God KOOL-Fece the Nation KPHO-News, Lawrence Welk : a.m. KOY-News KTAR-News KOOL-Unlv. Explorer ill a.m. KTAR-Art of L n OY-Dean Usher KOOL-Sclence f:B p.m. KOY-Little Brown Church KTAR National Pulptt KOOL -Lutheran Vespers KPHO-News. Lawrence Walk M:s a.m. KOY-News KTAR-Billy Graham KOOL-News, Musk 1:15 p.m. KOY Musk 1t:S a.m. KOY-Rlver of Stan KTAR-Tree of Life lite KOOL-News, Music KOY-News. Music KTAR-News, Musk 1 mmmmmmmmmmmwBB& from my class of circumstances understand it, though. I play for them; for poor people. If you're white and poor, that's all right, too. I think it's also significant that in Berkeley, where they have a large student community, we got a tremendous reception. It warmed my heart. "I'm angry, but I'm not a violent man. How can I be? You whites have turned me into a westernized black man. I once heard James Baldwin say that this is what North America has produced: We have absorbed your materialistic values and your culture even more thoroughly than many of the whites who created it. "When I play, though, it's JAM SESSION Today 4-8 & 9-1 With LLOYD ELLIS Andy Grand's Bowery 472? E. McDowll Ph. 175-Mtl "Largest and Finest Dance Arizona 1975 SOUTH CENTRAL Free Admission Weds. IN PERSON TOMMY nieiiHAii FHII Hear th Greatest Country Singer in sinsing his sreat hits: "San Antonio Rose" "Heart-to-Hean Talk" "Dusky Skies" and many, many morel DANCE TO THE MUSIC OF THE WESTERN PLAYBOYS featuring: Bobby Le, Dal Not, Buddy Long Friday: Admission SI per person Dancing 9 to 1 em. Saturday: Admission SI. 50 per person Dancing 9 to 3 a.m. CAFETERIA EASTER SUNDAY SPECIAL FREE CORSAGE for the First 100 Ladies! Always Several Entrees Dozens of Salads Homemade Pies and Cakes Delicious Food Modest Prices for information, phone 266-0413 IN THE MALL NEXT TO BRITTS 1815 East Camelback Rd. W V 9 V Arizona3 s Country Club 1 mm Reservations Suggested OPEN 'TIL 10 P.M. Today and Every Day! BROTHERS HOFBRAU Restaurant & Delicatessen THOMAS MALL 44th St. & E. Thomas (Just Few Steps from Wards) Phone 959-2990 ) ALWAYS THB SAME LOW PRICE Brothers BRICK OVEN SL0-BAKED SPRING CHICKEN Vz of a Large Roast Chicken Maryland Style Giblei Gravy Fluffy Whipped Potatoes Crisp Creamy Rich Cola Slaw Zesty Tart and Sweet Cranberry Sauce Crisp, Crunchy Dill Pickle Bohemian Rye Bread and Butter ALL .eFaf FOR I ONLY strictly a black experience." Album of the week: The Jazz Crusaders "Live at the White House '66" (Pacific Jazz 20098). A potent conjunction of original, ballad, Latin, blues and standard material by this muscular, underrated West Coast quintet. Los Angeles Times Service TonHht A EVERY SUN. NITE hav Fun at our WATUSI and TWIST PARTY FREE Instructions ft con test Awards by Arthur Murray Instructors! DANCINO I INTEHTAIHMiNT 8 to 1 Nightly Hi Cinr Ni MimmuiBl CtWMOC d 44 f, if.., sr taWflV FOR YOUR EASTER DINNER Th whole family will enjoy an exotic Cantonese dinner, er American favorites, at 619 E. Osbcrn Road Take-out orders Catering 264-0538 Floor in & Thurs. th World v East Camelback Mall licsort Luncheon and Dinner Saguaro Room for Cocktails Hi "l:J4i.i: j&" Aiflsaa" ' W vjLaiW y: ? XL THB WI6WAM INN BUNGALOWS COUNTRY CLUB LITCHFIELD PARK, PHOENIX, ARIZONA Read! Whitwell, Managtr Telephone 935-3811 a a a1 Broiled to Your Order... THICK U.S. CHOICE T-BONE STEAK Served with: Large Idaho Baked Potato 11 V O Whipped Butter II 4J 7 Lars Tossed Green 1 1 Salad II Cholc of Dresslnt Garlic Toast with Parmesan Cheese C BRING SUNDAY THE WHOLE ONLY! FAMILY! DICK 4 MURM'S the PEAK 7330 DREAMY DRAW Turn rl9h I blocks N. of Hth St. A Glendale) WED., FRI., SAT. & SUN. CHUCK CARTER & the KINSMEN Heme el the WORLD'S WORST BARTENDERI Bring the family for EASTER DINNER Your choice of: Spring Lamb; Baked Ham; Arizona 1 i Tom Turkey; Prime Rib of Beef; Roast Long Island IDuckling; with Salad, Vegetables, Uesserr & 30 RESTAURANT 1202 West Van Burets from .Jkf 7 a.m. te 1 p.m. Reservations m: M .... .k,.t.... :;:;.:'!.':9 I BREAKFAST If m 6f1avB II Children WW norr X fjr A A H:il-' Suggested 1 T-kV & - -afTHaV MACAYO EASTER SUNDAY SPECIAL Choice of Soup or Salad ROAST CAPON, with Dressing 1.75 ROAST LEG OF LAMB, Mint Jelly 2.00 BROILED LOBSTER (11 oz.) Drawn Butter 3.60 BAKED HAM, Fruit Sauce 1.75 BROILED TOP SIRLOIN, with Mushroom Cap 3.00 Served with Potato, Vegetable, Fresh Baked Rolls and Butter, Dessert, Coffee or Tea WOODY'S EL NIDO CLOSED ON EASTER To AH of Peter Rabbit's Friends: Just a friendly hello to tell you that I, the ''Number One Easter Bnny" will have one ef my Assistants in the Concho Room at Hotel Westward Ho to give a cheerful Western Rabbit Hello to everyone on Easter Day. The Concho Room is ideal for Eas'er dining, with the most beautiful spring view of the Patio in all its green splendor. We will be serving from 12:00 noon to 9:00 P.M., so hope to see you here. Since I am a family man myself, I will have complimentary Easter baskets to give to the little ones. I'll 9717 f HOTEL RALPH GAINES 277-7211 5600 North Central Elljoy roast beef, Virginia ham, spare ribs and dishes on Easter ALL YOU FREE! Easter Treats for the kids 1 I I Cocktails Aged Eastern Choice Beef 944-8501 our deluxe Under New ' Manacement beverage. from 1 p.m. 'til midnight 5 COMPLETER ALL ONE PRICE per person BUHERBALL HEN TURKEY SIRLOIN OF BEEF JUMBO FRIED SHRIMP ROAST LAMB A r av en U AM I mill Children under 11 V price AM mm rm WOODY'S THIRD AMBASSADOR OF GOOD WILL CONTEST BEGINS TOMORROW 4001 N. Central Ave., Phoenix be hopping along now, his ac Cactus Jack Rabbit Assistant Head Easter Bunny P.S. Happy Easter Everyone from the staff & management of WESTWARD HO Hov To Be An ASTER and save msncy too STEAK HOUSE other delicious Sunday 11 to 9 CAN EAT Adults 2.95 Children .99 (under 9) 4 i I J

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