The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, March 2, 1938
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VOLUMK XXXIV—NO. 200. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AuirAMa.r, ,,,,„ „„ ^"^ Blylhcvllle Courier Blythevllle Herald Mississippi Valley Leade Blylhpvllle Dully News PAPKR OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2, Iflitt SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Twenly Plead Guilty, Admitting Hopelessness Of Fighting Charges MOSCOW, Mar. 2. (UP) — Loon Trotsky, exiled war lord, was denounced as an ally over n number of years of the German and British secret .services today as 21 Bolshevik leaders, latest of thousands to be called traitors In a terrible three- year purge, went on trial in the hall of columns of (he one-time Nobles' club. Twenty of the 21 confessed their guilt. Only Nicholas Krestlnsky. ambassador to Germany for nine years, refused to plead guilty. it was ulleged that all of the defendants were linked with each other and with Trotsky in a glgan-. „. lie conspiracy, extending back tori, , '" 20 year*, to assassinate Russian j,° 1 "' 1 °" n Ipflrip^e In i^ilrsTov viin.i ,.,!•.« « nMr , I Jl "' * "I UlC Bailey To Decide On Session Date Saturday LITTLE HOCK, Mar. 2 (III 1 ) — Om. Carl E. Bailey Saturday will' decide definitely <m the date for a: special session of the general ns-i sembly to enact new highway leuis-! lalion reliable sources .said today i In addition to enactment of «' new highway prognun the rail 11 wax snia probably will include Instructions for the general assembly to ineri-ase liquor taxes anil adopt a now building program for the tubercular Niuliaj-lums HI lioone- ville and Wildcat mountain near Fort Smith. Ll. Col. Roosevelt Off For Tuba 9 * CTIITE SEEKS TO Prosecutor Files Complaint To Demand Clerk's Accounting leaders, to murder men who came | under medical care, to partition the ] country In league with foreign' powers, and 1 to seize power themselves under a new capitalistic regime. Defendants Prominent All were men of national prominence. Some were of international prominence. Half a dozen at one time or another had been of world renown. Now. their former comrades said, ihey were murderers, traitors. Some of them had fought for Bolshevism for 40 years. A thrill shot through the courtroom as 18 of the defendants waived the right even to be represented by attorneys. Three retained counsel — three eminent •Fhys'eiaiis charged with conspiracy to murder Russian leaders who came unde their care. These three alone .thought It northwile to fight - : for thfif. lives. : . Even .they; pleaded guilty and only — Krestinsky, without counsel -• and .. apparently without hope, pleaded not gulU.y. Charging the defendants with the murder of Maxim Gorgky, world famous Russian writer — always thought to have died a natural sky alleged thai they had Minted to kill him because of his influence at home and his prestige abroad— and Ills close adherence to Ihe Stalin line -of poHe'v. Final judgment of the county 'i n complaint filed on be- the State of Arkansas, by Ivy. district prosecutor, de- ng an accounting of funds allegedly due the county by II. M. Craig, of Osceola, recently ousted circuit courl clerk, nnd hi s Blythe- vllle deputy, Addison F. smith, will probably >be rendered April -1. it was slated after n Iteming nt Osceola this morning. The complaint filed by the district prosecutor follows similar charges made In the suit filed by the Mississippi county taxpayers association same time ago and is based on a supplemental report by the state comptroller's office to its audit re I-aRs Overboard From Dredgeboal In Missis sippi Near Osceola OECEOLA, Ark.. Mitr. a.-Jamcs Slaytcn, 20-year-old member of i U. S. Engineers surveying mntj .•mi! (he only .son til Mr. nnd Mrs J. W. Slayton of Joiner, un- drowned in the Mississippi river at nine o'clock this morning when he fell /overboard from the U s [dredge boat "Ockerson" several miles south of Osceola. His body line! not been recovered at three o'clock this afternoon. No one saw him fall overboard but lie WHS seen in (he water by fellow workers who threw rescue lilies to htm. He was .sucked under the water before a line reached him and he though men never came up, a) continued to throw lines and began dragging the river immediately. The accident occurred opposite the lower light on Island 30 below Keys point. He and other members of the surveying parly were work Ing oir the dredge bout. Slayton wns reared at Joiner, where his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Slayton, have resided for innny years. Mr. Slayton Is a constable and well known farmer. After his graduation from Shawnee high school nl Joiner, young Slayton attended the University of Arkansas, Fayettevllle. He is also naura i ,, - - -- — ----- ..... death— Pi-aseculor Andrew Vlsliin- . , y wl " be tried at (! 'e circuit sk allee crun . lnftl collrl fc ™ opening this m , ont , h at Osce °'a and followed fay tCTm llere - Wlth ^ he county ' --, „. „ u .,,i.v, lw iva nuuiL 11;- nj.nuiiotia, r etytJLlcVlIic. riO L port of several weeks ago increasing survived by two sisters Misses the amount of Hie funds allegedly Miriam and Evelyn Slayton bolli due the county from about $38,000 of Joiner, to $41,000. An order determining such amount will be rendered as of today and final judgment will be rendered at the April session. .^.Criminal charges filed against Craig'and. smith several weeks ago. after the .^filing, of the first comptroller's audit report, accuse each of •'inbezzlement and allege a shortage of approximately $38,000. No definite announcement has be?n forthcoming as (o when Oral" and Smith will stand trial on the criminal charges but it is doubtful Third Ransom Note Is Received By Levine NEW ROCHELLE, N. Y Ma*' 2 (UP)-A thirdvransoin not« with a pencilled postscript' from ! Peter Levine saying -I have a bad cold" came .to light today In the kid- naping -of the .12-year-old son of Murray Levine, prosperous attorney. The note proper was typed on a toy typewriter and gave the attorney directions for payment of SGO.OOO ransom demanded earlier court's judgment not to be rendered Denies Writ Sniiafi* before April 4 the regular two weeks [ Wer " es ™ m -SOUgHt MempJiian Hurt Slightly In Accident Last Night Tom prewitl, of Memphis, was slightly injured and his car was badly smashed when it overturned twice last nljht alter he ran into a rut of the shoulder of Highway 18 thr; accident occurred about 10:30 o'clc?k as Mr. Prowltl -was coming toward Blythevlile. Lights from an \ approaching car blinded him for an instant and a wheel of his car slid into a rut. His shoulder and arm were severely bruised but these were !i!s cnly Injuries. He was recuperating here today while the car was being repaired before returning home. Trash Fire jSssion of the Osceola term will be j over although the term will be ] continuous until (he next regular term and sessions may be held at Trash afire caused the city firemen to make a run at 3:30 o'clock Tuesday afternoon to the rear of a residence, owned by Ike Miller, at 123 Dougan avenue. There was no damage. county courl finds the ex-officials for By Lester Brockelhurst PINE BLUFF. Ark., Mar. 2 (UP) -Circuit Judge T. G. Parham today lented a writ of ccrtlorarl -which nve forced a sanity trial :, condemned hitch hike slayer of Galesburg, III. O. w. Wiggins, attorney, said he would file a petition for the writ in the state supreme court, probably Inter todas'. Brockelhurst is scheduled to die in the electric chair Fridav at dawn. owe funds to the county, stale, or various improvement districts, by the surety companies that bonded "he men will likely be the next step Allowing-rendition of judgment in :ounty court and preceding further criminal court proceedings. Art Students Work in Snow OBERLIN, O. (UP)—Arrival of a heavy snow"has stimulated ac- Mvity in sculpturing on the Oberlin College campus. Students In art classes and dormitory groups' A new flag was flying from the have entered linto Informal com-'" petition in shaping- snow figures. New F)a ? Flies Atop Postoffice Building .France's New 'Envoy to U.S. 'l-p \^^jjmjjj^~: ; ~^~] bv' ''"^^^^^ Blythevllle postoffice pole today. The former flag, which had become very dirty during the winter months, was replaced after Herman Cross, postmaster, notified "Uncle Sam" that a new one was needed. I think one of the greatest "unsung" heroes in the world Is the (Hollyn-ood picture director. Half the time when an actor gets praised by the public for a greal piece of acting, It's the director who should really get Ihe credit. The other day I had to make a scene where I hadt'a show Intense sorrow and pain. At the finish of the scene the director shook hands wllh me and says "That was great! The pain you showed in your face was reall" I says "I know, but there was a big tack In my ehoe." The director says "T know—I put it there I" Stock Prices NEW YORK, Mar. 2 (UP)— Slocks eased narrowly in most sections today in one of the dullest sessions of the year. AT&T ................. 135 ,_ 2 Anaconda Copper ........ 32 7-8 Beth Steel ................ 58 .Boeing Air ................ 30 (Chrysler .............. ]" 53 5 , 8 Cities Service ............ j 3 . 4 Coca Cola ............... [ 123 3-4 General Electric ......... ' 40 1-fi General Motors .......... 3s 1-4 Int Harvest ............ . . 63 3-8 Montgomery Ward ____ '.[',[ 36 1-4 N Y Central .... Packard Phillips Pel I Radio ' Schenley DIsl Simmons Socony Vac '. ]5 i Standard Oil N J , ' 53 3! Texas Corp 42 7" U S Smelt 18 1-8 4 1-2 33 7-8 6 3-4 24 3-4 20 7-8 •8 His Excellency Count Rene Doynel .de Salnt-Quenlin Is the new French ambassador lo the United States. H« Is pictured above as he arrived in New York, en route to Washington to •- take up 'his new duties. Chicago Wheat open hljh low dose May 931-4 933-4 923-4 831- Jul. 883-8 881-2 875-8 U 1- Chicago Corn open hljh i ow Slay 691-4-593-4 59*4 Jul 601-2 611-6 » o Flashing .n typical Roascvell grln-and proving what, a versatile fellow he Is—James Roosevelt, above, eldest son nnd secretary of the President, leaves ..White House duties behind nnd boards a marine corps plane In Washington to tnke part in Army-Navy Marine Corps maneuvers at Qunntanamo Day, Cuba. Jimmy became a lleutenaiu-colonel in the Marine Corps Reserve hi one jump a couple of years ago. and spends same time in training each year, taking lime ofl from a Jolin which he noiv rates as a sort of "assistant president " IS Jail Term Already;Served But Fine Musi Be Paid - BERLIN,' Mar. 2 (UP) — The Rev. Martin Niemoeller. World Wai- hero and militant leader of the opposition movement In the Evangelical church, was sentenced to seven months imprisonment In a- fortrcss and fined twice today for defying the government. One fine was of 500 marks ($2001. The other was 1,500 marks ($000). As Niemoeller was credited with the months he already had served It was conceded that lie had given satisfaction as to the prison tence nnd the smaller fine but he will not be released until lie has paid the larger one. Niemoeller went on trial before a- secret court Feb. 7 on four charges of defying the government, in its campaign (or Notification of Ihe Evangelical church. He hod been In prison since July 1 lust, year. FOR CITMflN New Coltnn NEW YORK. Mar. 2. (UP)—Cotton closed steady. open high low close Mar. May Jul. 907 S 07 922 904 915 913 931 Oct 923 938 Dec 926 939 927 907 9IB 013 923 923 912 925 934 Jnn 927 029 926 935n Sj»ts closed steady at 924. up 8. OrlPann Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Mar. 2. (OP) — Cotton futures closed around previous closes today after recovering from early losses of ten to 14 points. open high low close . 918 929 918 927b . 919 934 919 932 . 928 942 927 938 Mar. May Jul. Oct. Dec. Jan 935 935 935 949 950 949 935 935 035 946 948 949 Spots closed quiet at 94), on 2. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., Mar. 2. (UP)-Ho?s: receipts, 7.000 Top. 9.35 Heavy weights, 9,15-9.25 Ll«ht weights, 7.25-8.35 Bulk sows, 7.75-8.00 Cattle: receints, 2,500 Steers. 7.35-8.75 Slaughter steers, 6.00-9.00 Mixed yearlings, heifers, S.50-7.50 Slaughter heifers, 5.50-8.25 Beef cows, 5.00-5.75 Cutters and low cutters, 190-4,75 Roy E. Nelson Seeks Reelection For Second Regular Term Roy E. Nelson today authorized the Courier News to announce his candidacy for llio office of city attorney at, the municipal election April 5. Mr. Nelson Is seeking n second regular term us nlythevlllc city attorney. He asks consideration ot Uic city's voters on Ihe bnsis of llio discharge of his duties in Ihe past snd the Democratic custom of returning an official who has performed his duties well to office for a second term. Mr. Nelson's friends point to the detailed legal duties required of Ihe city attorney, particularly during the past two years, and to his experience as qualification for handling of the city's legal affairs. No Authority Yet To Boost WPA Roiis Here No -official notice had been re- REVISION BILL WASHINGTON, Mar. 2 <Ul>)~ The Democratic majority of (ho Urges StricJ. Regulation of Bank Holding Companies WASHINGTON, Mnr. 2. (UP) — Senator Carter Cilass <nem., Va.), 80-yi'ur-old fiscal import, today In- Iroduml u senate bill to Impose close regulations on bank holding compiinles-prohlbltlng organization of new firms mid barring existing companies from acquiring control High Official of Aulhority "^^^^ MHlpttlM * Doubts Intension Across ««£, S^SS^ Mississippi of dividends by bunks to holding companies owning unnk utoeks ac- ISY IIIIOOKS SMITH <|Ulrod In violation of the acl. Ihilk'il I'ri'ss Stall Corrritpimdcnl .MRMPIIIS, 'fetin., Mnr. 2. (Ul>) —-facilities of the Tennessee Valley Authority will not 1» extended westward beyond Memphis, n high TVA ouiflnl lold tlio unlled press today. Despite the replilly expanding which win receive the cheap "yardstick" power iv nd tho probability lliat many Arkansas cities nnd towns would Jump at the opportunity to contract for TVA current, the Authority's lines will not ue extended westward across the Mississippi River, ihc ofllcla) predicted. . "There Is a limit lo llio distance that power c«n be carried economically and profitably from generating plants," the official said, "I believe Memphis will be the westward limit," The TVA now Is serving the Arkansas Power and Light Company with about 10 per cent of tho current sold by that utility. Tho power Is generated at Pickwick Dam but It Is carried westward from here on lines of tho utility. The yardstick current will b« turned Into Memphis homes some time In June, TVA power will not bo available to tho entire city, however, for at least two more years when tho municipal distribution plant will bo completed. TVA rales here will be approximately 60 per cent of those charged by the Memphis Power and Light Company. Efforts of cities In north Mississippi and west TemieiKce to obtain TVA power, have speeded up since the special .three-Judge Federal' court' : In-'Chnttanooga'~upheld" con-' stllutlonalily ot tho ''Authority. Mayors of 12 west Tennessee cities recently formed a milted front In an eflort to purchase distribution facilities, of the West Tennessee Power and Light Company In their Individual cities. They plan to build municipal plants If their orders are' rebuffed by tho utility. City officials of Columbus, Miss., are negotiating now with the Mississippi power Company for purchase of distribution facilities there. In Weukley County, Tcnn., the farm bureau is canvassing rural areas to determine number of farm families who would be Interested In contracting for TVA power. The n , - . urugios transport plane democratic lYlaiOVlty Of "^"B Ihe TWA shuttle route from fV m ii. r II Slm f'wwlsco had crashed agaliut Committee favor ably one of Ihe Jagged peaks. TJifige Reports Measure ..^"iT 1 '? tlirce members ° r «*» and predicted it would bring very substantial stimulation business." 'to In a- 70-page report on tho 103B revenue bill modifying- existing undistributed profits and capital joins taxes the Democratic faction, headed by Chairman Robert L, Doughton, (Dem., N. o.) sought chiefly to explain the proposed changes, rather than attempt lo answer Republican charges that tho measure retains levies causing the present depression, Tho Republicans filed their minority report last night. Ask Court Approve Non-Payment On Rhodes Insurance Policies JONESBORO, (UP)— Two life Ark., March 2. Insurance companies today filed petitions In equity In United States dlstrlcl court for eastern Arkansas In an attempt to evade payment of a --, j, . w ..,.., . ilv , ,„,„, total of $90,000 In policies carried bureau is canvassing rural areas on the life of W. B. Rhodes, Ma. rloh, Ark,, banker, wl'a recently committed suicide. • One of the petitions was filed ^"..LH^HUB lur ivft power, me ^"e ui ina peuuons was llleu yardstick current already Is being b V (he Jefferson Standard Life distributed to rural areas of four Insurance company against Dana west Tennessee counties through ' Su lcw ( administrator of tlie the Gibson County Electric Mcm-| Rnodcs "talc. " '-' '- -' lif»rG^ili> /"•rkftvk*-nii,i» tain Pniirf. tnr bershlp Corporation. According to present, plans, the town of Ripley, Tenn., will begin receiving TVA power April 1. Last week city officials at Clarksvllle, Tcnn., were notified that an appro-' prlatlon of $37,500 had been approved by the Public Works Administration for use In building a --- — -- sought to obtain court sanction for not paying a $40,000 policy. Tlie Lamar Life Insurance company filed two petitions. One nuni- cd Mrs. Elizabeth B. Rhodes, Dana municipal plant, The Authority mat is .serving more than 35.000 customers. Twelve fcndants in connection with n $30,000 policy. The other named Sul- ccr and Dickey, w ho sought to collect a $20,000 policy. Under Arkansas law life Insur- -,._.^ viiimit oo.uw *;iiowjiiii;ia, iwcivU ' cities with a combined iwpulatlon 11 of more than 500,000 have contract - fuicc polices need not b-i paid if NIC holder commila suicide wilh- to Increase the number of workers In Mississippi county, following the announcement made at Little Rock that more would be added to the roils. Jess Wiggins, county engineer, and C. W. Ferguson, material supervisor for the county, said this afternoon that such a notice is expected by tomorrow but that It Is not known here how many more will be added. At the present, there are 275 men working on WPA projects in Mississippi county. Tills fs said to be an average number. Unusual Course Offered On World Exposition not yet receiving it. These cities Includo Memphis, Chattanooga, Knoxvllle, Decalur, Ala., Mldd'le- boro, Ky., and Quntcrsvllle, Ala. ] Two TVA contracts with co-| operatives have been signed nnd| two yein-F after taklnj them •MIL AH the policies in question were Issued ir the past two years. The companies said they had t-ffered to pay back the nmoii"t of premiums already paid by Rhodes plus six |)cr cent in- scrvlce will start soon. They are the u •, -, Northeast Mississippi Electric power I nOldj LoUmy Welfare Association and the Alabama Cherokee Electric Membership Corporation. In preparation for serving Its potential customers, the Authority has , constructed 3,388 lines. miles of power To Hold Final Rites Directors State Employes LITTLE ROCK, ,Mar. 2. (Up)— Chancellor Prank Dodge ttoday ruled that county welfare directors are stale employes under the 1937 welfare act and must bo selected "«•"» oijruievim: muujnsu-, win from the civil service eligibility have to W 'he penalty lor not list. having purchased their state '«uto- IT p .j ...... ! The decision came on the peti- mobile licenses before today, it -was nere for Henry HllllS tion of Mrs. W. A. Moore, deposed announced at the local revenue Dallas county welfare director, for office. Although no fteures »«« Henry Hillis, who lived In Ely- ? n '"Junction to prevent the state ... _.., „,_.„.„ theville for many years before he , of P UDllc welfare from ap- have been Issued, it was said that recently moved lo Pine BlufI, died P rovln & , lhc appointment of any many did not obtain licenses before In that city late yesterday. His re- Si^ 1 th ° a count y directorship the deadline. o'clock train Thursday morning. Cl l5?, il ' 1 ^ "f/ s Following the court decision At NEW YORK (UP)-"No World's air of the future will be success- il unless It follows the principle of zoning established by the New c^J^n ^l r ? f J, 939 " & °- M« rtWwIU b'e'conluW'aTJhe , Pollowln * the cou ^ decision At cording to Dr. Frank Monaghan, c^ j^ neral Hom g" c £° »•.££ torney General Jack Holt who rep nirector of reseach of the fair and <-.~~~«... 1 .m-- ";iv~«. resented the Kslfiu-e rionorttnonf <. a member of the history department of Ya' " tomorrow zoning must be undertaken because World Fairs ore already un- Five daughters, all of whom were reared here but who now live survive Mr. Hillis. He would _ supreme court. 3r. Monaghan conducts an unusual course In "International Expositions" in the evening and extension division of Hunter College this semester. He Includes in the course a consideration ot the history and the various Influences o'f international expositions, with special reference to the 1939 fair. a year ago. Grapefruit Lowe Prunes SAN JOSE, Cal. (UP)-Callfor- nla's prunes probably are peeved. V. F. W. Meet Tonight The Veterans of Foreign Wars will meet at 7:30 o'clock Thursday night at the Woodman's Hall, It has, been, announced. the south this year Is so great that the prices have become so low as SEEKING UE Airship Had Turned Back; Unreported Since Last Night LOS ANGELES, Mflr.- 3. (UP)—A searching party of 200 men struggled through the snow bogged mounUiln wilderness during . a blinding mhi storm today in an nltomiil to nnd a TransconUrientfti mid Western nlr transport • plane lust reported last night In Hhe l Sierras, cusl of Fresno. Veteran flyers tented .that ''tho Druglos transport plane, which was 2rew and six passengers. Among tho passengers was » man who mo<Io Ma will yesterday. "Just n case something happens" autl . , • f "' " Lu 11 vunu auiiieuiuur lluupcna IIU.U house ways and means commltlco two Stanford student* a brother odny recommended enactment of md s ister, cnroute to the bedside Ite, new business lax revision bill of then father who ts dying to Mansfield, Ohio. . • Officials ol tho lino sent search^ Ing parties into the mountains whore eight feet of snow covered tho rough brush and rocks. v ,1 Intended to Turn Back 1 °>t Last word from tho radio ot the plane came shortly after 9 pal whtsn the chief pilot, Capt.-'Johii D. Graves, reported first (hat he Intended to return to R-esno and ;hcn that he intended to seek the Bakers Field airport. The plane left 3aii Francisco at 8:33 p.m. (p. si't) bound "for Los Angeles. " It was reported, that tho plane was seen flying down the san Joa- quln river at an altitude of fiOO feet at 9:20 pm Because of the r&po$t the air line 5ent Its Fresno manager and others if a search parly by automobile-to -he vicinity, ;• ' ' , ' .Mcantipie Another,party of TWA ifflclals left San- fVanclseo for Fresno to Join the search. The 1 plane last was heard from shortly .after Oapt Graves decided not to attempt to scale the Teha- chapl mountain, a rugged barrier between central and southern California. Son Francisco offices of TWA announced that an east Oakland radio amateur reported he hacVre'- elved a short wave message, supposedly sent out by the missing TWA plane Baying: ' "We're all safe but very uncqm,- rortable." ', Department of Commerce inv'estl- :ators announced flatly the message was "a phony." .„.'! Mrs. Lucy Dozier, 78, -Dies At Little Rock Mrs. Lucy Doiler, who lived'here for many years before she becarie a patient at a Little Rock has; iltal, died there this morning. She was 18 years of age, " : ••• Funeral arrangements are in- :omplete but the services will probably be held Friday morning at the Cobh Funeral home. The .•emains will arrive here late this ifternoon and members of the family, who live elsewhere, are also expected tomorrow. Burial 1 be made at Hmwood cemetery. She is survived by three sons, Henry Huen and Oliver Flshef, both of here, and Lee Fisher, of Little Rock, and two daughters, Misses Levine Fisher and Lizzie Fisher, of Helena. '""•'• State Tag "Deadline" Catches Many Motorists Many Blythevllle motorists The penalty is three dollars for the first ten days, and three dollars tenerai jack- Knit n-h* «„ for each tcn da * s unt " tha amount «Ke SSttin ^JS^rS on 1 1™ sale for- about ten more days ami M»ie drivers must produce their last year's licenses before a new one will be issued. WEATHER at breakfast. . - „, .„„ „„ Arkansas — cloudy and colder, thousands of families to probably showers in extreme east for the prune portion tonight; •Thursday partly Venus is nearly twice as far the sun as'Mercury, and Is cloudy and considerably colder. ' Memphis and vicinity—Occasional rains tonight, lowest temperature ,v, sun M . Mel « ur v. and Is « to 52; Thursday partly the same size as the wrthiland somewhat colder,

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