Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on September 24, 1976 · Page 71
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 71

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, September 24, 1976
Page 71
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'Burnt Offerings' is spooky "Burnt Offerings": PG), with Oliver Reed, Karen Black and Bette Davis, directed by Dan Curtis, at Mann's Chris - Town, University theaters. Round Up and Cinema Park drive-ins. BY MIKE PETRYNI "Burnt Offerings" has an answer for the frustrated weekend handyman who finds home repairs are getting him down. It's a house that repairs itself.: All the handyman has to do is sit back, relax and die. The house is beautiful. Set ' ideally on wooded acreage, it sports a tiled swimming pool, antique furniture and elegant carpets. It's a little seedy around the edges, but that's easily solver-Reed cujr 'his finger and a burned out light bulb comes miraculously on, big son (Lee Montgomery) skins his knee and a dead house plant blooms, Reed nearly drowns the boy in the swimming pool and the pool ends up looking like new, Miss Davis begins to waste away and the house's siding renews itself. B'Burnt Offerings," adapted to the screen by William F. Nolan and Dan Curtis (who also directed) from Robert Marasco's novel, is a movie about a house that eats its inhabitants alive. Like "The Omen," it has some glossily spooky moments, particular Reed's nightmare about a chauffeur's hideous smile, but also like "The Omen," a lot of this doesn't make a lick of sense (why does Miss Black become an accomplice to the house's dire deeds?) and a lot more of it, under Curtis' direction, is glibly obvious (Reed actually recites the "into the vallery of death" line from "The Charge of the Light Brigade" as he first enters the house). It would be better if Curtis were more subtly sinister and less overtly thrill-seeking. Figuring his audience only wants the thrills, Curtis manipulates his thriller like a ship's captain who inspects his hull, says with surprise, "Hey, this wood's rotten," 'and keelhauls a few innocents to solve it As it Is, at times, you end up almost feeling sorry that his uniformly fine performers (especially Miss Davis who is put in some ghastly acting situations) are the ones, along with some of the audience, who are being keelhauled. LUNCH SPECIAL S EnchiUd Toid Ric 1 00 IT4-MW I 'M !! WIST CU9MU M. im rmn a HU set. Charles Bronson is Ray Stives , (or co-feotuf ond ihow -Imnt V 1 i5 OBSESSOA CUM RoMrtiMiOtMvMv SnioM OINIDftl CINIMt COR ALL EDITIONS- The Arizona Republic Fri., Sept. 24, 76 E-li 8 tit? l FREE PROGRAMS Free Saturday programs loi children continue at Ocotillo Branch Library, 102 W. Southern, with a visit to Australia scheduled for Saturday. The 2 p.m. program features color slides narrated by a native of Australia, Mrs. Cora Wood, and folk tales from Australia. .5600 E. Van Buret! 275-1461 . i I AUCINf MAS-BARGAIN MATS.! I I IVMYDAY-TlirSORM.- M.501 II I 1 1 1 . i j iLj j.nir'l I Jp p 1 mMmm" 5sr I Vmx o xrm& ax&lSSI I sxe week rt- . I ! CLOSED CIRCUIT : ! SZ! J fiZTXmZ I CXLY VU0 UM " I CLOSED CIRCUIT W lEr V "T '-H I SETT. 22-28 MW I MMYxmucg- r ; L,at,l,,, Dorothee Poison whets the appetite ' I I ? i! 1 i, every Wednesday m The Republic s Tn 7glrrare FoodSection- LrfxJ VrtS 3 HURRY. ENDS SOON! tfiPj ki. ISLAM ,a(ta!..,TTr,J tUNN tS I I I .11 IH.ll ,'1 rTrm IKI. Mill i I I V J -"IS i cao. JWH0KYHil . hAwrr; fr! V 50 YEARS." A A -IH- I rmTnirMlflffFMi11! in ni 1 "the ild m 'jrL .. .1 i tickets moo ! f ss fJ 1 w ICAn3' A A MERCY. ffi Ail ; 1 wrtMiwiuiFiEi V f : sue cmeruu. i I "UsfTI I l i II ti I Whiffle Wffiitim J I Sl!.H,.,",m J 3 i f ' !l tickets sn.50 ! l U j N- 7 rLTT 1 f (Tl ft n n theatres phoenix 1 IWm ( rif I mr? "An onni i ni rw m rsrrr i ii y a en -m -in. a ". 'van waMn; ; -. tntknj I I L'Vll ' fn-iiiiiii -imn r;i III 1 1 i fc I H " ' t I a ThS Mall I fe Ik L-rMl lV !M ' J I "THE ?sA (PC) I 5n7iltil.uiirtnefii(i mrun sfSttuwrnwrm ivuMMrmu t 1 I Tsflf I M rr ronedoesit1qj(l like Roman FbfanskiK Rjromount Pictures Presertj. J A Roman Polanski Film ' Bl mm. r lKbPhkSi l"raiun!dbneBraun!bet9 SawnpkwlvGeraidBroch bvtomPDknlg OmwaPtoiostofJiySwoNytMil RaprtxidipofcWdbi.Bcrtambot tiCakr APranrtPidue NOW.SHOWING AT THESE specially selected theatres I See Oirectories tor 2nd Features and Showtimes"" ? ... -'i i. . THl'NDERBIRD UA CHRIS-TOWN 6 TOWN & COUNTRY Drive-in Mall Cinemas Cinemas 6533 N. 59th Ave. 15th Ave. ft 20th St. ft '1-'1' Glendale Bethany E. Camelbaek'1 939-5222 242-4529 957-3500,. m us " Cnj One week only Sept. 22-20 STANLEY KUBRICK IPG AN CTNEAL'M ARJA BERN80N Opens Vfednesdoy for one week only sept. 29 - OCt. 5 2001: A Spcce Odyssey tnriRU.lUifinCfiin mrun htaainrm arm iviMmtnu w. wnm wmw S;"P!W."r. IM Wm mmftK ttUftM.tnruitl.kumnmtM vmn'" .(Sail llSJHQsUMMaWdfefeMtaa 2040 N. SCOTTSOALE HOAO Sn.orihc B,QadAavofT ISA.l -1 1 MAT. DAILY CO-HIT "BMaMS" PG 12TH BIG WEEK PLUS 6:30-9:35 "SILENT MOVIE" PG "SLEEPER" PG 1:00 LTJ manh rut inn CHRIS-TOWN )TQT wotni tMt vimx BARRY LYNDON Bally at 1:15 4:35 . 1:00 I MANN'S i ajasi Uta I MINT PUMA YWl PUtftCT UffTAL FOR VDUI LAST VACATION. CHRIS-TOWN "BVRNT I jO fn mi m. nil flFT'T.RINr.X I a ft-l ouroi KEpy MANN'S TUIINnPDRIDn ""r5" DRIVE-IN H iM Citnlkick (tekrtJb Roman JLflA.l IMNII ICK"' aui -awav Co-HH "LIPSTICK" AAaroaui Hminflwv Ml CENTUBY CINEMA CIRCUIT LM.II ALL TIMES "V,-,,J Hg $1.00 g ipBnfftfi VIQLATIQM" mFyWREWORLD LAUREN BACruT 11) "TRIP WITH THE TEACHER" ll 'MOVING VIOLATION kkkkkk TO "THE DEVIL WITHIN HEM, rUUlUILlA vs. KEGlLOr mm JARcTSGCUU no. ' Mir.iuiiiunn. "NOT SINCE 'CAT BALLOU' such a hilarious movie!" 9th GREAT WEEK 0 6:00-l:15-10:15 TWI-LITE 5:30-6:00 $1.50 By the time the world's greatest detectives figwe est whodnaniL. yea ceold die Ughing "HARRY & WALTER" AT METRO CENTER Shown at 3:25, 7:25 plus Co-Feature at Metro Center John Wayne, Lauren Bacall "THE SHOOTIST" (PC) Shown at 1:30, 5:30, 9:35 3 FRENCH ACADiW AMRDS J; BEST PICTURE -BEST ACTOR -JEST OWQNAL MUSIC f 3B (LEVIEUX FUSIL) V 4 1 PHII IPPF VniRPT T IVJ'-V. - - . - Tv X,Zjm,-.'-A ReTURrJ iTaLi-BlPNDMaf I illlTLl na -ROMYJSCHNEIDEE levers. Spies. Mtua and Musicians... WiTrl One -niacK wnn The historic B(rkeley Concert.Memorial Day 1970 THE HENDRIX EXPERIENCE IS HERE! I 70 MM and 'l fT&L I h VSUUIIU J IVL4. I J 1 Osl Wat! ti ine Cliff Robertson "0BSESSI0N"(PG)l co-feature"STEPFORD WIVES"(PG)I til! yg Illullu.llIu'li 5'J w ""I 3MOVIC k FROM THE BEGINNINO... i; : BMstr,imu,susi ni wmu iYcrz if ft, Pi'.l' sl'IIIWW I PlusSoeeial THE GRAND FUNK RAILROAO RaSKSrSTT Added Attraction: "WE'RE AN AMERICAN BAND"1! iiij'nr i "THE 0MEN"(R) 13th week! & "RE- T-l""!!! INCARNATION of PETER PR0UD"(R) 'HII J.I Hl'ILI tent it Tits m ?t "BURNT OFFERINGS"(PG) and "LEGEND of HELLHOUSE"(PG) mJfrrrrm V U1.1T1I J - Th Most Terrifying Picture I 1S7B "THE CREATURE FROM BLACK LAKE" DOtiG McCtUnE iwuivarrjRcni PGJ 0 (iiMiis-iOioe TWI-LITE 5:15-5:45S1.50 ATfiiE- EARTII'S CORE 6:00-9:30 FUTURE s vnoi n Sol fr I TWI-UTI l:NI Nfl1.M No one does it to you likeRorronFbbnski ( . Twt irrt i tt.Miit M - The Most Terrifying Picture of 1976 THE CREATURE FROM BLACK LAKE" S.OO-IOO-tO.00 Tan-UTS tit (:MS1Jt K)HN WAYNE LAURLNfl I.J BACALL a- "THE V poSHOOTISr 'ONE FLEW OVER CUCKOO'S NEST i (R) co-hit "LOVE & DEATH"(PG) - Pfet 1 vCsW I 1 ii55fer 1 BMiB MM 9 lift IM ?74 M e lltl In 711-41 "BINGO LONG, Travelling All- Stars"(PG) "HINDENBURG"(PG) Chas. Bronson "ST. IVES"(PG)I D. Carradine "CANNONBALL"(PG) 3 "BUFFALO BILL t INDIANS"(PG) i RETURN Of PINK PANTHER (G) IJ!!-I j.'ll.l 1 "THE EXORCIST"(R) co-hit i "THE DEVIL WITHIN HER"(R) Umrv l"BURNT OFFERINGS"(PG) and e"BsfjisjissaaaaiaaM - M . iiniiap ttn A I LtbtRU 01 ntLLtlUUit rh)l Bn3nTn"P0M POM 6IRLS"(R) co hlth SS "TRIP with the TEACHER"(R) J a n ts "miuRtwoRLUifb) j .... .... ........ ....... ttaU Al IHt UKIN bUKt (rb) cioQ t "CHOSEN SURVIVORS"(PG) FOX CXE FINAL WEEK! ; TWO CLASSIC MOTION PICTURES The One and Only IBEBIi Version NOT SEEN FOR 35ycars 1 II BVUVIU fcVVVIVlflNleolMRcwg'tlni The man who fell to Earth nial Atfl-ajwi I BILLY DEI WILLIAMS MffrMRssT LBJ i pro I SlWICJUa HENNGMT I 2 CUH Lipstick josil svni hiiiww l 1, jn M SXF ;p I BUM B : wtYNotes nnncBMimn THtnlnbmg" at NQW, TIMIK 1M.HII, CM)T M' .veet lAiiAfAwiniiii I is: 14: .

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