The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 22, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 22, 1930
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILIJS. (ARK.) COURIER-NEWS THE PLYTHEVILIE COURIER NKW8 •nui: COURO* HBWB co., PUBLISHERS • 0. ft. UBOOOK, Editor P. W. IUUNIB, AawiWlng Manager Bole H»ttflp«l AdwrUilng Representative!; It* IbeptU P. 01«rk Co- IDC,, New York, ptytedilfhU, Atlint*, Dallas, Sin Antonio, B»a Fr»ne^cQ,'..Chlcii«o, : St. 1 Loul*. :?nbili»J*4 Emy Afternoon Except Sunday. M wwod diM matter at tlie port BlytheriUe, Arkaneu. under act of Concrws October I, IS17. berved by tr* United Press " SUBSCRIPTION RATES By wnter Jn the city or Blytheville, I5c per week ot #,50 per year In advance. By muTwithlri a radliu o! 50 miles, $3.00 per ynr, 11.60 for six month*, 85o for three month*; bTiill in >oet*l MOW. two to tlx. Inclwt tf-H per year, In tones seven and eight, .per yeei, payable In TUESDAY, JULY 22, 1030 The Gas Franchise The Blylhpvillc cily council merits the commendation of all citizens for proceeding slowly fthd cautiously in the matter of : granting 'a franchise for gas .service in Klythevillc, A delay of a month or two or three months now is of small consequence. We. have managed without gas for some yeare and can get along without it some time longer if necessary. But it is invportant when a franchise is granted it be to a'concern' that is in a position to give service within a reasonable tinie and, of even greater-importance, to give the right kind of service. .We'have had two unfortunate experiences -with the granting of franchises to companies that presented .plausible stories but, as it turned out, were in no position to supply Uiis city • with gas. The result has been two years delay. Let us not now, with-a 'number of'concerns seeking franchises, make the mistake of giving this valu- •able privilege to.anyone who wants it , simply as trading m'alcrial, or on the chance that he may, at some later dale be able to make use of it. With no franchise.granted Sve are at least in a position -to take advantage of any 'desirable proposal that may come to us. With-a franchise in the hands of someone who what.we need •we are barred from' getting/gas from anyone. . •' .. . ; . '^;. The Treaty tfftns , \ The overwhelming rhajorit.y. gi0n;,th"e "naval arms limitation treaty in the senate'-s .final: vote- on ratification yesterday was a fitting conclusion to the long discussion of.-ihe matter and should be accepted by other nations as evidence that,-there is. much of noise .and little of'substance, to alarmist and jingo groups in this'country. -The senate acted wisely and in conformity to the. sentiment and judgment of- the'American people. This country has no' desire for military dominance. '•} All that we'ask is security, and when that can be obtained by mutual agrec- .nrient with other powers of the world for curtailment of armaments we are Avell pleased. The whole world will be better off when huge expenditures for so-called military protection arc diverted to constructive purposes. Give Them A Chance This week voter:! of Hlythcville and Mississippi county arc In have the opportunity of hearing two candidates for major offices. Tom Campbell, who seeks Joe Robinson's .senatorial toga, will be here Wednesday m'ahl, and J ulll) sl)C ' f - fieki, gubernatorial aspirant will be here Friday night. The Courier News endorses I lie candidacy of neither of these gentlemen, but we do urge that Uiey receive a hearing. In the first place we may lie mistaken in regarding tliein as less well fitted than their opponents for the offices they seek, and in the .second place, whatever their <|iiali[icalions, il is not unlikely that they will be able lo shod some much needed light on certain issues of the campaign. Privately, we must confess, we arc; particularly inleresled in hearing from Tom how he is going lo obtain for the farmers of Arkansas Hie 20 cent price for cotton that he has been promising, and from John why it was, with his own chances of election no heller than they are, he did not snap up that offer of his campaign expenses and a nice soft job that he claims was made him in behalf of Brooks ilavs, SIDE GLANCES By George Clark THE WINDMILL STATISTICS SHOW There are no- Ihorns on a French briar pipe, and there nrc no editorials in dully cli;arel papers. •y. :(• ••;• AU, AI.ONO THE LINK I hnvo worked at nearly cvcrylhlnc in my life. I have worked nl Jaw mills, (thai was a ripping good Job) 1 have worked at soda loun- tains. (everything was terribly mixed up there) I have worked n! mcnl markets. (I had a dandy time there. I just,-cut up all the time. People were continually going oiv with their bull. You never saw so much bolognu in your life) 1 hnve worked at cotton' gins, ulint was really a sail job) I Imvc even worked at dress milking, (now everything had to be just sew sew) the last Jot) I worked nt was a drum factory, (that was a booming industry, believe me, bill, fro:n some cause or other, IL (jot busted up) nl present 1 am working at leisure, (1 can't say Just yel whal the outcome oi It will be). • * -f -f. TOUAY'S BLUE STORY Well, hoys, I'm sorry,., bill we can't have our little parly tonight, like we planned. My 'wife returned home very uncx|.v:ctcdly this morning, CUBA M. HlGDOiN. U'elh are in bad enough shape to Japanese Carve Stones. For Murdered Children TOKYO. (UI 1 )—When the bodies of seven murdered Infants, packed in a trunk, were found in a suburban railway elation here, pious res- idenis of the district carve:! seven stone images of Ji/o-Sama, the God of Children, and placed Diem in a special shrine in the district temple comi>ouiid. Masses lor the le- piBe of the souls oi ihc murilcre;! clilldien will be dialled by priesls each monih. Tlie children were murdered by the proprietor of a "baby farm" vho said he was driven to Hie crime by prevailing hard limes. . Cure %. Alcoholism Must 13c on Psychological Basitfjj 11V nil. .MOUI'.IS HSHIilMN -(liunkard docs not wanl to gel well IJIilnr, Journal <>f the American I no matter how nuidi ho may pro- I -Medical Association, anil of lly- test thai lie does. Keia, UK.- Health Mafiiwine MsraiiiiiK Marital Woes For some years it has been the! Dr. Han found amonu alcoholics impression among physicians «cn- j an overwhelming number of in- Alghanistan Raiders Repulsed by Soviet MOSCOW. (UP)—Several attempted raids inti) Soviet tfirllory fiom Afghanistan aic charged by press repoils ap.ainsi "Basmalchi" Rioups under Die leadetship of Ib- rahim-Uek. According to these reports Ibra- litin anil a picked ^roup of followers tried to cro.-s Hie river Piand- jc into Soviet They were .sighted by border guards and driven back. Later the same day they are said t<J have made another unsuccessful attempt. ll is said here that Ibrahim head.! a force of 1,500 men. chi'jfly Tart- jlks who lied into Afghanistan when Turkestan and especially Bokhara fell Into Soviet lianrls. Many of the emigres from Central Asia have been conducting an incessant guerilla svarfa're against the Soviet power at frontier paints. eraliy lisa! a man becomes a cinen- ic alcuholic n'.t iiecausi: cf any si>ecial quuliiies i:i :ik-ohul tivat- ini! disea.'-.e, but because of SOMIC Qualities in tlie man himself which make him want to drmk because of ihc general medical effects of alcohol. . Dr. Henry Hart has attempted lo analyze the personality factors ilcoholism as they • occurred in ISO patitntb who were bluiiied In an institution ilevoird lo the stances cl marital maladjustments, so that it seemed ensue likely lhat the resell to alcohol was an at- lempi to get rid of ihc difficulties associated with married life. Apparently Ihe person who is a chionie alcoholic is. cue who has a ' consiiluiional iiib'.abilUy, who finds J discord m the family in which he lii , is raised. He is ill adjusted lo life, has no sense ci resi>o:isibJlily and '.vlien lie grows up he linds mauled iifc lull of problems which arc be- treatmcnt of chronic alcoholics, ii'yoml his su'.nlion. Alcohol appar- has Ions been known lhat the al-1 enily brings him foreclfiilliicss, ceholic patient is . unreliable ami | .'.umulalion, and menial will try lo deceive his •leiauvcs, his"' '" ''"'" "" .(.WASHINGTON ~ LETTER Perhaps many will take Floyd uall's advice and throw awuy books aflcr they are read, bin we venture to predict more will discard them nfier they're half read. Floyd IJcll, writer, sugt'csls thai books be thrown away alter they nrc read. Apparently he's never hud.''much experience with borrowers. By KODNEY DUTCIIEK NEA Service Writer WASlIINCiTON—The. members nl .lie National Coslumers' Associ.i- l^n canic licrc for llieir [uniual conv.^nllon saying lhat times wcrr lard and business very hart in the :ancy dress and costume line. Then .hey went down to get llieir pholo- jrnphs token with President Hoover just as il they hudii'l said anything of the sort. Some ct the costumers I'ecati.vl limes when business was i^c>d. Why. they said, the last president wns even willing enough lo sei an example to the country by exhibiting himself in a cow-boy suil, l!'.:t they didn't express themselves like thai to Mr. Hoover. "We nrc ttice to lace with rr.ili- Ites which cannot be lljOiily brushed aside," explained Major S. H. llarrelson of Kansas City. M.:.. Ihc founder and president emeritus of the association and a famous specialist in Indian and cov.boy suits. I'eoplc Aren't Dressing lip "It's getting so that people are n'.most willing to paint their own II. V. D's and call it a costume. Out of the best wr.ys ti rombal haid time.5 is to Bet yourself into a gorgeous costumo and imagine Uial you are. wealthy, powerful ami romnnllc, hut people don't seem lo get the point. Psych-ilo^y is a very important part of tlie no ar.c! buy 17 yards or so for a kiltie, and the Rcnuine sporans cic-i Sicni 310 to S15. Al.:». there is a popular delusion u no Scotchman is fully dressed unless he carries n bagpipe, and nobody wants to go dancing around v.illi a girl and a bagpipe in his rms at the same time. Portugal's Population LISBON. (UP)—Portugal's popn- l.iiiun at the end of 1929 totalled 0.030.135 inhabitants. 5,008,232 living 031 the continent, and the rest in the Azores and Madeira Islands, tl:c Government Statistical Service reported. Emigration during 1329 anipimt- ert to 31.237. with Brazil getting'the JnilV cf them, or 27.T2J!/-Eiiiiaraiils, to Argenlina were 3.3^8 in number;' lo other pans of Rurojie, 2,013; to .Njvth America, 851. The population of the two biggest cites was as follows: Lisbon. 530.054 inhabitants and Porlo, 215,6^5. Paddy Harmon, Chicago Promoter, Auto Victim CHICAGO, July 22. (UP)—"Paddy" Harmon. Chicnso promoter anS sportsman, died :od:iy of injuries received when his automobile turned over near Des 1'laines. Harmon died a: 11:05 a. m. al the DCS Plaines emergency hospital where lie was taken after tlie accident, Tlie promoter suffered a fractured leg, head injuries, and possible internal injuries when his automobile wns bru.sbed from a highway northwest of Chicago while passing another machine. Mrs. Harmon and Dr. E. Thomas Brand o! (lie stuff of the Chicago .stadium, Harmon's "dream palace," also were injured. Helen Wills Moody atlribnlcs Iwr prowess in tennis lo the fuel sire learned to play on asphalt courts. Proving again, of comse. that it's the hard knocks that get, you there. Recess Appointments to Power Body Questioned WASHINGTON, July 22 (UP) General Mitchell has been requested by President Hoover to determine whether the law allows recess appointments to the new fed- eial power of the senate special session yesterday and the lav: lias been unofficially constfued lo mem that nominations must be confirmed before the reorganized commis- on can function. • John McDonald, who says he perjured Tom Meoncy into prison 13 years ai;o, now wants to "undo the wrong" he has done. Which will be all right, if he can dig up iho:o losl 12 years and give them lo Mooncy The National Costumers' As.-ocia- licn is made up of manufacturers, tellers and renters of costumes, call-rim; ;o professional ai:i! amateur theatricals as well as to people who want lo go to b.ills and TOWN LOT HKII.MNG NiCLSONVII.LE, Ohio. (UP) — Nelsonvillc's city Eove/nuient has caught She drilling fever lhat has spread fast here following; a luise gas ssrike on l!:e Athens Bvick Co.. property .within city limits. Council has authorized the mayor ami of city owned land tr. tlie highest ' ot cily owned lam! t othe highest bidders for '.he drilling of wells. WOMUX OUGAXIX1-: MEXICO CITY. (UP) -Wonien'r Iciiiiues against alcohol are organized throughout the parties in other than ordinary pant.s " nh '"ct'ord!U>'cV'w!ih"'a 'nntiou-widc and dresses. Its object isjo make |n . n ,, ralll riralvll .,,, i,y cx -l'rcs:den OUT OUR WAY GEE, MA-AM-FO&T \ • RIDER ROPES TH' WVS.TOH JUMP OFF w BEAT -tf-iers E.\yer? CAFF , AW TIE H\"& LAIC,^ - '.yj "vrSJJ HCA.O OP IHS l4f\xlOS Y suovjTt-\'3to&ts> we'sj S^ OOUE VAMuT / CLOUDS ROV.\_ Its object is 10 make country more cesliiine-cons- cio'.is. Its standards of admission are high. Anybody who rents dross s and dinner coats cannot get imlp;-j; he also has so;u.j fancy hanging up in his shop. Majo r llarrelson deploivd the passim; of the icood-old-fashioned Mj'.ieiade ball, but expressed a • .f thai a country which had livfii and thrived en masiiueradc iMlX for 75 years would nni aban- dn;i ;huu more Ihan tcm;i:naril>'. I'nf.-rlunalely. however, many city ordinances have- l>cen set i;p which forbid :lie wearim; of mask-. Baii- di'.s b-ram; too fond of dressing up -iixi ::ias"khi£ a* a means of aiding netariwis work. barklionc of the industry today i> ;he hich schools of Ihc na- tir.r. ui'.h tlieir d:.imatic elTorts-. mrs f . of which call fnr iinported! cos'.ur.K's. It would l>e just too | if ihe hirtiisiry oould nuV de- j pe:id on these and other amateurs ihe s'.ock companies have been disappearing r ap:dly since [the ;.i'.kini; movies came along. I Tl-.r ]r,r:vie.s have bc?n a great i. just the same, because the :.<:;; changes in c* slmnc styles lulls and parlies have been in !ar2c part inspired by wh.U lif'.oe? and ot (lie 'The Four Hor.-cmcn" was ;:r.3 a movie llure was an -o demand fnr pr.irho or :o ccslumes of the lype worn ilcljih Valontir.o ai:d Ihc tn- uas. never cjuito able to •. up with it. Today, years :'.•.(• depanure of the hnmor- U;:rtv. (here Is still a cmi- M for his Ray- Novarro and his Spanish also created a i'.ap'.e itert ' costumers. (he Scots' Turn ".oh coilume.s wi'.i bo ihc nex .'..T lad. arcnrdir... t: ^Taio I'.'f.n. i'coplc admire then 'V.oy me crjlii- t> l:i^ pushcc <"-:\" thir,c» -i-,.it will ho'. : i'.'.;• ripid ,ui\.i:ice of Ih •'h rwjiur.e are hand;c.r,v; F c •it to thj costume themselvci : a;c >x 7 expensive when you Emilio Portes Gil. Announcements The Courier News lias teen nu thorizcd to announce the tollowlii candidates: friends, iiml his .doctor, when they j Iry to ascertain just why he iisdiil'-r in iiis tendency to alcoholic .sprees or chronic lipplhias. r.imits. Sometimes lilamcd . Of ihc 30 patients, only nine uavc :i dejiniic history of having a lather who was an aleolicilic. In 7 cases il was reported thill Ihe father of the patient had been slrici, slern, or rojires.sUe. and in .six eaies thai tlie father was unstable and had had a nervous breakdown. In sever, of Ihc cases lire father could be considered healthy in every way both physically and menially. In four cases Ihe mclhcr had dicci before ihe child was oUI enough so that ihe could have af- teetai his life in any way. In ten cases the child had had what ihe psychclosisls call fixalion on its lother. In ll cases iherc was a lelinite history c:f marital discord jelwcen Ihe parents, and in one. ase a feeiniB of intense hatred to- .•tini Hit mother because the chiW lad learned that she- had •d to get rid of him before he was lorn. In two eases in women tiie noliier was definitely an alcoholic. Among these palienls lliere wcve nimerciis instances ol abnormally of personal adjustment to life and ol perfonality. The forms of nental abnormality varied from ;hiftlessncs> and irresponsibility to leelings of inferiority, religions :amuicism and sexual disturbances. The most significant factor found apparently wns the "fact liuil mosl of Ihe patients showed a complete, .nek of any downright concern over ;heir weakness. There was indeed a lack of desire on the pait of the ilcoholic patient lo get well so that the paiufuluess of his affliction is outbalanced in his cwn mind by his sense of conifer: ar.d ivell beini when he takes too much alcohol. Thus il is difficult to affect any permanent cure in an alcoholic patient without.EUbmitttijs .something, such as- religion, art or love,'. for Ihe alcohol, and which will take of relief tlut I 10 does m;t uct in oilier ways. Obviously, ihe control of such condition must be basically psy- I tholo;;ic;;i lor.lrol and no', merely .in attempt lo hatidle'lhe condition j from '.he physical side. WHOLE STUDIKS (UP)-)] ii)H "il I-'AYETTEVILLK. Ark. (UP) The Smith family is • goini school this summer. Eylit :nei::/ hers of the famiiy of W. M. Sm:O cf P.^rryvillc, Ark., are in tile summer school of ihe Unij versity cf Arkansas. There an-; | five children, Iwo grand-childrei' and a bcn'-in-law. Smi'.h, principal of a :ic:ir,o', siyr.ed tile diploma.' I of six of ins children when lhe> I were gnduntcd !rcm Tiigh school [ FIND ALII' TO MON11V ' COIiU-MBUS, Oliio. iUP)— It a little sleulhing on Ihe part of de-J itctives lo discover hoiv a burgla: f fcund ihc hiding place, of S12 w'r.e: he robbed ihe Fosler-Mavylai:; | lunchroom here. 'It seemed 11:' rcbbci ojjcned Ihe cash legiste and four.d r.o muney, but he dii I come ueross a nine wliich F. Foster, ihe proprietor, had left u | .iie register, ielliug the cook ihu th.e money was hiciaen' between twi | showcases. the place "in Ihe patier.tV'ego tlie effect lhat he gets from alco- hcl. This explains why Ihe chroniL WANT. TJta \ SHORTEST \ LINE \BETWEBN USE PHONE DEMOCRATIC riUMAUY Tuesday, Au;usl 14 For Circuit Judge JUDGE WILLIAM CARROLL- l-'nr iStatr. Kriirescntallvc W. PAUL MARSH. County Jinlgo W. BARHAJI, For GEORGE election). ZAL B. HARRISON (Rc- I'or Slicrirr W. W. SHAVER (Re-cicctlon). For County Treasurer W. W. I1OLLIPETER. JOE P-' PHLUE. For Circuit Ourt T- W. POTTER. BILLY GAINES. Clerk For Couuly Court Clerk MRS, JOHN LONG (Re-election) For Counly Assessor J. S. DILLAHUNTY. Jlii yoWLEU, (Re-election). J. W. WATK1NS. For Justice or l'ie Tcace Chickasawba Township JOHN WALTON". IiD WALKER (Re-election) OSCAR ALEXANDER (Rc-C'.cc- tlon) R. L, MCKNIGHT (Rc-eicction) GEORGE J. WALKER (Rc-elcc- Uon). Sign-posts Imagine yourself on an unfamiliar highway at night in the country. You want to go to Allison. You come to a forked road. No signs! Which way? You turn left and come to a cross-road. No signs. You turn right, You come to a town. It proves to be Liberty. You go back to the fork and turn left. A mile or so farther on you come to another cross-road. A sign pointing right says ''Allison three miles." But'for that sign-post you might have traveled miles—spent hours, and come short of your destination. Imagine yourself in need of hosiery, clothing, breakfast foods or anything else, and this newspaper without advertisements! Advertisements arc sign-posts. They arc information. They save you from wandering aimlessly from store to store. They keep you advised of the newest products; of the. latest values. They save you time, and put greater buying power in your dollars. They assure you of quality and service in merchandise, for only honest goods honestly advertised can stand the spotlight of publicity. For County Coroner W. II. STOVALL. Read the advertisements For Consl.-vblt Clli^•k:ln^yb.^ Township C. B. BliliCH. HAUIIY TAYLOR.

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