The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 23, 1934
Page 5
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Y, JANUARY 23,. 1931 BLYTHEVILLJJ,JAKK.) COURIER NEWS , CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING IMt'OKMATION IJ.nly rjite ix?r Hue 'or conseai- insertions: - -. 'Five average words lo a line) O::e time per line We Tun times per line per day .. 08c IIiixc times i«;r tin" P?r day .. Oiic POULTRY & EGGS WANTKO ~l>oTJl/niy 1IIC.HKST fKICKS I'All) Cash Keel Store 112 K-ist Slsln 10pk2-ll I'rcsh CKBS daily, direct from hen- nery. I'ickard's Grocery, ion Chickasawba. (jj, k - t . s F6lMlKNT~~ ilie hospital [or.aiiolliur treatment ol ncliv signed ivcentiy as vice-president ui l he .lone poration. Uiiijililfu Slcel cor- Ho retained, however . , his position on Hie board of d."Ml ™^ BEDROOM by uirl ciniiloyed ^ix times per line iwr day .. ffec office. Musi be within walking Month rate per Iliu 60c I distance of town, Call 481 between of the same jaw. Tins time George's Nemesis had us>-<| his iisLs. When he left the hospital the second time he shook his Us':; in the doctor's face and empha.s!/ got. lhal guy yet." * ««»"« HI 1"! i 1,-iULM (JLI Wilt I After 64 Ye-u's Service l)ol " Cl1 ""•' Jm " * ^ughim con- PiTi-Qnun, „ °""" :l ci:rii. The coiiiimnj-s annual om- I'msilURCiH. (UPi—Wlilis L.'put al Unit lime was 30,000 to::, ing. 83 yew.; o!d. ended <H years i of puddicd mm. NOT |i s capacity Kinu entered tiio industry wlH-n 18 sears old. Only iron was produced in Pittsburgh when lu> »> Ki "led near S.liW.UOO Uns of sleel Kiin; Mas one o[ the foundeis'oi Hie American iron and SIM In- '•'•'•'Mlv. lie served for many years as one of Its vlce-pi-csldeins. Ijist J| :iy Hie Inslltulc awarded him Hie <'niy Memorial Gold Medal lor ''Outstanding achievements us a »':«ler in Inspiring high Ideals and promoting contldeiice and Rood will •n llu> welluve of 1110 iron and sleel industry." Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered fo- three or six times ar.d stopped before expha- I'on will be chargrc for the ninn- )x?r of times the aii appeared and iidjiutnient, of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by pcrsorif rcsidini; outside of the city inist, be accoai- Ijanied by cash. Dates may be easily computed fr">n above table. No responsibility will bo taken .'or more than one incorrect insertion of any clasvificd ad. Adveitisinjj ordeicd for irregular insertions take Hie one time :ate. 8:30 A. M. and 5 P. M. L'nfiiriiished Rooms for housekeeping 01 bedrooi: STEAM Hk'ATEU lights, Lath, Free. Pcabodj Hotel or eul He ki;. NICELY furnished bedroom, phom- 303. 310 W. Wnlni I street, OPPORTUNITY! USED CAR BARGAINS •33 CIIKVKOLET SLCAN. Low Mileage. A B:>r?.iin 5455 30 rOfll) TUDOR. Special .. Slt>3 :;a rouo SKUAN z window s '2!) ISUICK COliff. Clean, Itims Good *!' •21l IMiltANT COXCH. A l!ar- Bair. at 5 TUt'CK SI'KCIALS •32 FOKI) l!i TON TUIICK. Closed Cab, Du.M Wheels . 531 '30/C1HEVKOLET Hi TON /i'ltUCK. Closed Ciiu 5 7J I-'On» PICKIU'. Closed , Cab S105 '23 FOItl) i'ANtl. DELIVERY 5 S I Sl-uiy Olhcrb To Select From PHILLIPS MOTOR 2(U) F. Main Street 1'honc 811 - 811 BIyfhcville, Arkansas iiUSINESS U1KECTOHY EXPERT Typcnrilft and Addiiic ".viachmc hetiairir.g. L'. S. i>taiuc- ciiihiii, I1G t. nose. Call 1U5-J. 210 K- PloHs shar.wncu — Farm Implements bought and sold by John Wade at Tom Howard Machine Shop. 22-rk-2-22 AUTOMOTIVE Auto Olass All Kinds Ir.sialled The .-\rk->fo lumber Ci>. IOC k2-ll) C',11 :il)8 - Itctl:. Plaic - US E. Mam for Autn Fainting ISmly and Kcn'Jcr Service 29 c kl-lffl I.1UGKST STOCK. USEU I'AIJ'IS Between Memphis and St. Louis Also Auto Glast— Phone fi6 JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. LOW TRICES on winter car needs, heaters, alcohol, GPA glycerine. Model T tops & side curtains. S1.D3 up. WOLF 1.R1AN, 128 E, Main. 23c hl-23 Call I's M'hpn In Nerd of Guaranteed .^lerchirdise 'Jirrj-Iialtrries-Krpl.irniicnl Parts I!Al:»WAKK CO. Aultjmolivr Orpl. It; k CAKl'KNTKKS ii. J. I'elerson — ;(.<) N. 21st St. Carpenter Work of All Kinds He k2-ll HATTKRIKS New Pord Eatterie.s RtnUl - liecharglng - Repairing 777 TIRE & BATTERY STATION' 2Gc kl-2fi FOH SALE MUST be so!d fit once-small diy Roods store in ivell established location. Cheap for Cash. "XYZ" Courier news. 22-ck-2!) i-'IVE Pool Tables nnd other equipment in billiard hall cioine Rood I.', n'ncss. Cheap. Mir. Ed Webster. (516 Lake. Call 743 J 17p k21 R-oncviiic NO. 4 COTTON"SEETI price $1.75 hundred. See F. Black or Clarence :vreDrrmolt al Bly- Ilicvillc Gin. 5c k2-5 I OliUKON Tractor ccKiipned wiili di«c tmniiii! plov.r. I'.uil nyrnm. 17c fc24 KADIOS All Ratlins incliitliiu; It. C. A., are hrlr<- clusert out nl rosl for CASH al HuM'itd H-'trin-'r.^ Tn 12ck2-l2 Coffee and Coal Costly, Whisky Cheap, in 1834 UMONTOWN, ]'n. iUP)-CoIlce uini enal were nlmo>t as expensive :i milury ni;o us they lire loduy. I>ul whisky could bo lioiiiilil for I'i'ht cents r- T.I;.I'.. l-'icqiimi sales of "wlilti> wlus- l'-.v" for elj;hl. cents a quail, or b'',i ci-iits a pint, wore iccordnl In a ledger from the general .store at Adniiisburij, Weslnini-eliind counly, I'". A tear niicct (rom the" Icd- iter, dated IBM. Is owned by Fd- wnrd BniHIi, Unloiilcwii. CofTcc sold roi- 18^ cents n pound and "cole" for •)*; ccnla a bushcl-sllBlitly more limn prices 11 year ajjo, although coal iwv, sells for C cents n bushel. Head Courier News Wont Adi. lyONGMOHT, COlo! ,ur;—V.CM county's nrsl fatality from no»t- rciwal bootleg whisky was the death,. of 4-year-old Maria Garcia, who' pulled »-concealed bottk'of whisky from tjixler a mattress, and drank some of It/ She was soon suffer^ IIIB from convulsions, and died iiii' a 1/jnemont hospital 19 hours Ute£ : ' Old U. 8. paiwr money Is grouud Into palp pud sold. ';; FURNISHED bcd'-oom. 1017 W. Walnut. Mrs. Ed Ilardln after o P. M. 2 PC ku STEAM HEATED BEDROOM, Sl-i W. Main. Phone 98. 2c FOR l.KASK l ; nr Lease—10 acres cut over land Two year lease. Will build house 5 miles west of I'.lythp.vllle. Convay i- Houehins. ISc kit .WANTKD FURNISHED apartment where children are allowed. Must have mmcdiatc possession. L. H. Johnson. Call 633. 22-ck-25 We pay morn fo" pecans, furs, hides, brass, copper, radiatois. aliiminum, lead, latteries. Phone 170, Wolf Arian. 128 E. Main. 23c kl-23 FEMALE HRM> Middle aged or elderly woman to live in home and help with light house work and care of baby State weekly wage expected. Ad- ctess "100", Courie." News. 1 (TO RENT- WANTED TO REST—Four or five room house or apartment, unfurnished, first floor. Phone 49. ANNOU.NCEMENTS Mis. L. M. Burnettc announces thi of short hand, tyjicwrit ing and bookkeeping classes. Spe (ial Trices. Call MMV. Ic ki- COAL & WOOD I'llONE 107 BUCHANAN "Our.Coal ir Black But We Treat You While" DC k2-! SEEDS & PLANTS Fcok seed with us now for Marcl delivery. They are sure to be higher. Hubbard Hvw. Co. c k2- J-OY BEANS, FIELD PEAS. Test cd seed. Special prices. Ear Ji?.tcher. Call 635-J 20pk2: REAL ESTATE FOR SALE 17 1-4 ncrts between the Cotton Bell and J. L. C. i; E. Railroans just west of the Federal Comprrsb. Will sell all or any part. Select what you want and write me for price. It. N. WAKE, JH. Tallulah, Ijiuisuna 1'OK SALE—10 aci-rs, all in culti i.ilicr. One mile south of Oos i.cll. Roland Green. 6t kt Hurt Twice by Same Foe Boy Vows to Get Even ANSA5 CITV. Mo. tUP)— Th( General Hospital expected a thi visit, from George SLsk, 10. fc cause of the lad's desire to get, ev with a playmate. George's boy friend in the fii., encounter fired a BB shot into hi cheek, which later became infect The hospital treated his injury a..« he vowed he wsuld even matters when he got out. A week later George went lo GOOD COAL IS THE CHEAPEST % COAL Tlicrc is no c o a Wcct f,f Ihc Allegheny Mountains, as high in heal and as low in ash as Ihc GUPREMEV •* Super-Heat •"< That is .1 hold slnlr.mcnl, but II. .. ethical, because it's true. \Vc nave aulhoritathc analj^is on nic on all C nai anrt cln ovc Ihis claim. SUI-KEJIE Supe.-lteaf is (he only coal of its kind and sold only by this company. ^jj'f* - w ***^ &• f 6 x3 Mcdi u in ^•jf^iSfSS&Sfa S!zc Lump Cash A Hich ^!;m's Con! nl A Poor Man's |' r i cc Superior C»;tl & Mining Co. 301 W. Ualnul . Phone 70J i:VKN I)1NNY IS K001,KU! 'l -'''" ' "~^"*- rw<.E ouRjX; yVV^'./p r.v/MAV ( r\y?<\^*, TIFTH TIME VOU'Vt STARTED TO UNWIND) WWfc STORMS THAT-DW.LOV:VAP,H9 THAT (SETS WJ$3& WHAT (AAA^PENEtl ""COKKUPP J\ GUSTS rh \NTRAPPINGTtiE f NOTORIOUS CA1=TA\M s'SHA-NDYSATF, AS I t>\\3 (WHEN i WAS IVASPECTC \ HOOPOE, OF SCOTLAND i HEV.FOOZYlDucK , -.._ . .. W61T 1 VERSELF OUTft X 1HKT RIG! K DINNV THINK'D YOU'RE A DINNV/ VOU Ol! FOOL/ Qumwtt AQirVup/^: THW'S NOT ft STEGOSAURU5- BOOTS AN!) U10U HUDDIKS /f •t' ff VOH OOVST WViQUi '. I U ft rt ( WE M^DU QO«. TEU TOMORROW WASH TUHBS LEAVK IT TO EASY! CO CHAWMED, MY DEflH, OEftH CAPTAIN EftSr, I HAVE OFVEM HEARD KV BROTHA SPEAVC OF / NTX1. 6USH6S NONSENSE ALL THE PLACE. /^Tjtoil SEE, SINCE RETURNING FRO(v| \' VoU DEAH "^ / THE Al ^CU-akl r.ra n i->i,r-,, ,,,n.,r- ' / '.'il-r^'l"'. IT WORKED TWEWTY ARE COMING OOl TO CXNNER. sHANEY OM VOU, FOR NOT CALLING SOONA. ^.fftHP^ Lft PBEEIAA TRIPS in UKE A SA-fiji^ A8TEJ.OPE. . SALESMAN SAM THE COLLAR WENT WITH IT! SftTUfLD ftV I t ^ UP To ) DITCH \ ' woui cc^= Vou' 11 '- f \f ri i f i i-i~ . i_..,t I • •v-\,\.__T^^I_». = , OU KIDj BUT t VE. ' HORDES PlM' UOST CA^ SHIRT 1 w( ."JEICK. fii&HT K:CIO i , ' • s^ FUECKLKS AND HIS FUIENUS LISTES/.FRECkLES.' tX) YOU HE BELL? SOMEONE IS TRYING TO INTO CKJt? VEAW...I FIXED UP AM ELECTIRJC CONTACT UM3=Q SOWE LEA V .'ES IM THt YARD. ITS COMPLETELY I'.DDEU I! (Jo ewe CM ci; NEAP TJ= YOU'LL S£E,SOOM AMD So VJILL THAT GUY ItJ HIDDEN CKJDEC THAT PILE O" LEAVES. BESIDES A BURGLAR ALARM!.' ~^- ye DOESMT EXPECT..,, WE'LL

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