The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1942 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1942
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW? THURSDAY, MAY 21, 1942 Lord's Supper Sanctifies Fellowship And Adds Significance to Communions Text: Luke 22:14-30 BY WILLIAM E. G1LIIOY, D. D. • Editor oi' Advance If the scenes in our lesson, the Last ; Supper, were not sufficiently dramatic in the simple description which the New Testament record gives, 'great artists would have dramatized it for us and made the setting unforgetable. The greatest depiction of the scene in art is . the; famous painting by Leonardo da.', Vinci, though it is more accurate in the emoiions that it evokes than in Us historical detail. Just a Little Squirt : Phone 42 Box Office Opens 1:30 p.m.— Show Starts 7:45 p. m. Admission Always llc-23c Tax Inc. Thursday, Victory Nile A $25 Defense Bond JANE WITHERS in 'Small Town Beb with'Jane'Harwell, Bruce Edwards, Cobina Wright, Jr., Cedl Kclla- way, Katharine Alexander, Jack Scarl, Buddy Pepper. Shorts and News. It is unlikely that the disciples ate at a long table of Leonardo's arrangement. More likely they were grouped together at tables in the form of a hollow square, and were reclining instead of sitting. But the physical details are unimportant. Jesus and His disciples were Jews, and in harmony with the statement of Jesus that He had not come to destroy the law or the prophets, they were engaged in what was, and continues to be the holiest of all Jewish observances, the celebration of the Passover. This specific celebration in the upper room has a new and added historical significance as the origin of. the Christian sacrament, or the Lord's Supper, which is so much the essence of Christian faith and fellowship that we speak of Christian bodies, or denominations, as "communions." Was Jesus consciously establish- up; such a rite? It is a question may ask, but that we cannot answer. Much might be said for idea that Jesus was sanctifying all fellowship and all partaking of food' together. The supper that the disciples ate was evidently a real meal. The small portion of bread and wine, of which modern congregations partake in the Lord's Supper, is symbolic: rather than real and church suppers have little relation to the Supper in the upper . , , room. Yet why should they not tuo Kon01 Oi have? Why, without becoming sad and solemn occasions, should not every mingiling of Christians to- Scouts To Hold Camporee Series The Eastern Arkansas Area Council's Camping and Activities Committee in cooperation with the District Committees is sponsoring five District Camporees and this Fall the annual Robinson Crusoe Camp. The first of these camporees was Mario Bullo, ri^hl, £cts into the fight by learning to milk from Grace Tom on "a Long Island farm. Both belong to American Women's Voluntary Services. Miss Tom to the Chinese unit. •ether, and particularly the mingling for common food and social intercourse, be touched with the glory of all that makes the Church HARGROVE GUILTY (Continued from page 1) Friday-Saturday Mat. Sal. 4:00 p.m. Charles Starrclt, Russell Hayiicu 'West of Tombstone 7 with Cliff ''Ukulele Ike" Edwards, Marcclla Martin Chapter 9 "Captain Midnight" & Shorts. Expert Tractor Tire Vulcanizing! worth while? And all that makes the Church worth while is here portrayed in tin; glorification of Christian service. Though one of the twelve was a traitor, these disciples hud been called to high honor. But it was not the honor of overcising power like that of earthly kings. It was • : iring in the service of the King of Kings, who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, because, beyond all others, He stooped to conquer and gave Himself completely to the service of God and His fellowmen. By joining in that spirit, we can perpetuate the spirit of the Lord's Supper in that upper room. The conflict in the world is still on between the loyal disciples and the traitorous Judases. between the "Lords of the Gentiles." the believers in force and violence, and the saints in the upper room. The Master went from the upper Don't waith until the last minute \o have your Tires Repaired— Come >« NOW - - Materials Limited! Blytheville Tire Co. room to tragedy lovers of peace righteousness arc Highway North — Phone 2201 SALE OF HOME NEEDS and death, and and truth and passing through a new Calvary, but the voice of Jesus still sounds. "Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." It is the spirit of service that will conquer and the hop? of our country is in those who serve. Keep your Neck Muscles Limber With Exercise m aUecoratgd VEGETABLE DISH Gay and attractive for a Spring setting, these dishes come in two modern patterns and three colors. Decorated edges and centers. that the shooting ended before Officer Jones entered the building This, said Mr. Mayes, was in direct opposition to Mr. Jones' testimony Jones asserted that the door of the shop was open, and that he .hac entered the building before Har- rovc fired two shots Into hLs 6wi body. Mr. Mayes also pointed ou that Mrs. Holt and Mrs. Parks had said no one was .sitting at the desl in the shop when Potter entercc Jones asserted that a woman wa seated there at the time. In referring to the temporal' insanity plea of his client, the defense attorney, told the jury that the defendant was laboring under such mental stress that, when threatened with arrest, he went temporarily insane and killed the policeman and Mrs. Hargrove while in an irresponsible condition. Mr. Mayes also told the jury that Hargrove was carrying a pistol when he entered the shop solely for the purpose of commiting suicide and denied that there was ever any intention on the part of the defendant to kill his wife. Following conclusion of testimony yesterday afternoon Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Graham Sud- jbury of Blytheville made a strong I plea for the stale, summed up the evidence against Hargrove, attacked hLs contention of "temporary insanity" and asked the jury-^to cither find the defendant guilty: -of first degree murder or free him rather than decide on a compromise verdict. held at Blytheville in Walker Park on May 15 and 16. The second will be at Pocahontas Community Center, May 28 and 29 with R. J. Barnett acting as Camporee chief. The third will be east of Wynne on June 4 and 5, with Edgar Hollan Jr., acting as Camporee chief. The fourth will be at Jonesboro on une 5 and.6 where Charles Stuck ill act as Camporee chief. The ifth will be at the West Helena 'air Grounds on June 11 and 12. The Camporee is an overnight janip where the Scouts from the 'arious troops come in and set up ,heir camp on a patrol basis to compete against a standard and to match their skills in camping and scoutcraft against that of their neighboring troops and fellow Scouts. Plans have been laid for each Camporee so that the events will start at 2:30 p.m., with a large campfire that night. T(he nefct morning a scries of Scoutcraft contests with final announcements made, in mid-afternoon of the second day. A large attendance is expectec at each of these District Campo- rees. School Superintendent Named To Succeed Carter STEELE, Mo., May 21.—The Board of Directors of Consolidated District No. 8 had a meeting last week and employed O. T. Coil of DeSoto, Mo., as superintendent for the coining term of school. He succeeds Supt. W. A. Carter who resigned to enter the U. S. Army. . Mr. Coil has been with the Ing a $2 bill look like a $20. He DeSoto school for the past 10 years, i ue me mistake of passing it The balance of the faculty for the at a postoffice. ' Steele district is practically the same as last year. Two-Dollar Bill Is Unlucky BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (UP) —The belief that $2 bills are bad luck proved only too true for James Fred Cunningham, negro. He was placed under $1000 federal bond for mak- SKIN of PIMPLES ACNE TETTER ECZEMA RR1TATIONS (exttrnally cauMd) Check Itching—Bmioc the antiseptic — easy way with famousBlack and White Ointment. Promotes healing —clearing help. Use only as directed. Cleanse daily with Black and White Skin Soap- Steele Alumni Group Elects New Officer Give him a practical gii't . . . ssomething that he can wear. At Joe Isaacs' you'll find a selection that will meet with the approval of any boy or young man! STEELE, Mo., May 21.—The fol lowing officers have been selectee for the Alumni Association of Steele: Clarence McCollum, president; Lee Ycager and Miss Roberta Reynolds, vice presidents; and Russell Frakes was re-elected secretary and treasurer, an office he has held for several years. Mrs. Helen Rutlcdge is the retiring president. U V AUCA IIA KT NEA Service Staff Writer Stiff, aching muscles can do as much to ruin your disposition and therefore your looks, as missing breakfast or getting only half as much sleep a.; you need. And the war is putting the spotlight on natural-looking vitality—it is getting to be mora nnd more a fashion "must" to hold your head up in a relaxed, queenly way which shows Stores Will Close STEELE, Mo., May 21— Practically every merchant and business nan of Steele has agreed to close nis business at 1 o'clock each Thursday afternoon and not reopen until the next morning. Also all business places will close or Sunday except drug stores, owners of which plan to work out a sys- Ex-Strong Man, 65, Gives Blood For Transfusions PHILADELPHIA (UP)— Edward tern where holiday. they also will get Walking to Work a Tradition Curlee Clothes Smartly Styled for Summer Our offerings of Curlee Suits have that "sure fire" touch that marks the wearer as a well-dressed man. These Curlee Suits are tailored by some of the best craftsmen in the business—men who have helped to build the Curlee reputation for quality for nearly half a century. Carefully selected patterns in season's smartest patterns, come in and see them. $26.50 SEWELL Summer Suits—$22.50 SEATTLE Wash. (UP)—Carl J Smith and Horace A. Wilson, at torneys, and Charles A. Bobbett, commercial artist, have met nearly every morning since 1905 and walked together about three miles IH If B Kenfucfcy Blue _ GRASS SEED Growr beautiful long blade grati, dtep rooted and hardy, forming luxuriant lawns' .:.::.....> 51.50 of brilliant color Screen ENAMEL Protect homeland m«ih from oil weather wilh gloisy, quick-drying enornil. Nov»r clogs meih. True Value GRASS SHEARS for eosy cutting end long wear. Hardened S'/j in. bladev and malleable hondlci. 59c True Vofue HEDGE SHEARS Heard Binchtorbon b!cd*t notched end 9rcund v.ith varnish ond ver> million hondltv Sl.39 The Famous Blue Grass Mower Steel Wheels, 5 blades hardened and tempered for keen cutting— $8.95 KEM- TONE Gallon Paste Form KEM-T«! Acrne &RSEHIKE that you don't have to concentrate on good posture. Women arc discovering, too, that there's no end of comfort in sound beauty routines. So, this is definitely the time to keep neck insclcs limber and strong. Here re some ''quickie'' exercises which ill accomplish that: Sit erect with shoulders .squnre ut not .stiff. Relax neck and let ; end fall backward as far as pos- iblc. Now place fingertips behind firs and lift head to upright posi- ion. Let. the fingertips do the vhole lifting job, and lift from list behind each ear. Relax and epeat five times. Now try the exercise without ising fingertips—just let the head drop back and lift it by using the micclcs at the side of the neck veep the mouth closed. Repeat ivc times. FRY THIS FOR \ FINISHING TOUCH Now let the head fall backward, and roll it slowly from side to side. Repeat five times—no more. Then let the head fall forward on chest, and roll toward the left shoulder, backward, ripht and around again, describing wide circles. Do this slowly, .several limes. For a really relaxing finish, sit on the floor wilh ankles together and hands clasped behind you back. Lift hands till shoulder blades are sriuec/ed together. At the same time, let head fall backward. Relax and repeat five times. (Spike) Howard, a retired stro'ng man, i.s doing a vastly .different act these days. \\ Howard can still break chains across Ills chest, bend steel spikes into horseshoes with his bare hands and tow a 10-ton truck with his teeth. But now, at 65, he devotes, most of his energy to giving blood transfusions, Hardly a day passes that- he isn't called on for blood. He has given blood to 953 persons. z to their offices. Smith is 77. According to lighter-than-aircraft experts, rigid airships, each carrying 10 attack bombing planes and capable of ranging thousands of miles from their bases, might bo employed by the United States Navy. Conservation o£ automobile, electrical wires and cables has now become a matter of strict necessity, because during the war the insulated wire manufacturing industry can make only limited, if any, replacements. FITTED BY Doctors J. L. and J. C. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS England has gone under to produce airplanes. In old abandoned mines, deeper than any German bomb can blast, factories equipped with American-made machinery and tools are turning out vital parts of fighters and bombers. IN BLYTHEVILLE SINCE 1922 BPTICRL STORE 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 flft domog'"9 tU. Non- S> • injutiout. No Uvo makes of planes have identical windshield arrangements. Life-Stride Shoes . New tinder-arm . Cream Deodorant safely Stops Perspiration Screen DOOR S nd 29c Wihtc. Brown & 'White. Blue & White. Black & White. Btige & Brown. $5.50 LE HARDWARE CO. "The Complete Hardware Store" 126 W. Main Phone 515 1. Docs not rot dresses or men's j shirts. Docs not irritasc skin. j 2. No waiting to dry. OP. be used right after shaving. 3. Instantly stops perspiration for 1 to 3 days. Removes odor from perspiration. 4. A pure, white, grcascless, stainless vanishing cream. 5. Arrid has been awarded the Approval Seal of the American Institute of Laundering for being harmless to fabrics. Arrid Is the LARGEST SELLING DEODORANT. Try a jar today! .. ARRID At all flares Selling Ir.itet poods (al«o Ju lOf ami 59c jjar.«) JARMAN SHOES FOR MEN Mrs. Day's Ideal Baby Shoes At Popular Prices The Family Shoe Store 312 W. Main Phone 2342 Summer Dress Shirts by Van lieuscn .. .the shirt that holds its shape. Complete selection of patterns, solid colors and whites. Ties 50c and -Bfi 50c and $1 JEWELRY- Key Sets, Tie Chains and Collar Clasps 50c—$1.00—SL50 Haucs Underwear Jplly-Stride Shoes A HAPPY LANDING IN EVERY PAIR! Popular styles in Spring and Summer two-tones and solids. Comfortable? YES!—they arc cushioned for comfort— ventilated for health; Complete Selection of Styles! $5.00 A quality garment made for comfort and to give long wear. $1 per suit Sport Shirts Cool, comfortable Van Hcuscn Sport Shirts to match with summer blacks. Selection of shades. f;*;;| »lip • ^"111 .JP ^£iS5ii ; *^SS$i£ *£!&:;£# • S2.50 Sport Ensemble Relax and play in comfort and know that you nrc styled right in one of these good looking Sport Ensembles, with the Hollywood influence. Full cut and tailored properly. §6.25 and $7.75 * Slacks ^ variety of patterns and fabrics. Mix natch 'cm with your sport shirts. 'cm or $5.00 * JOE ISAACS, Inc. In Blytheville Since 1902

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