The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 1, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Demands Of Yankee Stars May Cause Adoption of Limits, By IIAIIKV- GIMY.SON Spoil' Editor, NBA Service ST. PETERSBURG, Flu.— Demands of New York Yankee slurs may force Ihe major leagues to adopt.n strict salary limit, it Is revealed at the club's training camp here, txm Gehrlg' and Joe DiMagglo .•ask $40,000 each. Lolly Gome* and hcd Ruffing want $20,008 •apiece. Red.Holfc would like S14,- 000. Prank Crosel-U Insists upon the $M,000 he collected in 1037 despite the fact that he had n poor season. They'll nil take li>ss, but It Is significant that even one of the recruits. Bud Chandler, the Georgia pitcher, has •lioldoulllts. Only (hree or four other or- ganisations—notably (he Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox, and Di troit Tigers, which play with the purseslrlngs of wealthy Philip K. Wrigley, Thomas Austin Yawkej nnd Walter O. Briggs. respectively —can:match Ihe bankroll of Co). •Jacob Ruppci'L. . Kuppert no doubt would jnsi. ni len\e pay bull players liimdsomely as give Ills money lo the govern, menl In the way of Income tax, but something hns to be done in the interests of clubs vastly lets well fixed financially. ..When the San Francisco club was open to bids for Joe DiMagglo , .„,,„„„ four yonrs ngo, it quickly became Cf , S3b ', 000 c " B1 ' nvcl1 apparent that only the Yankees co " rilcl n - vf(lr ' 1go - hud sufficient money to eflmble on majors once tr! a. young outfielder who•-,had in- Juied his knee 'Hie Seals wanted player-; woise than the $25.000 Ruppert pnld for the •'Of taking a chance on leg injury, nnd only faVs liad them. tor Slars Pay Them Wcl! \Vlien Baseball Commissioner in me capstone, according to n , Ki-plci- Mills, Ititm-murnI director. IVetenSC Lxnecleti To Rest 'I'lil' nnnls fn tlip rVnlnrnllu ,it.,i_ r rv 1 »"-*i In Uisbatmenl Proceecl- Blytheville Boys On Fraternity Cage Teams UNIVERSITY, Ala.-A number of Alabnma football players arc litnrrliiK In the intra-imiral .basketball tourney which is going U ji ill the Capstone, according to 'J'nc finals In the fraternity dlvl- cn will IM held Thursday nti/lH. Included among the grldders ilo- tlicir lime on the hardwood llama are One Blackwcll, ller- Mosloy and Jim Tipton, Sigma li-iilc-mlty, all of Blytlicville, ,; Billy .Utirrell, Delta Chi; corgc Klvlch; Johnny Roberts mil Ohm-Icy Holm. Theia chl; and 1 Kilgiw, .Slyma Oil: Opening Round Scores In State A. A. U. Meet CONWAY. Ark.—Scores in opening round games of the slate A. lournnmenb v;ei'e: rly. 47, Damascus Independents 19, Arkansas Collenn 47, IIuLspy c. . C. 31. Arkansas IVcli 55, Conway Cubs , Stile •Teachers TSi, Dccbe Agsti'S TUESDAY, MARCH 1, 1038 Landis declared Tom Henrich „ .free agent last spring, the Yankee bid for an untried outfielder, $20,000, outstripped those of nil other outfits. Manage! Joe McCarthy obvl- omly did not care lo risk going it with joung Joe Gordon alone .it second base (Ills season so suddenly we found Die 'seasoned majors once tried n Kalnry limit, but there were plenty ofj kicks. Tin; principal cntnplallU was (hat it left Uic nlliletes wilh- oul an incentive. little Interest hi All-New York Scries However, nnd while It Is true llmt the rich get richer and' the poor get poorer, U Is 1 ' tough on .second division cl'ubs when ii ballplayer worth only $5000 a year in ^Knickerbocker transferred lowly Browns to hie Bill from (he Yanl« Fov Knickerbocker, who was rttssaffsfled in si. Louis after bc- mg-'a standout in Cleveland the Huppcrt Rifles gave $20,000 in addition lo Don Heffner, the dlmln- utlie InfieMei The phlca'go White Eox feel very badly about the transaction, but It Was plain that tliey did .'not choose to meet the 'fielding and hard Yankee figure The skillful 0IMAG6IO ^ GEJlRIG^fr RufH , - The $40,000 di-mumls ot Joe olMagglo and Lou Gehrlg «,ual what Bnbc n«ll, wn, paid fo, "a tvlUMhe We«- VorfcjraMke™. but there are unmistakable signs that "them dm ire gone tone, thin); to do willi Colonc-1 liupperCs lo have figures In excess on Oehrlg's who lost a and interesting " ..y.w.». & «1IW illUU hilling of .Knickerbocker not only fortlfiea the Yankee. 1 ; at second 111,1110 event thai Gordon, up'from Newark, falls, but elves them nn excellent •. replacement for Cro- bettl al shoitstop, Major- league bsseball continued to thrive In 1937. with all clubs except the Browns dechr- Ing dividends. The Browns lost JSfl.KO The Yankees showed n 10 j>er cent profiron their$10000- OCO Investment, and Detroit earned $1,000.000 lo show Ihc \vny to the money-getters. The White Sox made S500.COO. and the Giants nnd l?cd Sox cleaned «ii. Colonel Hnpperfs basebail pny- roll last-season ainotnufid to mo,"than S300.0CO. Th'- Cub payroll wasn't lar behind at $275000 The Red Eox paid r.lnletes $250 COO, and Ihe Ginnls J235 000 I'rerious S:.)ary f.intit \Vas Found Ijn.snlisf.^ctorv- U|> until last season, "when it put the Indians and Bob Feller ..several Sunday and holiday games in Cleveland's huge lake-front i.t.v dium, the Alva Bradley organization couldn't afford to [ray Johnny Allen close to $20,006 on a two-year contract, or Feller $11,- Bui with Gomez anj Huffing souawking for $20,000 apiece the Cleveland club hud to kick through. • Allen held out fcr $25,000, and ••It'may have meant something when, during Ihe course of negotiations, a Yankee official told nn Indian official, "If you give Allen that kind /of money, v.e'll soon have a salary limit'." H is suspected that the Amc-r- xan League directors had some- St Louis becomes u $15,000 chattel In New York. And lhere ytis n modicum' of Interest, even In New York, when Ihe world series wns. conned lo Manhattan for the second straight fall. In view of 'the Yankee situation. Joe Medwick, a New Jersey boy who led Ihc National Lwgw In practically everything, scarcely ran be blnmed for yelping for n whole lot more/ from the Cardinals. ffitbe Ru(h \vns worth Ihe $80.- COO the Yankees pnld him, uiul advocates of n salary limit point out that the presence of such a plnj'cr nnd attraction In n l|cieup would''force, (lie/chib o\niiu'''^hhn lo dispose' of other luminaries to weaker ? aggregations, 'mis may not be as'sound as it sounds, bin. Hint's their' explanation. S i deciding favorite j took the first h i with reverse he Irishman Beats Jo Jo Pinhead; Freddie Defeats Art Perkins Takinj Ihc first and Ihird rails, Eddie Maloue won over Jo Jo Pinhead, (lie circus strong man. In the feature mutch on the Amu-lean Legion's weekly wrestling card here last nlglii. Despite the fact. Hint Ills' opponent was sonioivliat heavier, the durable Irishman was more than n mulch for the showman with Ihc bullet shnpcd dome, plnhcnd performed last night without help from his manager. "Cowboy" jack Piirdln. ivlio week directed every move from plnhrad's corner. If anything. Plnhcnd gave a betler . exhibition Inst against Ma- Self-Taiiffht English Vrgeil KENT. o. (UP)— A progvnm or setf-iiisti notion -in college English composition Is ndvocntcd by Miss Wllma in a Onrnetl, prolessor of li at ICcui Slftle Unlvcrslly bulletin. INTO COOL-BUBKIH', TASTY "MflKIN'S" CIGARETTES ? BUNCHIN'OR SPIUIN'WHH , 'OWAtP«IT PRINCE \ AlBERL IT DRAW} , EASY TOO-AND ITS ,COTB«LB<»r , WITHOUT BITE lone thim he did against Roy Welch in his Hist appearance here. ,. Maloiie rftcpiircd. but .nine inin- utes'to'.takc thc'first. tumble with front crotch nncl body slam, pinhead evened the battle, lakhig the second In 16 intnulcs with u cvab hold. .The County Kerry Irlslmmn then slummed plnliead into s\ib- mission In another live minutes. clinching the deciding mil with u body plu. The skill • or Freddie Knlchcl prelhnlnni'y mutch. Knlohel, who was making ills litsl appearance in Ihe_local ring In some time, wns the e of the crowd: He rail fin 15 minute.'; ...- hendlocks and body pin. Perkins employed his favorite hold, the flying liwul scissors, to capture the second In 14 minutes, (lien Kntchol ended the argument In another II minutes, flopping Perkins again with reverse headlocks and n body pin. Aborigine Hero's Health Menaced by Black Magic PERTH, Australia (UP)—Black magic Is reported to be slowly causing the death of Hector, the aborigine wlio became 11 imtlotiul hero as the result of a run of 37 hours to bring the news of the finding of the lost Germmi fliers Uertriunin and Klaiismann. The aboriginal black magic method thnt is said (o be causing his death is what is known as "pointing the bone." Hope is still held out for him because in a previous similar case, a store keeper had the presence of mind to give the victim.some aspirin and convinced him that it contained enough poison to kill the poison In him when n rival tribesman hud "pointed the bone" at him. To Hold Amateur Boxing Tourney At Jonesboro JONESBORO. Ark., Mar. : 'l;-Tlic Jonesboro, Community center fith- letic .club nnd the Jonesboro Dally Tribune will sponsor an amateur boxing (oiirtiaiinmt here March 24. 26, and 28. Entries from all sections of Northeastern Arkansas arc exiKct- ed. A number or towns already hnve 'indicated (hey will be 'represented. Gold boxing gloves will-be awarded to winners In all divisions and m»ncrs_-up In- eueh class also will be given an award. The deadline for entries Is March 20. Preliminaries arc scheduled March 2'i nnd 25 with the finnls ou March 28. Officials hnve announced that anyone participating in the even will bD furnished beds nuch night Anybody interested may wrllc "El- Ion Dickson, box 789, Jonesboro or Vcruon- Covlngton. Jonesboro proved loo much for Art Perkins official entry blanks.' SENTRY <COAL>/ 70 fine roll-your-own c- »rellc» in every 2-oz. tm of Prince Albert COTTON SEED O. P. 1,. No. 11 First Year From Breeder Cuslom Glnnca BRAXTON GILL Dell,' Ark. WASHED |% AXOLIZEn "BUST TREATED" II by fhlB WAXOL Process' our NEW SE/VTJW It's prepared in America's Most «, AA . Modern Preparation PJant We S7.00 tOH Guarantee Every Ton. GAY & BILLINGS PHONE 7fi Names of Movie Stars For Children Opposed NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (UP) The Rev. Thomas P. Lawlor, pastor of St. Mary's church, asking his parishioners ' children as soon to baptize their as possible after birth, pleaded that they not ... given the' names' oS movie slurs. Children, he said, should be given the names of saints, and "not hrane-mnde ones thnt do not mean a thing." Read Conner News Want, Ads ings CAROTHEK3V1LLE, Mo., Mar. 1. —The hearing on disbarment proceedings against Sharon J. Palo continued here again this morning with the defense presenting- Us testimony. Attorneys for both sides expressed the belief lulu ytsterday that the case would be concluded tojjiy. Nfost cif yc-sleidiiy wns -.vllli tlie hai- a&spcintlon attorney, K. \y. Jone.s. HwiiUla, questioning Hale. Pate, lco;il attorney and lonnc-r I'cmlsco!, county representative in the J)8th siutc tjcnerfil iissernbly. denied huving imlcrett 'iiuo any conspiracy with lundowilcrs or moilgat-pes owning land within iina-io Dlstrlcla' Six and Eight. He testified that Hie members of the county court, who were In con~ tixil of the duiijiaao dlslrlcU and who employed him as tax attorney lor these districts, were present at. and paiUfipiiled in every sale; that they did not instruct him to bid on the lands licin K offered for sale; Hint they did not furnish him money to bid. nor did they bid on the lands themselves. The bar association opened the hearing by first presenting a nimi- ber of exhibits tending to show Mine of the lands sold, the' full costs against these lands, nnd (he •smaller price lliey sold for at sub- sccpic-nt sak-s. Most of the lands Mentioned n-ere sold In Dcccmljer 1933. The bar association alleged thai 'ran May, 1931, u> Jnmiary. 1038, IVtlc received a sum of JC55J.67 as Ices for serving 'as lax attorney for- the districts. The association presented ? letter to Mrs. Clara Blsham of this city, from Pate, bearing his signature, which he iictaoivledffed, wwttcn Nov. 9. 1933. m which it was .slated Uial judgment was aljoiil lo be taken in Ihe sum of $1000 asuihst CM tain of her lands, whereas it .she conlncled him, shu possibly nilsjlii settle for $M>». Hate udinltled the It-ttev. but said he lieyc-i- made nny agreemc-Tit or plan with Mrs. nigham. ns filie never competed him. It vj:ts paic's contention.'lir- Lo.s- tllied, that tho hinds he Mid brought enough to pay publication, cltvk. sheritf and sillornt-y fees. whereas lands sold prior lo lli«l time Imd not even brought enough lo pay these fees. After concluding inieslUmuig of Hate, Uie asscciallon rested. 'Hie defense Ihtn called five ol the association wiliu-sses lo Ihc stand, each of whom denied having en- teied Into any plan of settlement with Pale regarding wlml price certain lands could be purchased for. Glass Eater Recovers From OTTAWA (OP)— Apparently the diet of Arthur Cordlngley iloos ;iol agree with him. Tie 35-year-old Scotchman is recovering in a hospital here from his 17th opcralfon following his collapse on the street. 'llie forms . ____ ......... _. ..... . soubriquet of Jack Redekmd, has 119 stitches dcconillng his abdomen. He had previously collapsed In Halifax after a theatrical performance in which he ate glass chips, razor blades, light bulbs and cut-pel lacks. Cordingley suffered ;i slight al- l.-ick of Indigestion. Glasgow native, who I as an acrobat under GLENCOE BARBER SHOP Karl K. J'arker, flap, . Gltiiroe Hotel IHdff. Haiiii or Eleeirk Manicuring LET'S GIT TOGETHER ON THIS! The Mod March Hare is mad because The weaHier's full of sleel and thaws; But when good fellows get together A Call for CALVERT brings fair weather! CALL FOR Catvert WHISKIES v«i BLDC.. N V. C. C«IVEHT'S •'•» fSCHVC" • BLEN&ea fwHKKEvi 50 I»ROOF — fias» GRAIN NtUTRAL SPIRITS . CAtVERT'S "S»rci*l » HttMDtD WHISKEY- M PROOF-li" GR»li3 NEIUIBAt irlRITS. Is Too Small or Too Large For Our Expert Automobile Mechanics We pride ourselves in doing every job right no matter liow small or large. Years of aclual experience and the finest in shop equipment asi sure you of .satisfaction. ^ Genuine Ford Parts It rosls a lot more to drive a car that is out of order than It docs to have it repaired in our shop. All Work Guaranteed PHILLIP'S MOTOR CO. 5th & Walnut Phone 810 1 WANTED GOVERNMENT LOAN COTTON SWEARENGEN CO. OFFICE CONCRETE BU>O. ON WAtNUT STREET FARM LOANS Anywhere in Mississippi County Wilson and Worthington Isl National Bank Bldg. Blythcville, Ark. Aulhorltcd llortgage Ixian Solicitor for The Prndentt*) Insurance Company of America CLARENCE H. WILSON HARVKY MORRIS RAY WORT-H1NGTON the opening of a. new 'SCO SERVICE STATION BY H. C. McDOUGLE SOUTH DIVLSION CITIES SERVICE AND LORECO PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Supplied by ARKANSAS FUEL OIL CO., Shreveporc, La. LORHCO PETROLEUM PRODUCTS ARE REFINED IN THE SOUTH-FOR THE SOUTH

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