Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 20, 1896 · Page 14
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 14

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 20, 1896
Page 14
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VICTIM OF BAD MEN. CURTIS SWANWICK HAS A VERY EXCITING ADVENTURE. falcon to An Jowu Hotel nncl Hnlil for Three Weok»—Tlmii Went to OciHm. Vto.lt — Flimlly Miikcn HlH Ksunpo — Itobbflry th« MnLivo. intangible dreama 'of a ui ago, z i r. o writer. Curtis C. Swan wick has eorno home. Uack again to the haunts which once know him so well, back to the Epwortli league ot the Gurfield Park church of C'.iieago, of which ho is president, back with an "Arabian Nights'" story which is a gem. Curtis Swanwick Is a youth who sprang into instant fame last April by disappearing. He lived at 10 Francisco street with his folks, and he collected rents for W, Gray Brown, who lea^ea houses, flats and barns to west skiers. What lent great interest to the eclipse ot young Mr, Swanwick was the fact that he had in his pockets at the time almost $300 of Mr. Brown's money, which ho had collected during the day. He was president of the Epworth league and treasurer of the Sunday- school. A few days ago Swanwick walked Into his homo In JjVancisco street, looking little the worse for wear and tear. He tells the following story of his abduction: "It was on tho evening of April 3. I was near Carpenter and Randolph streets in an alley in which was a barn occupied by one o[ Mr. Brown's tenants and who had been delinquent in his rent. "f was kneeling down beside the barn looking through the cracks to see whether the horse was still there, when I suddenly felt myself sciKCfl from behind, a cloth thrown over my face, and I was drawn backward. When 1 came to myself t was seated on the laps of two men in a cab and was being driven north, for I remember passing under the Lake street 'L' structure and over a viaduct. I think wo went to the north skle, but. anyway, I was taken to a. room in a hotel. My hands and j feet had been bound during the ride j in the carriage, but in the rcom the two ' men loosed them and took the gag out | of my mouth. Then I looked around me. The men were about my size and very dark. "They wore false beards, for I could see the wires which held them on.' ] think their mustaches and sideburns were real. They spoke some foreign language, either. Italian or Spanish, One of them produced a revolver which he laid on a table, and I was warned that it would not be healthy for me .to cry out. They brought me soniG food, which I think was drugged, for after eating it I fell into a deep sleep which lasted some hours. When I awoke both men were still there, and they had a suit of clothes, a shirt, collar and necktie, and they ordered me to change my garb. I demurred a little, but a. slight movement toward the revolver made me change my mind, and J took off my clothes. "The money I had collected during the day, about $300, was in my trouser's pocket, and that was the last I saw of it. I do not know what they did with tho money or the clothing. When I was dressed I was taken to the Northwestern depot, where we wont down the outside entrance and took a train. We got off at Council Bluffs, Iowa, where I was taken to a hotel and kept in a room about three weeks. "All the time cither one or the other of my captors was in the room with •me, and I had no chance to escape. Whenever I asked for an explanation WORDS OF WISDOJT. .Sending makes ft lull man, conversation a ready, and writing an exact •nan. Virtue,' if not in notion, is ft vice; and when we move not forward wo go backward. Every noble life leaves tho fiber of it interwoven forever in the work of tho world. Life's n. reckoning wo cnnnot make NVEI.OPKD in a | twice over. You cnnnot mend a wrong 'laze of mystery and j subtraction by doing your addition 'filled with the It id awful .bard to convince a man ttmfc his wife loves liim when ho gets up iu the night and finds the match box empty. JMnr.y u man who claims to be look ing for work, wouldn't recognize a ;'ob if it stepped up and tapped him on the shoulder. To bo free minded and cheerfully disposed at iioi;r.-i of meat, sleep and exorcise, is one of tho best precepts of long teaching'. I Jf you would bo pungent, be brief; j for it is with words as with snubeaiup, they more, they are condensed tho deeper they burn. Tho wise man is bnt a J earner iu fact, spelling letter.-! from a hioro- gruphicnl, prophetic book, the lexicon of which lies iu et'eruitv.—The South- West, THEATRICAL GOSSIP. NOTES AND COMMENT ABOUT PLAYS AND PLAYERS. llojfa Ulliliilclit Boll.Ono of thnl Comedy- C!irpnnt«r'« Mont LiiUKhuhlo Protluu- tlons—Storing of Two Vluyord — Some -pT I D N I ' BELL." G H T one o" Farce Comedy Rehearsal." How we!} she succeeded is apparent to all who have seen their refined comedy creation, to the presentation of which she renders such able assistance. Stnry nf :in Actor. William S. Clifford, the actor, TTOS born at Urbaiia, Ohio, .Tan. 23, 1SC9.. and first appeared upon the stage In his native city, in January, 1SS1. with an amateur minstrel company, doing a snare drum specialty. His ability in that line attracted the notice of Man- MAKINC A BIO RAFT. JJ-li,J_j.U. IK UUe Ui- -""•' - --•• the best flings Mr. ! ager Hi Henry, who signed him to play How to Aiil Digestive Organs. Tho principle that tho finer food is divided nnd subdivided in its preparation the easier, quicker und butter it is digested is seldom borne in mind by either the cook or the' cator. All of us are supposed to think of the ancient adage of "eating slowly and chewing well," but very few carry this rulo into piactice. Still fewer think of applying tho principle of comminu- tion in tho kitchen. Thus, for example, a boiled onion is usually served whole, and en account of its slippery character is apt to roach tho stomach in iilorpo fragment. If it is out up finely before the boiling or stewing it ia converted almost into pulp, which digests in one-third or even one-fourth tho timo of the other way. Grated cheese upon toast, macaroni and other dishes present no difficulty to the ctigestivo process. When served in pieces, tin New York dairy cheese almost invariably is, it is rather difficult of digestion, n.ud in its favorite form, tho Welsh rarebit, it is very indigestible to a large proportion of tho community. Another principle which ia too often disregarded and which cannot bo too highly praised ia that long and slow cooking at a low temperature is far better than that in quick oven with great heat. This is the basis of tho success in many stenm- ers, cookers, heaters, Dutch ovens, Aladdin ovens and other contrivances in the market. Oatmeal, wheatengrits, cracked barley and crushed-rye, when slowly prepared for twenty-four hours, are converted into a paste or jolly which can bo used by r. person with the weakest stomach. If, as is generally tho case, they are boiled vigorously for half an hour, tho cells are imperfectly broken dowc, and ths re- snltiug food is often injurious lo delicate digestions.—Chicago Chronicle. Hoyt lias taken at unprotected literature. The human element is sympathetically present nnd covers much 'of the Hnyt crinlencss a n cl t !• i I c u e a s. Hoyt's wakeful faculty of observation is next of, kin to creative ability and although nothing particularly inventive is discoverable In any of his literary carpentering, there is that pleasant familiarity and truth to commonplace scenes which are vastly more agreeable to tho idle majority than wise disclosures or the vivacious magnet of surprise. Charlie Hoyt never thinks out novel propositions but he reproduces actual occurrences, real characters and dialogue copied from overheard conversations with a certain degree of appreciation which passes for fine humor. What real people and real Incidents have not furnished Mr. Hoyt, lie'has taken from shelved comedies written by moderately clever story-tellers, and Hoyt's acl- !he snare drum in the band and work in the big eight song- and dance, with his minstrel allow, during the season of 1SS2. During the summers of 1SS3-S4 he traveled with the John Robinson circus, playing tho snare drum in the fcnia.li 1 band. George Fuller Golden and Mr. Clifford formed a partnership for the purpose of playing variety houses, in 1SS5, and for three years they toured the West and South, Mr. Clifford going with Miles Orton's circus during the summers of 1SS5-S7. When Ringling Brothel's made their circus a railroad show, in 1SS8, he was with the show, closing in the fall to join Sim Williams in an act, in which they appeared through the West during the next two years. He joined AI. G. Field's minstrels for the season of 1800, as a feature of the regimental first part, doing his snare drum specialty. On July 28, 1S01, at Buffalo, N. Y., he married Maud Hutli. and in. September. 1S92, first attempted a sketch with his wife, appearing later in tho same year at Tony Pastor's theater, then making his first appearance before a Mew York audi- cirs fill out the measure of the author's I ence. They visited the principal vari- l)os nnd Monkey Fijf'iv. A score and more of people at Muu- oie were the involuntary witnesses of one of tho funniest lights to a finish imaginable. A monkey belonging to an Italian escaped from its confinement and was ambling along the street when it was attacked by a large yellow dog of icongrel breed. For several seconds there was such a blinding rush of dust that tho spectators could scarcely see which wag ahead, bnt finally the monkey broke away and sealed up a polo close at hand, while the dog established himeelf at the foot and bayed floud andjangrily. EMILY JORDAN. CURTIS SWAXWICK. Cf their conduct I received no answer. After three weeks we boarded another train and I was taken to Ogden, Utah, where the same process was repeated. From there we went to Sacramento and from there to Stockton, Cal." He finally escaped from his alleged captors, and Ills brother sent him money with which he came to Chicago. He told his story to Mr, Brown, but the latter took no stock in it. The monkey chattered in several dialects, running up and down, und all tho time keeping a wary eye on its enemy, i'imilly it began to slowly slide down tho pole, and, coming within range, it bounded plump on the clod's back, and, .with teeth and claw, mado tha hair • fly. Tho dog jumped and howled and shook himself, the crowd yelling itself hoarso shout- ins, "Go it; ' 'J-'iRO," "Hold to him. Monk," Tho dog finally flopped over on its back, dislodging tho monkey, which again bounded up the pole. By this time tho dog was crazed with rage and pain, and it made her- culean efforts to reach its chattering enemy, who 'again brought into play tho same taotics as before. A second j time it lauded squarely on tha dog's back, and there was a^repetition in which teeth and claws played a loading role. This round reunited in a complete vietory for tbe "monk," the dog'eventually unhorsing his enemy by rolling over, aud then bounding to his feet and running awfty ft» fast as bis legs could carry him. The monkey chased him for a few yards, and then returned to tho pole uatislied with results.—Cincinnati Enquirer. Sliorjl M»lt«» !>l*hi"t Piinott. Cap*. Charles Tubmari of tho schooner Howard Dail has made a complaint at the custom house at Baltimore about •what ho considers the reckless target- firing from the United States ordnance proving ground at Indian Head, on tho Potomac river. Capt. Tubman says that while bound down the Potomac on July SO great shots played around his vessel in such close quarters that tho dishes In the cabin pantry danced a .two-step from the wind the shots made in passing toy. The attention of the navy department will bo called to tho complaint. Labor Insurance. Insurance against uou-umployment it an accomplished fact in Cologne. Workingmen who have resided two years in that city and who are ovor eighteen years old can join tha society. Tho dues ace six cents per week. If no employment can be procured for n member during tho dull aeason, u'fty cents'per day are paid to him il ni:xvricc!, thirty-eight cents it single. 'I'us city lins stiinorl n jjmrau- teo fund for the soiiicty with, S(i'J!!0, to which >jl-l,50U liavo been added by subscription among employer.-. Tlio society hopes to enroll enough members to mout all liabilities likely to occur. ««3jr*— Xho saw mills of Dalutb, Minn., alone have n canncity of 500,000,000 i'eet incompleteness, so there is scarcely anything vital to amusement lacking in a Hoyt entertainment. There must be song and brisk movement and continual ripple of small talk gingery with harmless slang up to the hour, occasionally a smart paragraph political or sociological, and the photographed human belngt; colored exactly after living patterns trick listeners into a lively recognition of Hoyt's talents without worrying them about the cxa.et quality of the playwright's work. Nothing on earth is so lifeless as a Hoyt farce once the public is through with it, but there is so little substantial or necessary to one of these literary alarms that so long as the title remains Intact and the skeletons ot the characters, changes interminable and unnumbered may be made in the farce, so that if the : public will have it at all they will ac- I cept it. jubilantly as something poreni- ally new., And undeniably Charles Hoyt is a shrewd caterer If he is not a creator or a literary giant, and his farces mark an era which, strange to say. they will not live in except by titles. As written things they will sink with the popularity of musical farce, bnt the fun they have made and the fleeting enjoyment they gave everywhere will be remembered if not perpetuated. How lo llecomo mi Ad frm. Emily Jordan, who in private life is Mrs, Can-, was born iu London, Eng., June 29, 1S72, and came to this country in September, 1SSG. She located in Jersey City, N. ,T., where she met Mr. Carr, whom she married in September, ISM. Although her husband was a in 1'act fihe knoiv but parts of some of (ho popular ballads of tho dny. Several years after her marriage, having grown wenry of the ioncsomcness of life, consequent upon her husband's professional tours, she resolved to fit herself for stage worlc that she might he able to be with him. Finding that she possessed 2. sweet and sympathetic voice [she studied Hie art of singing for abou; six months with. 3o:nc ot' the: bes: masters in New York City. Sin: then joined an opera noin;::i'.iy In whidi her husband was engaged in order that slip might acquire n. knowledge ef stage deportment and rjf neLiny. At She termination of that engagement she playo:l the Ingenue role in a farcu comedy, after which she joined her husband to orosent tlielr well known sketch. -"A WILLIAMS. CLIFFORD. ability as a performer. Mr. Clifford Is possessed of keen business Instincts, the best pos- dopting measures, at all times, to further his interests in the profession. An instance of his enterprise was shown last summer when he rented from Manager Pastor a large bill board, near Union Square, ia New York city, maintaining thereon | a stand of bills advertising his special- . ty. He recently purchased a valuable j farm near Paterson, N. J., where he j spends his leisure, his brother-in-law | and his wife's mother maintaining the j property during the team's absence i upon ll;e road, and also caring for Billy 3. Clifford, Jr., v.'ho was born Feb. 23, 1S9G. Sutton Vane is writing the libretto for a musical play based upon Itcbert Crombie's ' story, "A Plunge Into Space'.", Third Ezptrlmont 1* Towing a Mon• ter Bundle of Loc«, The huge raft of logs now being constructed at Stella, Wash., by Messrs. Robertson & Baincs, is receiving its finishing touches, and will be cleared from the Immense cradle on Saturday morning and towed, over the bar and thence to San Francisco. This will be the third raft of logs leaving Stella, the first unfortunately being lost at sea, but the second was successfully ! towed to San Francisco last summer. j The raft which is now ready for mov- I ing, is about 300 feet in length, cigar- shaped in construction, and contains •150,000 linear feet of piling and spar timbers. Its value is $-13,000, and an insurance of $10,500 has been placed on the raft, covering over one-third of its actual value. The rate of insurance, 10 per cent, is so high that the owners did not feel Justified in taking more of a risk than would be necessary to meet actual expenses entailed in constructing the great raft. It is arranged that the raft will leave Stella Saturday morning. The 0. R. & X. Co.'s tug Wallowa, assisted by one of the company's steamers will tow the raft to Astoria, where it will be picked up by the Sprcckles Co. tug-boat Relief and carried over the bar to the open sea. Here the steam collier Mineola, belonging to the Southern Pacific Co., will take charge of the raft and tow it to San Francisco, expecting to make the , trip within five days. Almost the entire lot of piling is for the Southern Pacific Co., it taking 300,000 feet, for which it pays ?10 per 1,000 feet. Color nnd Arn:n» nf Coffa* There are two things which imagine, are guides to the goodness o coffee which are really of no consequence whatever. They arc the colof of the decoction and the aroma, of thq coffee when ground, or as it escaj><jj from the pot in drawing. The color is due almost entirely to the roasting. This is true, also, of tea. Tbe finest coffees and teas when properly roasted and prepared to give out their finest flavors will color the water but little. The real essences which give the flavor have practically no color. Tha best when yon need medicine. I-'or blood, appetite, nerves, stomach, liver, nothing equals Sarsaparilla The One Xruo Mood Purifier. All druggists. Sk Hood'-; Pills euro all Mver JUs. 23 ILLINOIS CENTRAL Sevoral Grunt] T:TCur»lonB. On September 29, October 6th and 20th there will be ahomeoeekers' excursion via the Missouri Pacific railway and Iron Mountain route to the west and southwest, at one fare, plus $2, for the round trip, tickets good to return 21 days from date of sale, with stopover privileges on going (.rip. Write for particulars and land books. BISSBLL WILSON, D. P. A. Ill Adams St., Chicago. Lv Chicago 10.35 am Ar St. Louis 7.04pm KeirpH tlifl Foo'l \Vrtrni. A London restaurant uses an electrically healed plate to keep one's food warm. So long as the current is turned on, one can dine in as leisuroiy a way as he likes. There is no danger of receiving a shock from touching the plate. Lv Chicago 9.00 pm Ar St. Louis 7.24am Avcrusro L>cptli of tho Sc:u The average depth of the sea, in yards, is as follows: Pacific, -!,25-; Atlantic, -!,02G; Indian, S.GiiS; Antarctic, 3,000; Arctic, 1,090; Mediterranean, 1.47C; Irish, 240; English Channel, 110; Adriatic, 45; Baltic, 43. Very low rates will' be made by the- Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway for excursions of September way for excursions of September 29th, to the south for Homeseekcrs and Harvesters, For particulars apply to the nearest local agent or address Jas. Barker, Gon'l Pass. Agt., M. K. and T. R. R., St. Louis, Mo. Frio r.cclimnc Clmir Com. Pullmnn BuffetOpcn .lud Comntiriinent Sloopini; Oirs. 600 Llm: your uckov Uolwuon 0)iiciis° Iil)l ' St- J-oui" READS VIA THE ILLINOIS CENTRAL R. R. Tt c:ui ho obtninO'! o[ your locr.l ttcbftt nc<*nfc. A. If. H AJJSON, O. P. A. 111. Cent. K. K, Chieaeo. H], Great Britain's postal service receipts the past year exceeded expenses by over $15,000,000, while the United States postal service usually shows a yearly deficit of nearly half that amount, The Groat KIDNEY, LIVER & BLADDER CURE. UDrncct.u, BOcX-«l. Advice A PampWct- frca. prTKlTmer & Co..J3Inehamton. N.tg' MORRIS PERFECTION WELLPOINT^ - - - - - AM YOUR DCAUB FOR IT. HARK MANUFACTURING CO., CHICAGO, UJ_ \VE TAV CASH WEEKT.Y «n« \vunt Tin>n rvrr>-w!i''i'C lo SKLL STARK TREES ^"l°"o^ , l.owsysH-iri. STAKKliKOTIlERS, LOUISIANA, Mo., JtocKi'oUT, ILU ety houses during the remainder of that season, and in 1S04 signed with Manager Pastor for the fall tour of his ' road company, continuing with that show during its spring and fall tour of 1S95. On the 10th of the current month they opened with Manager Pastor at Long Branch. N. J., for the fall road season of twelve weeks, at tlie expiration o£ which, they will join Harry Williams' Own company for the remainder of the current season. Clifford and Huth are too well known as performers to demand an extended mention of their excellent act, but it would seem appropriate to mention that Mr. j Clifford's portrayal of the "chappy" ; character is not excelled on tbe vaude- i villo stage. Miss Huth, in her line, singing of negro melodies, is equally j proficient, and shares the honors gained their performances. Apart from his *»E| The candidate airs his views before election. After that he lets us view his airs. PENSIONS, PATENTS. CLAIMS. N W. MO RR IS, WASHINGTON, D.C. L.-vto PrlEctpi*'. E=a:ni.j*r TJ. S. Pension Bureau. n. ia bu,l vtwV, l^&^iutlicati 1 ^ cliuu^, UU)'. sine*. nlTrUTC ?0 veers' experience. Send sk<-t*:u TA I tn I J. vi,',.. (I.. liF ti; prin. McamintT II tl I /S&MvTW^ . It Bridges You Over.," "Battle Ax" bridges a man over many a tight place when his pocketbook is lean. A 5-cent piece of "Battle Ax" will last about as long as a JO-cent piece of other good tobaccos. This thing of getting double value for your money is a great help. Try it and save money* ^x^' : '^S-: : ffS^;:!tf&;': i^^a^^^^^Ss^^i^iii^^^^^^feKS^Si

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