Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on August 16, 1879 · Page 6
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 6

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 16, 1879
Page 6
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6 WASTED, FOB. BALJB, TO BB3STT, .ETC. WASTEP-riittUJ! HELP. TX7 AN TED Hotel and boat coots, chamber and T t. fiimng room gins, gins lor joinu """ woA nst-ciass fceip tor city and country. E. J. BARNES, i&i Jeffereon ave. . ; "Trf ANTED ICO girls wanted at Alpena to do V? housework. Good wage?. -WANTED SIALE HELP. 7ASm& first-class grocery salesman for the V? fcegiaaw and Northern route: most be well acquainted and thoroughly understand tee business. Bert ofref ereaie reauired. Address, with references. 3BCH-eT. care carrier So. 2. WANTED AILS CELLANEQCS. EWSPAPE2 LOCATION WASTED. Any paper, can be accommodated vita . a thorough newspaper man, possessing an aousautc vi material, both for newspaper and jobbing purposes. Anr person. locating a lire town, in which to es-tablfco a paper. will receive ten dc-airs for ms trouble, if aicVpted. Address WASHINGTON, care ?.cw-psper Umcn. Chi'.STO. lit WANTED Sevtral reliable salesmen and can-asers toearrr in connection with ti-.eir own goods an arue'e in great demand or ali .tranches of trade. Sella rapidly. Samnle carried in pocket. Liberal commission. HORN BEOS., 202 ilnrkets., Philadelphia. ; ' IF JOHN CANOVaN, Tinsmith, late of Webaer, Haas., would give eh present address, or write to his father at Webster, Mass., would hear of omething to his advantage. . WANTED For Cash House and lot worth Sl..v to SLOW, or vacant lot wo.-th SL00O to $1,630. Box 10, Free Fre.-s. WANTED Partner with capital to engage la commission business with person- bavin? good business location with wharf privileges. Address COMMISSION, care Letter Carrier -i, Detroit. w ANTED Ladies and gentlemen, willing to wort, to call on WM- O. LfciS, li onswoia FOR SALE ILEAL ESTATE CITY. FiB SALE Eisht lots chean. comer Jlaybury ava. and Myrtle- s:. Will seii :or S2.20.J. Inquire J. Z ZISLEP- 207 Snilivan a--, cor. Hrrtle X. FOR SALE On easy terras, two new two-story - hocses on north side of Alexandrine ave., between Second and Third sts. ; also, a cottage on same street. C. W. SHTPPEY, t!T Cass ave. TjVMt SALE Tie elegant new brick residence. No. J? 22 Lincoln avenue ; lot .V) feet front, brick barn, good cellar, furnace, etc. Housw rents for 5150 per year. Pries. 6,000, half cash, balance in 5 years at 6 per cent Apply to W. H. JACKSON, Hall's Safe and Loci: Co., 1ST Griswold sr. F)R SALE The derirable residence property, 370 Lafavette avenue: lot SO feet front, brick house with wing, good bam. House now rented for 8300. Price $7,3X). half cash, balance in 5 vears at 6 per cent, Apolv to W. H JACKSON, 137 Griswold st. Hall Safe and Lcck Co. FOB.SALE MISCELLANEOUS. BEAUTIFUL HOME FOE SALE Commodious bjiidings, splendid situation. IS acres. flrK-ciass orchard, small fruits of ail kinds. 3Iust ba sold soon: a rare chance. ADplv to or address W. J. BAITER, Jouesville, Mich. " F)R SALE CHEAP House and lot in Saginaw City, awl -40 acres wild farming Uind with small improvt m-nts in Jliliand Co. Address J. G. W hor ii;9. jjgisarv City. Mich. Tj'OE SALE SWO As we are retiring from busl-Jj ness. we Gtfer for sale heading and stave machinery, with driving and counter-shafts, pulleys, balance-wheels, hangers, belts and heading and shingle saw. horizontal butt saw. heading planer, pointer and circle ttave-cut tf-r. one wheel-jointer, one foot-jointer, equalizing saws. All the above-meuiioned inachinerr warranted in flrst-clata running order. For Particulars Inquire at 40 Seitz block, or JC1F ifTG CO.. Conner's Creek, Mich. F)K SALE A proprietary medicine that is well established and is sold by druggists ail over the continent is offered for sale at one-half of its value, as the proprietor wishes to retire. $30,000 cash will purchase half interest, or S30.000 cash and 520,000 on time will purcliase the whoie. The business is worth at leaet S100.MO. The goods are eold strictly for cash and the business is entirely free from debt. A large income is assured the purchaser year after year and for a lifetime, as it is secured "by a government trade mark. Parties having the money only need apply, to whom a fi J: investigation will be given. Address G. 3L CO., Xo. 3 Mechanics' block. Detroit, Mich. TO RENT II WELLING HOUSES. rpo REST Dwe'ling house Xo. :24 Lafayette X avenne. Apply at osGriswold sc., ground floor. FUEXISHED HOTJSE TQ BEST la 'first-class order: central location; rent low to good tenant Apply to ALLEN A. EABINEAU, 54 Moffat Block. TO KENT The very desirable residence, 202 Second st. with furnace, hot and cold water, barn, etc. LEOPOLD NOTE, 173 Henry st BOABJO AND KOOMS. WANTED Boarders at 61 Congress st west. Good pleasant rooms. PLEASANT SUITE OF ROOMS TO RENT Very desirable; newly furnished. Apply to ALLEN A. BABIXEAB, 34 Moffat Block. 7IEST-CLASS day board at B3 Congress st, cor. of Wayne. MOSEY TO LOAJi. MONET to loan on real estate. GEORGE COX Attorney at Law, 105 Griswold s:reet Office houra, 9 to 13 a. m. MONET TO LOAN By the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co., in sums of S5.O00 and upwards, secured on real estate in this city. WSL A. MOORE Moffat Block. MISCELLANEOUS. REMOVAL Tbe Detroit steam Supply Co. have removed their office to 61 Griswold st, rear of First National Bank. LOUIS C. BROSSY'S French Steam Dyeing and Cleaning Establishment & Randolph St., between Jefferson ave. and Larned st, Detroit Or-ders by express promptly attended to. ARCHITECTS. K. FRANK HARTFORD, Civil Engineer & Architect. Plans, Specifications and Estimates prepared for all classes of structures. The best of work guaranteed. Moderate prices. t& City surveying done, BOOM 10. WALKER BLOCK. IE. IE3 Mirers, ARCHITECT. .Office, No. 3. Moffat Block. Flans and specifications furnished for public and private building. Architect of Michigan But PROFESSIONAL. Diseases of men requiring private medical treat Bent a speciaitv. Consultation free. Hours 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. nvate and Confidential TO THE UNFORTUNATE. Private Medical Dispensary, 217 Jefferson ATenue, Detroit, Mich, . Young and Middle-aged Jfen suffering from nj disease or trouble of a conSdeatial nature era pn maneutly and QUICKLY CURED ! Medicines (with full instructions for using) eat to any part of the country by mail or express. Cures guaranteed in all cases undertaken. Patients living at a distanco can be cured at homa just as well. Sud for a Circular Of this reliable dispensary, which will give yon a particulars, and will be sent in plain and scaled ea-telone. Direct letters, . ' Pntwer 414. Detroit P. 0.. Mich. MB HEADS AND ENVELOPES PRINTED AT THE FREE PRESS JOB. ROOMS d furnished almostas cheaply as blank paper. 161 LAESED STREET EAST, DETROIT tcetWCcn l&auhipn mid Anrsiln.. I WSM LOCAL MATTEES, City Personals. Capt J. TV. Steinhoft, wife and son, went to Wdjiacebnr yesterday. TV. GTfaompsori and family have re turned from their trip to the sea. shore. Eon. TTm. A. Howard is in the cisy, ths gnest of ex-Go v.. John J. Bagley. 'artwm Anderson, vvita her husband, "VTm. Paler, and her maid are at ths BasseB. John B. Laidlaw, proprietor of the Globe Agricultural "Works of Londoa, Ont, is in the city. Ajdt-Gen. Robertson is attending the Second Regiment encampment at Grand Kapids. a Salisbury, late pitcher of the Detroit Base Ball Club, will start for home at Racine, Wis., nest Monday. Dr. James A. Brown, of his city, has been appointed a member of the Board of Trustees of the Asylum for Insane s Pontiac James C. Eeleh and wife, of Philadelphia, are at the Brunswick. 5Ir. Kelch is a prominent official of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Rj D. Bulloci, of . Jackson, Ed. A Clark, of Clinton, J. B. Hamilton and family, of Lansing, and TV. H. Todd, of Columbus, are at the Brunswick. Aid. Jacob, President pro fern, of the Council, occupied the Slayer's chair jiesterday. Mayor Langdon and President Ewers both being absent from the city. Mayor TVm. McKelien, of Komoko, Ont, Z. Moses, of Washington, D. C, Olfeil McCaiui, of Richmond. Va., and Mark Wade, of Stratford, are at the Exchange. Capt G. F. Cooper is at the Cass House. Capt Cooper is "an old salt" retired from ths sea and now proposes to enter the hotel business in some interior town. Dr. J. E. Emmons, of Kalamazoo ; C. N. Golding, of Toledo; B. Goldsmith, of Nebraska and Thomas Essex, of Little Rock, Ark., are among the late arrivals at the Russell Hon. W. TV. Screws, editor and proprietor of the Montgomery Advertiser and Mail and Secretary of State of Alabama, was in" the city yesterday. He went down to Grosse He, where he will speud e few days. He will return to Detroit and remain here a little time and then go East before going home. He is a representative Alabamian, a thorough journalist and a citizen of ths South who is keenly alive to the best and most important interests of his State and country. Uncertainty of Wealth. A gentleman who, twelve years ago, passed on from a series of visits among the aristocracy of birth in England to be the guest of several members of the aristocracy of wealth, said that he was much impressed by the signs of money in the latter case as compared with the former. In many of the stately homes of England faded damask and thread bare carpets may be found in conjunction with beautiful old elate and fine pictures. Everything is of good quality, hut it is frequently well worn out; whereas, in tbe houses of the great money magnates the upholstery is new, fresh and resplendent, for that ready money which my lord and the 'squire so often lack is at hand. The aristocracy of birth have, however, had hitherto at least one signal advantage as compared to the others permanency. The fleeting character of even the most splendid commer-cialfortunes is bemgpainfully exemplified just now in the north of England. " The home of Air. Vaughan, of Bolchow & Vanghan whose father bequeathed him a palace in which the smoking-room cort lSO,00u and a single mantel-piece S10,0CO was in the market last month, and three weeks later a fruitless attempt was made to sell Gray Towers, the princely seat of another great Cleveland iron-master. The house had cost 250,(X)0, but only 8150,000 was bid for it, inclusive of the estate, 390 acres. Onlv those who have seen such places can realize bow completely they illustrated the auctioneering phrase, "defiance of expense." To fancy and to realize were one. These great northern commercial persons very rarely liave houses in London, and, unles3 in Parliament, seldom make any' effort to "get into society" there, but live in a world of their own around the seat of their business. The Modem French Sorcerer. The Paris correspondent of tbe Boston Journal writes : I spoke of the unhappy fate which befell the individual who was supposed to be a sorcerer in the old days, and how he was burned. The modern sorcerer fares a little better, but bis way is still hard. The courts in one of the departments have just sentenced to fifteen months' imprisonment a man who was making a living by goins about among the peasantry, persuading them that they were sick, and tfien pretending to cure them by means of sorcery. His processes were extremely simple, such as placing a little snuff or tobacco on a person's head, or hanging a charm about the neck. He was very successful until he fell in with an old peasant who lost his temper and had him arrested. In this case the sorcerer had asked a feet of twenty francs, but the peasant said he had no money. "But you have some ducks or chickens that you can give,'' said the sorcerer. "Not for you." answered the peasant. "Ah! if that is the way that you treat me," said the sorcerer, "I am going to enchant you. Now, if you move ten steps from where vou stand ' you will oe a dead man." The- peasant moved, however, far enough to make a complaint to the Mayor, and the unlucky sorcerer is in durance vile. His methods of procedure were about as ordinary and vulgar as those used by the negro magicians and quack doctors in our Southern States. RETUitNED to Her First Love. Schoharie County has produced another curious elopement case. Last Jlarch John Casper, a married and well-to-do farmer, eloped from Cobleskill with the wife of a farmer named Earls, also well off iu worldly goods and the father o interesting children. Casper took something like $2,000 in money with him. Nothing was known of the whereabouts of the runaways, and the matter had ceased to be neighborhood gossip until last week, when interest in the affair was re-awakened by the sudden return of the woman in company with her husband. It seems that a detective tracked the pair into Canada; the woman has grown cold of her second-hand love, and being placed m communication with her husband, ave Casper the slip, after pocketing $1,700 of his money and leaving him with $12: she went to 2uagara Falls, met Earls, fell upon his bosom, and handed him Casper's money, and the now reconciled pair returned to their classic shades of Cotileskill. leaving Casper completely undone. Troy (Jf. Y.i Press. " Timows His Logs Too Pas. C. D. Murray, a brother of the much talked about pastor tens a story illustrating his methods. ben thay were boys together on the farm they got op a party to go into the woods and make a feast of egg roasted bv a bonfire. The eggs ware deposited in a basket, and whn ii'?,!?e!!eT; tiie roasting was chosen, voung William Henry Harrison, the most eiithus? r.trt! hfiv lr tnA Tvuff,- k: e - j - t "j , luuiTCu very unsy bringing ln and sticks for the necessary fire, cjftizin? nnn tarfAlno' limiraimu ,l: and with an excess of energy, threw it on: It mr, ua iaiimg on the basket splashed every egg. Mr. Murray seems to continue to throw his logs too far How to Tell tee Ditferexce. Ths Tor-nitown Herald says: New York papers ad-yernse alpaca swallow-tafi coats, for waiters from S3 up. ' This sore of coat supplies a want long felt Fashionable society has loug needed a badge to distinguish the waiter from the gentleman. Eureka! it is the alpaca swallowtail coat The waiter may look ever so slllv H? ,a: Te blonde hair, part jfc ,n tJe rmdd;, hoMan eye-glass and drawl in his speech. He camiofc longer impose uponstraii"-ers. His alpaca swallow-tail will give him - "uu. lus n-iu geuueman will be known by his broadcloth; Enowles' Insect Powdar Gun isfarflabest Ad DfeTROIT EBEE" PEESi . SALA'3 EEMASKABLE ST0SY. . An Italian Stone-Cutter's Queer Experiences and Connection With the Stewart Body C3se. Inspector G. TV. DOks, of the Second Inspection District, has been quietly working on the case since last November, and his experiences J. have been highly interesting, ran, oi mese hinge on the following story, in regard to which Mr. Daks is non-committal Shortly after the robberv in St. Mark's Church-yard Judge Hilton was visited by Giuseppe F. Sala, an Italian sculptor, who now has a studio at No. 141 West Thirty-fourth street, on the site of the old Gospel tent. At the time referred to his ofSce and marble-vard were at No. 131 West Thirtv-fourth street. Sala speaks English poorlv, and when he' visited Judge Hilton he" tried his patience by his in-abilitv to talk as quickly and distinctly as the Judge, who is at times impatient, desired. Sala, however, tcM part of his story to Judge Hilton, and the rest to a person in his confidence. It was an extraordinary one, and its entire verification involved the expenditure of a large sum. It was, however, considered of sufficient importance to warrant an outlay of about $75, to enable Sala to go to Troy and point out some persons, who, according to him, were implicated in the grave robbery. Sala went to Troy but failed to do what he promised. He said that he was erlv protected, and that what he was doingi demanded better guarantees of reward than he had from Judge Hiltou. Sala returned to New York in a grumbling mood, and Judge it:,. . . l : l . . - .' t ' ! - him, sent him to Inspector "Dilks, who, after repeated interviews, learned what he was disposed to tell of his history, and heard his version of the robbery of the Stewart vault. Sala's story up to a certain point is ampiy corroborated. He was the author of- the stone hoaxes, the Cardiff and New Hampshire giants. He laughs when he tells the history of their, imposture, which has been frequently published. Sala was backed by several persons, who had made up a pool to defray expenses, and they were . connected with others with whom Mr. Sala had ng dealings. In 1-S76 Mr. Sala met several people who, according to him, were implicated in the stealing of Mr. Stewart's body. One was a woman of rare beauty, who was the banker of the clique and controlled it The others were men, three in number. The woman has a notorious history, and was, and is yet, controlled by a man who is notorious, but not criminally so, although some time since he got into a scrape in a city in this State by attempting to Jalfan impure woman in an evil resort. Sala, in . addition to being a clever stone-cutter and a good anatomist, says he possesses the secret of rtrifying; bodies or bofcs, and that be is as adept with a corpse dismteired after centuries as with a subject dead only a few honrs. The- woman end her companions soon showed Sala that he could talk freely, as they knew of his connection with the giants, and that he was willing to make money. They discussed various schemes based on the dkittterment of bodies, or the substitution of the petrified body of . a human being for that of some celebrity. The subject of resurrectine bodies for a ransom was also touched, upon and there was some talk in regard to visiting Ireland for the purpose of disinterring stone subjects to be prepared by Sala. They parted, to meet again- in a few days, and finally Mr. Sala agreed to do as he was bidden for a round sum in advance, all expenses and a contingent reward. Then the plans were matured. The first scheme was to steal the remains of the traitor Benedict Arnold, which are interred in a quiet little graveyard in London. Thither they went, and as soon as possible made preparations for the resurrection. The police, however, were more vigilant than in the Seventeenth Precinct, New York, and they gave up the attempt after many weeks' watching, owing to the surveillance they were placed under. They then separated and landed in Ireland. Here they decided on two schemes. One was to disinter a stone image, to be called the true St. Patrick, on the property of the Earl of Leitrim ; the other to dig up on the lands of a Mr. Coleman, at the' Giant s Causeway, the petrified' body btPinnMc-i Cool, the Giant of the Causeway. The first scheme was abandoned, owing to a quarrel about the land with the Earl's agent The second scheme was partly successful. The Giant was unearthed, but the Irish press, backed by scientists, made short work of him, and the plotters returned to America. On the voyage "other plans were discussed, among others the resurrection of Gen. Putnam's remains. Arrived in New York the discussion was renewed, and Sala avers that the feasibility of robbing the Stewart vault was canvassed. The clique met several times in Sala's presence, and the Stewart matter was brought up on each occasion. Sala does not give precise dates, but he brings them down to within a few weeks of the grave robbery, when he made a demand for money, which was not immediately complied with, and a coolness arose between him and his lady banker. When he heard of the grave-robbery he fixed the crime on her and Eer assotiates, one of whom, by a slip of the tongue, Sala designated as a Mr. Ford, and determined on getting Judge Hilton's reward. Inspector Dilks heard Sala's story, the substance of which, so far as it refers to the Stewart affair, i3 given above, patiently. Finding that Sala told the truth about many matters, Mr. Dikes endeavored to trace ths persons that Sala denounced as the resurrectionists, and discovered that the man Ford, and the woman who was' banker to the cliaue, lived in the neighborhood of Tfov, and that they were alert and had persons, who kept' them well informed, in this city. In this work the Inspector was aided by members of the Troy police force. Mr. Dilks kept Judge Hilton informed of what he was doing, but received little encouragement, and last March, finding that were he to spend any money to continue what he had done, it would be at his own risk, he, to use his own words, "let the matter rest" As before stated, Mr. Dilks does not comment on Sala's story or the discoveries that resulted therefrom. Mr. Sala has been talked to" recently about it, but he is uncommunicative and says that when he again takes a hand in it he will succeed, bnfc that will ha wlim .TnHm Hilton furnishes him with money sufficient to rfafm 11 J tj; . . ueiraj mi expenses, including t hose necessary to secure to him (Sala) personal Drotection aiidJ. ample guarantees of the published reward for arantees of the published reward fori me apprenension ot the robbers in case of success. New York Times. A Trunk Explodes In a DapoU A singular explosion occurred at the depot 01 the Boston & Providence Railroad at 4 o clock yesterday afternoon, and the escape from fatal results to two human lives was almost miraculous. John , Coles, a transit express messenger, called for a trunk at the inward baggage room. Presenting the check; the baggagemaster showed bim the trunt and' Coles took hold of it by the handle, and was in the act of dragging it to his wagon when an explosion, which resembled the discharge of a cannon, took place, reverberating through' the tram-house and causing a momentary panic among the passengers. Coles was blown into "T. ,a , '-jstAnce of twenty feet, and alighted upon terra Anna 'with only the -strap of the trunk in his hand.' A little boy who was passing at ths time was blown across the street, being picked up insensible. A crowd of people soon gathered, and investigation showed that there was nothing but small pieces left of the trunk, which had been filled with gunpowder shot cartridges and other sportiug materiais,, including a douMe-rmrrT!l ,nf--i...i J- Are ?aa? o the explosion is supposed to be the ignition of theoowdnr m-rn -Un charge ofa cartridge. Coles had his evobfow , , . . r "-n, mum umerwise i I cicipeu injury, ine DOV recovered conscious- j ness, and was found not to bs injured.- It is ' impossible to avpiiin u . u. longs, as there is not anything left to identify nrlhTS Jf'btedly this publication or the delay in the txrival of his trunk will cause him to make himself known. A valise SVSf !2? bi0 n to Piecs t11 shotgun fell to the ground, but is rendered valae- fi, Sneral impression ot the first sound A??- Tbats.-How theucen travels is one wh? J"" faired with a rSS dtbol?te "facial document, printed on rose-colored paper, for the guidance of railway servants aid othare whore SwT;f-d m her ity' ordinary journeys. From this it appears that a pilot engine always SlTHBDAY. AUGUST 18. 187 ft precedes the roval train fifteen minntes ; the guard of the pilot train must bo provided with, all sorts of lamps and signals, including fog-signals. As these trains pass junctions, the time of such passage must be t telegraphed to the chief traffic manager. No train or vehicle is on any account allowed to travel or cross over or obstruct the line within thirty rninutes of the time at which the royal train is due to pass. iVhen the royal train is traveling on one . line no train is allowed to travel cn the other between any two stations from the time the pilot engine is dne to pass until the royal train has passed. When the Queen travels north the train is ordered to be given a length 207 feet from the royal saloon, 214 feet from ths rear to the end of the train. . This is a long train, but there is usually not too much room for men servants, pages, upper servants, ladies' maids ahd dressers. PICTLUS AND TT.TT. How Thl Extraordinary Mixture Killed a Tonus Woman. Pi"rkl and milfe- were the staple of her diet, with lemonade and ice-creams, on that hot af ternoon, and yet the unhappy young woman, v. . - . . j " 1" a .1. - after much uneasmess dedared I she ( wasj poisoned. So possibly she was, but not m her way ot loosing at it l ney oiamea tne picmca and the grocer, and tried hard to find copper 'dye in -the one and collnsion in the other. While thev were about it they might as well have subpenaed the ice man and the cow, the apothecary who sold the lemons, ahd the confectioner who got up' the ' ice-creams. There was death in all their tubs, or rather in the mixture that this extraordinary young person in New York appears to have made for herself from them "all. Anybody who undertakes to devour four and a half good-sized cucumber pickles after a day of indulgence among ice creams, lemonade and iced milk, is simply inventing an infallible form Of suicide. It is not on record that this girl was tired o? life. She had probably gone to a good public school and had learned all about the Drimarv colors and the rules of arithmetic. But sha had not learned the chemistry of common things, nor what sort of foods will agree jn the stomach and what not A little of this sort of common sense people are expected to pick up.for themselves. Bat it is more valuable and necessary than many other thints, : musical notes, for instance, that Ithey are not left to pick up, but are taught with great assiduity. The brute creation, except, perhaps, the civilized one in the Zoo, who may be overfed and tempted, but dumb anim-ilg at large seem to have it without picking up. How to get some lessons in the public schools!' that . shall bring boys and girls up to tbe level of the dumb animals in this knowledge would be a more profitable subject for educational associations than some of the topics discussed last week. : The young woman in New York died of her folly or appetite, or ignorance or all three. The war of acids and ices was as bad or worse than copper poisoning, in her case ; and yet for a hot day's diet, any one of the articles was good and refreshing in its wav ; and the cucumber eaters would insist on the pickles being included in the wholesome list How to inix foods and how to choose diet is more important than the choice of colors, and yet every school girl nowadays can tell what colors agree together and what not The New York girl's ignorance onlv took herself out of life ; but how many mothers are there who know no better, and who help the hot weather this season to kill their children bjj reckless feeding. A sip of beer and a taste of ereen apple, when a sick child cries for it, or any other unsuit-iable food, may stop its crying, it is true, but :often in a sad way enough that makes the mother cry. Philadelphia Ledger. A Xervous People. Excellent medical authority asserts that the constant strain of business, added to the dryness of our climate, has so changed the constitution that it is impossible for us to do what our fathers did before us safely. "W e are," says Dr. Beard, "ten degrees more sensitive to cold than they were," as the cases of sunstroke and heat prostration bear evidence. There is an immense increase in neuralgia, sick headache, hay fever, nervous exhaustion, and especially in dyspepsia, in itself the potent source of a host of physical and mental irritants and distresses. . Now with such systems as we have, high-strung, nervous and irritable, the use of stimulants cannot be otherwise than injurious. It is impossible to use them as they were used in the days gone by. There is hardly a man of middle age who does not remember that hospitality ana a sideboard of wines and liquors were synonymous terms. Both men and women drank freely, and professional men and the clergy indulged in the same habit It would be folly to say that what is a vice now was a virtue then, but it can be safely asserted that people did indulge then without the same injurious effects that follow the practice now. The predominant nervousness of the present time had not been developed. Our ancestors could drink freely, smoke extravagantly, indulge to excess in tea and coffee, and yet live to a serene old age ; now it is simply impossible. True, the traffic in ardent spirits has enormously increased, but so has the population. True, people yet drink to excess, - but they do not do it with impunity. Circumstances have altered cases, and two-third of the present terrible effecte flowing from intemperance are due to the changed physiological conditions of the human race, and especially in this country, where people are strung up to a tension that will no more allow a tree use of strong drinks than a barn filled with straw will permit the introduction of fire. Newark Advertiser. His Defense. The Judge (severely) "Prisoner, you are accused of attempting to murder your mother-in-law. What have you to say for yourself .1" Prisoner (apologetically) "Yes, sir; but mv failure to do so is to be ascribed to entirely beyond my control." The Judge (blandly) "Oh, that alters the case. I shall suspend sentence, bnt you will not get off so easily if you are brought here again under similar circumstances. Gendarme, show this gentleman out French Paper. Half asdHadf. A merchant calls to in spect the premises where he has intended to open a mourning-goods store. Unhappily they are not near so large as he had expected, i- ,,! v n. J. . tin nra not. mnm than blf hi n,.S? i ., tL are not more than half big enough, and yet it is me oniy aesu-aoia location m the neighborhood." "I'll tell you what to do," says tbe agent ; "open a half-mourning store!" XTrHEREAS, default has been made in the con- T ditions of a certain .mortgage made by Edward E. Kenney to William McGrath, dated June lltli, A D. 1S77, aad recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds for the County of Wayne, and Stateof Micharan. on the fifteenth day of June A D. 3877. mhber 138 of mortgages, on page 90, and whereas, afterwards by an instrument m writinsr bearing date the fourth day of October, 1377 and recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds for the County of Wayne, in the State of Micht'aa. on the eighth day of October. 1S77, in liber 15 of a signments of mortgages, on page 341. the said William aicfarath did assign to me tlie mortease afortv said, together with the debt thereby secured and wneraas. there is due at tte date of this notice upon MM mottle the sum of six hundred andetebty-seven and -i&Ofl I dollars (S5S74S-100), and also the further sum of twenty-five dollars as an attorney tee provided for in said mortgage, and no suit or proceedings at law having been instituted to recover the moneys secured by said mortgage, or any part thereof: now therefore, by virtue of the mJwerof sale contained in saidmortgase, and the statute to such case made and provided, notice is herebv given that. on Tuesday, the twenty-first da" of October A. D. 1879, at twelve o'clock uoonJlshaH seU at public auction, to tie highest bidderTat the east (that being the place where ths Circuit Court for - -.t-i- y. w wiuui uiereoi as mav ba npn- e?fy w pa" ms amount due on said mortgage Z$!sJ!?ceL interest, and all legal costSlS f-foremises being described in saidmortaaS as all those certain lots, pieces and parcels oflafrt situated In the Orv of 1etroit7in thTcoStTof XSStT1'-6 anTand vnZal senbed as follows : Lots numbered thirty-nveresT thirty-six (33), thirty-seven (371. thSiSS. )W? thirty-nine t33 forrvMAv fnrti.Mi. 7,,l V? HASY E. BARNARD, Ward & Pit-EB. Assignee. Mortgage. Attorneys for Assignee ot Hortgagg. 2136-fi SHOW PRENfTIKQ. Of OTty Hcd and quality executed crompt at SHE FREE PRESS JOB EOOSIS. CHAXCEBY SALE. In pursuance and by virtue of a decrea of she Superior- Court of Detroit in chancery, made and entered -on the sixteenth day of July, A. D. 1379, in a certain cause therein pending, wnereni herein Mary H. Lawrence is.' i-gail Sweet, Philander Sweet, j b Apger, John H. Jlartindale, i T.inh VT.rf.ri in. rfBfond- I complainant ana -a.o:j Tro. Stvw PTlimbth RponreT. Darisand Jacob Endetiine are defend- ants. Notice is hereby given that I shall sell at ! nKK. amrtinn tn th mf.h(x biirfsir-it the ftastflrfv I front door of tie City Hatt, in the. City of Detroit. County of Wayne and State of 3Iichiaii (that beicz me DUUCing m wuicn me Lvui . iui county is held) on Saturday, the twentieth day of September, A. D. 1S79, at 12 o'clock noon of that day, alfof that certain piece or parcel of land situate in said citv, county and State, known and described a3 "follows, to wit: Lot number one CI) in block 'C" of part of the Thompson farm according to the plat thereof, as recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds for Wayne County, in liber forty-three (43) of deeds, on pages 653. 659 and 660. btwoHup that nortion of said premises described asfollows: Commencing at the southeasterly cor-f ner of said lot and running tnence norm twenty-two (as ) degrees, forty-seven (47) minutes west, 141 12-300 feet to the center of alley on the Lognoa farm, thence south sixty degrees west 141 23-100 feet to the line of lands owned by the Jlichigaa Central Railroad Company: thanee south S3 degrees twenty-five minntes east, along the line of said railroad company's land. 1(JT 73-100 feet to the said rauroaa company s lana. iu. to-iw iee 10 me her!y ot La&yeue avenue; thence north sixty degrees east, 31 S-100 feet to tbe place of be- JAS. A RANDALL, Circuit Court Comissioner, Wayne County, Blichigan. JOHK H. BlSSXLL, Solicitor for Complainant Dated Detroit August 7, 1S79. 2E4 ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OF REAL ES TATE In the matter of the estate of Daniel Falvey, deceased. Notice is hereby given that by virtue of license granted to me by the .Probate Court for the County of TV ayne and State of Michigan, I wffl seU at pubh'e auction to the highest bidder, at tbe northwest corner of Jlichigan avenue and Sixth street, in the Citv of Detroit. Wayne County. JUchigan. on Friday, the 1st day of Au gust. A. l. ist J. at i; o citx. kuwj vi :iiu an the right, title and interest of said deceased in the following described realestate to wit: All those certain pieces or parcels of iand situate, lying and being in the City of Detroit County of Wayne and State of Hictugan. known and described as lots numbered two (3) of the subd'vvaon of lota one (11 and five (3), in block one (1) of the Labrosse firm. Also. lot number three (3) of the subdivision of lots numbered one (1) and five (5), of block one (1), Labrosse farm aforesaid. Also lot four (i) of the subdivision of lots one (1) and five (5), of block one (1) of the Labrosse farm aforesaid. Also, lot five (5) of the subdivision of lots one (1) and five (3), of block one OX Labrosse farm aforesaid. Bated Detroit, Juno 14, 1879. DANIEL GUTNEY, Admiristrator. Bawlet & FrasiSE, Attorneys for Administrator. The above sale is adjourned until , Friday, the eighth day of August 1S73, at the same time and place. Dated Detroit August 1, !S79. DANIEL GTONEY, Adnunistrator. Hawlet & FraxAXE, Attorneys for Administrator. The above sale Is adjourned until Monday, the 15th day of September, 1879, at the same time and place. Dated Aug. 9, 1S73. DANIEL GUINET, Administrator. Hawlxy FrasAsz, Attorneys for Administrator. 2281 CHANCERY SALE. In pursuance and by virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court of the United Sates for the Eastern District of Michigan, in equity, made and entered on the ninth day of December, A. D. 1S7S. in a certain cause therein pending, wherein the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company is complainant and James Fitz-patrick, Bridget Fitzpatnck and William Jennison are defendants.'- Notice is hereby given that I shall sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, on Saturday, the thirtieth day of August, A. D. 1S79. at twelve o'clock, noon, of that da v. at the front door on Griswold street of the Postomce Building, in the City of Detroit, Wayne County, and Eastern District of Jlichigan, the following described propertv. to wit: All those certain Dieces or parcels of land situated and being in the Township of Sprhurwells, County of Wayne, and State of Jlichigan, and described as follows, to-wit: 1. Lot number two (3) of the subdivision of the Sheldon farm, formerly known as the J. Visgar farm, being the rear part of private claim five hundred and eighty-three iSSJi. and the northwesteriv two (3) acres of lot number three (3), adjoining said lot number two, also being part of said private claim cumber 533. said two parcels containing six and 97-100 acres of land, ana being the same parcels conveyed to the said Fitzpatrick by Hvpohte Brossard and wife Decembers 1st, 1867, recorded in liber 132 of deeds, on page 169. 2. The northerly nine and seventeen one-hun-dredths (9 17-100) acres of private claim number fnrtv-yvpn 1471 tnrthpr rith i .rfrm nn rh Mctpr.ti ly side of said lot, and adjoining thereto and being , part or private claims number nve hundred and eighty -three; said premises being the same conveyed to the said Fitzpstric. by John W. Johnston by contract, dated 2ist January. 2872. and by deed from Mary Agnes Johnston dated the 17th day of January, 1876. and recorded in the office of Register of Deeds for Wayne County, in liber 181. on page 630, together with the hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining. Dated Detroit July 17, 1579. ADDISON HAND ELL, Master in Chancery of said Court Moore. Casfieuj & Wabseb, Solicitors for Complainant. 20295 "VTOBTGAGE SALE. Whereas, default has !tX been made in the conditions of a certain mortgage made and executed by William Wiimot and Mary Frances Wiimot, his wife, of Detroit Wayne County, Michigan, to- Edward King, of Ypsilanti, Michigan, guardian of the estate of Henrietta Buck, a minor, bearing date the fourteenth dav of March. A D. 1870, and recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds for Wayne County, Michigan, on the twentv-sixth . dav of March, A- D. 16.70, in liber 70 of mortgages, on page 132; and the amount claimed to be due thereon at the date of this notice is the sum of nine hundred and fifteen dollars and forty-five cents, and also the further sum of fifty dollars as an attorney fee, provided for in said mortgage, and no suit at law or proceeding in equity has been instituted to recover the debt now secured by said mortgage, or any part thereof; Now, therefore, by virtue of the power of sale contained in said mortgage, notice is herebv given, that on Monday, the 27th day of October, AD 1879 at 12 o'clock noon of that day. at the east front door of the City Hail, m the City of Detroit, there will be sold at public auction, to the,highest bidder the premises described in said mortgage, to satis fv the amount due on said mortgage, and interest and costs and expenses allowed by faw for the advertisement and sale of said Dremises. and said attorney fee. -Said premises, as set forth in said mortgage, are described as follows: All and singular the following lands and premises, situate in the City of Detroit, Wayne County, Michisran, to wit-The westerly half of lot number twenty of' the' subdivision of the Dequindre farm, and situate on the southerly side of Lafavette street in the Seventh Ward, insaid city, between Orleans and Rio-pelle streets. Dated Detroit July 31, 1879. EDWARD KING. Barboub & Rexpord, Mortgagee. Attorneys for Mortgagee. 2158-5 QTATEOF OTCHIGAlH-The Superior Court l of Detroit, in chancery. At Detroit on the 17th day of July, A D. 137a, William H. Hitched complainant, vs. Mary E. Mitchell, defendant. It appearing by affidavit that the defendant Mary E. Mitchell, is a resident of this State : that process for her appearance has been duly issued and that the same could not be served by reason of he-absence from this State; on motion of Alex D. Fowler sobcitor for the complainant, it is ordered that said defendant Mary ETMitehelL apDear anS three months from the date of this order and tlmt Sh0I?eE witbta twentv da after the date hereof in The Detroit Free Press a newspaper printed in said county, and that such puX fet1! coatinul 'hereafter once a wefor six weeks in succession. HARRY F. CHIPMAN, Circuit Court Commissioner, vj r lorvonipi u O TATE OF mCHlGA3fThird Judicial Or" S?ultV,,SmrtpencUl!S in the Circuit Courtfor the County of Wavne, in chancerv whffrSr. i V: High liBaitmilQt At Detroi t on this 14th day of August, A. D T 1879 J1 ftorily appearing upondue Soof bv "affidavit that the said defendants a rSfden? oi this State: that process for his appearancehas been duly issued, and that the same SmSfed by reason of his absence from this State On m tion of Euwm F. Conely, solictor to he c 8 WSk 'trderetl 'r6 defendant John Or. .High, appear and answer the bill of com- S;!0?1136111151" month? from the tete of tins order, and that this : order be published SStT.Vf! date thereof ta The lietroit Free Press, a newspaper printed in said comity and that such publicaMot ?be rondnued thereafter once a week for six weeksin succeiSoa. COBNELITJS'SEXLLY. Edwin F. Coszlt, Solicitor for cpmpbdnant Circuit "Judge. 227S-5 TEDDING AND INVITATION CARDS . Beautiful designs printed upon the finest stationery at THE . FREE PRESS JOBRO03IS. JTS Jjspectfully ask an examination of the citr-acter of the work in this department. AJSnjBSKSNTE. Bates in Amnsement Column, per rsrrjr IJfma $1 K 3 times $4001 9am. - S " ..... 17516. " .... so'" 5 3 " 2E0i7 " .... 5231 u "" 12 i 35 i R " n '3 ! 4 Each additional insertion, 3534 canni" I 'JTT'HITXET'S CEASD OPEIiA aoiJ7 j II C J. whttxet. Proprietor and Maaa- Friday and Saturday, An-nst 15 and is Saturday Matinee at 3 p. in. "THE HONAECHS OF THE WOULD." EMERSON'S Megaiherian Minstrels ' 50--IF MMBES--50. Under the Sole Management of s 1 :m: HOOLET E. H. HOOLET & WX. EMERSON. .... Propria-, ERNEST STANLEY. Asaaa; liaca-..- A Sensation without a Precedent . Quantity and Quality Combined, 50 50 15 13 14 10 Stars Artista Comedians A Triple Qnartette Solo Instrumentalists Son and Dance Men SD 30 15 12 14 lc 12; Military Zooave Clog Dancers Prices of Admission, 2c. 50c and Tc Re-. seats, $3, securabie 3 davs in advance a; WIh'tV-1' Music Store. At 11:30 THE GRAND (DaII ye; trorra. s A NOVELTY INDEED ! Only appearance In tius dry of the now eels bra ted FEMALE BILL TEAMS -AT- RECREATION PARK, Saturday, Aug. 16, 1S79. Grand BaseJBail Contest. Female Red Stockings of New York vs. Female Blue Stockings of Philadelphia, For the championship of the XS. S. Play begins at 4 o'clock p. m. General admission, 25c; Grand Stand. 10c exaa. Another Cheap Exeursioi TO TOLEDO 03ST STMR G-AZELLE, SUNDAY, August 19, leaving Griswold street at 3 a m. and Toledo at 5:30 p. m.. giving two to thrr? hours in Toledo. Fare for round trip, 50c Good, music on board boat. a Have already visited the Great Aiericai Meiial &STBBRQMICAL CLOCK - Merrill Hall, The highest praise and admiration have ba er-pressed tor the great work and for the brais ici: conceived and the hand that constructed the Gixi. PLMETffi TLlffi PIECE ! The inventor, PHELIX METER, bein a citizen if Detroit the pride of our citizens should not prt vn their seeing the most wonderful horokv:-cal engine of any age or country. The clock be on exhibition one week longer before beinr re moved to Chicago. A descriptive lecture will be delivered ten dilutes before each hour. Doors open daily fr-- 3 a. m. to 10 p. m. Admission, 25c ; children, :tV. a PHELTJt METER & CO.. Pr"?s GRAND OPERA HO re commencing Monday Evening, August 18, LECTURES BY A. O'LEARY, M. D ' s ON Anatomy, Physiology and Hygiene, The Laws of Health, Strength and Beaurr. 5: to avoid disease in its manifold forms. to secure a vigorous old age. Illustrated r -a very large collection of Manikins Models. 5ii tons. Preserved Specimens, Drawings, Painr5. etc., the largest and' finest Cabinet in Ace:: These lectures meet the warmess aoproval evt.-v-where and during the past vear were delivered the special request of the Sfayor of Buffalo. S. Cleveland. O., Cincinnati. O., and Milwaukee. Admission to the opening lecture, ladies and n-tlemen, free. Boys, to secure attention. 10 c'-s. RECREATION PARK! WALKING- MATCH FOR CHAMPION BELT ' GO-AS-YOU-PLEASE! Monday, 1 a. m., to Saturday 'i?ht- Park Open Day and Night ! Harry Howard & ixthnr lay ton. GTJAKDLAN SALE. In the matter of ;- estate of Henry Pfeifie and "hito Fix---nnnors: Notice is hereby given that br virtue ofa U-eu granted to me by the Hon. Edgar O. Durfee. Ju--? of Probate for Wayne County, Mich., on ih ,:: day of August, 1879, 1 will sell to the highest tWff at public auction, on the premises hereir-afer described, on Saturday, the 20th dav of Seow-nt A. HE ISTS, at 12 o'clock at noon, all the rigb s and interest oi said minors in and to the follow described real estate: The westerly naif pa-" moiety of lot number seventy-eight (73), adjo-, lot number seventy-nine (79), on the south s'-e Macomb street, on the Rivard farm, in Pen-.-:-. Mich., and also all the buildings and all hup,e' ments being on said land. FRED. W. DTJYERNOIS, Guarian. August 7, 1S79. Ji- BAHKETJFTCY SALE. Notice is hereby f en that on Monday, the 1st day of SepE---': A. D. 1870, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, at '-t3'Tl!:l uoocoi i County. that inc I Comuanv. a bankrunt- vit -' Those certain parcels of land situated t- County of Leelanaw, and State of Miehipui. knoivn and described aa the southwest auar!'r section fourteen 04) and the north half - ,: northwest quarter of section twentv-three vSv in township twanty-eigat (23) north of range nrei" (12) west. HERBERT BOWE". ' , Assignee, 10 Miller Bloct CEAS. BATNES, Auctioneer. Ntroit, July 31. 1S7S. sun PEOPLE

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