The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1930
Page 3
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DAY, NOVEMBER 21. 1930 BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS the closings resulted from disturb•«1 tonkins-conditions'in Louisville, Yy. "'. " . If4iontlned frrnn IMW ew heiJfci'tlirectorSj thq utat-e onnkln" tpSfHnent announced. or the department said |pR FURNACE |N D STOVE EtlONOMY- Spicinl Alabama Lump Coal 1.50 £l'er Ton Delivered W ' -.Also— ±a .01 .-. .- . :;-.:Genuine Montavallo [ s y, Straven; Red Ash •Kentucky JJeech Creek ^ Cair'E. F. Fry rf? at mder City |CoaI Yard ffj Phone '177 Two Missouri Bunks Hit Jefferson CITY, Met. Nov. 21 (UP) — 11-fi closln? of two state banks in Missouri today brought ;he total of failure for the week to nine. The Ripley coutny bank r.f Don- iplinn, Mo., notified the finance department today Id had closed its dcois to protect depositors. The bank had depctlts it over $250,000. 'liie lian): of Edlna in Knox ccun'.y also cksod its doors today. The ba:i!c had depositors of $312,COO. Officer Now On U:.S. S. Colorado C. G. Crews, nevy recruiting officer liere In 1928 nnd 1929, now ii Cooler High Society Plans Program for Thanksgiving COOTER, Mo.—The Brown Owl extely of Cooler high school will render the following Thanksgiving program Tuesday evening, Nov. 25: Autumn song; cornel solo and to word re- Choir Will Give Musical Program, E\ P?dro, Gal.,' azcor celved from him. Mrs. Crewu, who Is well known j r-Te. is Hi pi.:i;nl iii Ucslon but I will Join her'husband In Lcs An- I gelcs when the Colorado readies : (he west coast.- 1 i . ! Crcv.'s, who was nn enthusiastic j hunter will's stationed here, writes • that the shells he is handling now ere a little tco heavy for ducks. .,,., ,._..- j The 10-inch guns on the CcJorado, M1 'f™ Desiring [send a 2.1CO pound s!i?ll 19 miles.I Fan 2: ' Tn <> Puritan." • A choree of 531 umindi of powder > is required for each shot. Bo'.h ! guns in, the turret are fired nt tlic e time. mer"; "The President's Proclamation," by Naomi Ash; Prologue to part 1, by Johnnie Copeland; Part l: "The Red Man"; Old Noltwils- ppal Stalllngs; Little Hiawatlm- Jolin Rose jr.; lagoo— Herman ay; Hiawatha (grown)—Sidney I Miller; Minnehnha—Nina Brooks; Wilson; >•—Tom Burns, Quartern costume, "By Ihe Waters of Min- nctonkn": Prologue to Parl 2, by j attained the rank of chief turret caplalu Crew, has attained , the hielvst rating open to an en| listed man. Holcomb Soon Will Have Big School Gymnasium The choir a! the First Presbyter-. „,, ian church will present its annual'"" Thanksgiving musical at the chi:rch Sunday evtniiuj, 7:30 o'clock- As Is the custom the crlleMion received will be placed In the ort/n" fund. The program of music, to o? supr.'iemenud with a brief talk by the pastor, the Rev. Marsh M. Cal-1 HOLCOMB, Mo.—Construction of Icway, Includes well known an- ! the large brick Holcomb high school thcms and other voice elections by gymnasium Is rapidly nearlng com- famous religious son? writers, plcllon. It Is located on the high ' Previous musicals by this group school site, .adjacent to the senior have been favorably commented high building, making three brick upon by musicians of .the city who structures side b'y side on the lot. :i t?irJ'j<] trOTi. " I -Thc^ gymnasium, the result of Peatiires of the program are: two elections, both of which \vere vccnl duet "One Sweet . Solemn successful but the first declared 11- Th'iught" Mr. and Mrs. Sam legal because of Improper pre-elcc- j Thi-ma-r solo: "Thanks Be to God", tion procedure, has. been erected at : Roscoe Morris; solo, "Not A Spar- a cost of approximately $10,000, the row Palleth,' Miss Lillian Briscre; sum being raised by a bond Issue trio, ."Hear the Voice in Prayer," vctcd Mrs. Q. E.'Keck; Mrs. L. S. Brls- '.•ce, Ross Stevens; male quartet, Miles Staiidlsh—Richard Slm- nons; John Alden—Forrest -White- 'risdlln-lrls Michie; Messenger- Johnnie' Barber; Columbia—Ions Castinnn. In mid-summer, opposition. with little Because of the lack of .suitable Rev, Ray Wortliington, gymnasiums and,other playing fa- I RcsJ Slivsns and Roscce Mrirris; cillties, the annual Dunklin coun- thrce anthems by members of the ty basketball tournament has here- I ^^oir. Mesdamc-s L' S Briscoe, Lucy tolofe been alternated between McAdams, Sam Thomas, G. E. Campbell, where the American Lc- Keck, E. Critchfield, R. A. Moore, g[ 0 n hall has been utilized, and Misses Lillian Briscoe, Edna Gar- Hornersville, where, a large seat roll arid Thelma W|crthington; ing arrangement Is furnished. It R.'ijCre Morrt, Ross Stevens, Sam 1.5 expected that Holcomb will be Thomas, Ray Worthington, Roy added as a third point where coun- V.'alton, Louis Echols ty tournaments may be held, being MLr-. Lecr.i Callicrtt is pianist, located near the middle part of the Mrs. Rives Allen, and Elmer Hun- county and havlns amule housing eke. violinists. facilities for visiting delegations. Cardwell News Note* Lucian Lasater was lit Haytt We:"nt3dny in business. Mr. nnd Mrs. Eli Lcckard of Stcele vi.-:t:d his mother here' Sunday. - • Misses Avis Grimes and Beuiah Hevjll of Gofiiell, Ark,, were Cartwell visitors Saturday evening. well'the liu'or part O f the week. Mr. and M rs . A '. 'M. Brew*r are Cftrd»v?ll vigors Tuesday evening. MSB Gladys Keith left Monday evening for Chicago, Illinois, where she will innKe her home. Miss M;i, y tots Fllppln visited her Eioiuliir'.iior at Sllverdale thu Ih\t par; ,.i the week. Miss Cl!ji.s:ir.e Tlnnln of Horn- ersvlllo wjs a Cardwell visitor Sunday. J. F. Ui'hop and FranlC Blslwp were Parag.mid visitors Thursday. Mr, arm xr rs . glbcrt Brewer and son Lam. Llmi Mi^g Ku [ h Brewer sntent Siimiay with Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Brew i a i Geneva, Arkansas. Mrs. Cllb,;i Smlih of Senath and Mrs. A. )( Fllppln am i d«ughter Mai-} 1 U>. of Cftrdwell, visited at eilvcrd.ilp Sunday. : .EM. 1|. ward of Lcachvllle was n C6i'uiu-l: visitor Sunday. ' MUs :v-n Loekurd vHted at Leuch\il:r ovtr ll» week-end. •'. Grovcr Plccmiin was a.Horners- vllle' visitor Saturday evening.' Mr. iu:d Mrs. Gilbert Smlthi of Senath veiled In Cardwell Sunday. , Mr. and MIS. J. A. tisbrg'e' and daughter Caroline, nnd sons Ovlc and Olln, all of nucoda, were In Cardwell Thursday. - JrJm 0 Ciinnitightim visited near Blythevillc Su:iday. York Cotton NBW YORK, Nov. 21. tUP>- Cotton closed steady. Open High Dec. new 1078 1085 I>c. old 1080 1081 Jnn. new -Mar. May July On. oW 1094 .1124 1152 .1170 1190 1099 1094 1126 1154 im Low 1079 1077 109!. 1092 1119 IMS 1102 1181 Spots quiet at 085, oil 5. Close 1078 1017 .1094 1092 1119 1145 11C3 1183 PAGE THREE New.Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 21. IUP) — Colto nclosed steady. Mar. May July Oct. O(»n High 1085 1087 1100 1102 ' 1127 1130 1152 1155 1172 1173 1189 1189 Low 1019 1093 1120 mi 1165 1183 Close 108J 1090 1122 1146 11 CO 1184 which was the twelfth chapter of Exodus, led by Mrs. S. J. Smith. Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Vollmer were visitors in Blylhevlllc Sunday. . • Miss Aleene Colter spent'Tues- day In Memphis. Mr/ and Mrs. William Wundcr- llch of Ulythcvllte were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. c. Cooke Sunday. M. C. Cooke spent Monday in Blylhevllle. Miss Miklred Scott has accepted a position with the M. Bersllne dry goods store. Mrs. Merman Spiccr was a vis itor in Ulythcvillc Tuesday. Mrs. Richard Reviere visited In Blythevllle Thursday. Mrs. J. P. Narrow and children retuiiR'il Friday after spending scv- 'einl. diiys In Alabama. K > Spots closed steady and uncliang- ctl at 10JO. W. D. Talom liad Thursday. busliwss in Yeltie McHaHey Heads c School Clats Luxora Society—Pei-sonal Mesdamcs C. B. Wood and Dil- lahunly were visitors In Memphis Monday. WANTED—Job as Salesman or Clerk with wholesale or retail concern,.. Ten years experience, cm: furnish A-l reference. E. H. Down, 526 Lunieralc' St, Piles Go Quief Without S»l»« or.' Catling' , -Thousands of Pile sufferert have lenmeil that, quick and permanent icllef can only-: be accomplished • witli an- Internal insdlelne; Nciliiii', (.dives'or culling remove the cam:. Bad circulation ot Ihc blcod In the lower bowel causes piles. Too veins arc flabby, the hovel walls wenk—the parts, almost dead. TO i-nd Piles an Internal median; must • be used to 'stimulate the clrcul?.- llon and strengthen' the aileciid parts. - - ' , -' Dr. J. 6. Leonhardt viif the first to discover a real Internal' Pile remedy. He called his prescription HEM-ROID. and prescribed It !o: 1000 patients withe the marvelous record of success in 050 cases,'wd then decided every Pile • sulfcer chould be able to get HEM-HOID from their own druggist Vll"'i • a rigid money-back guarantee. Dr. Lconhardt's. prescription^hai a wonderful record of /success 'In this city and Kifby Drug Co. invites 'cvciy Pile sufferer to try IIKM-noiD.und guarantees-to refund, the purchase price If.-It 2l|>-k22 docs not end. all Pile nilsery.. •'• BURDBITE.- Yetlle McHaffey ° u ° f ark Oil Co., had busi- T3n» r<i * • ' *--•..*—» **j,— icn.n; niunaucy Roy Clare and Roy Stannll had was elected president ot the ninth T''« : „ Mamiaduke Tuesday, ''grade clas.^ of the Burdctle Junior T w. n.,,,~, ., ^ .-„ rep . hlgh xhM at a mMt|iij! Wc ' dnes _ ' day, November 19. Other omcers chosen were Mary Baber, vice president, Wynettc Payne, secretary and treasurer, Mildred Jartalt, reporter. Mr. Sullivan'Is the class sponsor. The class motto Is "What v Wnrim resenting ., ne>is. in Cardwell Tuesday. Lj-;,; Rlclimond of Senath waf. in nlng. Mr. ant! Mrs. Cardn-ell Wednesday eye- You Have Seen ^ MRS. MYRA DOUG AN m . r-rs use KC. Baking Powder in the COURIER NEWS Cooking School. She explained its high quality and the economy in using KC in your baking. .Owing to its great leavening strength a smaller amount of K C is used per recipe than of high priced brands. Vse 25 Ounces for 25 C for Over 40 Years try it in your favorite recipe as Instructed by the demonstrator. You will find there is none better—purer—more efficient. LLION8 OF POUNDS USED BY OUR GOVERNMENT GET THE KC COOK BpOK FREE! It conaliu more than 90 KMtd recipe). EorloM 4c in i tump § to covet pottage and packlngmd AOnm ADDRESS JAQOB8 CO., CHICAGO. ILL. .C. j! Stonflll of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Worsley were visitors In Ulythevjllc Tuesday. . ' . Mesdumcs Rtchnrd Rcvlerc anj H ngler slKn i TuMdny in Tennessee. •. .* Mesdamcs B. W. Thwe«lt and Willie Howard shopped' In Blylhe- vllle Tuesday. Harold Smith of Brooklyn, N. Y., was called home to be at the bedside of his fatter, J. W. Smith, who is ill at the Baptist htfspltal In Memphis. The Woman's Missionary Union met In the Baptist cllurch Tiles. i,,.i i i. , oj~t>»u». luu- tia&s muuu is "wnac mei in me uapiisi cuurcn TIICS- mltc-d rolalive-.i in. Card- . we are to be we are now becoming." I day afternoon for the bible lesson cMULLIN'S CASH GROCERY Oranges Nice Size. Tuicy Seal Sweets doz. 20c Cranberriesib.l7;c| Bananas Ib. 4c lg "' each 5c Lettuce each 8c I Grapes 9c Baking Powder Calumet Pound Can 25c Pork Shoulders Fresh. Half or Whole Pound Tomatoes! 12c Bacon Sliced Genuine Rlackhawk Pound . 29c Coffee Stew Beef and Veal, pound 9c Veal Chops Ib. 13c Pork Chops Pound 23c Butter Sugar Creek.. Pure Creamery Lb. 35c Grapefruit No. 2 Can*. Monarch or AHus Each 25c Fryers Full Dressed Pound 27c Nut-Ola Lb. I7 l2 c Peaches" No. Z'/, Can Delmonte Melby Ilitlvc: Each 19c Soap P&G 10 bars 32c Snap Beaus, Squash, Egg Plant, Cucumbers, Cauliflower, Bell Peppers, Carrots, Spinach, Mustard. BELOT GROCERY and i MARKET Phone 177 We Deliver 122 W. Slain BANANAS Pound LEHUCE Head CELERY Stnlk CRANBERRIES Pound 15c fiREEN BEANS Pound 15c BELL PEPPERS Pound MLY Heinz. 8-Oz. .Jar. Grape,' Current. Crab Aiwle, Ouinco. PICKLES Sour Quart Jar 25c MILK Papre" br ; Bordens. S Small .'or~* 3 Tall RAISINS 2-Lb. 2Sc TOMATOES Pound ISc MINCEMEAT Heinz. 16-Oz. Can. 25c PUMPKIN No. 2'/ 2 Can 2 For 25c PEACHES f New Stock Pounds Plum Good 48 Ib-. 24 Ibs. 6Ec BUTTER Sugar Creek Pound 37 c SLICED BACON Pound 2Sc VEAL STEAK Pound 20c SPARERffiS Pnund 15c VEAL CHOPS, 15c HENS Full Dressed Pound 22 c GEESE Full Dressed $2.00 Place your prcler with us now for Thanksgiving Ducks, Geese & Turkeys. . • •

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