The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1936
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VOL. XXX1I1—NO. 50 BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS TUB DOMINANT NEWSl'AI'Ell OF NOHTilBABT Al!KAr!SA3 AND BOUTHKASY MISSOURI Blyth«rlll« Courier Blythevllle Dully .New Berild uiwljulppl Valley Ue»d« HlAT)IKVn,l,K. ARKANSAS. THUKSOAY, MAY H, 1030 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS' CARRUIitRS, CL •& J^" M j -^r .N,* _^ W *\ —— ' - - . .: GET FEDERAL WRIT Walter Raney Files in This District; Howard Reed Is Candidate LITTLE ROCK, Alk—A tlircc- ccrncrcd race for the First Arkansas district congressional seat developed late yesterday with the last minute qualification of Waller W. Rancy, of McCrory. Woodruff county. Congressman W. J. Driver, Oiccoln, and Zal B. Harrison, Ulythevllle, Mississippi county judge, qualified several weeks ago. Rnney, newspaper editor, undertaker and member of the, state legislature, made an unsuccessful race for the seat several'.years »go against Congressman Driver. Ileeu ami Conk Qualify Tlie official Democratic slale ticket closed at 0 p. m. yesterday after n last hour rash that brought Hie list of gubernatorial candidates to teii. Howard Reed, former state comptroller, R. A, Cook, Putaskl county judge, and Dave Partatn, Van Uuren attorney qualified as candidates for :governor a few minutes before the (leadline. Others whoiie. names wll be on the gubernatorial prlmarj ballot are Torn j. Terra 1, Lee A CnHort, Marcus Done, Carl E. fiailey, Ed P. McDonald, > Arthur J. Johnson, John C. Ashley. There are four officially qualified entrants in the race for United States senator: Senator Joe T. Robinson. BUI • Denmtm, Cleveland Holland and J. Rosscr Venable. 1 List of Candidates , The official list of qualified can- dldafes for other state offices follows: Lieutenant Governor — Harvey G. Combs, b. E. Gates, Bob.Bjiney, Sa_m_M/ iJSvlne. Hftrv'c'B."'-TlipVii, P. \f. Riillweri. Attorney General — Millard Al- ZK ,ck Hurries to Virgin Islands For 'Safety' ST. THOMAS, Virgin Islands, May 14. (UP)—Representative Marion zionchcck (Dem., wash.) today constituted himself ; n private one-man army to ''go ! back and clean up" Puerto Rico,' The swashbuckling congressman climaxed ri series of escapades In San Juan by flying to St. Thomas with his bride because 'ne said lils life in Puerto Rico was in danger, He regarded the Puerto Rico stn-' dent riot and the anli-Amcrlcan demonstration as having been t'V pecially "anti-Zloncheck." "1 had no Intention 'of coming to the Virgin Islands but my personal! safety demanded thal'i seek safety. I chose St. Tiiomns as n haven of refuge after telephone wires lo my San Juan holel room had been cut nnd out room attacked." AVi 11 I) ivorcc Kidtuiper ford, Marvin Holt.- B. Norfleet, Jack Zal B. Harrison Enters Campaign With Strong Support Assured County Judge Zal B. Harrison today authorized tlio Courier News lo make formal announcement ol his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for, congressman from the First Arkansas district, which embraces Mississippi, county and ten other northeast Arkansas counties. Judge Harrison is the first to make formal announcement for the office, although Rep. w. J. Driver, of Osccola. and Walter Raney, of McCrory, have also qualified to make tire race. ' Judge Harrison qualified as a candidate several weeks ago and has since visaed all of t'he counties of ..the' district. He said today trial He was entering upon the campaign with • strong assurances ^of--support from 'all parts of the district and that he felt that tie had every reason to be confident of the outcome. His platform will be presented to Secretary of State—C. G. "Crip" Hall, George W. Nchl. Auditor—Charles E. Parker, J. Oscar Humphrey. Treasurer—Earl Page. Land Commissioner—Ed R. Bet- hunc, Earl Mizell, W. O. Clark, Wiley P. Johnson, Otis Page. Chie Justice, Supreme Court—C. E. Johnson, Griffin Smith. Associate Justice, Supreme Court —Frank G. Smith. National ComniiUeeman— Brooks! Hays, L. E. "Percy" Hlnton. National Commilteewoman—Mrs. Laura Davis Fltzhugh, Mrs. E. W. Frost. Denver Dudley Qualifies Qualification of Denver Dudley. .Jonesboro, as a candidate for re- nomination for prosecuting attorney of the Second judicial'district, brought the number of entries in that contest lo four. Previously qualified are Bruce Ivy. Osccola .Marcus Fietz, Jonesboro. and o. T. Ward, Piggott. There are five qualified candidates for state senator from the twenty-ninth district, which includes Mississippi, poinselt and Jackson counlies. They are Lucien E. Coleman, H. P. Maddox, Fre'd If. Slafforfl, J. w. Walkins and Marvin Watkins. the Democratic voters of the district in the course of the cam paign, Judge Harrison said. A native of clarktai, in Dunklin county, Missouri, Judge Karrison was reared at Kennett, Mo., nnd entered the practice of law i. Clay county, Arkansas. He came lo Blytheville in 1917 and 'nas lived Nell Litxclfclner Is "Miss CiinilhcrsviUe" (.•AlUITHKliSVILl.K, Mo.— Miss Virginia Nell<r. duuguU-r "i Mr. mid Mrs. II. V, l.lU.i'Ifclner. bus ln'cn dt'.siynated by the loL-iil R'llury club as "Miss Caruthcrs- vlllf" to takp pavl In Uio nmniu) Ctorks Mnrdl inns beuuty piig- 'I'unl in I'oplar lilull Kuliirduy, Muy '^l. Al I'iliil lime "Miss HnullHMi-il 11 will b« chosen from im>re Hum w <>ntuinl.s. 'Hit 1 past twi> years Cnrulliers- vlllc youii|! ladles have won Uu> tl- ili 1 . Miss QncHc Muuiv lu IB'il. inul Miss Krni'.slliie Martin In ISI35. Miss lillwHclncr. nn iiltraollve bnuuHli^ who won stale honors in llw Slate Mu.sle M«et vtcwrtly, Is ivlslei'ii and a Junior In hls'ii sciiool. FtflR OF THE HELD UK .FUGHE5 Coi Palestine at Viiny 'iiqueror ol and Leader Ridge Succumbs al 75 LONDON, May M (UP)— Lor< Allniby, , World War conqueror o Palestine and' one of Urllaln' fcicmost soldier statesmen, die/ today, lie wns 75. Ills death plunged England am Ihc empire into mourning. Onl (his week- he deplored In th strongest terms Italy's method c( warfare against Ethiopian war riors. II was Allenby. In command o :ho British Third nriny, wh launched the spring offensive o 1811 on the western Iront, result Ing In the capture of Vhny Rldg with 11,000 prisoners mid 1 guns after 12 hours fighting. : Starting life anew, Mrs. Prances Robinson, wife of Thomas II. Robin- son'jr., who was captured in California as the suspected 'kidnaper of Mrs. Berry Sloll of Louisville, Ky., is sho«n here In n colk'se at Nashville. Term., where she is takiry a business coiusc.' Mis. nere ever since. He was : elected • prosecuting attorney of the Second Robinso "' ncr mother declared, will file a divorce action after judicial district in 1924 and served ilcl ' husband's trial. for Iwo lerms. In 1930 he wns elected county and probate judge of Mississippi county and i completing his third term h now ... thai office. Able and cxpcricneed in public affairs and an effective campaigner. Judge'Harrison, his friends believe, has every, prospect of keeping clear his political record of all victories and no defeats. New York Cotton HEW YORK, May Collon closed steady, open high May 1161 1162 July 5130 1139 Oct 1039 1052 Dec 1039 1049 Jan 1041 1049 Mar 1042 1050 H. (UP>low close 1160 1161 1130 1138 1039 1050 1038 1048 1040 1049 1040 1043 j Death Shortly Before Noon Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, May 14. (UP) — Trading on the stock exchange today exceeded a million shares for I'ne first time in a week and prices made one ol their best recoveries of the year. A. T. and T 162 Anaconda Copper 35 Beth, steel 515-8 Chrysler 957-8 Cities Service 45-8 Ccca Cola 901-2 Gen. Am. Tank ...... 45 1-2 Gen. Electric • 37 3-8 Gen. Motors 04 Int. Harvester 84 McKesson-Robbins 91-4 Montgomery Ward 41 5-8 N. Y. central 35 Packard 10 3-4 1 Follows Illness of Than 24 Hours L ess Howard .Barnctt Proctor. 4C. died at the family residence al 11:30 oclock tliis morning following a heart attack. H; became sick yesterday afternoon. H e had "Jeen iu ill health for several years, j Funeral arrangements are Incom- I plctc but the services will be held )klahoni;\ Prison Breakers Flee llmni|>h Wilds Wi.h Hosla«cs cAI'KSTKIt, Okla,, May 13 1UI') —Eight frei'dom-crawd ' fugitive.!- roin the st;ilc pi'iilk-jitliiry lipru ed through the nigued unit,- i' settled wilds of'southeastern Ok- i-honia today. They carried Hire 1 *' hostaiji'.s us nolucllon njfiitnst the pursuit ol 00 olllcers ami nnssiwri, TMO of he kidnap victims In Ihc blornlyl n-enk from thu penlUMillaiy. nuanls 1'nck Copo and Victor conn. wcu>| rounded, i Grave concern that I hey and Iho' •iilrd prisoner of llu> felons, Wil- n Doak, would meet the simi- fnts us did imolher uunrd at Iho line of the break—summary dentil wlum their purpose luul been served—was general Two lower uuards who liirew down [heir gnus"ni the command of convicts Ihreatenliiii other yuards were siurfenileu ty Warden l((.y 15. Kenny and Chairman b. M. N'ichols of the slule brm'ril of a If airs. Navy Will Recommission Dirigible Los Angeles WASHINGTON, May 14, (DPI— Tne house nitvnl iillnlrs connnllU'c Uxlay adopted u resolution autlmr- l/.inu I' 11 ' navy tu put the old (juecn ot (hit .sklos, Hie dhjulblii IAS An-- liele.s, Into llyliiK condition. The Loii Anijc'lcs, which was il«- commnisliini'd more Ihini Iwo years i'KO becuuso of aliened "old IIKO," win Stwportcil by mrmbiT.s ot tin; committee and Dr. IIUKD lust Sunday w'iille the i;lnut '-'" lltndouburi! was lunsl, N. J. at Nearly $8,000 Found in Bclimginys of L i I t 1 o Rock Ehoolmi Victim British. Premier Suggests Reforms to Bring In Al 1 Wdrlr: ~ ,'owers '.• LONDON,. May. i'4 tUP>—Prliin Minlst'er-"sta'lilL'y'''llnl(Hvln ••' ,lodnj .revealed fo'f jliS,'finst- tlnin that. thc i September isspinbly' r qf. ; the Ijcagile of Nixiions nmy IJD- set lo ithe:' task of rcfnslitonlhg ' : Ihp League covenant. ":•'!•.'' Addressing 7,000 people pricked Into Albert Iml! foj a mceUng of Consco'atlvc women's orgalil?.a- Uons, HaUhvln nlso expressed hope that League reforms would be undertaken with n view lownrtl bilnglnu the United Slates, Germany and Japan into thu Geneva organization. Baldwin lntlmnlc<I llml Aillclc XVI. of the Lcngue covenant, providing economic, financial and military sanctions against son Iiu|iury Proposal Stirs Vandcnbcn; to Sarcasm to WASHINGTON, May 14 (UP)— A resolution by Majority Leader Joseph T. Robinson (Den)., Ark.) for an investigation to determine whether Pat.wmamioddy tidal project and the Florida ship canal should he continued drew Hie si\r- cnrm of Senator Arthur Vnnclen- Spots closed steady at 1165, up 3, Spot Average Is 11.64 ' The average price ot 7-8 Inch middling cotton on the 10 spot markets today was 11.64, the Blytheville Board of Trade' reports. Growers selling their cotton loday will be entitled to a subsidy of .30 of a cent per pound. PWlIips Pet n 3-4 Kadio 10 1-2 St. L-S. F. 21-8 Simmons Beds 27 Standard of N. J Gl 3-8 Texas Co 34 U. S. Smelting 92 3-8 U. S. Steel 59 Warner Bros 101-8 Zonite C 3-4 from fhe home Friday afternoon or Saturday morning with tlie Rsv. I W .V. Womack, pastor of the First' Methodist church. olliciiUin?. Cobb j Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. Mr. Proclor, who was born in Equality, III., came to lilytheville in 1902 on the first .Frisco train from Mempfrils to Blytheville. He ; expenditures received Ills laler education al Nashville, Tenn.. where he snecial- berg (Rep.. Mich.) today. "I've heard about the tlirce shell uame but this is Ihc fust time I've heard of the three en- mincers same," Vmulenberg said in reference lo Robinson's proposal (o appoint two Ihret-rnim boards to determine whether the projects warrant further federal [Ion. •Lift JHJISBI Fhomris M. Robinson Jr ' Enters Atlanta Federal Penitentiary ATLANTA, On., May 14 (UP)— Thomas II. Hoblnso'n jr., today smilingly entered the forbidding Allanta federal penitciillnry where he lins been sentenced to spend the remainder of his life for the kidnaping of Mrs, Alice Speed Stoll. He walked up the steps-of the prison al 8:5(1 a. m. (c. s. t.). manacled lo a federal agent, and was swallowed by the secrecy that accompanies every federal prisoner. Tin: 20-year-old Nashville, Tcnn.. kidnaper elated the prison 12 minutes aftc^ he arrived in Atlanta by train frQin Louisville, Ky. In the Kentucky city last night he had entered a plea of guilty before Federal Jiidge Elwood Hamilton to the kidnaping of Mrs. Stoll. Louisville society matron, on October 10, 1934. His trip from Louisville was made In the company of five, federal agents. He bade tearful goodbyes to his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Robinson sr., In Louisville and then they left for Nasli- villc. His young wife, who has instituted divorce proceedings, was] sharp, state Wl'A jidmlnfslnitor, not there to bid him farewell and | announced today, their five-year-old son father is dead. The youth was smiling as he walked up the prison steps. Jast I'lTl.l'J HOCK, May 14 (UP) —Dr. Howard Dlslumiih, deputy (ironer, today announced (Iml ,'crillct of sulcUte. luul been vc.- urned ufler tlio Invcstlnallon of .he dentil of Jiimes W, Young •eslerday In a tourist camp north of the oily. "The position of Itin |iun am! mwdc-r burns on the heiul Indicated clearly that Young killed lilm< self. Dr. UlahojiBh mid. "Th operators of Iho cam]) report ec :hut Yoiinn had been Inloxlcaled for Hie pnsl three weeks dcsplli efforts of his 20-year-old companion, Mrs. Mildred nrcndcll, U Eober him up," Ihc deputy coroner said. Dr. DIshHimh Is holding $7,037.15 In cash and bonds, found h Youiifj's belongings, pendlni! < court order lo deliver them lo rcliittv'es. Young eumc to Little Hook fron Iowa, where he operated a frill farm with Mrs. cjjrendell. The had planned'to go lo soutliuri California., , . , . ,'• .>,V*-..»'-~-',.....-*«.J - : v.-. ,•) .. ., i. New C o r p o r uto Pro SchccJnlc Would $623,000,000 til Nc WASHINGTON, May H. (UP)— anyi Secretary of Treasury Henry Mm may rcc|ulrc rccxnmlnn- Rsnlliaii Jv. Imlny submitted es't ' | mates lo 'lie senate ntmnco con mlltee showing tl)at $023.000,00 annually could ba rillscd by the pro posed "compromise" corporate pro ils tax In file SBOa.OOO.OOO rcvciu bill. Chairman pat Harrison (Dm Miss.) who called upon the Ircus nry for estimates on the revise plan for taxing undivided corpora 1 earning;;, s aid: "I am convinced that we ca raise the $023.000.001) by the ne method proposed." He declined trr make public hi mediately the proposed schcchili His plan Is based on file Impos tlon of n Hat 15 per cent tux on a corporate net Income und gradual surtaxes on that part (if net incon over 20 n?r cent willed is retain for reserves. Memorial lo W. R. Dyess Will Re Unveiled During Ceremonies LITTLE HOCK, May 14 (UP) — Formal dedication of Hie Colony iu Mississippi county will be held Friday, May 22, Floyd believes Ills; Col. Liuvrcncc Westbrook, assistant national WPA administrator, r-nd Oov. J. M. Fntrcll will attend the rciTiiionlcs at which • time a i?-ed in auditing. He held a respon- "H Is perfectly obvious lint the administration could not present sible position with Ihp inmm» My l 'ie canal and 'Quoddy projects j~—._. —. -. .... T ,..i»_.i r-i-.-.-'for a direct vote after having been department of United Stales j government for ten years. Al t'.ic 1 time of his ueath hs \vas audito 1 : defeated once. This back door scheme would permit a congress- I for the Rite and Roxy Ihenteis and I loil!l1 vot e on ,1 collateral I ilso did other work' of this klmp '. lfo »." lie said. Renew 'fight lo liscapo Electric'Choir; llenring on June $ Ll'ITI.K ROCK. May II. (UP) — Juiui's X. Carrulhers and UubMcs Clayton, Mississippi county negroes, loday carried l)ie!r light to escape tlio electric 'chair to fixler'nl dlnlrlct court. • VVdenil Dislrlct Judije John'. 13 iivtlnean. |SSIUM\ u writ ot Ir.ibe'.is ii'ims al file request of alloriicys epri'iraling Iho negroes and set uiu) 8 as Hie heailn^ dale, ,, vuliicvs nliil oluytun iilloged ri their appeal lo Hie fcdcial court lilt tiley were coin tiled uAKlcr cur of mob rule, on race charB*.s lid deprived ot.llwSi ilgl\ls \\hai\ icmbi'rs of lliclr own incc wcro ol on tho.lrlnl petit Jury or the rand Jury thai relumed IV.e Iti- Iclmouts ftgnlnst, thorn. The convlellon of the negrocs:Was IflniK'd by (hostalesupreme court *!oy. 18, 1035, und a motion for ehcarhig was denied Jan. 20, 1033. .'hey were tried and cotivlcled at llylhcvllle In April. 1035. They arc being held In Hie death :cll at Tucker I'rlsoii Farm penitlng Ixlng of cxeculloii date by OoV J. \l. f'utrdl. Tds) seltlDg; of execution dntc wts first delayed, when attorneys of t'iio legrocs gave noltco of inleutloh la wrfccl nn nppcul to the United tnles .supreme court from the decision of the slnlo supremo -court. The attorney general's olllcc naked; th'c supreme court to Issue Its Dandiile when the peilod for pcr- 'ccllng an appeal to the Untied Slates suprcriio colirt c:\plicd Tlio :ilgh court's order wns issued'but the . execution date had not 4ft run set, by the 'governor \\hcn tile federal .court writ 'was obtained today. Oovernor' FillrOlJ =)iad hRlloalilil4iu' would set Ihc execution dale within ii short tlnlc. > >i Foreclosure Decrees Entered in Tax Suits Decrees were entered in'foreclos- ure suits brought by the St. Francis Levee District, the Grassy I>iiku mid Tyronm District. No 0, nml Its sub-divisions No 3 and No 4, Sewer District No. 1 nnd 1'a.vlng Districts No. 2 and 3, the latter bol'.i of ulyllicville, In chancery cocrt here today. The levee district suit is against lands on which taxes had nol been paid In 1033, 193-1 or 1935. The, decree cxccptod, nt this time, certain properties In Blyllicvjlle, '."(jnrt Unit of the Frisco railroad, owners of which arc. attacking the .validity of tjix assessments In sult-i now pending In federal court at Joncs- boro and in chancery coivl In Crll- tehden county and elsewheV. The Dislrlct No. D suit, a'lony with those of Its sub-divisions, ,ls ugatrat lands, dcHnrpient In p.iy- men of 1935 taxes. ;• The sewer district and paving districts suits are against properly in the district here on whU'ii :W35 taxes are uupaid. iT ,\ Honor Service Arranged For Heroic Marine before entering the building lie 1 memorial lo the late W. R. Dyc-ss waived In Ihc direction of Iwojv.-ill be unveiled. prisoners who were tending the. The ceremonies will mark the. - .flower gardens on the front prison [ second anniversary of the colony's \ Lieut. Presley N. O'Dannon, U, S. town. (mmdiiw by Uyess In May, 103-1. Then Ihe door of the grey stone | The colony now has a population PHILADELPHIA (UP)—A military memorial service in Iribule to Six Divorces Granted, . One Denied by Gaulncy I Six divorce decrees were granted by Chancellor J. P. Gaulney here at an adjourned day of chancery court today, several to former residents of olher slates who came to: Arkansas to file suit, prison closed on him. 'ol 500 families | J.50G persons. Blytheville High Again on Approved List of Schools I CariifJiersvilie Business New Orleans Cotton Livestock NEW ORLEANS, May 14. (UP>- Deinand . for contracts broadened considerably on llic cotlon market tcdny and prices advanced as much as 15 cents a bale. It was the most active session in many weeks. open high low close ...... 1152 1155 1152 1155 1123 1131 1123 1127 1034 1049 1034 1046 1037 1046 1036 1045 1037 1045 1037 1045 ...... 1040 1044 1040 10Mb May July Oct Dec Jan Mar Chicago Wheat open May 92 1-2 July 85 1-8 high 02 3-4 65 1-4 low close 91 1-2 84 1-4 EAST ST. .LOUIS, 111.. May H (UP)—Hogs 5500. Top 955. 170-230 Ibs., 935-950. HO-160 Ibs., 825-935. Bulk sows. 825-850. Cattle 2000. Steers, 700-825. Slaughter steers, 600-850. Mixed ytSrliiigs and heifers, 700800. Slaughter heifers, 000-850. Beef cows, 600-575. Cutters and low cutters, 350-450. throughout Mississippi county. He was, a veteran of Ihc World War. 'having bct-n encamp?;! at Fayctteville. Ark., during his en- lislment. Since the war he was The resolution Jccls arc "Under The cville high school has P'«cc<l on the list ol reported favorably. this scheme." V.imlni- greatly Interested in veterans work, burg said, "congress docs not have Relatives who survive um are lih to vote on the canal and 'Quc-ddv. wife. Mrs. Bess Proctor, two d.iugh- Congress docs not have lo KO tnr-f n-n,. r l-- ir «ml 13 Ah AC I n t .. '***•*' uvif ll.l*"- i v ri" CARUTIIERSVILLK. Mo.—A Ca- Norlh-Central Association of Col-1 nither.svillc Business and Prof;s- Icgcs and Secondary schools for slonal Women's Club was organlz- Ihc cotnlng year. The local school | «l '"ere Tiiesday night, has been on the approved ILst for' Olficers elected were: president. Marine hero of a century ago, Is by Ihe Marine Corps here. or approximately I Lieut. O'Einnnon was decorated ; many times for his heroism at, Dcrnc, Tripoli, on April 27, 1805, In a battle n«ainsf. the ruthless liarbtiry pirates. A hand-tooled saddle presented to htm by the Women Organize Club ! People of Philadelphia is preserved among the heirlooms and relics of lib day. Principal cllles of the United under the state's 00-day statute. One plaintiff, " divorce former wife, (ters, B2tte Louise. 15. and Roberta | Ann, ID, his father. Thomas Jclf;r- ron Proctor, n'nb made his home with him, and one brother. Cloud Proctor, of Kansas City. Mo. St. Francis a number of years. Chicago Corn open high low close Levee Engineer Dies back on its record. It merely passes a nice convenient resolution oti the face of it. "But of course if the llnce engineers have to make a report by June 20 one of two things is obvious. Either the investigation will Indignant Barber, 84, Women in'SI Miss Jewel Williams; vice-prcsl- ritivt. Miss Nclle Lee Dorroh; scc- trelary. Miss Dollyc Robinson; treos- lurcr/Mrs. Bess Walton. i The chtb Is federated with the States received the famous officer as the "Hero of Dcr.:?" on his tour after the bailie In which he.led n withering attack on Derrte nnd succeeded in raisin™ an American World fortress over the Old for Ihc first time. he was 12, bars women from shor> because: not amount t o anything or they know already what they arc yo- MEMPHIS. Nfay H (UP)-Ben- '"^ lo 8ct." . 1T|ley arc flnly jamin o. Coviugton. 58. fomier T1|D a(ll «inlstralion proposal was I customers. Each one chief engineer with Ihe St. Fran- i 'noI If the investigators should crowd monoiMllzhig the shop els Levee board, died today at his report the projects "justified." -"-•••'-- • •• "• home here followiii!? a heart at- i President Roasevclt would be .111 was voted lo hold a dinner at the'' ^MELROSE, Mass. (UP)—William Ea( shol , here the night of May "~' ~" "' '' ' 26, and between now and tlien a nifmbfrsluo drive will be. conduct- T. Kirmes, 84-year,-old bncbcr, who has been cutting hair since his May G2 3-4 023-8 62 1-8 62 1-4 a son and daughter, his niolher, 92 5-8 851-8'J«ly 60 1-S 603-8 601-8 60 1-41 und two sisters. tack. He Is survived by his wife, | thorizcd to allot money from work a . , , . „ and driving nway better trade. They! don't know what they want and c( j T | le c i u ij now has a membcr- j hi|) O r 20 and ospccls lo lAcre.ise - nlld 50-cent t i, is number to 50. brings when they receive the treatments .. . , , - --- ------ ~j ••- ..... ea relief funds to continue work on i they ask for they won't look any hcm during i ne npxl fi5 cal year. | belter anyway." Masons Meet Tonight 'Chlcka.sawba Lodge No. 134, P. nnd A. M.. will night in slated mcjt at 7:45 to- communication. Game Exchange In Far North Planned HALIFAX, N. S. (UP) — Newfoundland and Nova Scolta will enter u bis game "barter-exchange" deal this summer. Newfoundland has plenty, of Carl'aou but few deer, nnd Nova Scotia, has plenty of deer nnd few caribou. So they arc going lo ex- , resilient of apotlier state, was nlcd a divorce in a contested case. The chancellor handed down -a dccrc'!- denying a divorce in tlie case 'vi' John Cunningham, formerly ol New Haven, Conn., against Ituih Cininlnghiun. He luul sought a divorce on the ground of desertion. * Decrees were granted in the following cases: - ' Gladys Bcguc from J. T. Bogue, desertion: William D. Bruce from Ada Bruce. Indignities; J. A. Thomson from Martha Thompson; Florence R. Allen from Sylvester P. Allen, desertion; Clara Edith Shirley vs. • Albert J. Shirley, desertion and Gertie Hopper from Fred Hopper, desertion, the latter being rendered In vacation of may 4. change animals to respective forests. restock their WEATHER Arkansas— Fair tonight, Friday fair and warmer. Memphis and vicinity—Fair 'tonight. Friday fair and warmer. The maximum, yesterday was 70. minimum 68, partly cloudy, according to Samuel F. Norris, official weather observer.

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