The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 21, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 21, 1939
Page 3
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'WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21, 1939 BLYTHEVILLE, .'(ARK.y COURIER NEWS PA'GE THREE '*<,./, J REA Makes $5,000 Allotment To County'Co-Op For Wiring Loans Mississippi county-farmers living In the territory IP be served by the new rural electric lines, being constructed by tho Mississippi County Rural Electric Cooperative are to be loaned money for the wiring of their houses and installation of waler systems. The Utilization Division of the Rural Electrification Administration has granted a loan of £500 lo the county group, which' Is expected to be supplemented by another loan at an early date. • to It Is estimated that from $15,- IfOOO to $20,000 will be required to completely take' care of the needs of residents to use eleclricty and the Utilization Division of the Electrification Administration has assured the county group that there arc sufficient funds to take care of all needs of the cooperative and that this sum .will be augmented from time to time as the need arises. The service is this: a complete wiring system for the house, installation of an electric pump and pressure tnnk, insinuation of n kitchen sink niid for (he bath room the installation of bath tub, Inra-. lory, toilet/ and septic sewage disposal plant.. The cooperative will finance nil 0!' fl part (if this Installation on n three-to-flvc year 'finance plan at a fiat six per cent Interest rule, the farmers being required to pay 20 per cent of the cost nt Ilia lime of installation and the remaining 80 per cent being paid to the contractor by the Coopsralivc, The repayment plan Is semi-annual payments through a period of from three to five years. All of this work Is to be done under contract by local dealers, who are assured payment by the Cooperative. Many projects have used this finance plan to Install practically 80 per cent of their houses with these fixtures, il is said. The pressure pumps and water systems are now for sale and are being stalled by dealers of this section. In adjoining counties, where lines Becomes Officer In U. S. Army's Aviation Force REPUTE 111 By burning 25% slower than the average of the 15 other of the largest-selling brands tested-slower than any of them —CAMELS give smpk ere the equivalent of have already been energized, practically one-half of the farm homos iave water systems which they e for the household, watering cck, Irrigating gardens, wallow- ng pools^ for hogs, and the like. The Rural Electrification Ad- linlstralion is rendering a dis- nct service to the Cooperative il hat It was foreseen early in the fc of the Rural Eleclrlflcntlui Administration that, to be of, th rcalcst service to its membcr.s hey would have to set up a ser ice lo help members Install their vlring so that they would be able o enjoy all the benefits electricity ias to oiler them at the 'earliest possible moment, according to H. C. Knappenbcrger, superintendent. "The use of electricity on tho farm has been demonstrated time and time again as being the greatest tiling that has helped tp raise. Die standards of farm people nnd living of the to take away from Ihem Ihe drudgery which one always associates with farm living where elcclric conveniences are not available," he added. Jiminle 'Upton, son of Dr. am Paul L. 'Upton, is now a sec on( i lieutenant In the Army following his nonth from the aeronautical sclioo of the Army Air Corps at San An U. Tipton specialized in aero president of the 18 JEMS' Canuliersville Society — Personal All Hope Abandoned For Adventurous A n t h o r Lost In Pacific BY BROOKS SMITH Unllril Tress Staff Correspondent MEMPHIS, Teiui., June 23 (UP) —Somewhere out In the watery astes of the Pacific Ocean today Ihe grave of Hlcliard Halllbur- n, whose typhoon-wrecked Sea agon brought dealh to one of nerlca's authors on what was to avc been his greatest adventure. Hope lhat the adventurous nu- ior and his crew of 13 men, who ere attempting to cross from ong Kong to Snn Francisco In n nautical school at the University of Ala junk, may have ridden out ic typhoon which battered the aclflc In March, hns been given up ven by Halllbiirton's graying lolher, Mrs. Wesley Halliburton, f Memphis, "Richard Is fiindlng cw worlds to conquer and I know 19 is thrilling to tills new adven- lire of death from which no one .as ever returned to describe." . The last message by radio from he Junk was picked up by the S. S. President Coolidge, H said: •Southerly gales, squalls, lee rail I'ast ll:iIrons Miilerlained At lluoue Country Koine Mrs. Henry A, Uoone and Miss Essie Johnston were lionesses lo nembers of the Past Matrons Club ut the country home of Mrs. Hoono Monday evening. A delicious llirei. course dinner menu wns served at one Invge table »' the dining room Places were marked by clever cul- oti'ls nnd hand drawn pictures vep resenting (he guests' names. Bowls, of sweet peas and oilier summev flowers were used In the dining and living rooms. Mrs. Chas. Shepard presided during Ihe brief business session which followed dinner. During the social hour Mrs, Jack Hurl liftrt charge of n number of guinea that hiid been planned by her and Mrs, H, N. Arnold, who was out-of- lown. Mrs. Uoonc received n dancing Hula girl for the best drawing L, E. Puckctt and sister, Mrs, Roy Purdom Hi ParagoiiUI, Aik Mr. v,ckett left Sunday' morning for 'ningimld but Mrs, PuckuU will n>- naln here for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Dickeron ami two daughters, Doris Jane nul Binunilo Leah of CSreenvllle, Miss., arrived Sunday morning for a visit with her pnrenU, Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred Williams and oilier reln- Uves. Mr. Dlrkeram left Tuesday moinlni; for his home but Mrs. Diekerson and Hie children will remain for n months visit," Mr, and Mrs. Homer Reams of Kcnnell spent Sunday here with Mr. and Mrs. Clayton SchulU. spent Monday afternoon In Ilaytl wlicio they visited with Mr. and Mis. L. I*. Parsons. Yengcr of Stcelo spent n few. hours In this city Tuesday morning attending to business matters. Mi. and MI* Joo I) Henley left Sutnrilay tor liockaway Reach on Lake Taneycomo where they will spend their vncallon. Miss Heinicc, Chilian and Fred Henley loH.-Tucs- day for the Ijike where they will Join Joe li. and wife.'The group will remain unlll Friday. Mr. ami Mrs. Chris Mohrlc .left, during the week end for a two weeks vacation at points In th'O attending school -at .Ann Mich, since /January, relumed f home Friday, She 'eft Saturday - " % morning for Jeffoison City, Mo,- ' where she will attend to, business mallei s. She Is expected home ItiH '' we'ck, '* e \ • Frank Cunningham Sr , who has ' the past two. weeks flbhlng nd camping ill Rlngo Ford, near Jonlphan, Mo , returned home Sunday. ' Mi. and Mrs. H. Cl. Thomas and noiih. They went by way of Nash- Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Rogers who vllle, Tcnn., where Uiey picked up ' mve spent 'the past three wceka of a "lillehled June Romance' and Mrs, Tom Murkey received a pita in (he world bulldlinj con- Icsl. Lucky Ninn Club Knterlnlnctl daughter, Miss Maiy, who louring the western elates have re- has been (he guest of fi lends there scnooi ni ua- unwc •'•''*»' " « under, wet bunks, hard lack, bully - rvr H IH ^rwnS KP* member of the Cri.mon ndc too ^^ Uio mMo went (lm , n|U , Sea Dragon wns seen and urncd home. Misses Dollye and Cynlhla Robnson, who have spent Ihe past wo weeks as guests of their cousin, Urs. Dun llowman and Mr. Hownan at their summer uottngc at Pul-ln-l!ay, O.. relumed Home Sumhiy afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Nceley, Miss Joy NcoU'y mid Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Huffman spent Sunday at New- bcrn, Tcnn., where Ihey were guesls of relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Caller of Ullnlon, icy., Mr. and Mis, W. O. Oieer and son, W. O. Jr., and Miss Mae Carver nf, Pulton, Ky., 1 spent Sunday here with,Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Davis. Mrs. Carver Is a sister of Mrs. Davis and Mrs Grecr and Miss Carver arc nieces Mr. and Mrs, O. W. Chllton hnvi returned from a ten days trip by for several days. From Ihcio Ihcy will go lo Cluviiland, Ohio.. when. Ihey will meet Ihe Rev. Wayne W Gray ami thu group will llien visit in Chicago before reluming home Mrs. 'E, C. Pierce nnd daughlci IhinlcU, and Mrs. P. L, Home returned Monday from u week em visit with Ihelr husbands au ilher friends ill Rnvcndcn Springs Ark. Mr. and Mis. Morrell DeRelgn left Monday for n few days visit ul Ihclr camp tit Rnvemlen Springs, ball team, club, and honored by his footba brothers by being "smartest", "best studious", "most lo the Lucky Mini: Ihldgo Chib nnd one guest, Mrs. Clayton Scluilty,, who filled In for Miss Pauline llamrn who Is attending summer school. High score was held by Mrs. Harold Popham, who received spice bath salts. Miss Jewel Williams cut for consolation and wns given lingerie. Dining Ihe refreshment hour the hostess served a sandwich plate with cup Ark. Miss Men Murphy, who has been The Italian army Is said (o have jcen the fhst to employ aerial jomblng as pail of its offensive, la pllols bhowcilng enemy troops with ciuile, hand-thrown bombs white atlacklng Tilpoli In 1912. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- ftltUilCilontl-Aad You'U Jua; Onltf WU lta Mcraiai Ruin* (« Go Th<t liver ehould pour out two poundi of liquid lilto (nlo>ourl>owcLitlftl]y, If tEtlab!!* Unotflowliiiffri'i]*', your food doesn't dlgeiL It Just decay i In Iho bowel*, (ias Moats up T your etomncti. Vim get con Bleated. Your *lio!o Byilf in fi polloncJ find you fc-il *our, lunV find tliuwortd l^okg punk. A inert! towel movement dwin't Btt «l Die cuuii-. It takej llioiu K'txxJ, old Carter 1 ! I.ltUif l.lvt-r Pill* to uut these two poiindi of Vllo tlowlnv fttil> f end nrnko you' (e«l "up mid up." HortnlcftB, *rctitle, yet nm«- Intz In maklni; lillu flow /rtcly.'AElt for L'arkr'ul.lUlL-I.ivirl'lllaL/rittmv. 2&c«nta. Rlubbornly refuse unyOtlntf tlie. heard from no more. The adventures of Marco Polo were child's play compared to nost likely to succeed". He Is a those of Richard Halliburton. From 4-H Glub News Notes A meeting of the Box Eider 4-H club was held Saturday, June 17, with Lorene Ellis presiding. Forty one members, two leaders and ten visitors were present. Visitors were: Mr. and Mrs. Ellis, Mr. and Mrs Zackery, James nichmcnd, Rubj I Lee Richardson, Kathaiene West' mordan, and Louise Richmond. Ruby Richardson, the song captain, led the group In singin; "Home on the Range." Miss Cora Lee Coleman, county home dem onstration agent, gave a demonstrn lion on judgmg canned goods; Bh urged tlijSt/each :member, go to Mariarma en Visitors' Day, Juno 'i'i. After a.short business, meeting games on Ihe lawn were enjoyed by Ihe group. Two sides were chosen, Hie "greens" nnd the "rods". The "reds" were declared winners and Miss Coleman gave them a bag of corn candy. This was passed around and the "reds" held tlie sack. Lorene Ellis shewed her white member of Ihe Sigma Chi frale nity. Dr. and Mrs. Tipton went San Antonio for their son's graduation and were Joined later by heir other son, Dick Tipton. At he lime they left, it was believed hat Jimmle would probably go to Randolph Field as an instructor as his name was one of 25 listed whose recommendation was to be acted upon by Chief of Air Corps for duty at the field. Orders were to be issued sometime this month Plymouth Rock flock of chickens. She has an enviable record. From hei fifty, she raised 41 lo maturity. She has eaten five and has 33 fully developed pullets and three well formed cockerels for her breeding pen. Reports on the other poultry members were given. James Barber has 25 chickens from his flock of 50, Wnymon Barber has 45, and Ed Willyard has 33.'.';, ,:; Homemade ice cream; and cake •ere served by the hostess, Mrs. p. Ellis. the time he was graduated from Princeton In 1021, he set out to nakc life an adventure nnd live ns he pleased. He bettered Leander's record In swimming the Hellespont. He dived into the ancient Mayan Well of Atonement at Chicken Itv.a and came out unregenerntctl., -He fringed doughty Mount Everest in an airplane, lived n Crusoe's life on Alexander Selkirk's desert Island, and he crossed the Alps on an elephant in emulation of Hannibal. All of these adventures nnd a thousand and one others are related in his books which describe his travels, "Royal Road to Romance," "New Worlds lo Conquer," cakes and an Iced fruit drink, » » » 1!. Y, 1'. U. Has I'icnio Mrs. P. H. Hlomeycr, Mrs, Monroe Abenmlhy, Mrs. Virgil Davis and Miss Joy Stcphan chaperoned about twenty members of the'Jun- ior B. Y. P.- U. lo Walker Park in Hlylhcville Tuesday afternoon v\'hcre the (jroup went swimming •llicy returned here about six o'clock and enjoyed a picnic supper in the basement of the Haplisl Church so lhat their siionsor am! director, Mrs. S. C. Slephan could be with them'In a part of Ihch days fun. * * * Jolly N'inc Enlcrlalncil Mrs. Gordon Wright was hoslcs to the two table Jolly Nine Club Monday evening. Mrs. Marlon Dai row was a guest. Mrs. Maud Greet auto spent at points in the soulli. 'lliey visited at Vlcksburij, Union Rouge. New Orleans, Dllosl and I'ensacola, while away. Mr. and Mrs. J. A; McCulchcn and son, Einmelt, of \Vheallcy, Ark., spent the week end here as guests of Iheir daughter and sister, Mrs. Sam aillelt. Mr. Me- Cutchcn also visited wllh his other, Mrs. Bculuh McCutchen. Mr. nnd Mrs. Sam Dlckerson and aiighlcr of Greenville, Miss., Mrs nrry E. Piickelt of Ftillou, Mo. id Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred \VMllnm:, GOOD FOR MALARIA! — And Malaria Chills ana M ORE smoking-frrf/wsmoking- Ibriliitr smoking—Which cigarette offers all of them? 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Con tains tasteless quinidine and iron Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic ac tually combats the Malaria infcc turn in the blood. It relieves the freezing chills, the burning fever It helps you feel better fast. Thousands take Grove's Tasteles Chill Tonic for Malaria and swea by il. Pleasant to take, too. Eve children take it without a whimper Don't suffer! At first sian^of Ma laria. lake Grove's Tasteless Chi Tonic. At all drugstores. Buy Ih large size as it gives you muc more for your money. "In the Garden" Interested in the kinds of flowers lot ordinnrily grown here, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Leech now have in their arden of their home at 1013 West Wain street, some beautiful blooms vhich are being admired by Ihosc .'ho have seen them. Their Regal lilies, which have ii-cn magnificent looking, arc gone nit the Cape Jasmine" and gardenias are in full bloom lo vie for lonors with the pear nnd apple trained trees which aren't trees nt •Ul but n kind of climbing bunches but they have pears and apples on them. Those tiny little blooms called violas, which look like a cross between n pansy and a- violet, slar petunias and pansies add color lo Ihe Leeches' rock garden which is filled with odd-named varieties of flowers. Mr. and Mrs. Leech are anticipating the completion of their new summer house, upon which work has started. The pergola, with the high brick wall for its back, is being dismantled for the screened summer house which will be larger, with hewn timbers for trim. The floor will be crab orchard slone, as is on the terrace adjoining the library nnd through the garden. "Seven League Boots," "The Flying Carpet," and "Glorious Adventure " He tells In these books of Iravcl- ing up the Nile in'a sailboat, of living wit hhead-hunters In Borneo, of emulating Balboa by climbing a peak in Darlen to'discover the Pacific. Several years' ago Halliburton amazed even the hardy Japanese by climbing Fujiyama alone in mid-winter to take pictures of the crater. He lived for a time oil one of the Dry Torlngas Islands where Dr. Mudd was imprisoned for setting the broken leg of John Wllkcs Booth. ' He crossed the Malay Peninsula on foot despite floods. He walked cross Khyber Pass Inlo Afghanistan. He was robbed by pirates in Chinese waters. There probably is no country or city of importance in the world which • Halliburton missed in 18 years of traveling — interrupted only for a lecture tour now and then in the United Slates nnd time off to write his books. In Mexico he tramped the trail of Cortez from Vera Crux to Mexico City. Far up in the Caucasus mountains, lie talked with .the world's oldest mnn—155 years old. Twice he was almost drowned. Ic barely escaped with his life vhcn he swam around the Siren Anfi-Knock Gns 7:1-1- Odano, Gitl. Dollars Saved Are Dollars Made Genuine Efhy! 80 Oclane, Gal. 13.Sc 14.3c (All Tuxes Puid) SPECIAL LOW PUICE—100% I'UHE PENN~- SYIA'ANIA MOTOR OIL—TAX PAID 2 (,'AL. CAN !)ac Highest Quality Products at SAVEON GAS CO. -1 Miles From Stale Line Holland, Mo. Jocks at LI Galli and again when ic attempted to swim rrotn Scylla o Charybdis In the Straits of Mcs- Culumet News Dauglilcr Horn A daughter was born to Mr. and held high Kcorc nnd Mrs. J. VnnAusdall wns second high. Eac received hosiery. The hostess serv cd nn allraclive snlnd and (lesser plate with an iced fruit drink a the conclusion of play. * • * Miss Mary Jnn'c Ellis . , turned^ from Frankfort, Ky., whe. siie had'been'the guest of friends for a week. Mr. nnd Mrs. Chas. Curlln are guests of the Misses Swan, Violet nnd Lucille Naylor. They will remain here this week nnd then Mr. Curlln will go to his work In Helena, Ark., and Mrs. Curlln will return to her home In Illckmnn, Announcements were received In this city Tuesday from Mr. nnd Mis. Nelbert S. Averlll of Vlnlta. Okla., telling of the arrival of u son, June IB, who has been given the name of Eluert Eugene. Mr. Averill Is a former resident of this city. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Ulokcr and their daughter, Miss . Rnehel of Charleston, Mo., left Sunday for Freemonl, O., where they will visit with relatives and friends for several weeks. The following group left Saturday for New York City where they will spend several days: Mrs. L. H. Schlilt, Mrs. J. H. VanAusdnll, Mrs. E. C. Masdon, Mrs. John Martin and Misses Ernestine Wllks, Naomi Webster, Hilda Debout, Mmy Jane Crysler, Mildred Tinslcy. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McCarly left Sunday morning for Elaine, Ark., where they will visit with her parents for several days. From there they will go to Hlckman, ' UP TO 4 T VJDLY SALE fUBI W — PRICES IN TO STANDARD TIRES CAMEL PENNY FOR PENNV VOUR BEST CIGARETTE BUV! CMC Half-Ton Uncrnmped, comfortable cabs n««n greater maneu- vcrability. Husky, extra- size bodi«s(p»nel,pick-up,«t«ke) mmn pl<mty of i oatl , pact _ CMC E" economy (15% to toK g " a . .» vlng .l[ lmeim . every haul at lower coit. OUTPULLS - SAVES MORE GAS rime paymenli Ihrough ourown YMAC Plan al low..! available ra)«l . I riVUCCT LUWtil !M RMT HISTORY IN larm. niiiuM ... , , L . . No truck that gives so lls for less LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. 305 E. Main l' hon e 32! TRAILERS •DIESELS EMC TRUCKS Mrs. Frank Howard Monday, June 5. The baby, who weighed seven pounds, has been named Emma Gene. ' • • • Mr. and Mrs. Will D. Howard, of Dell, were the guests of Mr. Howard's mother, Mrs. D. M. Howard, Sunday. Mrs. Ellis McDonald has returned lo her hcme in Myrtle, Miss., after a brief visit with her parenls, Mr, and Mrs. Jake Raines. . Mr. nnd Mrs. Ray Hall, of Driver irove, were the guests of Mr. and Irs. G. A. Hali over the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Richardson ud children, of Half Mcon, were he guests of Mr. and Mrs. Odell Vrlght over the weekend. ! Midway News Notes Mrs. Dave Walker hns relumed lomc after having visited relatives at Marmadukc for several days. Mrs. Marcus Smith, of Rosa, has returned home after having been the guest of her brother, Dave Walker, and family for two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Walker and Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hill sent Friday in Blylheville. J. W. McDonald, who was Injured in an automobile accident about two weeks ago, is improving. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Walker were Bljthevllle visitors Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Walker were BlyUievllle visllors Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Hollls Harrison, of Osceola, were dinner guesls of Mr and Mrs. Waller Harrison Monday A. J. Hill Is undergoing treatment for on Infected facial gland Ky', where they will be guesls of Mr. McCarly's parents. Mr. McCarty is on vacation from his duties nt the Kroger Slorc. Con>. Charles Cone who is stationed at Barksdale Field, U. S. Army Flying Field nt Shreveport, La., spent the week end here with his mother nnd olher relatives. Mrs. Cone and Mrs. Paul Howcll drove to Luxora, Ark., last Friday evening nnd met him. He flew that far with Capt. Exford Hodgson who was enroulc lo Gallopolls, O. Charles joins Cnpt. Hodgson at Luxora Monday for the return trip. Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Puckctt of Fulton, Mo., arrived Friday afternoon and will visit here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Villinms and with his mother, Mrs. SIZE ' 4.40-21 4.50-21 4.75-19 5.50-17 5.25-18 5.50-18 6.00-16 6.50-16 FORMER PRICE $9.10 10.00 10.30 13.20 12.00 13.70 14.35 17.40 SALE PRICE '5.55 5.55 5.73 7.33 6.68 6.68 7.98 9.68 YOU SAVE $ 3.55 4.45 4.57 5.87 5.32 7.02 6.37 7.72 k" GUM-DIPPED CORD BODY GIVES PROTECTION AGAINST BLOWOUTS OBTAIN KEUEF FROM CYSTITIS (Inflamed BUtldcr) A 30-day lest of this N A T U R A I- MINERAL WATEIl will cost you very little . . . Make Ihts test yourself and note Ilic ' Improvement, Distributed by Crosstown Whiskey Shop IMPORTKD & DOMESTIC WINES, LIQUOKS, Al.KS 109 S. Division St. SCIENTIFIC SAFETY TREAD GIVES LONG NON-SKID MILEAGE COME IN TODAY AND' EQUIP YOUR CAR WITH THE VALUE SENSATION OF 1939! GREATEST TIRE BARGAINS OF THE YEAR IWO TIME OR ItttlUEAGE LIMIT See Pi riMtone Ti tn mo .Ic in I ho Firatone Factory an cl Ertiibtton Building o! 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