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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona • Page 5

Arizona Republici
Phoenix, Arizona
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ran inn ninrmnnnirnififiTiiiiiiiinnnfiniTiniTfrTiitfniiiiTimi looking Imitation of a newspaper, i she had been In Jumping at llllllllllillll ttinilllllllfiiiiii I 111! II 1 1 1 1 1 1 llllllllllillll lllll Scientist Says Touted Future mecnanicany at lasi. It is mainly in the field of public communication, Industry and the She had supposed he was an Beth Carter, Waac air corps officer, and perhaps a Of Electronics Mostly Myth general sciences mat electronic will find their createst application. full 10 years older than tht just- he predicted. 'ARIZONA KEPUBLIC Phoenix. Arizona Sunday.

June 27, 1943 Page 5 gklet Shows Schools 'At War' a booklet illustrating the war accelerated school now in full-swing, ana vocational subjects being taught By Lorette Cooper PASADENA, June 26 under-30 he appeared to be. Actually, he wore the crossed ran. UP) Thnso fanriful nostwar elec "And why would it re necessary or conducive to the happiness of mankind tn he able to DUSh a but theory is this possible. In practice, in the light of what we know now, it could not work." Television and frequency modu tronic gadgets envisioned by archi ton and see who is at the front rrt. non with shell superimposed which denote the Coast Artillery, Corps.

Beth noticed that Brit Jackson was scrutinizing her very closely. in Mnrv ni. lation. Professor Pickering said, are Thp irkf loft har fnr a mn- tects ol a wonaeriui woria oi tomorrow aren't probable, says a California Institute of Technology scientist, and some of them are II I I AW I ment to talk with one of the pilots. door?" he asked.

"Wouldn't it De simpler and more interesting to walk to the front door and see who's there, in the flesh?" "jo; ana sne sensea mat tne view vvnen he returned to Beths side, he asked, "How did you make out hardly possible. the two electronic developments which may be expected to play leading roles in the future home life of the nation. Both are already available in workable form, ready for general use and enjoy I Phoenix nign scnoois ana rnoe-J College, has been print- was not unpleasant to him. "It's time you knew." he becan "The nnnliration of recent and continuing discoveries in electron W4- i "rl" verier, "AAt ha volunteered lor a dangerous mission. After she orders and 4 Maj.

Brit Jackson, they board a Flying,lnd a tin island the Pacific. INSTALLMENT The island again. "Lieutenant, you are my one-man stafA if you don't mind ics will he mosuy in inausiry says Pmf Pirkprine' of the ohvsics ment after the war. last night?" "Comfortably." He laughed. "There was some doubt that you would." "Anvnnp Har? nnv rfmiHtc my caning you a man.

'I hats what VOU are. for th nnrnnsp nf department at the institute. "Indi- know, like the airplane factory at Southampton was protected." She knew what Major Jackson referred to. She had never been with barrage balloon but she had read in newspapers and magazines about the barrage over Southampton, and how it kept the Spitfire factory running almost without interruption. "Your staff roll," the major continued, "has been designed for your peculiar abilities." There was a trace of good-humored sarcasm in his voice.

"I am told you women are quite intuitive. You will need all your intuition out here. "You are to help me, among other things, make sure there ara no leaks, of information concerning our island." "Are any leaks suspected?" "I am sorry to say there are. You needn't ask me any more. They just are not that anything actually has slipped.

We're just suspicious without being able to suspect any individual." The plane was ready to go. "We'd better get on," the major said. "You know, we're just passengers. By the way, if those air corps men kid us, we'll just have to take it the air corps looks down on everybody, and I know how they feel. I was a flier once myself." His face was grave.

"I could still fly, if I had to but Uncle Sam doesn't believe it. Uncle vidual memDers or society win ieei their effects only indirectly." defending the nation. You are the one-man staff of the commanding officer I am he of a Coast Artillery barrage balloon battalion. Our "Tn sav fnr instance, that we'll didn't know very much about tha all possess miniature walky-talkie Jand may oe ooiameu oy writing calling at the office of E. W.

Montgomery, superintendent of schools. Shown in the booklet are photo-Jmhs of pre-flight aeronautics Masses welders in training for war Auction jobs at the Arizona Volitional School, premedical stu-Snis at work, home and food conization courses, and girls going through commando tactics in a ohvsical fitness program, paes of photography are de-cnted" to the civilian pilot training lourse at Phoenix Junior College, to refuel was nothing nrtfV a plot of sand- High knew, would immerse it. Inink of it," commented Major ua 1 1 anon is somewnere ott there even now shan't toll vnn ovantlv vvaacs, sne replied. They walked along the sand. She watched the sea, and noticed that even now Ihp island wa-; But the same cannot be said, in his of the future of facsimile transmission of newspapers to individual homes.

"Such feats can be performed, of the physicist said. "A daily paper could be produced and broadcast throughout the night, so that the householder rising in the morning would have it ready to hand, complete with pictures, news and advertising. "But it wouldn't be very big, and it probably wouldn't be well printed. It would, in short, be a sorry where, and that is not because 1 "wnat an air base in this dav Of TnnHorr. -1 A HURRIED MOVE TO ANOTHER CITY shrinking with each successive on- sets that can De carriea in a pocjtei and with which we can communicate at will with relatives and friends wherever they may be, is stretching the he declared.

"The facts are that communication sets of whatever kind must op- 1 A. 1 1 "nixaic; x-eL wL i own camouflaging. We land. We refuel frnm iusn oi tne ocean. She tried to estimate how long this bit of sand was, and guessed two miles: vet it was so flat that Perhap 70a am bring traaferre4 to another elty.

Storage af nonsa erate on certain wave lengms ana within a certain meter band. If the an accurate estimate was impos- 0 rifle training being given to high 1 school girls. Reserve Officers Train sets were multiplied indefinitely. 11" Jkr Hl k'l smr? nn1? nCfuble of, keePing tne sea and the gasoline in. We take ou.

i he tide comes up and the waves erase our wheel tracks in the sand and pack the particles anew for the next landing. The fellow who thought of this had something." Her eyes verified enough of Major Jackson's description so that the result would be a confused jumble of voices in the ether, and none of them intelligible. Only in non trust you." He waved hi-; hand a third of the way around the horizon. "The battalion 5 on an island much like this, only the island has a little more area and considerably more contours and vegetation and some of it stays above water even at high tide. It is a very important island already, and we hope it will be even more important as the war continues.

Meanwhile it is our task among other things to get a balloon barrage flving so that our further operations will be protected from enemy air attack. You aiuitf, aim ine sana was pacKea so tightly it could have been used as an automobile speedway just as successfully as it was being used as a landing field. Major Jackson smoked unlil his TOLL COOllflG DRIilKS ing drills ana me Relations" program. More than 5,267 men are on the icrvice roll from Phoenix high j-hools and Phoenix Junior College more are being added every ana iimprHiT. We also will non yon from bcra to your dtt1natlaa.

afternoon. Suddenly Major Jack WITH, cigarette was nothing but a men dav, tne doumci sn.u says my capillaries won't take Traany ueneve tne rest ace to his fingertips. Then he tor2 the butt anart and tnH th tn- son shook Beth's shoulder. "Lieutenant Carter," he said, his mouth close to her ear. "A pair of Jap fighter planes has been sighted off our left wing." (To Be Continued) CHAMBERS TRANSFER 301 S.

4th Ave. Ph. 4-4141 DEnTfYTa bacco and the tinv rnlleri-nn wail combat." The Fortress took off. Hour after hour passed, until it was late Yank, British Usage Argued paper to tne wind, which was Word Researcher Claims Term 'Gasoline' Is More Logical Than 'Petrol' By FRANK COLBY spring, and they love it, and they One of my readers seeks to en- are welcome to it. mowing ireeiy and steadily.

"It's time you knew what you were going to do, lieutenant," Major Jackson said. They were out of earshot of the crew now. The major stopped, and so did she, and he turned toward her. She looked at him. It was the first time she had realized how young and handsome he was.

It was also the first time she had noticed his insignia. Noticing it, me in a campaign 10 purge as see win any harm be from the American vocabulary the done to the American vernacular if word gasoline. he our forces overseas share the word writes, "is a senseless misnomer, with the British, for I do not believe shortened to 'eas'. there is a solitary man in any of snd is usually sne was amused at how wrong thus confusing it wit.n something hns confusing iie American expeditionary forces Athcr ruiip pn it i is cie- no win come back home after the alto, is snorter, ana nas tne ana astc ior "a bit of petrol, old o.i.., HOTEL boy," at. the corner filling station mauve.

sanction of England, France and Nw Dwtwa Oultt, honwlikt, all pri- No. The traditional mm Mtm Porkiaf American cry: "Fill her uo with 1254 W. 6th. los Angeles gas ana check the lube" will someday again be heard abroad in the IcUlU. And I hope it will be soon, don't Itaiy.

It is true, as Churchill observed In his recent talk before congress, that American forces overseas have adopted the term "petrol" for sake of uniformity with the British. But to argue that "petrol" is a- more proper word than gasoline is fly-jrVin the face of linguistic facts, as this article will prove beyond per-idventure. To begin with, the Britisher, whoever he was, who established "petrol" as a name for the volatile distillate of petroleum was betrayed You may took hv his want of knowledge regarding You can he comfortable with Tip languages, for "petrol" is nothing again! more than a British corruption ot the French word petrole, which does not mean "gasoline" but pe troleum (crude oil) and also a rock works Old Hickory" Furniture It must be noted that the French term for "gasoline is either 1 es Unbelievable? Not if you know that Science has discovered Nature's secret that gives the "bloom" to pretty joung skin! Not if you know that Endoc-eme laboratories have discovered a counterpart of Nature's secret that replaces this "ritalizing" substance so needed by skinJ This counterpart Is called activol. It's brought to you only in Endocreme. There's nothing else like for helping to firm and freshen akin! Results are often astonishing! Many skins ipnre or l'essence de petrole.

The German word is benzin. What Is Petroleum? For Lawn, Garden and Ranch, nothing quite equals Now let us consider the word Food Is A Weapon! Buy wisely cook carefully eat it all and BUY MORE WAR BONDS. petroleum itself. It is formed from the Latin petra, "rock, and which ceemed old younger again! Clinically tested. by nation-wide asers, Endocreme costs only llf a dayl Stop st our Cosmetic oleum, because of an old the 4p this sturdy, graceful furniture that has been the favorite for more than fifty years.

Some seats and backs are woven of tough, pliant hickory bark, wonderfully durable and comfortable. Order now while assortment is complete. uoacttrr. start today, to use fiXXJttJNlbl iQ Jays' supply 13.50 fus tsx ory that inorganic oil was formed from hydrogen and carbon brought together in the rocks of the earth by great pressure and heat. The Germans use the word petroleum, ft Jot A 0 too.

But they also call it das steinol, "the rock and erdol, "earth It now becomes plain that the un Made of native Indiana hickory, with smooth varnished finish. Old Hickory is exclusive with Dorris-Heyman. known Briton or Britons who borrowed the en petrole and renvoi; changed it to "petrol" understood neither French nor Latin, for they or he obviously mistook the first part of petroleum for some Latin root that had some connection with oil, which, of course, it does not ai. -aa The word which really ihould mean never existed until the British brought petrole aaaa at First Street VasWno" cross the channel and gave it new spelling and an absurd mean Straight hack chair $9.75 Foot stool, woven top 5.95 Straight Arm chair 11.75 Woven seat rocker 14.75 Carved arm chair 13.75 Woven seat settee 24.75 Extra high hack rocker 29.50 ing. From an etvmoloeical standpoint "petrol" as a name for the fluid Sheer flattery for your legs Plank top end tahle 13.75 Luncheon tahle with 2 attached benches 39.50 30 in.

high tahle 19.75 Known in America as gasoline is the true "senseless It has nothing to recommend it except the fact that it is a British word, and for one, refuse to hail it as a sacred row. Word Accurately Descriptive To me, sacred cows exist for the purpose of having their tails twisted. On the other hand, the American ord gasoline is not only properly derived, it also is quite accurately descriptive of the liquid it names. Let us analyze the word. It is formed from gas, "an aeriform liquid" word invented in the MOO's by Van Helmont, a chemist of Brussels), plus -ol-, "a volatile plus -ine, a suffix long used in forming names of elements and compounds, as benzine, chlorine, aniline.

Hence, the American word literally means "a gaseous, volatile And if it isn't just that, I hould like to ask what is it? Indeed. panlin itself is hv na Lawn Chairs Heavy oak frames 2x4 In. striped or plain canvas. Not to be compared with ordinary chairs, these will last for years. A real value at jjj I aTV mmm LEG 10TI0N SHOW-UP 7 ture very unhappy in the liquid Pate.

It forever tries to turn itself 'nto a gas or vapor (evaporate), and therein lies its virtue, for, as a "latter of common knowledge, gasoline must become a gas (by car-fcuretion) before it will possess the explosive properties necessary for the internal combustion engine. In the liquid state it merely burns, However brisklv. Word Here To Stay ow 1 have no thougiu of pervading the British to abandon their petrol" in favor of the American for the former is their e'vn particular and peculiar off- Red iross Office Moves Downtown Sot 6-oz. bottle We have them! Fan Type Coolers Headquarters of the Maricopa bounty chapter, American Red U'oss, were moved yesterday afternoon from 140S North Third street 10 the old Montgomery Ward company building, 213 North First venue, which has space to accom- A new kind of Refrigerator Amazing! is the word for this modernly designed 'wartime refrigerator. Coolerator washed air refrigeration uses ice in a new 4 way air circulation method.

It keeps foods fresher, preserves their natural flavors longer. Covered dishes are not needed to prevent excessive drying out, lettuce and other vegetables retain their garden for War Workers ine widely expanueu a- "vities of the organization aue rganization aue to Every activilv the Red Cross -I, 1 now is io veil rying on Will navtr 3500 Cubic Ft. Jlfadquarters in the building, with 9950 J.5950 The coolers will be made available to war workers who must apply at the local offices of the WPB in the Security Building for what is known as PD-1A priority rat- 4500 Cubic Ft ings work, Ralph Elliott, executive retary, said vesterday. The urgical dressings, for the time be-'nS at least, will be made largely the Phoenix Woman's Cluo "Hiding, First avenue and Fillmore street. -The Red Cross acquired Its North Smooth, sunny-beige leg tint, becoming as sheer hose! Tussy Show-Off smooths on quickly.

Won't smear or rub off. Won't spot in avshower. Covers tiny blemishes leaves a silky mat finish on legs. Dozens of cool "stockings" in big 6-oz. bottle 50c.

Plus tax. 1 Answers Today's Refrigeration Problem 00 Sold On Terms 2 Saves Food, Saves Vital Convenient War Material Terms 3 Meets W.P.B. Requirements street building several jears ago. converting a residence Purposes. The growth of the onety local memhershin and the Toiletries Street Floor OPA Price jWed work it is undertaking made ine acquisition of new quarters imperative.

There is ample space In the new firlt for nursing, service and jst-aid class meetings as well as for the various Red Cross Bed Room I Furniture Dining Room Furniture I 4th floor -laments, Mr. Elliott said. Srd floor ft plans to nut. more than -Phone 4-4743 Adams at First 000 government workers into plants and industry Washington at First St, SawjJ111 contro1 the rentS -f.

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