Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on May 16, 1947 · Page 15
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 15

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, May 16, 1947
Page 15
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PUBLSC CITY -Page 15 .The Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Arizona. or on neighboring Islands for 10 J. D. Brush or 15 years, with an eirective Allied air base within range. As seen m Canberra, major top arre was tried and acquitted of this killing. The pardon board recommended that Davis' release be made -conditional upon his permanently leaving Arizona. Davis intend; to go to Nebraska where, he advised the board, he has been offered employment and an opportunity to rehabilitate himself. ics at a Japanese peace settlement Release Due J. D. Brush, convicted here In 1941 of misappropriation of public fiinrin Hnrinff his incumbency as Maricopa county assessor, probably I will be released from the Arizona State Prison today. j 1505 EAST VAN BUREN . OPEN EVERY DAY Trip To Hasten Mustang Round-Upr Editor Is Chosen Royce Blair, North Phoenis High School junior, has been selef .ted as editor-in-chief of the Iujstang Round-Up, school paper, i to' was announced yesterday by Jo'ivn c. Raymond, director of publi nations. Blair was chosen to f xicceed Donald Janson in his pos'ition in view of his experience on he paper. He has been a member (t the staff for three years and is feature editor this year. He was 'also a member of the Hoofbeats s7aff, school yearbook, for two yeu-s being named junior assistant ejaitor this year. A member of, Quill and Scroll, national high 'school journalistic society, Blair Is also in Parnassus' and is a Mustang congressman. The Hooi'beats editor will be ai- Look at These-Food Values Maritime Day To Be Marked Observance of May 22 as 'National "Maritime Day was called for in a proclamation issued yesterday by Governor Osborn. . The date marks the sailing of the .American steamship USS Savannah in 1318 on the "first successful crossing of the Atlantic ocean by a steam-propelled ship. The governor pointed out that the vital importance of the American Merchant Marine from the standpoint of trade, travel and defense has been completely demonstrated and "every encouragement to its upholding should be given." Arizonians were called upon to, join in the nation-wide recognition of the accomplishments of thg U. S. Merchant Marine. The governor also directed that the rational emblem be displayed on public buildings May 22 and urged tfiat "private homes and business firms also display the flag in further tribute to the men and wonaen, afloat and ashore, who have ton-tributed to the nation's position as the world's leading maritime Steel Planned In an effort to speed, necessary steel supplies to Phoenix for use in constructing main ffeeder lines in the $6,000,000 water development program. Joseph 3 Condrey, secretary of the Arizona Section, Associated General Contractors of America, will leave for Washine- TOILET TISSUE 9 laree rollfi BUTTER, Brookfield or Colorado Gold rh 5 fcffi.D.:::::::::::::::::::;!r'sfl SB''-!ta';;;;.v;;:;;:;:;;;;;:;;;5 MILK. Carnation. Pet, Borden's, Maricopa 2 tall pans for 23c SNOWDRIFT. Shortening 8 -lb. jar S1.3S PURE LARD. Silverleaf Brand .1 lb. pit. 2Se PICKLES. Our Best Dill Chips or Dill Mix 2 24-ox. jar 2Se CIGARETTES. All popular brands Carton $1 S7 UPTON TEA. Orange Pekoe, K-Ib. pkg. 25c -lb. pkg. 49c BISQTJICK Large Pkg .. Pkg. 45c ton, D. C, next week. Condrey was chosen to make the nounrea itexi fau. Washington trip after R. Gail Baker, city engineer, and contractors on various sections of the project naa aeciaea inai airect action must be taken if steel is to be acquired in time to provide more water for BOYS' PANTS Governor Osborn yesteraay signed papers concurring with the state board of pardons and paroles in its recommendation of last Tuesday that Brush's three to 10-year sentence be commuted to time served. . , June 13 he will have served a full three years "flat" time. On that date he will be eligible for an additional three years and six months "good time credit earned. Brush was convicted of misap- Fropriating personal property tax unds paid into the assessor's office. The governor also yesterday concurred in the parole board's recommendation that the three to eight-year manslaughter sentence imposed here in 1945 on Joseph Wayne Davis, former Phoenix Negro poli cement, be commuted to time served. The official commutation papers are scheduled to be delivered to the prison today. Mrs. Catherine Doyle, cashier in the assessor's office during Brush's administration between 1939 and 1941, and accused with him of misappropriation of public money, some time ago was paroled on expiration of her three-year minimum sentence. Davis was sentenced for the slaying of Leonce (Frenchy) Navarre, a fellow policeman, in the police station here early in 1945, as the outgrowth of ill feeling arising out of the earlier killing by Navarre of Joseph Star Johnson, a Negro city police officer. Nav i next summer. -TOP QUALITY MEATS The trip was approved by Mayor Ray Busey after a conference with Baker. power." Friday, May 16, 1947 Jap Treaty Meet Urged By EDWARD WATERMAN CANBERRA, Australia. May 15 (AP) The Australian government Is pressing lor a conference of major Pacific powers to write or plan the Japanese peace treaty, and halt what is considered here "a trend toward a piecemeal settlement." Commitments of high ranking British and American representatives, at other international conferences may prevent the suggest ed conference from being hehi as soon as Australia desires, but this dominion is likely to urge strongly that the nations meet this year to settle Japan's future. Herbert V. Evatt, foreign minister, has indicated Australia regards decisions already taken on some aspects, such as representations and disposal of mandates, as signifying a piecemeal approach to major problems which he considers should be determined at the peace settlement. THE SETTLEMENT, as seen in Canberra, could be either a final treaty, providing for progressive withdrawal of allied control, or an Interim arrangement in which major policy was decided but a fixed period named before Japan would be permitted to regain full international status. A special preparatory committee of experts established by Dr. Evatt, already is at work on the details of peace settlement aims to be pursued by Australia. Because of the part played by Australian troops and people in the Pacific war, the commonwealth government expects to exert an important influence in the shaping of the treaty. Two broad objectives are the basis of Australian policy in relation to Japan: 1. Demilitarization, including continued disarmament of Japan, with military and civil supervision by an allied control authority for number of years. 2. Democratization through education, development of trade unions, and a democratic political system based on the conception that nations which are responsive to popular opinion are less likely to wage an agressive war. AUSTRALIAN SPECIALISTS on Japanese affairs are understood to Jeel there is a danger that, without continued effective control, Japanese thought would deteriorate nd the nation revert to its prewar authoritarian state. Such control might involve the retention of allied armed forces in garrison strength either in Japan SLICED BACON. Swift's Premium 1 Ih. 9e Sweet Rasher i jD. S9 PICNIC HAMS. Swift' Tenderized lb. 43c HAMS. Swift's Skinned Premium. rtmTeTi1 Bu End, lb. 59c Shank End, lb. 49c CHEESE. Full Cream Longhorn or Cheddar Ib. 43c SALT PORK. Eastern Nice Lean ; lb 33c SWIFT'S TOP QUALITY BEEF TENDER AND JUICY Sirloin Steak, lb. 65c i Roast, Round Bone or Chuck, lb. 42c conierence woura inciuae leri'iion-al provisions, reparations, supervision of Japanese disarmament, completion of war criminal sentences, and implementation of the Potsdam decision that those who misled the Japanese people and took them into war should be excluded from positions of influence. Japanese whaling, particularly In the Antartic, is a matter of great interest to Australia. The restriction of Japanese ship and airplane building would have to be considered at the conference from the point of view of security in the Pacific, says: Responsible opinions here. Four Chosen For Honors Pat Small and Jeanine- Snow were selected as valedictorians at North Phoenix High School, James I. Stewart, principal, announced yesterday. The salutatorians, chosen by the students, are Bob Charles and Bob Green. Their membership in the National Honor Society made them eligible. The girls headed their class in a ranking that included a four-year grade average. tXe senior comprehensive and service points. The four students will lead the graduation exercises. Miss Small is active in the school journalism department. She was feature editor of the school paper last year and is editor of Hoof-beats, yearbook. A member of Parnassus and the National Honor Society, she won the general science award in her freshman year. She is the daughter of Mrs. Christine Small, 24 East Columbus avenue. A member of the honor court this year. Miss Snow was sophomore class secretary-treasurer and is a member of Parnassus and the National Honor Society. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Snow, 2219 North 13th street. Also a judge in the Honor Court this year is Bob Green. Green is one of the two state winners of the Pepsi-Cola scholarship. He is president of both Parnassus and the National Honor Society. Bob Charles, w ho was elected bv his class the most likely to succeed, is holder of several state and Southwestern tennis championships. He, too, is a member of Parnassus and the National Honor Society. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Perl Charles, 2022 North 11th street. KEEP IT UP! Don't Let Them Down Now Denims andt Wills f Part WooJs ft Tan and Blue Stripes W Sanforized m Sizes 8-16 GIVE TO THE USO Fresh Crisp Vegetables CUCUMBERS. Long Green, Crisp lb. I5e SQUASH. Summer or Italian lb lc NEW WHITE POTATOES. California Long 5 lbs 25e CARROTS. Solid, crisp 3 hunches lc 2S7 East Washington J. R. DICK AUTO CO. 501 West Adams St. 15-49 Grand Ave. 5. CLJX-O-FLEX l r ' -Jr I ;Vf m 4T ff r : : : ; : : -C- -A, - - JL - J-.-f' aits- - y: : i "- ' fT - 7 yC-f - X?" 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