The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 1, 1938
Page 5
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TUESD4V, iJAKCH 1, 1988 .BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWB CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING JNFpplATiON Rally ratp per line for cpiisecu- livc .jnscQtioiifii bnij time per linp lOc Tii'o flnje's 'pe.r |jrie per day .. .Q8c • • "•• • _ __T i uoo(l "oonng ami niniucr cheap. irpr Bent-cilice light iiousekecpiiiff ^ ffifl ry Refti'iiim. 15-pk-3-l5 iTnmt lu Hvlvntn li/-nim mn t ~\*f. *T~. T~ ~ ~ _~~ . " Jhfee ti^jjis p£r (ine perflay ..06c ;St x "tirrieis" per line" per t)ay . ...05c Msntji rate per Uric '.'.'/....'..<joc Cards of Thanks .... ..50p & 15c Minlpiuip charge 50c " Ads ordered for 'ttuec or six Mines and stopped before e'xpira- , lion will be charged for the niim- ler of times the add appeared and adjustmenj. of bill made. All, classified Advertising copy submitted by pcrsqris residing outside of .the city tflust be accoi'n- panieir by qasli. Rates may ' be eas.Ily 'computed from above lapl?. Advertising ordered for'Irregular .iiisertlons lakes 'the one time "rate. No responsibility -will l»e take)) for more than one Incorrect insertion of 'any'classified nd. Business Directory HABRY BAILEY'S CURVE IN CAFE Good Food at Good Prices All Rinds Sea Food Fresh Cr^ppie Cigarettes 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, Mo. Phones s^Vi & 878 For Rent For Sale i lame light housekeeping rooms, j '% utb>1 ^ M^ffi? garage. 101 W. Vine. ink-g' J!'.i u . v '_ pla . !x; . M)rl » J °'. MHilninu Comfortable' bedroom. 207 Dugun. Rc(iso(iable rates. ink's!' '"' llu ' yniiK! nijTiju, ^jiiciinums. _;. _|.Evergreens, large i\nd sinall. ueii- Juaun i ' OIL ' i ' l01 ' 10 cf Flowers, 2j!-ck-7 l.-»k-8 GOO(1 flooring rcpnis In'iirl'vatc home. 217 Lake. Phone 110. Mrs. filler's. 28 c(t 3 Nicely furnished rooms. Board if desired.' Phone 602. 112 E. Cher- 26-ck-3-5 tiving room, bedroom and kitchon liirtilturc. Stoves. Phone 912-J. Mrs. BclvJe Morris jr. H-ck-3-5 DUBLEX— 3 & 4 room furnished .apartments. Private taths. call ' 2G-ck-U Burke 'Hardtt'arp flxturci for sale. IJflX "D", Cqiji'ler Ne^vs. . 280. Modern bedroom, sleain lica't,' rea- , , - sonable. Mrs. Simmons, 818 W ' 24-ck-;i Wahmt. 317 ~, 1133 West 'Ash— $30.00 Phone 100-E. u. Ferguson M-ck-lf Well arranged, newly decorated, 4- ropm apartment./ 'uiifiiniLsheil. Privatp bad). li2D West Ash, phone 582-M. 21 : ck-U Comfortable bedroom, 1017 Wal- ni|(, Call 102. 10-ck-tf Comfortable bedroom [py gentle- niiin. PljOijc 277-J. Call at '(i25 W- Main. _ i7-ck-3-17 Three-rooni lurnislicil iipartmcnt, 713 Chickasawba, E. M. 'Ealon,' 16-ck-tf. Nicely furnished bedrooms. Steam heat. Convenient to bath. Call Nicely fiirnislied steamheatcd bedroom. 003 W. Mau'i, call 642 ' H-ck-3-14 MY' CMI is Black Bill 3 Treat You >V|ille. LOCAL HAULING Juhii IJuchaMu Blj-theviUe, Arfc. Phone 107 Radio Service EXPjJRf RADIO SERVICE -Complete Line Of PARTS, TUBES, B'TERIEt Hardaway Appliance Cg. Main & 5th jygfWER Fhone Ha; Comfortabjc bedroom adjpinmg bath. .Gentleman only, 713 W Ma|n,, phone 806-W. '"'' 7-ck-U One coiflfortab.le bedroojn.~~CaTl S. 8. Sterpberg, .084, 12Q9 H-ek-3-H Hay— Soybeans— OaU Seed Corn— Milch Cows A»d Trao).qr \Vork. See W. L. Tale, Anijorel, 'Aik. Conipleto 10 vojijme set of Stan dard Reference Books with looso binder. Call 230' or 792. Cedar Posts,' 12',»c eacli. Jen' lyl. Jones, Rt, 2, Smithville, Avk. Out of Jail, Slw'jl Kesiuue War on 4 S)ols' Wife Seekers in Frank and Exacting SEftSON 1038 one and ',i miles East of Stcelc, Mo. T*'o MnnuuoiiUi Jacks Pint, Bone and heavy bodies. * * ' Hot Shot is 5 years old, black with white points, 14»i hands' high; weight 1000 Ibs. Breeds son)?. Sorrels. * * * Peace-:!;, register number 32303. Black with while points. 14';. hands high. Weight 900 Ibs. : * ' * STALLIONS Lucky .Strike is tG hands high. Weight 1400 Ibs. Sorrel. 4 years old. Percheion and HainiHom'tui. Come aiul look them over lyloney back guarantee Tom Fiank, JACKS FOB SALE. 28-])k-3 ; Leathpr : folder with 2 keys, own- Batteries BATTERY SliRVICE J. Ben dune Phoiie 8 at Tom Jackson's 'Tlie Aincrican Legion lias Epi- peror Victor Einmaiiucl of Italy ,as ' bay.'ui H tumvi >VILI1 i KUyS. UWn- i"-."i «jv.k,^i ^.ituiiuiiv .cr can jiave Bamp by paying cost a " honorary member F"tViic"art ' " '' '•"' " ' ' — ^- . pf'tljis act. CONCOjHp, N. H. pccllvc bi'ldcgi'ppiu.s in 170^ iwlthvr licsllnul iibf lliuld In ^jfyliig Hip (jijt))lilM ilcslrcfi In" a wife, JiKlslug fiqin (in 'ndvui'il^'- liienl aiirk-cl lii'ic (11 I|IB l^\\\\ Mirror of pec. : | or lUal I'cijVi" pibcovcrcd by Mis, Nellie Kol- Iliis, nif|iiber of t|io Accl'ilini'y n' NtiiliVs Kiaij. |||c |id.v'ci'ljse|)|(!|it "Wnnlert iinmcdlnlijli., u ivp|)|i||i W'jw wuuld be iilcustd y\\,\\ p '(ins. nnil limb, pf « niodcrnti; ill jolcnibly hiiiulspiii'c i\i(d |ipt i,n|i- Iwt lo diuiikcijiicss. Sliu in|iat-'imi scolil but oiice n \m\\\\. nnist comb JIM- hiilr nt leiist pjicp 11 weu-k uiul, above »|l, sj|>c ni'ust npHtici " "v lobiiccp nor I'qkc" 6JH)|f',' iis' il 'ays plve ))|p jic|iri|)itrii io itnt'i-' my diet |)c|))iL>rc)j. A \voiium pf Hils (Icwrln'tlpn 'i)ii\y "flnfl ii' place ^ "Pl'lviilg ID J. R. of >H—, who pojiscises pvpry rc(!|l|sUc lo inuil fy him lor ii 'jinsb|tiifl." , realtor, mipfflvprt pf 'rtis. o, .Flu., 1 .look up ^n|ic|tJK','' «jl(l yoiinp Tinker, "l|i ftiiit-; Ijp ^)j : This knjttjnjj Is jiis.t Hie calm bp- Iprc tl'e iicxt Stprni of sjot nia- chiiic ,sn|ashing jri Alton, ill. Airs Irene Kite, above, released froiy jail on bond pending trial pi chnrge pf Injuring persona! properly, says she will resume jip'r attacks fan the (napliincs its soon a> she spts a Jspiv qx. Allo|i.' lers prniscd her campaign, even though she launched it |x-ciuu>'' slot machines operated when her Inisbnnrt, ,\vns not ullowed to inn , a jlfcc Joe Tinker'? ^ Night Club i' ii i L AIJ E Li>ii -i A ; i^in-jp Tinker, Jr.. soil pf a .)\)j)ml)Ci ; , fi wbntrs !n)|!lplli)l .dflfrt) c - ; H | ii). Tliik,crs to Bvers4<),pl]jii(co, i yiHl! lo keep ll'ip fai|j ly w \ m f u i* wqlllglit' by lijs,,|anq" ' Appearing nl n local' 1 rhuiii's s **)? .# ,lt«^ , % K. Si(. Klyt|KV>!)i!, flrk, ttc 555.' " WELDING AT UK9T PHIOES BarltSelfg. C», iKR Pli(JG GO VQUH MoRidio CUBED -WITHOUT SUJWjERy & \Gy,A«ANTKl!jp S»tc, inie snd »jte \lp? dJJFfiBilqfJ. M disease!! and conations of nfrvoun orljlp, ..(lurcid it qur c(i(U(), ' . . , '. '. foot ailnicnta and >kin cincera 'treated '*nd .DRS. N1ES&NIES '..' -' 6H Main Phone 98 BJ«lj<^lllf, ,Afk. IA' OHKVliqiiKT ptolii yo liitie Tjin \\». i?iiii)> a initipii • mid new .ra'dlp. • YDII . q|ip fin ypur c«i', TOMUTTli J. C. EVANS . ,QOX 8M Blylheytlle, yirk District Manager IIAU1L10N 1BUST FUNU i Sponsored Jjiy Hamilton Depositors Corp. Hubert Utley's Service Station and Cafe All M-ndliu Uranda ft Btei, Whiskey, Wipe, tjjns ' Alid Cordial i UKAf.KR IN i _ 4 _ ny ia TAX CIGARETTES |>k 25c pr $1 15 jxr Carbon 24 Hp^ Service a AIJPING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON i;DW.\Jq>S, Proprltt* , Calcnl»tors—Rtpaltlns—]'art5—U1|>M<l* • 11 mikei of Rebuilt TyptwrlWro, Addlnj Mxoblmt »n< '• . •Cntiiulntow—Hepjilrliii—Vnr|.v—llibLons Black leather key holder containing one key. Owner can 'nave same by paying cost'of this ad. Courier .News.. JW V. 'ITHAMMN Metal key rjng with 13 keys. Found near High School, bymer car have same by paying cost 'of tills ad. Lost .'... ._ «I"/^S-A y"E •"'•< ''". 'rhe'''Tpj)'-'pf''y6ur" Furniture ' With Glass All designs cut & finished. CALL US plythcville Tail;). & Wallpaper O? Phone 880 ' .' • III 'S. -3nd i^.jargc iibiiiter.' Bird Uog, i'iyeai "',ljld,'\Vhilp with black spp|s.'Re- ward-Jor -return to Rustic inn. Call 440. 28-ck-4 LOST, black horse mule, 1300 Ibs., 9 \rs. old, also black mare mule, saipp.age and weight. Take up and 1 notify Taylor Prcojian 'at Dell. ' ^ 28-pk-3 KIrby's Tasteless CHILL TONIC Contains More Qotnine—More Iron ' Tlu' BeMm^ieDded Tr«atzfi»nt for IIALARIAL CHILLS ana FEVER 8WAMP FEV^p — AGUE FEVfB »l AU Kirby -mra« ' Sfor>i Rpoui and i3pard Steal)! healed ropni with' board 803 W. Ash," phoiip 151. 12ck3-12 Oak Park, 111., lias an old ordinance forbidding any resident from fryiijg.inore tlian 100 doughnuts in a single day. " " Champion Tennis Player HORIZONTAL ..I,S Pictured , 'tennis (9 Previous Puzzle ' 14 Sailors. spp|)ge,spicuk' youth.' -IGScariet. ITPaid.pubiicity. 18 Striped fabric. 2b'(5e'ing. 21-!VIusical note. 22 Tp soak flax. 23 He'Won three 44 Hops kiln. I - championships 46 Wine vessel, ; al"-^— Ihis 'IBTp scatlcr..-; year. 28 Harbor. 31 Lubricant. '32-J?rickly pear. 35 To ignore. 36 Onager. 16He is :i ., 19 He was chosen the No. lasl i'car. 23 To marry. 61 Russian empress. VERTICAL SOftc WDS a . member of the 1 To accomplish 45 Joker. 25 Circular wall. 26 Otherwise. 27 Neither. 29 Beer. 1J 30 Force. 33 Skillet. 34 Supped. •10 Animal. •12 Kilns. 44 Poems. Davis 38 Bronze. 39 (To decay. ••ii Aurora. 43;iylcsh of lace. 53 Haycn-s cry. 56 Ulcer. " 57 fungus disease. S3 Heavy blow. 60 Act of shaving thc:head. 2 A.ncicnl. 3 Requires. A liidgc: S fjrpwn. 7 India!). 8 To preclude. 8 Swimming 'bird. lOHalf an cm. 47 Acidity; •IS Also. 51 Before. 52 Witticism. 51 Blackbird. 55 Tumor. 5S Street. 59 Sun god, rtwsV'NEAsERV^ciT BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Wiin'l ,»« I«rcjuiliccf| BY EDGAR MARTIN . XHRT VOU'O'UV WV\ OO\ OT VOOR WASH TUBBS BY ROY CRANK T AT FOI&T I THOUGHT DfW\WEE! LOOKlfN ii IV6UYS \W(i.S RE QWUH2S OP / THP <,UUFI I Triey TOOK N\V CLOTHES! l x F^SEfeEo if CALLING FOR HEUPP/ffSfS J'KKCKLBS AND 1HS FRIENDS Change of Actdrc.sH A RE «. ITS V/OWDERFUL . D1FTFEREMT pp.U'1-JCL.p TO BUY UC? TICJCE ' YJU MJWD ) IF YOU WAD />KI I BUTCH, MOM.' _}('^ •?-\ . . ) A- '&^z^

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