Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on July 3, 1970 · Page 17
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 17

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, July 3, 1970
Page 17
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REFUBUG cm' & The Arizona Republic O Phoenix, Fit. July J. in Silversteiii resigns from KPAZ-TV; Church group acts to huy station Multi-Racial Art Club to have show By MIC WILMOT Lou Silverstein general manager of KPAZ-TV, j ester-day resigned from the post he has held for nearly one year. He said the resignation was effective immediately. Silverstein said he was resigning under pressure and had been advised earlier in the day by Trustee Julius Al-tschul that the Glad Tidings Church a group primed to purchase the television station out of the bankruptcy court "wanted a manager who would work more closely w ith the church." A PURCHASE plan submitted by the church was approved by U.S. District Court Judge Walter E. Craig earlier this week. Bankruptcy Referee Hugh M. Caldwell of Tucson said the next step will be a July 22 hearing to see if the sale is approved by unsecured creditors. It is reported that secured creditors RCA, Ampex and Valley National Bank have approved the sale. Altschul denied that Silver-stein had been told the church requested his resignation. "Lou had intimated for some time that he was unhappy with the prospects of the church securing ownership of the station," Altschul said. "He had frequently spoke of a resignation." V " f': v - J$ f J k7 Lou Silverstein ' A spokesman for the Federal Communications Commission in Los Angeles said yesterday that the commission is primarily interested in a buyer's legal and financial responsibility, and that the buyer must file a format with them identifying the type of programming to be transmitted during a 12-month period. THE REV. JOHN D. Watson of the interdenominational Bible Fellowship Church at 2525 E. McDowell, under the parent corporation of the Glad Tidings Church of America, Inc., stated that, should the sale take place, they "would continue much the same programming" currently carried on the station. He added that the FCC "would not approve over 20 per cent of religious programming." Asked if it would continue to carry the syndicated "Playboy After Dark." Watson said, "That would be hard to say." He did say they were entertaining plans of carrying a heavy weekend schedule of religious programming. "We are open to all religions," Watson said, "with emphasis on the Christian faith." He added they would "run a commercial station" and seek advertising "in good taste in the eyes of the church." The plan for the $400,000 purchase approved this week calls for payment of $80,000 upon license transfer approv- HONG KONG PROBLEM HONG KONG (AP)-Moth-ers-in-law pose a serious population control problem by insisting that their sons and daughters produce as many children as possible to look after them in old age, the Hong Kong Family Planning Association said. al. $100,000 in six months and $220,000 in 18 months. AMOUNTS. OWED secured creditors are Radio Corporation of America, $160,000; Ampex Corp., $95,000. and Valley National Bank, $30,000. Altschul said he "had someone in mind" to succeed Siv-erstein. Silverstein said he had two offers in the East but pre-f erred to remain in the Phooenix area. He has served in both a sales and executive capacity in local broadcasting circles for the past 15 years. He was named general manager of the station last August after the station filed bankruptcy. He was named trustee of KPAZ-TV Aug. 7, 1969, and was relieved of that responsibility Oct. 9. "When I was removed as trustee," Siverstein said, "the station was operating at a profit with $10,000 in the bank when I turned the trusteeship over to Altschul. Today there's not enough to cover the payroll." He said he believed the $10,000 went "into operating losses," and added he "probably would have resigned earlier, but M o o r e m a n (Bob Mooreman, attorney for Altschul) informed me that if I did I might not get the money owed me during my period as trustee." The second annual Multi Racial Art Club exhibit, part of the Negro Art Festival, will be on view from 1 to 6 p.m. tomorrow and from 2 to 8 p.m. Sunday at East Lake Park, 16th Street and Jefferson. Earl M. Cooke, chairman and founder of the Multi - Racial Art Club, will be only one of the exhibitors in the free program of painting, sculpture, and crafts. The program is designed to help "people of all races stand together as one people through the arts," according to Cooke, a missionary of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith. Last year, Cooke said, the second day of the exhibit drew 1,000 people for the 40 exhibit entries. Entries for this year's exhibit won't arrive until today, Cooke continued, but he expected the same number of entries, or more. Part of the activities will be a contest for which donations (tickets) are $1 and the prize a $100 painting. Cooke said the money raised will go toward buying materials to aid artists. The entries are expected to come from artists within the black, Indian, Mexican American, white and Oriental communities. J&S ELECTRONICS 40 OFF ON TV ft RADIO TUIES FAIT? SUPPLIES ftENTALS LOW COST 1EPAII SEIVICE ON ALL MAKES "Wl IEFAIK EVERYTHING ALMOST" ZENITH SYLVANIA On MO NT PACKARD SELL EMEISON 2 LOCATIONS S5S3 N. 7th A. StSl W. 174-1241 272-500 Expert Installation aBSBSBaaBaaQ fLaBaaaaa Westinghouse Heating & Air Conditioning I Cad for FKEE Ettlaat ' ' SIERRA r. AIR CONDITIONING 25J-1U2 7 Yf. -inwciwq Available Enjoy life with "At Wit's End" by Erma Bombeck in The Women's Forum of The Arizona Republic Hllllll KTAI-MK- KlfN-Spmitlt ... MHO-MBS KOCX-CU KCC-lff . Recti ..550 .. iO .. 740 ..60 ..910 ..60 . 1010 KU0 KCKT KDS KIZ-To40 MUZ-AtC KRUX-To.40 .. 1060 .. II&O ..1190 .. 1230 .. I3BO .. I3IO .. 1360 ' KXIV 1400 KDOT 1440 KHAf-WMtem 140 KMND-MW.CiyUil ...1510 KASA-RdMM 1540 KTUf ISM FM STATIONS FM STEREO FM STEREO KFCA-FM KUPD-fM KBUZ-FM 91.5 MC 97.9 MC I04.7MC COURSE ON COWBOYS TORONTO (AP) The Cowboy: An American Culture Hero, is the title of a course to be introduced this fall at York University. It will examine social values, the concept of law and order and heroism, a professor said. KHEP-FM - 101. SMC KMEO-fM - 96.9 MC KMND - 93.3 MC KTAR-FM - 98.7 MC KNIX-FM - 102.5 MC KOOL-FM - 94.5 MC KRFM - 95.5 MC KDOT-FM - 100.7 MC :M a.m. KTAR-FM:Hit parade vo (Throughout Tha nv KPHO-Farm Hojr KUUL-NCWS. MUSIC KTAR Newj. Music . GarMleia I:M am. KOOL-Nrws, Firm. . mine f:41 a.m. KTAR-County Aoant :W a.m. KOOL-Worid Nam BaunritiD KTAR-Nawt. MutlC KPMO-Newt, ThOUQm for Day lila a m. KOOL-Law Reports eiaa a.m. KOOLkew. KTAfi-Nawt. MutlC KPHO-News KQQRewir'MutlC KTAR-News. MutlC KPHO-News, Point of Law KOOL-NewiTVaalC editorial KPHO-News KOOL-News, Edi torial KPHO-Newt KTAR-News. Music l:M a.m. KOOL-News, Sincerely voun KTAR-News. Music KrnO-News 1:41 a.m. KOO'.-Top of Desk : a.m. KTAR-Nlxon Speech KOOL-News, MUSIC KPHO-News a.m. KOOL-Oear Abby KPHO-Newscoot 1t:M a.m. KTAR-News. Music KPHO-Nawseooa KOOi.-NeWl, AAUIIC 11:1 a.m. KTAR-Emphasit. MUSIC KOOL-News. Music KPHO-News, Pet Party Llna 11 : a.m KPHO-Newtcooa KTAR-News, Mulc KOOL-News, Music 11: a.m. KOOL-Arthur bod-frav KPHO-News, Auth or in Newt (TAR-News. Music !?: MPS KPHO-Newscoot KOOL-News (TAR-News, Music 11:M P.m. KOOL-Tim. for Health, Mu&le KPHO-News, Stock Report U: a.m. KOOL-Music P.m. KOOL-M id-Day Report l:ta p.m. KOOL-News, Music KKHU-Newscooa KTAR-Baseball: Dodaert vs San Francisco Bjm. KOOL-Weather, 1:N P.m. KPHO-Newscooo KOOL-News, Music 1:M a.m. KOOL-Profile KPHO-News. Town vrler la. a.m. I KPHO-NewsroDP KOOL-News. MutlC 1: KOOL-Harry Keasontr, Music KTAR-Emphasli. music KPHO-News 4:0a a.m. KPHO-New scope. KOOL-News. Music KTAR-News, Music :ja p.m. KOOL-News, MutlC KTAR-Edwin Newman KPHO-News, Stk. Report 4:SS p.m. KOOL-D intension :Ba a.m. KPHONewscoop KQOL-News-Musle K I AK-News, STOCKS i:1S a.m. KPHO-News, Stock Report t:M P.m. KTAR-SPorts, MutlC KOOL-News. MutlC KPHO-News 5:45 p.m. KPHO-News, Stock Report 4aa a.m. KOOL-World Tonight KPHO-News, Har mon Sports KTAR-News, Music 4:11 a jn. KOOL-News. Seortt, Rfnu-News, wor-gan Commentary :M P.m. KPHO-News. Alex KOOL-Lowell Thomas, Sports KTAR-Chet Huntley e:45 P.m. KPHO-Lewis Commentary KOOL-News. MutlC 7:00 P.m. KTAR-News, Music KOOL-News. Music MO-Newscop 7: 3t P.m. KPHO-News, Commentary KOOL-Boaters Bul letin, Minority Report, music 7:41 p.m. KPHO-G. H. Coombs 1:00 p.m. KPHn-Npwc KOOL-News. Music KTAR-News. Music t:Jt p.m. KPHO-News, World looav f:N P.m. KPHO-News, . . Baldwin KOOL-News, Music KTAR-News, Music :M p.m. KPHO-News. Baldwin 10;M P.R1. KPHO-News, Baldwli KOOL-News. music KTAR-News, Music 1t:ia p.m. KOOL-Wherv Tha Jobs Are KPHO-News. Baldwin It p.m. KOOL-News. MutlC Ik P HO-Baldwin KTAR-News. Music 11:11 p.m. KPHO-News, Baldwin KOOL-Music 11 Midnilht rnrii -am uinM ) Music KPHO-News, . . Johnny Linn KTAR-Nltetlma 'till S p.m. OPEN DAILY 10-10, SUN. 10-6 JRI., SAT., SUN., MON. 77 " JULY 4th Hours 10-6 A Piiiiltn al ft, I J. nt, Ctr I'mi ft. .., I ft, UxM Inwi. Ct ' PATIO and GARDEN SHOP DISCOUNTS H-T-H GRANULAR ; DRY CHLORINE GRANULAR 5 CONTAINER 248 4 DAYS ONLY DICALITE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH 47 4 DAYS ONLY SWIMMING POOL FILTER POWDER ALUMINUM LAWN EDGE Our Reg. 1,17-4 Days 97' 4 inches wide, 40 it. long EASY ELECTRIC MOWER X"6 02.5 18" cut, lnis 630-watt permanent magnet motor, tunnel deck. Single blade, will accommodate K mart grass catcher. Use votir K mart credit card. GREEN LIGHT LIQUID EDGER 3 !08 1 Gallon Eor dean edges along fences, curbs, on walks, driveways and around drainage ditches and clothes posts. Cyimtfiry western ireirdls and tapes? i CAPITOi: 5dei3 20 great recording stars get together with Capitol to bring you your kind of music. Great artists performing their greatest hits. They're brought together on two feature records, 'Country Special' or 'Blue Ribbon Country' or on stereo tape, 'Country & Western Round-up of Stars.' What a great opportunity to add to your country record library or to get your first exposure to country western at its best. Choose from these three features or pick selected individual artists on their own long play albums ... at one low Penney price during Penneys 'Capitol Weekend.' f I 6 FT. REDWOOD FAN TRELLIS 4x8 White or Redwood Trellis 12" Squares $U.88 50', 3-TUBE SPRINKLER Our Reg. 2.47 4 Days Only 17 Made f vinyl, tliis sprinkler is a li 50 feet long to reach a long way. l,iu!itweiht to carry! (let more than one! I DECORATIVE BARK Rag One bag cover 1H sq. ft. Fine Pathway Medium . Coarse. BERMUDA GRASS SEED 1 Lb. Poly Bag Crown in Arizona (JH Purity - Covers 350 sq. ft. mm g...aVgggy 'i ii ....,.. ....... ii t I REDWOOD I. IlLTIMPDIT 1: ; YOUR CHOICE... RECORD OR TAPE Look who's here! Glen Campbell, Tex Ritter, Merle Haggard, Jean Shep-ard, Sonny James, Wanda Jackson, Joe Smith, Stars of Hee-Haw, Bobbie Gentry and many, many more. COtJHTHI SPftlAl! lajiaifiu mnunwiiT ma itm tut iiur mi ncun Tnriaa m i nil an n lit m u na UlLnu UltaOMf t M U1IU1IHI! REDWOOD COMPOST 4 Days 96 Only I 60 lb. hale. Adds humus to soil. Improve soil texture. v. r-m. A 4J3 TT6L6fSl DORO llNDrM tun Oii'.t.'K Crcert MUM MUrl ftf 1 MM .ftm-ft' nil t ' HI-IRON A V1G0R0 DICHOMOIA FOOD COUNTRY SPECIAL! 20 great ortiili ling 20 country classics ... 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AvailabU CHRIS-TOWN PARK CENTRAL CIVIC PLAZA TOWER PLAZA TRI-CITY

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