The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1930
Page 2
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V! r PAGE, nyo m.YTHKVILLE, (ARK.) COURIEK NEWS For Pie. No. 2% Can .2 Cans T Items of Personal Interest Activities and News oi'Women Satmriay Hit, W M Mcit'nzle and T. Q, JJ£al sponsoring n m ; t sccl«J : f*d rtoV parly at Cothcilc at 2:30 o'clock. trie guest of her mother, Mrs. E, Beale was here several days-and M.' ^ryan and daughter, Miss Ellen Mr. Beale arrived last night. . ' Bryan. J liob Sti-rldgo, of'Walnut Rldje, Reed floor boskets ol white chrysanthemums decorated llic four rooms thrown open and the tally cards were also flowers. In the card games Mrs. M. A. ! Isaacs won hosiery for high sors and the cut prize, handkerchief, • -.-- -. . .- . i. ,-, «IIAU fcuu vut uii&c, iiauurkt;^ Announcement has been nude by wem (0 Mrs ^^ WJ| ;sfr James McClure of Sflrdls, MI** r ... - of the marriage of his slstei Ix>is McClure, 16 Mr. Brooks ers jr., of Birmingham, Ala. The \ TQ , |;lvc y^u,,. wedding was solemnized at the. T()C Le j gue Of ' (he S a business visitor In the city. W. L. Crafton, who lias Ipasn seriously 111 a week, Is now Improving. . ' Mrs. Jack 13. Shaffer ct Mem=- phis ntul Little Bock and Mrs, Hugh Drlscol!, of Memphis, rc- Osceo/a ;; Society—Personal Mrs. O. E. Masseriglll was host-'I Wednesday afternoon to mcm-ij turned to Memphis this afternosn bers of Hie two table bridge chibl I An appetizing plate lunch was latter three days visit with Mr. and t 0 which she belongs, enlertaihln-j i jserved with hot tea. Mrs. A. G. Hall and olher rcla- R j so t lvo c . s tra tables of'guests jb"- 1 lives of Mrs. Shaffer. Melons refreshments were serve! 1 , Lee Mcsby and W. Paul March following the gahie and high score : spent yesterday 1n Memphis tit the c j u i) p r |/c WM awarded Mrs AW „ -^ ... • » - j /• A u« ivtiiHuc vi tut; i/ttrit: OLIJVU Church of Ascension, Monday at- Metllodlst cmlrch wlll lmve a busl . ternoon with the Rev. Pierce Me- |MSS and soc|al mce[1 lh , s DonaM, D. D.. saying the Eplsco- a{n ^ ,. 30 ^^ at ,, lc home of pa! service. ••..',., , I the Rev, and Mrs. W. J. Leltoy. After a honeymoon trip, the tics- I A|1 Ill6lilters . gte U1 . ed to Rltenu . tliiation' a secret, Mr. and Mrs. j . . ° Flowers will-reside at Birmingham j Rock clu|) M(;( , ts where'frii-'-.b'ridegfoom is associat- „„«»« .1 n, n ed the Rarpsay-McOormlck Real' Estate: company. The bride.-who is a sister of.Mrs. hoslc ,, M. O. Usrey' is popularly known. • a number of ' Her later Quests al the Tliursday Rook club parly Thursday ailcmoon, when Mrs, H. M. Adklnson was Mrs. J. !•'. Walker ot Mrs. Herman Cross, i. M. C« Goodwin p.iid-Mrs. W. 3lnl ot £| games. Lyrichburg, Va'f-where sHe _...,.. otectiwitii honors. Stie Is a member of the Kappa- Alpha Their, sorer- „ „, , • ity frid the Phi Beta Kappa, a-nj- " as uuu ' tlon^l honorary scholas'lll: society. After graduation, she traveled In Eurojw and taught, school at Jack- son'".M!ss.,\ahd HuntSTllI*, Ala. She Is ttit daughter of the late Mr. arid Mrs'.; Jirnes McClure • oi Fayette, M^. 'FlSufts, who is tlie son of ot Mr. .and Mrs. Brooks Flowers, livcS at .Montgomery, Ala., ;fpr a number of years. He atUrded Van- dertjlll . ynlyc'rslty at NaEliyllle, Tenn., -where he became a member "jot, the Sigma Alpha fcpsiton fraternity. .. Ald'Socltty^Metts.'. . TTie 35*members .and guests, cf the Jewish Ladies Aid swlety v:ere cnlertained Sy Mrs. Milton Sternberg'.and Mrs. Ike Miller last evening at-the Sterribsrg .home.... For the program Mrs. Waller Hosenlhal and-Mrs. Maurice. Sil- verneldipresented these numbers: song,' Roberta Flormani reading, Mildred Lang; 'dance in costume, Lloyd Florman;-piano solo, Miss Rose Goldberg;.tolce number, Mrs. Rowland WqlJfort accompanied by Miss Mildred Jikid; reading, Miss Ramelle Wetnjber'g.' • " William '.Barbwsky' of.,. Xtanila, presMent .of the-B'nal B'rjth, made a talk in'extending' the invitation to attend the.'tilnner 'meeting at the rHptei .Noble'' on Sunday evening, Novejnber.' - 30,: when- -, Rafebi Bnuiuel Tietiebaum, ot JToft Smith, vd!];be tiie ha»r<d guest/'J6e.. ; Ap- plcljauin is'')p. Qhargc of reservations. . ,..- .''..:.. '•'.. ...'... In the social hour, which foijow- e'd trie announcement .that the next, meeting will,'be December, 4, the hostesses .served . a dainty, plate lunch.--- •'.-'"•-. . '" Visitors included Mrs. M. Orps- kind of Memphis, Misses Rose Ru- bciistcin,. Ramelle Weinberg nhd Ruth Goldberg' of Osceola, Miss Bcrnlce .^aphian of rjaruthersville, Dorein Coulter, Lloyd and Roberta Flormah. plate wns serv- at \he conclusion .of. the rook . meeting of the Kclvlnator dealers. Bowcn. Mrs. C. D. Driver,won high i Mrs. Elliott Sarlali; and son, of 5pore e , lcsl pr | ze . ar) d Mrs. Ed L I emphls, are gnesU of Mrs. Sar- Quihn ciil consolation'''favor.'. i ARC AI POR SATURDAY and MONDAY Oranges, Size 250. Dozen i APPLES Ark. K!ack 1'otind 5c Memp' Iain's pnrcnts, Mr. and Mrs. 3am T. • Hardin. : .The literary departmcnl of the George Mclyiod is In Memplils bsceola Women's Progressive, club i today with -Mrs. McLeod who ,i:n- mct nt t i-. e home of Mrs. W E ! dcrwont nn oporatlon several days Hunt with every member Sri at-' ago. She is better. • • tendance. Mrs. L. S. Mitchell led the 'af- i teruoon's lesson "Disraeli" from Ihr : Clisiilauqua Reading Course adopl- The Rev. and Mrs. Alfred S. e< i by lhe.cliib.I6f Its year's• study. I Harwell will return tonight from Delicious refreshments were served! Fort Smith where they alidad following Ihe'lesson and thoIIrW I the Baptist stale convention for meeting was announced fof Tu'es- I daj of next week to b: held al '.the 1 O. C. Adams jr., who lias been seriously ill for five weeks. Is bel- ler. several days. Mrs. J. F. Walker of El Dora- home of. Mrs. 6. M. Hodges-will' do, who has been with her daugh- Mrs. W. E;; Hunt leading. „• ' ter, Mrs. C. G. Redman and family several months, will remain until after the c/hrlstmas holiday's. 111- for a few dnys, u> better. The Thursday Luncheon club members, Mrs. Josloli Fort of Clarksvllle, Tenn., nncl Mrs. Earl Koonlz of SprlngneW, Mo., were guests of Mrs. c. W. AHIIck ihls week. Tne centerpiece of tlie large table was a Thanksgiving-basket of fruit. The appetizing menu- was served In two courses. , Mrs. Ottd Kouhtltzky wffli 4dok- ends for high club prize and the guest award, a silver bonbon dish, went lo Mrs. Fort. Daughter Born. j Mr. and Mrs. E: D. English, for- day. merly ol here nnd now. of. LUlle [ Mr s. O. M. Morgan went to Mem The Againlng Camp Fire'.'Girl; met al the h'oiue of- Olsinehtliu GRAPE FRUIT Texas. Size G4's. Eiich 'CELERY Michigan Stalk 4c 6c •zzxa LEMONS CABBAGE EGGPLANT iananas, Fancy Yellow Fruit Ib. 3c ARTICHOKES Each i5c Bill Wolfson, ot Caruthcrsvllle, Ls oowen and after a short- buslnes ottendlng to business here for sev- cession, made-plans for p'fesenti the play, "-The.-Returning oltVRosn- nrmourice the daughter Wednesday, November The baby, who weighed eight pounds, has been named Jane. Ed Wnrd Argo, of Coruthersvllle, He."-- Delicious':refreshments, were j -pent yesterday'In the city. 6erv ed at the close ol the foe'eUna. ! . Mr. ohd Mrs. Farnsivorlh Black | .... .-,...• | Ii3d "-..(heir guest Wednesday The ..following "OspeolaviMsSi'ii'; •night Landon Cohly Jr., ot Mem- | have returned f'ro'rH Little Rock P n .' s - . . . where they attended the meeting of , Miss Margaret Mahan, Mrs, By- Grand Lodge: J. T. Coston, Ji'B. rpn. Morse and Mrs. Otto Koch- 'Bunh davit!" Thr>maEon'•' W jE tltzky motored to Memphis tues- JBurton and,*A. S. Rogers.-Attcp- eral days. - , 'ing the meeting of :'Grand Chaste;' Mrs. C. G. Hires, who has ten of the order .of;-Eas't.erifBlaf .'lielJ In connection with the Masonic; .. . -_, _ , , conclave were Dr..anil. Mrs. E: R. birth ot a jphls today to be with Mr. Morgan Bogan'of Luxorn.-rind Mrs. E."S. ovemuor 10. who Is al the Baptist hospital. • chiles 'of O'sceolfl: ' LETTUCE Head : 9c CHUM SALMON Can GREEN BEANS ONIONS Sp "'""' " w ,., APRICOTS ' Roynl 25c Bits of News Mostly Personal Baptist Young Peftple Hold Rally at Osceola P. Andrews, of Little 'Rock, is transacting business hcreifdr sev- crnl days. Bruc'e Ivy ' : ntte'nded " 'cifram^l! court In Alton, Mo., Wednesday and j Thursday. . •••• '-'' •- •'' , I , ; "Miss'. v EUznbeth Doyle, Jaiighttr I OSOEOLA, Ark—More than a of Mr. and Mrs. George Doyle of hundred young'people, are expect-1 Oscebla,"whD -Is.'atleiiding 'Jo'ncs- i ed to attend the quarterly B. Y. P.; borb Agricultural college ^hts tcrni, |U. rally ot the Mississippi Cou'uly | will .attend tha Ulliiols-plUo rob:] Baptist association here this eve-' bill game' in tirbariii, ill.,'Satui'- Inhig. ]-day as.'a'-Urf Jonesborc The rally will be held In the [College management., which is First Baptist church auditorium sponsoring a party'-'6i''fwciity' r 5nV Dell organization span-1 tlents who left Jonesboro ' this -..,. ».^ a . . .,- , ,j witn -tne ueu orgnnizatlon span- «ems wuo ien jonesaoro mis Mrs. Paul Neme returlicii'-lb her; EOr | I!g n,e evenlnB S sprogVam, which i morning, traveling In- a home In aft»-Bev- w lll be followed by A social Uciirjcoach to the-Illinois town. Tltev eral days stay with her sister; Mrs. a t the club rooms In the court-^ wilt return to Jonesboro'Sunday.-^ 1 C. .PaUon, and, family.,^. . house.when members of the- OM&-. r, an*fMrs'. b. W. Bcalt re- O la B; Y. P. U. wlll be UbsU* ' jf^jo Little Rock hjcthy fiBloiv- \ i-.--\, - •Ing a visit with' relatives.' Mrs., j ' R € [,% courier News Want '"Ads: SNOW DRIFT 3-Lb. Bucket 54c mm 3 Cans 23c MINCEMEAT SABER KRAUT IMrs. Proctor Attends Ea rle Auiilla ry MMt.'' ' In' beginning - the membership drive the" ^-.Earle, Ark., American Legion auxiliary gave. a' luncheon yesterday' in" that city wlien' Mrs. Howard Proctor, ot here, who is district president, was the honoored ARTICl.fe NO. S3 BY WM.-E. McKEJiNEV : Sccrtlsrj American llrldgc If ague The declarer In today's hnnd inds it ilirtlcull fo' set any par- Icular suit bul finally, with the he of an . end play, he succeeds n making his contract of tliree 10' trump. The auction .Hie guest Organized'jby- : Mrs. Proctor -in JuneJ tills-group his t bcen out- Etanduig In;'-its -activities especially in iti TOrk atong, the needy children" of World War velerans: Mrs. - Proctor., .was . the principa speSkerilpn^an'.interesting program in which plans were announced for the ijrive: i .'• :' ''/ '-' She also visited al Parkin where she-'was'the guest, of Mr. and Mrs Joe^Prpcibr. Her' daughter, Rob crt Vinri,-accompanied her. J.utiKTtia Women" Fcrm Orjtaniiation. . ;, : The women- of the Pilgrim Lutheran church formed an organization in a mee'tiri? Thursday at-' ternoon at the.home of Mrs. H. J. Kleindienst - when Mrs. George Lange was elected president: -- : The name'Pilgrim Guild was selected and a.constitution adopted. At. bidding would te South one club, North one diamond, South one .no tnimp,"nll pass. At contract, South opens the bidding with o«e club. North bids two dlariiorids. showing a five- card suit and two and one-half tricks. South takes the declaration to three no trump. KORTH S— 10.9-2 ' • H-l-S.5-4 D-AK-7-C-5 C-K WEST S-A-8-7 H-2 D-Q-J- 108 C—8-6-5 4-2 EAST S-0-1-6 ll-Q-IO- 8-S-3 0-4-3-Z C-(J-J SOUTH_DE»LEfl S—K-5-4-3 ll-fc-K-7 R-9 C—»-lt>J>-7-» Tlic Play Although West's hand program, and they will also assist the',pasjo>,'the Rev. H. J. Klein- dlerSt, 'in doing missionary wqrl: thrcfigh'-trie city. Hymn-books were mended in the social llotlr'.wheh dainty refreshments were "served. . '" : ' • • ' i * Guests al Club. Mrs. Mitt Moneghan jr., entertained four tables of bridge players yesterday afternoon^whlch included members : ol the Young Matrons'. Bridge club and Mesdamcs W. J. Pollard, John W. Snyder. T. holds five clubs and diamonds, the diamond is opcncrt in preference lo the clubs because leading the club would be leading to declarer's strcnglh. while loading a diamond is through dummy's strength. If a suit is headed by queen, jack, ten, the queen is the proper opening, therefore West opens Uie qiircn of' diamonds, dummy wins with the ace. returning- the king of clubs. A heart, is led to declarer's ace—then the ace of clubs Is led by declarer, dummy discarding the five of diamonds, the queen dropping from the East hand. . Declarer continuci with the ten of club-i. discarrims; ai.o'.hrr diamond from dummy. East also dis- a heart break. the : king of hearts is !eri, but West shows out, discarding the eight of hearts. East now has a -tenace position over.., (he dummy's hearts. Declarer.-switches and leads tlie three of spades, West plays low. dummy l<lays tlie nine, East winning wilh the Jack. 'The: declarer has a perfeclTuint on the West hand. He knows that West • holds the eight and six of clubs; the jack, ten and a small Diamond, and undoubtedly the ace of spades. East can cnsh his quoiii of hearts, but his best play is to return n diamond and hold the tcndce position in hearts. Declarer tlltciirds the seven of hearts, West plays tho ten of diamonds and dummy wins with the king. A spade. Is returned from dummy n«c' West Is again In the He can cash.'his two good diamonds, uir, must lead Into the dechrer'5 nine nud seven of clubs. The end pins- has given the declarer threo no trump. If East, instead of leading a diamond, had returned the quc?n of hearts, he would force his partner to discard one of his Ola- inonds, and then If the hear:, was continued, the declarer would have no trouble in making Tour odri. The lead of a spade by Eust would also give llic declarer four Bas!l Segriyes' jr.;' who t &' attending Southwestern University In Memphis, spent a lew ho'u'fs uirli- his parents, Mr. and Mr^./G. B. : ' Segraves, here Wednesday ''evening. 4 He was i accompanied by his rnna, Mrs. H. N. 'Pulliam"o'l Memphis. Rev. C. E. Welch, pastor o! fiie; First Baptist church ot Osceola, 'ts ntterWinf; the stale Baptist coil-, vention In session in Fort Smith this week. . • • •• •-.-•.-'-. .- • *--' Cycle racing is a-'populiir spc£-' tacle-;in. .Germany, "'France, ,B?j- gium, and .-Italy', despite iheaf" 1 roads of the automobile. MEAL' 24-Lb. Sack .'. Waldorf Roll 6c USED WHERE QUALITY AND FRESHNESS- ' ARE.'ESSEN-^ . ^ • - -' . it. *. T1AL (CopyrlgW, 1030, NBA Service, Inc.) Trip To California Leaving Monday, Nov. 21. in closed car for Long Be.ich. California.- Can accommodate other .passengers. If interested Fhpnc 17 SIDNEV IlilVKAX G. SeaI,'~R)rh Neal Simpson, Izzy Thomas,. Harry Kirby, Elton W. Kirby, Pairilsworth Black and Jack Hornier. A 'sugar and cream set went to i Mrs. Doyle Henderson for high ch'ibi award and the guest prize, a tissue 1 towel roll, was won by Mrs. W. J. I Pollard. The hosttis served chicken mpusst, tbasted sandwiches and coffee. ' -.' ..- -••';•- EnterUins at Bridje. There were 34 guests at the bridge party.given by Miss Maude Culli- Eon last evening Including -Mrs. Earl Kcontz, of Springfleld, Mo., who Is carding a diamond. Hoping for Ail rectal diieasc-s i:e Hemorrhoids (Piles), Anal fissures. Ulcers, etc.. examined and trsated without charge. Iliis trcalmcn! is non-surgical and does not confine one to lhc!r bed. Clinic horns each Wednesday Iroin 1:00 to 3:00 P. M. Varicose Vein cases will also bj accepted and treated. DRS. NIES & NIES ... 51-1 Main Phuite OS ilrs. Jlyra Doiigan, Cnl- iiiary Expert, is tisin^ this blend of coffee in tier daily domcmst rations at tlie Courier Xews Cooking School :il the City Hall Anililor- iuin. She says to m:ikc any meal successful llu: cufl'eo must absolutely be GOOD! Ground, Hoasted iV Packcd bv CENTKAL- COFFEE CO. Hlytlrcville, Ark. PMS ' KINNERS. aiac Swifts Silver Leaf 8 Ib. Bucket $L No. 2 Gari 8c | CLEANSER Sunbriiq 6 Cans 2Sc SUGAR ' '•'"' irrtit 10 Pounds 49c COFFEE Stiitnv Urook Cim 31 e Lux Toilet Soap 3 liars For 23c B CRACKERS " remium. 2-Lb. Box 2Sc 24 Pound Sack Uncle Ned Per Sack 60c °ORK SHOULDER - SL.'T* ISic NECK BONES Pound 5c PORK CHOPS Small Lean Pound 22k BOLOGNA Swifts Sticks; Nspliine .' ' i'ound '-. ; " SPARE RIBS Fr'csli Po'unil SALT MEAT For Boiling i'ound Cheese, Wisconsin Cream, Ib. 18!c Fresh Pound 29c S PORK SAUSAGE BACON HliK'khluvk. Sliced Pound 29c I HAMS. Kvc " c ""' I'ound- *UC 2Sc,ii BRISKET ROAST Pound GROUND BEEF RolledRiblb.25c,Cliuck

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