The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 22, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, July 22, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVII—No. 11)8 Blythevllle Courier, mythevlUe Dally News, Blythevllle Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. Hi.YTIlEVIM.K, ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, JULY 22, 10:!0 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS WATCH SKIES AS RAIN SEEMS NEAR IB SE! Ell! One Proposal Is for Natural Gas, Two for Erecting Artificial Plants. Thren proposals to furnish Bly- thevillc with gas service, two by the establishment of gas plants in this city and om by piping natural gas here, were outlined to the city council, a committee of the chamber of commerce and interested citizens at a meeting al the city hall last night. S. J. Felsenthal of the Oil and Gas Producing Properties of Fl Dcrado, Ark., submitted the only plan given the council for bringing natural gas here in the near future and Felsenlhal's proposal, as he frankly admitted, Is conlingenl upon a number of circumstances. The El Dorado man told the council that provided he could get franchises to supply natural gas ID Blythevllle, Osceola, Wilson and Luxora, he would secure a loan from northern capitalist that woulc enable Him to cross the Mississipp River and pipe gas here from nroposed pip? line to be extended from Memphis up the east bank of the Mississippi to Dyersburg Jackson and other Tennessee cities Wculd Use Butane John A. Reed, public utility magnate of Cedar Rapids, Town, and S. J. Milliard of Union City. Tenn., representatives of the Utilities Gas and Electric company, of Chicago, both declare they did not believe natural gas would be brought within "economic reach" of this city for some time and proposed the installation of gas plants here. Mr. Reed and the Utilities representative both presented plans fcr,_lil»e~i^{abljshment here, of plants emptying the "Butane" ele- roent. fsfteil - ffom gas at the gas fields. A comparatively recent development, the system, each maintained, has" been proven highly successful in Ihe past few years. Thfi Iwo men who oullined Ihe proposed plans for gas plants here both declared and stated they would Incorporate in any franchise granted, that in the event natur- Goes Before Grand Jury BF IT LIME Marsli Charges Waste of : Public Money to County's I Representative. i MANILA, Ark. July 22—Rencw: iuy hi.s demand for rcapporlion- \ mem of the state legislature to give Mississippi county its fair rep- j re.-:cr.tation, and for elimination of | tlie fee system, and attacking in ' detail ihe legislative record of E. E. Alexunder. his opponent. W. - Paul Marsh last night won enthusiastic applaud from citizens of Manila who gathered to hear him in the second public address of his campaign " Mr. Marsh" emphasized the lacl that the lasl reapporlionmenl of : the general assembly was made in 1890. and that since that time Mississippi county has grown to be , tl'e second largest county In the Admits Lie in Mooney Bomb Case HAN FRANCISCO. July 22 (UP) —John MacDonald, repudiation ivilness in the Mooney-Ullllngs vcrsary of the San Francisco pro- uaredness day bombing In which leu persons wcie killed told ihi; governor lie lied during Ihc Mooney ind Billing trial. Bright Stars of Broadway as lingineer Goes lo Meet Flood Committee. ! MELWOOD, Ark., July 22. (UP) —A big amphibian plane carrying : Col. P. B. Wllby. nriny engineer In j charge at river control construction i In the Memphis district, nnd two j newspaper reporters and a pilot. T nr ITUl turned over while landing in tlie U L H I 1 I Mississippi river near here shortly II I" H I I | before noon today. llk.ll I I i None tyas injured but (he- plane President Calls Naval Pact Great Diplomatic Achievement. WASHINGTON. July 22 (UP)- Tlie London naval treaty was hail- state entitled bv the constitution 1 fa « tt 8«»t accomplishment In ! to three times the representatives I A '""ican foreign policy and a boon it now enjoys. Mr. Alexander. Mr. '« overburdened taxpayers in a Here is Harry T. Brunrticlge re- Marsh declared, had placed him- ticrtvr for the St. Louis Star, who, j self c » record as opposing such after investigating the murder of i ^apportionment. Alfred Liingle, charged alliances! Cites Oilicial Record existed between gangsters and' HcVjhig in his hand the Journal many other Chicago newspaper- , of the last general assembly Marsh men, Brundidge's statement that attacked the legislative record of Al Canone admitted he had I the present representative, "plenty" of newspapermen on his' "In going through the journal." payroll, and that. Chicago police Marsh suid. "I discovered that know who killed Lingle, were j 860,000 was expended through the branded as untrue by Cap:ne. introdiiclicn of resolutions employ, ing extra help in the legislalure. : Practically all of these resolutions were introduced by Mr. Alexander. .tatement by President, Hoover today announcing he would within, a few hours sign the senate resolution of ratification. President Hoover will complete action on the London naval treaty which the senate ratified yesterday by signing the instrument, of ratification in the east room of the White House at 3:15 tiiis afternoon. Members of then American delegation who are in the city have been invited to attend the simple ceremony. They are Secretary of State Stimsou Se.cretary of Navy He also intrdiuvrt resolutions l 0 : Adams - al![i Senators Reed.Repub- pay hospital expenses, and funeral' 1 '"". Pennsylvania, and Robinson, expenses for both members of the Democrat, Arkansas, legislalure and employes to the 1 With Ihe Ireaty contesl ended, amount of S3000. Now do you won- the Senalo yesterday adjcurncd the der why taxes are so high? Or i why the past leglslatue was one. of in the history g Alexander's St." Louis Reporter Links 'the most expensive i /--.I- .j 1 -of Hie state? During /vit.\uu^ti .. Chicago Newspapermen'entire record as representative, i and Gangsters. special session sine die. H will re- Assemble in December, along 1 wttU the House, for the three months' short session. The next four months will b</ the longest, time that Con;ccve: _ ; h? has never introduced a bill ' that was worthy of commendation CHICAGO, • July 22- (UP)— os such as [his reapportionment ring a period of many years. I gress has not been in session since President Hoover took office more than 16 months agn. Seven Republicans and two Dem- reporters v and .sub-editors of several to this high post" Claims of alleged corruption and . bill for which I will, do everything | ocrats voted against the treaty, unethical practices among police: j n nly power when I am elected I while five others were paired ' ' against it, including one Republican, three Democrats and the Farmer-Labor member. Shipstead, Minnesota. Those voting against the treaty were.: Republicans — Blngham, Chicago newspapers engaged the ; ,. Mr A i erande ,- was a member interest of the Crok county grand , of tl!i? ' Icg i 5 i a tive committee en eco- jury tcday. | pomj . and en - ic j encv .-' M r . Marsh Harry T. Brundidge. reporter of' continued. Let's review what that tho St. Louis Star, was a volun-, committee did. In a statement al gas was piped within "economic 1 c f{ cs , ao neWuaners en-Wrl distance" of Blytheville and that it u ' lca =° newspapers en 0 a t ed was feasible to pipe it here they would proceed to do so and convert thei r plants into a natural pas system. The outlay, aside from the laying of the mains which would be the same for any type of system, they stated, would not be heavy in t!ie establishment of their systems and would permit the I didge to:k the oath of secrecy it • al " coi ' ' ' that 'inrnril ! from the expense list of ths last j Hale. Johnson, Moses, Odle, Pine iicwrt general assembly we find: S839.50 and Robinson of Indiana; Demo- teer witness who told the j what he hart learned of alleged E Ci . „„_„„, , . racketeering in the Chicago news- for '""M"'" P fns - S2a7 - 2 or , lea <J paper fraternilv. Although Brim- Pencils that averaged about 8 • a a tenth; ccr.ts each. Just think crats — McKellar and Walsh of Massachusetts. Paired against the Ireaty were: Democrats and Cope- was badly damaged. Colonel Wilbv | V.MS flying to Melwood where he Intended to mee: members of the house flood control committee for hearings. Failure of the pilot, Captain Vernon Omlle. to lift the plane's wheels while landing was given t\s the cause of the crash. Others In the plane were Miss Ada Gilkey and W. E. Breese Jr. Occupants of the plane were thrown into the water when tlie big ship overturned near the government licet at work on (he revetments. Workers rescued ihe passengers. Will Visit 1'ecan Point Pecan Point, where property owners are demanding compensation for lands which the flood control program will leave outside the protection of the levee system, may be Ihe only point in Mississippi counl- ly to receive an oincial visit from the congressional flood control com- j miltce. now nearing the end of an Inspection tour ol the Mississippi valley flood areas. The committee, after a day in southeast and east central Arkansas, was due al Memphis tonight, and it was understood that Pecan Point was lo be visited tomorrow. The committee is scheduled' lo be in Caruthersville Thursday, and it is possible that brief slops may be made al Osceola and Blytheville en route to the Missouri city. In a telephone conversation with Rep. W. J. Driver, a member of the commillee, B. A. Lynch of this city was advised that the committee would nol take up problems involving Ihe St. Francis river and other, tributaries, bin was simply studying the situation as It respect' the Mississippi Itself. That bein? the case, Mr. Driver said, there seemed no occasion for an exteml- .ed visit, to Mississippi counly. where. Pecan Point is the only place any Heal Wave Is Breaking.ancl Predictions Are (or Rain Before Long. Bcttlna and Nnlalie Hall, two lovely Boston slMev s who graduated lo Despite gathering clouds, rumbling of thunder in the distance, and an optimistic prediction by the oiricial forecaster, residents of Bly- thevllle were still wailing al 3:30 this 'afternoon for a break 'in the long droulh. Fcr a few minutes this afternoon rain scetncd imminent and a few drops of walcr actually fell, but shortly the clouds broke and hope of relief seemed but little bctier than il has been for weeks. Whether or not rain comes, an end 10 the heat wave ot the past lew days seemed near. After reaching a maximum of 99 for the past 24 hours Ihe mercury al 3 o'clock this afternoon was al 05, but a breeze developed that prohi- iscd an early drop in the temperature. The minimum here lasl night was 80, according lo FraiKis Carpenler, official observer. While rain is badly needed to save what is left of the corn crop and lo revive gardens and paslures colton growers arc hoping that ii It does come 11 will be . ee cr e oa o sccrccv •. -- ..•- • ... . Aversion of the system into one ™s teamed H«, jUs SpreL "bout eight cents for a lead pencil. | Repub ican--Wa™;: ,at would use natural gas. , a. lively interest in the report of "hen "•"* '"" bc purchased for -Brpussard ?>"<"«" s Submit H,te ScHedule ,,U invesligatio, «" - -e and a ^rl^cenU any- lano, ^rme^bor- Rales proposed by the Utilities Gas and Electric company would provide for a gross charge of SI.GO for the first 500 cubit feet, subject to discount lor prompt payment. $1.60 per 1000 su. ft. for (he next 4500 cu. ft. and 51.35 per difficulty on the main river arisen. has Later the jury called P'rank W. cases, and numerous other items Taylor, jr.. managing editor of tlie • amounted lo $3139.80. In every one Star, the man who assigned Brim-: of lli^se items except one. ovcr- didge to the investigation. charges were found. Of course the ; amount that the committee spent j will not embarrass the Mate fi-1 .nancially, bill such actions express: DV Armed Hand ol Law 'an utter lack of respect for pub- lie funds. Mr. Alexander was chairman of this same committee. Egyptian Rioting Ended 1,000 cu. ft for the next 5,000 cu ft All ccnsumption in excess ol the first four rates would figure on a , Oirtinn scaln il ic -slnlfi] CAIRO. EgV'pt. July 22. IUP) , Sl Mr. 1 -Reed 0 submitted a schedule Armed peace was restored to E g ypl ami he made no attempt to use! proposal by Mr. Milliard- For the first GOO cu. ft he would charge S1.50, for the next 2,400 cu. ft. a charge of $1.90 per 1000 cu. ft. would be made. $1.50 per 1000 cu. ft. for the next 3.000 cu. ft. and S1.20 ! citi after police, aided in some ™y by troops, had succeeded in.--- to look af- iConliminl on page suppressing tlie riotous outbreaks of inflamed lower class youths and Rev. L. 0. McCracken hcodlums The death loll from riots in Cairo and Porl Said totaled nine, while Pro Escapes with Slight Injury When Cat- Wrecks on Highway 18. Johnnie Pepp. golf pro of the I nvnra Pactnra*pi Blytheville Country club, escapee' Luxora rastorate w .j h only slight lnjurics when thl Imported Agents' Reveal Results of Four Months First Hand Observation. MEMPHIS. Tenn.. July 22 (UP) —Illicit llrjuor traffic in Memphis under investigation of four special dry law Investigators for the past five months lolalc SU.OCO.OOO annually, testimony before United Slates Commissioner I^sler Brenner here today revealed. Tl-.e agents, brought hero from Detroit, said they mingled with bootleggers for four months. Forty persons were recently arrested as a result ot their investigations. Annual deposits of Frank Marinn, reputed leader of Memphis liquor dealers, who was arrested on a federal liquor conspiracy charge, totaled upwards of $200.000, testimony revealed. Marino maintained a downtown office with four lele- the theater from a church, reappear on Uroadway as "Three „, mcterallon, as cotton has reach- Little Girls" returns from a summer vacaiicn. ed a slage al which severe shedding is expected as the result .of a heavy ruin. On the other, ^and moisture would enable the Iplonts lo put.on much new growth,"and it Is possible UK result would be a {net, gain. ! The first r»m drops In many days fell at Luxora this afternoon and gave thai community relief from the sweltering ht^t.of the past" fey most to this city falling just'south of this city for a few minutes In a light shower. Dyershurg, Trim., iind vicinity. enjoyed u .steady shower for sev- WAS11INGTON, July 22.(UPI— era! minutes this morning, it. was Hebert Campbell, Oak Cresl, Va., icporled here this afternoon. IN m m Real Estate Mai)' k'Ch'iirg- ecl With Mysterious Murder of Mary Baker. George Walker Announces Candidacy for Reelection Gccrgc J. Walker of Yarbro today authorized Ihe Courier News lo announce his candidacy for reelection as justice of Ihe peace of j The ft g en t s said more than 2,000 real estate dealer, wns arreslcd early today and charged wilh the murder of Mary Daker. prelly navy department clerk, mysteriously slain in nearby Virlgnla last April 11. Campbell was lakcn t^ the A.r- llnglon county Jail after a surprising serious of developments which investisalors say apparently point to his Eiilll and tenet to exonerate Herman II. Barrcre. world war veteran. Campbell steadfastly denied killing the girl and asserted he did not know her. Barrere. arrested in Montreal las: week and charged with (lie killing. Is now being held Chickasawba 'township, subject lo | gat ] mls OI - whisky Ihe Democratic primary August 12. .... Mr. Walker Tiled his pledge as required by low prior to the closing date July 12. A resident of Mississippi county | Prs by for 14 years, during which lime he ' has been actively engaged in farming, and a life long Democrat. Mr. i a f, er Wltlker staled in his announcement phone girls working night and day j only as a material witness. Crunp- taking liquor orders from custom- bell srvrial weeks ago admitted ownership of the gun with which the girl was slain. Until lust night, ers. agents snid. distilled however. he contended it was stol- ga oils ui WIUSM «•'• m.^..^~ - . i,, daily on islands dotting the Miss- en from his home lie .n isslppi river and on the Tennessee- rerc v:illi Ihc llit-fl. and Arkansas shore lines. Tin>y I - — raid distillers evaded federal raid- | f ree Stfters Ready I0r ers by moving their Hquor making | on uarges and power when warned raiders iirsiml brand ot , Displaying an nn j optimism in face of the prolonged »» tUftd ^ittlLVU in mo «*jn\/\i*iti,nn.iii i . ; Qpil [HIS lit 111 liH-C VI n'«- i" — .~.. D - — thai he was seeking reeleclion on n 11 r M*<, n r TCCIIP -drouth in this section, three youlh- the record of his two terms as jus- KBCall 01 mayor 1SSUC ^ .. Me siucrs -. on their fourth per 1000 cu. ft- for the next G.- at least 20C persons were injured COO cu ft. Th? rate schedule submitted I car he was driving turned over on near Dell early lasl .. .... .... --- . LUXORA. Ark.-Sunday morning U lohwlly ._ ..„. _.. ! in those sities as at Suez, including' at the conclusion of the morning , njo}u an() cn , s hed into a lelephcne .. ........ ...... „ by | many police. Five were killed and' service. Rev. L. O. McCracken. pas- p ^ e Felsenlhol on natural gas provides I 120 injured in Cairo alone. An-i tor ol ihe Baptist church, tendered According to reports, Pepp, who for a rate coasiderably lower than thorilies made over 1.000 arrests his resignation as pastor to become j was , nrol]te (0 p ar agould. attempt- tlce of the peace and as a member j DETROIT. Midi.. Jlily 22. lUP' bitter the gas plant rales. Ol uUCCeSS here since yesterday's rioting be- effective September 1st. He has gan. been pastor of the church here for ] Tlie acts of vandalism that swept about two and the church I through Cairo as raging bands or for Endurance Attempt "'""ians. many of Ihem boys under ST. LOUIS, July 22. (UP)—Its motor functioning perfectly the en- , . ., ,„ ,_ has shown a marke " " lcrease m lhat the church accepts his o Qf nnotn er car and one mac , |inc s u pp ed off clulterert with debris. ' v .,-:"',„' it aulties were inflicted when the po- „, ,"' . , , ,v Forest obrinci lice « re for « d <° fife - , Church Organized by Baptists o' "Popeye''' His Freedom and Dale Jackson, continued to fy' n . . , n .. _. ove r Lambsrt St. Louis field today. 1 Birmingham rOUCe (jive The former record holders, who intend to remain aloft a mont'.i, spent their 23rd hour In the air at 6:11 a. m. central standard time and said in notes they were in fine fettle. "A. rainstorm buffeted the plane about a bit last night but we still a are going fine," they said. the pavement into a curb line rut. I _ He lost control of the car and it I the logical man for the place. turned over, sfnaphing ln|o telephone breaking j ground. . j Passing mctorists removed Pepp. j | who was stunned from the wreck [ ! and brought him to Blytheville : the quorum court, in Ihe affairs •, of which body he has taken an ac- hs rader and werlence te I fill "tree sitters on ira-ir i< Today ><\ay of sitting were preparing this I afternoon for a rainy siege. By Unitrd Press' Clouded skies and threats of rain brought some abatement to the terrific heat wove today but there I was still' acute sufering In the crowded cities along Ihe Atlantic seaboard. Yesterday's terrific heat- in' which many new records were established brought the largest single day's" toll of death In the present heat wave. Heat deaths as shown by a United Press survey stood at 251 today, an increase of more than 100 over yesterday's figures. Prostrations- accounted for 114 deaths, drawn- Ings for 136, and lightning for four. While the states east of the Alleghenies looked anxiously toward clouding skies in the hope ol relief and watched the mercury expand, ihe middle west experienced cooling breezes and rain. The heat wave definitely was broken from the Rockies to the Ohio valley. Corn and garden crops were spared from lurthcr damage. Fatalities dwindled to a. few from heat and hall a dozen torn drowning. Business and Industrial life resumed Its normal ipccd. Two expected. The campaign r-r.doil with a final in,i i • r» i n rvn me campaign ri:u>-u «nu .• """• ,he i Air Derby Racers Off -burst of oratory last r.leht us Bol- Today for Cincinnati ROOSEVELT FIF.LD, L. I.. July 1 (UP)—The sixteen entrants in ' ley, resident missionary for the Mississippi County Baptist associa- BIRMINGHAM, July 2Z (UP) — Neal K. "Popeye" Pumphrey of i Memphis, held here since Sunday . ^ ^ & ^ "£,~, ^^ to rr.~ n-in^l iriliinn In r>/in n nnt En.i ...i»U I ** ot * v " where he received treatment. Three | ( n ' e -^-American air derby began stitches were required to close a' . . . cut on the back of Pepp's r.c-i but aside and cuts „ tlon ' n charter 1 ' cnarier follow- in' fraud. Those seeking to O'.ist the mayor icn'.icd will- charges that he had been lax i law enforcement av.d ha;l faibcl In his Two Die at Chattanooga When Plane Motor Fails CHATAKOOGA, Tenn., July 22. illP)—Apparent failure of the motor of a borrowed airplane at 500 fe'et directly after taking off from here last night was blamed today for qucdionlni In connection with • ^ « u '« t ^ t> ; rc ^ mg ? h"f ^ * na nV e H C f , H °5'" • ed « «hc Armorel public „.. ly before noon and departed for > the Rcv Ij3n gley with two services parts unknown. j dal , one at w a m and anolher at one minute intervals for! n i mcs t cvcr> - ,r,«iar,cc to kcnp le back of Pepp's's j Cincinnati on the Uilrd leg of - campaign pledges. from other slight bruises t heir 6000 mile cross-country tour i he ,-«,uninjured. Hej at 1I:3B t. .a. today j B | s j Cannon anr j Bride Lee Gehlbach in a Commandalre "'•"' r *"' . . . biplane, number one In the race, to Honeymoon in Madeira was alone at the time of tte accident. The machine, the property of „„„,),,,i i „ „ „, ,. • ,• '. , I was the first to leave, the others: conduct- R. F . Klrshner, was almost ccm- j [ollowlng m qu , c)c success i on ; LONDOfJ _ Ju , y „ lUP ,_Bishop school by j dally. ~..- -. -. - - — Pumphrey was In high spirits , at 8 p. m. O. C. Barnes Is In charge when the jail door was opened. i O f Ihe music. Pumphrey has faced bank t-m- i ployes and a negro jai as one of Ihe bandils wanted. Although no charge had bsen I pletely dismantled. nd customers and none bu> WniiM P u t DecenCV o{ janitor would identify him noul ° ru . 1 . , ^" Ly OI \f V«o' Vanities Search Without Success for Deputy's Attacker Alan Ennis, believed to have been i Implicated In the robbery of a stor? JUI T I at Hightower and sought by officers for an assault on Cliff Sharpe I here last night was blamed today placed against him police held the i NEW YORK. July 22. (UP)—Earl i deputy sheriff, Is still at large to- for the instant death of William i Memphlan and repeatedly subject- j Carroll and his co-defendants.! day. Morris. 28, unlicensed amateur pilot, cd him to severe questioning bin . charged with presenting in the lal- ™—'- <—--•--• ~ and T. J. May, Jr., 23, both of Chattanooga. The plane crashed and burst Into names, burning bcth occupants beyond recognition. always with Hie same result. ' est "Vanities" an Indecent show. Pumphrey is not so much con- sought today (o obtain a. rtilln<! cerned about the Birmingham bank ; whereby a jury of citizens "from all robbery as he is in avoiding con- j walks of life" should pass on the tact with Memphis police. question. Ennts knocked Sharpc uncon- conscious when the. officer attempted lo arrest him near McFerrin in connection with the robbery Sunday night and made good his escape. i James Canr.on jr.. of the Methodi isl Episcopal Church South, and ! his bride, the fcrmrr Mrs. Helen Air Mail Pilot Killed • f\ t y | ni i ^'15 uiiuu, nit: iv*im > ••»*••• --v.w. in trash On Lake OnOre | McCallum ot New Vork. were en ! route on a' honeymocn to the IsUnc HURON. O., July 22. (UP)—Pilot!of Madeira today after their secre' William F. Martin, air mall flyer' wedding here, for the Thompson Aeronautical cor- i They will go from Madeira t. poratlon, was killed near here early! Brazil where the bishop will "surnc today when his plane crashed onl work a s <""*.!<*, of !' lta ^tS hu the shore of Lake Eric. , church. The bishop has directed his I church's missionary activities in Martin was flying the airmail'Mexico. Cuba. Africa and Brazil. from Cleveland to Detroit and Bay' His marriage 10 Mrs. McCallum Clly. Mich ; in London was his record. His first I wife, the former Miss Lura Vlr<?m- Pioneer Resident o( John Fayctte and Dick Burns [ L one Qak Buried Today and their companion. Morris Ball- | _ ey. wilh the assistance of mem- funeral services were held t'.iis bers of the city police department, morlling for G . D. Webb. 63. pio- Iheir sponsors, and boys of the uccr citi?cn of u ; ,. Lone Oak com- iiL'lghboil-.cod. were busy this after- j munitv wno succumbed at his noon erecting a tarpiilm to l> '° ! i 10;lie j-estcrday aflemoon ' at 4:30 heir perch in a big tree al 32* 1 0 , clock Mr \Vebb had suffered Dougan slrect. ; from cancer for several yc?.fs anu Virgil Wright, a.iotl'.cr youth who I hnd bccn n , a serious condition embarked on a tree silting career' for sorac time ••i-terday morning gave it up as a I services were conducted this u .id Job last night and dismounted . morn i ng w uh the Rev. Williams of from his roost in a sycamore tree | Gosn! ,\[ officiating. Interment was it 513 Franklin street. His broth-1 ma( j c at Mnp i e G rove cemelers". cr. Vernon, was still up this aR.- The Coljb undertaking company erno-n and ready for more. | v;as i n charge of funeral arrange• ments. nn Air frftrn '• Tn c deceased is survived by his n ,• e • '"'Wow. Mrs. Pinkie Webb, three , Radio MatlOn ! daughters, Mrs. Maud Britton. Mrs. ' Ora Farmer ar.c! Mrs, Lula Harris LEACHVILLE, Ark.—Leachville j and two sons. Frank and Clarence was on the air' again Sunday af-. Webb. P=,ld fr0m 2:3 ° UnW 3:3 ° ''I HE'S BEE MAN NOW Palagm " dl ' GOUVERNEUR. N. Y. (UP) A. A. Anderson announced a . splendid program which was com p'csed of songs by and instrumental music by Messrs. .' Clue Carr, a painter by vocation. While sitting on hh front porch Carr heard a strange izzing sound. Investigation led .... ^r^«v. UU^lIiy iuuiiu. XJinjUBnwun lew H. Clay Moore and M. U. Mitch- th cnimney iri {n e rear ot ell. The program was interspersed- 1 "" 1 by advertisements of the local business men. There were one hundred calls , here he (ound of bees Now ne ; honey and sells it In the village. and requests but owing to lack of : time there were many calls that. cculd not be answered. A program will be sponsored on WEATHER The accident demolished the (a Bennett, whom ho married In the first and third Sunday of plane but the mall was saved. 1888. died two years ago. 1 each month ARKANSAS—Scattered thunder- thowers tonight and Wednesday; cooler Wednesday,

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