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The Courier News from , · Page 3

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Tuesday, January 23, 1934
Page 3
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<>34 Their Arrest and Trial for '" Hine Menaced Anglo- Sovicl Relations, ^'" trhbl rriini*, espionage . . . Slain- j nation lias been plunged '{"o »ur when llu niunU'r actlvJ- lii-.s <jf si'i-rel agents of u foreign l ;t »<T have been revealed . . . l( «»MI'| lonj jjru l ha! "fe mysltri- <ju^ licluvior of sis rngineers in •Soviit Russia darkened thr inter- Jiorliran. Their strait :e ilury is told below in the second »I .six modrrn spy talcs written for KV MII/fON iWONNKIt NEA Service Stall Writer A mysterious menace had hung for days over the household of Allan Monkhousa. director of the British Metropolitan-Victors Electrical company i,, Hussia. Ti>e native servants realized it. whether their employer did or not. \ -.'i . First of all. the Russian 'himse.- kceper had strangely disappeared wiihont warning. M sh.t — — e- -numjurrj one had not come back, i-'ollowec! unexplainable nocturnal rustlings ar.d rappmgs In the house at Potovko not far from Moscow, strangers linking absut, asking odd questions. Finally, as and Ihree fr.ends sat one evening lasi March over iheir coffee and liqueurs, twenty representatives of the Ogpu, dreaded Russian police, arrived with learcli warrants. Pushing past the terrified servants, the officers entered the house and turned out the contents of bureaus, clot-is and desks, ending by ripping open all J™ ™^,' reae f <" in eager search ' nf " '" ' ' ' apparently It was filled with laborers In working clothes standing or sitting on rude wooden forms, tlielr hob-nailed boots scraping the once sntln- smooth dnnce floors. Two of the Ogpu in uniform wltii rliles anl fixed bayonets guarded the prisoners in the dock. Judge Vassjii in. rich, in a business suit. )v»;td»d over the Judgu' rostrum, cov-rel with re<l felt. The fiery Pro'e«ir VUlilnsky. chief orator Van," sla that, does not luck orators wis prosecuting. Each defendant' had both a Russian nnd an English iiw >er to defend him. ]„ addition ,I was understood that accordin.-' tn Soviet custom, he would i,"™ ? chance to plead his own caso jn It had been assumed, at !en« i,. E"e ami. t::at all six defer.dan woukl plead not guilty. MacDonald. who was crippled, |l nll>od to (he fore, bowed his head and p'e.l guilty. The twelve Russians f Froin Exiio to Presidency BLYTOEmLE.JABK.) ..COURIER NEWS lowed suit. other Ens-1 for documents which they did not find. Great Consequences However, that was only tbe first round. Next canlD tnc arrest of six members of the Metropolitan- Vlckers stair, including Director Monkhoiise. TIi D others were Leslie Chitrles Thornton. John Ciishny Charles Nordwall, William Gregory and William Lionel MacUonald All were taken to Lubianka Prison , and varied charges -, v hich included sabotage, the giving of bribes, and military a n<t economic espionage were lodged against them. That was the beginning of an alleged spy case that at one time tnreatened to v .- rC ck forever the trade and diplomatic relations b=- twcon Great Britain nnd Russia and to affect unfavorably Russia's standing with other nations, notably the United States. When news of the arrests reached England, the country Instantly went wild with indignation The London press waited to hear none of the details. Streamers and bau- ncr-Hnes immediately proclaimed that the Britishers were innocent that they r.nd been outrageously framed by the Scviets The Brirish Foreign Office spoke sternly to the Soviet ambassador. The House of Commons gave ove- the regular business of the day to allow impassioned denunciations of ' unjustified charges." Th- English ambassador to Russia was summoned home for a conference. Kussians Arrested Meantime in Russia, the Englishmen were questioned intensively lor many hours and all cxceot MacDonald were released O n bail. Such was the international commotion at this time that many doubted tr.e case would ever come to trial However, the Ogpu had gone too'far in uicir zeal to nllo-,r of a ;, **««; uon;i HVC ai) C- llshmen plrd not fiullty. Each of. t'.:«n except Gregory at one time I or another in the trial W as con-i fronted with Russians who claim- 1 ed either to have inkcn b:ibts from him for furnishing inforino- """ or to have performed vn-cit- opcratlons at direction. Conlesbion Itepudialrd Thornton. who was supposed to have signed r, confession of «MIIH before the trial, now repudiated" his "position. He claimed he had been excited when he signed it He did admit, though, thai he had obtained informaton about the cquioim-nt or various electrical plants in Russia, about the living conditions of (he people and so on but. said it was only for the use of his company, lie also denied thai he had jf'«-n money as n bribe, asscrtln- that he had sometimes loaned it Vet the conn had. in w hat he admitted was his own writing a document which road in part- "All our spying operations on u s H R. territory arc directed bv the British intelligence Service, through their agent c. S. Richards who oc cujjies the position of inanao'no director of Ihe Metropolitan Vick- t^Electrical Export Company Lim- Tiifc statement was followed bv list or names of those who ivc'c ileyed to havc acted as snies TY.ornton, denying all 4p, c !aUy tne accusation that he had destroyed anything. crted in a ]o,,d v 0 ?ce- •"' my life I have been miking „.•>. I never destroyed any:" Britons Denounced -MonkhouE*. thin-faced •vif., tired Sray eyes, declared that he. too had i=fSB£;Si °.^ n ? h ™\ h ,r. <lllua " c "'buthcln- , ^1',?; £ °-' ° f »«»-.<; gath- As!< Legislation for 'We Control of All wl Products. CoK Carlos Mendlcta. prominent in the island's politic,' for M years. Hcvia in a in (he last. lc. ; is coup. Mendlcta is shown here his 'wife as ,,.,,. ..,,,„. ... "•-"• ™ ""«"•" '«ii: v.-'in ins wne as l.ic-j sailed back to Cuba from New York Jast summer, ffi.<im e their exile. Th* Letter Box SeUlshntss and Acreage Reduction | of cotton of $168. and the'land- lord's income has increased $56 from cotton proceeds alone. Now if the landlord deprives his tenant of his just share of rentals, which the government allows him --- --- _^_ b ,_ Ji.tuULLIUII ------ •••" o~ 1 «-**"* 1 i-«il illLUUS J1IUI (To the editor:) Selfishness and ' Or the sacrince this same govcrn- eed ess an greed: the two of the creates' evils i that havc brought ciestr:ic:ion to many people. They have been a downfall of many nations. r, 1K | as much as cur good govi-rnmi-ni. with . • the greatest leader. Mr. Roos»valt S1 '°° 8 - nient is asking him to make. So thai ihc landlord can increase his income if he takes all of ihe rental money from $280 on 40 r»-«- "• S5CO, and the tenant from *KJV YORK (UP)-CoiiBi'OM will fi-'ii- ii , " sk( ' 1 ' l<) 'Wider pul- "•ii, .m rood prodiicls under pnb- "'"liy control. Tin. demand for ••<" particular method of regiiln- """ conu-s from fufm groii|« rii«'ii'.ii-iiBinR eor from 'the hiishrr- "I Iho Department of Afiilcnl- ,, 'U'r Mi'Mllloii, expvil In ny- 11 "i-al economics and nssmil- niitor of tt niiltounl ;„,.,„ "•"'M: The Country Homi'. lias J.ui'd u rcuon which Is re-! '"I as til,- opening MUM iii (he ••'"^i-s rainpalBii. Me )]ol|lls olll; '•»• theory behind nil public Hii'V n-Kiilailon Is that the pub- '' Inii'ivsi comes first. ComiMHI- »-n Is H'.slrnined, pioiliirliwi llm- •"' \on can't . s t nr i „ llcw t( , k ,_ P'-"|i'- company, build n railroad. or linn,,-), ,, nclv , ms , l||c umvn _ :>!.•, wlihoui a certificate of pubic i!rw.-.sUy. This Is ihe theory iii'ni, •" k I'™! 1 ™"! to apply lo "U'.iliites must K lvo good service i» rrtiir,, tar iwrmlsslou lo opcr- •>le In ihelr monopolized fields. Ihe price must I K . n sc ,| h | Bll cniiiiKli in (>eimit the utility lo fiivc tcod Lcivlce nnd make a pro- ''' At tin. sn mc t | mc (],,, ])ricc i niusi be low enough so that the public can buy the service. These nrc- the principles that niiiy serve to rli'^r up our agricultural dlffi- ci:lt:rs. They mean cumpnlsory c'jiurnl of inarkt'ting, licensing of plowed Holds nnd base-nnd-siir- PJIIS miolns for every farmer fnr each month of the year." Two years niro Professor Walter U. I'i'.kln of Cohmibia wrote an r.r! iclc in which he sungestcil that focd ought to be regarded us a I'Llilic utility nnd that farmers should operate Just as electric light nnil gas companies do. The professor received n few mild cheers ami much criticism. But milk lias Just been declared a public utility in one big ine- iniro Kansas- Nebraska bill. Mission Built in 1776 Being Restored by CWA SAN r'RANCISCO. (UP) _ San slnn!ll',f °' S -n 0 ", 1 " 1 bllllt ""» »<>»' Miudln x w in be restored. (3 its oi'iBliiii] condition llii'oug.i CWA "Id. ii «as k-nnied icday. • • building Is the historic Chan, el iiutii ti'.' Q.,^,,4-1. --.... . ' PAGE THREie of ll:c first, Presidio. H is still being used by soKtkrs, being Hie .headquarter/ 0 ! the 1'iesldlo omcors' Club Teachers lo M«L ' NEW HAVEN, Conn. (UP)-Ti'e iiiual summer wulcns of the f-f' 101 ? college of Connecticut will bo held at Yale University thi, ear from July 2 to August 10 it has been announced. Connecticut teachers and teachers who are re«l' dents of the slate are enrolled vrii - c tulllun payment. if you take into con. . oos»vat '- no con- is lighting hard against these evils Delation the actual value of land there s still many anion»s; the that loda V to conservative put ?r a fesior e course to destruction. :». c,r« o? »«» average ,$2 pe ere or a j tTon ' . ,r« o Pagan Ideaj? and philosop-iv of lit- of approximately $2,000 In- nehinci l,i m the evils of greed and selfishness, which havc -iv o - y n- It is upon Christian principles and I vestcd - Compare that 'with share based upon Christian ideas that our f tc " ant president and force, are fighting against . , ** >t" i -j'-'uii ui v net n- Sa4!? r ° rrmhatio »-^therin ? f0r " e J e i," business constitutes spy- Vishinsky evidently thought it did. Summing ,,p, in a ° ' c ^ 'ha lasted for hours, he S death fftr fv,~ n .-- *- «i=M?u , f ° r one . e (vomBn eleven men. in connection with tre caso and charged them also with Crested tre ™uld probably bf: shown ni ercv were of"r- M " r -'- bera!lsc l "^ nged •>' Remains Judges. a f =|?=r^ri =='-«"""„«= - stock, cquip- niEiit, labor, management and all other risk that goes with it bc- s.aes the. difference in price of necessary commodities he has to buy and the price of labor and picking winch come out of his pocket. Com- Ul ,..,,„,,,i- LJIU privi e°C ci r^io ol the good editor of this page, i f, j" 8 will confine myself to the article 1 S I intend to nrite. in .'egard to tlic pare that with the past three years «'hcn he was receiving $840 income ,,,,<,,,,. $!£? c T n ,f°* to ** ""com- of'of tt >i.WJ8 under Ihn acreage cut. Then ... i "" government rental to at leas nir i , lna "" vllllufc ciglu tiallv reimbnr^ 11., ,". ,.. .?:"'. " 1!cs fro!!1 '-«e. The most recent - - ...--^ UL |n i-,i._ j rilLLUIl. workers have divided the vilici"e ' operation of farm, and a5 ciistom- y pays the landlord the proce«ds of one-fourth of his cotton and one-t.-.ird of his corn as rentals for tho use of ihe land, and who is as a general rule, a very "ssontial party to the landlord, for without legger Undersells Profits $1.80 Per Gallon - party to the landlord, for without A KRON, o. tuP)_ An "insid""i ^ , "mi the landlord would not derive! 0 " t;:e st '" remaining posuibllU'e*' p ftbb "^. kale, kohl-rabl. brus- any income cf his land, or -itlier! fnr Bootleg liquor profil, was "r'-l ; sprouts nnd cnullflnwor alt he would be compelled lo invest ; vt>alcd ''-ere in police court cn "' L ' froin vviw cabbage. more capita! in stock an.-i ™,,i.>_! "I pay S7 fir r,v,, a^.\ f . HERESWHYIHAVE FEWER COLDS ..VICKS NOSE DROPS election dasi ftxau ress. .akL- ntlcnca, between 1'mi nm j | Bohviu. li,-s ia.500 feet ubovc lubrication Service This is )oCe:tify that this Station ha tAmn, ri «d to fender MOBILUBRICATION SERVICED »M9hJby the MAGNOUA INSTITUTE operated by this company. MAGNOilA PETROLEUM COMPANY VACUUM COHJAW 4 ,;, ~ ™" olilrin arca ' '" r ""' t " - antl •<"'»' Accordini,' to Mr. McMillcn, Sec- retnry Wallace has tilkcn up Pro' ° idea, nnd will Indian Village Dug Un With Aid of CWA __ TAFT. Calif. (UP)— in California is receiving new impetus from CWA Brants and new explorations in this nren n fe nnlv more capita! In stock and equip-j tncnt and labor and take the risk' '•••""«' Jonn satlerwhiic as he of making a profit or suffering aj^ 1 " 1 " 1 SUilty to-a liquor IBSS»S- oss of his capital, the latter bein; j Mc " charge, "then I sell It for ~40 i' S7 for five galbns," ex- John Satlerwhitc, as he woven to us in most cases that sabotage and with taking sen ' ed bribes as s «re- tarj- to the Metropollti«i-Vicker« company, the me,, £,, been en,: plcvoil as workers What made the outlDDk esps- ciallr far from cheery was that only a short time before. „ number of Ri'ssians convicted of sabctase tad been s :,ot. All „„.,„., "£** plication «- 0 , .| wl 011[ , of t -. n Brjt _ ons was being held without hail An uneasy ccnvictlon b-.»an to grow up in England that there was something else behind the stated charges, frat the Ogpu had been searching for documents O r great ' Sabota-e Charged Even at that, the indictment wa., long and detailed enough, i ;>l!cg?d that recurrent breakdown. in many of t'-r bi? <•'-:•' n-.,} .-^.. „. stations at Moscow, Zlatoust, Zuev- uepnrted f ro ,., n - " w:siiny Oresory. v.-hcc" ,3, '. acn " ] ^<i y.'hKe self-avcied zer a nd Cushny come to our observation. Q. nr>rniiri^ r * T _ _ .._ sal fo «*• ?d them orison for three Donald for As scon n noiinccd. '=ars an^ M ac Instituted an of I Kr cent 'd into (..._ „.,„ ved • H-ith a sin" few months'I3-0- Simm, Affairs emtargo ffovsniTii^n on ei'htj '=^5 allo-,1- Sir f ° r result of planned wr'-tin" p-ti re. designed to put the pD-.v?r'r,>v lions and the stale factories d- Pendent up:n them out of business. MetrcEoll 1 ,, 0 ''^ • the s!nff of tno U'iu? , i " crs company of ward "l^""ciivit'lM " rr ' Cd f ° r " the hrough Its ^Ployes. cr such information. All this of course, was cbsa* as co,inter revolt, I,wary behavior and thereto a serious oftensc against tlie Soviets. Dramatic Court Scent Came the [rial on April 12 Oc- '<*er Hail in Moscow, now a courtroom, was once a ballrcom «••(.-= gallant nobles ar.d ladles in tiaras and low-cut gowns danced and "'ned logc-ihcr. po r this occasion Fitch farm to u;oduce with Team Make s 0 Ray Circuit century-old pri/es at Vork fairs. several J«erly acted with the Chicago r? •" Now think the government much more liberal with the landlord with the share tenant and that the sacrifice of acreage reduction will be marie by the share tenant, as the following f, g ,, rD5 , vll , convince any honest man. We will take for example -10 acres of land Forget nbcut corn on this farm' for it is not our cash crop. Cash is what we wan! to base our fi-ur •' on. The « acres in the past'2 o- 3 years lm s produced an average cf 400 pounds !int co'.ton p; r acre. I" 'he past 2 or 3 years th? average price for this cotton was 7 cents per pound or S23 per acre or a total of $1,120 gross income on 40 ncrw. Now the landlord's share of this total Income Is $280 and j tre tenant's three-fourths share is i Now we cut this acreage of 40 acres 40 per cent, rent to the government 16 acres at $14 p= r ;lc re °f a total of S22-I. and we plant the 24 acres In cotton. Now the cot- ten yWds us 400 pounds lint, per acre and the price has advan:o'j to 14 cents per iwiiiu'. which means' 556 |>er acre or a total of $1,344 o n 24 acres. One fourth of this Is the landlord's share, cr S336, and the tenant's three-fourths i-j $1.053, or an Increase from depression prices i" 1 ' 5 a pint." Legal liquor here is se»ng at from si.50 to $4 a pint. ! S.ittcnvhite wa-j fined $100 and .costs and lodged in county jail awaiting payment ' 666 •'quid. TaWrts. S.ilvp. Nose Drops Checks M»Iaria in 3 darn. <- 0 iav 'irsl i)»y, Ifradnrlirs nr N'rnralgia in SO inlnnlrs. I'M np I.nv:ili\o ;i nd Tonic nM Spcrdy Rtnwdiw Known RABOAINS ' IN MiW * IISFH FURNITURE R.J.DODSON Phon« Don't Let Constipation Fill You With Poiwn Constipation allows poisons to Pile up in the bowels and makes r ° u '«' *'<*• Al the ftrjl frtllng ol con- snjinllon. like Thcdlord's n!ack-Drauahl 'or prompt. rt(re5liln 5 rdltf. II has rielixrd Ihonsctuls o[ rr.fn >r.d women. ""1st on Thedtonl's BLACK-DHAUOIIT. FINAL CLEARANCE Every Pair of Rlack and Brown Suede Shoes Values to $10 $2.95 Good Shoes and Hosieru f» A Safer, Better Way of Lubricating Your Car ' \^O a Magnolia Man tlic lubrication .— ~'t your car is a serious, scientific /fcb. j.-c has been trained to think and ^ork time way. If your car is to serve Ton cilicicntly and economically, cacli point must receive the right amount of the right grease at regular mileage inu.-vals. Before any Magnolia Station is permuted to display the Mobilubrication Shield, the men in charge must first complete a course of instruction and pass rigid examinations on scientific lubrication. Talk to a Magnolia Man about lubrication. You'll be surprised at how much he know about his job. Let him show you a "Click-Chart" of your particular make and model, prepared with tlic co- opcratwn of your car manufacturer. rcation alist ' He will explain why several different grades O f Mobilgrcasc are needed to protect your car against heat, water, road shocks and speed. Don't wait until a chorus of squeaks and rattles signal that a repair bill is on the way Drive in to a Magnolia Lotion, nt your first opportunity and save your car with Mobilubrication. MAGNOLIA PETROLEUM COMPAN? A Socony.Vccuum Compiny Stay with You'll have a smoother running Automobile when you .gef -. ubricafion Jitobilubriotion coas just i few cents more the price of a "hit-or-miss" grease job. But this sli s lit difference it more than rqwij through tlic saving in (Wcr repair bills and better performance. NEXT TIME GET MOBILUBRICATION MAGNOLIA one/ you sfoy ahead!

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