The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 21, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 21, 1939
Page 2
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21,.1939 FLAPPERFANNY ' " SScial Calendar THURSDAY'S EVENTS ; Mrs fid Coo* entertaining Double Four Bridge club ^ Mrs,, P.JB, Joyner., entertaining Thursday ponjract cltlb. , ' , FRIDAY 3 EVENTS , Elmnood gemetcry association sponsortril bingo pal ty,, eight pro, at American TJeglon Hut Dauchter Bflm Jo 'Former Local Girl. A daughter was borli to Mi, and Mrs .F1o\d Tailor ( T)uirsday morning at ,the St .Vincent's hospital in Little Rock The laby, who yelghed six pounds,, has not let been named Mrs John w. BVj'lhe is In Little Rock with her Daughter,, Mrs Taylor, who Is the former Miss Elolse Blythe of ml" dty . i . *Emplojes of Miss WhltSlU's ihop and their friends were entertained at a fish fn at WRlker park: last itigni . The group went out early to cook their supper over an open I hte mi SI HI. SERYICC. INC. •!.««. R«. U. S. TAT. OFF Bits of News Mostly Personals Mr. iinri Mrs, .Paul ..,. cf Detroit, Mich., aiid Mrs. D. , I Uullerworlh, Mrs, Callsta . Jon mil daughter, Miss Grade Nell linrrny, Ky.,,came yesterday lo lib guests ot Mr. niiel Mrs. B; Jones and family, They will i .urn tomorrow night. Miss Allii GarllDgtQh of. Scar iiid Miss Ikiiora Maim 'of Texa khha, spent last .ulsht here will llitlr aunt, Mrs. B. A. IJyhcli, an jainily. Tills morning,, Mrs, Lyi molorccl them lo Jonesljoro from where Ihcy went lo Hai'dy. Miss Qartliigioii is to be director nf Camp Klwanl .'Where Miss Mann will be a counsellor. a visit wlt)r Mrs, .Sanders' , Mr. and Mrs: B. A. ISadcs. Mrs. Warren Jacksoii and Mrs. Owen Blue spent yesterday in ifcinph'ts. i - Mi-, and Mrs. Alex Hall, of Little g'ck;-,returned .to their home" to- ay after having spent' a. few days ere With Mr. and Mrs. Eddie te gen bid, Mr. and Mrs. Fred San'dcfur wit ctum Friday night frcm Coluin rta, Mo., where they are vlsltln \tt: Sandcfur's jiarents. They wen here Sunday. Everett B. Gee will return, to norrow night froiii St. Louts wher ic has been attending lo husines Osceol Society — and dugi;litci', Susannc, and Mrs. ling or the pas week. Miss John- HIIK!) mieliey of Day town, Texas.; son has the distinction of being Ml«s Shirley lloacb of Houston,'the youngest dean of women in the Tex. IB ato a guest in the law-J United State. She Is dean of ieil Home..Sue Clay..Hughcy, who 1 —" "' """"•- ='•'" """"" has spent the post year with her ll n-cslJytcriaii Ati,vlliary Mccls. , Mrs, George Edrlhgtjon vvas.lcati- cr of, the Foreign Mission lesson in which schools and seminaries of China were studied at , the meeting of Hie Presbyterian . Auxiliary lh live home of Mrs, Charier, Sullcnger rjn Monday. Eighteen it 1,0.1 ,, t v .- 4 -- members were |>resenl. Those hav- Hc went there yesterday morning. 1|}8 -, I); ,H iji the- discussions were Eraiidpaienls and In school, return with . lic'r. .moljier, .i Hughey, and attend school there next term. Mrs. Hugliey uncler.ivcnt ia tonsllcctomy at the Dr, Henry 'Hill Clinic h) Memphis Mon'day. Mr. and Mrs. Blackwoad Moore and (laughter, Camilla, of Chicago, ai p e here for a two week? visit with his mother, Mrs. Emma n wen ere yeseray mo. j, }8 n par p e s j. M. Gipple .has gone to Iowa |Mrs. II. C. .Bryan,-Mrs. E. M. Oon- >r a visit with his brother. He B |. ls O f Memphis, and Percy plans lo tip awn./ for five week'*. Mrs. J. William Armstrong went lo Nashville yesterday to spend Ilircc weeks with her sister. Allen. ') lie auxiliary 'defray women at Western State College "or Wonieii in Bellihjjliam. From ifere Ml&s Jolinsbn goes _to. Baltl- riorc for a_vlsil wiili ..a. Y brother [jeibrc sailln™ for stockiipiih, Sweden, where she Is to l)c interpreter at t)ie International. Conference pf the Fp'dbratlon ..of University Women. After further travel In Europe she will return in time for the fall term, of school. . r ,. Mr. aiid Mrs. Earl Abrey and w]tll n]S IllUMli-l, jMia, I^OKII. iv*. "•'" : Moore Mis J. B. Follz of Jack-1 children, Emily Jane and Nancy son Tcniu and Miss Maud Al- Earl, arrived Sunday from Boston, bright of Jackson anil Memphis Mass.,, .for a visit with his pai- "">>"''"'. .I....... ,„ !,,•„ Moore oiits. Mr. and Mrs. George Abrey, were Is In Use expenses of the lioys going to nKV «•«».-> «.i.. .,-.. .,..— the Chiircli Canvp at mncllff near Mrs. George M. Loc Is spending i.uuc Rock this week. They aic Ilils afierncoii in Memphis, Irani and 'Carey Lawrence, and Aim jig the Blythcvillc 'people In nuiy Chilrs. Plans, were putimMi Memphis Monday for the funeral ftii Ihc lie'iliinlng of the Da > of Morris Annlebamn were: John Vacation School to start on J V Ernest TlalselJ, E. M. 3. Mrs. J. C. Gllllscn of L;ike VII- rtsbii, Ad'olph Meyers,. S. Jage and Mrs. E. M. 1 Waller rib's'cnlhal. Memphis were oul-ol -town Mr. and Mrs. Sam I!. Williams * ' * returned M'nday from a three i) ; ,| : ||si elides Mccl. lliU niuui ^ ( ciJLo, ivii . oiivi **»*». ^- -«- e>" --- - • home " Sunday. Mrs. Moore and also his aunt, Mrs, Charles Sullen- e ? gucl arc in .Jaclcimi .today Uer. will also Mrs. Joe for the day with Mrs. Folti. • Dlllalnuity In. Blytliev lie. Mi. Mrs Gcbrgc Adams returned A&rcy. who was reared here. Is ,a n-o'm" Lilllc Hock Sunday wlicrc Urradiiate of Tech . at Als ic hart gone to bring her elaugli; lanla and now a draftsman In the ter Jane Adams, home following United ' States Naval yard at Bosn ukii with her "landinotiicr InMon. .. , ... .. ..,.,, that u tj Mr, Robeit BUei of M lss Madeline Ellen tdrlngU,n little " nock also 'iciiiriicd with I allied vcsterdas aftcinoou fiom lo be hei guest foi LOT Angeles Calif, ft here he has i_..—,,(j [j )c TjnKersltj of Call- the p-ibt teim She is ac Jean spent last week weeks' weddliig which t:ok e, niciiibeis of l.hc nap- .. .. .. „,„•„& .. ...fnij Gnlvc'sloii Beach. anil jtjuJier Mrs. W, S. Hcndris, Mrs. r"--' M ,?i' •ni S Si" g Bon' Wife wmis of Florida, along the coast. V s . strange ami lit. the Comity ^.»%"^7^.bn« >W " l ***•* m \T£&^£^& Ibrc'd hei 1 here, slopped for n brief Jlrarn MICCI^ i. i- iu»ii» .. . k _.^,, lnH .... • i _ ...^~ -.. ^'ntiln In Illfi Tnill PllCCMt Mi liid Mis C E Ciibtrccl norilio lex who ft ill be liei .ctmned to Iheii home m Uuests foi several days; Mi »nn Piik rii iftei a iWtL.hauf,hnes!,i ind Miss Nunn are Ith ll'elii piicnls Mi iiid Mrs also students In the Umie.-slly of Females at Hi htowei Mi Cilifoinia labticc spent the list Uncc di\s M1 , Hale J ickson Is m Mem itHfs in Stephcnson Ala phis Ibis week ittendlng the Sou - •• • "•-"» 'ihcrii Bojs and Junior rWims Visit n, she was en route .to the Tom Pheeney, who has been sa-jciie. Rave the devotional an«l WoHd's F h Hi New York with a I lloncd in Kansas, arrived this K V«WV .: iinoining lo,spend a few <la« hero . Mrs. Ney limit. .. Miss Baylus . Bond ... :• , of Marlon, Jonesboro B»aulle5 Are WeU Kiiown In Blythe>lllc TK? faealits cjtieens chosen at the recent beauty tcvue held In Jones boro are well known here as one has vtlted here, a number of Urties ahd the other formerly lived here " Miss Tommle Jcah Mome, \\ho often \isits her aunt, Mrs Don Edwards, urtd Mr Edftards here, was selected Miss Jonesboro of 1939.' Miss Babe Secoy, who lived llere until several years ago, was chosen dhe of her maids * * * To Honbl- Graduates , And College Students Members -of this year's graduat- ihg class of the high school and college sludents returning for the slimmer wlio are members of Ihe First Methcrilst churcli, will be entertained Friday night at the crWfch by hiembcrs of Uie Busl ness arid Prolesslonal Wmehs Circle, of We Woman's Mlssloliaij ^dime's nulte bias ed-Irom 130 o'clock to 830 o'cl:ck>, l at vshlch time-refreshment^ vvllUbc servei^ Clob Has Guest > Kirs Eugene Dickinson was a guest of Mrs V O Miller 5ester day afternoon when she enlerlalncd members, of the Tuesday Contract club with a- parly at her home Radiance rvses In pink anrt rea were used for de'ccratiops i:i Ihe Miller home Refreshments, were iferved at tin cohcluslon of the games Mrs A G Hall v\as hish scorer and Mrs Miller',' secorid, la the games ( i Sponsors Binio Partj j Proceeds from the bingo,party being sponsored Friday night u\ members ^of the plmwood Ccmc tcrj' association will be used lo care for the ' qemetery B rounds during the summer , , , The party pill be at eight o clock; Friday at the American Leg Ion Hul , . , Officers of Ihe group have aske that all who y^nt^lhe prizes the are, ghIng called for, telephone 93 or 805 "Ctin jou tell us something about the: pictiirfe? 1 \vilit love ntul im w.nifs horses. -._-_. Leachvillfc Critic cockles and fruit inincb were scH'cd. , Mrs Hcnciicii Toiii liwis nrtv nf llleiKlS I mmui»6 1^,..^^,".. •- :"-• Mr bud Mrs James Hunt, : bf with Mrs. Pheenby before eplng to ^aihgouldy.spciit, thfe. weekend here NCW York City where he has been Viiitti M'V iitmt'R riiii'chts. Mr. iuul transferred, iwlth Mr. Hunts P.ULU , ^ a i tt \''ms. Paul L: Tiptbn and s:n. nick, are bxpecLbd. io return tortay froni Sail Aiilonio, Tex., where Dr. and Mi's. Tiplon went a month ago fcr the graduation ot Ihclr son, Oinnnic, [rein llic Aero- naiillcai-sdi'ool of the.United Slates nrmy. They were Joined there about two weeks ago by Dick, who completed n year's work at Unlor University at Jackson, Teim. ^frs.' Bob Burns, who has beei •'...: wjls lipnoccd anil Miss Catherine Bland Cr'iiwfordsvllle, were guests of Miss Margarci' Shaver here yesterday. Mrs. B. C. Anderson and rtaugli- ler Mary Lois, aiid ' Miss- ; JUj.u|sfl Anderson are visiting In Detroit and Three Rivers, Mich., for three weeks. They left Monday. While away, tliey also plan to visit' in points of Canada. Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Shamlin Jr., uilar program on evangelism. The Rev. Harold B. Tlllmai Thn Soulhern Biiptts convention in Oklahoma Cltj poke :it circle two In the Count) lome lit which there were six Isitors. Mrs, n._Il..Joncs gave^ •epo'H of •onvcntion >.- - which she recently attended, an the Home Mission schools lor in dians in lhat state. Mrs. John ' Edrmgtbn giive Ihe dcvolional froi Proverbs 25. Girls to Camp. Continuing Ihc trek to sumrnei camps will be the parly lo '"•"" oo g ;'?or"thc t.ip home I pouinimcnt m which her nephev MIS P L JUIvfmo uid son W iltei DiUei Ji of El 1 asp en ictuiiied Sundiy honi rlmca { ev k plavlns Walte, won he otv OKh wheit Hie) Msited hu championship in the bojs tounn OIIV UMV «i«.ii. _ J ^...n,,,, h .... i.. t.l. n.lin,! nf ^fXH-i altd Istei Cii<lllll' lull ^"*l' J " * j ,j Mis T A \an Gucllni) in cnt In hh sLdion of Texas altd «n Mis lilliafcnos molhci keeded eighth in the National Boys fa W Ogin of Wjnnc iml lour mmcut this jeii Pnssing Ills Miss MiUhed Clements of Wjnne U ls tcciitli birthday this month en ftcnt out to Pono City to. Ihelutled him to enter the Junioi last of hei ei home Mis W ft ill -iccompuvj Law i dice and nn uuy 101 "•-• iiucu """ ^ -••"- hniiw ind nccominmed UcurnimMit The games ire being _ )Uicd at the South.eslcrn Uni ill Mrs J D Hodge Jr ^f Leach- vlllc, was before her recent marriage, Miss Nannctta Saudeninayer, daughter ot Dr and Mrs. M. E. Standcmnaser of Leachville. TucE'rlay aftcnio'pn at the i:cgy.._- m'cbtliig of the Tuesday.Bridgclecrs •whcii they were bm'ertajncd ,in the homo of Mrs. Vclmer Campbell, tile occasion bphig In hohtr of Mrs. Lewis' birthday., Mrs^-Kloyd \Vagler was a, "guest: ' : Th'e lilgii scbrc prize,, a .glass tfa'y went to ^Irs.-'iHngh Mlchle JV-,; second high went to..Mrs. Toih Hopper who was ..prcsentecl liiiRerle and bridgco...prl?A,.score pads, went to li'&s. Glynn White. Mrs., Hc'ppcr was also presented o pin for high game, .. •,...• The hostess served-ham sand- \vichcs, .pickles, olives, cookies-and Coca Colas. . -. • Mr. and Mrs.-Lacpy'\Weuiliiel! ;.bf Brcoklyn, N.-,Y.,-' arc': sp.endlng tlicjr hoi ' ' '"" ,.. {| l nil 111 j . .«-",•"•. .+•. a — _ .. :'e Mr. WeliiizelVs ,pai'Clits, Mr. d Mrs. O. A. Wc'iiilzejl of Por- geville aiid Mrs. Welnt/.ell's parts, Mr, aii'd Mrs. W. P, Polk, of oler. and Miss Gene McCulchcn of St Louis, have returned, to their ; . |lmv improving home after spending ' two WCCKS - - „-,.,-.. - iiere with Mr. Sliamlln's parcnis, Mr- fni'd Mrs. C. T. .Shamlin Sr. , . a her hoine since Friday, i M_a Tilcs'd and Including Cliarli . . . . . and lil-bllior. George Sh anil in, and family iiiid other 'relatives..,'They were -accompaied home '••• **•' Mv - ..-.-..., ....... - - Shaijillii's • coiislh, Miss Jennie Bob Black lit French Camp. Miss., who will visit 'them for a few days,, before i-eturhlnB here for a visit, ... Mr. aiid Mrs. Cecil Shane an of this iiily, Mary Cul "f s"Heiiicr°cI Bonne Tcrrc, Mo, [son; Biilie IJaiigslon ;"r,pe.i(ling , this ^eck with r hl?|and Hunter Sims ,of - ^ of Siecie-Cboter Socicvy—Personal Townsend Club To Meet Heic Tonight The lownsend club Number One will meet tonight at 730 o clock at the court house, it was announced todai. Officers of the croup urged all members to alien; and issued an Invitation lo the public. Hcn:rs Guest ... Mrs. Lloyd Meadows of Wetum ka,' Okla., who "was Ihc guest o her coilslii, .Mrs. Leon Eirh, anc fainllj- last week was the guest o honor at a bridge parly ut 11 l.rine i-'f Mrs. Johnnie tlhod aturday night. High score prize went lo M oberL Slcele and Mrs Meadov •as also presented a gill. Refreshments of fr: - /.cn fruit sala Stcclc. Miss Ma) Ilia Ann Lynch will; re- turii tbnlglit from a Ihree weeks' visit in Enslci-n aiid Caiiiidian cities. They will be accompanied, by Miss Patricia Sliaiie, who...was gradiialed this iiionth from Vnssar college at Poughknepsie, N. Y. ;r!ic 'party spent.'several days in New York where they, attended. .the World's' Fnir^b'efore going to.Ca^n- n'da •vvli'cre (hey slopped in Moivi (real, Toronto: and oilier inlercst.- i'ng"'poiiits. At BUITalo, lli'ey took a boat across the .lakes arid, returned' fiy'-way of Niagara Falls, Detroit, :ahd: liidialiapolls. Mrs. Frank Grecr, who lias been quite ill-at her hbtiic, Is improved today. , ,'. ^fr. and Mrs. M. 1: llelliiiuth' of .iLffi. Tom F. Maiilii.aud (Uligli- ler, MLss Virginia, left yesterday for San Francisco, Calif., where Ihcy p'aii to spclid three weeks. They were accompanied by Miss Jean Morrison. of Morrillon. Ark. Mrs. Spur£c:ii Pallersrn and, (laiighler, Vivian, of .Jackson. Miss.i •arrived yesterday lo spend two •weeks here with Mrs. Patterson's noth'er, Mrs, W, .'I'. Oberst. Mr. PallcrBOU will join tliem hero SUH- Ivlii join the special, train of campers from several states lo Camp Dixie, at Clayton, Ga. • The- girls camp is at Clajton ilid the boys camp at Wiley, aa They will remain away until wi .til lei- pra-l of August. and Mrs. J. "- Lovcwell j B Burkett of Biaselt Piul intl Caiej Lavvicnc, — Billie Chiles to IcinclilT Camp ne-ir Little ROCK lodij where thcj will rennm fol he presbjtemn \oitiig Peoples cBnfeience The Rev L r law leiice -,,1(1 MIS Lavitencc will rtr » e ovci for the boss next week Mr. ind Mis E R Bog in o Hixora, accmiipiinecl by^M" lin" Ba'ndy and Mrs. Geneva Fowler left Mondiv moinuiL foi no EuiHi's to itlcml i confcience u ti-itcui Stir officers <3hoilly af tliev left a message came noti ci it) courts nom Memphis Waller goes to Oklihoma Giti to plaj in the Ar k-insas Vallev roinnamciil then to Onnln Neb foi Ihe Mid Western contest then to Delaliclri Wls foi the Western Tournament Afterward he gpes to Chicago for the Hiicr Forest and Open tpur , namciit, closing In the Big Na- lionals at Cuhci Ind Wilier ind Clnrles Rev ell Bon en of Memphis another nephew of Mis Jickson will be her guests over the week tnd in Osrcola tcr fjm. Mr oflhc dcilh ot Mr. and Mrs. J. "- Lovcweii have as Iheir guests for. two ^wecks Ihcir diuigntcrs, Mrs. 'mad l-'ellon IS 111. flll iuwii.1 «' "•- - -: . his brothel Oodie rowler in little Reck Mrs Fouler wis reiched rt Little Rock -md returned home that afternoon. , Miss Florence Johnson of Be. the Peek's I In.Eham V>a<=h has been 6 iic v, of Mi ind Mrs Louis Nil! Peed?) Grove Mrs Mary llam, of Chlggcr nidge, pent SRtiirdoy night and Sunday ilh her son. Ilenery. Ham. Miss Rosy Lee and James Nichols re spending llils week, wllh . rela- ivcs at Yarbro. hairioh Wilscii ami family spent Sunday In BlylHevllle wllli Mr Vilsbn's parciils. 1MI . ill HI nil a. V 1 * , 1 ' ii^ *••«;«*•;. "•;_, Bcllvllie,' Tex., eaiiie yesterday to, spend a lew days here with Mrs! Ilellmilth's sister, Mrs. F. L. Eng- ier, and Mr. Engler. Charles E;i J:ncs, .of. Memphis, Is ill at the hcni'e of his grandparents, Mr. aiid Mrs. O. N. Havv- Mr, anil Mrs. W. G. Sander. and daughter,- Patricia Gay, ij Lliicra. Kails., ai'rlved 'Vestcrda> Marriage Licenses • Names of-couples to.whom, nmr- •r'ia'gc "licenses have been issued ifrbi'n Hie Blylheville dfllce of tbo roiiiity court clerk dnrliie the past week and the name of the oflicci or minister performing the ccrb- nony, if listed, follow: ' .lames D. Woodarit, ot Manila, and Miss Magalcne Thomas, of! Mo'nelte; Wllburn Green and Miss Opal Holier, both of .Lcachvillc, by.Magistrate T. L. Cassidy; Hcr- irinn Etanliclci and Miss Lou Ella Fowler, both of, Maiiila, by Magistrate Cassidy; John H. Nelson and Miss Mary Margie I.-aster, both of JBl.vthcville, by the Rev. " " Jernigan. HOW MOTHERS HELP BABY OVER FRETFUL ITCHING OF SUMMER HEAT RASHES P. H. Read Courier News want aas. ISVEN a good-natiirccl baby sets up i howl when "Southern summer" licit rash makes bis lender little skin burii and itch. And who caii blame biil)} ? l-'or skin irritated lliat way—cliafcd (o soreness—sweaty and giilleil— means itotiicr must gel on tlic job will) famous Mexican Heat Powder. Me.vicah licit Powder is "pov«ler- prolcclidii" tliat's intdic'aled —p'rbvcJ soothiiiE, cooling ingredients hi a s|ic- i-ial quick-adhering base—the |»w<lcr hings cointoil and W- 5 Iraliy .coin- forliblc is the iwwdcr stijs on to hour; Kce[) Mcsitan licit Powder i .-our hbinc—tor the older folks as we as llic youngsters—nsc it lo cool an _oinfon iltliiiii, and biiriiing oi mino skui irritations—to check perspiralio of tcct ind boiij Remunber tins famous Mevic Heal I'oivclcr is 'posilhtly not ii la 1 Don'l confuse it or accept a subs lute. Treat yoih baby to the "re lliing"- famous Mexican llca't t>o lic'r—sold by all ilealcirs ei-crywhc ETcrythmg for your enter (aihment and comfort Watch Society 01 Courier Sew* Free Show Gnesb Weds. - Thurs. At The Hospitals Walls Ilespilals Gray y/est, Man^a, admitted 'clycle Newman, _city, admitted H. M Pvans, city, .admitted John hugh Morgan, Dell, dismissed . Siisan Cavettc, city, adrniU"d Mrs. Ed Smith city, dismissed. MrS J O Pols:n, Manila, dismissed , Memphis Bipli^l Hospital • Mrs S fc Lowery, city, admiltsd Mrs W. L Clstk Jr, city, admitted _^____ •• The regal Illy, favorite of thousands' of American a«d European gardeners today, was an unknrwn plant, growing m the blelfeU re- glcns of western china, le^s than 30 jears^go _, t VUlll^'lVi^' Ijll't 01 WESflHGUOUSE 'ELECTRIC Ranges and CHEVROLET \Vc Have as line n iisiul car scicclioii as there is in Biyliibyiilc—Look Htesc over! We have many real iargains lo choose froiii. 1933 Chevrolet Town Sedan. A beauty $525 1937 Fbi-d V8 Touring Sedan. New niotor, radio $3l>5 i!)37 Clievrclet Coiiiie. New tires. Motor A-l S'l'^S l'!i3G Ford'VR Tudor. Molor & tires A-l....... -525)5 1935 Chevrolet, Coacii. Motor ovcrhaiiWd SUI5 in'33 Chovrolel Sedan, runs like new S 1 '' 8 1932 Ford V8 coUiic, reai good Second car 5111 —TRUCKS— 1936 Chevrolet Long W.B., D.W. ckb & chassis .?15W 1933 Clicyroia 13! W.I?., D.W., Cab & Chassis SUO 1037 Ciicvrolcl 157 in W.H., P.W., Hotly..... .5-125 1937 Ford V8 133 ill \V.H., ))-W., Cab & Chassis S»7» pick-vjp Trucks nii ialc models— Ciibvrokl, Ford, (i. M. C., Dodge aiid International. All 'ivVic'cd to sell. Miiiiy Olbcis to Choose i'min Ka'sy G.M.A.C. Payment Vhiti ELECTRIC SHOP S. 'S««ni>-' Phone 311 |j If s good business to pause... and refresh lit office, workshop or factory you find big red coolers'with frosty bottles of ice-cold Coca-Cola to provide / tie pause that refreshes. It's a part of good work. Also .Paramoiint Nevs & Comedy Ailniis:-ion MatipEC, 'lie & 26c Aiinlissibii Night 16c & 36c * * ' ' FRIDAY, 23 17ri REASONS \Vh.V you should show Matinee or t"f» Joniiiifr Sooii: July Angels (lave,.Wings Jo'llfessibns 61 a Nazi Spy Stagccnach , L)ii Borrowed '.Tlhit, Si^aniiaii of Mouritics. Siiii Never Sets invilaiibn 16 Ilappiiiess jiiarci ROXY Admission always Ifto * Z W ' Malthccs Fr!.-Siil.-Siin. tue.-Wed.-Thar. PAL NIGHTS! 2 admiltcil for >lie price oj t !*•li¥ U/.

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