The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1942 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1942
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (AfiK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MAY 21, 1942 10 MEET The Artist Ely th&iUe, WelterTo Appear On, Card At Hodges Field, Memphis Jackie Byrd, sensational young Blytheville' welterweight }x>xer who last week ^attracted widespread at- tent^on by decisioning the former light?yeight.€h.ampion, Lew Jenkins, at Hot Springs, is scheduled to appear- on a professional .boxing card >at Jfodges Held in Memphis tonight^ He is to meet Tiger Nolen of Springfield, Mo.,,in a 10-rounder. On the,,j ; same .program Neville "Tiger" Beech, widely known Mid- South:, heavyweight; will take on Mickey -Hayes, the Milwaukee Mauler. -Beech will weigh 193 - and Hayes. 188. Johnny Dabbs, who won the Mid- South Golden, Gloves lightweight title, will : lui-ii; professional tonight, meeting : ' Russell; Wilhite, also tk. former Golden Glover, w,ho has- j had two:, or three pro fights. Dabbs, is a'very clever fellow. The rivalry between the .two is keen. In another .four-rounder Bobby Jerome of. Memphis will box George Brittof Blytheville. They are lightweights... A .bout between negro lightweight : .. will start the show. Eddie .Hamilton will reforee all bouts, the first starting at 8:30 o'clock. Service men will be admitted free. More Doctors for Army SAN FRANCISCO .(UP) — The Mediqal School of .the University of California is speeding the production cf doctors , for.-" the war effort. Its graduating class of 111 this .year will be the largest in its history. BM- *L.- Sports A Word From the Wise By JACK GUENTHER li; , United Press Staff Corresiwnienl -NEW YORK, May 21. .—, The best dressed and possibly the, ,best versed of the college coaches peered through his pince-nez into, the future today and there detected a subtle but definite link .between the strategy of the battlefield and that of the gridiron. The war, predicted Lou Little, will substantially alter the tactics and psychology of football. Primarily, the balance of power will shift to the offense. • People Offense-Minded An old warrior himself—he served as a captain in World War I—the sage of Morningside Heights explains his contention simply. In the past .six months, he emphasizes, people have become offense minded. Individual exploits and daring have been stressed everywhere. Boys—particularly—are thinking in- terms of Commandos, pursuit pilots and parachutists. These thoughts will be translated into action on the football fields of the nation this Fall. Professor Little believes that the pace of the game will be stepped up and that .many of the safe, Conservative measures favored in the past, will be temporarily scrapped. Instead of playing them close to the vest, the boys will be more inclined to get out. and gamble,. Psychology, Lou Says "It is a mere matter of human psychology," the professor explained Victory Ends MacMitclielFs College Career NEW YORK—Leslie MacMitch- Bluff on June 1 with Bobby Lambert of St. Louis. Ackennan .said the 10-rounder will be held at Pine BlUff's Legion Staduim. ... Byrd got up from the floor here on May 13 to win a torrid decision Connie Mock of-the Philadelphia Athletics, baseball's oldest major ell closed his brilliant career as a college runner by winning his specialty, the mile, by 50 yards. Ed. Walsh of, Manhattan was second,, The New York University flyer broke in front, and remained there. He did,>the quarter in one minute flat, the ..half in 2:05, the three- quarters, in, 3.: 1.1, and hit the tape in •4:17.9,.. jt ^as the ,13t.h straight dual meet victory for the Viols t since .1938. DIXON SETSr-14, Ital V NEW' YORK—Frank Dixon ran the .fastest outdoor mile, ever registered by a New York schoolboy to win the senior championship at the Athletic Association of Private Schools' meet. Making his own pace from the gun and winning by a half a lap, Dixon of St. Francis Prep turned in a 4:22.6, only 1.3 seconds slower than the national scholastic established by Lou Zamperini as a southern ; .California schoolboy from former Lightweight Champion L.?w J/jnkins after being knocked down twice. Read Courier News want ads. league manager, congratulates Lou Boudreau. the youngest, on getting Cleveland Indians off on rampage. , LANE SCOTTS 10 years ago. Byrd Booked For Pine Bluff Match The game' between the Manila and the Blytheville softballers, orig- schecluled for Tuesday night. mental image of a steak. Considering llnxt Mike has no reason for wasting much love and affection -HOT SPRINGS, Ark., May 21.— Dr. R. D. Ackerman, American Legion boxing .promoter- here, announced Wednesday night that he has signed Jack Byrd. Blytheville welterweight, for a bout at Pine Amusement Center of the Mid-South &SON , May 23 2:00 P.M. Here is the relaxation and pleas* ure you've been seeking. Thrilling Rides — Fun Galore. Free picnic and play grounds. Open Daily .... 7 P.M. to 1 2 P.M. Saturday, Sunday 2 P.M. to 12 P.M. THE JEWEL COWBOYS Will Entertain FREE on SATURDAY and SUNDAY, 8 P.M. Come iviih the Crowd! FAIRGROUNDS Amusement Park MEMPHIS, TENN. "Hoofer always mugs the camera when it's a photo finish." in his office at Columbia TJniver- ™f called off. The heavy dew that i on K nox, who is sort of a referee's ell on a duly astonished citizenry nightmare, I wonder if the cagy jrobably had something to do with; promoter isn't using this means of t. However, I'm hoping that the Helps to'make your ^spirits jump. \ - •' Dbiible Eagle Was Luck, Says Sarazeii, But Not Brassic At Skbkie or Calient e * * * By GENE $ARAZEN .Winner of Them All Greatest shot I ever made was the last Skokie Country Club, Glencoe. II!., in 1922. It molded my. entire life. It was a full, brassie on the 18th hole.. I wanted to play it safe. My caddie said go for it, and I did. It was right on the button and gave me my first National Open championship. My 72-hole score was 288, one better than Bobby Jones and John Black. The spoon shot for a double eagle, in. the.Augusta Masters', of which so much has been written, was. purely luck. My finish .at Caliente Open in 1930 for .a $10,000 .prize, was., not luck. I .shot the last four holes in.,three .birdies and a. par. I needed the dough. Remember old demon margin call? '.Only an Average Night's Job BOSTON (UP)—A pin boy setting up 45 games each in two bowling alleys for an average night's work lifts the equivalent of one ton 13 feet in the air, according to a Massachusetts State College statistician. Production .of 500,000 scale models of allied ; and enemy warplanes, now under way, will, enable the American armed forces and the public to recognize oui own from hostile aircraft. IM GLAD I BOUGHT HANES UNDERWEAR! sity, where for years he himself has used psychology and a handful of players to battle on equal terms Gene Sarazen.. best with brassie with the name teams of the east. "Just consider the airplane, .You can't look at the sky, a movie, a book or a paper without seeing an airplane. "Naturally the boys have become highly conscious of airplanes. How will it affect them? Why, it will inspire them to throw more and more forward passes. I'd guess that they .will throw maybe 25 .per cent more passes. They wouldn't be quite human if they didn't, for the sky has taken on a new meanin to them as it has to us. It is certain to influence them." . . Defensive Maneuvers Passe Next, consider the progress, of the war. Little intimated. Day.aftei day we hear military men, political leaders and just plain, folks .propound the value of a lightning offense, a second front and. a .sustained, attack at enemy homelands Defensive maneuvers have .prover themselves to be dubious at best. The key word of the war has be- con™, attack. ...... , .. , Arid Little believes that;the key word of football will be attack. He isn't saying that .coaches will just give the boys a ball and tell them to toss it wildly. But he does think that the stress on rock-ribbed tackles and stone-wall guards will be relaxed gradually. Not that the center buck or the off-tackle-smash will be abandoned; they will be used less frequently. The accent will be switched to daring, to deception and to individual brain work. -A .tie will no longer be a moral victory. It will be a defeat. One of the -astute and learned date won't hang fire much longer. [ understand that Marshall Blackard, manager of the local tearn, is ready and rarin' to go anytime thai Manila wants to play, so, it looks like its all up to the other club. I see where Lew "Dairy Maid" Jenkins is going to keep his date settling a score of his own. .The Baseball Standings SOUTHERN 1 thrashing he got from Jackie Byrd. All of which just goes to prove that Barnum was right, when he said , "there's a sucker born every j minute.", Looks like the guy just j Memphis .. can't realize he's as washed up as!Atlanta .. . an isolationist. xNashville .. Little Rock , In regard to Jackie Byrd's scrap' New O rlei > ns at Memphis tomorrow night, I Birmingham gather its scheduled for the pur _:xCliattJinooga Knoxville .. pose of giving the Tennesseeans a, look at the up-and-coming lad.' Naturally, Joe Craig isn't letting lis boy fight a guy with any too nuch talent this soon after the strenuous scrap with Jenkins. j— Lom^ In connection with this matter,; „.:K.},,,,.^,, ' I want to make a suggestion—one!,-,- r ,-..,°l<. ,. . , . . . . . . .... , . I VyillLlI 11 Id Li that I think is justified. A move U^. york ' should be inaugurated to' feature Chicago Byrd in another fight here some- phjiadcphia LEAGUE W. L Pet. ... 25 15 .625 ... 2S 15 .610 .553 .537 .537 .433 .421 .320 21 22 18 17 16 14 17 19 19 22 22 29 x—Night game. NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L Pet. Blair Williamson In Naval Training GREAT LAKES, 111..—Blair H. Williamson, Jr., son of Mr. B. H. Williamson, Tyler, Mo. is now enrolled in the Service Schools at the U. S. Naval Training Station "here, and will undergo an inten- . ... sive 16-week course in the school coaches. Little docs not agree with the Calamity Johns who say the game will drop far below standard because .many boys are entering the armed., forces, taking, .military drill or studying on an , accelerated program which reduces their, years of eligibility and ; their.•, hours of racticc. He says only experts will otice the difference. for gunner's mates. Williamson was selected for the Service Schools through a scries of aptitude tests given to every Bluejacket during his recruit-train- Upon graduation he will be eligible for a third class petty officer rating in his speciliazed field is soon as he is able to pass the qualifying examination! As soon as he has completed his work at Great Laeks, he will be transferred cither to the fleet or another naval base to gain experience under veteran petty officers. (first 0 Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN LEAGUE Night games: Memphis 9. Biringham 4. Kuoxvillo 5-3. Atlanta 3-6 10 innings). Little Rock 3. New Orleans (called end sixth). Nashville at Chattanooga. NATIONAL LEAGUE St. Louis 1, Brooklyn 0. Cincinnati 10. Philadelphia : Chicago G. New York 3. Boston 4, Pittsburgh 3 UO lings). AMERICAN LEAGUE Philadelphia 5. Detroit 3. New York 4. Chicago I. .St. Louis 10. aWshington 1. Boston at Cleveland, postponed. • "Whew, . . . these Victory gardens sure give you exercise. But I can weed and hoe and stoop and twist without having these shorts bind or pinch." Gentlemen, for downright comfort and long wear, try HANES knitted Crotch-Guard Shorts. They provide gentle athletic support—help active men keep fit. Conveniently placed buttonless front. True fit, for less strain and better wear. Here's a tip for your wife. There'll be less work on washday and your shorts will wear longer if you change them frequently. A light rinse cleans them —without scrubbing. HANES knitted Shorts require no ironing. Wear them with a HANES knitted Undershirt for extra comfort. *• WAR BONDS AND STAMPS * The HANES Ubel assures you quality garments a* moderate prices. If you can't get oil the HANES Underwear you want, remember that a large p«rt of HANES production is going to our Armed Forces. P. H. HANES KNITTING COMPANY " V/inston-Salem, North Carolina Today's Games SOUTHERN" LEAGUE Memphis at Birmingham., Nashville at Chattanooga. Little Rock at New Orleans. Only games scheduled. NATIONAL LEAGUE St. Louis at Brooklyn. Chicago at New York. Pittsburgh at Boston. Cincinnati at Philadelphia. time soon. Of course, the gate wouldn't be large enough to pay for a really big scrap, but local j T j 25 10 18 18 15 , 15 10 9 15 55 18 17 19 19 24 .735 .559 .545 .500 .496 ,.45.7 .441 .294 Royal Nassau COCOANUT PALM AMERICAN LEAGUE fans should at least have a chance i W. I New York 21 Cleveland 22 to see Jackie in action now that catroit °0 he's definitely on the up-grade, j Boston ." '.'.'.'.'.".'.'."' 1C After all. they boosted him while; _ _„„..., 12 14 12 Louis .. he was still trying to climb the first j Washington rung of the ladder! How about it, ! Philadelphia Joe? ; i Chicago L. Pet. 9 .700 10 .683 .556 .533 .412 .375 .383 .375 16 14 20 20 22 20 NEW 15.00 Others $1.95 up! CROWN! I wonder if Mike Meroney isn't kinda tossing Buddy Knox to the wolves, come .Monday night. I see that the Welch brothers have been' signed to tangle with Buddy and Prince Omar in a tag match. Only two weeks ago Knox pulled every dirty trick in the book on Roy and Joe, except feeding them ground glass. The Welches are by no means forgetful in such cases and. in the short time elapsing since their last set-to with the rambunctious Buddy. I imagine they've thought of him frequently in much the same way that a hungry man moons over the MORE SUMMER COMFORT FOR FEWER DOLLARS Note the exclusive Gothic Taper lines of the crown—the smart, trim look. Balance and true proportion! That's what Dobbs gives you in this smart cocoanut palm. Becoming even to the man "who thinks he O can't wear a straw. Casual. CooL Comfortable. AMERICAN LEAGUE New York at. Chicago. Boston at Cleveland. Philadelphia at Detroit. Washington at St. Louis. "Fine Imported and Domestic Liquors" Your Patronage Appreciated Russell Marr's Liquor Store lOfi N. Broadway Next Door South Thone 2SGS Tost Office I Flight strips—auxiliary landing fields along the public highways- soon will be dotting the nation ns a result of recent approval by president RooseveVt of, a bill ap- ropviating $10.000.000 for this inrpcse. ' . 1 A Complete Line of Hanes Underwear belter-sweltering 1 Start The Bay With— 7-DAY COFFEE A Maxwell House product, blended by Max\,7±a House. Regular Price 1 lb. 25c 3 Ibs. 69c (Watch for week-end Special) Exclusive at— Pickard's Grocery 1044 Cnickasawba Fb. 2043 J&L Sulphate of Ammonia is .on a war basis! 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