Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 20, 1896 · Page 13
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 13

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 20, 1896
Page 13
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EYES MAY DECEIVE US TESLA DOESN'T BELIEVE IN BALL LIGHTNING. How He E.iiilnlm the Mutter — A Unr- kcojior Obsnrvoil Tlmt LlRlitulnsr Wns n note In tho Son lintl Ttint th« Shy WUH Sot on 1'ire. ALLS of Ore, varl- ' colored and terrifying, have been peppered down from the skies upon tho country In most surprising '$j&. fashion the past ''&#/• month, it testi- W/i mony at second'.'"ill hand is trust______^ ' ; worthy. In spite ot all this, Nikola Tesla, the ir.(wt famous of American electricians, says balls of five arc never dropped | down upon us from the heavens—that they're a myth, an optical illusion. . "I have never seen such balls of lire," said Mr. Tesla, "though I have been close by when the lightning struck. I was blinded, of course, and believe every one else is when the lightning strikes near them. If one sees anything aiue seien- tive he had seen a ball, though when cuicstionod as to what it looked like ho said thai he couldn't tell exactly, "The lightning dug a hole in thc sea right out there." ho said, "ami the wiiolo sky was set on fire." A FLAT-SEEKER'S EXPERIENCE. Ho I'-lnd.s 111" IJour I''" 1 " /CUIIiIron » Uvc'lcJflcl Hitmlli'np. A story is being told which, while it may not bo true, visibly illustrates the' trlbtilationo of those who have rammittei! the ur.pardoncble crime of SEEN THROUGH ENGLISH EYES American Country »WMii»per» Surprluc by Tliolr Vlvmslty. From the Bedfordshire, Eng., Times. The Bedford Daily Mail Is another contemporary 'Which it is interesting to look-through. Really the number of local newspapers is legion. A lew weeks ago we quoted from the Bed Cora Gazette which is published at the town oC that name in Pennsylvania, but the Daily Mail is the organ of public opinion for the city of Bedford, Ind., and is readable sheet. Glancing THE SUNDAY SCHOOL. THE LESSON XII, SEPTEMBER 2O, DESTRUCTION BY VICES. Guidon Text: "Tlii-i:" Si " W»y 1 ' hiAt Sfluiiintti UiRht Cutn it Man; but tlio J-::u« Tlmruor'Aru llin Way* ot Dcittb'' •—Boole of Provorhn, 1,G:25. the talc is told WMO a man ot family— quite a good deal of family, in fact. For some reason ho did not want to rent a house. He wanted to set into a lia: or a boarding: house. Ho trumped the town over seeking a place where he- and his wife and children might shelter their weary bodies, He applied ar. place after place, but it was of no use. As soon us the flat, owners and boarding house keepers found out that there were children they treated him like a thing apart, unlit'to be afforded accommodation, like Christian people. If lie had boon a sin-ago, -a leper or a- criminal his c-.Uraoisni could not hnve l-iscn more suddc-n or complete. Experience made him wary about '1:30 in the Afternoon, after he had met with j struck on the head with a club. "There is an explanation which may show how the idea of fire-balls originated. As a rule, we do not see the whole of a Hash. We get glimpses of it along the edges of clouds or through as possible. He tackled a- man who owns a block of fiats. He wanted a Finite of rooms for himself and wife, he said. The bargain was progressing smoothly and thc man began to hope. that he might get a place to live in Ulll UUn" i uci v.vi ntt*"«i -- - -this Bedford, though a much smaller place, is in advance of its Bnglisn namesake. For example, it already 1'a.f, an opera house, "located on J street " but tho fact that it is being offered for sale looks significant. A two-story arbor, one-third of a male long, is being built o£ timber; the lower story is for a race track for horses and the other a bicycle track. About 185,000 feet of building material vil! bo used in this structure. Bedford in Indiana has a popular country fair, when tho merchants of thc city make a great display ot i.heir wods and the young people go -in for -jcing of all kinds. These amusements an, carried on in the Floral ball. We wonder i 1 ' they use that building lor a flower market. The boy-s play at ball -presumably baseball—find a match with Bloomfield is -announced. Bedford, Ind., is noted tor its freestone quarries, and the hoys in the local ball team are called the "Oolitics." Another singular coincidence: Bedford In England stands on the same geological formation. It is only natural, of I/rriOUGH this pas- sngc was wi-ii.tcn ai ' K ' r Davlirs Munson Typewriter Is a Good Machine. ,n@*»k, -'^ <?4>R ; CD *4$ Lk m special application lo tlie history \ru liavo been studying, yet Its prtnclplus arc Kood Tor our dully life, ami there .-in! men and deeds rft- >?»'irX'YS£l ferretl to ilurlnj,' the ($#&& « uarlcr Wh '°" ',"'"" (&(%* W tnuo and fin force the iVinhH and I!L.- tlcK or warn aj.-.-ain.-it I (lie slr.s an 3 follies r..-C<;ri-«l to. V-'c w>Il j put tosotlier In our sui.ly tin: contracted , virtues find vinos. These ran M r ''•'"," forced and illiimincied jy lujiu no, i ot!:or Scriptures, and especially o>t"--i to the past history which cx^nipMCy 4.hcsc vlrtinis and vices will V"-} notci.. "Tfinpui-ancu" apiilicatlon:; can be mode at almos'. every !)oln tun1 ., cranc e ,n standard of ewonmra. Msinj isers of The ••Minison" BBiisldcc It TI-1H liEST. You "ill l!nd Ita vnl-J:il)l«:iSf!stai:tln jonrof- lice. AJdri's," for i arllco'.iirs THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO .v AN u i'.v«:Ti.;r,KJts. S.10-24* West, I.ahi! si., Clilnneo, Jll. Greatest Discovery or tbe 19fo Century. FRENZIED MEN WALK «VER BLAZING COALS. ToThiTittE the body seems a poor «ort -of religious rite, and yet that is a necessary part.-of religious ceremonies in various .countries. 'Dancing on red- hot coals with the bare feet is but tine of the- forms of -worship adopted hy religious fanatics in some countries. Though more-or less common in India, it would never be popular in this eoun- natives then appeared -wjth pails, and the ditch was filled with water. It sizzled and steamed as it struck coals which .had rolled into the ditch. The heat was terrific, an-cl it was impossible for tl the ere prepar- ^ wPcre ' 1]t . r wail as If in answer. Not a moment did they remain quiet, and occasionally they jumped into the water to cool their parched feet. After several minutes of this exercise they ran, still howling and twisting, back into the temple, and the ceremony was over. A shotr time afterwards a European doctor examined the feet, of the night men anil found, to his amazement, that approach India in the matter of religious .ceremonies, and no poople for . hold to a belief ™th the ; cigh 1- ence. Th-e natives claimed that the goddess protected the men by the exer- .i» rtio ri=;f> of her marvellous power, and she lg UlO CISC UL 1H-1 front of the temple. The villagers assisted in the arrangements, and the wood was placed in a regular pile about four feet wide and ten feet long. A trench about three feet wide and two feet deep was dug around the pile c£ ' wood, and the latter was then ant or. nre. In about four hours the wood was re- r I ma<J n^ 1 h ^ab i. ^ , u h u jjmper gronnedluid weeks before the ordeal they hud been all of which hardened by the nso of alum water. - u Ql thc .„. T)18 f;ict lhat lhc feet were xvotandthat i ^ ajd noj . rcmnin sUn< contllin . Sud o j y ^ ^ ^^^ ^^^ ^ Uvc]y as possible, also had mr.cU to do with MCOndSi in he c:«,n, which tho result. The moral effect of ,he -. .-in- Thev leaped onto the ceremony is bad, ami the English gov • .v, a...m 7h ^^ capdancin ,. , nd ernmcnt hM repeatedly forbidden the fissure's, or, one might say, through cracks Let us suppose a wall of cloud between us and the Hash. The via- lersee of the electric discharges breaks j this wall, producing liss;i:res in it 3U2t | as an carUicuiake makes long Kl&zas craci™ in a v/all of stone or brick, and the light comes to us through these ^'••NoVstt'f'l'cse'i.ho lightning blow a ho'.c through tho cloud war. jy.st M » cannon blows a hole through the wnlk, of a fort. We should then see a spo, ot fr,-7.l'r«- li-^it Uint would be a ball so ^r'pV'our eyesight could determine, i «',-"'-. T. b'Ul ml"ht P'ay many prank:; : acco'rdins as the cloud rirt moved about, "These theories account well cnougn for all tliu fire bail stories that have- come -o my attention. I believe the ball itself is a myth." t ! The proprietor of the united bta.es j casino at Far llockaway. where OP? o- , tho fire balls was reported to have ueen | r.pra, said to a reporter that he was ^ out on the casino platform over tno : v/ntcr all through the storm, and that] he saw the lightning strike the water ' not far from where he oat. "I didn't see xo: fire bails," he continued, "though 1 don't wonder if others thought they saw some. The lightning was so close that there was no interval between the flash and the thunder clap. The wind blew a hurricane and lashed the waves to froth and filled the air with spray. When the lightning struck the water the sea loolced like boiling metal and the spray flew up like sparks. It would be easy chough to Imagine that balls of electricity were exploding out there." • The barkeeper ol the hotel was pbsi- \vheu a. sort of I-just-thought-ot-ir, look came over the face at tho hmdlord. j "Have you any children?" Tho fa- | tr.l question bad come at last. j "Yes, seven of thorn," sighed the '' now thoroughly dispirited borncscck- cr. "Cut," he added, with i> sudden gleam of inspiration. "I might drown ;t couple of them!"—Euft'ulo Express. "So you're IhoEcccnlric Young Man," observc-Ll the farmer's -wife in a tone that would split a grindstone; "you're walking across thc continent on a v/ager- ami you rely on people along thu" route for entertainment, do yo;i?" ••Yes, madan. and if you will kindly roast n chlclt—•" "Seein^ lo me there's something reminiscent about your talk. I have heard l;,nSUK.cu very muah like that before. J : ;iit the men who suns that song dlrtn t o.i'.l -themselves any 1'aaty namos; they were just plain, oyster-can willies. It fellow, if you had joined the union, for if you had you would have n-otieed a. , mark 0:1 the fate-post, which stands j for 'a husky woman, and a. big bulldon; ' gin the place the go-by.' No, I don't thick I "'ill encourage any esthetic liene'rt'nts -to-day."—Buffalo Express. course, tli-at similar soils sliotiM grow (.lie samcliind of crops. There is also a Bedford a;eam laundry, which, "after being broke down four days is again -able to got out first-class work." There are other co- ir,r,idencc3, but one can rwntion only I.T.-O: People set married there ami it rains so-iTieti-nics. "Mrin'ic-d, at the home of the, bride, Noah Gmlley to Doallc Kinder, Rev. Alexander Waggoner officiating"—mimes -that tire truly pictuvoriqu?. "Thc bride v.'oro a white Sawn -dress l.rimmsfl with pink rib-bon and wbiv: silk iace"^si.niple but effective. As for the rain, in about half an hour II -street from Sixteen'-h to fourteenth was cue solid sheet o- '\vatcr its full W:!i3l!i, and tho water, bricked r.p over'.no basement as fnr av. Sicorscl's harbor shep, poured tihroiiKli tho coal iioIcG into Gns Ellis' cell.':; 1 , and ran into several stores over tho front doorsills. Such are a fc-vr glimps;o3 of life in a far difilan-t city ^•"ncrc tho r.oople delight to styk- themselves Bed- iordlans. Do they over thiuk of Bedford in the oid country? Nut lllo. of Courao. "I was unfortunate enough to leave my umbrella in a street car yesterday," remarked Manchester. "Whose umbrella was it?" asked Birmingham. "I don't know. I borrowed it from Snag-gs."—Plttsburg Chronicle-Telegraph. ' A New Oil f«P T.niupl. Hero is a new combination for a lamp oil which is said to give a particularly bright and white- light, and one that will not go out easily. The oil is made with two parts of best lard oil and one part of headlight oil, to which is ridded a piece of gum camphor about the size of an egg when the total quantity of oil does not exceed a pint.—Exchange. The Forth'bridge in (Scotland Is ca;p- nfrle of sustaining the weight of two ironclads slung from the center. verso 32. . ,„ To-day's lesson includes versos -.--*, chapter :c. Eook o£ Proverbs, as follows: 21!. ••UndcrKtundinK-," wisdom, a true nnd accurate knowledge, with a. J«sir« to live according '-" i- u ls not a l;"°'- vletl e-" u of science alone, ur of the world, but o all Ihinss pcrtaininp to lia-.-a knowl- odse of God, of Hie heart, of the law of Gort, of the principles of true livlnsr. It embraces In Us survey heaver, nnd earth, ihiiiRs temporal and spiritual. ' Is a well spr'ni,-" fountain, "ol life." If a man has real uniltrstandiiKr and wisdom, a good 'outward life will How trom R as freely and natura'.ly as water Hows from a fountain. Ar.G there Is no other way In which to have a Rood life. "Ye must be born asaln." For "the Instruction of fools," not tliat instruction which fools rive, but the (ralnlns, l In? discipline, the schoo'.iiiiT of fool:;. "In folly," is utterly wasted and useless, so Ions as they re- maln fools. , 211 "The heart of llic wise tcacheth the month." If '-lie heart Is wise. Hie wori.s spo:icn will be wise. AVords nre Lie •easiest expression of the thon;;hls. 2-1. "Pleasai-.t words are as linney- eomb" The comparison with honey la common in all laiiBuaKO and all limes. "Sweet to the soul, and hcnlih lo ilia hones" (chap. 35: ,10). " •Jinn.; 1 alwnys moans our innermost and su'.istani.al .)•.I'll:"— Jolm Miller. f »*. "A forvv.ird m:i.n," :<• subvisrsr/o mai' pcr\-ei-.*o. bent on mischief, devls- Int-"wiys of overtlirowlns Kood and in- juHnr others. "Soweth strife." as one sows evil seed broadcast, to spring up wherever tlicro is a. con;.T<-nial soil. V. lie character intended Is the perverse man, iv'.io dlsioris the trutli. gives a wroiijt impression, attributes evil motives: suoii nil one occasions quarrels and heartburn- InKi" "And a whisper siipnratci.il clue, friends" (chap. IT: 0). Nlrfr'iin is either "a chatterr-r " or "n wlilsjierm-." "calumniator." In chap',,:rslJ:S and 2C; 20, 22 il Is translated "talebearer." 30 Here the frovaril man's irn-tnods are described. "He slnitteth his eyes to devise fi-oward ihinsf." Me lets noih.nff Interfere from without, but gives himself wl-olly to studying new wicked sayings, dossers of speech, poison of asps, seeds of'Upas trees, so that when he "moves h's lips" to speak, "lie brln^cth evil to pass." "Let two Idle toiisucs utter a tule apainst some third person who never offended the babblers, and how the tala spreads like fire, lighted none knows how. n-ho shall put it out?' - Si "The hoary head is a crown ef ! filory" - (chap. 20:50). (For "crown," see •IT)!* 1 ""!! it be found'"—r'atli'cr, It shall be found—"In the way of righteousness. : the suorclon of olH-dlunce ami noli:K-.ii». whereas "bloody and deceitful man shall not live out half their days" (P--a. 5a:23j. —Deane. :;•) "He that is slow to nriper, ' controls his temper and passlor.fi. "is betu-r than the mighty," for It requires more strength and courage than any feais ot physical strenfrth. "And be that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a c.ty. Because it costs more; it requires more wiir nioi-o power, more courage, more sflf-dpnial. and the victory is wortli more when It is K.'ilr.ed. One's wiiolo nature Is like a city, with many passions anil 1'eH- inffS. ;vood and bad, and no city is so r.ara lo control and perfect. S3 "The lot Is east Into the ln.p." luc bosom cr fold of the warnv.MiL (chap. 0: '"• 37-23: 21:1-!). J''or the lot probably th'oy em'ployud stones (lirCeriiiR In shape or 'color, or havlnsr some disti:)f,'ii!snlni;- rnnrk. 'J'lirso were placed in a vessel or in' tlin fold of a jxarnicnt, and drawn or shakf-n tliencp. Such a praclioe lia.-. br-en i-omir.on In all ap'es and coiiiHrios.—Dvnuo. 'The whole dlsnosin;,- tlicrcol' is ct ih-; ].Anl." In these cases the Jew learned lo sec, In what we call chance, the ovcr- ruiiiv," of divine ])('\vc-r.—Deanc. "Tln-rc i.« ;i (Tlvinity th.'il shape- our ends, ro;i:"b- ;',r-'w tiK-m 'how wo will," Tt is a bl^-ssvd comfort to know that all iViinrvs Ihr.t r-cnie 10 us, from whatever source, ar.i unilrr the control, not of chance, nor tu men! nor ot' di-n-.o:is, but of God. Tho J.'Ciirt; In !7vcl Ill'J-. It is erroneous to believu tlir.l, bicyili- riflins should l:,e avoided in every c:t;5C of !u-;;irt disease. Physicians who hi'.vT maile n study of this question doe!;:r<? that i; may oven be very bfi::oficial i" L'no hc;:rt is fer.ble, and in which signo cf fatty dcijencratior. nre fnunii. Ir.- creris»ii muscular exercise almost uv variably improves the condition nf ihc hcsrt itself. There arc-, hov.-cvcr, r.overii: indulgences that persons \vii2i v.-x.il; hearts should beware oi', such as sir-iis- jjig ro climb bills a-.id ;i:c?tins lirnil- \vinds, excessive fatigue and p.irtic'-.- larly exciting the hciu-t .intl ea!:in;T up-011 its reserve strr.y.slh by the use "." alcoholic stimulants and iiupropar food. —Hartford Times. Dr.TenKOO'1 NKW KEMKDV Mrdk-Hl-ed Air For the Cure of Cutarrh, AHLhiva and all Pnhnonary Dlwases, It bi« no e<ju;il if Sli-kKiHl Nervous Hr^id- kcir, l.iWi.ijOO (,eoplp <rc aniiunllr iroin th<> «l»W nillllKl lllSl'UMH. Wnj initrcr nnd dK whi-n Mi-dl&ited ilr Ui i;iiurd:iteed to cjre you. ^ledicali'd Air nnd Dra* Co., Richmond, Ind., D. S. A. The Logausport Humane Society (INCORPORATKDO For the Prevention of Ctuelty to Women Children and Animals E. S. Kiel—rr<-«. Ci'i). W. WiiKcTK-Si-n. ,J. J. llildrln-ali.lt,-Tr<-:i«. -\V. M. lji!,li<i|>--ll«lii;iii« Otilcov. K S ni".f, .1. (Mlrx'JPT. v r. Ci'u I'OURh (Jen \v Walters, ' J..J. Jllidei»wi.i;t PceKeii .lusilci-. is.iah Adaizs. .Mrs. W. D. Kmtt Jlrs. -1. H Self. Telei'liono No. :>). Hejort catfs of cruelty to Sec.'ciarj-. Keep Coo! THE KELUSV Slower Bad- RING Hot Water - , . . Proof Ho*» $1 Express Ad, 2Se- Prevents Floor or WaJls. Hornless Water Frost Proof Watt-r Closets, Efir-Actai 'Watec Closets, Kelly Stop nnd Waste Cock. THOS. KELLY & BROS., No. 201 Madison Street, Chicago- Graham &Mortoa TRANSPORTATION CO. CWICE DAILY STEAMERS TO CHfr CAGO, CONNECTING WITH THE VANDALIA RAILr- WAY AT -ST. JOSEPH. / Beginning May 20th and coErtfcnjiBg jntil about Sept. SOtb tbe stcaiu^i* of 1 IhlB line will msike two trips e»eb i»lly betwueu St. Jdsepl^an* ' .n tbe folio wine scliedule: Leave St. Joseph at 4::>0- {* a>. 10:30 p. in., diil'.y. Incl-uUIng Soaday. >ave CLicupo a) »:3(> ii- tu. no* »*» ). m., dally, loclndlng Sunday. Kxti» Irlpa on Saturday leave St. Joseph at i A. m., and leave Cblcaeo al 2 p. m. (tannin? lime across hike 4 boars- Trl-wtetly steamers to learli;^ St. .losei^ Monday, in<l Friday evenli'RS. The equipment of tbis Ifne ine side wheel steamers City of Cl »nd City of Milwaukee (the lar«»;«« ftoest west of Detroit), and the rebuilt propeller City oJ Service first-class. Connections >andalia Yalns. Tickets on rindall.i X-lne stations. Chicago ;»ot of Wabasb avenue. J. H. GftAHAM. Benton Harbor. FRANK BEAMER, Prop. &, Tue-VeudcraiP-tvill be refurnished and made the finest Cafe in the ! This restaurant Is equipped' with all tbe modern improvements. Plenty o* ' electric fans to keep all cool while eating. Meals on short notice. Every --" the market affords in season. Maple Grove. Maple Grove i Lots on Erondway. Mnrkot. North. Hi^h. Gfor-(? and Spe.ir streets for s.iH I on very easy terms. Parties dtsli'ln? to build can buy lots on time and as*. j money for building. . : I pan sell yon improved city property or terms. Two houses- to trade for i vacant lots. Money to loan. t v" Joe T. -McNary. , : ' i THE .BEST ' ' I PAPER j IM THE CiTY, i S FORTY CENTS A MONTE, NOW. \ ^ Send In your Name and Street I on a Postal Card. '^ ! Stevens & Bedwards, A iumbing, Gas Fining, \ Hot Water and Steam Heating \ ODD ADS. Printer's Ink, in recent numbers, contains a number of queer advertising ideas, such as the ad. printed in quadruplicate on'pies in a big Boston eating house. As every Bostonian eats pies, this~idea is capable of expansion. An English debutante In a newspaper advertisement: . "Would a lady in society take a yourig lady, aged,27, with • her,to any good dances? Five guineas nn evening; highest references given and required." HYDRANTS. HDSE, HOSE GOODS, 'lS Of LAWN SPRiMKLERS. GAS AND ELECTRIC FIXTURES. STEAM AND BRASS GOODS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, AGENTS AT LOGANSFCRT Electric Buzzers and Fariist

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