The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1936
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, iiAY is, Ib'se. BLYTl[l!iVM,LB, (AUK.) COUIUKU NEWS PAGK CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consocu- Sve insertions: One time pel- Tine lOc Two times per line per day .. 08e Tnrco (Imes per line pel day . 06c 6lx times per line per day .. 05o Month rale per line ........ SOc Minimum enarge 80c Acs, ordered lor inrce or jlK times mid slopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times the ad -auiKkred and •<Juslment of 1)111 made. All Classified Advertising copy (Ubmllted by persons residing out- 6ldc ol tnc city must bo accompanied by cash. Rates may be tully computed from above table. Advertising orflcrcd for irregular Insertions take the one time rate No icspunsioimy will be taken for more limn one incorrect In- wrjloa of nny classlfled ad. Buy With Confidence Drive With Satisfaction MONEY HACK (;UAUANTKI : Wllh Every • 11. it «. Or Square Deal Car Bought From Vhil Molor Co. 1035 FOKI) V-8 i>F. TUDOU TOURING. Ua- clio, While SiilMVall Tires All K.vceiitional Value Only .................. '• QassifledSHOTPlMG GUIDE css Direc " ty r°'^ - »'"'"''"— FOTKc " 1 * I '""•'=• '='" - s^w,'' T4~7aKg5^IIrT77^~ '. . • •..; •:• '. Wo_.I(qwir: Oil Stoves ._ _ ;,_. 5 ]<,„„,, A »,ulMK'nl, 4'Towu"?^: »»« Disorderly Conduct In Urn Uln-y Is in « nnMllemm'nt. " r " kcr ' hcn ' lc<s ' Cus We Guarantee to Save You Money on Screen W*rk of All Kinds Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone 19 Wall Paper NliW I'ATTliKNS-LOW BRICKS CAKVAS, I'ASTU AN1» ASK AHOUT PAINT FINANCE FLAN NfiW The Arkmo Lumber Co. I'hone 40 Free Esdmatus Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 K. Mill n Formerly Uuvls & Dodson liattcrics Call J. B. Cliine At Tom Jackson's Service Slallon Laundry -> FUHN1SI1K1) aiMU'tmenl.s, only. Available Jima 1. .115 JOivu- son A\'e.. Osecola, Ark. 13-pk-20 ti room house, furnished or imfnV*' nlxhe.1. an Wulmit. a J. Ci'inie.l Call t)(i or 20. p-k-20! For rpnt—s rouii, furnished wiur'l- nii'ni. very rnisonublv.. churli's Allen, l:>a Kasl l):ivls. 13i>kl'.> 3 room 1''UKN1S1IH!> nparlnient, modern. 1117 As'i, Mrs.' Ocni^'c MiUtlmvs. Cull 2!)i. . '• ck-tf Only. '('win Ainrliiwiil, 4 rooms "isliwl. J. H. Snihit. Cnll 805-i ______ ZO'kiJ '»" Nice \n\-gc liiv.rooins. MrS. !'. II. Mold), 310 West Wfilmil. 150 kU Home laiindrihii,' cviwrlly dotii'. Reasonable. Mrs. O. G. Anderson. 1107 S. Hlh. Barber Sliops HOI.TS iiAiniiiii suor 101 south '2nil St, HAIRCUT 20c, ' SIIAVE 10c Bath—Close 8 piin.—Shine I Best Prices Paid Ftor SGMpmON WOOL Rags, Metal, Hides & Bones Blylhcvillc Iron & Mctiil '( 221 W. Cherry Automotive THICKS CUT ON;AUTO I'AliTS Tires, 'riilKs, - mttcries, Paint, Tools. Motor Oil, Floor Mats. Scat Covers. Get oiir prices before you buy. Save Money! • i WOLI' AKIAN 1 Phone 17C 128 K. Mnln 1935 I' OKI) V-8 llhick. Cliioil Tii'es. Ix>oks and I'rrfornis l.ikc New . A Real 1!»J' ! Prifdd to Sell .................... 1331 F o n i> v-s in: TUDOK. Uailio. New Tires. Alaioon. I'cVfcct 'in livery Kespcct. Look This One 'Over! Only ........ 5 315 JD31 FOltn V-8 TTJIVOK. j lilaek. Always Been in Blyllieville. A liny for llii; First <)nc lo 'J'ry Out. Tires, "Motor, raint lOOTr I'crfccl. Liberal Allmvaiice On Vour I'rcs- cnt far - - Low Finance Clnu'BC .Through U. C. C. Oftn Evenings for Your Uonven- ict-ce. "live uy Lots unfl Gel Ar'iiiiainlcil.' tall 810 - SH for TJSmonstr.iliim or Information. AsU for Graves, Shanks, Calvin or liarbcr. PH1LUPSI1SED CAR LOT 511i i Walnut tlione 810 or 811 Open At Night Highest Market Prices PAID I'Oll SCRAP IRON Metals and Rags; Etc; WE SELL All Leading Brands 'of COAL Small lots, Truck or Carload Delivered Anywhere. Also WOOD - KINDLING Superior Co;il & Mining Co. Wholesalers, Itelailers &. Miners N. Iliwuy 01 Oini. .Take Uiignr 'Gin t'hone. 100 Blythcvillc,, Ark. For Sale or Trade Excellent reskli-nc.- lot on Ticarn Street, with ; piuinbinir. grftrted !oiv tnxos paid up to dale, good lille wltli abstraet. Only 0105, Terms or Trade See or Photic Roy Calvin '.'<, Pliillips Motor -CO. W-ck-18 Wanted Man .lor newspaper work: Insur- 'ance or newspaper experience requited. ' Salary, comm'iisions. . Box Moilci n 3 room APAHTMKNT, newly decorated, unnblicd or inifin 1 - WAX'fi-:n — I'nmislieil 2 roum Musi Imvo prli'uti! CllIOAOO (Ul 1 )—A him' RBU "disorderly conduct" h!\s been Mied liy the Hoot 1 norainllUv ot ilu Ohl«it!o Hotiwl of'Trade Crtl, Ulrty Is It) n Ho found n snfe, inliuis tlio strong box-, nnri ivllh the door turn cm, lyliiR In-llio street. Hut lie eiin't lnrl looking for tlui siifc-eriu'ker.s ,.,,. until Koipi-ono iv|x>rt.s that Cull -vneks of wimple uraln about ' '.S" Courier I^te.' wild abandon. "• Irked by (his laek of docom nlslu-d. Muln 7U-1, J fc & 2nd. P. Simon. a?-ck-tf 4 room modern fnrnlsliiHl •ipartmi'iiUs. lU'iisonuWc. Ciill 280. 14-ek-tt Modern fiirnlsheil house for stim- nier. licnsoniiblc. Mrs. Cross, 308 'ke. (i-ek-(.f 2 bedrooms or a iwo room fiir- nl.slied npiu tim'nt. Rerisoniiblc. Mrs. J. T. Collins, 1020 llcnrn... 5 rooms & IKIUI, imlurnlslictl'. Screened bock & front porchea 309 E. Davis, Call 908 or USD after 5 I'.M. y.a-ck-ir A li room house by (leslrnble fiun- ily ot four, no i-htldrcn. Muijt l;i' clcini, In (jood noltjIiboi'lirKiii, """ Courier. aj-i'k-tf \Vanted To Buy vni jorsey mttaii TOWS, fresh'nV lii'avy .sprlnecis. Cmlii's Dairy. S. l-'rnnklln SI. ' ' ' the floor committee promised iiliivy lU'llon lo iiH'tnbcrs If tiii. levlly was not. uixnit;lu under coni- trol, '. , Only .« pn- cent of the iwiiula^ lion of apokiiiie. wnsh., nvc cl'iss- ed us Illtlcrftle, < I ' : Lost Tan Cernmn 1'OLICK DOO 'nti'S- day. Cnll city 'cnglnciir. Ui-pk-jb Slvoe Repairing Shoes Repaired, 65c & up 2 room. Ul-'l'ICIKNCY n]);irlinent,' privnle bath. Well locnlc'd.". Cfill I MIR. •••> ' 'ck'tr: ROOM, blue '22 DJ ; fC. ' nc>it *.n Mubhar.l Tire S;'linUery; Hewly decorated. Tom iackaon. Ph'Onc 8. 25-ck-U Lower lloor Hi 1013 W. Wiilmii, 4 uiifurnislicrl rooms. Call 221-J. ' . -ckUr Throes room furnished' nparlincht, Newly dei:onite<l. 1l!)-\v."CSi((!'kii* sawba. Call' 227-W. : ' ak-tt DNFUnNlSHtu .1 room nuartiriciit with balli. Call yi.1, or '55 'at "Iflil. 12-ck-if West I<\irnls!icd Aiwrtiiicnt 1 n Slianc Uaiilcx Ql 1111 West. Ash.' strlnus with Jol). i« esln s.vnsKAcriON (SUAIIANTEKD 'I'll111! IILUK SIKH! SHOP { Next lo n. T. Worthy's. - ' oiilt of horso play dinlur, reivntt snfo ' lns ^ m crocked and to <iulet se.sslons In the Rrnln pli. i jw Olio lina. '4'li»li'i's ImO' boon iipulylni- the! "hot foot," frequenlly to UIIMIS- ! """"' " "SOLD OUT We lire out nt (ilfiiira seed nml enn not pet nny move fiom tlic plncc w« i;ot tlie kind wo Imve lioen Imndllnn, and wo an> adulil n chango In fonv ([mi ti| 0 B( . IX | t'ould i.ol. lie us populiir as tlui mo that we liavu bocu .selllno. \Vo Iliiuik oiir tiinlc : for (hi' :ood volunki (ir.snlc.'i tliiil wo Imve •njoyed. Wu will have them his fall. We now oiler Boy brann-I.iireilo, Vli'ijlnln lliown, Miunnmtii Ih'nwn, uncl Uelslu, 1'eas-Whlps, Mls«l iiul New Urn. 1 And <inj, khKl of Cotton Sra Brown here. Hco or cull us. I. R. Matthews Gin Co. Uollnii, Collon Srtil' * foul Telciihnui) l5ll-l-'-3 , Yailiro, Ark. DR. SALIBA Kyc. Ear, Nose, Throat Clinic CLASSES-Firm) ; Jiooiii 210 - Ingmm lllilg: Olllce Phone 418 - Hes. .41i) Knittin g Classes ft tt-hlnys, . 1'.. M. INSTOUCTIONS OliDKRS TAKEN "DE11NAT" YAt?N Mr«, Lcsllo Hooper Mi's. A: 0. Haley • Phono loa It RAOlO .-.REPAIRING i "•.. A .Cnmplcte [,ln« ot , TuW» iind l'»rl, tiUURAKD TIKE A HATTKItr CO. Now located »t 101 North Steoml ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU , nON EDWARDS, IToprWor ' All ni>ke> of rclmllt Typewriters, Addlnjf Macnlne* *ni) .:. cuUlora—Rtpdtrlnt—r»H*—Rlbbuns - Gas OPi-JN ALL NIGHT ' I'HII.LII'S SKHVIC15.CKNTI5R I'liones 777 - 810 ONE STOP SEKVICK STATION I'Olt YOUlt OONVKNIUNCE' SINCLAIR GAS AND —linllcr.v- Service ,—lladialor 'licpnir- —IJody Work —Kciulcr Work —Gl.iWH •Insldllcd —Afijo 1'arls '"] W, I BARNElf ; AUTO SALESji Dnilnu ,t 1'lyinonth !™ c TIIONK 838 HEAR! HEAR! I .'.•-•- tft If )•(>(!_ Imvo it hurlni hsooc-tnUoii ccrlillcjitu of !" 'my- lund on your loved OIICH- wlion Uicy imsrt !*' iiwny, we will nccu'iit it nl full vnluo on Uio Amcnil, »- pi'ovidccl you buy ua tinieli us ?50 cr more in !! niui-cliiiiuliso. i ' M COBB FUNERAL HOME -/Extra Special! SOLID BRONZE Screen Wire 5c For Sale MINNOWS—lc each Certified 1'otain Planted-Tomato, Pepper & EBB Plants G. C. Hawks Cor. Lake •& Main or 520 Madison MINNOWS lc each BILl, LnSHOT 223 Dougan per «i. ft. Hubbard Hdw. Co. Do You Want, to Build a New HOME? Good Used Trucks 1935— 1',i Ton l r oril -1935— Ji Ton lord Tick-Up . 19J1- l<f. Ton Chevrolet 1531— I'A Ton Inlcrnalional All have GOocl * Slake ISodics | ;, TEKMS Delia Inipleineul Co ITas.lH) Cn:dit on Kcw Chevrolet or used car, value $ : 100.00 ui mo':, lo buyer, having nn lra(le-in. G od discount for cash. Box "AH", Courier News. ' d' 1 t' 13-pk-16|Cnll 197 or 571: .IIIMI'S AT TIIU CHANCIC! HtY, FOOZYJ I'M AFPAID OL' OOP IS IS'OL'OOP/ DEADECXI 1H' DICKERS' DEAD? / ]_ CA.M'T FEEL A SGM OF CUT THEM UADDEO FOLEp QUICK: / so WE CAM DRAG"IM OUTA -7HEI3E - POOR OL' ALLC-V - LOOKS AS IF HE'S ALL WASHED UP, THIS TIME -WELL, AMVWAY HE AM OL' DIKJNY PASSED OUT706ETHER- 1 DON'T RECKOM HE'LL &£ UEEDIUGTHI5 CCOWW AklYMORE/.' WO, MO I OVY, V\EO ty Invesllsate Our FHA lo 20 Year Payment Plan E. C. Robinson Lumber Co Airs. .1. J. Davis — spencer Corsellcro Call 421-W for appointments WANTED — ALL KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, $3 to 55 ton Aluminum, lOc Ib. Brass, 2c to 4Kc Ib. Copper Wire, '4c to 6c Ib. Radiators, 4',ic Ib. 1HDES & FURS WOLF ARIAN PHONE 176 128 E. MAIN AWNINGS FOR HOUSES COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS fteatly Made. Awnings JI.25 up Best' Prices lor quality 'Work Carney Awning Co. Call C43 113 5. Pirsi , Poultry BOUGHT & SOLD highest Prices Paid B. T. WORTHY—315 E. MAIN Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Eggs & Poultry ill E. Main Personal Excellent references for general ^ nursing & maternity cases. -23 years experience. Mi's. I. G. Myers. 101 Sycamore. 9-pk-I3 We hixvc secured llic services ol Lee Warrlngloii, EXPERIENCED MEAT CUTTER, to te" In charge ot our meat department. Pickard's Grocery MATERNITY HOME lor unfortunate girls. Private, very reliable fi reasonable. Box 341, winfiela Kan. VACCINO'L Kills Prevents They Swarm Phono 100 E. C. P,obinson Lumber Co {SHORE, WE SEEN EAsy, HE FLEW UPTOWAROf "I THEN FOR. PRAIRIE DOG, LOOK-IN 1 PER TH&FELLERS tHATjpETE^ 5'\KE SHOT LULU BELLE. WE FI66KEP TVIAT'S ( _U/LETS Go'niERE HERE THEV. WlNlT ».v CrtUB STOVES STORED FOU-SDii- MEU Local Hauling My Coal Is Black But I Itcal You White KUCHANAN—rilON'E J07 HARRY BAILEY'S AT MISSOURI STATE LINE Open Day and Night .TOESH CHAPPIE 35C Every I'\!day, Saturday & Sunday LION & TEXACO GAS I6.8o gol. Cigarettes $1.25 Carton BIG BASEBALL GAME EVERY SUNDAY Phone 1505-F4 or 143 • '• HOLVMIKE!\HEV,MAVBE WE LOOKIT THEI j BEfTER GIT TAXIMETER-/SOME HOSSES. SOUNDS tl^U SHOOTIN 1 HE WOULDN'T POWN THE C.ANYON-/DKN"FOOL ENDL'iJ!* THEY GOMAVBK EA5VS STO FOLLER 'EM IW9I '--' TH' BANDIT CAR. TO HECK WITH THE HOSSK.' 1936 PV KEA SCfiVIC£. ISC- 'T. M. R FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS YoDMG MAN, IWTCR- RUFTIMG A CCXJpt 'SESSIOW ISA SERIOUS TH'IHG ! WHAT IS THE ' OF THIS IHTRUSIOM ? YOUR'HOHOR/ ? ITHWKr.HAVE EVIDENCE THAT V/ILL CLEAR FRIEND ! PROCEED v;m THE r. 1KSTI- \ Mosry!! Y'Tl] V ' i< ^i 7^4 vV > \<> BEWEATH THE FLOOP op THE DRUG STORE WE . KX-WD COiHIS...A COZ'EM FIFTY-CEMT PIECES '! ONE OF THEM, I AM SUME, WAS THE COIN THAT NLmY LEFT AS PAYMENT FOR THAT /: S/LVE5TER, IS THERE AVW WAY -YbU HAVE OF IDENTIFYIWS THE COIN LEFT ON THE COUNTER? I THWk I CArJ DESCRIBE rr, YOUR HOMOR !. Hy HlossrjEi 'THIS IS. PREFOgTEPOUS. YtiWE kWCM/S A FIFTY-CEKTT PIECE IS ROUND AND HAS A MILLED EDGE !

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