The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 23, 1934
Page 2
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s • PAGE TWO NEWS .Social Calendar WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Jewish Ladies Aid mcsllng wllli Mrs. Herman HCSJ. Mrs. W. J. Wunderllch having \yednesday Bridge club. Current Events club meeting with Mrs. Samuel 1'. Norrls. Roman's auxiliary First Presby•••--• church havins meeting at Thursday . With Mrs. J, r.- .A*rnii. - ; •* -; fv r$v. Mrs, C. O. Graves taring church of Christ Bible 'study. ' ,_-**«. J(, -B. Mcnard entertaining Thursday Bridge club. Woman's auxiliary First Presbyterian church meeting with Mrs Ross Stevens, 2:30 p.m. FRIDAY'S EVENTS Woman's club meeting 2:30 i> m at club house. Woman's auxiliary First Presbyterian church meeting wilh Mrs. Eva Morrison and Mrs. Virginia Keck, 2:30 p.m. Olympic Offers Opportunity to Local Contract Players Bridge players who desire lo learn tlie game as experts p| a ,. jt arc Invited lo participate in the world bridge Olympic ul the country club Wednesday night, February 1. Tuts event, .sjwnsored by the Olympic committee of (he National Bridge assoclntlon, will bo In charge of Harry w. Haines and Everett B. dec. ' The local event Is i-reullng much Interest, in addition lo the bridge Players ol B:ylhovll!e a number of couples from nearby cities plan 10 iHlend. it is mil necessary lo Jiavc a tnble of players in ench party alll'.oiieii many :lr e making SUC h reservations. Players u.sually enter in pairs but, if desired. Individuals may enter, to be paired by |he committee. In <fiscu.«ln K the Olympic today Mr. Haines said: . Christ Ambassadors Meet The Christ Ambassadors of the Assembly of God Church met Sunday evening with about 45 • present. A program of true mid false questions and sermonetle on "Love" by Lois Akin was greallv " enjoyde. Jail services were held Sunday _ .afternoon and It Is reported thai , the service was enjoyed and 5 men Knelt for prayer. Two cards were . sent to sick friends Ibis week Mrs .. Hiilis and Parker Cnssldy. Annie - -Henies- of the Membership committee reports that she iins secured six new members. This class meets each Sundnj evening at 6:30 and nil young people are -cordially Invited lo nt- tcnd. Tlmms-F«rs The marriage of Miss-Hlnslev Fears and Mr.. Jack Timins occur«, „ last ev ; e »l»B- Justice E. D. Walker-performed the ceremony at 8 o'clock. The bride, who is the daughter 01 Mrs. Eliza Taylor, attended the city high school and has resided in this city for a number of years Mr. Timms. who 1ms lived In Blylhcvlllc for 15 years. Is con- nccled with the Joe Cagle nlnv- • house. • t * * ' Mf>jr-to Attend .Luncheon :;: • * In This City Jano^. 3( j *:?- .-, Women throughout Mississippi county are planning to attend the Kmchcon and card party at the 20, which is being siwnsored by the county Democratic women's club In honor of President Roosevelt's birthday. Proceeds of Ihis affair will be used for the endowment of Warm Springs, Gil., where infantile paralysis is treated, nlong with proceeds from dances luncheons and- dinners -being given in DUW other towns and cities . Mrs. T E. : Tate. of Armorcl. county chairman, is in charge of the nffair. The towns of Wilson Leachvnie, Manila. Osceola and Biytneville are cooperating In the There wil be an attendance prize for the town having the largest number of guests. Following the • luncheon, at 12 o'clock, there will be bridge and rook games with prizes for these. Reservations may be made with Mrs Lloyd V. wbc. Blythcviile chairman. . "It ilociii'i menu, thai,onrf musl be Hie best |i!:iyr-rln lov>n to'enter tlie Olympic. WMtlier'or n<)l you :iro nn ewcllnu player this cuntiict will enable you jo' IjejeoijliJ 'better aetjualnied with methods uiid will greatly mcri'.i.w your Interest In ihe game ivhU-h Is th; 'world's-moil iwpular psMink'. 1 : , ' On Ihe Mian nlfehl bridge players throughout the world will be playing the >..i!r.c hands In tlio world's inctt famous bridge C | as . s j(. 'liic hiiml, WITI- selected and will «' scored auiiijiM n nr b y the world's lulslniiillna exjK-ils and anthori- Mi-s. Soir-di-nlniK playing c ,, n ^ Over 400 silver tniphics for -stale ' »nd province champions" will be awarded. Bits of News Mostly Personal Know When to Stop When Hand Doesn't Hold Game i-i Memphis, Mfs- George Hiigctns •.„„ turned lo Heir-,,,, "•„-.. "H> Today's Contract Problem Here's one tlial looks simple, but watch out! in tlio declarer at six diamonds. Korlli opens Hie klui: of clubs. Sco if you can i:inkc the small slam. V « -i 3 A 10 J V jj 9 V KCJJ.S 4 None H AQ J 0 * V ri 7 4 3V etf,•• A 0 C ' Solution In nest is - :u«i u '~ c '" ; Solulicn to Previous Contract Problem Farnurh Talks! Slr.i-.y ,-, redskin and c.ittlo rii»llr-i- w;iS cowed liy Uir Mn'al \VMU.un J.';,,-,,,,,,, i,, ',| lc ,,;,„ 0 , Hie Rllent movlos. Hut nary a word diil wa hear from- our licro. Now. ,however, lilli j s b.ick In mo movies, nmi you'll hear hi.^ voice lhi.s lime .|| ern !i,i . i3 .' ll ",'' DV0 ' " a lic "''i' 0 "''* io- vn,,' 0 ''I'l - )C ' OW ' Uli J' 01 ' bUW hj|U - j Auxiliary To Have W»k of Prayer. The week of prayer and self denial for assembly's home missions is being observed in the Woman's Auxiliary of the first Preibyterinr church, with Mrs. Edgar Crihnelcl secretary pf assembly's home missions, m charge. Yesterday the auxiliary opened the program with a meeting at tl-e church with Mrs. w. A. Dobyns in enarge. The prayer service U b-Ui° held at the home of Mrs. Byron Morse this afternoon, the Wednesday night prayer service period will be used for a meeting, Thursday Vhe afternoon service will be al the home of Mrs. ROSS ' Stevens. all(i >y f afternoon at the home ol i Keck and Mrs Kv-> is 10 ,u'-r is lo talk about- the part us- Played in (he world war and Lcmn, ns (he idol of Rllw i a . lvm tedLscu^ed by Mrs. Chester Cakl P. T. A. News Tlie Mississippi county council meeting ol I'arcnl-Tc-nchcr associations was bi'ld in Osceoln Fii- ilnv. The lalk.s by Judge Cnmillt! Kelley. n[ |],r Memphis juvenile cdint. Mrs. l.-,iiry Akers. president "I the Films movement in Memphis, Miss Willie A. Uwson former county wiperlnteiuleiil, and Miss Winnie ViiRll Turner, county examiner, were heard by a large number of members nml visitors. llolh Wilson and Lcnchvlllc have Invited the group for the April ncetlng when Ihc election of officers will M held. pics Ihc every member in March. Mr -- taking of IIV WM. }• canvass ui.rly' Sn-relary, Anieri *JS! V AQ103 »Q64 *Q82 76! • DuJMcstf— Sono Via!. Opening- Jew!— ^10 \orth Kas Pass 1'aas r fl8 g South trumps wilh the six TELLS OF TRIP TO Rev. Carl Bassett Illustrates Sermon With Picture or Holy City Talley's Twin' Rises to Fame In the sermon tlie Rev. Mr niss described Jerusalem V lth it, mo*! ques, temples and churches and the OIKS building which has "ocd from tile time of Christ, the Tower of David. He described the Sea or Galilee and said "The highest price ever paid for anything on earth was t ic price He paid on Calvary for me immortal soul." He also described the sepulchre wbcic the barren rock became a l ^te, I'en i, an-lvcd this mo,n- to Join other relatives ln „„. to the bedside of her broth,." Inn bring you top score in a rday Mr. duplicate lournamcnt. A great' >f Mem- many points ,ire won in important.' tournnmcnts i ""ii'.» wun me six of i. — «-..v*i iirt.-^ ijecaine a hearts. South now leads the kiniti taautiful P |acc because of tr.e rls- "' " ritanio"d| C "' h ;W' victorious Christ. « T1 , C y i- —^ ,,mj.-, tlie frey I?, - Ulns1 ' a cradle of straw when <vs East, liad gone up with the ace , camc a " d a cross °f shame on the first trick, this practically wh . cn ¥ c le!t - When He came they m "' 1 " Vim wilh the queen and pl , 11 """ amonK ' "'- c callle a ' the ten of hearts ' !™ n Hc Iclt tll(l y P»<- Him amoi i- M»~.* _, .-. .. inicves. Tonight the evangelist, who is marks him Plays his of spades, win-' t. , . " -•• lule In dummy. ',? .°_ f '!™ rUi J s Burned and 1*10 iiiu \;on HI itii|K)r(ant. fr-^ t -.-"« UJJUIEC m its on part scores. Know-1 p" , , , of 'wls is retu to stop and how to make f™ 1 s hcl P^«- He can act Is Just as iuiporlant. ' W ° morc trlcl£ s. i for game. II'M MHin'r r "' " cr Molher.i ««".ijs problem is a hand se• t UK. v™ M b scr 'ously I" icclccl from a iwent duplicate i'c'Pnu'L Mcmpl " 5 n "P^t liosp:t(il loiii'iiiimenl in Cleveland •to nr *" | 0| x PlUI °" two weeks K <"'1'> does not have the ncccs- ,n ">• l|rc>sra m CJiven at HfM »r. E. Church for the Hie dc- progrnm mect- g™,, me W 0 V! 1 , ewomnn '? "il«lonarv soc' R>r the Monday meeting t!;e pioneer atmosphere prevailed 'with the social rcom arranged with earlv Ameri Can furniture, including f, spinning wheel. p M(eri '^^ this vswk - The ]8 S r8 m on "Sliar- G W ' led the devotional. C. M. Gray and Mrs. s. B. Vail -Other Korll O ' lh were: The Central Ward P. T. A. met Wednesday. Mrs. John McHnnej r.. read ihe 'president's menage Mrs. Roland Wolfort gave n vocal solo "From ih e Lnncl of the Sky nine water" by Caclnum Prnctical Applicnllon of Menial Hyblrne" was the subject of the nicetiiu: discussed by Miss Rota M. llnrdy. Tlie (n-iiHiror reported 4121 In lie In-iiMii-y. 5M having been (nk- n In (in Ihe calendar fund. The hild welfare chairman was ul- owed 53 for necessllles for n child. A certificate of honor was prc- enlcd Mrs. Orris Hudson, Inst furs clmirman. ThLi wus nalion- I recognition for outstanding ork done by this organiaition liner leadershl]). Mrs. N. I). Menaril cave a report '•lie slate convention held at Springs. Mrs. Otto Kochtltz- _^ reported work done by the ^ette.r • Fji ms committee through I- A. H wus mnde no?^l- fpr 050 children lo we "Alice "omtorlnnd." About 200 corn- Mis through HID courtesy "oi T A McCulchcn nnci the niin,. ,,°" tlllw ' s 1'oom won the went ° most " 10tllcrs Tlio next meeting will ire „ ( 0 [ n t ecllng wiib u,c C || y cmm( .|| nil(i hSirtl ,""!!* tt n!-s C t Tues^ l«in F i ebr "? ry wllcn FoniHler's ay will lie observed. ----- nn-fc 1 UVO- =nioon. A lalk on "Mental wns given by Mrs. c V Sebnugh and the president's mcs- s.»ge was read by M ls . Tony clc . mcnla. The P. T. A. voted to rrain <X " M Ellllriw " ci - s f<"' Ilircc Aincncan Boy magazine for the Miss Elizabeth Halstend's and Mrs Herman Himer's rooms tied .,„ a l ul Mrs - Hardwick. ol -^"'V x traie!li in moke a fiist bund <^i>, ArK., [-no came toduy.i uiwning bid. As third h:nid can • I °l :c 'i wit" » weaker holding than fust or second. North Is justified In Ills original bid of one diamond. Of course, when South shows Ins hearts, North shosvs the ipade suit, but when Smith rcbtds the Mother of E. Casey Dies at Son's Home win more tricks. , "A 10 ! ru , m l> s with the ten of with th , Cla , rtr w111 overtrump • 1 let J ° C >, k Cf " carfs and art and mk K < making one overtrick <llamo " d . of her several weeks . nf' ?, 10 ' ~ Mrs - Tennessee , .. M, died Saturday at the :wly Blvcs "P ""'' ! hciu-ts, signfcg_ the Iinnd 'offriortli Voscmite Falls are the ci^der^f 151 '™ 1 "^ "S <* STn,,,^ Wa ' er * 0ps ™** ince " S imtav u. wee eld an Si" l?aw v,o broil e "Id a chlldreii Ws taken lo and IOIIK , u-o s m his second week of evangelistic campaign, will speak 0,1 "Home" The young people will meet at 7:10 p.m. The I'Iny There are several ways to play the Imncl. Th" most interesting, however, is as tollows: West opens the ten of clubs, , which is won wilh [he ace in services j dummy. The eight of hearts Is inrcn or Christ., returned and Eiiat goes up with . n diuighter. n i the ace. He rclurn.s a club which iber of grand-1 West wins with the king. - I A small club is returned, -which ix-ad Miws Rfopcn PLATTEV1LLE. Wis. (UP)—Al- nough market prices for zinc and lend ore are not satisfactory from the miner's point of view, the /inc-lcad region of southwestern Wisconsin is showing signs of renewed activity. More than a score of mines arc In operation with company officials believing that better business conditions actually -•re 'just around the corner." Read Courier Is coming to noscmarlo Rrancaio, above, almost csactlj aro ttfdI ? fo ««l»»T-ll«y. Hoih aro from Kansas Cily noili made tliolr debuts IThe •" n uk'Stf 10 ; and I!osei ""°'« •»' taken Marlon's place In tbc (Jll-l ar»nd Oi, e ,I cast Ingredients of Vi c v. s l ly Forn VapoRub in Convenient Cand VjCKS COUGH DROf GRADE A Raw Milk Photic 74 Craig's Dairy (LIBERTY! CASH GROCERS :U4 WEST MAIN ST. [Specials for Wednesday - Thursday! B Handy Jai-mmi I'lu-kod J;u- «!«) ^ PURE LARD NAVY BEANS No Limit ^ i (Loose). Pound O^C I'onritf 3ic 5 U>s. IGc in r,iis. 19c CELERY Fani ' } ' Califliniia - We " Hle'.H'hi'd-irjLp- Crisp Heads Each 5c r^W^CU Wins Batlle and When Ihc nmi.,nt,. 5« ^ — ~ " Ol ' r M". Ellon Kirby »ie ;>:cd ?c cartk nml di s ltlln Mrs. I ' (he ctosing pray Last Saturday | DUXUURY. Maw IUP) \ ,,, ! ; to the <teal> teiw.-e,, a rlam and p r '!/ ' wns *'"" b >' ," le el!""I iiri-lS^fou °rt Vhe"^'^^!' <!™l from drowning. n w <.;.,,„., "™ ] closed over il s beak. Attcniptimr' lo muscle that closes'the *'" « hc «- «* had L " x has , o drow[) Current Events CInh CooUnco Kossia Stndy er nl' ^' H ' Mlnyard Co The same c- Josephine °, a " d M - lanrl Jones Most Coughs Demk'ha i ereomulsion \ Don't lit' them gel a stranc hold. Fight .-germs-quickly ere inulsion combines 7 major 'helps cue. Powerful 1 'but harmless r' Put to take. No' narcotic own oruggbt is authorial 'lo , your money on the spot , "ms In Russia has been generally discussed tomorrow nlglu'J «»m win be the first ofa « ?nk VH, 7 Ckly <B *™««I<«» ta which individual members will " Im I«riBl Rus. Pollard SOAP I'afmolive 14c <jj Fsincy, Large, Uitn.. *%i\~\ Do/on ^UC F'riund lAN^^^X.lScI SORGHUM^"" « &1 30c &1 49^ HENS ''"" ""''"™ l - s " icll - v ''''*- TeTT —— —. I'tmnil AOC ISLZHZOoci ONIONS ^j^^ mi ^ WESSON Oil'"""""• 4™''" r 15c «Aif~^g-3j SALTMEAf'"" G ;± ^FJI C \ M« Mrs. - c M Mrs. L. Berge- will speak on Rke Hi rail of Sum nd Communum." In taking up "R US ., S i'?L IB J- 7 - an<1 ^t*?" Mrs. j.. Ne&! Otsell wiu tell of the revolu-l • ' reside in Owcola whe Fi-oom Is employed w !t | Government fleet, and Mrrri rcsidc HAMS'S E »: G. G. Caudill Cuts. I'ouiul -'...."] .^ Gtncral Insurance 106 N. Broadwij Phone 737 •L""' lc " (Jiwil - - . . ->:\, Moore. Manila: Blytheville: R, V( . McDearman: Mr? APPLES '^ J RABBITS^'''"'' 1 - w^^r^r ^ v -^ &\tC Only 7 More Days of this STYLE CLEARANCE 'ardless -of previous price ••of previous value CLOSING OUT 50 remaining HART SCHAFFNER & MARX Suits-Topcoats $1475 $18 . 75 SHIRTS 10 Dozen, $1.35 Values 3 for $3 SHOES $6.00 Crosley Squares $4.85 $5.00 Walter Booths $3.85 NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO.

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