The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 21, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 21, 1930
Page 3
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Ihill Wsoii !• iilt-r^lr „.... iiir ririi inirtB ;:in- r.n\. ii flnntu-lpr ulm la Infnlu- llti-il Mil!' lirr. Shi- vim* Ci» *:n ,,.v :ind riLMy IMitron no ch |,r,,!,lr "III mil think >b' I" ilnil. . iilillttllCtuiiK I" him. HASTir.X lll!- JU)\T. mi arllM. ill." Ill love ivlcli Jllilhh. It-Ill, lirr Cl.lrnli'a Inlcn- tlnn» lire inn liirniirnlilc. NOW (;o ox WITH 'run STOIIY CIIAl'TKH XXXV ASTJl-'X was thrown Inlo fever pilch of excitement. Ihe next day, liy receiving an Invitation lo lunch wilh Judy. tt 'ho W3S Etay ' In;; at a mid-town holel. "Oh, llasllcn! Oh. Hastl'::i!" she ci-lcd. when he was shov:n Into one of the pulilic rooms. She was the same Judy. These nmnllis of ImoxkaliiiR success had not changed her. The glitter of Parts, Ihe warmth and sccnls of Ihe Itiviera, llic glamour of Rome, the Insidious sweetness of Naples— nothing had changed her. And she was so glad lo see him Her I3astien. her dear, dear Ba? lien, her hcst friend, her oldes Judy ereeleil Alan cordially. He was just a Illllo nioro dlsUuit than lio need lo ho. They talked, limy abkeil after ij bled - "have they - do you everybody. She planned a dinner ,, k _,, ! [.any ami an evening together, with '"Yo'i mean have thrv ii:ado it |al]lhr-hoys and Clar.i Jviiks. They on Jmly'" ho'ask.d. "Well. HiereV j would dine ai Chunl's and end up oothlnc been "aid that I liimw n'-'al Ihe Cafe Tmc. bSl eertainSv they're always lo ! UanUn, Her faithful attendant, gether. 1 know you always ! Mt with her «he:i she went. It was only a squabble." "I hoped so." said Judy "So he really has conn' n: she's seen how silly sin- « I'm ED slad—I'm so clad'" "I icll you. Judy. Uicie'i. iiri.i-.-i--, been said ahoul It. They i::a> unly be friends." ! "Oil. no. Basllcn —I'm pure il'ii all [ rlsht! I always knew II would In:! 1 She hands with Alan. Jnn for a i-i-iii:il tl'.eir oycH met. Hers wcri -v.i'lin.^ Inavi-ly. eiuisi-lni^ly. «;•:!• ilai-l: willi EomelhliiB llml •linked lil.e Incfial'lc reinoach. ijuii-Uy she i.iu dciwii Hie Blairs. -s If ll mil d:iu::rr !ihe Knew thut AI::'! silll loin! her hut lie was be- liiivlm as i:o nielli in He had rc- inrr.e,l to C!u:nn:iy, Kvldeiuly he Judy and Diimoin wenl o!f m j. r m- n,;\\ \i v :IK his duly, ll was Eelbcr. ll was strange and unreal ;i u v -i,inlii[-, mil rlslit. All thai Judy to see the wallers and the manager [ !m ,i l(1 ,| C1 lv -, s 10 keep it up nnlll howiiiB before Ihe treat dancer— (;]nimm.v and Alan had finally come II Ihosc men In Iheir black ami toeether and were married. bite, with their dark heads and A _ wcl| _ ||0 n( , cd lo ale fortlKii faces, bowius; <!i.-fe:en- th|||k aboul (|nt nikl"'!l>. Bhc CO 1 il4 uul timi .0 see anybody fall. Now they bad mil In: ;;IIHU, and Juily wa:i li-lllug Mmlam, 1'oros alt alKiiit Iho iiuur, lied hrillct Iroupo 'You have a kind lu'ait," Gideon's tlHtcr, with her i.nlnr hard ^inilo. "Hut yon see. tin. 1 \\-.,ild hales falluie ami will have nuibl:i4 to do with II. liy the way. (Irani, 1 want lo ask you a question. Why did my brother hunk i-il his ciiiriigenieiil with l.una Cuh'i" "Ccu't fay. I'm sure," Jin'.y IL illcd, giving her bi-lghl hc.ul an estia toss. "Why do you ask unT "llccausc I have an Idea lh::t yen now." "Why biol!ifi ;" "1 have r.skcil him. hut he w Kll me. Of cuuifc 1 know ih:u dally l.iitin bruke ll off. She hasn'l sueil him for hrcarh of but— I just ttomlcr. (iiuw.i :he hasn't a poiiny. and !HT iloa'l jo-,: lally before lltllo Judy Grant. "Let's walk. Uastieu," she r-.ald. I do lovo walklns In New York. And It's such a lovely day!" He walked as close to her OH he n'd. Sometimes her shoulder touched his r.rm. and the touch gave him a thrill of pain Ilko a knife. He loved her so—and she would oevor, never love him. Yes, Indeed, she did love him— she loved him wilh a wonderful love; but It was not what he wauled. Sllll, tie must not he tin- grateful. Like her, lie was humhle him KEN1 FOR RENT—August 1st, lice, ingrain Building. Parkiuirst Company. one of- Inquire 9c-tf. FOR RENT—Furnished Apartment, 108 Kentucky. Phone liiiJ. 15pk22 FOR RENT—Three room flat, all modtni conveniences. 1013 West Walnut St. Call Git). Wc-lt TO! I RENT—Two unfurl ii* rd rooms, ?8.00 per month. 505 Soul-h Franklin. 21pk24 FOR RENT- Mcclern bis room stuc- - co house, bath and double garage. One and one-half lots corner Mis- tour! and Franklin. Has been newly decorated. H:iH S35.00 per month. Also :i five room frame', house $12.50 per month, Dr. J. A. | Saliba, Phcne 410. 21ck28| friend, the one person in the world | 0( tierlrti an(1 !lc j c i t t), a t ho could whom she could always rely! ncycr )lavc !j ecn wor thy ot her. They found Chummy at work In her studio. The two girls clasped each other In their arras. "Judy — liltle Judy!" said- Chuiumy'fl beautiful deep voice. "You're back! Ob. how wonderful!" ••Chummy, I've been back a week, and I've called three times, mid each time I've left a message." "I never got any. Judy dear, how splendid you look! And what a u-onderful person you are!" "And you. Chummy—you're love on She smiled her Hashing smile, and her pansy eyes glowed at him. misty with emotion like wet purple (lowers. Her lovely month laughed mid liiughcil, and her little hands drummed ou the labelclolh In excitement. Dumoiit was translated Into heaven. "Judy, everybody is dying to fee you." ho said. "We must have an evening." "Yes, of course wo must, Has- tlcn." Then her face fell. "Do you know that 1 have toen here for a week, and have called on Chummy 'Judy, why arc, you fileuds wilh Gideon ngalii?" aEkcil llasllcii, ns they walked hack to her hotel. "Oh!" she said airily. "I changed my mind. After all. ho did It out of kindness. And I'm paying hack, every penny." "People say you are wins to marry him," ho went on. "Do they?" she asked sec "People always know euch a don't Ilicy. Dastien?" "Oh, Judy!" he said, with his eyes fixed on her face in burning appeal. -"I .do wish—",., .... lint she held up her llltle gloved hand and stopped his further Ihi-r I:; •iililry." •"l".:al mui'tly. lol ou llic 7UAI1AMK UK " L pleasantly. "Yi Gran are sho speech. . "Dear Bastion." sho sahl, :"lj love you very much indeed. You arc my Icarcst friend, but 1 can't lei you ntcrfero wilh my life, or— or with ny oilier friends." After that lie could say no more, He hail iii«voi- seen Judy so serious Tt'.eic was soiuelhliiF; Implacable about tier. Shu almost frightened him. her even than I remembered!" very ainll^lng. Mb a paid frankly. Thero K very nice aboul her frankiu.-K. "You sec, I am Unite's sister, and 1 am fund of him. I've braid MI much nhout you. 1'vo ilia; he'.-i hcon yo;ir shadow during the last Ihrce months." - "lie's turned ,nf at • (ho..'places, where I've 'he'cii ' daYicinK," raid Judy. "Ik-'a j;IVen ,mo sonic very! lilcc limes. In Naples he liirt-il ii; small yacht, ll was yrcal fun. You' see, he lak'? carerr." "You aro lUllghlful." rclmlcd Gld'-'ou's sis^r, with uuaffcetcd en- ]oyi!irnt: "hut I have heard other tliiiu's. I have iicanl thai you ato E0ii:~ lo in:ury liim." three limes and she lias never been | I i 101;g ht Cliummy had changed WANTED WANTED — Family Washings.. Washed and ironed by compe-1 tent white woman. Mrs. Dro'.vn,| 104 a- Lake St. 17ck-t( WANTED—Several congenial persons 10 boaicl and room. Cool rooms, excellent meals. Near business district. 112 East Cherry St.. phone G02. 19]i-k23 "Dependable person wanted to handle Watkins route in Blythcvilie; earnings over S35 a week. Write in own handwriting. The J. R. Watkins Co., 80-9 W. Iowa Ave., Memphis. Twin. here? 1 loft word each time, hut Flic's never been near mo. Oh. lias- tien. 1 do feel It so! Can I have offended Chummy? I've written lo her—sent her a lot of cards while 1 was away; only you Unow I'm pretty bad at writing." "Her .housekeeper's n slupld creature." lie said. "Probably she didn't . rci-civa yonr messages." "You said Chummy was well,' Judy went on eagerly; "but you haven't told mo anything about her Do tell me everything! I must gc hold of her today. I'll put every thing else off. I'll simply go and camp ou her staircase. Of course she might not have sol my nies sages." Her voice Rank, and sh looked at him a little fearful!) "Basticii. has sho heard from M Stcyne? "Oh, yes, sho sees a great dea of him," Duinont reolied. Judy kissed her friend again. She " in onio"way—In some delightful way. ho Eccmcd younger and more ght-hcarlcd, as it she took things more easily. Sho laughed and oked more. She had evidently been oing about i great deal. When Alan's name was introduced. Ehe lioko of him so naturally and with uch a radiant smile that Judy was sure U must be all right between hem ouce more. her "JUDY was entranced ' friend's studio. She h:id acriulrefi .- somo beautiful piex-es of funifuire by -« tronpe of mixed natioua ities which had turned out a dead fail- and some wonderful old blue 1'er- slan pottery. Ono big howl, filled •vrilh yellow irises, was a joy. At "four o'clock Stcyuo camo In. It appeared that Chummy had promised to BO to a picture gallery with him. Instead, she niado tea, Judy's warm heart had hied for (heir disappointment, and she had tried to make up for tho chill of the audience by vigorous applause which had rendered her very con- and Judy' and Dastie"u stayed. tplcuous and made Gideon laugh Chancery Court. Chlckasawba District, Mississipiii County, Arkansas Hiram Hardy, Plaintiff vs. No. 4177 Lillic May Hardy, Defendant The defendant. Lillic Mny Hardy is warned to appear within thirty days in the com I in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Hiram Harciy. Dated July 2. 1930. W. W- HOLLII'ETER, Clerk. By Elizabeth, Biythc, U. C. W. D. Cravelt, Ally ad litem. NOTICE From May 1 to September 1 3ii r denial will be closed ;ach Thursday afternoon. Dr. I> H. Moore. Ur. 11. A. Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis NOTICE Why wait until cold weather? Book your coal orders now, for future delivery. Gel my prices and save money. See or call JOHN BUCHANAN 108 N. K- B. Office 107 Phone Res- 717 In the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas. St. Louis Union Trust Co , Plaintiff vs. Robert S. Harris, ct al Defendants. WARNING ORI>ER The defendant, Mark M. Anderson, Trustee; Commonwealth Farm Lean Company; Lesser Goldman, a corporation; General Motors Acceptance Corporation; and H. L. Grigshy, Receiver for American Savings Bank & Trust Company, are warned to appear in the Chancery Court for Ihe Chickasawba July 2-0-1G-23 j District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days, and answer the complaint of the plain- tin". St. Louis Union Trust Company. Witness my hand as clerk of said court, and the seal thereof, on this 1th day of July. 1030. W. W. HOI.LIPETER, Clerk. By Harvey Morris, D. C. Reid. Evrard S; Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiff. July 8-15-22-20 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. July 21. IUPI — Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close July 1216 1277 IM^b Oct 1318 1313 1208 1299 Dec 1334 1336 1315 1317 Jan 1333 1333 13221) Mar 135U 135C 1340 1340 May 1365 13G5 1355 1355 Spats closed quiet at 1230. oif 30. iL'aRlc Is Only Weather Van? DETROIT. (UP)—John Matthews FRKCKLKS V. R. WASHAM—Traasfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rales on carload lets. Ixxal Phono 851 Memphis Phono 3-9315 WERT He Makes 'Em See Closing Slock Prices A. T. and T 213 3-4 Aviation 0 Chrysler 20 Cities Service 28 Coca Cola 175 3-4 Fox 45!V General Electric 69 1-8 General Motors 42 i -4 Grigsby Gninow 11 1. T. and T 45 3-4 Packard 14 5-3 liaciio 10', Simmons 25 United Gas 35'i U. S. Steal 162 7-8 New York Cotton Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Audilor Specialising In Income Tax, licokkeeplnj Systems I'honr. 52 Ingram Bldg. Blythcville, Ark NEW YORK. July 21. (UP)— Col- Ion closed barely .•steady. Open High Low Close Jlliy .... 1326 1326 1295 1295 Oct old 1342 1345 1322 )322 Oct. new 1313 1318 12!H 1295 Dec. old 1357 1353 Dec. new 1332 1336 Jan. oM 1356 1362 Jan. new 1340 1340 Mar 1358 1361 May 1335 1312 1330 1318 1334 1375 1335 1312 1340 1310 13M 1352 Spots closed quiet at 1315. off SO LANDS AMD OSCAR. SAFELY AT CL£M,'S P.ANCH V)ELl_....VOO(;ef2TAIrlt-Y ) YuO D'.DSIT Ex- A06 PVSHToneo.-.FLVIfJ ) PEcT ME IN All Ihl H60£ M A MEAT < AIOPLWJG DID OUTFIT Llld£ THAT-GLAD I -fcl), I TO SSE VOO, MY H BOV! -'^S y\ mm ilJ LulluiL MOM'N I'OV MV THIBD f-VC-BBOW V(ttPS CH SPftOirUNG \ VJONT HAVC T PUT OU THIS TALSr. OUR BOARDING HOUSE , IF rie T 5- HOOK TQU A DATE:, Fu- TROS-T HIM LIKC A CAK£}-<~ COME WELL, Ml 55 "FRAr4«l& ^-UM'M- L'OOKS' LIKE WE'LL \^ HAV/e A 'PW&W^W£$ vf* ,«rf-$?P »!r^N^MM% r j^v ^^-^^^W^! A !l;:n:o leaped Inlo Judy's eye:;. "Wl'cre did you hear limt, "It's tlic veiKilly of fame. Grant." "I S "Hut 1 thought would lell in-?." "There's :iot:iiug to tell that I stared up into the sunset at Hi dark object thai llutteied ato]> th liceman ai:;I photographer hurrio up in an elevator and raced up Ih stairs lo tbe roof to find a wuailH vane creaking in the wind. (toll SOVS-I VIANT V3O ID AT OOSUT TO HK-Jt A R6AV. ^f-Cf^\OH UP HE.KE •• HORS6S TO R1D£ .. A WffToa 8CW To SPEtD M-1D 0)4 ~ " HES cse OP BEST (-' FB.EHDS, UUCLt ) DOG or Rt-w'S 1 .Ut'Ll. VIHOLr..Nf-t &ET P OV,1T OF "Clh, liiive you?' Muil.iine de '1'oros' * * * I were a little malicious. AfADAMK I)H TOUOS and Juily I "i ]- n \e lieard thai if you iluu'l * Ftooil lofe'.hcr In a lart;e and njacy hira, you oiif;hl lo." sumpliiously furnished ipiiro bedroom in Unite Oideon's apartmenl. ^ ll was about hnlf past 11 on ihe pba-e?" nlBlit of the same day. They had _ "(Inly reianvcd Iheir wraps and "'ere |iowi!erliiE Iheir faces and tidying their hair. Gideon's sisler. Immaculntely neat and severely smart. w;w cu jaln. She wore a bis, pearl-tipped crown tnd ropes of pearls, and tonight, from Ptran::er— ;-"ii:eljD!ly who was lairing abiuit yen and jtiuce. iu the next Inx at tlic opera." "Tii:n:l;s for lelllug me!" "You arc angry?" •liniy Fhiftcil the sho'ilder sliap of her gown. looked very ugly and distinguished. | "Oh. .:"." she sal.l "1 EU,,;,OSO It had been a great nl s ht at the "ne K cir, lalSe.l ahoul. opera, with many nolable men and women present. JiiOy and Gideon , 1-ad boen to sec a new ballet .lone VETEKAN LEADS CIIOIK LOS ANGELES, (UPI—A purkcii audience at the First Methodist Church here Galusha" Cole. 104. 'Thai." lie confided to passcrsbj lead the 150 voices of the clvmi'[ "must lie that same fick eagle tlia with all the aplomb of n dirctnr I dropped onlo the Hudson huildin half his years. Cole was a noted | ye.stcrday." Tho passerby agreet chorus director more than 83 ycaii| and so did numerous others. A po ago and ha.s hcen active in music work ever since.

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