The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 1, 1938
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MARCIM, ig» 8 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.V' COURIER NEWS PAGE THRRK-- Five-Room House Many Families P a y i n 15 Mpre For Housing Tiimi They're Able The Architectural Forum in ji:> February Issue draws Hie 'rath'T remarkable conclusion that a major factor In the next building fjoom must Ije houses built lor lent, and not for .sale. The magazine buses its conclusion on results of research which showed that although mast of the lulldinsj In the last seven years lias produced homos for .sale with , an aver-all east of more limn $301 :i month, Ihe number of persons' able to pay more than $50 in' cllhcr rent or mortgage payments declined from 32.9 per cent of ihr- total population in 1M9 to a.8 p»r cent in 1937. 'lhider-$50 Class Grows • "The remaining 23.1 per cent slipped into Ihe umler-$SO class, and it Is instructive to bring this group into sharper focus," the magazine states. "According to the Department of Commerce, ihe average family in 61 cities pays 23.7 per cent of its income for overall costs of its home. "This means that, the group /tfhlch pays between $30 and $50 a .• month earns between $1-100 and ^2400 n..year. In short, it is a group which generally rents its homes. And it Is cerlainly a group which has lo scratch to find enough money for the down payment on a house for sale." Tlie magazine then points on: that virtually the only successful large scale really operations in the last seven years have been limited dividend rental projects, built at savings of 10- to 35 per cent In construction costs, depending on Ihe number of units built. Timely for Inveslmenls "Instead of being aimed at the shrinking market of the above- average income group, these ivere aimed at the growing below-average income group, a market which will probably continue 'to Increase for s<5jpej;tjjfis ; " whether by. additions atjuimagp'e- or below. „„»_*' great ^<yif Jj&re advantageous for i linvestment^ca^ita! than it is hkc- pj,4 lo be again for a decade, and vAcre is no good reason why n period o/ speculative building of houses for tale should invariably precede a period of investment building." City This house, Vrilh its compact floor plan has five rooms and is located in Springfield, ID. The living room is of generous size and has an open fireplace. The adjoining dining room makes it possible for the roomn to.have four exposures, assuring the benefits of .Summer regardless of their direction. Tdeie is a linen closet in the hall ami ample closet space for each bedroom, as well as additional slorage space in the attic. The properly is valued at $1,850, ami the Federal Housing Administration has issued a commitment to insure a $3,250 mortgage on Hit iirjperty, which will be -amortized with monthly payments of S31.22, including pro- Ijoriiitiiule payments on inler- esl, taxes, and other filed charges. Lacquer Preserves . Varnishing or lacquering. new linoleum will 'help lo preserve It and will also simplify the cleaning process. VIX-UP "Title One" Loans Now Available! If you want to ohtaiti a loan for repairing, remodeling or new construction up <» SS.iOfl »e will help you negotiate for a "Title One" loan under the National Housing Administration. These loans can lie repaid in small amounts eacli month. THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. - Phone -10 Housing Question Box Q. How many branch circuits would be needed to care for the usiial electric equipment in a flve- room house? ' ' A. The number of circuits that supply Ihc lighting oullets in all rooms and all convenience oulbls except those in the dining room (or dinette), breakfast room, kitchen, pahlryy and laundry' should be determined by providing oiie circuit for every 500 square feet 1 of floor area. Convenience outlets In Ihe kilchen, breakfast room, pantry, and dining room (or di- nelte) should be supplied by at least one appliance branch chcuk, and convenience oullets in the laundry should be supplied by -at least one additional appliance branch circuit. Spare terminate should be provided In Die dlsiri- bulfon panel to serve at 1-ast two circuits for -future use. Thij circuit for an electric range should be separate and consist of three No. 6 wires terminating in a heavy-duty polarized range receptn- cle or other means in accordance with local regulations^ have to be carried .clown .to .the foundation, and a number of other items mu si be taken into-consideration. The best advice is to consult a good mnsoa who • understands fireplace construction. Q. Would it bs very difficult to build n wide fireplace in a living room which has a rcgulation-siza fireplace? A. It would most likely entail considerable labor as well as material lo do so. A careful check must be made of Ihe chimney (o j insure, adequate flue size. The sup- i port for the larger fireplace would New Rest Rooms Advised For Shops •Modern rest rooms ore n feature with .which every, store of .any ske should be provided. New fronts, new lixiures,. new, lighilng effects.' new decorations arc often found in shops whose only rest rooms are located in clingy' baserneuls. The goojtl will generated by attention to the comfort of customers will more than repay the merchant for the expense of renovating and re-cquipphig rest rooms. Tlie Inrge oil companies have long since realized the commercial value of catering to the comfort of. their customers, and nearly all of the provide clean, sanitary, well - ventilated rooms. Funds for an improvement of this kbul may be obtained under the Modernization Credit Plan ol the rxderal Housing Adminstra- tion. A financial institution which holds a contract of insurance with the Housing Administration will advance the money. PLAN NOW for a beautiful summer garden of distinction and charm, a garden that will be an eternal joy to you and your neighbors. Yon Can Help To Beautify Blytheville You can help by increasing (lie beauty of your lawn and garden. If you have a surplus of plants give them lo friends for their yards. Cooperate with the city in keeping streets and alleys clean. With your help Blytheville can be made more attractive. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Courteous, Personal Attention to Every Customer e 80 113 So. Broadway Streel. Department s (Cleanup Garden Cluh Told All trash is lo bi! removed trom the nllcys ol Die residential medians of lilyllH'vllle by ihe city C'Uuiiieerinv: department, without rosl. It was auiiminteil at the mci'Miix ol the lllyllieville Garden club Insl ni^lu when plans were completed for llu> Arbor Day t o be held March 11, when Walker park will be bcaul!- ] lied. HIM! for tlm di'itu-up cnmpiiltin | which Is (lir llrst step In Die city I beaulltiiTitton pvoarnm. ' Jieporl.-. showed that u number of restilcin.s HIT <>on|>omlliig in the ninvcmonl niul It. is belli'vcd Hint I (he iity can Ijcconu.- knou'ii us » I beamiiul plucc If plans, now bi>lns inncli'. are ci,m|)H:le<t. One of ihe most Imporlnnl slops Iftkcn in the meeting was the an- iiomurnieiit of (lie women selected to be in charge ol tholr blocks In ihe rosldenllnl seclloiw. These women are lo see thill all rear yawls and alleys are cleaned and (hut the (rash is piled, up neatly, [or [he city engineering (ieparlmcnl, Nclgh- bars refusing to cooperated will be cited Ijy c. E. Wilson, city health officer. Mrs. W. L. Horner Is clinlr- man of tills committee. Reports, showed Hint tlic down lown clean-iij) coinmlltcc had at- lempted to have the business sec- lion deune;) betore (lie district. Arkansas Municipal league met here today and It was announced lhal llils drive \rlll be continued until the business section Is clean and beautified. Mrs. J. I/Mils Cherry and Mrs. A. Coinvay reported that they vislsted service stations lo enlist their cooperation In (he planting of shrubs niul flowers nnd that practically every operator iigrcccl lo do his ',Mrs. J. A. Leech, who hns. given 125 watermelon color crape inyrlle lo Ihe club for plniitlng, announced that she had obtained some more plants and there are now 100 more, which anyone may buy. These plants, which are almost three feel In height nh:i will bloom this year, may be obtained at her resiuence, 1043 \Vcsl Main street. They are, ready lo be planted at once. When these lire distributed there will be •too plants set out this year. Dr. a. i>. Maiiin and Roy Nelson were named to the committee of which Loy Welch is .chairman, to nnd a (lumping ground for Ihe city. It is expected that an announcement may be innde tomorrow, concerning llils project. 11 was announced (hat Mrs. A. Cojiwny Ims contributed lite shrubs to completely landscape ihe grounds of (he library 'building ami that oilier city properties limy be hcmt- lilled In a similar manner. Tlie benulincalion of vacant lots, the condemning of dilapidated buildings nnd (he improvement of the numerous junk yards In the city were discussed at length and several members will have conferences w'llh oiraer.s this week In Hn elforl to improve these conditions. Tlie continuing of Ihe "tree Miuixmci'iiiK" by extreme' pruning was u|.v> discussed, it \ v iis sngxcsUid Hint tree muier.s Imvstlgiiti 1 the primlni; of trees before hnvlmj Uiem cut buck In siirh n nmnnc:- us lo ruin (heir looks, nnd ii;,e ns ^lluda trees [or inaiiy-years. I'ropcrty invner.s who me linprnv- h>a ihi'lr from, yards rrccnlly by I'lunllinjs were i:(HilpHlni.'iiU'<] Ijy Ihr Kfiiiii wild voted a resciliitiui'i ttf thHiikn for their Individual cj- 'Jpei ulioii. ]. \V. Adams To .Build; Terry and \Vclei\kainp Plan Apnrlment Housp. A number of new re.sUlilllCes atv contemplated l>y pro.s|)et;llvo lily- llievllU' UuKl owni'i.s, who ure ne- Koltnfltiit for alti-nclive Hots In various parls of the tlly. U Is ex- liecled Unit i\ number of Ihesc will )«• .iiiiiniince\l next «wk. A den! was closed today whereby James Terry mid Itenkerl \VeUin'- kamp bcrnine owners of llio ,01) fool lol at 024 West Main slreet, which they purchased from Mrs. Jesse II. Webb, of nunins, Ark. They plan to erect some type of smull apartment house there bill have not yet .starled thelv pinna. 11 Is expected Mint work will begin .soincllinc Mils month on the structure, which will be modern. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Adams jr., plan lo start work soJiielltne early this mouth on their live, room clinker brick which they nre lo erecL on Ihelr Uvo lolw nl the corner of Tlearn and Division streets. The house, which Is lo be English type, will have a screened porch on the east side, and Ihe rear porch will be Biassed In for a combination porch tiud laundry room, There will be U'o bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and bnth, with a central, hall. The walls of Ihe Interior will be phis- tei'ccl and (he. house IK lo have a composition .shingle roof. Rustic Inn Will Add Private Dining Room The Rustic Inn Is lo have a second private dining room, which Is to be built at the west side of. the room used for bridge parties and other private alfalrs. It was announced today by Ernest Hnlscll, owner. The 20 by 22 foot room is to bo of frame wllh a rustle, ellcct In J the wood wnlls of the_ Interior, i wlilch will be lefl unpinned. | Work, which will s(art., this week, ' U expected lo lie comi'ilbletl'.'ln l\vo weeks. ' •'• Guard For I'ollsli When polishlnf brasswork at(ached to wall surfaces, there will be less risk of sollluf the jmint If an opening Is cut In a piece of cardboard to surround the object lo be polished. Then Ihe polishing cloth will touch the cardboard and not Ihe wall «irfnce. Fourteen thousand faclorlcs London still.use tjiv- f<>r<lli;hl and power. New Showerhead Saves Money, Uses Less Water The new water-saving type of showerhead recently developed by a number of manufacturers of plumbing goods k an idea that will save the home ow-ne-r money. The new showerhead Is a. midget only about two Inches in diameter. It uses from 25 to 50 per cent less water than the old-fashioned large- diameter beads. The decreased consumption of water results in a corrcspandiiif decrease in the cost of fuel for heating the waUr. Ano'ther important fcaUirc of the nea- head is that it U practically nonclogging. The many advantages of the new- type of showerhead, particularly its economy features, recommend it for installation In 'hotels, clubs, apartments, schools, and gyms, as well as the private residence. Built-in bookshelves, above or at the sides, make a. fire-place doubly attractive to book-lovers, points out the Modem Home Institute. Shelves of maple, knotty pine or red cedar are attractive In an informal room, while more elaborate interiors call for more distinguished woods, such ns Philippine mahogany. HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN Give the Old Place a Face-Liftinff Now, you can enjoy the beauty and economy of oak floors, A'Beautiful Lawn Green Roof, Year 'Round Comfort with Insulation, An Extra "Room for Son or Daughter, Or a general remodel ings job using the~ most approved methods and materials. P. H. A. Title I will enable you to do all this if you are in good credit standing and regularly employed. Phone 100 for an estimate without obligation. E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. ^^'lll•ll Itm Caraerii Kull To keep niijs ironi curlni'j. size :liolr bucks \\llh a tiller made as loHinwi: Wcljli Out (lute pniti of liimi>',. Aclj the rjlyceilnc in small ciiiamlllc.s 'until the mixture will spread easily. Apply ( 0 tack of tin dry Ilioioiigliiy Delate > '' ^i, a,,,, "hvVpiVu" or-^iS ^sr^-K^ru 1 !!; (tlyjrrlno Mix Ihe March will, cold (r,, x |L j, cx , h1l5 . t lycor ,,t" "n'y " : water lo form n pjisle without any | ima-hmed at any drier slo," BUILDING SUPPLIES,! Borrow Money and Remodel' Many of our cusUuuc'rs nave ulreaily taken nilvniitngfi «' tttiy tredlt niul seemed 'Cllle 1 loans for remodeling and reinilrlng Ibflr hmiirs. 'you'll n, „! ri-erjllilnf \a u Mftl In mil eomplete srleelliin at iirlefs fav lower n year IIKII. KOOI'INC, , ., . •VIUNT, S)I)IN(., PAINTS, SHINCI.KS MUCK., WAI ,1-1' A I 'HII. ' East Arkansas Builders Supply Co. 111.,,.... m» * * <^._ 'hone 2!) 201 N. 2ml STARTED SPRING CLEANING? LET PITTSBURGH PAINTS Bring Gleaming Freshness Throughout Your Home! Kltcfuns ind bathrooms ^1 iplrkle with; o gleaming ^5 ncvi'iieiiwhen'paintedwltir .± "" PITTSBURGH WATER- SPAR ENAMEL. LOUR •=-_ woarlriE L Easy to -wrisli, ~ . Shabby corners brighten iip with new hetmly when redecorated willi PITTSBURGH WALiLHIDE. Tliii magical finish dries in a ftw hours and Insts for yezus Scuffed floors can be renewed with B Luting luster In no time when you use PITTSBURGH WATERSPAR VARNISH. Wtnrs like iron. JmporlaJH part of spring cleaning! Spring House Cleaning Needs: O'Cedar Polish O'Cedar Mops Johnson's Wax Brooms Stepladders Scrub Brushes v Scrut> Buckets HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. m _ ^^ PHONE 32 19 Years ,of Service and Square Dealing"** ™ COIO*-S BY NATUKE - f AINTS if t It T S t U * 0 K PHONE IOO Wo Do The Roe

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