The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 21, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 21, 1930
Page 2
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M UN DAY, .IV I, V ^| Bl.YTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER-NEWS PAGE THREh In Washington Murder Mystery STILL m \ .ontracliclory Evidence Make;; Conviction of Mary IVkcr Suspect Doubtful. lly RODNF.V DUTCIIER Copyilghl. 19:itl. u.i NEA t'.i-rvk-e Inc.l WASHINGTON. • Tile national . ai;:!al'. which seems t.; have liad ' .ion. t'.ian i'.'. share of t»ns:uio::a! /-ul the Mary Bnkr-r murder irs'e ::h Ihe nm-M and ret inn litre Herman If, Ha:n : re from M-;n- 'fljc to\vn frcriuently ?,el :; sl.iani- ij\ ovei mysteriui 1 , suiciilrs — lomi'iimes of preminent persons— I !iu-!i nri- Miipectcd c.l being imir- r-rf. but Iheic ii no (itiestion o! .licit'.?' in Ihe Mary Bakf/ case, 'liial crime was one of the most |ruial. audacious atui puzzling ever inUied :n '.he>e paits. For :s i'.i was ihc most coinmcn j of cor.ver.^atioii •.t:jion^ [;ov- [•hiuent, officials, mernbti.s of CJnn- *, go\eimneni employes, team- I.MS and a!l ti:e other kjiuis of leople you t-an think of. 1 The murder \\fts crnrnilted on The murder of Mary Baker, left, a clerk in the Navy Department, Was-iington. IX C., has proven a baffling case for the police. The father of tl:-> dead girl, the Rev. Thomas I'. Baker, of Oak Grove, Virginia, is shown a: upiwr center. Upprr ri^hi. He-man H. lia.'iere win has b:cn held In connection pril 11 and after a lime t'.ie con- I vvitii t|-. j crime. right, ilir Baker hcme. itliosi died down, but the i»!ice , --. - - -_. - - - -- |:i SiHi^^ - ra ^ Wllli -M'**™ (.)!-,re.. French Wood. He ran away lo 'Ma wJiilc in his teens and was In VESPER SERVICE ILL fflEIIEB '.. K. l.iitnncr Preaches on God's l-ailh In MUM al Union Church Mooting. "God's Faltli in llnimini'.y" '.laij lie subject of Hie rerinon di'liveird jy (he lii'V. K. K l.atimcr, paster .1 ihe fnsi Clnisttaii i-lmrrli. at lie un:i»:i v.'-spor <°r\'ice ;\\ ihe Melhodi.-'. c'liurrli last night. The l-ii-i Methodist, rn-byier- an and Christian churches an participating in the union services which are lii'iiii; lii-HI ul G;'JO iMch Huiniay i-vi ninj; during the ML:Hiner. Abu-.n :jix) persims ur.endHt last nirjhfs services. The Kcv. M. .M. CMIloway of the Presbyterian chinch w»s in charge of the services mill prayer wus olfer.ed by Hit Rev. f>. Q. !io:ie ol Ihe Methodist, churcii. TJie combined cluirs of Ihe Ihrcf churches Ming "bruise Yp Che Lord." "One of Ihe most sublimely b°au'.iful lnct.s of history is GiKl's ' tallh MI man," Mr. I^i'.imer declared. "When we consider the • nairallve of Ood's call to •Abraham, a heathen, a \\orslnppei • ot iKir.ire. a man wUhcul any ccneoptirn ol iiion&thcstic ri-ligiim. i we are sia< c 'KCrcd by this s'.iov; ( ol co:i:i;!nii.? on the part of Ciodi in calling him lo lie Hie founder: o! a ^ii-Ltt race and tile father of I the faithful "Ccnsuier aKain Ihe history of Salute! llorc Conic The Colonels POLICE IF CIO HIE MINIMS Seven Killed as Authorities Move to Suppress Nationalist Outbreaks. CAIRO, Fgypt. July 21. lUI')- Sevcn persons were klUod led ay when Egyptian police fired on a mob lisre. Egyptian Ircops occupied stateglc positives as nallojiallsi dcpulle:; Headed by former premier Nalias 1'asha Indicated ihey would ai- lemp'. to reconvene parliament against the whiles of King I : nad I. The troops inarclwd lo ilie city yosterdiiy at Hie flrstj sign lhal the nationalist of Waldlst leader would .seek lo resume the senis from wliieh they were forceti on June 22 when ll:.i kliia adjourned the parliament. Long lines of excited Egyptians thronged the street* down which the troops marched to their posts at the parliament house. liey have Barrere, formerly ll with iiiiirder and faced with 1 ranifi' combination of evidence jhichl has produced an official but has b-j no means scrv- |l lo ', dissipate the niystery. Government CUrk j Mary Baker \vas n clerk in the lavy nepartmonl. She was '30 K;ars uiil and the daughter of a xk Grove, Va. the army several years later. He became a painter by trade and then during the World War F.?rv- eii with the 828;h Air squadron. He wns mustered out alter the v.-ai' but in 102-1 enlcretl the army air service as a cook al Boiling Field across Ihe Anacostia river, lie de;:-rted in an allegedly stolen litllc au'tomo-1 cr.r.was caught.cairt-inartialed and sentenced 10 a year al hard labor at Fort Crockett, Tex. He escaped from Fort Crockett and returned to Washington, later surrendering The Heat, Too! Lie \va.5 found abandoned en a dc- lr:cd> road bordering famous Ar- |i!Bton National Cemetery on the, lamina of April 12. A '"^J^ \ am , nilisllll , s llis 0 ,. igina , se , n enc<. nf Hie j P llls six months. Then he came s . i back to Wns'iiiifton and did var- tMoiis painting jobs around Arling' • iey found ner iioity ark. • She had been liultesl and shot three limes Most. I' her clothing, her purse nnd her]' 011 county. • \, - . n,ln ni •mbrqlla were IOISHIIIH. ] The: polir-- found that Mary hftd Itlendrd e'liirch sfi vices with n One of the strangest points ayainsl Barrere Is said to be the laci that he has access to the hot \ve=tlier Is even by Dry League at liciyti "Friday Night HA.YTI, Mo.. July 21.— A nutn- ber <[ Hayti'.s business men and members cf ihe younger set were aclors in a play enlillctl "Who Killed Earl Wright?" presented al Ihe High School auditorium here Fritlay ni^lii. The play, a mock murder trial, taken from an actual case, was staged by the Anti-Saloon League of Missouri, assisted by 23 local cili7em. It was sponsored by the three leading local churches. In the mock trial. D. A. Hedge acted as iudtc. Mayor W. H. Kirby, slieriff; Luther Williams, bootlegger; Scon Wallis, deputv sheriff: driving ( Jo])n D(?c HcWs _ dff,,,,^,,^ NUss forced lo descend on a baseball diamond in Grant park on the lake Irunt when the motor of his plnno ''cut. out." As soon aK the filer lauded he was given u ticket by Scrgt. Arthur Ilohlof for violation of an ordinance prohibiting park- Ing in the park. •lend, whom she left at about j home of Herbert M. Campbell 40 p in to net her automobile, acioss the rivn, whose gun was LirVeS near the Navy building, identified as the one which killed t G ']i 111 «he was to have met' Miss Baker. He was there the r friend and liuu: Jma'.c. Olja: day before the murder. On the mier at the Veterans' Bureau! mrrning of the llt'i he was in blocks away. court beccuse ct an automobile parked fe^i jThe girl's car was parked at |Mh and B streets, where Ihe Ex- l:ulive Grciinds south ol the l^hite Houf-e, Ihe Pan-American promises and the Navy |.iili!ing site crnverge. '•Was Stcn in Struggle crash. Later he drove two women to a place here where they say he was with them until about G:30, whereas the time of the murder is generally. believed to have been about C:ld. According to a girl who accnm- Hie animals to Hie doi;s—and that | yiiclma .McUanicl. court reporter: is not intended as a catty remark. Here's ralsy, a Memphis, Ter.n., flog that adopted a kitten, as you may r«rr-ceive. Palsy, in line with the latest fashion, seems to be relying orf short riauls to keep ^cool. Jso'eral persons who made no I panied Barrere to a boxing match r.tetnpt to interfere laler said n t jr 0 ri. Myer the next night. Bar" " presumably h?y 'saw n girl who Mary Baker struijglins with ItnaA there in an automchile. The Ian woie a gray cap. The police licory was that the two had qiiar- led .as ;o whether Mary was go- fig . with iiim or would meet Miss Ikinner. The car drove a short rere took very little interest in the bouts and later strenuously objected to driving over the strip of the road wl'jere the corpse had been discovered. For another 'month he lived in a tent in Arlington county, making no ntti-mpt to conceal his whereabouts. He wa .siamo and other witnesses, who: not availably when The police |:w tilt- struggle begin again, call- ; wanted lo talk to him after th.? 1 the police. But the Bake,- car! gun | 1a[ ] been fouivl. in the bushes, as gene when the police arrived.; ;i<,\vever, nnd circulars wi-re sent either girl nor car were seen I oll t which resulted in his seizure jain, as far as is known, until | a; M;ntreal when he went to a discoveries in. gruesome | crr.ihg. Miss Baker had been shot first the back as s':ie Iried la get out ' the car. Tlie second shot enl-red her side, apparently as she J.nk back into the seat. For the [iiird ,sho; Ihe pistol was held close her neck. Where all this took lace was never determined. From |ie scene cf the tirsl struggle the supposed to have driven [ito Potomac Park, back along Ihe |ver. through Georgetown and l;ro.5s the Polomac at Key Bridge .to Rosslyn, Va.. south cf which •s the cemetery. A do;:n "su:,iwcts" were roped i successively. Several rcpula- :nr, •. for chastity were ruined, hose questioned included a prom- ent physician, n hobo, a soap ercliant. a sailor, a soldier, uple of traveliii!; salesmen and her.;. Also Miss Skiun-?r and lldred Spcrry, with whom Mary jaker had shared a dwelling at ivon Park. Va. ?.I:mv Suspects Kcporlcd Ciotliins and other missing ar[:les of the murdered girl were lally found in a manhole at the Ijiicultural Experiment. Fanr •r.r Die cemetery. A month aiter Ihe crime the vestigatbn was still "hot." will nv suspects constantly appear g. Smecne reported Hint a mai id been camping in the wood •ar the cemetery sine? the crim itl n troop of cavalry from For er beat the bush for him. tin LCcessfuliy. A week later Department o |istice agents announced that th Her had "confc.s«d." The con «.ser turned out to be Harold L [mvsler. a private In the nrm took weeks to make Brewste tract his confession—he was sis'.ent about it--and by tint nc tV" police were suspicions ol ,m all over a(?ain ami a warrant 'is issued charging him with furder. Recently they let him go. Hermnn II. Barrerc was arrester! ihcli three days fatcr the urdcr nnd released six days later, icrcurvn he difapprarcd. He had t' 1e police station to report a 550 theft. May Not Be Tried Unless the authorities have more evidence than has been disclosed errcre's triai would seem doubht- il. If tlierr; i s a trial, however, it ill climax (he latest of a long erics of mcve or less similar sen- ations here in the last year or You may or may not remem- cr some of them. There wero the harges that former Attorney Genral nangherly's mysterious friend ess Smith was a murder victim nstead cf a suicide and the starting allegations of poisoning of ligh r^rsoTiag'cs recently nude by 5nston ~,i Means. There was the .(range suicide of a police dcctec- ive named Scrivener on the eve 5f his wedding—found shot with lie torn er.d of a neckll? clutched n his hand—which was reopened •ccently with new evidence that >rovcd nothing. Last April they nvcstigatcd the death ot Basil Miles, internationally known dip- omat and .?cncinist, who died in 1928 after an operation—and night have been In previous weeks the city harl seethed with argument as to whether Mrs. Robert McP':ierson had committed suicide cr had i>2en killed by her husband, who was finally released. There was also Ihe death of Mrs Dreyfuss, who felt or was pushed from a yacht club balcony. The investigation of that, centering on a New York clubwamn. developed lamifications leading back lo the old Dot King murder in N'ew York. Mrs. S. E. Nelhery. star witness; T. M. R'-rex. coroner; !vfrs. A. G. Sanders, defendant's mcthcr; Kirs. M. T. iinlfiivin. wife of murdered man; Nathan H. Johnion of Kansas City counsel for defense; John Max Sturm, prosecuting attorney. The jury was: W. T. Nethery. O. T. Martin, W. E. Catcher, Clins. S. Reynolds, A. G. Sanders. W. J. Nort'n. P a. Revenstein, W. B. O'Ccnnbr, W. A. -McDonald. T. It. Gill. B. I. Allen. C. K. Cliisni. At least two Kentucky colunels dotri hav? to reprimand anyone for ! not comlii!; lo attention when they pass by on parade. They are j lola Slbbrfl of Lexington. "Miss Kenlurky." and Cleo Snyder, "Miss Louisville." who are shown here iccelvtr.i; tl:»lr commissions from i Cicvernor riem n. Sampson- The t\\o tji'w colonel 1 ; v;il! represent Israel. In bonjage God believed i Kentucky In the liuerniitiomil Pilgrim; of riilcliritiitie at Galvrslon, In lhc::i mill Mose.s wr.s si-ni. j 'I.;x., in Aligns Steeped in idolatry mid iin God . once more manifested, his ccnfi-1 dunce in tliein by sending the : prophets. Isaiah. Jeremiah, Amos and a host of others, still believing in Ihe inherent honesly of th; human rare afler Ihey had stoned Ills prophets and put to death his incssenyers of light. "But dov.s he lose palience and confidence. No. though liny have replied every advance he iias made antl continued in their evil way lie thinks cnouRii of them lo send Jesus Christ, who during his brief card?! 1 of three years practically falls to make any Impression upon j the people and ri!.?s an ignominious death. Yet Christ believed enough in humanity after all he had suf-' fered at lliei: hands lo give hilo the k.:epit;g of eleven men the. welfare ai'.d destiny of Hi.s churdi. | That Irasl has been passed down to yen and me today. God still believes in humanity, still believes in our innate decency and hcnesty. beltev.:s that we will be true to the IriQh rr.siwnsibllity that he has placed in our hands." Mello-Glo Prevents Shiny Nose The skin of youth lies In every box of new wonderful MEI,I,O-GLO Pace Powder. The pures: powder made—Its color Is passed by the U. S. Government. No pastiness, flaklncss or irrilatlon. A new French process makes it spread more smoothly antl prevents large pores. No more shiny noses—it stuy.i on longer. Uso MELIXD-GLO. Klrby Drug Co.—Adv.—No. 12 Nye Probing Alleged Nebraska Slush Fund Ressie, champion rat-catchei owned by Mrs. Clareacc Cliue o] Cincinnati, has been • made ?c ilizzy by the heat that she lias adopted two baby rats. She feed* them and wasliea them the sanu as she does her four kiucus. Civic Program Given for Manila Boy Scouts MANILA. Ark.. July 21.— A moderate si?cd ctcwrt attended the citizenship and patriotic prograir sponsored by the Epworth Leajiu: at the Melhodist church l?.st night The leader of the affair was Barney Threlkcld. The speakers wen 'IV a thai li B.iker—n huge introduced in Fendler, Joe the order of Osca 1 Hornbergcr. E. B had known i ccok and Don Thomas. All pai< number of on apparently did—but "wouldn't re to admit it now." The woman I'! the police. In Military Prison tribute to the organize! scout troop of Manila. The mem bers of tile troop were seated in th choir, as the program was giv:: for their benefit. At a signal fro:i He Is » long way from being I ihc scoutmaster all scouls arosi LINCOLN. Neb., July 21. (UP)— Testiir.ony Uiat there is a $GO,000 slush fund to defeat .Senator Gco;gc W. N'orris was presented today by W. Clark Grnbbs of Lincoln before Senator Gerald P- Nye, when an investigation was leninied into the motives that prompted George W. Morris, a grocer of Broken Bow, lo file as' a Republican senatorial candidate. Grnbbs testified Rolla Van Kirk of Lincoln, state representative, had t:!d him lhat Stale Senator Clark Jcary. Lincoln, was to handle funds in the interest ol defeating Senator Norris in his campaign for ree!?c- (ion. Jep.iy. called to the slate in the hearing. testifi?d he had no in- Ictmation on tlie money being spent in the rjtesent campaign. Will Continue Revival MANILA, Ark., July 21.—The large tent revival meeting lhat Rev. Thomason has been conducting for tlie past week has been well aliend- ed. According to tlie paslor. Ihc meeting will continue during the week, and will probably end oi: Sunday night. TICKKT Toil I'll.OT CHICAGO, i UP'—J. L. McGrr.dy. stunt flyer, discovered Him no matter how good an excuse a inun might have, ii? er,n'i gel away wilh a parking violation. McGrady waj HANDICAP FOIt CANDIDATE IRON" MOUNTAIN. Mich. lUPJ —Fred Applin is running for nomination as justice of the peace but. he says, lie's badly handicapped. He is thr father of 1G children and opponents .-ay that if he i.s elected, an addition to the shrrlff's residence will have lo be made to house Applin's family which would be "an unwarranted waste of the . hard-earned dollars of the people." '• —Fair samples of thcqucsiionj you can ask or answer in a friendly, fast, cheap long distance telephone call. Plieso killens. owned by IIrs. I). 1. Kdwards of AMlene. TP\., have only one mother and thnCp Polly, shown alinvc—thoiiRli each, of course, has four paws. Tolly ndonlert ibem aflcr their own mother died of poison. "Crufiliy" lak<-s tlie ^ \\'ilh ull its jiiit:*! und tuti AIM! make** the 4lrink rull To <|ueuuh your thirsty p fr«i^ Sol. I lev-mid wherrr Ly ibe cU*« — «t « r* ttitliiugmr.frtttt r )i>u are ttir LI Crui •t«i»il« anil ilurc add, rotor mnri i 3 loJ TO I 2/0 IU 1 What fur, \ve rlo not know but wo strongly suspect It was the heat, that caused - this San Francisco cat .lo take these chickens to raise. If it wasn't the Jieat,. H must have lieeii ihe humidity— Eegf-actly! and repeated the oalh together. The olTering was given to the local trocp to be used for purchasing equipment for the. drum-bugle carp soon to bo orftani.'Ml. „ When your laundry GOES SLUMMING" • » Don't Expect It to Come Back Untainted I Sending the weekly washing to a private home, in a questionable neighborhood, may have serious consequences. Dangerous diseases may Le carried back on clsthes that are apparently clean. Don't gamble with health! Our sanitary, thoroughly inspected methods safeguard you and your loved ones from inrcction. Phone for a route man to call. Biylheville Steam Laundry LET THE LAUNDRY DO IT Lord Birkenhead, Chairman of the Greater London and Counties Trust, Ltd., visiting America on business, said: "A cheap and abundant supply of electricity is our aim. We feel that this will have a good effect upon British industry and alleviate the unemployment problem, and place Great Britain in a better position to compete in the markets of 'the world. "The superpower system has enormously extended the area in which energy is distributable and rendered possible the interchange of service with other power stations." It it an accident that the relative national wealth of the United States as against Great Britain, is almost the exact relationship of the relative per capita horsepower - three and one-half to one? Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "At Your Service"

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