The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 21, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 21, 1939
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VOLUMK XXXVI—NO. 79. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NPWQPAnfrn /-\TY vT^o'i«i»mti>,, • ^^ ^ •^^^^K 7 J i^^+J _ «-Y"MtKANt NEWSPAPER QP NORTH.EABT; ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MtRfinniM ^^ Jilythevllle Courier Blythevllic Herald Mississippi Valley niylheville Dally News AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Japanese Intensify Blockade, Quickly Take Over Swatow TIENTSIN, China, June 21. (UP)—The United Slaie entered the Tientsin blockade situation today with retire sentations against Japanese interference with America citizens and property. At the same time Great Britain » made a demand ot uHImatlve »a-| lure for the Immediate release of G. A. Smith, a British importer! seized by Japanese pickets at n entrance to the blockaded Bri ish concession Saturday. Propi steps by the British govermnci ARKANSAS,'WBDNKSDAY, JUNK were threatened as the alternatlv to release. As the Japanese blockade of ti British concession here moved l a climax Japan In a dramatic ne drive landed troops at Swatow, lai big unoccupied port of China, nn Uer the guns of a formidable flee which established a blanket block ade and turned away foreign ship which sought to approach thepor The action gives Japan's \va machine complete domination o all land and sea approaches t the British crown colony of Hon Kong. The Japanese started goin ashore at dawn from transports anchored off the city. There was brisk fighting an< Japanese guns set fire to parts o Swatow before Chinese defender retreated into the interior. Thousands of Chinese " residents fled into the hills. •John K. Caldwell, consul general made the American represents lions to the Japanese consul general. He sent a summary of complaints by American business men of inconvenience and losses suffered as the result of Japanese blockade restrictions which had all but par- nlyzecl normal commercial life ir this rich area. Significance was attached in dip- lojnatlc quarters to the fact that before the American representations were made, Consul General Galdwell and Admiral Harry E Yarnell, American navy commander in chief, had visited the British consul general and British army headquarters. The American destroyer Pillsbury is at Swatow, with its crew of 122 officers and men. Capt/' ; John T.-. G. Stapler left Honj Kong yesterday in the .United Stfktesiaestrojer.Jpbn D. -Pope and was expected to ;'divert. the "ship to Swatow. The gunboat AshcvHle was standing by at Hong Kong- for orders, and was expected to leave at any hour for the scene. Approximately 40 Americans, and hundreds of listens, resides al Swatow. '-..'.' It was believed that the British destroyer- Thanet was with the Pillsbury al the scene. Seven Die In New York 'Chinatown' Blaze Today NEW YORK,-June 21. (UP) — Fire-swept two Chinatown tenement buildings tcday, killing at least seven persons. Firemen feared that oilier tenants had perished In Hie top stories of the buildings. New York Cotton NEW YORK, June 21. (UP)— Cotton closed steady. open high low close July 931 '933 925 932 Oct. 845 '858 8<fl 856 Dec. ..' 818 832 815 830 Jan 804b 819. 806 818n Mar 788 813 134 812 May 192 807 788 805 Spots closed nominal at 987, lip 1. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, June 2-1. (UP) — Cotton futures jumped up 70 cents a bale today due .to a favorable conference report on the agricultural bill. open 939 Ciaylon-Carutliers Counse Maps Last Legal Maneuver To Prevent Deaths LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Juno 21.— John A. Hibbler, negro lawyer for Jim X. Caruthers and Bubbles Clayton, Blytheville negroes undo death sentence for criminal assault upon a young white woman near Blytheville in 193J, said yesterday attorneys were preparing to make a last-minute legal move in one of the longest legal fights ever waged to save a person from the Arkansas electric chair. The negroes are scheduled to be executed on Jrme 30. Legal maneuvers have kept the Clayton-Caruthcrs case in the state and federal courts since iheir conviction at Blytheville in April, 1935. The supreme court of the United Stales upheld the seri- ences for the negroes several weeks ago. Nazis' Act Send Vienna Consul Out Of Country JEBSEITO Baek-Oi- I'll Mow You Down 5 - - Senator Declares State's 32 Delegates Pledged To Roosevelt ... June 21. (UP)— .„ „ William H. Smatheis (Dem., N. j.) su di to<lny tlmt N Jersey's 32 delegates to the 1940 pernocratlc national convention will be pledged to the rc-nomlna lion of President lioasevelt "Every Democrat in the state lieheves tlmt Roosevelt, who carried New Jersey the Just time by npprox imately a half million majority can ngaln sweep the stale in 1U40 Smathers said. "They all believe (hat lie will bt drafted by tlie party to lead It to victory again next year. "President Roosevelt is the one Democrat In the nation who can carry New York state In 1940 bc- -ause he is the one Democrat In he country that the Progressive Mayor LaGuardla of New York City will support ngr.Insl Thomas 5. Dewoy or any other reactionary Republican." Smathers' prediction that Jersey elegates would be or Mr. Kaose- elt followed another refusal by the resident to discuss in a press con- ercticc whether he would be audidate in 1940. a SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS effers Will Try To Show Persecution Because Of His Preachings LOS ANGELES, June 21. (UP) — tlorneys hoped to complete a Don t come too clese, or 3-syeek-old Raymond Dcnn Kl.nbrel) of Chattanooga, Tcnn., will swing Unit (1st on your Jaw "Kid" Ray moncl looks mighty serious about protecting that fully-developed tooth he had nl birth. try today offers an: larges. Selection to try the Rev. Joe his ' wife on morals of jurors progressed - BERLIN, June 21. (UP) — Tlie pyerhtnent announced officially 16- ay lhat it_ had Irequested.'Great - - —»• '"uj u\>\, ijc ureui- BMtaln .to "recall G. S." Gainer,'! ^ced by.tlie'fact uiiiViMrs.- Jefiers British, consul, general in Vienna, was married before and is the ^According to the semi-official mother of two, children bv her icnnan .news agency,.Gainer was. nrsL husband, iior by the' Rev because oi- the defense in- stcnce that !hey,..not ))e,preiii- inell- llV.I>i(l r fnnl .llw.>Tir^^ T_ir-_. 1 vsked to leave berauic during • a ' Jelfers 1 religious creed riminal trial in Vienna It was tn .al Jeivs "arc net evenled he allegedly was tmpll- people". This was tin of jury selection. which holds the chosen fourth day The Jctfers are accused of engaging In an obscene ated In a matter involving a for- idden news service. _ The British embassy, however, =-=-..„ ... .... >,,,«.v.i>; c.unBiuon aid it had been informed Gainer's 'before two guests ut their apari- xpulsion was in retaliation to the : ment. The ilcfense announced that rilish government's request that,'three men prominent in the movie le German consul in Liverpool be • Industry will be witnesses They ""' ' ' 'arc jack Warner, president of Warner Brothers Studio,. Bryan, ., ( j Poy. production mariager ami Blay- lyianuiactlirer 1 11B ^' Mallliews, studio detective. The n:« i. U i C • • defense will endeavor to show UIBS at Hot Springs through their testimony that the Jury Finds Against Clairn^ Of Barboro Company Truck Drivers In the first case to be heard 11\ circuit court here involving the federal wage-hour law which be- Veterans From Spanish Civil Wai- Enter Lines Along French,Border PARIS, Jime 21 (UP)— dermuny Is moving llrsl vmlls of iv force of npproxlmiilely 100,000 moil Into ll.s lines forllllcutlons opposite the French frontier, It wn.s reportwt toilny. fii adilHIon, H was snlil the crack Niwl "condor" legion, which foiiglit m Hie Siraiilsh civil war, Is to lio inslnlled in (ha frontier MHO for spa-In I ' ' ' . Until today, nccordlnu' to reports, only about IC.OOO troops had been In the German fortifications The entire line. Is to b« completed at the end or this month, Including icpalrs necessitated by recent Hoods which Inundated a purl of the system. Recently lultlltlonnl Infuntry armored light | n!l)!rS nll(1 Jllo[or .' cycle iniichiiie giin units have ar- ilvcd ready to take over pnrt.s of Die line, It was renort«rt here ' Extension of the westeni frontier defenses comes with reports that big German troop movements nrc In progress toward Gcrninny's eastern frontier, chiefly In the icglons or Slovakia, where Germany could strike al I' As Ihu result of reporls of theso Gcrmun movements II was understood Poland hnd npiwalcd | o Fiance and Great Britain to j,pec'<l np dcllveiy of nliplnnes, «ilillciy and miinllloiis. Escapes Serious Injury When Truck Overturns Clyde Neivmnn, 10-yenr-old truck •liivcr of the Union Dakety Com- qame 'effective last a, '"jury •ought who , _., a .. ,,.x,., iL^tiiiujiiy LHUt LllC . Jeffers arrests were in retaliation HOT SPRINGS, June 21. (UP)— lf °r the pastor's anti-Semitic preach- oscph P. Cannon, 03. owner of, l "£le Cannon Towel and Hosiery I' ' • ills in North Carolina died here! day. | His nurse-found the wealthy lex-' tile manufacturer dead in bed at the Arlington Hotel, where he had resided for five weeks. Semion Ideas Scarce QU1NCY, Mich. (UP)—The flev. Radio Show Held For 35 Radio Dealers Here A radio show for 35 radio dealers of this section was presented at the Hotel Noble yesterday under the auspices of the Stratton .flartW« co Ex-Puerto Rico Chief in Court July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May 853 831 815 806 800 high 042 . 867 842 827 822 817 low close 934- 941 850 805 840 827 828 815 800 800 823 815 Chicago Wheat open high low close July 105-8 713-8 G93-4 693-4 Sept. 71 1-4 72 701-2 701-2 July Sept, Chicago Corn open high loiv close 491-4 495-8 49; 49 507-8 51 503-8 803-8 Livestock EAST ST. LOULS, III., June 21. (UP)—Hogs: 7,000 Top, 7.00 170-230 lbs. h G50-7.00 »0-lflO ibs,, G.OO-G.25 Bulk sows, 5.00-G.OO Cattle: 2,000 Steers, 8.25-9.85 Slaughter steers, 7.00-11.00 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 8.25-9.25 Slaughter heifers, 7.00-10.00 Beef .cows, 5.75-6.75 Cullers and low cullers, 4.50-5,50 n m ^ ., ---. ...v. ~~,. ^laiusiare company of Mcmnhis E. T. Potter ran n classified ad-1 A luncheon for the pcon"e who vertisement in the local press ask-'were In charge of tie show ind ^ ing, for subjects suitable for ser- blirrct suppef for the deata" of mpn purposes "of sufndent inter- (his territory comprised the activi cst to compete with motoring, fish- ties of the day m"dd tfon to he In?, golfing and Sunday ncwspa- «im«, ..lumuon io me pers." He lias received no replies. NLRB To Relax Rules As Aid To Employers WASHINGTON," June 21 (DP)- Tlie national labor relations board announced today it has decided to grant employers a llmllcd right to petition for collective bargaining elections and ims maoe other changes in niles and regulations that have been criticized by business and labor. foundr for-the, defendant A.' s bcro and colnp'any'iirsuiU-br by Iwo former • employes ,,,,u sought judgments for alleged overtime work for which they had not been pakl. Prank Elledge and A. D. Prcncli truck drivers, were Ihe plaintiffs! One of them . hnd win a verdict against the. company in municipal coilrl. Oiidcr provisions, ot the wage-hour law, which can' be enforced in any court, of competent, jurisdiction, .penalties are provided In the form of double assessment In event of a finding that money is owed for services above the limits of the law. Percy A. Wright was attorney for the plabitlffs nnd field mid Evrard represented the defendant corporation. Judge Nell Kllloiigh directed a. jury verdict In favor of Clcll V. Michael, defendant In n suit brought by Annie R. stokes under the prc- vtslotis of the stale bastardy statute. The woman had sought Io hold Michael liable nnrter the statute as the father of her child. George W. Barnaul was counsel for the plaintiff and \V. Leon Smith (or the defendant. Underway this afternoon was Ihe suit of the Gosncll School district, No. six, against Jaini's Neirsthelmer and Green Ledbetler, Involving possession of a building on school property. Pnrt'low and IJradley are attor- noj-s for the plaintiffs and Claude P. Cooper for the defendant. Yesterday Judge Killough named C. E. CriggCT, J. L. Cherry and H. A. Greenway. as Jury commissioners to select the jury panel for the next court term. Would Deporl Those Advocating Violence- Score' 0 "!? 0 " nf(cr a tllc Wcw m "" TI>« Government Spending lf? cltelt °™' ™ ^. UO,3TON, June 21. (UP)—lleso- hitlons calling for deportation of aliens seeking the overthrow of democracy and urging "Jmtne'dliUc economy. In government" were adopted today.-a^ liie'23ivl KlwanK intermillomil convention, One resolution appealed for "Immediate economy In government, n return to gbvcminent by law as against n bureaucratic form of government by commissions In national airairs." Anclher asked'that n ban be placed on "any. poison receiving money, for relief to pay tiny part thereof as dues or assessments to any •organization or union of such relief recipients." Mo. IVfr. Newman, who was limlly bruised anil his left hand severely lacciated, is resting very well ul the Walls hospital. ,' l ...» Conference Report Oii Agricultural ®ill Is i Received By House .WASHINGTON, June 2lT(UP)-Tlie house todav're'* H «!L C »viS?i™ 1C ?.i 1 ,' epw ' 1 °" llle SWWW,m agrictii: tlil ill III II11 £ It )>') fl I IA11 i^ill />n>')M/tItrv t.»l ) 1 1 i» j », cm lying unoungGtcd farm parity for (listribuUng surplus farm com"• modlllcs, , t lloiiso conferees receded from Iholr opposition to senate amend- nicnts. Inserting $225,000,000 for i polity payment?''in the measure ||jind_ $113,000,000 for distributing ' '"" faun commodities /Tlie Paralysis finds Baseball Career Or l.oit NEW YOIUC. Juno 21, (Ul')-A •nn form of paralysis today ended he fabulous bnsebull caiccr of [.on Clchrlfr, Columbia University boy who jumped' h,io the Hew York Yankees' lineup t« years ngo nnd stayed (here through 2,130 UIU'IKS without a break. Kit liiirrow, president of the Yankees, announced tlmt tho Iron man irsl bascimm was suffering from nfnntlle paralysis nnd Hint ho mist submit Immediately to a cries of treatments In , m altoiml U) cure the disease. Burrow ami Manager Jco Mc- Jurlhy of Iho Yankees made the announcement lifter a. diagnosis of Oehrltf at the Mayo Clinic, nanow saw. the first baseman would be <cpt with the team on his regular nlary for the remainder of tho -in-rent season but, would be im- ondllloimlly iclca.seit after Mi ontmct expires in October, $25,000,000 nt fftimcla '. for loans to ten$300,000,000 fund • Stock Prices NEW YORK, June 21. <UP)_ rhe stock market rallied in late trading today after an Irr.-gtilar decline. A majority of (he issues registered gains mnglng to more Flying Nurse Busy ARVIN, Cal. tUP)~"Tl!E Plying Nurse," rather than Just "Registered Nurse," is the title to which Miss Frances Shields Is really rn- tillcd. She is a home service nurse covering a Jarge surrounding territory by airplane. E. Mont Retdy, former Republican governor ot Puerto Rico, is shown as he appeared in court at Kansas City, Mo., to answer charges that city em- ployes turned iheir checks over to him in payment for alleged than a point. A - T - & T. • 1633-4 'Anaconda Copper ,. 24 Associated D. G. ..!!""] 81-8 Beth. Steel 56 I-' Boeing Air ..;..,;."""; 22 3-8 Chrysler • T" ( -H Coca Cola ..> '....'..','. 123 General Electric '.'.'.'. 357-3 General Motors "." 44 3 r | Int. Harvester ...'..'.'. 57 1-2 Mont. Ward \\" 511-3 N. Y. Central H 1-2 .Packard . " 3 1.4 Phillips ..... '"35 Radio Schenlcy Simmons 5 7-8 13 23 3-4 loans. Smony Vacuum ........ 11 3-4 Town Goes Dixie DIXIE, Miss. (UP) — Yeaton, Miss., has bowed out. Railroad officials noted that the main activity In Yeaton was the up-and-coming lung oil business. The largest company was the Dixie Tung Oil Development Company, so Yealon became Dixie. Jail Sprung With Tin Cup CANTON, O. (UP)—Two prisoners escaped from city jail here by fashioning a crude tool from a tin cup, forcing the door lock 1 ami walking past trusties who were cleaning the section. Shoes Stolen Off Feet TIFFIN, O. (UP)-A Tiffin man reported that robbers took a pair of shoes oil Ills feet and a watch from his pocket while the slept on the lawn of his home. Standard of N. j. Texas 43 1-8 i Rabbits have shorter ears and t* JO !• U. S. Steel 475 •8 less, with closed eyes. Bob Bailey Will Not Stay Johnson Execution LITTLE ROCK. Jime 21. (UP)- Actlng Governor Bob Bailey tociuy Indicated he would take no action to delay the execution of Clarence Johnson, convicted slayer of Eldon Cooley at Hot Springs, who is scheduled (o die Friday. Bailey said that unless he heard from Gov. Carl E. Unlley he would take no action In the case. 'laim British Have Acted In Retaliation Against Blockade Policy l " TOKYO, June 21. .(UP)- Billnln liaj, hlarted Infounnl T omlc reprisals against Japan in elallatlon . for, ; tho.-. .blcukado of ho 1 Billlsh nnd French concc'islcns t -Tientsin,. viiowsDapers , nsseiteil oday.' '.' ' "*• • BrltLsh ships have begun to avoid taking cargoes of Japanese origin for transport to foiclgn ccuiilrics asserted and one of the for control of the pink boll-worm mid $500,000,000 for the biological suivey. - i f Conferees agreed that 60, per cent of any amount allocated to , cotton by tho secretary of agrl- culluie under the smplus farm' commodity's distribution item must be designated for domestic .producers. The remainder would be avall- nblo for nn oxpoit .subsidy for other - crops. Mcanwhllo the delaying tactics by wcilein senators seeking, to wiMl more cnnency and higher sliver prices from tlie treasury thicnlcncd the ndmlntstiatlon's "iiUB.1" monetary legislation. , Neither administration forces no" tho silver bloc would udmlt that a • filibuster was In progress. Nevertheless It was evident' that i\d- • ministration hopes for rushing a nuick vole on legislation to extend President Roosevelt's power to devalue the dollar and the $2,000,000.000 stabilisation fund was being demoralised by the western senators. Tho new silver pi Ice must be proclaimed by the president on midnight'Juno 30, the some deadline on which Ills power further . to devalue the dollnr will < expire unless continued by congress. Western senators seek treasury action to peg the tnlce substantially*' above tlio present level of G46<t cent* an ounce. The long awaited hearings oh , neulinllty law revision were again postponed in tx move apparently designed to give the house an op- lo lake'(list actlqn on Hot Springs Jury Awards Spurned Woman $30,000 HOT SPRIHGS, Ark., June 21. (UP)—A Gin-land county circuit <. .,o™,iuu mm one 01 me court jury Uiila.y awarded n. Judg- '• Bieat British shipping cDiimimles moiil ot SM.OOO io Miss Eiiznlicth ' >-'-•—• • • - ' McOnbblns, :t5, of Salisbury N C against \V. P. Thompson, 45. Slan<lard Oil company engineer of Aniba. Dutch East Indies,, after hearing Icsllmony In her brcncli of promise suit. Negro Man Accused Of Attacking; Negro Girl Ellis Qulnn, 29-year-old Blythe- villu negro, is held in the county Jnll lic^c following his arrest Monday on a charge of rape, officers announced today. The victim is said to be a ten- year-old, negro girl whose cinn was bntlly Injured during (lie nltiick.'- The preliminary hearing In mu- nlelpiil court has ' been set for Thursday morning. hiis delayed • payment to Jnpnnese Interests. " U was not ! kno\vn whetlior lliese reports were inspired by gavcni- inpnt qimrtcrs. Flimi'r Groivs Flower TUI,ARE,- Ca) (DP)—John Pippig has on display n "(lower growing out af 11 dower." Out of rose blossom on n bush In his yard Ims grown a stem' which has produced 'another rose bloom. Tlje bud Is nn Inch above the mother (tower. Giant Tiger. Shark I.anrlfd STONEV. Australia (UP)—Lionel Kagnard, member of Znno Grey's fishing parly [rom California, land-' ed a 1.382-pound tiger shark. This breaks the previous Australian fishing record of a l,2Dl-pound shark, Franco Had A Little Help Iho administration approved Bloom nculiatlty bill. , , . • i • , V-..;'' *,",..*^<~^-&. ' ' Examine 30 ChildreiT"' Who Will Enter. School Thhty children 7 who will-enter the first grade of the city's public schojls In September weie given illusion I examinations yesterday In the annual Summer Round-Up. Dr. R E sehlimor, director of the Mississippi County Health . Unit, mid Dr. Fied Child, Blytheville dentist, were In charge of the clinic,' assisted by nurses of the county health unit ' ' In addition to general examiria-' tlcns, diphtheria toxin antt-ioxln , wns fjlvcn those not having been Inoculated, mid thoie not yet vac- cliinled were given the smallpox provehtlve. Iteporls of defects will be sent parents and Parent Teacher Associations of the Central Ward,~ Langc and Sudbury schools in on clloil Io have ranedlablc defects coi reeled as soon 'as possible. Mis. Charles Orlgger Jr, Mrs, Rupert Ciafton and Mrs. W. r J. Rotlgers were in charge of this project. fair idea of. the number of troops sent by Qernuny to help General Franco's Fascist'cause In the anUh civ, War , S given by ,1,1s photo of n,assci members of the Condor Legim They e ho™ getting a,, official welcome in the U,st E arlen, Berlin, on their return from Spain, Wrecks Car, Held On Drunken Driving Charge Don Bnssett, 30, of Manila, figured In an automobile accident yesterday which wtts climaxed with his being arrested on n charge of driving white under the influence of liquor. He is slated to be given a preliminary hearing In municipal court' tomorrow. Bnssett was driving a car, borrowed from J. W. Mundy, drag Jlne operaton 'lie Is alleged to have overturned four times on n dirt read, two miles south of I^a- nila while traveling at "between 80 and SO miles" officers said. Tlie machine came to a halt in a cotton field, badly damaged. The driver was only slightly bruised. Attempts 'Suicide' By Slicing On His Ankle Bill Ford, 20-ycar-otd driver of an tee truck, attempted to end his life this morning by severing 'an artery near his ankle because of marital troubles, he told police. Police were notified at 7:15 o'clock that a man had attempted to commit suicide al a filling station en Division street. They found PVrd. who was taken to the Walls hospital for emergency treatment but who was Inter dismissed. The cut, made by a razor Wade, was not serious. Rird has been living near Lux- era, It i§ understood. k , local WEATHER Arkansas— Nfostly * clcudy, showers tonight' and Thursday; cooler In northwest ortlon knight, ifcmphts and vicinity— Pair tonight, Thursday partly cloudy.

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