Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on November 10, 1951 · Page 27
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 27

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 10, 1951
Page 27
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Guns And Gas RoutPeron's Ballot Foes BUENOS AIRES, Nov. 9 (AP) Argentina's presidential election campaigning came to a climax with a blaze of gunfire and brickbat throwing here Friday. There were general predictions that President Juan D. Peron will win a new six-year term in the election Sunday, but the opposition did not give up hope. The violence occurred at a Radical Party rally in Constitution Plaza during a' speech by Presidential Candidate Rtcardo Balbm. Six persons were wounded and 10 bruised. Police broke up the demonstration with tear gas. Peron's ailing blonde wife, Eva, recovering in a hospital from major sureery of undisclosed nature Tuesday, was still a potent factor In the campaign wmdup. A message she started preparing before entering the hospital was scheduled for a national broadcast Thursday night. No opposition speakers have been allowed time on the nation's radio network. - Mrs. Peron had thought of -running for vice-president. But she rejected the party nomination with a tearful burst of emotion after being opposed by the military and others. , Eight parties are in the running, but the real election contest is between Peron and Balbin, his severest critic The Radicals said if the election is as honest as Peron has promised, they have an outside chance to win. Three Hurt In Accidents Three men were injured, two critically in traffic accidents Friday. Two Peoria men, Horace Melton, 60, and Hiram Rogers, 68, were hurt critically when a car driven by Melton was struck by a Santa Fe train a mile east of Peoria about 8:15 a.m. Highway Patrolman Neal Pe nell said C. W. Smith, 1533 W. Clarendon, the engineer, said the train was travelling about 40 miles an hour when it struck the car at a grade crossing. MELTON RECEIVED head in-'Mi'tee and broken' bones in both arms and legs. Rogers, a passenger in the car, suffered possible internal injuries. Both were at Memorial Hospital. In the second accident, Lars N. Wahlstrom, 3205 W. Polk, received possible internal injuries in a collision of his car and one driven by Raymond Dean West, 2029 N. 22nd St. The accident was at 18th Street and E. McDowell. Wahlstrom was in fair condition at Memorial Hospital. O-a I4?4vs; Jz-rM t. Children Entertained Zes gest laugh attractions, took time out Friday from his daily antics at the fairground to help put big smiles on the faces- of patients at Arizona Convalescent Home for Crippled Children. He's shown doing a disappearing glasses act for the youngsters while they soak'up healing sunshine on the hospital's patio. (Republic Staff Photo) ' Over The Nation-' Round The World Blast Burns Girl, In j ur es Mother WADDELL, Nov. 9 (Special) A 13-year-old girl was critically burned Friday night and her mother seriously hurt when a kerosene stove exploded at their home here. The girl is Isabelle Ochoa. Her mother, Mrs. Antonia Ochoa, 52, was reported in fair condition at county hospital. Inhalator Squad Revives Woman Inhalator treatment by the South Phoehix Fire Department Friday morning revived Mrs. Frances Gulley who had been overcome by gas fumes from a defective furnace in her home, 120 E. Baseline. Flames started by the fumes were extinguished without damage to the home, the fire company reported. Hurt In Scooter Crash Larry Boyd, 15, of 862 W. Thomas, was treated at Memorial Hospital for cuts after the motor scooter he was riding crashed through a plate glass window at Seventh Avenue and W. Camel-back Friday night. Boyd told Ray Ledon, highway patrolman, that he was forced to swerve the scouter when a truck stopped suddenly in front of him. HAMILTON ELGIV r.RCES $The Place To Gol "Names You Know (KEEPSAKEir H m 4 Petty s JEWELERS 21 W. Roosevelt Ph. 2-7523 LOVGIJriS-WITTNACER p Orville Hendrickson, 9, 1 nee and his Sister, Ruth, 8, missing since Wednesday, were found Friday "keeping house" in an old automobile. Patrolman Arthur Anderson of this Utah community said the chil dren's only food in nearly two days consisted of ears of corn, taken from a nearby garden. The car in which the children slept two nights was parked behind a garage here. The children were hungry and cold but otherwise in good condition. VV... The mystery of how iconic more than 200 dead wal ruses happened to float ashore on the northeastern beaches of St, Lawrence Island in the Bering iea prompted lengthy but inconclusive speculation along Nomes waterfront Main Street. Reports from St Lawrence Island, west of" Nome, told of the dead walruses drifting in on the prevailing currents from Siberia recently, Nome's newspaper, The Nugget, reported. May .1 Taxicab driver "0u1 William J. Bar bour, 28, ran 10 stop signals and defied a police red light but . the stork still won. When he arrived at Maywood Hospital in this California town with Mrs. Opal Maddux in the back seat and was told her baby had been born a few minutes and a few miles away, Barbour fainted. The baby was a girl, 6 pounds, 12 ounces, and is doing fine. Barbour is recovering nicely, too. . Omnlin George R. Leapley, 57, VJUiaiia had 30-day jail accommodations Friday because of an obliging police judge. Sentenced to 10 days on a car prowling charge, Leapley pleaded with Judge Lester Palmer to "make it 30 days because it's cold outside and my pension check won't come until Dec. 1." The judge granted his wish. At: 1 1 1 Wives of two 31lddletOn candidates defeated in Tuesday's elections in this New York town ran an advertisement thanking voters who supported "the husbands' opponents. The wives explained that they were happy the husbands would have more time to spend at home than they would have if they had been elected. The advertisement, placed in the Orange County Post by Mrs. Elmer Spear and Mrs. John Gallivan, said: "We want to thank all voters who did not support our husbands in the election." Spear ran for county supervisor and Gallivan for the Blooming Grove Town Council. Both are Democrats. Brattleboro Vermont hunters will have scant excuse for mistaking their fellows for deer if they take advantage of an offer of free sight tests. Optometrists throughout the state offered anyone with a current hunting license the free check. Hunters will be warned of any sight flaw but they won't lose their licenses. The eye specialists said they would be up to the hunter's conscience. The deer season opens Wednesday. - Santa Clara Six - year - old Jackie Cambra had some advice for Santa Claus, "Don't come down our chimney," be told Santa in a letter. "Use the front door or window." Jackie wrote the letter after personally inspecting the chimney. He ascended a trellis to the roof, climbed into the chimney, and slid down until he got caught in the flue. The fire department helped him complete his trip. nn r. . Two boys on the way x OK o tQ schooi in Northern Japan met a big bear. They stretched prone and played dead. The bear shuffled past without harming them. But news of the bear spread fast. Thirty-three other children did 't show up at school. Austerity hit one of Britain's most cher ished institutions the inaugural of the City of London's lord mayor. Increasing costs and a reluctance to disrupt the life of the city restricted the parade to a length of 900 yards taking only 15 minutes to pass a fixed point. London State Highway Contracts Let The Arizona Highway Commission Friday awarded seven contracts for more than 51 million and delayed action on an eighth for further discussion Saturday. Snagged in commission discussion was reconstruction of 1 miles of the narrow and precipitous but scenic highway 77 near the town of Christmas through the Gila River Canyon. The commission delayed action on the job to determine if enough money is available to meet the $190,326 - bid of the Fisher Construction Co., lowest submitted. FOLLOWING a brief session Saturday morning, the commission will visit the new Beardsley truck weight station. Contracts awarded: To H. L. Royden on a low bid of 5333,348.40 a contract to recon-stsucfc 2.8 miles of highway 66 west of Holbrook. To Reliance Truck Co. and A. L. Snuffer on a low bid of $79,998.-25 a contract to reconstruct 51 miles of the Bisbee-Hereford highway. To Daley Construction Co. on a low bid of $40,029.70 a contract to build a new bridge across Grand Canal in Phoenix. TO THE Phoenix-Tempe Stone Co. on a low bid of $358,120, a contract for resloping, "reshaping and surfacing 18 miles of the King-man-Topock highway. To D. A. Flickinger of Phoenix on a low bid of $211,172, a contract for reconstruction of 3 miles of the Safford-State Line section of highway 70 beginning at Duncan. To the Arizona Refining Co. on a low bid of $18,287, a contract for furnishing 139000 gallons of liquid asphalt for use on the Cor-onado Trail north of Clifton. To the Arizona Wholesale Supply Co. on a low bid of $4,632.97, a contract for furnishing lighting fixtures for highway department offices. m sm asm m. l m Bring Your Doctor's Order To PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS! Every symbol on your doctor's prescription is vitally important and is carefully checked and double-checked, by our registered pharmacists. Tested, highest quality ingre dients further insure absolute accuracy and aepenaaDUity Vhen you bring your prescriptions to us. ' FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY SERVICE! McDowell Pharmacy Medic! Arts Budding 7th St. & McDowell Rd. Phon 3-4332 & 2-3 137 O. T, Fountain, Owner 1 - X Tlirt "mfiimn" is simnosfd to h sugar-coa ted sel li n g of sorts, arid . the best way to spread sugar i to find the biggest cake. ... Right now,, .Football is prob ably the sweet est dish on the ( menu. So we'll quickly say, "Be sure to take your camera, with yoa when you go to the St dium!" And we mean it, too because youTl be able to get some great shots, on or off the field. Bat we'd like' to use Football as a sort of example. Same thing goes for Hunting. Or Fishing (if you're on good terms witb the Game Wardens). Or GolL Or, you name it! . Point is whenever or wherever something's going on make it a habit to take your camera. . . .For you never know just when wonderful subject . is going to pop, and if you don't. have your trusty camera with you, you'll just never stop kicking yourself, afterward. . . .' .Penny For penny, your camera will give you the most pleasure of anything, you own if yoo use it- . Arizona Phef o Supply Tint at. mm IiiiitiM Fk. 4-11M Taft Says GOP Only Hope For Honest Regime KANSAS CITY, Mo., Nov. 9 (UP) Sen. Robert A. Taft, in a fighting political speech Friday night said that only the Republican party can restore the principles of common honesty to Washington. Speaking at a Republican ban quet in President Truman's home territory, the announced candidate for the Republican presidential nomination said that one of the main issues would be the battle of liberty against socialism. "ONLY the Republican party can protect the interest of the citizens," he said. Citizens, generally, have 'been shocked by the ."low state of po litical morality,", the Ohio senator added. ' Taft lashed at the "influence ped dlers and five percenters," drawing ovation at each mention of such things as the Kansas" City ballot burglary, Washington's mink coat case, and that "John Maragon is in jail, but Harry Vaughn is still in the White House." After an interview on a local radio broadcast, Taft left with his party by train for Perry, Okla. t Earlier, he said the threat we face from boviet Russia "may go on forever" and the United States must learn to live with that men ace "wKhin its means." TAFT, at present the only avowed candidate fpr the Republican presi dential nomination, attacked ad ministration spending "for spend-ing's sake," branded "Pendergast-ism" in Washington, and said the administration is attempting "to give us Great Britain's socialism." The Ohioan spread his remarks through a series of whirlwind speeches, press conferences and re ceptions as many Kansas City Republicans warmed to his campaign and brdke out Taft buttons for the first time. REPUBLIC CITY Saturday, November 10, 1951 THE STATE'S GREATEST NEWSPAPER 00 Page 15 Two Hours To Europe Guided Missiles Described As Express Ships Of Future Glut Hits Lumber Mart; Jobs End REDDING, Calif., Nov. 9 (AP) Hundreds - of lumber workers in this Northern, California region are being laid off because of a glutted market. SAN ANTONIO, Nov. 9 (AP)- Our guided missiles are going to become ocean-hopping passenger ships. They will be the express ships of the air, and bring America and Europe within one or two hours flight. This prediction was in a sum mary of the probabilities of man's flight into interplanetary space given at the closing session Friday of the U.S. Air Force symposium on physics and medicine of the upper atmosphere. Dr. Heinz Haber of the school of aviation medicine gave the report. HE SAID the United States pro gram of guided missile research and development1 is extensive. Some day these missiles will be Warren To Tell If He'll Run SACRAMENTO', Nov. 9 (AP) California's Republican Governor Warren said Friday he will announce next week if he will seek his party's nomination for the U. S. Presidency. His friends in Sacramento think he'will say yes. Warren has indicated previously he would not anounce his decision until next year. But he said a letter from leading California Republicans urging him to run convinced him he should act sooner. "This request came suddenly," the Republican party's 194S vice presidential nominee said, "and I do not believe that it calls for a hasty answer." But the letter, he said at a press conference, "calls for an answer an unequivocal one." That answer will come in Sacramento, he said, before he goes to San Diego next Friday to address a meeting of the State Republican Central Committee. . fitted with wings suitable for gliding and landing. This will be the express ship. It will rise with rocket power, perhaps to 20 miles altitude. There it will turn its nose toward a distant continent, shut off the power and glide the rest of the way at supersonic speeds. The glide will carry thousands of miles. Dr. Haber named this ship the iono-cruiser. He said the V-2 type of rocket, that bombarded London and that rises higher than one hundred miles, can eventually carry men with safety. THE PRESENT V-2 has a thrust the rocket word for horsepower of 20 tons. Dr. Haber said that plans already are made for raising this power to 200 tons. That power will permit us to shoot artificial satellites small, metallic, "pencil-shaped moons out into space. These satellites will circle the earth, in orbits the same as heavenly bodies. The satellites will continue circling forever, without using power, unless we want them returned. These first satellites will he able to carry only scientific instruments. The instruments will send many kinds of useful information back to earth by radio. After their radio power goes dead. Dr. Haber said. they will be guided by remote con trol back to earth to avoid cluttering space with useless satellites. After that he said the goal will be. a satellite carrying men. We need not wait for atomic power. Present fuels could successfully launch this first manned moonlet. NEWSBOY HURT Roger Dezember, 15, a Republic newspaperboy, was given emergency treatment at Good Samaritan Hospital and released after he was struck by a car while riding his bicycle near 16th Street and Osborn Friday night. His injuries were not serious. Junior Rodeo Queen Contest Planned Today Thirteen beauties, junior grade, will compete at the Fox Theater at 9 p.m. Saturday for queen of the 1951 World's Championship Junior Rodeo. Diane Choisser, queen of last year's rodeo, will present the crown to the new queen, who will b selected from girls representing 13 Valley elementary schools. She will reign over the rodeo Nov. 17 and 18. Contestants for the crown and the schools represented: Silvia Corrales, Murphy; Gay Turner, Roosevelt Third Street; Norma Andrus, Tempe; Francyne. Krai, Lavine; Louise Corley, Avon-dale; Carol Garvin, Isaac; Gail Fritz, Wilson; Helen Burns, Skiff; Marie Gassier, Creighton; Dennise Rowlands, Cartwright. Monica Heidecker, Encanto; Dorothy Allison, Osborn; Betty Sue Bohall, Riverside; Matilda Mendez, Tolleson No. 1; Robby Green. Tol-leson No. 2; Wanda Lane, Roosevelt School; Geere Rooks, Buckeye; and Joyce Slaughter, Dysart. Grand Jury Lacks Quota Sheriffs deputies Fridav hp can searching for 10 prospective grand jurors. The 10, not found by process servers the first time around. ar needed by Superior Judge Charles l.. uernstem to complete a 21-member grand jury to look into city and county affairs. Names of 42 prospective iurors have been drawn. Of the 32 contacted, 14 have been excused from service because of old ase. medical. and professional reasons. Some of the other 18 mav be dis qualified by the judge. Another 21 names mav he drown Saturday, Judge Bernstein said," if tne j.u missing jurors aren t located, disqualified or excused. Smaller Defense Plan In Prospect WASHINGTON, Nov. 9 CAP) A scaling down of Western Europe's master defense plan is in prospect, administration officials reported Friday. They- said economic problems facing the North Atlantic treaty nations made it highly doubtful that they would be able to reach the target of 90 divisions, fully equipped, by the middle of 1954. With adequate air and naval support, military planners figure an international army of 90 di- c-iy-v- r. --! 1 1 r nna Ni-ltH ortv full. scale invasion ol Western Europe. Indian Service Doctor Killed WICHITA FALLS, Texas, Nov. 9 (UP) Dr. Daniel W. Gun- 46. en route to Winslow, Ariz., to assume a new post with the U.S. India Service on the Navajo reservation, was hilled Friday in a freak accident near here. The accident occurred after a car towing another vehicle stopped suddenly. The automobile being towed jackknifed into the path of Gunn's vehicle. Gunn's wife and two-year old daughteV were hospitalized, al though their injuries were not critical. Deputies Say Pair Cashed Bad Check Two 37-year-old men were jailed Friday night by sheriff's deputies who said the pair cashed a bad check at the Crown Drug Store at 1838 Grand Avenue. Deputies Robert Collins and Ralph Edmonson said they arrested the two men after an employe of the store became suspicious when they attempted to cash a second check. mm (n)W yp to DURING COLEMAN S GREAT FALL ROUND-UP OF OLD, FUEL-CONSUMING, HEATING EQUIPMENT Yy.c I? Efli OR lhmj o o o AUTOMATIC GAS FLOOR FURNACES- j AUTOMATIC GAS WALL HEATERS- FLAT AND DUAL MODELS Saves space takes up no living room. It's simple to install-no basement, no excavating, no costly plumbing. And no air ducts are required! The new SHALLOFLOW extends below floor level only 22" aad is flood-proof to 19" below. . You get solid automatic gas heating comfort without work or worry. Relax and be warm with this complete, compact wall heater that takes up no living space. It sets snugly in the wall, ex-' tends out only 3". Continuously floods 2 averaee rooms with volumes of comforting warm air for healthful, even temperature. Costs little to install, little to operate, and oeeH. no basement or special construction. Automatic beat! Single & Dual Wall Models Dual Wall Model, set in wa.ll or partition, heats adjoining rooms at same time. Safe for children ... constant air- t flow won't let the easing oyer-' heat.- act mw UP TO 50 FOR YOUR OLD HEATING APPLIANCE ON A NEW ONLY 10 DOWN BALANCE F. H. A. TERMS 36 MONTHS TO PAY SO SEE ONE OF THESE LEADING COLEMAN DEALERS NOW OR MAIL THIS COUPON PHOENIX: Chas. Roberts Appliance Service 4824 X. 7th Street Phone 6-3666 RoeJgers & Dean Plumbing & Air Conditioning Co. 4S55 X. 7th Avenue Phone 5-1411 Standard Sheet Metal Work ' 81 H Jeifersoa Street Phone- 4-4076 OK Plumbing and Supply Co. , . 1341 E. Van Buren Street Phone 8-4549 W. D. Manor Plumbing & Heating 3612 X. 7th Street Phone -1664 Vans Appliance Service ; 642 X. 16th Street Phono 1-4598 . s The Coleman Company Dept. -1 6506 S. Stanford Avenue Los Angeles 1, California Gentlemen: Please send me information about your Round-Up offer. I am interested in n Floor Furnaces Wall Heaters Q Central Forced Air Heating. Xame .................................. Address City ....State

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